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Forest Law by Time Killer

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/10/97

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 18:42:21 -0400 (EDT)
From: Time Killer <timekillr@videotron.ca>

| Tekken 3 Forest Law Guide v1.0         |
| by TimeKillr (timekillr@videotron.ca)  |
(Anyone wanna draw an ascii? :)

Some stuff before we begin. First of all, my nick DOES come from Time Killers.
I used to love that game, and I've had it for 4 years or so, so I'm not gonna
bother finding a new one. Second, this is the first time I've ever written a
FAQ. So.. there probably will be some typos, errors or anything. If you have
any corrections and/or additions to make, email me or answer to the post in

This file should be read with QEdit(hey, that's what I used to write it. :))
but any 80 column formatted reader should do just fine.

I'll post every addition to this FAQ on rec.games.video.arcade, and also
www.gamefaqs.com and the Tekken 3 information center

Now that that's over with... let's go on with the program.

Table of contents
1.......... Introduction/Law's story
2.......... Move list
3.......... Move comments/strategies
4.......... CPU strategies
5.......... Credits

1. Introduction/Law's story

Marshall Law's son. (Note: Marshall Law is in Tekken 1 and 2, for those who
don't know.)  He is training himself at his father's dojo, but any contests
outside his own group is forbidden by his father. Once in three months,
Paul Phoenix visits this dojo to fight with his father, Marshall. As usual,
Paul came again, but the situation is different this time, because his
father was absent in order to build a new dojo. Paul invited him to join
his journey of training, and forced him to ride on the back seat of his
bike, though he was still irresolute.

Paul suddenly asked him to participate in "The King of Iron Fist Tournament
3" together. He said that he was forbidden to fight with others, but Paul
flattered him, saying "You have a better talent than your father." Though
he worried what to do, he wanted to have a try himself and this is also a
good chance to test whether he is good enought to inherit his father's dojo
or not. Forest neglected his father's advice and made up his mind to
participate in the tournament. Of course, Marshall was so enraged to read
Paul's message left behind. "My son was stolen!"

Catch Copy                  Flaming dragon has come back
Nationality                 U.S.A.
Fighting Style              Martial arts (Note: Kung Fu is more like it)
Age, Height, Weight,
Blood type                  25, 177cm, 66kg, B Type
Occupation                  The second master of Marshall's dojo (maybe)
Hobby                       Shopping
Likes Credit Cards          (He was made to shoulder Paul's participation fee of
                            the tournament as well as all the gasoline
Dislikes                    Riding on the bike with Paul.
                            (He is afraid of Paul's driving.)

Law was labeled as a scrub character in Tekken 1 and 2.  I never personally
played him in TK1, and I barely played TK2.(The CPU was set at WAAAY to
hard the day we got it, and since people were not very competitive, nobody
played it). From what I saw from the PSX version of TK2, Law has gotten a
lot of new moves and combos that make him less a scrubby character. His
father was lacking combos, like the Junkyard. People who used to play Law
in Tekken 2 do not have much to fear, as he kept all his moves. But Law is
also a LOT stronger in TK3. The new combos they gave him offer new
opportunities he did not have in TK2. It is now easier to juggle, and with
fast starting combos, has a more effective game. This FAQ is written so
that you can see that Law IS NOT a scrubby character anymore, and that he
can be a pretty deadly Kung Fu master. He is most certainly figured after
Bruce Lee, the Kung Fu legend, especially in part 3. He moves like Bruce
Lee, acts like Bruce Lee and shouts like Bruce Lee. I haven't seen much
Kung Fu, but I don't think that all forms are like Bruce Lee's style, the
Gung Fu. Law isn't a hard to master character, like Lei, who has lots of
different stances, but isn't like Eddy, who is most of the time a
button-mashed character. (I have yet to see someone using punches with
Eddy. Or maybe they just think that those 2 buttons on top of the 2 they
usually use are for some dark, unknown use. :)) I like Law for his balance,
his abundance of juggling, and also for the effect playing him has on other
players(I've received quite a few 'Wow, how did he do that' after a d/b+2,4
combo). So I hope you'll appreciate this guide, and remember for any additions/
comments, you can either post on rgva or email me.

2. Move list

Motion                 Attack Level   Comments

Punch Combos

1,2                    hh             1-2 Punches
2,F+2,2                hmh            Dragon Knuckle Combo  [Knock Down]
2,2                    hh             Double Knuckle        [Knock Down]
1,1,1,1,1              hhhhh          Rapid Left Punches
  = 2,2(after 1-4 1's) hh             Double Knuckle
  = 2,F+2,2 (same)     hmh            Dragon Knuckle Combo
b+2,3,4                mlm            Junkyard Combo
b+1,2,1                mmm            Fists of Fury         [Juggle Starter]
f+2~1                  m              One Inch Punch        [Massive Damage]
d/b+2                  m              Turn Away Backfist    [Knock Down
                                                                 on Counter]
  = 4                  m              Backflip              [hits on ground
(BK) [1 or 2]          m              Turn Toward Punch


d/f+3                  m              Step-In Middle Kick
3,3                    hh             Multi Kick Starter
  = 3                  h              Finish High Kick
    = 4                m              Flip Kick Finish      [Juggle Starter]
  = f+3                m              Feint Middle Kick
  = 4                  m              Roundhouse Finish
d+3,3                  lh             Low Kick-High Kick
  =  4                 m              Kickflip              [Juggle Starter]
  =  3                 h              Side Kick
    =  4               m              Kickflip              [Juggle Starter]
    =  3               h              Side Kick             
      =  4             m              Flip Kick Finish      [Juggle Starter]
  = f+3                m              Feint Middle Kick
4,3,4                  hhh            Spinning Kick Combo
FC[U/B or U or U/F]+4  m              High Flip Kick
FC[u/b or u or u/f]+4  m              Low Flip Kick
FC[u/b or u or u/f]3+4 m              Somersault Drop        [hits on ground
4,u+3                  hm             Roundhouse-Kickflip
FC,3,4                 lm             Low Kick-Kickflip      [Juggle Starter]
[d or FC]+4,3          lm             Side Kick-Kickflip     [Juggle Starter]
d/f+4,3                mm             Frontkick-Kickflip     [Juggle Starter]
WS+3,4                 hm             Twist Kick-Kickflip    [Juggle Starter]
WS+4,3                 mm             Frontkick-Kickflip     [Juggle Starter]
[d+ or FC]2,3          lm             Low Punch-Kickflip     [Juggle Starter]
3,4                    hm             Highkick-Kickflip      [Juggle Starter]
3+4                    m              Kickflip               [Juggle Starter]
  = 3                  m              Double Kickflip        [Juggle Starter]
d+3+4                  mm             Backflip-Pop Up
D+3+4                  m              Backflip-Laydown

Low Attacks

FC,3                   l              Low Spin Kick          [hits on ground
d/b+4                  l              Dragon Tail            [Knock Down]
FC,d/f,d,d/f+3         l              Dragon Slide           [Knock Down,
                                                               hits on
                                                               ground level]

Reversals, etc

SideStep+3+4           lh             Double Dragon Kicks    [This first kick
                                                               Knocks Down
                                                               and the second
b+1+2 (as counter)     -              High Punch Reversal
  = 1                  m              Turn Around Punch
b+1+2                  -              Hopping Taunts
  = 1                  m              Fatal Backhand         [Massive Damage]
b+[1+3 or 2+4]         -              High Reversal
[d+ or FC][1+3 or 2+4] -              Low Reversal
d/b+[1+3 or 2+4]       -              Low Reversal


d/b+1+2                !              Dragon Fang            [Super Damage]
  = u,u                -              Dragon Cancel


1+3                    f-throw        Reverse Elbow Throw
2+4                    f-throw        Leg Grab Takedown
f+2+3                  f-throw        Dragon Dive
d/f+1+2                f-throw        Chastisement Punch
  = 1,2,1+2            link           Bulldog
f,f+3+4                f-throw        Dragon Knee
1+3 or 2+4             b-throw        Throat Punch
1+3 or 2+4             rs-throw       Dragon Crotch Punch
1+3 or 2+4             ls-throw       Reverse Kick to Head



3. Move comments/strategies

I will only comment on what I use the most for the moment, and later on I will
add something for every move... anything I can find useful I'll post.

Junkyard combo (b+2,3,4)

    Okay, so no one likes this move(or so it seems) except in combos. Well,
    let me tell you something. It's EXCELLENT in Okizeme(attacking a rising
    opponent) if you're playing against someone who doesn't know how to
    stay dead. You'll just Junkyard them to victory. :) But the most
    effective thing about this move, is that the third attack is a medium
    attack. Okay, so now you're wondering 'What does that have to do with
    anything?' Look at is this way. The attack levels are ALL medium/low,
    and you have to block high/low/high. Okay, that isn't that hard, but
    you can't duck under the last kick so there's no chance of easy
    retaliation. Against beginners and intermediate players, either the
    punch or the low kick hits. (Usually it's the low kick). So it's good
    for some tick damage once in a while. Another good thing is that the
    punch is fast. VERY fast. So you can easily block almost anything that
    does not stun you and recover quickly and score an easy hit, and maybe
    even 2 since most players do not see the low kick coming. Of course,
    the last kick will most probably be blocked, unless you play against an
    idiot. And even if the last kick is blocked, Law recovers REALLY fast.
    Only moves that are as fast as the Junkyard can be used to hit Law as
    he recovers, and I have yet to find someone using those moves(the CPU
    surely doesn't). Another beauty of this move is that the last kick
    always counts as a counter and hits kinda hard. Plus it juggles, adding
    2-3 easy hits. Plus it can be juggled with itself, meaning another 3
    easy hits. So you see, this move is VERY useful, and you can really
    count on it. The only downside is that against human opposition, the
    last kick rarely hits, and most of the time only the low kick hits. Of
    course, you might get countered. It never happened to me(maybe it's
    because nobody counters where I play) and it probably never will. I
    think that the last kick would be a bit hard to counter, but it's just
    me. I have to get the timing right to counter, so I'll have to practice
    on that.

Fists of Fury combo (b+1,2,1)

    This is another great juggle setter. If the first hit counters, the
    last hit is guaranteed, and that also means some other free juggling
    hits. The problem with it is that it's not too fast, and I heard that
    the last punch was easily counterable. You can toy with this by not
    finishing the combo. It's also great as a juggle with the Junkyard. It
    does not hit very hard, but all the hits are medium so if you see your
    opponent ducking go for it. I also really like juggling this with
    u/f+3,4(it's an ugly jumping side kick followed by a kickflip). If done
    correctly, this combo does around 75% damage, which is not something to
    spit on.

One inch punch (f+2~1)

    My advice to you: Never use this move normally. It has pathetic range,
    is slow as hell and you see it coming a mile away. The only use I've
    found for this is as a juggle with b+1,2,1. It's pretty strong though,
    and it might be useful against newbies.

Turn away backfist (d/b+2)

    This move has 2 uses: it's fast, maybe faster than the Junkyard, but
    harder to execute, especially on crappy joysticks that button-mashers
    just love breaking. It also has an interesting effect on your opponent
    when you link a 4(reverse backflip). Most of the time they are so
    baffled by the move that they just stop moving for a second or two,
    allowing you to close in and attack. The backflip is spectacular, and
    is also an excellent move, for it hits on ground level and has a
    relatively large range. This move is also great for juggling after a
    Junkyard. It does decent damage and looks good. It's enough for me. :)
    Pressing 1 or 2 after it does a turning punch, which is fast and makes
    your opponent back up. And finally, pressing 3 after it does your
    normal everyday turnaround kick. All around, a good move with good
    combo opportunities.

Low punch - kickflip combo (d+2,3)

    I use this more often than low kick - kickflip, because the punch is a bit
    faster than the kick. It's great for knocking those awful Eddy's out of
    their dancing low kicks, and it EXCELLENT as a juggle started against
    Yoshimitsu when he uses his move where he stands on his sword(I don't know
    the name of that move, sorry).

Dragon's Tail (d/b+4)

    This is Law's BEST low move. Even though it's slow, it's effective, it
    knocks down, is useful as Okizeme... it's got everything. Plus it's
    a bit effective against the CPU. Remember this move when playing against
    Eddys or Leis. Very useful.

Dragon's Fang (d/b+1+2)

    Law's unblockable. As with all unblockables, it takes forever to wind up,
    you see it coming a mile away, and only clueless newbies get hit by it.
    It's good if you time it correctly when an opponent gets up though.

Hopping Taunts/Fatal backhand (b+1+2, 1 2 seconds later)

    The punch in this move does MASSIVE damage. I think it does about the
    same amount as the unblockable, if it counters. Anyhow, this move is
    GREAT against beginners and also some intermediate players. Almost no
    one sees the punch coming, most of the time they get confused by seeing
    Law hopping. Also good against CPU opponents, when they are a bit far
    this move gives them the time to close in and then smack them. The
    punch has EXTREMLY high priority, is VERY fast and hits VERY hard. What
    more do you need?

That's it for now. As you might have noticed, I haven't included anything
involving kicks. That's because I NEVER use his kicks singlehandly. His kicks
aren't that good, and you often whiff a kickflip with that.

4. CPU Strategies

Against Ling Xiaoyu

    Nothing special about this one, just remember that the first kick in the
    Junkyard hits her in her Art of Phoenix stance, which is pretty good.

Against Forest Law

    Well, I NEVER had a fight against a CPU Law with Law so I can't really
    tell. :)

Against Nina Williams

    Nina is a real bitch. (Sorry, but I had to say it). Usually all I do
    is Junkyard, block whatever she throws at me and counter-attack with
    a Junkyard. And usually only the punch from the Junkyard connects, but
    hey, sometimes she doesn't block the second kick so I'm happy juggling!

Against Yoshimitsu

    Yoshi is not that hard to beat. Remember the d+2,3 kickflip combo when
    he stands on his sword, and counterhit the b+4,4 when the first kick is

Against Hwaorang

    Reverse his kicks. Most of the are always high, and b+1+3 works very well.
    After a successful reverse, go for a side throw or a simple 2,f+2,2 combo.

Against Eddy Gordo

    Eddy is not that hard to beat either. Junkyard your way to the end! :)

Against Paul Phoenix

    Paul is a little harder to beat, but remember that whenever he uses death
    fists, the falling leaf combo or practically much anything, he has lots
    of lag time before he recovers. Use Law's speed at your advantage here.

Against King

    Not much against King. The CPU is really no good, and only does multis
    all day, which are not that hard to break out of. Otherwise Junkyard like
    crazy and block whatever he retaliates with.

Against Jin Kazama

    Watch out for the hell sweeps combos. Learn to block them then retaliate!

Against Lei Wu Long

    Lei is a sucker for the Dragon's Tail (d/b+4) when he lies on the ground.
    Other than that... Junkyard paradise. :)

Against Panda/Kuma

    Those 2 are pretty pathetic. They are so slow you can counter with the
    Junkyard any time!

Against Julia Chan

    Julia is harder to beat for me, mainly because I have not played Tekken 2
    that much so I have no experience against Michelle. Mainly, watch out
    for high-low combos.

Against Gun-Jack

    He's much like Panda/Kuma, but with a little more moves. A bit faster too
    (might just be me there). Anyway, do the normal pattern, Junkyard-block-

Against Heihachi Mishima

    Heihachi is not that hard. He blocks a lot, but some of his moves also have
    some lag after they are performed so once again use that to your advantage.

Against Ogre 1

    Ogre 1 is much like Heihachi. But against Ogre 1, you can do Junkyards all
    day, and it's much easier to retaliate.

Against Ogre 2

    Ogre 2 is like a Panda/Kuma, only with a somersault/tooth fairy combo
    (I think it's what's it's called). Same thing here, Junkyard-block-

Mokujin is not even playable at my arcade yet, so nothing on against him(anyway
anyone can figure it out, he's just a Mimic.)

Some other good tactics that I've found.

When using the Fists of Fury combo (b+1,2,1), remember that it has some lag
before recovering. So the CPU is more likely to come and throw you. Use
that to your advantage, and try to reverse anything they throw at you. Most
of the time, if they throw, you'll at least escape the throw, which by
itself is a pretty good strategy.

NEVER use the 10-hitters after the second opponent. I've never been able to
do anything useful with it other than with the first opponents and against
human challengers, and I doubt I ever will.

6. Credits

Credits go to Hyun Yim, whom I took the movelist from.

He took the moves from the various FAQs, like Surfbard's and Catlord's.

Everything else is written by me(obviously).

For any additions/corrections/spelling mistakes/whatever(I'm french
canadian, and my english is not perfect so any problems with that I'd
appreciate knowing about it), email me at timekillr@videotron.ca. I can
also be reached on IRC, sometimes in #tekken3, and sometimes in #emuroms
too. My nick is TimeKillr. And I am known on the ICQ network as Time

July 10th, 1997

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