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Forest Law by HYim

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 05/18/97

From: S Hyun Yim <sy2b+@andrew.cmu.edu>
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
Subject: [Tekken3] Forest Law Guide
Date: Sat, 17 May 1997 17:09:18 -0400

   _/                                                    _/
  _/ Marsha... I mean Forest Law (Tekken 3) Guide       _/
 _/    By Hyun Yim (sy2b+@andrew.cmu.edu)              _/

May 18,1997


Well, first there was Fei Long, then came Marshall Law. Although the 
appearance of Marshall Law was met by excitement of many You-know-who fans,
Mr. Law quickly acquired his infame as a scrub character. I will not 
elaborate on the background reason for this bias. In fact, I don't even
really know how Forest differs from his father since I barely played
Tekken2. (I am in fact a VF player myself.) All I want to say here is,
Forest Law in Tekken3 is anything but a scrub character. He is quite strong,
interesting to play, and very challenging.  After two days of vs. plays
against some players who have been playing each other much longer than I
have, my personal record is 13 win streak. But there are some Paul players
that I just can't beat. Normally, I wouldn't think that I am qualified to
write a FAQ. But it came to my attention that nobody ever wrote any FAQ for
Laws. And I haven't met any other Laws I couldn't beat. It's kinda shame
that a character modeled after late Mr. You-know-who is put aside as a scrub
character. So here is a small dinky FAQ written to encourage people to
discover Law's potential.

Useless Info

catch copy - flaming dragon has come back
nationality - USA
fighting style - Chinese martial arts
age - 25
height - 177cm
weight - 66kg
blood type - B
occupation - the second master of Marshall's dojo (maybe)
hobby - shopping
likes - credit cards (he was made to shoulder Paul's participation fee of 
        the tournament as well as all the gasoline expenses)
dislikes - riding on the bike with Paul (he is afraid of Paul's driving)
stage - Marshall's Hilltop Dojo

To get the 3rd costume, hit start to select Law.

Special Move List
Motion                 Attack Level   Comments

Punch Combos

1,2                    hh             1-2 Punches
2,F+2,2                hmh            Dragon Knuckle Combo  [Knock Down]
2,2                    hh             Double Knuckle        [Knock Down]
1,1,1,1,1              hhhhh          Rapid Left Punches
  = 2,2(after 1-4 1's) hh             Double Knuckle
  = 2,F+2,2 (same)     hmh            Dragon Knuckle Combo
b+2,3,4                mlm            Rave Forward Rush
b+1,2,1                mmm            Fists of Fury         [Juggle Starter]
f+2~1                  m              One Inch Punch        [Massive Damage]
d/b+2                  m              Turn Away Backfist    [Knock Down
                                                                 on Counter]
  = 4                  m              Backflip              [hits on ground
(BK) [1 or 2]          m              Turn Toward Punch


d/f+3                  m              Step-In Middle Kick
3,3                    hh             Multi Kick Starter
  = 3                  h              Finish High Kick
    = 4                m              Flip Kick Finish      [Juggle Starter]
  = f+3                m              Feint Middle Kick
  = 4                  m              Roundhouse Finish
d+3,3                  lh             Low Kick-High Kick
  =  4                 m              Kickflip              [Juggle Starter]
  =  3                 h              Side Kick
    =  4               m              Kickflip              [Juggle Starter]
    =  3               h              Side Kick             
      =  4             m              Flip Kick Finish      [Juggle Starter]
  = f+3                m              Feint Middle Kick
4,3,4                  hhh            Spinning Kick Combo
FC[U/B or U or U/F]+4  m              High Flip Kick
FC[u/b or u or u/f]+4  m              Low Flip Kick
FC[u/b or u or u/f]3+4 m              Somersault Drop        [hits on ground
4,u+3                  hm             Roundhouse-Kickflip
FC,3,4                 lm             Low Kick-Kickflip      [Juggle Starter]
[d or FC]+4,3          lm             Side Kick-Kickflip     [Juggle Starter]
d/f+4,3                mm             Frontkick-Kickflip     [Juggle Starter]
WS+3,4                 hm             Twist Kick-Kickflip    [Juggle Starter]
WS+4,3                 mm             Frontkick-Kickflip     [Juggle Starter]
[d+ or FC]2,3          lm             Low Punch-Kickflip     [Juggle Starter]
3,4                    hm             Highkick-Kickflip      [Juggle Starter]
3+4                    m              Kickflip               [Juggle Starter]
  = 3                  m              Double Kickflip        [Juggle Starter]
d+3+4                  mm             Backflip-Pop Up
D+3+4                  m              Backflip-Laydown

Low Attacks

FC,3                   l              Low Spin Kick          [hits on ground
d/b+4                  l              Dragon Tail            [Knock Down]
FC,d/f,d,d/f+3         l              Dragon Slide           [Knock Down,
                                                               hits on
                                                               ground level]

Reversals, etc

SideStep+3+4           lh             Double Dragon Kicks    [This first kick
                                                               Knocks Down
                                                               and the second
b+1+2 (as counter)     -              High Punch Reversal
  = 1                  m              Turn Around Punch
b+1+2                  -              Hopping Taunts
  = 1                  m              Fatal Backhand         [Massive Damage]
b+[1+3 or 2+4]         -              High Reversal
[d+ or FC][1+3 or 2+4] -              Low Reversal
d/b+[1+3 or 2+4]       -              Low Reversal


d/b+1+2                !              Dragon Fang            [Super Damage]
  = u,u                -              Dragon Cancel


1+3                    f-throw        Reverse Elbow Throw
2+4                    f-throw        Leg Grab Takedown
f+2+3                  f-throw        Dragon Dive
d/f+1+2                f-throw        Chastisement Punch
  = 1,2,1+2            link           Bulldog
f,f+3+4                f-throw        Dragon Knee
1+3 or 2+4             b-throw        Throat Punch
1+3 or 2+4             rs-throw       Dragon Crotch Punch
1+3 or 2+4             ls-throw       Reverse Kick to Head



General Strategy
Forest Law is not a power character like Paul who can do death fists all day
and take off half life bar with one hit.  Nor can Forest take of 80% of your
life bar with a throw like King can. 
     His strength, in my opinion, is in his juggles. The key to win with Law
is to make good use of every juggle opportunities. If you are a beginner,
start with the following two juggle comboes and advance to more interesting

  b+1,2,1,  3,4
  [Any flip move],d+4,3

The following are some key moves to use:

b+1,2,1  (Punch with with juggling uppercut)
    The last hit is guarranted if the first hit connects as counter.
    Otherwise, the last hit can be blocked or reversed. This is bad because
    the first hit is no speed demon, thus difficult to interrupt fast moves.
    However, its reward (lots of juggle options) is worth its risk. 

    This is a scrubbish move. But hey, it's fast, and knocks down. A move to 
    remember when things are getting tough.

d/b+4 Dragon Tail (low sweep)
    THE move to remember, specially against decent competitions. Low does not
    have good low moves to mix up like Paul's falling leaf combo, so this is
    a very important move to remember despite its slow speed.

b+2,3,4 (elbow, low kick, punt kick)
    The last kick juggles if it hits. But I don't think the last hit is
    gurranted even on counter, so don't count on this to start juggles.
       However, this is a very good move to end juggles. Not only that, it's
    an excelent move to send a rising opponent back to the ground. When you
    start b+2,3,4 against a downed opponent, the low kick can easily
    interrupt the rising opponent, and 4 combos. You can continue this
    pattern until your opponent learns that he should stay lying down to
    avoid getting hit.

3,4 (high kick, kickflip)
    If the first kick counters, the kickflip part combos and you can start

General Comments About Kick Flip Moves
    One of the most common criticism about Law is his overuse/misuse/abuse of
    kickflip moves.  Well, if your opponent cannot handle your kickflips then
    it's his problem.  Kickflips are in fact quite dangerous to abuse against 
    good players.
      For characters like Jin, Nina, and Paul, it's very easy to reverse
    kickflip follow ups after blocking (or even after getting hit) by high
    kick/low kick or whatever. If they start reversing your kickflips, resort
    to the standard anti-reversal tactics. (Sweeps or throw, see below)  Or
    you can enter reversal break when there is a high chance of getting
    reversed. (f+1+3 if the flip was done with 3. f+2+4 if the flip was done
    with 4. I know. Easier said than done.)
      Even bigger problem awaits if you whiff your kickflip.  I ate quite a
    few death fists from Pauls after whiffing my kickflips. (And, trust me,
    it ain't fun!)
      For this reason I generally stick with 3,4 combo unless distance is
    very close.  Also, kickflip combos are very good moves to attack rising
    opponents until they learn to play dead. (If the flip connects, don't
    forget to juggle.)

    SideStep+3+4 is dangerouse if whiffed, but it's a bitch to block so try
    in close distance or against an aggressive opponent.
    d/b+2 is a quite fast and powerful move and hitting 4 will give you a
    reverse backflip which can hit the opponent on ground. This is also a
    good bait move. Hitting 3 or delaying 4 will give you a turnaround kick
    which hits for good damage.

    D+3 and dragon slide (FC, f/d,d,f/d+3) hit the opponents lying down. 
    It's good to remember them when playing against Lei.

    u/f+4 is also a move to remember as it avoids low attacks and can be used
    to start juggles.

    I find it very reliable to add dragon tail after 2+4 or f/d+1+2 throws,
    making them significantly powerful than other throws. (half life bar
    damage) It will only fail if your opponent learns to play dead after
    getting thrown, but so far I only met one human opponent smart enough to
    do that. If your opponent plays dead to avoid your sweep, just vary
    timing for your sweep. (or just add D+3) I don't find the bulldog throw
    worth its trouble. Does anyone know a real use for this throw?
      If your opponent starts reversing your attacks, wait for their missed
    reversal animation and throw them. (For ex, you do b+1,2, without
    finishing the last part. The opponent whiffs his reversal attempt. You
    throw him.)

    Well, not really reversal. If successful, you brush the opponent's attack
    aside and you are free to attack the opponent from side (well, if you
    reverse a kick, you will end up to the side. If you reverse a punch, you
    usually don't end up on the opponent's side. However you still gain
    initiative.) F+2,2,2 never failed for me. You can also try to throw (If
    successful, you will most likely get a side throw if you reversed a kick,
    and a front throw if you reversed a punch.)

Playing Dead
    Well, this is not really a move (I mean, you cannot exactly call it a
    move when you do this by not hitting any button or the stick.) Yet it's
    one of the most important option to remember in high level plays.  You so
    far have read how Law can devastate opponents who are too quick to rise.
    So can many other chars.
       You can of course get hit by ground level attacks, but in many
    cases it's better get hit on the ground level rather than getting floated
    again. (This is the way to break "infinite juggle" such as Nina's.)
       Also, playing dead is a way to deal with such annoying "combos" like
    Paul's deathfist-run in tackle.  When playing dead, your opponent can run
    in and step over you.  But it's better than eating tackle. (Actually, the
    right way to deal with tackle is to roll side using 1 (lp). But sometimes
    it's not that easy to time the roll.) 

    Many people criticize Law players for doing nothing but flips.  It doesn't
    have to be true, and definietly should not be true against good players
    who know how to reverse kickflips or make them whiff and punish you. 

    Law's Strengths:
      Okizeme Attack (Attacking rising opponent)
       dragon tail (d/b+4)--works well after certain throws

Juggle List

b+1,2,1    - Triple Fist Strike Combo (The last hit combos on counter)
          This one you will have to wait for your opponent to come down a
          little before you can start punch juggles. For all other moves,
          when in doubt start juggles as soon as you recover from the juggle
d+2,3      - Low Punch -> Flip Kick   
4,3        - kick, flipkick (the last hit comboes on counter)
d+3,3,4    - low kick, kick, flipkick
d+3,3,3,4  - low kick, kick, flipkick
b+2,3,4    - Junkyard Combo
d+4,3      - Low Kick, Flip Kick
d+3,4      - Low Sweep, Flip Kick
u/f+4      - Hopkick
     d/b+4             dragon tail
     d/b+2,4           Turn away backfist, backflip
     d/b+2,3           Turn away backfist, Turn toward kick
     f+4~3             1 inch punch
     1, d/b+4          left punch, dragon tail
     1, d/b+2,4           
     1, b+2,3,4
     1, d+2,3
     1, 2,F+2,2
     1, d+4,3
     1,2, d/b+2,4
     1,2, b+2,3,4
     1,2, b+2, d+2,3

d/b+2    Turn away backfist (float)
   =4    backflip
   =3    turn toward kick

Winning Stances
1- Square Off Body, Chi Concentration
2- Chi Concentration, Fighting Stance
3- 2 Spinning Roundhouses, 2 Jabs
4- 2 Jabs, Leg Balance Lift

I stole all the moves from various Tekken3 FAQs. Credits go out to the
authors of those Tekken3 FAQs (Tragic, WLS and Dragon, Surfbard, and 
Catlord)  Namco made the game, and they intially copied a lot from Sega
(who in turn copied a lot from Namco.) Mr. B. Lee provided the inspiration
for Forest Law and his father.

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