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Bryan by ChOoMaG

Version: 0.5 |

by ChOoMaG <choomag@mailcity.com>

This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be reproduced 
electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long 
as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appears in full. This BRYAN 
FURY FAQ was created by ChOoMaG <choomag@mailcity.com>. All copyrights and 
trademarks are acknowledged that were not mentioned in this FAQ. 

for comments,suggestions, etc. mail me !



  1.   Bio
  2.   Controls
   2.1 Basic Moves
   2.2 Throws
   2.3 Combos
   2.4 Juggles
   2.5 Kewl Stuff
  3.   Versus Opponents
   3.1 Human 
   3.2 Computer
  4.   X-tra Stuff
   4.1 Costumes
   4.2 Winning Poses
  5.   Credits
        ON WITH THE FAQ!
1.  BIO

Name           :  Bryan Fury
Catch copy     :  Snake-eye
Nationality    :  USA
Fighting style :  Kick boxing
Age            :  29
Height         :  186cm (about 6 feet)
Weight         :  80kg
Blood type     :  AB
Job            :  Collecting brain data
Hobby          :  Collecting Cigarette Lighters
Like           :  Alone, Hair-cutting
Hate           :  Sunlight


Bryan Fury, of the International Police Organization, had a reputation as a
skillfull detective with a dark side. A case involving Lei Wulong, of the 
Hong Kong PD, pointed to a connection between Bryan and the drug trade. At 29 
Bryan was killed in a Hong Kong shoot out. Instead of his body going to the 
grave, it was brought to the laboratory of a reputed underworld scientist, 
Dr. Abel. Bryan's body was reanimated by Dr. Abel for special future 
projects. ThoTHISugh much of Dr. Abel's research was pioneered by Dr. 
Boskonovitch, he could be the first to complete an AI controlled "Cyborg 
Army". But first he needs Bryan to collect the perfect brain data from none 
other than Dr. Boskonovitch himself. Bryan successfully sneaks into the 
tournament and targets Yoshimitsu because of his close ties with Dr. 


    These conventions will be used throughout this FAQ, so better read on...

    f -  tap forward        F -  hold forward
    b -  tap back           B -  hold back
    u -  tap up             U -  hold up
    d -  tap down           D -  hold down

    d/f - tap down+forward  D/F - hold down+forward
    d/b - tap down+back     D/B - hold down+back
    u/f - tap up+forward    U/F - hold up+forward
    u/b - tap up+back       U/B - hold up+back

    QCF - quarter circle forward (d,d/f,f)
    QCB - quarter circle back    (d,d/b,b)
    HCF - half circle forward    (b,d/b,d,d/f,f)
    HCB - half circle back       (f,d/f,d,d/b,b)

    left punch = 1  (O) (O)  2 = right punch

    left kick =  3  (O) (O)  4 = right kick


    l  - move hits low range                       
    m  - move hits mid range                       
    h  - move hits high range                      
    Sm - move hits special mid range              
    ! - move is unblockable

    ~  - immediately followed by
    +  - moves on both sides must be done simultaneously
    N  - Neutral (return joystick in center position)
    SS - Sidestep
    WS - While Standing

                            Command              Damage             Level
    One-Two Punches         1,2                  6,8                h,h
    Bruce Rush              1,2,1,2              6,8,11,14          h,h,m,m
    Rush Low Kick           1,2,1,4              6,8,11,12          h,h,m,l
    One-Two Low Kick        1,2,3                6,8,15             h,h,l
    Punch-Double Spin Kick  1~4,3                6,15,17            h,h,m
    Running Blind           1~4,3,3              6,15,17,16         h,h,m,h
    Dash Changeup           1~4,2,4              6,15,21,26         h,h,h,m
    Lair's Dance            1~4,2,1,2            6,15,21,21,21      h,h,h,h,h
    Dance of Doom           1~4,2,1,4            6,15,21,21,26      h,h,h,h,m
    Quick Spin Kick         3,3                  16,16              m,h
    Bruce Special-Elbow     3,2,1,2              18,11,10,14        m,m,m,m
    Bruce Special-Low Kick| 3,2,1,4              18,11,10,12        m,m,m,l
    Triple Roundhouses      f+4,3,4              18,14,18           h,m,h
    Mach Breaker            f,f+2                30                 h
    Spinning Roundhouse     f,f+3                36                 m
    Side-Step Elbow         f+1+2                26                 h
    Light Back Knuckle      b+2                  21                 h
    Double Back Knuckle     b+2,1                21,21              h,h
    Hands of Doom           b+2,1,2              21,21,21           h,h,h
    Rush of Doom            b+2,1,4              21,21,26           h,h,m
    Backhand-Side Stunner   b+2,4                21,26              h,m
    Front Kick              b+3                  20                 h
    Front Kick-Rush Elbow   b+3,2,1,2            20,12,11,14        h,h,m,m
    Front Kick-Low Kick     b+3,2,1,4            20,12,11,12        h,h,m,l
    Front Kick-Knee         b+3,4                20,12              h,m
    Flying Knee Kick        b,b+4                25                 h
    Thin Low Kick           d+3+4                15                 l
    Left Body Blow          d/f+1                10                 m
    One Two-Body Blow       D/F+1,2              10,16              m,m
    Vulcan Body Blow        D/F+1,1,1,1,2        10,15,12,11,16     m,m,m,m,m
    Right Body Blow         d/f+2                16                 m
    Snake Edge              d/f+3                17                 l
    Power Axe               d/f+4                26                 m
    Sway                    QCB,N                -                  -
Sway-Slash Elbow            QCB,N+2              21                 m 
    Left Upper              WS+1                 18                 m 
    Right Upper             WS+2                 18                 m
    Power Knee              WS+3                 22                 m
    Double Power Knee       WS+3+4               28                 m,m
    Short Uppercut          WS+1+2               28                 m
    Headhunter              SS+1                 33                 h
    Cheap Trick             SS+1,2               28                 m
    Shell Shock             SS+2                 26                 h
    Taunt                   1+3+4                -                  -
    Low Parry               d/b+1+3              -                  -
    Gravity Blow            f+1+4                21                 !
    Meteor Smash            b+1+4                60                 !


                           Command          Damage      Position      Escape
    Swing DDT              1+3              30          f-throw       1
    Gravity Suplex         2+4              30          f-throw       2
    Chains of Misery       FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2 10,8,27     f-throw       1+2
    Gravity Elbow          [1+3 or 2+4]     40          ls-throw      1
    Knee Blast             [1+3 or 2+4]     40          rs-throw      2
    Neck Wringer           [1+3 or 2+4]     60          b-throw       -

2.3 8 to 10-HIT COMBOS
                            Level                   Damage          

b+3,4,1,2,1,4,2,1,4,2       h,m,m,m,h,h,h,h,m,h     20,12,5,7,3,8,5,5,10,21

b+3,4,1,2,1,4,2,4           h,m,m,m,h,h,h,m         20,12,5,7,3,8,5,26

b+3,4,1,2,1,4,3,4           h,m,m,m,h,h,m,h         20,12,5,7,3,8,17,16


(d,d/f,f or WS)+2,b+2,f,F+2                 
(d,d/f,f or WS)+2,b+2,1,4,3,3               
(d,d/f,f or WS)+2,b+2,1,4,f,f+2             
(d,d/f,f or WS)+2,b+2,b+2,1,4              
(d,d/f,f or WS)+1,1,b+2,1,4               


Supercharger (1+2+3+4), Double Back Hands (b+2,1), Wolf Bite(b+2,3,4)
for 70 percent damage.

Supercharger (1+2+3+4), Double Back Hands(b+2,1), Taunt (1+3+4), Wolf
Bite (b+2,3,4) for 70 percent damage.

Supercharger, High Knee Kick (WS+3), Front Neck Full Swing (1+3) or Gravity
Brain Buster (2+4)

Power Axe (d/f+4), and while they're getting up Slash Kick(f,f+3) then Run at
them (f,f,F) for about 100 damage if they try to get up before you run over 
them.  Only really works against the comp.


3.1 Human

LING XIAOYU-Always avoid doing moves that hit high because of the 
Phoenix Stance and the Sunflower (WS+RP).  She'll just go under and mess you 
up bad. If she turns around and starts to move in closer, do a Hammer Driver 
when she's in range to knock her out.

EDDY GORDO-Always remember your low counter and low kicks (d+LK,d+RK+LK,d+RK) 
to get him out of his combos, then punish him with some juggle starter or 
Slash Kick.
NINA WILLIAMS-She is really fast and strong as hell, if you get stunned or 
juggled, I feel sorry for you, watch out for the boot kick, and the divine 
cannon mainly. She will also do quick little 2 or 3 hit combos that switch 
between H,M, and L.
One example of these is d+RK,LP.  These are really annoying because you can't
guess on them because they're so fast.  Try to find out where the breaks in 
their attack are, and jab her out of it.

PAUL PHOENIX-Try to block anything that comes, especialy the Death Fist 
(QCT+RP), and do a Mach Breaker or what ever your favorite big damage move 
is. If they do tile spliters all day long, try to hit them out of it right 
after the tile spliter with a jab.  His Sidestepping Shoulder (f+LP+RK) could 
also give you some trouble due to the straight forwardness of Bryan's 

FOREST LAW-The main thing most Law players do is the Junkyard 
combo(b+RP,LK,RK) or his other juggle starting combo (b+LP,RP,LP).  If all 
they do is the Junkyard, then try to low counter the second hit and slam him 
or juggle him. If he does flipkicks on you, DO NOT EVER do a Mach breaker 
after he finishes, he recovers crouching so you'll just go right over him and 
he gets a second shot to flip kick you, instead try a Power Axe (df+RK), 
Slash Kick (f,f+LK) or the Left Upper.

JIN KAZAMA-If they try to uppercut all the time with f,N,d,d/f+RP duck it 
because it hits high, and juggle them with the Right upper into Fishermans 
Slam if possible. If they really don't know what there doing, and all they do 
is the Roundhouse to the Spin Kicks (uf+RK,RK,RK,RK), block the first, and 
try to low counter one of the next two hits, then do a Left Upper.

LEI WULONG-Good Lei players are a pain in the ass.  If he lays down, don't go
running up to him, it will hurt.  If he goes for the low kick to high kick,
either low counter the first hit or block low and stay crouching and when he 
goes over your head, do a Right Upper into Fisherman's Slam, or a Left upper.
Also learn what stances do what and where they hit if you can.  One thing 
almost all good Lei players do is the Rush punches (f,N,LP,RP,LP,RP) after 
you whif a move. Try to stay away from the slow stuff with bad recovery time.  
The Mach punch isn't a good idea unless they miss with a combo because his 
Cannon Ball (b+LP+RP) evades high hits. And yet another thing you have to be 
careful of, is when he has his back turned. If they turnaround a ways away 
from you, do a Mach Breaker, but if they do it close, just try to jab, 
because blocking whatever comes next is really hard thanks to the ease with 
witch he can switch between L an M.

KING-The main thing is to stay out of throw range.  Do this by doing Mach 
Breakers, Slash Kicks,  and the Flying Heel Kick.  Another thing to do is 
when he tries to throw, duck it, then do a Left Upper or Right Upper into 
Fishermans slam and happy juggling!

YOSHIMITSU-I'm finding that Yoshi is really annoying.  Don't do too many slow
obvious moves because of his d/f+RK, it's one of his fastest attacks, and it 
has very high priority.  Be careful of the Sword Flash (b+LP+RK) when doing 
most of your high and mid attacks or while trying to sidestep in, it will hit 

HWOARANG-Be patient.  Wait for him to do one of his juggle starters, block 
it, and mess him up good.  If he's dumb and just juggles out the Bird Hunter 
(d+RK,RK), block low, stay ducking, and then juggle him with with the Left 
Upper or Right Upper into Fishermans Slam.  Learn where the hich hits are, 
duck them, then do a Left Upper, or Right Upper to Fishermans Slam.

KUMA-Kuma isn't hard to fight.  Just block his slow ass moves and kick his 
big bear butt, you have a MAJOR speed advatage if you didn't know already. 
The Mach Breaker is fairly safe against fat boy, so enjoy!

JULIA CHANG-She has a lot of combos that are unblockable after the first hit.
If you block one of her moves, hurt her bad!  She has REALLY bad recovery 
time, use this to your advantage.

GUN JACK-The same things that apply for Kuma, apply for Gunny too, but his 
stuff is a little faster, and he has more low hits.

MOKUJIN-Just try to figure out who the hell he is in the round you're in and 
use the strategy listed here for the character if it's up.

BRYAN FURY-It's a real pain to fight against yourself.  Watch out for his 
combos, and big damage moves like the Mach Breaker.  That's how I've 
been beat by Bryan, is with the combos.  Since most of his good attacks hit 
high, try to duck them, and then juggle with the Right Upper to Fishermans 
slam or the Left Upper.

HEIHACHI MISHIMA-DON'T GET JUGGLED!!!  To avoid this horrible fate, keep your
distance with the Flying Heel kick and the Slash Kick.  The Mach Breaker is 
again, pretty unadvisable unless he whifs an uppercut.  His Hell Sweeps
(f,N,d,DF+RK,RK,RK) are really annoying, but if they don't hit on a 
counterhit, you can block after the first one.


Use the MACH BREAKER a lot.  Make this your primary move.  You must be a good 
dasher to be able to do the move plenty-o-times.  Also use the (3,2,1,4_2) 
combo coz it does good amount of damage. Use 10-hit strings also.  End of 


    RP or LP  ---->  A vest, camoflauge pants, combat boots

    LK or RK  ---->  Snake skin pants, boots


    LP ----> Quick Spin Kick to Taunt

    RP ----> Two jabs then Slash Kick

    LK ----> Rush Punches

    RK ----> Crouches down and does a "come over here" motion with his hands.


   NAMCO ---> for making a great game!
   other Bryan Lovers ---> long live Bryan Fury!!!

                           ***FOR UPDATES, CHECK GAMEFAQS***

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