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Bryan by Phate

Version: 2 |

update 2

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X       X  XX  X  X    X  X   XX  XX  X
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I've gotten really fed up with the lack of interest in Bryan Fury, so I decided
to write a FAQ.  This is my first atempt at a FAQ, so please bear with 
the mistakes, and help me where you can.  This is slowly evolving from a 
move list into a FAQ.
I now have damame for most of the moves.
The most up to date version can be found at;
If you have anything of value, please e-mail me at, phate_ems@hotmail.com, 
thank you.

What's new in update 2
  While playing the #1 guy in the Northwest, I learned a couple new juggles,
and I've added them. The first is in the Juggles section, off of the Snake Edge
(df+LK), then do a WS+LK (the WS comes automaticaly out of the Snake Edge) then
Running Blind (LP,RK,LK,LK).  The second is an add on to something in the Fun 
Stuff to Play With section, the Double Back Hands (b+RP,LP) on a counter 
hit, then Wolf Bite (b+RP,LP,RK).  You can do his taunt for an extra 
no-damage hit, but it looks really cool.  So the whole combo is, b+RP,LP
(on counterhit),LP+LK+RK,b+RP,LP,RK .

I. Moves
 a. Throws
 b. Basic Moves
 c. Bigger Combos
 d. Juggles
 e. Fun Stuff To Play with

II. Strategies
 a. Move Evaluation
  *Single Attacks
  *Sidestepping Attacks
  *Juggle Starting Moves
  *Combos and Strings
 b. Against Characters
  *Ling Xiaoyu
  *Eddy Gordo
  *Nina Williams
  *Paul Phoenix
  *Forrest Law
  *Jin Kazama
  *Lei Wulong
  *Julia Chang
  *Gun Jack
  *Bryan Fury
  *Heihachi Mishima
  *True Ogre
 c. Against the Computer

III. Extra Stuff
 *Winning Stances

IV. Credits

And now, on with the FAQ!

I. Moves

Player 1                         Player 2

ub   uf                          uf   ub
  \ /    LP-O O-RP                 \ /    LP-O O-RP
b- o -f                          f- o -b
  / \    LK-O O-RK                 / \    LK-O O-RK
db   df                          df   db

a. *Throws*

Name                                Movement
----                                -----------------
Front Neck Full Swing               LP+LK
Gravity Brain Buster                RP+RK
Gravity Elbow(on opp L side)        RP+RK or LP+LK
Knee Blast(on opp R side)           RP+RK or LP+LK
Neck Throw(opp back)                RP+RK or LP+LK
Reverse Throw(YOUR back to opp)     RP+RK or LP+LK
Chains of Misery                    D,df,d,DF+RP+LP
Low counter                         db+(LP+LK_RP+RK) or d+(LP+LK_RP+RK)

*Basic Moves*

Name                                Movement
----                                ------------------------------------
Side Step Elbow                     f+RP+LP
1-2 Low Kick                        LP,RP,LK
Front Kick                          b+LK
Front Kick to Knee                  b+LK,RK
Mach Punch                          f,F+RP
Slash Kick                          f,f+LK
Flying Heel Kick                    b,B+RK
Bruce Special                       LK,RP,LP,RK
Bruce Special to Rush               LK,RP,LP,RP
Front Kick to Punch                 b+LK,RP
Rush Punches                        LP,RP,LP,RP
Rush Punches to Low Kick            LP,RP,LP,RK
High Kick to Rush                   b+LK,RP,LP,RP
Run for Cover                       b+LK,RP,LP,RK
Quick Spin Kick                     LK,LK
Triple Spin Kicks                   f+RK,LK,RK
Left Body Blow                      df+LP
Vulcan Body Blow                    DF+LP,LP,LP,LP,RP
Right Body Blow                     df+RP
1-2 Body Blows                      DF+LP,RP
Light Back Knuckle                  b+RP
Double Back Knuckle                 b+RP,LP
Hands of Doom                       b+RP,LP,RP
Wolf Bite                           b+RP,LP,RK
Right Upper                         WS+RP or QCT+RP
Fishermans Slam                     b+RP or f+RP
 (do before Right Upper connects)    (throw if right upper connects, juggles)
                                     (18 or 21)
Left Upper                          WS+LP or QCT+LP
Short Upper                         WS+RP+LP
Shell Shock                         SS+RP
Headhunter                          SS+LP
Cheap Trick                         SS+LP,RP
Hammer Driver                       LP+RP or (d_D_b)+LP+RP
                                     (m,m,evades high hits)(14,21)
Rolling Driver                      (u_uf)+LK
Orbital Heel Kick                   (u_uf)+RK
High Knee Kick                      WS+LK
Double High Knee Kick               WS+LK,RK
Low Kick                            d+LK
Thin Low Kick                       d+LK+RK
Shin Kick                           d+RK
Power Axe                           df+RK
Snake Edge                          df+LK
Lair's Dance                        LP,RK,RP,LP,RP
Cremation                           LP,RK,RP,LP,RK
Running Blind                       LP,RK,LK,LK
Sway                                d,db,b
                                     (evades high attacks)
Sway and Slash                      d,db,b,N,RP
                                     (h,juggles on counter)(18)
Taunt                               LP+LK+RK
                                     (hits but does no damage)
Supercharge                         LP+RP+LK+RK
                                     (makes next hit a counter hit)
Meteor Strike                       b+LP+RK
Gravity Blow                        f+LP+RK

*Bigger combos*
b+LK,RK,LP,RP,LP,RK,RP,LP,RK,RP     10 hits
  H  M  M  M  H  H  H  H  M  H
  20 12 5  7  3  8  5  5  10 21

b+LK,RK,LP,RP,LP,RK,RP,RK           8 hits
  H  M  M  M  H  H  H  M
  20 12 5  7  3  8  5  26

b+LK,RK,LP,RP,LP,RK,LK,RK           8 hits
  H  M  M  M  H  H  M  H
  20 12 5  7  3  8  17 16

(d,d/f,f or WS)+RP,b+RP,f,F+RP              3 (48%)
(d,d/f,f or WS)+RP,b+RP,LP,RK,LK,LK         6 (43%)
(d,d/f,f or WS)+RP,b+RP,LP,RK,f,f+RP        5 (?%)
(d,d/f,f or WS)+RP,b+RP,b+RP,LP,RK          5 (61%)
(d,d/f,f or WS)+LP,LP,b+RP,LP,RK            5 (50%?)
u_u/f+RK,LP,RP,f,F+RP                       4 (33%)
u_u/f+RK,LP,LP,f,F+RP                       4 (31%)
d/f+LK,WS+LK,RK                             3 (35%)
d/f+LK,WS+LK,LP,f,F+RP                      4 (?%)
d/f+LK,WS+LK,LP,RK,LK,LK                    6 (50%?)

*Fun Stuff to Play With*
The first two require the slow Supercharger to get a counter hit on the first

-Supercharger (LP+RP+LK+RK), Double Back Hands (b+RP,LP), Wolf Bite(b+RP,LP,RK)
 for 70 percent damage.

-Supercharger (LP+RP+LK+RK), Double Back Hands(b+RP,LP), Taunt (LP+LK+RK), Wolf
 Bite (b+RP,LP,RK) for 70 percent damage.

-Supercharger, High Knee Kick (WS+LK), Front Neck Full Swing (LP+LK) or Gravity
 Brain Buster (RP+RK)

-Power Axe (df+RK), and while they're getting up Slash Kick(f,f+LK) then Run at
 them (f,f,F) for about 100 damage if they try to get up before you run over 
 them.  Only really works against the comp.

II. Stratagies
a.Moves evaluation

*Single Moves*
Bryan has fast and strong single attacks, most of them have good recovery time

-Mach Punch (f,f+RP)

 This move is fast and strong.  It is very good to pull out after they wiff a 
move or after they finish a combo.  It's also fast enough to interupt some 
combos, but trying to break up Ling's stuff is very hard, be careful!  The 
recovery time isn't too good, so be carefull about just pulling it out.

-Slash Kick (f,f+LK)

 This move has pretty good range.  It's kinda slow, but a lot of people miss 
judge the speed, try to counter it and get the crap knocked out of them.  It's
also fun to use when they're getting up from any of Brian's moves that knock 
them down.

 It also counters most sidestep happy opponents on the way around.

-Flying Heel Kick (b,b+RK)

 One big advantage of this move is it's range, and it's suprise factor to
 opponents.  A major disadvantage is the fact that you lay on the ground
 afterwards with no chance of quick rising.  It is also impossible to attack

-Side Step Elbow (f+LP+RP)

 I've found this move works pretty well against opponents getting up.  It 
doesn't do too much as a side stepping move, but does work occasionally.  A 
big problem is the hitting high part, otherwise it's a pretty good move.

-Hammer Driver (LP+RP or b+LP+RP or d+LP+RP)

 This move is fairly fast and if you're close enough it hits twice.  It's good
 against people that turn their backs (eg. Lei and Ling), crouching opponents
 and Eddy players that start their combos half a screen away (which is most of
 them). I have also found that this move goes under high hits if done at the 
 right time.

-Power Axe (df+RK)
 This move is kinda slow, but does nice damage, and knocks them down pretty 
 close to you, so you can do a Slash Kick (f,f+LK) while they're getting up to
 do even more damage.

-Low Kick (d+LK)

 Why am I talking about such a simple move?  Because it's one of Bryan VERY few
 low attacks. This move works nice to knock Eddy players out of combos and to 
 just get in a little bit of damage.

-Thin Low Kick (d+LK+RK)

 This move seems like it has more range than the regular low kick, and does a
 little bit more damage too.

-Gravity Blow (f+LP+RK)

 This unblockable is one of the fastest in the game.  It's great to pull out on
 turtles or anyone that will fall for it but doesn't do that much damage.  Do a
 combo like the Bruce special, end in the middle, and pull this out if they 
 keep blocking your strings, it's fun.

-Meteor Strike (b+LP+RK)

 This one does WAY more damage than the gravity blow, but as a result is much
 slower.  Try doing the Gravity Blow a few times, and when they stop trying to
 hit you out of it, do the Meteor Strike, by the time they realize it's too 
 late, they're getting the crap knocked out of them.

-Low Counter (d_db+LP+LK or d_db+RP+RK)

 Only try this move if you can see it coming.  Some moves like Law's Dragon
 Tail (db+RK) are a pain in the ass to try to time.  This move is VERY efective
 against Eddy players who go for the Slippery kick (LK~RK,RK,LK) a lot, which
 unfortuantly can really mess you up if you miss.

*Sidestepping Moves*
Bryan has a pretty good sidestep and good moves that come out of it.

-Headhunter (SS,LP)

 This move is fast, does quite a bit of damage and and comes out of a sidestep,
 so it's pretty easy to get a major counter.  The big disadvantage is the 
 hitting high part, if they see it coming, they can duck and juggle your ass 
 for a while.

-Shell Shock (SS,RP)

 I don't really use this move much, it's hits high just like the Headhunter,
 but does less damage.  One thing it will do is shows the opponents side when
 it hits, setting up a possible side throw.

-Cheap Trick (SS,LP,RP)

 This move surprises most people because it starts out exactly like the
 Headhunter, but he stops his left arm then hits mid with the right, and on
 a counter hit it stuns, which sets you up to throw them or juggle them.

*Juggle starting moves*
Bryan doesn't have too many juggles, but he does have his fair share, here are
his starters.

-Snake Edge (df+LK)

 I'm rather fond of this move for a few reasons.  One, it hits low, and that
 is a rarity with Brian unfortunantly.  Two, it juggles if it connects close to
 your opponent, that is really nice to have a low juggle starter.  And three, I
 have found that a lot of people miss time it, and get hit by it, another plus.
 The main problem is the very limited juggles following.

-Right Upper into Fishermans Slam (WS,RP,F_B+RP)

 This is a really good starter, for a couple of reasons.  One, it does 34
 damage BEFORE you start juggling and it's easy to get at LEAST two hits in.
 The best juggle to do after you get this is Running Blind (LP,RK,LK,LK).

-Left Upper (WS,LP)

 Another good juggle starter, only does about 18 damage, but launches them
 very high, without having to try to get the second part of the starter.
 To finish this one off, do a Wolf Bite (b+2,1,4).

-Orbital Heel Kick (u_uf,RK)

 This is a pretty fast juggle starter, but the juggles afterwards are pretty
 limited, it's good to get a few hits in that they can't do a thing about. Most
 of the juggles with the Orbital Heel kick are ended with the Mach Punch.  This
 move also has pretty good priority, and stops quite a few moves if done at the
 right time.

-Sway and Smash (d,db,b,N,RP)

 This starter only juggles on a counter hit, but since it starts with the sway
 it can evade high hits making it pretty easy to get the required counter.

This is where Bryan is probably strongest, his abilty to string hits together
and switch where the last hit goes on most of them.

-Rush Punches/Rush Punches to Low Kick (LP,RP,LP,RP_RK)

 This combo and the Bruce special are good because of the ability to mix up the
 last hit between mid and low, which is nice to fake people out.

-Bruce Special/Bruce Special Alt (LK,RP,LP,RK_RP)

 Again, it's the ability to mix up the last hit that makes this strong, the
 advantage of this one over the Rush Punches is that this one never goes above
 mid, where the Rush punches start high, but this one starts a little slower.

-Lair's Dance/Cremation (LP,RK,RP,LP,RP_RK)

 This is not that good of a combo at all, it hits ALL high, except for the last
 hit of the Cremation.  One thing you could do is get people to duck under the
 whole thing a couple of times, and then start doing the RK at the end to 
 surprise them.

-Hands of Doom/Wolf Bite (b+RP,LP,RP_RK)

 This move does a lot of damage, and on a counter hit, all three connect.  This

 one, just like the Lair's Dance/Cremation, has the last hit switchable from H
 to M, so if they just duck under the Hands of doom, go to Wolf Bite to get a 
 26 point hit in on them.  It's okay to use this combo until you get sick of 
 it, it's very affective in versus play, but not against the comp.  Use the 
 Wolf Bite to juggle whenever possible, it does quite a bit of damage.

-Vulcan Canon to Body Blow (DF+LP,LP,LP,LP,RP)

 This is pretty fast, but is blockable after the first hit.  Lay off doing the
 RP the first couple of times, and when they start taking block off right 
 after the last LP, start doing the RP.

-Ten String (b+LK,RK,LP,RP,LP,RK,RP,LP,RK,RP)

 This is probably one of the worst tens in the game, it start out slow, but 
 does get pretty fast towards the end.  This ten string hits all high and mid,
 which makes it so even most Eddy players can block it.

b. Against Characters

Ling Xiaoyu-I've had quite a bit of experience against her, and didn't enjoy it
 most of the time.  Always avoid doing moves that hit high because of the 
Phoenix Stance and the Sunflower (WS+RP).  She'll just go under and mess you 
up bad. If she turns around and starts to move in closer, do a Hammer Driver 
when she's in range to knock her out.

Eddy Gordo-Always remember your low counter and low kicks (d+LK,d+RK+LK,d+RK) 
to get him out of his combos, then punish him with some juggle starter or 
Slash Kick.
The Hammer Driver works well when they start their combos away from you,
 especialy the handstand.  Don't do high moves because most of his stuff makes
him evade high hits, and he MC's you.  The best starter to use is the Left 
Upper, because the Right Upper to Fishermans Slam won't launch him if he's in 
a stance or crouching.

Nina Williams-She is really fast and strong as hell, if you get stunned or 
juggled, I feel sorry for you, watch out for the boot kick, and the divine 
cannon mainly. She will also do quick little 2 or 3 hit combos that switch 
between H,M, and L.
 One example of these is d+RK,LP.  These are really annoying because you can't
 guess on them because they're so fast.  Try to find out where the breaks in 
their attack are, and jab her out of it.

Paul Phoenix-Try to block anything that comes, especialy the Death Fist 
(QCT+RP), and do a Mach Breaker or what ever your favorite big damage move is.
If they do tile spliters all day long, try to hit them out of it right after 
the tile spliter with a jab.  His Sidestepping Shoulder (f+LP+RK) could also 
give you some trouble due to the straight forwardness of Bryan's attacks.

Forest Law-The main thing most Law players do is the Junkyard combo(b+RP,LK,RK)
 or his other juggle starting combo (b+LP,RP,LP).  If all they do is the 
Junkyard, then try to low counter the second hit and slam him or juggle him.  
If he does flipkicks on you, DO NOT EVER do a Mach breaker after he finishes, 
he recovers crouching so you'll just go right over him and he gets a second 
shot to flip kick you, instead try a Power Axe (df+RK), Slash Kick (f,f+LK) or
the Left Upper.

Jin Kazama-If they try to uppercut all the time with f,N,d,d/f+RP duck it 
because it hits high, and juggle them with the Right upper into Fishermans 
Slam if possible. If they really don't know what there doing, and all they do 
is the Roundhouse to the Spin Kicks (uf+RK,RK,RK,RK), block the first, and try
to low counter one of the next two hits, then do a Left Upper.

Lei Wulong-Good Lei players are a pain in the ass.  If he lays down, don't go
 running up to him, it will hurt.  If he goes for the low kick to high kick,
 either low counter the first hit or block low and stay crouching and when he 
goes over your head, do a Right Upper into Fisherman's Slam, or a Left upper.
Also learn what stances do what and where they hit if you can.  One thing 
almost all good Lei players do is the Rush punches (f,N,LP,RP,LP,RP) after you
whif a move.
 Try to stay away from the slow stuff with bad recovery time.  The Mach punch
 isn't a good idea unless they miss with a combo because his Cannon Ball 
(b+LP+RP) evades high hits. And yet another thing you have to be careful of, 
is when he has his back turned. If they turnaround a ways away from you, do a 
Mach Breaker, but if they do it close, just try to jab, because blocking what 
ever comes next is really hard thanks to the ease with witch he can switch 
between L an M.

King-The main thing is to stay out of throw range.  Do this by doing Mach 
Breakers, Slash Kicks,  and the Flying Heel Kick.  Another thing to do is when
he tries to throw, duck it, then do a Left Upper or Right Upper into 
Fishermans slam and happy juggling!

Yoshimistu-I'm finding that Yoshi is really annoying.  Don't do too many slow
 obvious moves because of his d/f+RK, it's one of his fastest attacks, and it 
has very high priority.  Be careful of the Sword Flash (b+LP+RK) when doing 
most of your high and mid attacks or while trying to sidestep in, it will hit 

Hwoarang-Be patient.  Wait for him to do one of his juggle starters, block it,
and mess him up good.  If he's dumb and just juggles out the Bird Hunter 
(d+RK,RK), block low, stay ducking, and then juggle him with with the Left 
Upper or Right Upper into Fishermans Slam.  Learn where the hich hits are, 
duck them, then do a Left Upper, or Right Upper to Fishermans Slam.

Kuma-Kuma isn't hard to fight.  Just block his slow ass moves and kick his big
bear butt, you have a MAJOR speed advatage if you didn't know already. The 
Mach Breaker is fairly safe against fat boy, so enjoy!

Julia Chang-She has a lot of combos that are unblockable after the first hit.
If you block one of her moves, hurt her bad!  She has REALLY bad recovery 
time, use this to your advantage.

Gun Jack-The same things that aply for Kuma, aply for Gunny too, but his stuff
is a little faster, and he has more low hits.

Mokujin-Just try to figure out who the hell he is in the round you're in and 
use the strategy listed here for the character if it's up.

Brian Fury-It's a real pain to fight against yourself.  Watch out for his 
combos, and big damage moves like the Mach Breaker.  That's how I've 
been beat by Bryan, is with the combos.  Since most of his good attacks hit 
high, try to duck them, and then juggle with the Right Upper to Fishermans 
slam or the Left Upper.

Heihachi Mishima-DON'T GET JUGGLED!!!  To avoid this horrible fate, keep your
distance with the Flying Heel kick and the Slash Kick.  The Mach Breaker is 
again, pretty unadvisable unless he whifs an uppercut.  His Hell Sweeps
 (f,N,d,DF+RK,RK,RK) are really annoying, but if they don't hit on a 
counterhit, you can block after the first one.

Ogre-Don't really know him.

True Ogre-Don't even ASK on this one!

c. Against the computer

        All I have to say is MACH BREAKER (f,f+RP).  This single move is about
 all you need to beat the computer, and a little skill at dashing.  Open the
 round with a Mach Breaker, or you can take a step back, then do it.  Doing
 a right jab sets up the Mach Breaker perfectly.  After you knock them down,
 dash up to them, and then dash back out of sweep range, and if they do a
 shin kick, or roll then sweep, do a Mach Breaker right after they do the
 move, then repeat.

III. Extra stuff


Name :Bryan Fury
Catch copy :Snake-eye
Nationality :USA
Fighting style :Kick boxing
Age :29
Height :186cm(about 6 feet)
Weight :80kg
Blood type :AB
Job :Collecting brain data
Hoby :Collecting Cigarette Lighters
Like :Alone, Hair-cutting
Hate :Sunlight


 Bryan Fury, of the International Police Organization, had a reputation as a
 skillfull detective with a dark side. A case involving Lei Wulong, of the Hong
 Kong PD, pointed to a connection between Bryan and the drug trade. At 29 Bryan
was killed in a Hong Kong shoot out. Instead of his body going to the grave, it
 was brought to the laboratory of a reputed underworld scientist, Dr. Abel. 
Bryan's body was reanimated by Dr. Abel for special future projects. Though 
much of Dr. Abel's research was pioneered by Dr. Boskonovitch, he could be the
first to complete an AI controlled "Cyborg Army". But first he needs Bryan to 
collect the perfect brain data from none other than Dr. Boskonovitch himself. 
Bryan successfully sneaks into the tournament and targets Yoshimitsu because 
of his close ties with Dr. Boskonovitch.


-RP or LP
 A vest, camoflauge pants, combat boots

-LK or RK
 Snake skin pants, boots

*Winning Stances*

LP-Quick Spin Kick to Taunt

RP-Two jabs then Slash Kick

LK-Rush Punches

RK-Crouches down and does a "come over here" motion with his hands.

IV. Credits

The other couple of FAQ's on Bryan, making me want to make a much better one.

Psylence(Evan) for getting me motivated to do this and the help by playing a 
very annoying everyone!

Kaiser for liking my FAQ enough to post it in TIC, because I'm too damn lazy.

Namco for the moves and for making a damn good game that I'm very addicted to.

Anyone who takes the time to read this far, and taking an interest in Bryan 
Fury and Tekken 3 in General.

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