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Bryan by TMotohiro

Version: 1.00 |

Brian Fury FAQ ver 1.00  by Tsubota Motohiro

Very sorry! I took serious,so many mistakes about H,M,L because of 
lacking of time,in 0.87! (Back blows and Mach punch! see them)
I corrected all and added new three actions.
Taunt(1+2+3),Knee blow(b+4:M),and Leg blade(f,f+3:M).


** profeel **

Name          :Brian Fury
Catch copy    :Snake-eye
Nationality   :USA
Fighting style:Kick boxing
Age           :29
Height        :186cm(about 6 feet)
Weight        :80kg
Job           :Collecting brain deta(Pre..International police)
Hoby          :Collecting Lighters
Like          :Alone, Hair-cutting
Hate          :Sunshine

** Story **

Brian Fury was killed in engaging International police's affair,gun-fighting,
in Hong-Kong.But he did not go to a coffin but "Dr.Abel"'s lab.
Dr.Abel,aged 88,was everytime lost by Dr.Bosconobitch though he was 
famous in dark-side world.
However,finally Abel was about to complete with the matter of "Replicant
Trooper",the syborgs which have A.I. He needed Boscono's "Eternal 
Engine" to make the perfect replicant,so he rebirthed Brian to
the replicant and commanded him get Boscono's brain deta.
Before died,Brian,the international police,had been famous in his ability,
though he had had his bad rumors,like the relationship to Drug
company.BTW,Lei had been his rival.
Brian aims Yoshimitsu in oder to get Boscono's information...

** Single arts **

Sork club             (f+1+2)                  H
Flying kneel kick     (b,B+4)                  M
Snake's fang          (1+2 or d+1+2 or d/b+1+2)M
Mach punch            (f,F+2)                  H
Leg Blade             (f,f+3)                  M
Knee blow             (b+4)                    M

Power charging        (1+2+3+4)                -

Taunt                 (1+2+3)                  -

** Combination and The arts Resembling key action each **

One-two-lowkick       (1,2,3)                  H,H,L
Rising combination    (1,2,1,2)                H,H,M,M
Brazing combination   (1,2,1,4)                H,H,M,L

Stopping              (b+3)                    M
Stopping faint knee   (b+3,4)                  M,M
Stopping trriple punch(b+3,2,1,2)              M,H,M,M
Freezing combination  (b+3,2,1,4)              M,H,M,L

Gutring combination   (3,2,1,4)                M,M,M,L
Gutring plus one      (3,2,1,2)                M,M,M,M
Quick sobat           (3,3)                    M,H

Southern-cross        (1,4,3)                  H,H,M
Southern-cross+1      (1,4,3,3)                H,H,M,H
Atomic combination A  (1,4,2,4)                H,H,H,L
Atomic combination B  (1,4,2,1,4)              H,H,H,H,L
Snake combination     (1,4,2,1,2)              H,H,H,H,H

Left body blow        (d/f+1)                  M
Lightning blow        (D/F+1,1,1,1)            M,M,M,M
Right body blow       (d/f+2)                  M
Double body blow      (d/f+1,2)                M,M

Body upper            (standing 2) @           M
Atomic blow           (hitting@ F+2)Boundable  -
Lifting upper         (standing 1)M Jugglable  M
Short upper           (standing 1+2)           M
Crushing knee         (standing 3,4)           M,M

Devil's clow          (side stepping 1)        H
Phantom's clow        (side stepping rapid 1,2)M
Side hummer           (side stepping 2)        H

Sniper's sobat        (u/f+3)                  M
Flying heel           (u/f+4)                  M
Sniper's sobat combo  (f+4,3,4)                H,M,H

Quick low kick        (d+4)                    L
Side low kick         (d+3+4)                  L

Slashing leg          (d/f+4)                  M 
Snake edge            (d/f+3)                  L

Swaying               (d,d/b,b)                -
Swaying smash         (swaying,n,2)            M

R-back fist           (b+2)                    H
Mach combination      (b+2,1,2)                H,H,H
Slash combination     (b+2,1,4)                H,H,M
S combination short   (b+2,4)                  H,M


Graviton hummmer      (b+1+3)                  Unblockable
Q-Graviton hummer     (f+1+3)                  Unblockable


DDT                   (1+3)
Falling brain baster  (2+4)
Free fall             (L-side)
Knee blast            (R-side)
Hummer throw          (Behind)
Death messanger       (D,d/f,d,d/f+1+2)

Low stopper           (D+1+3 or D+2+4)

Stormbringer                    TSUBOTA Motohiro

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