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Eddy by IronFrost

Updated: 08/31/98

Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 08:50:07 -0400

    H  O  W     T  O     U  S  E     E  D  D  Y     G  O  R  D  O

                        in TEKKEN 3

 by IronFrost and Raje and U-God and Mal^9000 and Frogfreak and Hwo and kaiser
 and Wvl and RedSmoke,al-x,jetli,chinaman, gordollar
 with Conan-the barbaric Gordolian.

   (This is another faq that was done in one night. Don't expect fancy writing
or even comprehensible English. huhu. This is not meant to be a move by move 
analysis. This is not a total overview of Eddy Gordo (Tiger Jackson) but, much
like the 'How to use Hwoarang Guide', this is for the average player who is 
now moving onto an often overlooked character. Hwoarang was overlooked simply 
because he was too difficult to learn off the bat. Eddy was often overlooked 
by the tekken series lovers because he is viewed as a button masher's 
character: not worthy to be used by the purist. After much scrutiny, Eddy 
is, in fact, very complex and can be played to highly satisfy your need for 
constantly changing strategies. Have fun!)
   (feel free to copy, cut, paste, sell, publish, use for whatever with this 
guide. Just remember to give proper references to me....huhuhuhu)

-July 31st, 1998.

   Eddy is fun AND Eddy can win! A HELL lot easier to use than Hwoarang
and still fun fun fun! Unlike Hwoarang, in addition to fancy uses of stances,
Eddy HAS cheap ways to win. Hwoarang is ALL skills while Eddy 
can be all skills AND can be used even if you have no clue! Most middle tier
players want to impress their friends by saying that they are good at
tekken AND uses Eddy as well.

Eddy users have always been seen as button smashers who do not really 
know what's happening in the game. Eddy was designed by Namco to attract
the market of people who just want to bang away at the buttons and 
get lots of moves out. It's interesting that because of the high number
of moves, it's possible to create a structured, strategic way of 
using him.

Eddy has three main stances to work off from: Ground Position (GP), 
Handstand Position (HSP) and regular stance. His strength comes from 
his incredible kicking reach, wide arcs of attacks (making it difficult
to avoid his attacks via sidestepping) and his Knee, b+3.
He is THE KING of long range play and the ONE MOVE medium and close range

In fact, unlike Hwoarang, you can simply reply on his one move, b+3 knee,
and win without having to know all the other finer aspects of the character.
There are TONS of b+3 Eddy's out there. These are what we call, the 
Eddy's Wannabes'..hehe. What I hope, with this guide is to make people 
understand the finer aspects of Eddy and play him to the fullest WITHOUT 
having to solely rely on his knee. Offensive players will have a hard 
time fighting a defensive, b+3, Eddy. OTOH, most people do not know how 
to play an offensive Eddy. Real Eddys' require much more skills than 
the b+3.

  1,1+3. 1,hcf+1+2, 
  1,df+2. 1,2,b+3. 1,b+3. 1,4.
  df+3,~B, df+3,~B turtle.
  u,ub,b, turtle.
  b+4,b+3 turtle.
  uf+4,b+3 offensive turtle.
  d+2 (Ironfrost)

 Handstand Position: One of the best turtling tools for Eddy. Use Handstand,
  d+4~B to do a short kick and go right back to handstand. Or do d+4~D from 
  handstand is the kick hits so you can now use Ground mixups. 
  df+3~B,F,(now in handstand), 2,4,F,(roll out punches back to HSP)
  df+3~B,F, 2,ws+2(juggle).
  df+3~B,F, 2(buffered throw)
  df+3~B,b+3 small tick.
  f+4,b,f to walk.  
  Don't use f+3 to get into handstand. It will just give the other guy
  a free hit on you.

 Grounded Position:
  u+3+4,~D,ff+1+2 dive CrossChopu stun (or b,f+1+2 depending on spacing)
  3~4,..,ff+1+2 dive KurosuChopu stun (or b,f+1+2 depending on spacing)
  df+3,~D,ff+1+2 dive CrossChopu stun ( or b,f+1+2 depending on spacing)
 Guard Stuns:
  D+3+4~B turtle (if it didn't hit)
  D+3+4~D (if it hits, do your ground options.)
  ss+4,3+4. (~D or ~B)(light guard stun)
     once you get the 3+4 to hit, ~D to get to ground. then 3~4 or 4~3.
  d+4,D+3+4. (~D or ~B)(light guard stun)
     once you get the 3+4 to hit, ~D to get to ground, then 3~4 or 4~3.

 Eddy Wannabe's Favorites: stupid cheap kneeing tricks that will win you 
  all the way without any skills. huhuhu. 
  Hell the knee is so cheap, you can just b+3 anytime anyone comes close
  for the whole round and win.
  1,2, b+3
  b+4, b+3
  b+4,4, b+3
  uf+4, b+3
  d+4, b+3
  ss+3+4, b+3
  f2,1 b+3

 Okizeme (fighting someone getting up)
  df+3~D,ff+1+2 dive crosschop stun
  fff+3 (from far away)

VERSUS (Almost in order of difficulty)
 Nina: She is probably Eddy's worst nightmare. You essentially cannot
  use any of the grounded position things because she will get a simple
  d4,1,ff+3 juggle FOR SURE. This is THE one person where you HAVE to use 
  the knee A LOT. So it's forgivable to use knees here. She is going to 
  want to move in and poke the crap out of you. So for ALL her pokings'
  your solution is the knee. For her d4,1, duck against the 1 and then ws+2 
  juggle her. Or just d+1 if the 1 lands. Knee your way back out to 
  long range cause thats' where you excel with uf+4's and b+4's and ss+4's.

 Law: He will d+2,3. and 4 your ass to death. He will b2,3,4's when you are 
  in ground or handstand positions. d2,3 when you are in handstand. Law 
  fight ALL ranges. So what are you to do? er....no clue....just use 
  regular stuffs. huhuhu 

 Paul: Stay away from falling leaf range and fight him totally long range.
  uf+4 to push him off (buffer chicken ALL those!). Exact same thing as you 
  would fight Nina, a Paul in close is going to have you guess between 
  a falling leaf or a hopkick or df+2 juggle. Don't back dash on him cause you 
  will eat the deatfist. Use your long fighting like fighting against Nina 
  again. Hit and run, Hit and run!

 Jin: Again you can use your long legs to keep him off. Watch out for 
  hellsweeps. Duck when he does 1+4,2,4_d4 guessing games right at the 
  1+4 and either d+1 him or ws+2 him right at the 2 before the 4 or d+4 comes
  out. He is comfortable with mid punching range (ie. bf+21 range) so fight 
  him even longer. You can also fight him in close with the knee but that goes 
  without saying, you cheap bastard! huhuhu

 Yoshi: This is someone who is going to df+4 mid kick A LOT. Don't randomly 
  go into handstand at close range. Use your b+4's, use your ss+4,3+4 stuns.
  DO NOT use ground position unless you hit him before you get into it. He 
  just pogo right on top when you are on the GP. Fight him with your reach!
  uf+4's, 4's.

 Bryan: A more even matchup I think. With Bryan's ff+3's, df+3's and df+4's
  it makes it impossible to use Handstand as a turtle from far away. His 1+2
  is a great interrupt when you are in close with knee. At your favorite range,
  his ff+2 is going to give you hard rivalry. Still, b+4's and df+3~B turtles
  works well. Very straight forward, clean hit for hit match. 

 Heihachi: 1+2 chi palm when you are in close against you. df+1,2 juggle
  from in close if you open yourself up. d+1 tilesplit your ass if you 
  go into handstand or GP from far away or worse, ff+2 you. So just do a long
  range stand up fight against him. b+4, block. uf+4, block. ss+4,3+4 block.
  df+3 block.

 King: The only thing to really watch out for is his kick reversal. You can
  still kick a lot like before as long as you can time when your opponent might
  reverse. Duck when he ff+1+2 dives at you. Don't get into ground position 
  cause he will just ali-kick you easy. Handstand if kind of okay if you use 
  it from far away. And KNOW that some of your kicks are actually very hard to 
  reverse even if they are reversible: (eg. df+3's, b+4's, ss+3+4's).

 Ling: Uf+4 her out of her backturns sidesteps and df+3 her out of her phoenix
  stance. ss+4 often to put her on defensive. You don't want a ling that's 
  going to constantly have the freedom to dance around.

 Ogre1: Because of Ogre1's long reach, he is a close rival against Eddy in the 
  long range department. And in close range, because of the lack of lowparrys
  or a strong ws+2, Ogre's low kick mixups can be a nuisance. uf+4 him a lot
  to keep him back. This is a fight where you are going to have to b+3 knee 
  him A LOT when he gets close. Duck when he bazooka kicks (ff+4) and don't 
  hang around close range with him cause of his b+2 unblockable. d+1 jab 
  him right back when he d+1 jabs to get into his ducking options. Fight him
  long range. As long as you can. HSP and GP are fine here.

 Kuma: A more interesting fight because her reach matches your reach. Do not 
  go freely into ground position because she can just 1+2 hammer you. b+3 will
  win your matches EASY and BIG time. But for the connoiseur, uf+4, ss+4,3+4 
  block stuns, 4's or df+2 your way around. Get up off the ground fast and 
  block low if you get hit by ff+2 cause the salmon hunter is coming. She is 
  going to f+1 jabs a lot.

 Juglia: No clue...haven't really used Eddy/Julia enough. Just block 
  that d,df+1,2 stun. She can't really sidestep around you. No clue. Just 
  use those above tricks and see what happens.

 Hwoarang: Learn how to break his infinite. Just Duck right at the first 4 kick
  of his 3334 strings and then ws+2 him before he can do anything else. Even 
  though a stand up fight is his fight, you will HAVE to do a stand up fight 
   against him too. He can get free hits on you if you do HSP or GP. b+4 and 4
  is SUPER against most of his things.

 Lei: Against lei-down leis', just ss+4,3+4 on top of him. D+3+4 is good after
  his 4~4,33. Knee is actually good against lei down lei's too cause of it's 
  great recovery. If you want to play defensive against lei-down lei's, just 
  df+3 and roll back. When lei does animal stances, just b+3 if you are close 
  or uf+4 if you are far away. Only Tiger has the mid parry against your uf+4.
  But if you are REALLY not sure, you can always just turtle in the ground 
  position OR back spring off into handstand(recommended).

 Eddy: Know that you can uf+4 him if he does low kicks. uf+4 jumps over low 
  attacks. Know that you can ws+4 him as soon as you block the low kick
  from his classic low kick strings mix ups. 

 GunJack: The hell I know....go play yourself.

 Ogre2: b+4 and b+3 are your friends here. You essentially out speed Ogre2 
  even with those two moves. Back dash when he does ff+2 snake hand 
  unblockable. Use low attacks because he doesn't have a fast enough ws+
  move to punish you enough. 

 Hell just go find some random list. 

 Hell just write this part yo-self fool!

 4 (counterhit), ss+4,3.
 ws+2, b+4(flipover),4,3+4.
 df+2, ff+3+4  (not a combo but works if person does not roll to side or QR).
 df+2, ss+4,3.
 df+3+4, 1,2, 1,2.
 df+3+4, 1,1, b+3.
 df+3+4, 1,1, df+3+4.
 df+3+4, 3~4,4,4.
 df+3+4, 3.
 df+3+4, ss4,3.
 df+3+4, 1+2~2,3,D+3+4.
 b+4, b+4,4,3+4.
 b+4, df+3+4, 1,2, 1,2.
 b+4, ss+4,3
 HSP:D+3+4, 4,D+4.
 HSP:D+3+4, 2,d+4,D+3+4,4~3. (4~3 not guaranteed)
 HSP:D+3+4, 2,ss+4,3.
 GP:3~4, 1,2, 1,2.
 GP:3~4, 1,2, df+2. 
 GP:3~4, 4.
 GP:3~4, 1,2 df+2.
 ss+3+4, D+3+4, 4~3. (4~3 not guaranteed)
 ss+2 (counterhit), b+4,4,3+4.
 Dive CrossChopu stun: 1, ss+4,3.


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