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Forest Law by Kage

Version: 2.00 | Updated: 06/03/98

The Forest Law FAQ
By: Kage
Last Updated: June 3, 1998
Version 2.00

Questions? Comments? Send them to: kageh@aol.com


Do the numbers and dots line up? If they don't, this will look like 
complete crap. Use a monospace format when reading this thing...

I. Intro/Key
II. Moves
III. Combos
IV. Stategy
V. Credits

I. Intro

What up? It pissed me off that there weren't any good FAQs on Forest out 
there, so I decided to work on my own. This FAQ is gonna be short and 
sweet. It's gonna have a move list, combo list, and a couple of strategy 
tips to use on HUMAN players. (Why other FAQ writers go into such minute 
detailed descriptions on how to beat the CPU is beyond me.)


1  : Left Punch
2  : Right Punch
3  : Left Kick
4  : Right Kick

=  : follow up to the previously listed move
+  : press simultaneously
FC : "from couch" position
WS : "while standing"
MC : counter hit required
f  : press forward (applies to other directions)
F  : hold forward  (applies to other directions)
-> : next part of combo
_  : "or"

II. Moves

Motion             Level          Description            Move Properties
------             -----          -----------            ---------------


1+3                f-throw        Two Hit Throw
2+4                f-throw        Leg Breaker
f+2+3              f-throw        Bum Rush
d/f+1+2            f-throw        Chastisement Punch
  = 1,2,1+2        link           Bulldog 
f,f+3+4            f-throw        Knee to Gut
1+3_2+4            b-throw        Throat Punch
1+3_2+4            rs-throw       Crotch Punch
1+3_2+4            ls-throw       Kick to Head

Punch Combos

1,2                    hh         1-2 Punches
2,F+2,2                hmh        Dragon Knuckle Combo  [Knock Down]
2,2                    hh         Double Knuckle        [Knock Down]
1,1,1,1,1              hhhhh      Rapid Left Punches    [Knock Down]
  = 2,2(after 1-4 1's) hh         Double Knuckle        [Knock Down]
  = 2,F+2,2 (same)     hmh        Dragon Knuckle Combo  [Knock Down]
b+2,3,4                mlm        Rave Forward Rush     [Juggle Starter]
b+1,2,1                mmm        Fists of Fury         [Juggle Starter]
f+2~1                  m          One Inch Punch        [Knock Down]
d/b+2                  m          Turn Away Backfist   
    = 4                m          Backflip  
      = D              -          Stay Down
(back turned) 1_2      h          Turn Toward Punch     [Turns Opponent]
(super charge) 1,3     hl         High Punch-Low Kick


d/f+3                  m          Step-In Middle Kick
3,3                    hh         Multi Kick Starter
  = 3                  h          Finish High Kick      [Knock Down]
    = 4                m          Flip Kick Finish      [Juggle Starter]
  = f+3                m          Feint Middle Kick
  = 4                  m          Flip Kick Finish      [Juggle Starter]
d+3,3                  lh         Low Kick-High Kick
  =  4                 m          Kickflip              [Juggle Starter]
  =  3                 h          High Kick             
    =  4               m          Kickflip              [Juggle Starter]
    =  3               h          High Kick             [Knock Down]
      =  4             m          Flip Kick Finish      [Juggle Starter]
  = f+3                m          Feint Middle Kick
4,3,4                  hhh        Spinning Kick Combo
FC[U/B_U_U/F]+4        m          High Flip Kick        [Knock Down]
FC[u/b_u_u/f]+4        m          Low Flip Kick         [Juggle Starter]
  = 3                  m          Double Kickflip       [Knock Down]
3+4                    m          Kickflip              [Juggle Starter]
  = 3                  m          Double Kickflip       [Knock Down]
[U/B_U_U/F] + 4        m          Low Flip Kick         [Juggle Starter]
  = 3                  m          Double Kickflip       [Knock Down]
FC[u/b_u_u/f]3+4       m          Somersault Drop       [Knock Down]
FC[u/b_u_u/f]          -          Somersault Fake
  = 4                  m          Fake-Surprise Kick    [Juggle Starter]
4,u+3                  hm         Roundhouse-Kickflip   [Knock Down]
FC,3,4                 lm         Low Kick-Kickflip     [Juggle Starter]
[d_FC]+4,3             lm         Side Kick-Kickflip    [Juggle Starter]
d/f+4,3                mm         Frontkick-Kickflip    [Juggle Starter]
WS+3,4                 hm         Twist Kick-Kickflip   [Knock Down]
WS+4,3                 mm         Frontkick-Kickflip    [Juggle Starter]
[d+_FC]2,3             lm         Low Punch-Kickflip    [Juggle Starter]
3,4                    hm         Highkick-Kickflip     [Juggle Starter]
d+3+4                  mm         Backflip-Pop Up       [Knock Down]
    = D                -          Stay Down
d/b+4                  l          Dragon Tail           [Knock Down]
FC,d/f,d,d/f+3         l          Dragon Slide          [Knock Down]
SideStep+3+4           mh         Double Dragon Kicks   [Knock Down]

b+1+2 (as counter)     -          High/Mid Punch Reversal
  = 1                  h          Turn Around Punch     [Turns Opponent]
  = 2                  h          Stun Punch            [Stuns Opponent]
  = 3                  m          Mid Kick              [Knock Down]
  = 4                  l          Knee Cap              [Stuns Opponent]
b+1+2                  -          Hopping Taunts
  = 1                  m          Fatal Backhand        [Knock Down]
b+[1+3_2+4]            -          High Parry            [Stuns Opponent]
[d+_FC][1+3_2+4]       -          Low Parry             [Stuns Opponent]  


d/b+1+2                !          Dragon Fang           [Knock Down]
  = u,u                -          Dragon Cancel



III. Combos

Okay... on to the good stuff. I've tried all these combos in Tekken 3's 
practice mode on PSX. All of them are legit. I'm only going to list 
Forest's most powerful combos for each launcher because there is no 
reason for doing anything weaker.

Combos that don't require a counter

1) 3,4 (launches) -> WS+4 -> b+2,3,4

4 is always guaranteed if 3 connects. Does not require a counter hit. 
This is Forest's bread and butter combo. Use it EVERY time your opponent 
leaves himself open. Does a good 60% or so.

2) U/F+4 (launches)_[FC] u/f+4 -> WS+4 -> b+2,3,4

Same as above, but without the standing 3. Useful combo because the flip 
kick is mid.

3) WS+2 (launches)_uf+4 (launches)_(back turned) uf+4 (launches)
     -> 4 -> b+2,3,4

Standard combo for all of Forest's other regular hit launchers. Hold F 
when doing the standing 4.

4) UF, 3 (Hopping stun kick) -> 1,2 -> b+2,3,4

The hopping stun kick is performed by doing a regular high jump and 
pressing 3 in mid air. (Most characters have this.) Once your 
opponent is stunned, run up to him/her very quickly before doing 
the 1,2.

Combos that require a counter hit
The FIRST hit of all these combos require a counter hit.

1) b+1,2,1 (launches) -> U/F+4,3

This is Forest's most powerful counter hit combo. The kickflips are so 
powerful because they are both clean hits. (I think.) If you try to put 
in extra hits (like a jab) the kick flips don't take off as much so 
don't even try it. Does like 70% damage.

2) b+1,2,1 (launches) -> 4,u+3 -> d/f+3

A little more flashier than the one above. Does good damage, but not as 
much. Use it if your feeling cocky.

3) b+1,2,1 (launches) -> f+2~1

Umm... yeah. All these combos do good damage, but this one is a little 
easier and looks kind of cool.

4) d+2,3 (launches) -> 4,u+3 -> d/f+3

Hard to time, but Law's best combo from d+2,3. 45-50% damage.

5) d+2,3 (launches) -> 4 -> b+2,3,4

Not as powerful as the above combo, but a lot easier and more reliable.

6) d+3,4_d+4,3_d/f+4,3_WS+4,3 (launches) -> WS+4 -> b+2,3,4

Pretty standard combo for all his other launchers. d+3,4 knocks 
the opponent far away making it hard for the rest of the combo to 

7) 4 -> b+2,3,4

This combo is useful because the standing 4 comes out so fast. The 
b+2,3,4 connects while your opponent is still in the air. Must be done 
very quickly.

Combos that require a parry or counter

1) d+2+4_d+1+3 (parry) -> U/F+4 -> WS+4 -> b+2,3,4

This combo only works if you parry a low KICK. I'm not sure if anything 
is guaranteed if you parry a low punch...

2) d+2+4_d+1+3 (parry) -> f+2~1

This combo only works if you parry a low KICK. If you time the f+2~1 
right, it hits as a counter and becomes Law's most powerful low parry 
combo. Hard to get consistently.

3) b+1+2 (punch counter) = 2 -> 3,4 (launches) -> WS+4 -> b+2,3,4

Law's most powerful combo. Nothing beats the feeling you get from 
countering your opponents punch and then removing 80% of his life bar. 
First off, the b+1+2 only counters high and mid puch attacks. It works 
just like a parry. After a successfull b+1+2, press 2 and Law does a 
punch that stuns your opponent (The hit is guaranteed.) The stun 
allows you enough time to run up and place a standing 3 right in your 
opponents face (The rest of the combo is guaranteed as well.)

Miscellaneous Combos

1) b+2,3,4 -> 1,2 -> b+2,3,4

The second hit of this combo (the 3) has to connect as a counter for 
this to be a true combo. Run up a little before doing the 1,2. The only 
benefit for this combo starter is that if the b+2,3,4 is blocked you are left pretty safe (Which is a very rare thing for Law.)

2) (Back turned) 1_2 (Turns opponent around) -> b+2 -> 
     d+2,3 -> 4,u+3_b+1,2,1 -or- 4,u+3 -> d/f+3

Okay... this combo gets pretty tricky because it changes depending on 
how your opponent reacts. The b+2 is guaranteed once you turn your 
opponent around, but they can try to break out of the d+2,3. If they try 
to turn around with an attack the d+2,3 hits as a counter and then you 
can do the full 4,u+3 -> d/f+3 combo. If they try to escape, run, or 
just sit there, the d+2,3 hits them in the back and you can only follow 
up with a 4,u+3 or b+1,2,1 (4,u+3 does more damage, but is harder to 
connect with.) Either way, I'm almost 100% positive that the d+2,3 is 

3) (Back turned) 1_2 (Turns opponent TOWARDS you) 
     -> 3,4 -> WS+4 -> b+2,3,4

This combo only works when you and your opponent have your backs to 
each other. Your opponent is left stunned long enough for you to hit
them with the standing 3. 

4) f,f+3+4 (Throw) -> d/b+4

This is the only combo I have listed that can be escaped from. Your 
opponent can avoid getting hit by the d/b+4 if he or she quick recovers 
off the ground. Otherwise the d/b+4 is guaranteed making this Laws best 
throw. His next best throw is the bulldog.

5) (While on the ground) f,f+1+2 (block stun) -> 1,2 -> b+2,3,4

Your opponent has to block the first hit of this combo for it to work. 
After they are stunned from blocking your rising leap thing, the 1,2 
knocks them into the air and you can follow up with a b+2,3,4. Doesn't 
do that much damage... maybe because it's a little cheap.

IV. Strategy

General Strategy

     Forest Law is a high risk, high return character. He has some 
powerful combos, but if he misses an attack or the opponent blocks... he 
is left pretty vulnerable. You DON'T want to miss a kickflip when 
playing with Law. The trick with Law is to get your opponent to attack 
and then punish them with one of your counter hit combos. Your best bet 
is to peck at your opponent with fast safe moves and sucker them into 
atacking. Some of Law's best pecking moves are d/f+1 uppercut, 1 single 
jab, 1,2 punch combo, and d/f+4 mid kick. You should follow up these 
pecks with a counter hit combo starter like b+1,2,1 or d+2,3 if your 
opponent trys to counter attack. If they sit there and block, just keep 
pecking or run up and throw them. Don't forget about d/b+4 sweep. It's a 
slow move but it catches the opponent off guard a lot. Law's slide also 
catches everyone off gaurd. I connect with the slide almost 90% of the 
time just because it's so fast. 

     Pay attention to how your opponent counter attacks. If they like to 
throw out a punch to try and stop you make sure you counter with Law's 
best combo. I always look for b+1+2 punch counter opportunities. If you 
miss with the b+1+2 don't forget that you can press 1 for the big 
backhand. Law's low parry is also useful, don't forget that it works on 
low rising sweeps. Law also has a good sidestep guessing game. After 
sidestep, Law can do 3+4 (which hits mid) or throw. 


     Law has very powerful wake up games. Moves Law has that can hit
people lying down are: FC+3, Dragon Slide, d/b+2,4 and FC,u/f+3+4. Use
these attacks if your opponent just stays on the ground. Moves Law can
use to hit people trying to stand up are: d/b+4, d+3,3 and d+4,3. If
your opponent tries to get up with an attack, Law has MANY options. 
Law can high or low parry, try to get a counter hit combo, or try to 
jump over the opponent. 

     If you try to parry then stick to the low parry. At least you can 
do a combo afterwards. Good counter hit combo starters are: b+2,3,4 
(the 3 hits on counter), b+1,2,1 or d+2,3. d+4,3 is a good choice 
because it hits either if the opponent roles or gets up with an attack.

     If you know your opponent is going to get up with an attack then
try to jump over him. This can lead to Law's more powerful combos. If
you jump over a low rising kick follow up with an u/f+4. Law turns
around with a jump kick juggle starter. If you jump over a high rising
kick follow up with a 1_2 turn around backfist. This will turn your
opponent TOWARDS you and then you can follow up with a 3,4 -> WS+4 ->
b+2,3,4 combo.

Tricky Setups

     These are some fun setups with Law that are sure to piss off your
opponent. They all revolve around Law's backflip (d+3+4.) Usually when
you do a d+3+4 your opponent will wait for the second hit, block, and 
then counter attack. If you hold down you can make Forest stay on his 
back. After landing on your back you can follow up with a high rising
attack (4) to hit opponents who try to hit you off the ground. Once they
start blocking in fear of your rising 4, you can do a f,f+1+2 off the
gound leap instead. If they block the leap you can do your cheese stun
combo... either way they lose.

     Law's d/b+2,4 combo is also a good guessing game starter. After 
d/b+2 your opponent should block in fear of the backflip follow up.
You can skip the follow up and trick your opponent into attacking. When 
they try to hit you with your back turned you can do a 1_2 turn around
backfist or an u/f+4 turn around jump kick juggle starter. If you do 
follow up with the backflip don't forget you can stay on the ground and
get up with a rising attack.

V. Credits

Namco: for making the game.

Strapped Crew: (My regular sparring buddies.)

     Andy (Jin, King)
     Allen (Tiger, Paul, Dr. B)
     Chris (Jin... )
     Dave (Hwoarang, Lei)
     Khris (Nina, Anna, Ling, Julia)
All the information in this FAQ is public domain... Just give proper 
credit... please.

Tekken and anything having to do with Tekken is copyright Namco. All 
rights reserved.


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