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Eddy by UrbnKnite

Version: 1.5 |

-=Eddy Gordo Faq V1.5=-

	Contrary to popular belief, there is more to Eddy then button 
pounding.  Most people consider Eddy Gordo-users as no skill button smashers.
It's really giving a bad name to my favorite character.  Hopefully after
reading this faq you can prove them wrong.  I can't say that I've mastered
Eddy, but I've wasted enough tokens on him to know what I'm doing.  I hope
you find this faq helpful.


f  -  tap forward
b  -  tap back
u  -  tap up
d  -  tap down

F  -  hold forward until otherwise noted
B  -  hold back until otherwise noted
U  -  hold up until otherwise noted
D  -  hold down until otherwise noted

(WC) - while crouching
(WS) - while getting up from a crouch
n    - neutral joystick position
~    - immediatley following

lp - left punch
lk - left kick
rp - right punch
rk - right kick

ss - sidestep (d,n or u,n)

*Basic Moves*
(These moves are takken, with permission, from Surfbard's faq.  There might
be some slight difference due to added moves or corrections.)

lp+lk                 - 180-Scoot Leg Toss
rp+rk                 - Handstand Leg Toss
b,db,d,df,f+lp+rp     - Spiraling Hip Toss
(from behind)lp+lk    - Over-The-Top Leg Toss

lp,rp                  - One-Two
db+rk                  - Barbed Wire
     ~B                 - Handstand Position     
f,f+lk+rk              - Boomerang Kick
f,f+rk,rk              - Leaping High Kick -> Grounded Position
f,f+rk,lk              - Leaping Low Kick -> Grounded Position
uf+lk+rk               - Jumping Toe-Touch Kick
	~D              - Grounded Position
uf+rk                 - Jumping Roundkick
rk~lk                  - Satellite Moon
     rk                 - Bazooka Kick
     lk                 - Sattelite Ground Kick
       ~B                - Handstand Position
       ~D                - Grounded Position
lk~rk                  - Vault Sweep
     lp                 - Rollout Punch
     rp                 - Rollout Punch
     lp+rp              - Crying Needle
	lp+rp            - Double Crying Needle
     ~B                 - Handstand Position
     ~D                 - Grounded Position
     rk~B               - Ground Kick -> Handstand Position
     rk,rk              - Ground Kicks Combo
	 ~B              - Handstand Position
	 ~D              - Grounded Position
db+lk+rk               - Ground Screw Kick (Unblockable)
df+lk+rk               - Cartwheel Kick
db+lk,rk               - Bushwacker
f+rk                   - Monkey Trick
    lk~rk               - Vault Sweep
    ~B                  - Handstand Position
f,f+lk                 - Lunging Front Kick
      ~B                - Handstand Position
      ~D                - Grounded Position
b+rk                   - Arching Crescent
    rk                  - Flapjack Kick
      lk+rk               - Reverse Somersault
      ~D                  - Grounded Position
    lk                  - Chain Kick
      lk                 - Roll Kick
      rk,rk              - Roll Kick Combo
       ~B                 - Handstand Position
f+lp+rp                - Handstand Position
f+lk                   - Handstand Kick -> Handstand Position
df+lk                  - Handstand Position Starter
     ~B                 - Handstand Position
     ~D                 - Grounded Position
d+lp+rp                - Crying Needle
     lp+rp              - Double Crying Needle
b+lk                   - Knee
df+rp                  - Stunning Elbow
df+lp                  - Stunning Elbow
df+rk                  - Shin Kick
(WS)rk                 - Outside Crescent Kick
d+lk+rk                - Flapjack Technical
       ~B               - Handstand Position
       ~D               - Grounded Position
lk+rk                  - Flapjack Kick
     ~B                 - Handstand Position
lp+rp                  - Rewinder
     lk                 - Dashing Grounder -> Grounded Position
       ~B                - Handstand Position
     d+rk               - Twister
     u+lk               - Jumping Jacks
	 lk              - Cartwheel Kick
     lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk  - Triple Flip Combo
     lp+rp              - Spinning Elbows
	 lk              - Cartwheel Kick
ss,rp                  - Ground Slam
ss,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk   - Triple Flip Combo
ss,lk                  - Sattelite Ground Kick -> Grounded Position
ss,lp+rp,lk            - Spinning Elbows -> Cartwheel Kick
ss,rk,rk               - Double Sweep
ss,rk,lk+rk            - Sweep -> Somersault (Stuns)
ss,rk~lk               - Entering Heaven
	~B              - Handstand Position
	~D              - Grounded Position
ss,lk+rk               - Forward Flip Kick
ss,lk+rk,u+lk          - Forward Flip Kick -> Cartwheel Kick
ss,lk+rk,U+lk,rk       - Forward Flip Kick -> Cartwheel Kick -> Roundhouse
ss,lk+rk,d+lk+rk       - Forward Flip Kick -> Sweep
		~D      - Grounded Position
ss,lk+rk,lk+rk         - Double Flipkick Combo
ss,lk+rk,lk+rk,d+lk+rk - Double Flipkick Combo -> Sweep
		~D      - Grounded Position
f+rp,lp,rk             - Triple Attack Combo
db+lk,rk,rk,lk+rk      - Sweep -> Arching Crescent -> Flapjack Combo
db+lk,lk,rk,rk         - Low Blows Combo

-Grounded Position-
rk                     - High Sweep
 lk+rk                  - Flapjack Kick -> Handstand Position
lk                     - Bottoms-Up Sweep
 rk                     - Bazooka Kick
lk~rk                  - Cartwheel Kick
rk~lk                  - Helicopter Sweep
    ~B                  - Handstand Position
lp+rp                  - Crying Needle
lp+rp,lp+rp            - Double Crying Needle

-Hanstand Position-
F                      - Walk Forwards
B                      - Back to normal position
D                      - Handstand Crouch
ss                     - Dodge
  lk+rk                 - Double Footed Sweep
lp                     - Rollout Punch
rp                     - Rollout Punch
lp~lk,rk,lp+rp,lp+rp   - Rollout Punch Combo
lp~lk,b+rk,rk,lk+rk    - Rollout Punch Combo
lp~lk,rk,rk,rk         - Rollout Punch Combo       
 ~B                     - Handstand Position
lp~lk,lk               - Rollout Punch Combo
 ~B                     - Handstand Position
rp~rk,lk               - Rollout Punch Combo  
u+lk+rk                - Inferno Kick
 ~B                     - Handstand Position
 ~D                     - Grounded Position
d+lk+rk                - Stakedriver
 ~B                     - Handstand Position
 ~D                     - Grounded Position
lk                     - Low Split Kick
 ~B                     - Handstand Position
rk                     - Handstand Kick
lk~rk                  - Vault Sweep
(Wait)                 - Grounded Position
rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk - Tenstring
rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,rp,rk,rp,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk          - Tenstring
rk~lk,rk,rp,rk,rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk                - Eightstring
rk~lk,rk,rk~lk,rp,rk,lk                            - Sixstring


df+lk+rk                       - Cartwheel Kick

from Handstand Position
d+lk+rk                - Stakedriver

*Notes on Eddy Gordo*

	Eddy can be a pain in the ass to block if you know how to use him.
Most people thinks that by simply blocking low is enough to stop Eddy, think
again.  He doesn't have much high attacks, which is good since high attacks
are the easiest to dodge/block.  Eddy has varity of low kicks and mid kicks
which he mostly rely on.  Due to the weirdness of his kicks, most of them 
can't be reversed, but they can still be countered easily.  The one weakness 
that screws Eddy over is speed.  His kicks deal decent damage but most of 
them don't have the speed to beat punches(unlike Hwoarang).  When using his 
kick, try to rely on timing rather than beserk kicks.

*Notes on Moves*
	Before you read this section, you should know what most of the moves 
look like or else it might be too confusing to be of any help.  If you find
the names in this section too confusing, skip down to the *What the Hell*
section for the move descriptions.

b,db,d,df,f+lp+rp     - Spiraling Hip Toss
	This throw takes off close to 50% of your opponent's life.  It's
the best throw Eddy got(best looking one too).  Use this throw when ever 
you have the chance, but don't go crazy about it, Eddy have plenty of other 
moves that deals more damage.

rk~lk                  - Satellite Moon
	From this move spawns all of Eddy's ten-strings.  It's great move to
start the ten-string(rk,rp,rk,rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk), get into grounded 
position(lk), or simply get away from your opponent(Eddy will have some 
delays if you don't fellow Satellite Moon up with anything). This move by 
itself isn't much since it deals little damage, but it's the fellow ups that 
make this move worth while.

lk~rk                  - Vault Sweep

	This is one of Eddy's best looking moves (not to mention effective,
if well used).  You can start the Vault Sweep by itself, from Monkey Trick, 
or from Hanstand Kicks.  Most Eddy users fellow this move with rk,rk which 
is useful if the Vault Sweep connects.  However, since Vault Sweep is rather 
slow to start off, most good players have learned to block it by now. If you 
see your opponent blocking low, immediately fellow Vault Sweep up with the 
Double Crying Needle(lp+rp,lp+rp).  The Crying Needles hits mediem and will 
usually knock the crap out of a low blocking opponent.  

db+lk+rk               - Ground Screw Kick (Unblockable)
	Eddy's unblockable is a waste of time.  It deals little damage and
takes forever to pull off.  But if you're trying to show off or have a huge
lead, feel free to try it since it does look pretty cool.

df+lk+rk               - Cartwheel Kick

	One of the ways to juggle the opponent with Eddy.  It's a decent
move take gives your opponent some hang time.  It can usually be linked up
from many side steping moves or even the Grounded Position.  (See the 

f+rk                   - Monkey Trick

	The Monkey Trick is usually fellowed by a Vault Sweep either
intentional or accidental.  Most people forgot that you can go from Monkey
Trick directly into Handstand Kicks by holding the joystick back and hitting
rk.  It's rather easy to mix up the mediem and low attack with this move.

f,f+lk                 - Lunging Front Kick

	This kick can knock a fat chunk of your opponent's life away if it 
hits. It's a great move to use if you are far from your opponent and you 
want to boot him to kingdomcome.  Try holding down or back on the joystick 
to get yourself into either Grounded or Handstand position after the kick.  
Doing so will make you less open for attacks.

b+rk                   - Arching Crescent

	This is one of Eddy's key's to whoop ass.  Fellow this move up with
a Flapjack Kick(rk) and then a Reverse Somersault(lk+rk) can take off 50%
of your opponent's life.  If the Flapjack Kick didn't connect, it's a safer
to get into the Grounded Position(~D) rather than to finish with the Reverse 
Sumersault.  The Arching Crescent -> Flapjack Kick is a great comeback move 
IF you time it right.  When opponents do something stupid and leave 
themselves relativly close and open to your attack, this is definitely 
the move to use.  Always avoid repeatition, use lk and some roll kicks to 
get some low hits once in a while.

b+lk                   - Knee

	Do not under estimate the usefulness of a quick knee.  This move may
not seem like much or deal much damage, but it's one of Eddy's fastest moves.
It's perfect for breaking ten-strings or to stop your opponent's attack. 

d+lp+rp                - Crying Needle

	If you can do one, you can usually do two.  Just press lp+rp again
to pull off the Double Crying Needle.  This is a great move that can be pull
off from many positions.  Somehow the first hit never really hits the 
opponent, but at least the second hit deals enought damage to make up for it.

d+lk+rk                - Flapjack Technical
	Not to be confused with the standing Flapjack Kick(lk+rk).  This 
move is done from a crouch position.  It's a good fake on crouching opponents 
who thinks that you're going for a low attack.  Holding back the joystick 
after doing this move will bring Eddy to the Handstand Position which will 
allow his to kick some more ass with a good Vault Sweep or some Rollout Punch 

lp+rp                  - Rewinder

	This is the fastest way for Eddy to side step.  Fellow this move up
with the Triple Flip Combo(lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk) is anther way to smack off 50%
of your opponent's life.  I don't advise finishing the Triple Flip Combo if 
the first flip didn't connect, it can lead you wide open for attacks if 
blocked.  The Spinning Elbows(lp+rp) and then Cartwheel Kick(lk) is also a
good fellow up that juggles your opponent.  Simply hitting lk after the
Rewinder is a another way to get into Grounded Position quickly.

-=Grounded Position=-

There are many ways to get into Grounded Position.  The ones that I most
commonly use are:

rk~lk                  - Satellite Moon
     lk                 - Sattelite Ground Kick -> Grounded Position

lk~rk                  - Vault Sweep (wait) -> Grounded Position

d+lk+rk                - Flapjack Technical
       ~D               - Grounded Position

df+lk                  - Handstand Position Starter(hit's low)
     ~D                 - Grounded Position

lp+rp                  - Rewinder
     lk                 - Dashing Grounder -> Grounded Position

	Eddy only stays in the Grounded Position for one second before he
lays flat on his back so make your move quick.  If your opponent is less 
than two man's distance away and is not blocking low, use the Helicopter 
Sweep(rk~lk) to trip him up and get into Handstand Position.  Use the 
Cartwheel Kick(lk~rk) to get a juggle if he is close and blocking low.
When your opponent is blocking low, the Double Crying Needle(lp+rp,lp+rp)
also works great.  The Grounded Position is safer than the Handstand 
Position, but on the flip side it doesn't have as many moves to go from.

-=Hanstand Position=-

There are many ways to get into Hanstand Position as well.  The ones that I 
most commonly use are:

df+lk                  - Handstand Position Starter(hit's low)
     ~B                 - Handstand Position

f+lk                   - Handstand Kick -> Handstand Position

u,ub,b,B or F          -Backflip -> Handstand Position

d+lk+rk                - Flapjack Technical
       ~B               - Handstand Position

from Grounded Position
rk~lk                  - Helicopter Sweep
    ~B                  - Handstand Position

lp+rp                  - Rewinder
     lk                 - Dashing Grounder
       ~B                - Handstand Position

	The Handstand Position is a very powerful attacking position and can
be switch to Grounded Position with a tap of lk.  From the Handstand Position
you can hit high, low, or mediem interchangably.  The Handstand Kick(rk)
is a useful kick but can leave you open for quick attacks if missed or 
blocked.  The Vault Sweep(lk~rk) can be used to fellow the Handstan Kick or
directly from the Handstand Position and hits ground opponents.  However, the 
best attacks from the Handstand Position are the Rollout Punch Combos.  They
can be easily interchange from low hits to mid hits and confuse the hack out 
of your opponent.  I suggest you study the Rollout Punches carefully.

Rollout Puches                  Where it hits
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
lp~lk,rk,lp+rp,lp+rp            m,l,l,m
lp~lk,rk,rk,rk                  m,l,l,l
lp~lk,lk                        m,l,m
rp~rk,rk,lk                     m,l,l

	The Handstand Position is useful indeed, but staying in Handstand
Position for too long can easily get your ass pounded.  Although you CAN 
dodge attacks from Hanstand Position, you can't dodge all the ten-strings 
or the all sorts of craps people usually do to knock you out of it.  
Sometimes just by tapping back the joystick and get back to normal position 
can save you a lot of pain.

	Try starting the match with df+lk~B,lp~lk,rk,lp+rp,lp+rp.  This
usually deals a good damage and its hard to block.  If all hits connect, you
can kill the guy in 3 seconds.

*What the Hell*

	This section will attempt to describe what the moves look like so
you don't have to waste too much token to get familiar with them.  Feel
free to skip this section if you already have a good idea of most of his

-Handstand Position
	You GOT to know this one.  This his where Eddy stands on his hands
with his feet apart.  He can walk forward with his hands when in this
position.  He doesn't stay in this position very long.

- Grounded Position
	This is when Eddy is laying on the ground but his back didn't touch
the ground yet.  He doesn't stay in this position very long either.

- Boomerang Kick(f,f+lk+rk)
	A rather useful double footed stomping move for Eddy

- Satellite Moon(rk~lk)
	Eddy does two consecutive mid kicks and spins a few steps back.

- Vault Sweep(lk~rk)
	This is when Eddy looks like he's breakdancing.  He swings low with
his feet while standing on his hands.

- Cartwheel Kick(df+lk+rk)
	If you've seen any move that knocks the opponent into the air this
is probably it.  This is one of the few juggles that Eddy can do with his

- Monkey Trick(f+rk)
	Eddy stands on one hand and swings his right foot forward to hit the
opponent.  This move is usually followed by the Vault Sweep.

- Lunging Front Kick(f,f+lk)
	This is when Eddy dashes forward and boot the crap out of the 
opponent with his left foot.

- Flapjack Technical(d+lk+rk)
	This move is done from a crouch position.  Basically Eddy flips
forward, foot first.

- Flapjack Kick(lk+rk)
	This move is done while standing.  It looks lightly different than
the Flapjack Technical but is still a forward flip, foot first.

- Arching Crescent(b+rk)
	Eddy steps slightly to the side with a high arching right kick.

- Crying Needle(d+lp+rp)
	Basically it's a headbutt.  He charges forward with his head.  Hits

- Rewinder(lp+rp)
	This is just a side step away from the screen.

- Entering Heaven(ss,rk~lk)
	This is a high double-footed jump kick.  Takes off about 50% damage
if hits.  Kinda slow to start, but well worth the effort to try.

- Helicopter Sweep(rk~lk from Grounded Position)
	Eddy twirls his legs up from the ground like a helicopter into
Handstand Position.

- Inferno Kick(u+lk+rk  from Handstand Position)
	Eddy taps down with both of his foot.  Hits medium.

- Stakedriver(d+lk+rk  from Handstand Position)
	He ducks down a little bit from Handstand Position and than pops his
foot up into the air.  This kick juggles.

	I hope this section helps clearify Eddy's moves.  If this confuses 
you even more, I apologize.  I did the best I can.

*Notes on Fighting Characters*

-Vs Paul
	Paul is the perfect Eddy killer.  If you can use someone else, use
some one use.  But if you must, don't stay in Handstand Position or Grounded
Position too long.  Paul can easily knock the crap out of you with one hit.
Rely on well timed Arching Crescent(b+rk) -> Flapjack Kick(rk) for it deals
50% damage and the Arching Crescent stuns on counter.  Confusing Rollout
Puches are useful too if you can mix it up well enough.  Try to stay out of
Paul's low kick range and block high.  Against Paul, all of Eddy's moves 
seems to be just a little bit slower.  Timing is everything.

-Vs Nina
	Nina is a bitch to fight as well.  Her attacks are quick and painful.
Try to stay low when fighting against Nina since all of her ten-strings
starts high.  Got to remember to block standing up if she does the double
handed push, this hits medium.

-Vs Lei
	Lei is an easy target for Eddy.  Anyone who tries to lay on the
ground can be easily stomped on by him.  You should have no problem with Lei.
The main thing is to keep on the offensive.

-Vs Xiaoyu
	Another easy kill for Eddy.  If Xiaoyu ever get into the Phoenix
Stance, the best attack would be an Flapjack Technical(d+lk+rk), Hold down
the joystick after the Flapjack to get into Grounded Position, and then
do a Helicopter Sweep(rk~lk).

-Vs King
	With King, it's best to stay in your Handstand Position when you
attack.  It'll keep you safe(most of the time) from his wicked multi-throws.
Beware of Kings low kicks.  Try using the Rollout Punch Combos to attack him
before King reaches sweeping distance.

-more 2 come-


	Well, I gave my best advice.  Hope you find them useful.  Feel free
to mail any comments, strategies, moves, or corrections to me at 

*Special Thanks to*
	Surfbard for letting me use part of his faq.

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