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Move List by Catlord

Version: 1.97 | Updated: 08/08/98

                   ________                  | ____
                       |  __ | / | /  __ |\  |     \
                       | |__ |<  |<  |__ | \ |  ___|
                       | |__ | \ | \ |__ |  \|     |
                       |                 |     ___/
                        Version 1.97 (8/8/98)
                    Arcade and Playstation Version
                  by Catlord (kittylord@hotmail.com)
                     Latest movelist available at-
       Catlord's Tekken Collection - http://www.monmouth.com/~karin/
  || In memory of Amy Diane Evernham - Good friend and Tekken player ||
  ||________________________* 1975-1997 *____________________________||

      This movelist was made to provide CONCISE MOVES and a COMPACT PRINTOUT.
If I made another mess-up, just E-Mail me with your wisdom and/or corrections.
I can be found on the IRC channel #TKN under EFNet.

Note: This FAQ must be printed in monospace format, otherwise it will come
      out ugly as hell and not lined up..    1234567890



This movelist is for the Tekken3 community. It is also meant to be free.
You may distribute this guide at your leisure, so long as you leave the
content intact and receive no monetary compensation for it.  All text,
combos, and other non-official information contained in this guide regarding
Tekken 3 and/or any of the Tekken3 characters is (C)1997, 1998 Hans Poorvin.
Reproduction in whole or part without the express written permission of Hans
Poorvin is prohibited.



  v1.96  Law and Yoshimitsu corrected

  v1.97  Eddy, Anna, and Dr. Boskonovitch corrected



                     *-*-*-BUTTON CONVENTIONS-*-*-*
                                     | BUTTON LAYOUTS |
                             |                |   PLAYSTATION   |
                             |     ARCADE     |       ___       |
         1 - Right Punch     |   ___    ___   |      /   \      |
         2 - Left Punch      |  /   \  /   \  |      | 2 |      |
         3 - Right Kick      |  | 1 |  | 2 |  |      \___/      |
         4 - Left Kick       |  \___/  \___/  |  ___      ___  |
                             |                | /   \     /   \ |
                             |   ___    ___   | | 1 |     | 4 | |
                             |  /   \  /   \  | \___/     \___/ |
   It's very important to    |  | 3 |  | 4 |  |   ß   ___   O   |
 become familiar with the    |  \___/  \___/  |      /   \      |
 numeric conventions of the  |                |      | 3 |      |
 buttons.                    |                |      \___/      |
                             |                |        X        |

                    *-*-*-MOVEMENT CONVENTIONS-*-*-*

f - tap forward once           d/f - tap down/forward once
b - tap backwards once         d/b - tap down/back once
d - tap down once              u/f - tap up/forward once
u - tap up once                u/b - tap up/back once

F - Hold stick forward         D/F - Hold stick down/forward
B - Hold stick back            D/B - Hold stick down/back
D - Hold stick down            U/F - Hold stick up/forward
U - Hold stick up              U/B - Hold stick up/back

N - Neutral joystick position (Joystick is not touched)
SS - Sidestep (u,N or d,N)
QCF - Quarter circle forward (Circle stick from down to forward)
QCB - Quarter circle back (Circle stick from down to back)
HCF - Half circle forward (Circle stick from back to down to forward)
HCB - Half circle back (Circle stick from forward to down to back)

                *-*-*-LINKING & SPECIAL CONVENTIONS-*-*-*

+ - Moves must be done together
, - Moves must be done right after the other
~ - Moves must be done IMMEDIATELY after the other
_ - Or (When used between two moves, they are interchangable)
> - Move following the > has the option of being slightly delayed
# - Hold movement preceeding the '#' until end of string or until N (Neutral)
FC - Do move during full crouched position
WS - While standing up (Returning the stick to neutral from a crouch)
RN - While running
BK - Back facing the opponent
FD/FT - Lying on the ground Face Down / Feet Towards opponent
FD/FA -   "           "     Face Down / Feet Away from opponent
FU/FT -   "           "     Face Up / Feet Towards opponent
FU/FA -   "           "     Face Up / Feet Away from opponent
CH - Major Counterhit (Hitting your opponent during their move execution)
[] - Brackets surrounding an item indicate an optional output
() - Parenthesis indicates moves grouped together
{} - Curved brackets indicate buttons needed to break a throw
: - Pause 1/3 a second between button presses (Tenstring timings only)

     Note: You can select which winning stance your character will do by
 pressing either 1,2,3, or 4 during the time after you beat your
 opponent, and before the winning stance begins.  The different stances you
 can perform are labelled on the end of each character's movelist.


General Moves for Everyone
f,f                     Dash Forwards
b,b                     Dash Backwards
(u,N)_(d,N)             Axis Shifting Sidestep (SS)
1+2+3+4                 Kiai Tame Powerup  *Block Damage & Auto CH on hit*
f+2+4                   Right Strike Reversal Escape  *When Being Reversed*
f+1+3                   Left Strike Reversal Escape  *When Being Reversed*
2+4                     Tackle Dodge  *During Tackle Impact*
1+2                     Tackle Reversal  *During Tackle Fall*
1_2                     Tackle Punch Block, Kickoff  *During Mounted Punches*
1+2,2,2,2,2             Tackle Arm Lock Escape
1+2,2,2,2,2,2           Tackle Arm Lock Reversal *Jin, Paul, Nina, King Only*
1+2,1,1,1,1             Tackle Leg Lock Escape
1+2,1,1,1,1,1           Tackle Leg Lock Reversal  *Nina and King Only*
(u/b_u_u/f)             Low Jump  *All but Dr. Boskonovitch*
(U/B_U_U/F)             High Jump  *All but Dr. Boskonovitch*
  N+3                     Landing Mid Gutkick  *Stuns*
<jump>+(1_3_4)          Jumping Attack
(u_uf)+2                Quick Pounce
f,f,f                   Run  *All but Dr. Boskonovitch*
  B                       Stop Running
  1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
  3                       Flying Side Kick
                            *All but Paul, Yoshi, King, Gon, Jack, and Eddy*
  4                       Sliding Leg Sweep  *All but Yoshi, King, Gon*
  N                       Shoulder, Stomp or Tackle depending on run distance

Knockdown Recovery Moves (When On Ground FU/FT)
(1_2_3_4)               Tech Roll  *Hit as SOON as you hit the ground*
d+1                     Roll In
1                       Roll Out
  u                       Stand Up
  3                       Rising Low Kick
  4                       Rising Mid Kick
  f                       Roll Forwards
    3                       Rising Low Kick
    4                       Rising Mid Kick
    ~f+1+2                  Flying Cross Chop
                              *All but Ogres, Hwoarang, Ling, and Lei*
  b                       Roll Backwards
    3                       Rising Low Kick
    4                       Rising Mid Kick
    ~f+1+2                  Flying Cross Chop
    ~b+3+4                  Rising Kickup
                              *All but Ogres, Hwoarang, Ling, and Lei*
3                       Rising Low Kick
4                       Rising Mid Kick
d+4                     Ankle Lighting Kick
b                       Roll Backwards
  ~f+1+2                  Flying Cross Chop
  ~b+3+4                  Rising Kickup
f                       Roll Forwards
  ~f+1+2                  Flying Cross Chop

      After a Rising Kickup, Yoshi and Paul automatically go into a
      Flying Cross Chop. King and Eddy recover in BK position after a
      Rising Kickup.

      Recovery moves are chained together as such:
      1,b,3 - Roll sideways, roll backwards, rising low sweep.


The Characters


     Anna in the ARCADE Tekken3 (selectable by hitting Start on Nina) has
the same moves as Nina.

(Front) 1+3                       Arm Turn {1}
        2+4                       Lifting Toss {2}
        u/f+1+2                   Overhead Neck Throw {1+2}
        d/f,d/f+1                 Embracing Elbow Strike {1+2}
        QCF+1+2                   Palm Grab {1}
          3,4,3,1+2                 Reaping Arm Bar {1+2}
          1,3,2,1                   Standing Reverse Arm Lock {1}
            2,1,3,4,1+2               Falling Reverse Arm Lock {2}
            3,1,4,1+2,1+2             Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze {1+2}
            2,3,1+2,3+4,1+2           Gatelatch Throw {1}
          1+3,4,1+2                 Arm Sprain, Standing Cross Lock {2}
            4,3,4,3+4,1+2             Inverted Crucifix {1+2}
            1+2,4,3,1+2,1+2,1+2       Arm Break, Rear Cross Lock {1}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)               Embracing Throat Strike {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)               Snake Necksnap {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)               Jumping Overhead Three Limb Break

b+1,1,1                  Cross Cut Saw
1,4                      Highpunch, Lowkick
1_(WS+1)_(d/f+1),2,1,d+4 Three Punches, Lowkick
1_(d/f+1),2,1>4,2        Three Punches, Highkick, Backhand
  u_d                      Sidestep Cancel
  3_4_(u/f+3)              Midkick_Lowkick_(Bonecutter)
(d+1~N+4)_(FC_d+2,4)     Midpunch, Frontkick
f+1+2                    Offensive Push
WS_(f,f)+1+2             Double Palm
FC,f+1                   Cat Thrust  *Crumples*
SS+1+2                   Spinning Uppercut Slaps  *Juggles*
2>f+1+2                  Punch, Doublepalm
2,1,4                    2 Punches, Lowkick
b+2,2                    Bitchslaps  {Females can Reverse with 2}
d/f+2                    Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS_QCF+2                 Palm Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
SS+2                     Leg Blade  *Floats on CH*
f,F>2                    Backhand Layout
FC,d/f+2                 Cold Blade  *Floats*
FC,f+2                   Right Hand Stab  *Auto Mid Cancels*
2,3_(d+3)_4              Highpunch, Highkick_Lowkick_Roundhouse
3,4                      2 Highkicks
d+3+4                    Groundstomp
d+3,4_2                  Lowkick, Highkick_Uppercut  *Juggles *
d/f+3,1,4,2              Sidekick, Punch, Kick, Backhand
  u_d                      Sidestep Cancel
  3_4_(u/f+3)              Midkick_Lowkick_Bone Cutter
d/f+3,2,1,4              Sidekick, Punches, Lowkick
d/f+3,2,3_(d+3)_4        Sidekick, Punch, Highkick_Lowkick_Roundhouse
d/f+3,[3,3],4_(1,2)      Sidekick[s], Highkick, 2 Punches
(u/f+3)_(f,f,F+3)        Bonecutter  *Achilles Tendon Lock on Hit*
4,3                      Highkick, Lowkick
b+4                      Catstance  *Auto Low Cancels into Cat Kick*
  4                        Cat Kick
FC,(u_u/f_u/b)+4         Low Flipkick  *Juggles*
U/B_U_U/F+4              Low Flipkick  *Juggles*
FC,(U/U/F_U/B)+4         High Flipkick
CH f+4                   Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
u/f+4                    Jumpkick  *Juggles on CH*
  3,4_(d_u+4)              Lowkick, Highkick_(Sidestep Cancel)
f,f+4                    Kneeling Flipkick
(FC+4)_(d+4) >N+1        Lowkick_S-Midkick, Spinchop
  >u_d                     Sidestep Cancel
  ~2                       Offensive Push
(FC+4)_(d+4) >N+1~2      Lowkick_S-Midkick, Offensive Push
(u~u/b)_(u/b+3+4)        Backflip

b+(1+3)_(2+4)            Reversal

1+2+3                    Mystic Booty Taunt  *Can Stun Attackers*

d+1+2                    Bloody Scissors  *Unblockable*
d/b+1+2                  Hunting Swan  *Unblockable - u,u to Cancel*

1_(WS+1)_(d/f+1)212:3:3:2::1:2:4        Tenstring

d/f+2, d+4,1, d/f+3,1,2
U/F+4, d/f+3,1,4,2,3
CH FC,f+2, d+3+4
d/f+2, d/f+1, u/f+4, 1,2,1,4
FC,f+1, d+4,1, d/f+3,1,4

1- Chest Shake, Laugh, Arm Pose
2- Booty Shake, Laugh
3- Blow Kiss, Turning Pray
4- Booty Shake, "Oh, Oh, Baby.."


(Front) 1+3             DDT {1}
        2+4             Falling Brain Blaster {2}
        FC,d/f,d/f+1+2  Death Messenger {1+2}
(Left)  1+3_2+4         Free Fall {1}
(Right) 1+3_2+4         Knee Blast {2}
(Back)  1+3_2+4         Hummer Throw

1+2                     Double Snake Fang
1,2,1,2_4               3-Punch, Hook_Low Kick
1,2,3                   2-Punch, Lowkick
1,4,3,3                 Southern Cross
1,4>2                   Atomic Combo
  4                       Sidekick
  >1~(u_d)                Sidestep Feint
  >1>2_4                  Backhand, Mach Punch_Spinkick
f+1+2                   Spinning Elbow
D/F#+1[~1~1~1],2        Piston Punch[es], Straightpunch
d/f+2                   Straightpunch
SS+1                    Devil's Claw
SS+2                    Side Hummer  *Opponent Shows Side When Hit*
SS+1~2                  Phantom's Claw  *Stuns on CH*
f,f+2                   Mach Punch
f,f+3                   Slash Kick
b+2                     Backhand  *Stuns on CH*
  >1~d_u                  Sidestep Feint
  >1>2_4                  Backhand  *Stuns on CH*, Mach Punch_Spinkick
  4                       Spinkick
QCB,2                   Backdash Smash  *Juggles*
3,3                     Midkick, Highkick
3,2,1,4_2               Gatling Combo_Gatling Punches
b+3,4                   Stopping Kick, Knee
b+3,2,1,2_4             Stopping Kick, 2 Punches, Hook_Lowkick
d/f+3                   Snake Edge  *Floats*
d/f+4                   Spinkick
d+3+4                   Low Shin Kick
QCF_WS+1                Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
QCF_WS+1+2              Small Uppercut
QCF_WS+2~(b_f)+2        Gutpunch, Slam Throw  *If WS+2 hits / Floats*
QCF_WS+3,4              Left Knee  *Stuns On CH*, Crushing Knee
QCF_WS+3+4              Quick Spinkick
f+4,3,4                 Triple Kicks
b+4                     Right Knee
u_u/f+4                 Overhead Boot  *Floats*
b,b+4                   Flipping Ankle

1+3+4                   Knee Taunt

d_FC+(1+3)_(2+4)        Low Cancel

b+1+4                   Super Backfist  *Unblockable*
f+1+4                   Fast Super Backfist  *Unblockable*

b+34:1:2:1:4:2:1:4:2        Tenstring
b+34:1:2:1:4:3:3            Eightstring
b+34:1:2:1:4:2:4            Eightstring

CH b+2,1, b+3,2,1, f,f+2
u/f+4, 1, f+4,3,4
WS+1, 1,2, b+3,4
d/f+3, WS+3, 1, f,f+2
WS+2,b+2, b+2,1,4

1- 2 Kicks, Knee
2- 2 Punches, Spinkick
3- 4 Punches
4- Bring It On Taunt


    After certain moves or movements, Dr. B. will automatically begin to fall
back.  There is the Electric Fall Back (lightning) and the regular Fall Back.
To recover before falling, either tap forward or tap down during the initial
animation of the stagger.
    During Fall Back, hit 2 to speed up the falling animation. Press 1 during
the accelerated fall down to go straight into the Panic Doctor. Tap 3+4
during the Fall Back to perform the Flip Flop.
    At any time during the Fall Back or Electric Fall Back, hold up for the
Doctor Bounce.
    Doctor B. cannot jump or run.

(Front) 1+4,1+2                  Irish Whip {1+2}
          2,2,1+2                  Elbow Drop
            1+4                      Kingstep
              2,1,3,4                  Running Bulldog
            1+2                      Cartwheel
              3+4                      Taunting Doctor
                1+2                      Shoulder Ram  *Unblockable*
            3+4                      Flying Cross Chop
        1+2 (Parry),3+4          Rolling Powerbomb
(Left)  1+4,1+2                  Arm Takedown {1}
(Right) 1+4,1+2                  Trip Up {2}
(Back)  1+4,1+2                  Atomic Drop
        (f,f)_(b,b),b+1+2        Stonehead {1+2}

Standing Position
1,2                     1,2 Punches
u/f+1                   Thunder Oldfist
f,f+1+2                 Steel Dive
BK (1+2)_(b+1+2)        Mind Blast_Mind Blast Away
d/f+1,2                 Twin Pistons  *Juggles*
f,f                     Croushdash
2~1                     Panic Doctor
SS+2,1                  Gutpunch  *Stuns on CH*, Hell Godfist
u/f+2                   Wind Oldfist  *Juggles*
f,f+2                   Jack Tamer  *Reverses Gun Jack on CH / Stuns*
  (CH Jack) N             Dark Greeting Reversal
  (CH Jack) U             Dive Bomb Counter
f,f,N+2                 Elbow Rush
f,f,N+2 (CH)            Elbow Warp
  f,f                     Laughing Doctor
    (1+2)_3                 Mind Warp_Hopping Back Kick
3,4                     Double Lowkicks
f,f+3                   Slash Kick
f,f,N+3                 Panicsmoka
D/B+3,4,3,4,3,4         Dr. Cossack Kicks  *Juggles on CH*
3+4                     Panic Charge
  ~B                      Shadow Legs Front
    3_4                     Overhead Crescent_Prison Break
f+3+4                   Trip Slide
(b+3+4)_(BK 3+4)        Reverse Panic Charge
  ~B_~F                   Shadow Legs Back
    3_4                     Summer Kick_Winter Kick
f,f+3+4                 Head Dive
d+3+4,[3_4]...          Sitting Doctor, [Skidding Doctor]
f+3+4                   Dragon Slide
f,f+4                   Dr. Frankensteiner  *Throw on Close Standing Hit*
d+4                     Slicer
b+1+4                   Guard Break
1+2                     High/Mid Punch Cancel
  b+(1+3)_(2+4)           Reversal
d_FC+1+2                Low Cancel
b+3+4,U                 Super Doctor  *Unblockable*
b+1+2                   Bio Reactor  *Unblockable - Break with 3+4*
3+4, u/f+1:3:3:F+3:3:3:3:3:3:3:4:4:4:3:3:3:3:3:2:1 Twentystring *Blockdamage*
f+1>4>3>3>3>2>1                                    Sevenstring
3+4, u/f+1:3:3:3:3                                 Fivestring  *Blockdamage*
f+1>4>3>2>1                                        Fivestring

Face Up / Feet Towards-(FU/FT)
f_b                     Doctor Scoot
(f,f)_(b,b)             Doctor Roll
  (3+4)_(f+1+2)           (Flip Flop)_(Flying Cross Chop)
  4                       Flipping Kick  *Forward Doctor Roll Only*
1_2                     Doctor Breath  *Unblockable*
3+4                     Kick Up
3,3                     Rolling Kicks
[4],4,3,4,3,4           [Trick] Roger Kicks
  ~b                      Backward Roll  *After any 4 (Right Kick)*
1+2+3+4                 Grounded Kiai Tame Powerup

Face Up / Feet Away-(FU/FA)
f_b                     Doctor Scoot
(f,f)_(b,b)             Doctor Roll
  (1+2)_(3+4)             (Mind Blast)_(Flip Flop)
3+4                     Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*

Face Down / Feet Towards-(FD/FT)
f                       Doctor Roll
  (1+2)_(3+4)             (Mind Blast)_(Flip Flop)
f,f~3+4                 Rolling Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
b                       Energy Drain  *Hurts Dr. B*
4                       Cartwheel Kick

Face Down / Feet Away-(FD/FA)
f_b                     Doctor Roll
  (3+4)_(f+1+2)         (Flip Flop)_(Flying Cross Chop)
  4                     Flipping Kick  *Forward Doctor Roll Only*
3+4                     Dragon Slide

u/f+2, f,f+1,4,3,2,1
CH f,f+2, u/f+2, 1,2, F+3+4
FU/FA 3+4, 3+4
u/f+2, u/f+2, u/f+2
CH SS+2, u/f+2, u/f+1

All - Wriggle on the Ground, Look Up, Laugh


(Front) 1+3             180 Scoot Leg Toss {1}
        2+4             Handstand Leg Toss {2}
        HCT+1+2         Spiraling Hip Toss {1+2}
(Left)  1+3_2+4         Side Flip Flop {1}
(Right) 1+3_2+4         Spinning Neck Kick {2}
(Back)  1+3_2+4         Over The Top Legtoss

Standing Position
1+2                     Rewinder Sidestep  *Same as u,N or d,N*
1,2                     Asfixante
f+2,1,4                 Triple Flurry
f+1+2                   (HND)
3~4                     Thomas Flare, (SIT)  *Floats*
  B                       (HND)
  4,4 [,B]                Low Flairsweeps, [HND]
  4,1+2,1+2               Low Flairsweep, Cabecada
3+4 [,B]                Macaco [,HND]
4,3,3                   Sattelite Moon, Hotplate, (SIT)
WS+2                    Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+4                    Queixda
d/f+3+4                 Kickup  *Juggles*
u/f+3+4 [,D]            Jumping Jack [,SIT]
f,f+3+4                 Boomerang Kick  *Bounces*
FC+3+4                  Flapjack
  B_D                     (HDN)_(SIT)
b+3                     Quick Knee
f+3                     Arrow Kick, (HSP)
f,f+3                   Lungekick
  B_D                     (HND)_(SIT)
d/f+3                   Toetap, (HND)
  D                       (SIT)
d/b+3,3                 Rasteria, Midkick
d/b+3,N+3               Rasteria, Mid Slipkick, (SIT)
  B                       (HND)
f+4 [,B]                Monkey Trick  *Chains into Troca e piao* [,HND]
d/b+3,4                 Low Ankle Sweep, Highkick  *Chains into b+4 Moves*
b+4                     Armada  *Stuns on CH*
  3,3                     Rasteria, Chibata
b+4,3,4,4 [,B]          Armada, Rasteria, Low Kicks, [HND]
b+4,3,4,1+2,1+2         Armada, Double Lowkicks, Cabecada
b+4,4,3+4               Armada, Double Backflips
d/b+4,4,4,4...          Meia Lua de Compasso  *b+4 After Any Kick for (HND)*
u+4                     Roundhouse Kick
u/f,N+4                 Hopkick  *Juggles*
f,f+4,3_~4              Backflip Foot Kickout_Dropkick, (SIT)
SS+1+2,3                Handslaps, ToeTap, (HND)
SS+1+2~3                Handslaps, Kickup  *Juggles*
SS+2                    Cruncher  *Bounces on CH*
SS+3                    Slide Midkick
SS+4                    Lowsweep, Low Turdkick  *2nd Kick Hits BK Opponents*
SS+4,3                  Lowsweep, Tripping Sweep
SS+4,3+4                Lowsweep, Flapjack
  B_D                     (HND)_(SIT)
SS+3+4                  Aerial Kick  *Comboable*
  3+4,3+4,u/f+3+4         Aerial Kicks
    D                       (SIT)
SS+u+3,3_(~3)           Armada de Costes, Lowsweep_(Kickup)  *Juggles*
SS+u+3,3+4              Armada de Costes, Low Kickout, (SIT)
SS+3~4 [,B]             Voo doo de Marcego, [HND]
u~u/b                   Backflip
d/b+3+4                 Spinning Cyclone  *Unblockable - b,b to Cancel*
4~3::4:2:44:3+4:(3+4)(3+4):d/b+3+4:u/f+3+4    Tenstring
4~3::4:2:43:4:(1+2)(1+2)                      Eightstring
4~3::4:2:43:4:4                               Sevenstring
4~3::4:2:43:3                                 Sixstring

Handstand Position - (HND) - f+1+2
f_b                     (Handstand Walk Forward)_(Standard Position)
u_d                     Handstand Tilt
(d_u)~N+(3_4)           Low Sweeper
d+3+4                   Low Rider, Boot Up  *Juggles*, (HND)
1,3,4                   Punch, Double Lowkick
1,4,4                   Punch, Lowkick, Midkick
3_(b+3)_(B+3)           Scoot Lowkick_(Slide Midkick)_(Midkick Feint)
4                       Helicopter, (HND)
  3+4                     Thomas Flare, (SIT)
3~4                     Thomas Flare, (SIT)
  B                       (HND)
  4,4 [,B]                Low Flairsweeps, [HND]
  4,1+2,1+2               Low Flairsweep, Cabecada
(d_u)+(3_4)             Drop In Kick, (HND)
  D                       (SIT)

Sitdown Position - (SIT)
1+2,1+2                 Cabecada
3,4                     Lowsweep, Midkick
3~4                     Kickup  *Juggles*
3+4 [,D]                Back Handspring, [HND]
3+4,3                   Back Handspring, Arrow Kick, (HND)
4,3+4 [,B]              Stinger, Back Handspring, [HND]
4~3                     Low Flair Kickup, (HND)
  3+4                     Thomas Flare, (SIT)
    4,4 [,B]                Low Flair Sweeps, [HND]
    4,1+2,1+2               Low Flair Sweep, Cabecada

WS+2, 1, 1, d/f+3+4
d/f+3+4, 1,2, 1,2
Handstand d+3+4, 4, u+3
WS+2, b+4,4,3+4, d+3
CH b+4, d/f+3+4, 1, 1, d/f+3+4

1- Ginga, Spin, Laugh
2- Head Spin, Backspin, Ginga
3- 2 Foot Ariel Assault, "Come on.."
4- Cartwheel, Flip, Ginga


(Front) 1+3             Twin Dragonstrike {1}
        2+4             Leg Grab Takedown {2}
        f+2+3           Dragon Dive {1}
        d/f+1+2         Chastisement Punch {1+2}
          1,2,1+2         Bulldog
        f,f+3+4         Dragon Knee {1+2}
(Left)  1+3_2+4         Headlock, Head Kick {1}
(Right) 1+3_2+4         Dragon Crotch Punch {2}
(Back)  1+3_2+4         Throat Punch

1[~1][~1][~1]           Punch Combo
  1_(2,2)_(2,F+2>2)       5_6_7 Punch Combo
1,2                     1-2 Punches
CH QCF+1                Power Counterjab
BK 1_2                  Backhand  *Turns Opponent Around*
2,2                     Double Knuckle
F+2>2>2                 Dragon Knuckle Combo
f+2~1                   1-Inch Powerpunch
3,3                     2 High Kicks
  f+3                     Feint Midkick
  4                       Roundhouse
  3                       High Kick
    4                       Flipkick  *Juggles*
d+3,3                   Lowkick, Highkick
  4                       Flipkick  *Juggles*
  3                       Sidekick
    4                       Flipkick  *Juggles*
    3                       Sidekick
      4                       Flipkick  *Juggles*
4,3,4                   High Kick, Spin Kick, High Kick
CH 4                    Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
[WS]+3,4                High Kick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
u/f_u_u/b+3,4           Hopkick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
FC,d/f,d,d/f+3          Dragon Slide
FC,u/b_u_u/f+4,3        Flipkick, Double Flipkick  *Juggles*
U/B_U_U/F+4,3           Flipkick, Double Flipkick  *Juggles*
[f_b+]3+4,3             Flipkick, Double Flipkick  *Juggles*
FC,U/B_U_U/F+4          High Flipkick
FC,U/B_U_U/F+3+4        Super Flipkick
FC,u,N,4                Backflip, Skyscraper Kick
WS+4,3                  Midkick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
u/f+4                   Jumping Boot  *Juggles*
d/b+4                   Dragon's Tail
d/f+4,3                 Thrust Kick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
d/b+2                   Elbow, BK
  4[~D]                   Frogman, [Lie Down FU/FT]
d/f+2                   Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
SS+3+4                  Bicycle Kick
b+1+2                   Taunting Stance
  1                       Killer Backhand
b+2,3,4                 Junkyard Combo  *Juggles*
d+3+4[~D]               Frogman, [Lie Down FU/FT]
d+2,3                   Low Punch, Flipkick  *Juggles*
d_FC+4,3                Low Kick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
4,u+3                   Roundhouse, Flipkick
b+1>2>1                 Triple Fist Strike  *Juggles*
1+2+3+4, 1~3            Kiai Tame Powerup, High/Low Combo  *Precision Timing*

b+1+2                   High/Medium Punch Reversal
  ~1                      Tricky Trap  *Turns Opponent Around*
  ~2                      Tricky Fist  *Stuns Opponent*
  ~(3_4)                  Tricky (Midkick_Lowkick)
b+(1+3)_(2+4)           High/Medium Cancel
d_FC+(1+3)_(2+4)        Low Cancel

d/b+1+2                 Dragon Fang  *Unblockable- u,u to Cancel / Crumples*

d/f+1:22:13:3:3:4:3:4            Tenstring
d/f+1:22:13:3:D+3:D+3:(3_4):4:4  Tenstring
d/f+1:3:2:2:3:3:3:4:3:4          Tenstring
d/f+1:3:2:2:3:D+3:D+3:(3_4):4:4  Tenstring

CH d+2,3, 4, b+2,3,4
u/f+4, d/f+1, U/F+4,3
CH b+1,2,1, f+2~1
3,4, WS+4, b+2,3,4
CH b+1,2,1, 4,u+3, d/b+4

1- Square Off Body, Chi Concentration
2- Chi Concentration, Fighting Stance
3- 2 Spinning Roundhouses, 2 Jabs
4- 2 Jabs, Leg Balance Lift


    Gon is invunerable to Ogre-2's unblockable fire attacks.
    High Attacks go right over Gon's head and miss.
    Gon can only be thrown by another Gon.

(Front) (1+3)_(2+4)     Bite Toss
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)     Multi-Slam
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)     Giant Swing
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)     Tackle Backstomp
(Any)   b+1+2           Foot Tossover

1,1,1,1...              Advancing Punches
b+1                     Roger Punch
u_u/b_u/f+1             Dino Gonfist  *Juggles*
WS+1_2                  Uppercut  *Juggles*
F#+1+2,1+2,1+2          Rushing Headbutts
f,f+1+2,1+2             Rolling Sawblade, Sky Headbutt
d_d/b+1+2               FU/FA
  1                       Sideroll, Get Up
  u                       Get Up
  f_b                     Roll Forward_Backward
  3_4                     Tailsmack
  d+1                     FD/FA
    3_4                     Ankle Kickout
      f,3_4                   Roll Forward, Bootkick
      b,3_4                   Roll Backward, Rollback Roo Kick
u/f_u_u/b+1+2           Backdrop
U/F,1+2                 Bellyflop, FD/FA
d/f+1+2                 Offensive Push
f,N,d,d/f+1+2           Shoulder Uppercut  *Juggles*
f+2+3                   Helicopter
F+3,3                   Double Lowtail Swipes
f+3+4                   Dropkick
3+4                     Mid Headbutt  *Crumples*
b+3+4[,b,b,b,b..]       Sidestep Shuffle[s]
d/f+3+4                 Frankensteiner, FU/FT
  3_4                     Medium Kickup
  d+1                     FD/FT
    3_4                     Stomachslide Kickback
    f_b                     Roll Forward, Backward
d/b+3+4                 Sit Down
  f,3_4                   Roll Forward, Bootkick
  b,3_4                   Roll Backward, Rollback Roo Kick
(Run_f),F+3+4           Somersault Headbutt
RN+4,4,4                Ali Kicks
u+3+4                   Helicopter Tailspin
u/f+3_4                 Jumping Hopkick  *Juggles*
U/F_U/B,3+4             Helicopter Tailspin
u/f_u/b+3+4             Flipstomp, Buttflop
U/F,3+4                 Helicopter Tailspin
U/F,3_4                 Buttflop
U/F#,3_4                Jumping Shin Kickout
u+4                     Buttflop
FC,d/b+3+4              Rollback Roo Kick  *Juggles*
FC,d/f+3+4              Low Shin Charge
4,4,4,4,4,4,3+4         Tailspins, Firelift  *Juggles*
d+4                     Tailsmack

1                       Juggle Escape  *While Being Juggled*

1+2                     Firebreath  *Unblockable*
1+2~1_2                 Electric Guard  *Unblockable*
  2                       2nd Shock, FD/FA  *Unblockable*
b+4                     Dino Fart  *Unblockable*
f,F# (3 chars away)     Small Headbutt  *Unblockable*
1+4                     Super Somersault Headbutt  *Unblockable*
  N                       Grounded Health Regain  *Only if Headbutt Hits*
FC,d/b+3+4, BK 4
u/f+1, u+1
u/f+4, u/f+4, f+1+2
3+4, F#+1+2,1+2,1+2
u+1, 1+2~1

All- Wave Gloves, Fall Backwards, Wiggle


(Front)  1+3             Body Slam {1}
         2+4             Gorilla Press {2}
         u/f+1+2         Punishment Drop {1}
           d,d/f+2         Gigaton Punishment {B}
         QCB+2           Backbreaker {2}
         QCF+1           Pyramid Driver {1}
         d/b,f+1+2       Piledriver {1+2}
         d/b+2+3         Face In The Dirt {2}
         f,f+2+3         Jaw Breaker {2}
         d/f+2+4         Catapult {2}
         d/f,d/f+2+4     Modified Catapult  *Juggles* {2}
(Left)   1+3_2+4         Hanging Next Throw {1}
(Right)  1+3_2+4         Flipping Choke Slam {2}
(Back)   1+3             Spinal Crush
         2+4             Death Shot

1,1,1                   Hammer Combo
2,1,2                   Punch, Elbow, Uppercut  *Juggles*
1+2,1+2                 Hammer Knuckle, Double Uppercut
WS+1                    Violent Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+1+2                  Double Uppercut  *Juggles*
  1+2                     Hammer Knuckle
f+1+2                   Cross Cut Saw  *Comboable*
  (1+2)_(d/f+2)           (Low Scissors_Megaton Punch)
FC+1+2                  Low Palm Lift
FC,d/f+1+2              Low Scissors
FC,d/f+2,(d_d/f_f)+1    Short Hammer Rush, (L_M_H ending)
FC,D/F#+2,1,2           Hammer Rush  *Juggles on CH*
FC,d/f+1,2,1,1          Wild Swing, Backfist
FC,D/F#,1,2,(d_d/f_f)+1 Hammer Rush #2  *Juggles on CH*
FC,d/b+1,1,1,2          Machine Gun Punches, Megaton Punch
d/b+1,1,1,[1,1],2       Low Piston Punches, Megaton Punch
FC+1,1,1,2,(d_d/f_f)+1  Low Hammer Rush, (L_M_H ending)
FC+1~2                  Low Punch, Megaton Punch
D/F#+2,1,2,1            Uppercut Rush  *Juggles*
D/F#+1,2,1,2            Uppercut Rush #2  *Juggles on CH*
d+1+2                   Bravo Knuckle  *Juggles*
b,d/b,d,d/f+1_2         Megaton Sweep_Megaton Punch
d/f+2+3                 Low Ankle Swipe
d+4                     Ganryu Stomp
CH 4                    Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
D/B#+3,4,3,4,3,4        Low Cossack Kicks
u/f+3+4                 Hip Press  *If Misses, Turns into Sit Down*
d/f+1+3                 Heel Press
  1+2                     Face Bash  *Unblockable*
HCF~d/f+1               Megaton Uppercut  *Juggles*
f+3+4                   Digital Hans Head Slide
d+3+4                   Sit Down
  ~3+4                    Hop Forward, Hip Press
  B_F                     Roll Back_Forward
  (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1)     Sitting Punches

f+4~1                   Dark Greeting   *Unblockable*
3+4,[3+4],[3+4]         Dive Bomber, [2nd & 3rd Thrusts]  *Unblockable*
b,d/b,d,d/f,f,u/f,u,u/b [x5],1     Gigaton Punch  *Unblockable After x3*

D+2:1:1:1::2:1::21::1+2:1+2        Tenstring
D+2:1:1:1::2:1::21::d+1+2:1+2      Tenstring
u/f+11:4::3::4::1::2::1:1+2:1+2    Tenstring
u/f+11:4::3::4::1::2::1:d+1+2:1+2  Tenstring

d+1+2, 2, 2, f+1+2
WS+1, 2, 1+2
CH D/F#+1,2,1,2, FC+1,2
d/f,d/f+2+4, b,d/b,d,D/F+2
HCF~d/f+1, U/F#+4, f+1+2

1- Double Arm Poses
2- Spread Arms, Fly Off
3- Chest Pound, Fallover
4- Punch, Arms Raise


      Heihachi's High/Med Kick Reversal is done automatically whenever
Heihachi gets hit on a Major Counter with a medium or high Right Kick (4).

(Front) 1+3             Neck Breaker {1}
        2+4             Powerbomb {2}
        f,f+1+2         Stonehead {1+2}
        f,f+1+4         Headbutt {1+2} {Jin, Paul, Lei, Kuma, Heihachi - 1+2}
(Left)  1+3_2+4         Tile Splitter Guillotine {1}
(Right) 1+3_2+4         One Hand Slam {2}
(Back)  1+3_2+4         Atomic Drop

1,1>2                   Shining Fists
1,2,2~1                 2 Punches, Chi Palm
[1,]2,2                 [Jab,] Punch, Backfist
f+1>b+2,1_4             Punch, Gutpunch, Thunder Godfist_Slice Kick
1+2                     Chi Palm
d/f+1,2                 Twin Pistons  *Juggles*
QCF+2                   Deathfist
f+2                     High Backfist
b+2                     Mid Backfist
d+1,2                   Tile Splitter, Deathfist
f,f+2                   Demon Godfist  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+1             Thunder Godfist
f,N,d,d/f+2             Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+3,N           Slice Kick
f,N,d,D/F#+3            Low Slice Kick
f,N,d,D/F#+4,[4],[4]    Hell Sweep[s]
  N+1                     Thunder Godfist  *Juggles After 3rd Hell Sweep*
  N+2                     Demon Godfist
  N+4,4                   Axe Kicks
f,f+3                   Left Axe Kick  *Stuns On CH*
u/f+3,4                 Screw Blade Hunting Hawk
f+4                     Right Axe Kick
u/f+4,4                 High-Low Jumping Spin Kicks
u+4                     Vertical Boot  *Juggles*
WS_QCF+4>4              Axe Kicks
4~3                     Flipstomp
d+4                     Demon Stomp  *Opponent Must be Juggled/Fallen*
b,b,N+3+4               Shadow Foot Sidestep

d+1+4                   Demon Tile Splitter  *Unblockable*

2+3+4                   Lighting Taunt

d/f+3:22::4:4::1::2::1::2::1       Tenstring
d/f+3:22::4:4::1::4::1::2::(1_4)   Tenstring
f,F:::::2122:3:4:4::1::2:1         Tenstring

f,N,d,d/f+2, 1, f,N,d,D/F#+4,4,N+1
d/f+1,2, 1, f+1,b+2,1
u+4, 1,2, d/f+1,2
f,N,d,D/F#+4,4,N+4, QCF+2
f,f+2, f,N,d,d/f+1

1- Step Forward, Right Foot, Left Foot
2- Beginning Stance, Electricity
3- Demon Tile Splitter
4- Kneel Down, Crosses Arms


(Front) 1+3             Windmill Neck Kick {1}
        2+4             Overhead Leap Kick {2}
        f,f+2           Rolldown Jawbreaker {2}
        QCB+3           Trapped Heel Explosion {1}
        d,d/b+1+3       Hip Toss {1+2}
(Left)  1+3_2+4         5-Kick Massacre {1}
(Right) 1+3_2+4         Neck Snapper {2}
(Back)  1+3_2+4         Jumping Leg Press

Both Right Foot Forward-(RFF) and Left Foot Forward-(LFF)
1+2                     Switch BK / Face Forwards
3+4                     Switch (RFF) / (LFF)
f,N,d,d/f               Crouch Dash
  2                       Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
  3                       (LFL)
  4                       Wing Blade  *Juggles*
d+3                     Shin Kick
d+4,4                   Low Kick, Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
d/f+1+2                 Body Blow
d/f+4                   Snapkick
d/f+3,4                 Double Sidekicks
d/b+4                   Legtrip Kick  *Turns Opponent's Side on CH*
d/b+4~4                 Axekick
u+3                     Hopping Sidekick, (LFL)
u/f+3,4,3               Hunting Hawk
WS+2                    Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+3                    Rising Crescent
WS+4,[~4]               Toe Kick, [Axe Kick, (RFF)]
d/b+3+4 [B to cancel]   Heel Explosion  *Unblockable, cancel into (LFL)*
d_FC+(1+3)_(2+4)        Low Cancel

Left Foot Forward-(LFF) Only
1,2                     1,2 Punches
3,3,3,3                 Machine Gun Kicks  *Juggles*
3,3,(3_d+3),4           Butterfly Combo, (RFL)
3,3,(3_d+3),4,4         Butterfly Combo #2, (RFF)
3,3,4,4                 Left Kicks, Spin Kicks, (RFF)
3,3,4                   Left Kicks, Spin Kick, (RFL)
4,f+4                   2 Highkicks, (RFF)
4,4,4 [~B]              3 Highkicks, (RFL)_[LFF]
4,4,4,4_3               3 Highkicks, Mid Kick_Low Kick
1,1,3,3                 Two Punches, Lowkick, Highkick
f,f+4                   Running Sidekick  *Turns Opponent BK When Hit*
[1],2,4_3               [Jab], Right Punch, Jumping Roundhouse_Sidekick
3~4                     Flying Eagle
4,3                     High Kick, Roundhouse
f+2 [~F]                Right Spinfist, (RFF), [LFF]
f+3 [~N]                (LFL), [Cancel]
f+3~3                   Thrust Sidekick
f,f+3                   Overhead Crescent, (RFF)
f,f,f+3                 Sky Blade
f+4                     Face Kick, (RFL)
f+4,4                   Face Kick, Sidekick, (RFF)
f,f+4                   Torpedo Kick, (RFF)
b+2                     Backfist
b+4                     High Facekick  *Turns Opponent's Side on CH*, (RFF)

Right Foot Forward-(RFF) Only
d_u_D_U_F_B             Movements Bring You Back to (LFF)
[2],1,1                 [Right Punch], Left Jabs
3,3                     Lowsweep, Roundhouse
3~4                     Power Roundhouse
4,4_3                   Double Hook Kicks_Chainsaw Kick
f+3 [~B]                Hook Kick, (LFL)_[BK]
F+3,3                   Hook Kick, Axe Kick, (LFF)
f+3,4                   Hook Kick, Low Spinkick
f+4 [~N]                (RFL), [Cancel]
f+4~4                   Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
f,f+3_(4,3)             Leaping Left Roundhouse_(Screw Kicks)
b+3                     High Kick, (LFF)
b+4                     Right Sidestep Roundhouse

Left Flamingo-(LFL) Only
u_d                     Flamingo Sidestep
2,2                     Spinfist, Right Jab
3,3,3                   Machine Gun Kicks  *Juggles Opponent*
3,3,4 [,F]              Changeup Combo, (RFL)_[LFF]
3,3,4,4                 Changeup Combo #2, (RFF)
4                       Spin Kick, (RFL)
f+3                     Axe Kick, (RFF)
b_d+3                   Left Sidestep Roundhouse_Shin Kick
d+4                     Spinning Leg Sweep
1+4 [b,b to cancel]     Power Blast  *Unblockable*
2:2:3::4:3:4:44::43     Tenstring

Right Flamingo-(RFL) Only
u_d                     Flamingo Sidestep
1                       Left Spinfist
2                       Jab, (RFF)
3                       Spin Kick, (LFL)
4                       Side Kick  *Stuns on CH*
b_d+4                   Left Sidestep Roundhouse_Shin Kick
d+3                     Spinning Leg Sweep
1:2:3::4:3:4:44::43     Tenstring

f,N,d,d/f+4, u/f+3,4,3
RFF f+4~4, b+3, f+4, 3
CH d+4,4, u+3,1, f,f+4
f,N,d,d/f+4, 3+4, 3~4
RFF f+4~4, f+3,1, f,N,d,d/f+4

1- Upward Kick, 2 Roundhouses
2- Fighting Stance, Lowkick, Spin
3- Back Turn, Arm Cross, Totem Pole
4- 3 Jabs, Arm Cross, Right Arm Extended


(Front)  1+3                     Bitch Kicks {1}
         2+4                     Arm Break Shoulder Toss {2}
         QCB+1+3                 Wrist Takedown {1}
         f,f+1+2                 Stonehead {1+2}
         d/f+2+3                 Striking Shiho-Nage {2}
(Left)   1+3_2+4                 Shoulder Flip {1}
(Right)  1+3_2+4                 Arm Break, Shoulder Toss {2}
(Back)   1+3_2+4                 Spinning Arm Breaker
(Tackle) [1,2,1]_[2,1,2], 1+2    [Mounted Punches], Armbar

1,1>2                   Shining Fists
1,2>2                   2 Punches, Backfist
2,2                     Punch, Backfist
d+3+4                   Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
(f,N,d,d/f)_d_FC+1+2    Ultimate Tackle
f,N,d,D/F+4,4           Hell Sweep  *Floats*, Roundhouse
SS+2                    Tooth Fairy  *Juggles*
b,f+2                   Gutpunch  *Stuns on CH*
  >1>2_d+2                Elbow, Demon Paw_Uppercut  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+1,[3_4]       Thunder Godfist, [Sidekick, Hellsweep]
f,N,d,d/f+2             Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
f~N~d~d/f+2             Electric Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
WS+1,2                  Twin Pistons  *Juggles*
WS+2                    Rising Uppercut  *Juggles*
1+4,2                   White Heron Combo
  4_d+4                   Midkick, Lowkick  *Floats*
f,f+2                   Demon Paw
f,f+3                   Axe Kick  *Floats*
u_u/f+4,4,4,4           Jumping Kick, 2 Hell Sweeps, Roundhouse
u_u/f_u/b+2+4           Corpse Splitter
d/f_WS+4,4              Axe Kicks
4~3                     Flipstomp
f+2                     Overhead Smash
d/f+1,2                 Low Shot, Overhead Smash
f+3                     Screw Kick
f+4                     Quick Knee
1,2,4                   1-2 Jab, Knee
1,2,3,4_(f+4)           1-2 Jab, Axe Kick, Axe Kick_(Front Kick)

b+1+2                   Electric Guard
b+(1+3)_(2+4)           Reversal

b+1+4                   Hell Godfist  *Unblockable*
B+1+4                   Super Hell Godfist  *Unblockable*
f,f,N+2122:3:4:4::1::2:1        Tenstring
f,f,N+2122:3:4:4::3::2:1        Tenstring
f,f+N+2144:2:4:3::2:1           Ninestring
324:3:1+4:2::2:1:2              Tenstring
324:3:1+4:2:1::3_4              Ninestring
b+24::4:4:4:2:1+4::2:1:3_4      Elevenstring
b+24::4:4:4:2:1+4::2:3+4        Elevenstring
b+24:2>1:2                      Fivestring
12(1+4):2:4_d+4                 Sixstring  *Precision timing after first 2*

WS+2, b+2,4,2,1,2
f,N,d,D/F+4, 1+4,2, f,f+2
SS+2, d+1, WS+1,2, 4~3
f,N,d,d/f+2, b,f+2,1,d+2, f,f+2
WS+2, f,N,d,d/f+1,3

1- 4 Punch Combo, Defensive Stance
2- 3 Punch Combo
3- Arm Fold, Look Away
4- Rising Uppercut, Thunder Godfist


(Front) 1+3               Death Valley Bomb {1}
        2+4               Fisherman Suplex {2}
        d,D/B+1+3         Front Suplex {1}
        FC,d/b,d,d/b,1+2  Cross Arm Suplex {1+2}
        D/F+1+2           Armlock Suplex {2}
        QCB,f+2           Mad Axes {1+2}
(Left)  1+3_2+4           Running Bulldog {1}
(Right) 1+3_2+4           Spinning Frankensteiner {2}
(Back)  1+3_2+4           Spinning Air Neckbreaker

(1~1,1)_(d/f+1,1)       Catapult Combo  *Juggles*
1~1,4,3                 Catapult, Low Sweep, Bow Leg
d/f+1,4,3               Overhead Chop, Low Sweep, Bow Leg
f+1                     Rushing Uppercut  *Juggles*
f+1~2                   Lunging Palm Attack
f,f+1,[4]               Dashing Left Elbow, [Midkick]
1~2~3_4                 Punch, Death Push, Lowkick_Highkick
CH 1~2~1                Punch, Death Push, Sky Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/f+2,3_4               Death Push, Lowkick_Highkick
d/f+2,1                 Death Push, Sky Uppercut  *Uppercut if D-Push hits*
1+2                     Double Strike  *Blockstun*
(WS+2)_(3~2)            Slice Uppercut
  2                       Elbow
  1,1                     Catapult Combo  *Juggles*
  1,4,3                   Club Fist, Low Sweep, Bow Leg
  4,(N+4)_(d+4)_1         Sweep, (Highkick_Fankick_Uppercut)
WS+4                    Skyscraper Kick
u/f+4                   Jumping Boot  *Juggles*
(d+2,3)_(2+3),1         Death Push, Punt Kick, Dash Uppercut  *Juggles*
(RN)_(d,d/f)+1>2        Dashing Punch, Elbow  *Stuns on CH*
(FC,d/f+2)_(f,f,F+2)    Stun Elbow  *Stuns on CH*
FC,d/f+4,3              Low Sweep, Bow Leg
2~b                     Punch, Spin Behind  *Spin Only if Punch Connects*
1+4,3                   Club Fist, Sweep, Bowleg
d+4,4_(d+4)_1           Spinsweep, Highkick_(Sweep)_Uppercut  *Juggles*
4,4,4_(d+4)_1           Kick, Spinsweep, Highkick_(Sweep)_Uppercut  *Juggles*
CH 4                    Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
3+4                     Sidestep Spin
3+4,4,4,4_(d+4)_1       Spin, Highkick, Sweepkick, Kighkick_Lowkick_Uppercut
u/f+3+4                 Earthquake Stomp

2+3+4                   Wave Taunt

f+1+4                   Heaven Cannon  *Unblockable / Juggles*

d_FC+(1+3)_(2+4)        Low Cancel

211:2:33:3:4:4:1        Tenstring
211:2:33:2:3:2:1        Tenstring
211:2:33:2:1:4:3        Tenstring

f+1, 1,2,4, f,f+1,4
d/f+2,1, f,f, f,f+1, f,f+1,4
f+1+4, U/F#,4, d,d/f+1,2, f,f+1,4
u/f+4, d+2, FC,d/f+4,3, d+1, FC,d/f+2
CH 1~2~1, f,f,f+1,2, f,f+1,4

1- Forward Flip, Sultry Hip Pose
2- Jumping One Leg Twist, Kneeling Pray
3- Backflip, Sultry Hip Pose
4- Jumping One Leg Uppercut, Sky Pray

| KING |

(Front) 1+3             Swinging DDT {1}
        2+4             Brainbuster Suplex {2}
        d/f+2+3         Coconut Crush {2}
        d/b,f+2         Tombstone Piledriver {2}
        f,HCF+1         Giant Swing {1}  *Quick Recover for only 1/2 damage*
        QCB+1+2         Wishbone Powerbomb {1+2}
        FC,d/b,d/b+1+2  DDT {1+2}
        d/b+1+2         Figure-4 Leglock {1+2 Escape, 3+4 Reversal}
        SS+2+4          Sidestepping Elbow Lock Multistarter-(F) {1+2}
        QCF+1           Jaguar Driver {3+4}
          1+2             Flying Press {3+4}
          1+2,3,4,1+2     Boston Crab  *At Apex of Driver*
        b+1+2           Irish Whip {2}
          3+4             Whip Down {3+4}
          2+4             Quickslam {2}
          1+3             Spin and Let Go {1}
          1+2             Turn and Let Go {1+2}
        d+(1+3)_(2+4)   Low Throw Powerbomb  {1+2}  *Opponent Must Duck*
        d/f,d/f+2+4     Elbow Lock Multistarter-(F) {2}  *Opponent Must Duck*
        f,N,D/F+2+3     Standing Achilles Hold {2}
          1+2,3,1,1+3     Scorpion Death Lock {2}
          1,2,3,1+2       STF {1 Escape, 1+2 Reversal}
          1+2,1,3,1+2     Indian Death Lock {1+2 Escape, 3+4 Reversal}
            1,3,4,1+2,3+4   Romero's Special
        f,N,D/F+1+4     Reverse Arm Hyperextension {1}
          1+2,1+2         Double Arm Snap {1}
          1+2,4,2+4       Russian Leg Sweep {2}
            4,3,4,3+4,1+2   Arm Crucifix
          2,1,1+2+3       Chicken Wing Face Lock {1+2}
            2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4       Reverse Guillotine Choke {1}
            1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3   Rolling Death Cradle {2}

Ground Throws
Face Up/Feet Towards
  d/b+1+3               Mini Swing {1}
  d/b+2+4               Crotch Headbutt {2}
  D/B+2+4               Figure-4 Leglock {1+2}
Face Down/Feet Towards
  d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       Camel Clutch {1}
Face Up/Feet Away
  d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       Crucifixion {1+2}
Face Down/Feet Away
  d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       Chicken Wing {1+2}
Face Up/Side
  d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       Bow Break (Right) {2}
  d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       Strangle (Left) {1}
Face Down/Side
  d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       Flip Over Left Side {1}
  d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       Flip Over Right Side {2}

Multithrow Link Table

   |     |
   |     `--J
      |  |
      |  `--J

A. f,d/f+(1+3)_(2+4)            Reverse Arm Clutch Multistarter {1_2}
B. 2,1,1+2                      Backdrop {1}
C. 3+4,1+2                      German Suplex {1}
D. 1,2,3+4                      Powerbomb {After Cannonball- 1}
E. 2,1,3,4                      Giant Swing {1, After Superfreak- 2}
F. d/f+1+2                      Double Elbow Lock Multistarter
G. 2,2,1+2                      Cannonball {After Backdrop- 2}
H. 3+4,1+2,1+2+4                Manhatten Drop {2}
I. 1,2,3+4,1+2                  Superfreak
J. 3,1,2,3+4,1+2+3+4            Wishbone Powerbomb {2, After Superfreak- 1}

(Left)   1+3_2+4                 Argentine Backbreaker {1}  *Comboable*
         SS+2+4                  Cannonball Multistarter-(G) {1}
(Right)  1+3_2+4                 Atomic Knee Buster {2}
         SS+2+4                  Cannonball Multistarter-(G) {2}
(Back)   1+3                     Half Boston Crab
         2+4                     Cobra Twist Abdominal Stretch
         b,f+1+2                 Octopus Slam
         SS+2+4                  Cannonball Multistarter-(G)
(Tackle) (1,2,1)_(2,1,2)         Mounted Punches
           1+2,1+2                 Armbar, Wristlock
           3+4                     Knee Cross Lock
             1+2                     Elbow Lock, Necksnap  *Precision Timing*
         1+2,1+2                 Armbar, Wristlock
         3+4                     Knee Cross Lock
           1+2                     Elbow Lock, Necksnap  *Precision Timing*

1,2                     1-2 Punches
2,1                     Straight Right, Uppercut  *Comboable*
b+4                     Turnaround Kick, (BK)
1+2                     Uppercut, (BK)
1+2>1                   Uppercut, Backhand
u/f+2+4                 Elbow Drop_Knee Drop
WS+2                    Rising Uppercut
f,N,d,d/f+1+2           Knucklebomb  *Bounces on CH*
u/f+1+2                 Jumping Knucklebomb
f,f+2                   Smash Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
f,f,N+2                 Middle Smash  *Stuns on CH*
  *stun* 1+2            Jaguar Backbreaker  {1+2}
  *stun* 1+2,u,d,N+3+4  Jumping Powerbomb {3+4}
f,f>1+2                 Offensive Push  *Must Be Very Close to Opponent*
f,f>1+2                 Flying Cross Chop  *Must Not Be Close to Opponent*
d/f+3+4                 Frankensteiner  *Throw on Close Standing Hit*
d/f+2_1                 Side Swipe_Elbow Smash
d+1~N+2                 Mid Punch, Uppercut
f,f+4                   Jail Kick
CH 4                    Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
u/f+4                   Jumping Boot  *Juggles*
3+4                     Delayed Dropkick
f,f+3+4                 Drop Kick
RN+3+4                  Satellite Drop Kick
f+2+3                   Black Shoulder
SS+2                    Straight Arrow  *Stuns on CH*
SS+3+4                  Spinning Headboot
(f,N,d,D/F)_FC+1+2      Ultimate Tackle
FC,d/f+1                Ankle Smash  *Floats*
FC,d/f+2                Dynamite Uppercut  *Juggles*
d+3+4,(4,4)_(2)         Ali Kick, (Ali Kicks)_(Middle Smash)
d+3+4,(4,4,4,4)_(4,4,2) CH Ali Kick, (Ali Kicks)_(Ali Kicks, Middle Smash)
d+1+2                   Elbow Drop

b+(1+3)_(2+4)           Mid/High Kick Reversal  *Reverses Kicks Only*
d_FC+(1+4)_(2+3)        Low Cancel

(F+1+2)_(BK 1+2)        Jaguar Lariat  *Unblockable, Can be Ducked*
[BK] 1+4                Moon Press  *Unblockable*

121:1::24:4:4::1:(1_3)  Tenstring
121:1::3:3:4:4:1:(1_3)  Tenstring
121:1::3:3:4:3:2:1+2    Tenstring

(Note: All King's 10-strings can be done as 9-strings by starting second hit
  off with f+2.  Ex. f+21:1::24:4:4::1:(1_3)

u/f+4, 2,1, 1+2,1
FC,d/f+2, 1, 2,1, b+4
u/f+4, 2,1, d/f+2, d+3+4,2
CH f,f,N+2, d/b,f+2, d/f+3+4
FC,d/f+1, WS+1, 2,1, b+4

1- Forward Leap, Right Arm Raise
2- Left Backfist, Downward Slash, Growl
3- Raise Fist x3
4- Arm Drop, Look Up, Growl


(Front) 1+3             Rabid Bear {1}
        2+4             Bear Hug {2}
        f,f+1+4         Headbutt {1+2}
        HCB,f+1+2       Circus Roll {1+2}
(Left)  1+3_2+4         Multi-Slam {1}
(Right) 1+3_2+4         Big Bear Drop {2}
(Back)  1+3_2+4         Chew Toy

1,1,1                   Bear Swing Combo
2,1,2                   Jab, Elbow, Uppercut
b,d/b,d,d/f+2           Megaton Claw
f,f+2                   Demon Godfist  *Juggles*
WS+1+2,1+2              Double Uppercut  *Juggles*, Hammer Knuckle
f+1+2                   Bear Scissors
1+2,1+2                 Hammer Knuckle, Double Uppercut
WS+1,2                  Uppercut  *Juggles*, Megaton Claw
D/F#+2,1,2,1            Uppercut Rush 1  *Juggles*
D/F#+1,2,1,2            Uppercut Rush 2  *Juggles on CH*
FC,D/F#+2,1,2           Uppercut Rush 3  *Juggles on CH*
FC,d/f+2,(D_D/F_F)+1    Short Bear Rush (L_M_H Ending)
FC+1,1,1,2,(D_D/F_F)+1  Low Bear Rush (L_M_H Ending)
FC,D/F#,1,2,(D_D/F_F)+1 Bear Rush (L_M_H Ending)  *Juggles on CH*
FC,d/f+1,2,1,1          Wild Swing, Backfist
b,f+2+3                 Salmon Hunter
u/f+3+4                 Hip Press  *If Misses, Turns into Sit Down*
u/f+4                   Jumping Boot  *Juggles*
3+4                     Sit Down
  F_B                     Roll Forward_Backward
  (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1)     Bloody Claws
FU/FT d+1+2             Spring Hammerpunch
  (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1)     Bloody Claws
CH f+4                  Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
d+4                     Dancing Bear  *Opponent Must Be Juggled/Fallen*

1+3+4                   Backwards Dancing Bear

b,b+2+3+4                    Terrible Ghastly Fart  *Death Unblockable*
B+1+2                        Terrible Claw  *Unblockable*
  f,d/f,d,d/b,b,u/b,u,U/F      Rolling Bear

f,f+2, u/f+4, 1+2
u/f+4, 2, 1+2
f,f+2, f,f+2, f+1, f,f+2
u/f+4, f+1, f+1, f,f+1+2
f,f+2, U/F#,4, f+1, f,f+1+2

1- Squat Down, Squatting Taunt
2- Stretched Arms, Pope Dance
3- Kow Tow, Stand, Terrible Claw Stance
4- Panda Dance


(Front) 1+3             Flying Sky Kick {1}
        2+4             Neck Wringer {2}
        f,f+1+2         Thai Trip {1+2}
        u/f+1+2         Falling Elbow Trip {1+2}
(Left)  1+3_2+4         Sailboat Stretch {1}
(Right) 1+3_2+4         Punches/Crescent Kick {2}
(Back)  1+3_2+4         Back Pushdown

Standard Stance
1+2                     Turning Punch, (BK)  *Juggles on CH*
f,N+1>2>1>2,3_>4        Rushing Punches, Sweeping Kick_Midkick
f,N+2,1,2,1             Guard Melting Punches, (BK)
f+4,2,1>2,3             Crescent Kick, 3 Punches, Low Kick
f+4,2,1>2>4 [,u_d]      Crescent Kick, 3 Punches, Mid Kick [,Crane Stance]
b+1+2                   Headbutt
u/f_u/b+2               Elbow Drop, (FU/FA)
d/f+2                   Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
4~4,3                   Rolling Kicks, (FU/FT)
  3                       Lifting Kick  *Juggles*, (FD/FT)
f,N+4~1,2,3,(4_d+4)     Rush Combo, (Kick_Lowkick)
f,N+3,4_d+4             Lightning Crescent, Midkick_Lowkick
f,f,f+3                 Flying Hawk Kick
3,3                     Crescent, Low Sweepkick
d/b+4                   Rave Sweep  *Floats*
  4_(~d_~u)              Rave Spin_(Snake Stance)
u/f+4                   Jumping Boot  *Juggles*
CH 4                    Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
b+1+4                   One Leg Stance
  3,3,3,3..               Hawk Claw Kicks
  4                       Phoenix Kick  *Unblockable*
[F+]3~4,[U],[d]         [Turning] Jumping Crescent Kick[s], [Quick Drop]
4~3                     Cartwheel Kick, FD/FT
b_B+3+4                 (BK)
d+1+2                   (FD/FA)
d+3+4                   (FU/TA)
f+3+4                   Drunken Stance
  1_(3+4)                 Drunken Fist_Drunken Anklekick
f+2+3                   (Snake Stance)
(SS+1+4)_(SS+2+3)       (Snake Stance)

d_FC+(1+3)_(2+4)        Low Cancel
f+3+4                   Mid/High Punch Drunken Cancel

121:3+4::2::1:4:1:4:4       Tenstring
121:3+4::2::1:4:1:2:3       Tenstring
121:3+4:3+4:3+4::1::1::2    Ninestring

Backturned Position - (BK) - (b+3+4)
1                       High Backfist
FC_d+1                  Low Backfist, (BK)  *Floats*
2                       Backwards Uppercut  *Juggles*
u/b_u/f+2               Elbow Drop, (FU/FA)
FC_d+4,4_(~d)           Sweep, Rave Spin_(Snake Stance)
u/f+4                   Turn Around Liftkick  *Juggles*
3+4,[3+4],[3+4]         Backflip[s], (BK)

Face Down/Feet Away Position - (FD/FA) - (d+1+2)
4~3                     Slide
3_4                     Sweep
(f_b),(3_4)             Roll Forward_Back, Sweep_Rising Midkick
1                       (FU/FA)
u                       Stand Up

Face Up/Feet Away Position - (FU/FA) - (d+3+4)
3+4                     Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
3                       Sweep
[f_b],3~4               [Roll Forwards_Roll Back],Rave Spin
4                       Rising Midkick
d+1                     (FD/FA)
u                       Stand Up

Face Down/Feet Towards Position - (FD/FT) - (4~3)
4~3                     Low Cartwheel
3~4                     Sweep, (FU/FA)
3~4,4                   Rave Spin
f_b,3,4                 Roll Forwards_Roll Back, Rave Spin
f_b,4                   Roll Forwards_Roll Back, Rising Midkick
1                       (FU/FT)
3                       Sweep  *Floats*
4                       Rising Mid Kick
u                       Stand Up

Face Up/Feet Towards Position - (FU/FT) - (Get Knocked Down)
3_4                     Sweep_Rising Midkick
3+4                     Spring Up  *Damages on CH*
f_b                     Roll Forward_Roll Backwards
  3_4                     Sweep_Rising Midkick
D+1                     (FD/FT)

Snake Stance (f+2+3)_(f,N+1~d_~u)
1,1,1,1,1,1,[F]         Stabbing Punches, [Snake Stance (After 2 Punches)]
2,[F]                   Midpunch  *Stuns on CH*, [Dragon Stance]
2,2,[F]                 Midpunches, [Dragon Stance]
2,2>2,[F]               Midpunches, Lowpunch Combo, [Panther Stance]
4                       Low Jab Kick, (Snake Stance)
3                       Cannon Kick, (FD/FT)
1+3                     Dragon Stance to Neck Shake Throw
u,N                     Face Right-Dragon Stance, Face Left-Panther Stance
d,N                     Face Right-Panther Stance, Face Left-Dragon Stance

Dragon Stance (f+2+3,u)_(f,N+1,2~d_~u)
1,[1+2]                 Drunken Throw {1}, [Health Gain Drink, Drunk Stance]
1+2,[F]                 Double Arm Strike, [Tiger Stance]
2,[F]                   Uppercut, [Tiger]  *Juggles on CH*
3                       High Crescent Kick
4~1,2,3,4_d+4           5-Hit Combo
u,N                     Face Right-Tiger Stance, Face Left-Snake Stance
d,N                     Face Right-Snake Stance, Face Left-Tiger Stance

Panther Stance (f+2+3,d)_(f,N+1,2,1~d_~u)
1~2                     Low/High Punch Combo
2                       Uppercut  *Juggles/GMP if Blocked*
2,1,2,1                 Guard Melting Punches  *BK if Blocked*
3                       Panther Tail
3[~b]                   Low Sweep [,One Legged Stance]
4,2,1>2,3_>4            Crescent Kick, 3 Punches, Low_Mid Kick
F                       Low Parry
u,N                     Face Right-Snake Stance, Face Left-Crane Stance
d,N                     Face Right-Crane Stance, Face Left-Snake Stance

Crane Stance (f+2+3,d,d)_(f,N+1,2,1,2,4~d_~u)
2                       Backfist, BK  *Connected Hit Turns Opponent BK*
1                       Crane Bill  *Lei turns BK if Blocked*
4                       Hop Forward Low Kick
3>4>2>3                 2 Kicks, Punch, Kick  *Juggles*
F                       High/Mid Parry
u,N                     Face Right-Panther Stance, Face Left-Snake Stance
d,N                     Face Right-Snake Stance, Face Left-Panther Stance

Tiger Stance (f+2+3,u,u)_(f,N+1,2,1,2~d_~u)
1                       Overhead Swipe  *Bounces On CH*
2                       Overhead Swipe
3,1>2>1>2>3_4           Kick, Punch Combo, Lowkick_Highkick
4                       Fast Sweep  *Floats*
u,N                     Face Right-Snake Stance, Face Left-Dragon Stance
d,N                     Face Right-Dragon Stance, Face Left-Snake Stance

d/b+4, 4~4,3,3
u/f+4, 4, f,N+1,2,1,2,4
d+3+4,3+4, b+1+2, 1, f,N+1
u/f+4, 1, f,N+4,1,2,3
d/b+4~d, 4, 1,1,1,1,1,1

1- Can Can Kicks, 5 Punches, Lion Stance
2- Both Arms Extended in Air
3- Shifting Drunken Stance
4- 4 Stance Changes


(Front) 1+3             Slap, Forearm Chop {1}
        2+4             360 Degree Flip {2}
        QCB+2           Wristlock Flip {2}
        f+2~1           Human Hurdle {1+2}
(Left)  1+3_2+4         Arm Hook Toss {1}
(Right) 1+3_2+4         Reverse Flip {2}
(Back)  1+3_2+4         Spinning Leg Trip

1,d+2                   Jab, Uppercut
1,2                     1-2 Jabs
2,1                     Jab, Palmslap, (BK)
  ~f                      Face Forward
d/b+1                   Storming Flower  *Horizon Taunt on CH*
d/f+2                   Slap Uppercut  *Staggers Opponent*
f+3                     Power Crescent
d/b+4                   Kneecap Kick
(3+4)_(d+3+4)           Axis Spin In_Out
f+1+2                   Axis Cartwheel
f+3+4                   Axis Dive Roll
f,f+3+4                 Overhead Flip
u~u/b                   Backflip
u+1                     Upward Slap, (BK)
  ~f                      Face Forward
f,f+1+2~1+2             Wing Strikes  *2nd Hit Bounces on CH*
WS+2                    Rising Slap  *Juggles*
WS+4                    Skyscraper Kick  *Floats*
FC,3,2,1,4              Four Hit Flurry  *Last Hit Juggles*
FC,d/f+4                Spin Sweep, (Phoenix Stance)
  4                       2nd Spin Sweep
FC,d/f+2,1_(~d/f)       Lotus Twist, Lotus Slap_(BK)
u+1+2(,2>1)_(~3+4)      Overhead Slaps, (Midpunch, Palmstrike)_(Cancel)
f,f+3                   Raccoon Kick, (BK)
f,f+4                   Lunging Kick
CH 4                    Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
u_u/f+4                 Overhead Kick  *Floats on CH*
d/f+1                   Turning Palm, (BK)
  ~d/f                    Face Forward
d+1 [,D]                Windmill Slaps [,Phoenix Stance]
b+3+4                   (BK)
d+1+2                   (Phoenix Stance)
b+1+2                   Clockwise Circle Walk
  2_(1+2)                 Spinstrike_(Power Spinstrike  *Unblockable*)
d/b+3                   Offensive Shove
1+3+4                   Horizon Taunt
2+3+4                   Waving Taunt
b+1_2                   Knifehand Reversal
1+4                     High/Med Cancel
d_FC+1+4                Low Cancel
u+41:2:(1+2):1:3:4:4::4:1      Tenstring  *Stopping after 6th hit - (BK)*
u+41:244::2:1+2:1:4::2         Tenstring  *Stopping after 4th hit - Phoenix*

(BK) Position - b+3+4
(u~N)_(d~N)             Backturned Wide Sidestep
2                       Reverse Slap, (BK)
d+1_2                   Low Punch
d+3                     Reverse Ankle Kick, (BK)
  ~d                      Face Forward
4                       Reverse Hook Kick  *Juggles*
f,f+3                   Skip Midkick, (BK)
f,f+(1+3)_(2+4)         Reverse Dash Grab
(3+4)_(d+3+4)           Axis Spin In_Out
u+3+4                   Spin Away
f+3+4[~3+4]             Roll Towards Opponent, [Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*]
f,f+3+4                 Reverse Overhead Flip  *Throws on Hit / Stun on CH*
2,1,4                   Reverse Three Hit Flurry  *Last Hit Juggles*
d+1+2                   (Phoenix Stance)

(Phoenix Stance) - d+1+2
d_u                     Phoenix Duck_Stand Up
1_2                     Stomach Strike
1+2                     Phoenix Uppercut  *Juggles*
d+1+2                   Power Uppercut  *Juggles*
(1+3)_(2+4)             Crouching Axis Roll, Throw  *Hold D to Cancel Throw*
3                       Low Kick, (Phoenix Stance)
4 [,b]                  Roundhouse, [BK]
f+4                     Spin Sweep, (Phoenix Stance)
  4                       2nd Spin Sweep
f+1+2                   (BK)
f+3+4                   Forward Roll
4~3 [u_d]               Scissorleg Sweep [,Groundroll]
u+4 [,u]                Twirling Kick, [BK]
  4                       2nd Twirling Kick
(u/f_u_u/b)+3,3_4       Jump Kick  *Juggles*, Thrustkick_Hopkick
(u/f_u_u/b)~3           Piroette Kick  *Turns Opponent BK when Hit*
U/F#,3                  Phoenix Hopsweep  *Floats*

BK 4, d/f+1, 2, 2,1, f,f+1+2,1+2
WS+2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3
Phoenix d+1+2, u+1+2,2, f,f+1+2~1+2
BK f+3+4~3+4, f,f, d+2, FC,d/f+2~D/F, 2, f+3+4~3+4
AOP U/F#,4, d+3,2, 2, 2,1,4

1- Handstand into Split, Kneel
2- Hand Fold, Bow
3- Hop Around, Arm Flailing
4- Circular Arm Motions, Defensive Stance


     Mokujin, each round, randomly takes on the complete moves of any fighter
for that given round. You can discover the identity of this randomly chosen
fighter by watching the pre-fight animations or the stances of Mokujin.
Mokujin will not do any pre-fight animations in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, so
you must watch his stance to discern who he is mimicing.
     Holding Down on the controller before the start of Mokujin's match
enables his guard and hit wood clacking sounds.
     When using female Mokujin, hold 1+2 before the start of a match to have
only male characters chosen.


(Front) 1+3                   Arm Turn {1}
        2+4                   Lifting Toss {2}
          1,2,1                 Falling Elbow
            2,1,3                 Arm Lock
        d/f,d/f+1             Embracing Elbow Strike {1+2}
        u/f+1+2               Overhead Toss {1+2}
        QCF,1+2               Palm Grab {2}
          3,4,3,1+2             Neck Cutter Arm Bar {1+2}
          2,3,4,2,2             Knee Bash, Neck Snap {2}
            1,3+4,1,2,1+2         Falling Neck Snap {1}
            1,2,4,3,1+2+3         Turtleshell Flip {1+2}
          1,3,2,1               Standing Reverse Arm Lock {1}
            3,1,4,1+2,1+2         Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze {1+2}
            2,1,3,4,1+2           Falling Reverse Arm Lock {1}
        QCB,1+4               Knee Bash
          1,3,2,1               Standing Reverse Arm Lock {1}
            3,1,4,1+2,1+2         Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze {1+2}
            2,1,3,4,1+2           Falling Reverse Arm Lock {1}
          2,1,1+2,1+2+3         Octopus Special {2}
            1,3+4,1,2,1+2         Falling Neck Snap {1}
            1,2,4,3,1+2+3         Turtleshell Flip {1+2}
        QCF,3+4              Crab Claw {1}
          3+4,3,4,1+2          Rolling Arm Bar {1+2}
          3+4,4,2,1+2          Achilles Tendon Lock {2}
            3,1,4,2+4            Knee Cross Lock {1}
            1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2      Rolling Achilles Tendon Lock {1+2}

Note: The throws after the Achilles Tendon Lock can also be done after
      the Bone Cutter (f,f,F+3) connects as a CH.

(Left)   1+3_2+4               Groin Hyperextension {1}
(Right)  1+3_2+4               Whipping Toss {2}
(Back)   1+3_2+4               Jumping Overhead 3-Limb Break
(Tackle) [1,2,1,]_[2,1,2,] 1+2 [Mounted Punches,] Armbar
         [1,2,1,]_[2,1,2,] 3+4 [Mounted Punches,] Knee Cross Lock

b+1                     Killing Blade  *Crumples*
b+2,2                   Bitchslaps  {Females can Reverse with 2}
(f,f)_QCF+3             Roshambo Kick  *Stuns on CH*
(f,f)_QCF+4             Flipstomp  *Damages Yourself on a Miss*
f,f+1                   Turning Slap  *Opponent Shows Side When Hit*
f,f+2                   Panther Claw
2,3                     Jab, Highkick
2,d+3,4_2               Jab, Lowkick, Highkick_Uppercut  *Juggles*
f+2~1+2                 Jab, Double Palm
SS+1+2                  Sidestepping Double Palm
SS+2                    Palm Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
SS+1_4                  Short Uppercut_Sidestep Sweep
FC,d/f+4                Dragon's Tail
u/f+4,3,4               Leaping Hunting Kicks
u~u/b                   Backflip
(d/b+3+4)_(d,D/B+3)     Divine Cannon  *Juggles*
d/b+4,3                 Falling Ankle Kick, Divine Cannon  *Juggles*
d+3+4                   Foot Stomp  *Opponent Must Be Juggled/Fallen*
d,D/F>2                 Step In, Upward Slap  *Juggles*
d/b+2                   Forearm Chop  *Stuns On Clean Hit*
d/f+2                   Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
(f_WS)+1+2              Double Palm
1_(d/f+1)_(WS+1)        Jab_Uppercut
  2,[1,2],f+1+2           Jab, [2 Punches], Double Palm
  2, (1,4)_3_4            Jab, (Punch, Lowkick)_Highkick_Roundhouse
  2,d+3,4_2               Jab, Lowkick, Highkick_Uppercut  *Juggles*
3,4                     Twin Highkick
CH f+4                  Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
RN 4                    Bonecutter  *Achilles Tendon Lock on CH*
(d+1~N+4)_(FC_d+2,4)    Midpunch, Frontkick
(d_FC)+4>1              Low Kick, Spinchop
  >u_d                    Sidestep Cancel
(FC_d)+3,(2_N+4_D+4)    Low Kick, (Juggling Uppercut_Highkick_Lowkick)
(3_4),3,(2_4_D+4)       Kick Combo, (Juggling Uppercut_Highkick_Lowkick)
d/f+3                   Sidekick
  2,d+3,4_2               Punch, Sweep, Highkick_Uppercut  *Juggles*
  2, (1,4)_3_4            Punch, (Jab,Lowkick)_Highkick_Roundhouse
  3,3, 3_4_(1,2>f+1+2)    Sidekicks, Lowkick_Spinkick_(2 Punches,Double Palm)
  1,2>f+1+2               2 Punches, Double Palm
  4                       Roundhouse
u/f,N,d+3, 2_3_(d+3)_4  Hop, Lowkick, Uppercut_Sidekick_(Lowkick)_Roundhouse

b+(1+3)_(2+4)           Reversal
d_FC+(1+3)_(2+4)        Low Cancel

d/b+1+2                 Hunting Swan *Unblockable - u,u to Cancel / Crumples*
QCF,D/B+2+3             Sleeping Breath  *Unblockable*

(1_d/f+1_WS+1)212:3:3:2::1:2:4  Tenstring
(1_d/f+1_WS+1)212:3:3:2::1:4:3  Tenstring
(1_d/f+1_WS+1)212::4:3::4:2:4:3 Tenstring

d/f+2, 1,2, d+4,1, f,f+3
CH d/b+4,3, u/f+4, d+4,1, f,f+3
b+1, d+4,1, b+2,2
CH f,f+3, d+4,1, d/f+3,1,2,1+2
d/b+3+4, u/f+4, d+4,1, d+4,1, f,f+3

1- Slut Walk, Backhand Swipe, Laugh
2- Forward Cartwheel, Backhand Swipe
3- Circle Spin, Downward Slash
4- Backhand Swipe, Laugh
Anna- Chest Shake, Laugh, Armpose

| OGRE-1 |

(Front) 1+3             Gorilla Press {1}
        2+4             Bear Hug {2}
        d/f,d/f+2+4     Waning Moon
(Left)  1+3_2+4         Multislam {1}
(Right) 1+3_2+4         Big Drop {2}
(Back)  1+3_2+4         Telekinetic Slam

1,1>2                   Shining Fists
[1,]2,2                 [Jab,] Punch, Backfist
d/f+1,2                 Double Facebreaker
u/f[,N]+1+2             [Litte Hop,] Jumping Knuckle Bomb
f,f+1+2                 Bowling Ball
f+1+4                   Dark Shoulder  *Ogre Shows Side when Blocked*
f+2                     Palm Strike
WS+2                    Kazuya Gutpunch  *Stuns on CH*
FC,f+1_2                Cat Thrust_Right Hand Stab  *Crumples on CH*
FC,d/f+2                Cold Blade
u/b+3,2                 Backflip, Tooth Fairy  *Juggles*
u/f+3,4,3               Hunting Hawk
FC+3,3,(d+3)_(N+3)      Snake Creep_Snake Catapult  *Juggles*
f+4                     Right Axekick
u/f+4                   Jumping Boot  *Juggles*
f,f+3                   Left Axekick
f,f+4                   Bazooka Leg
f,f,N+4                 Baek Heel
f,f,N+3+4               Chaolan Dragonslide
f,f+3+4                 Dropkick
4~3                     Flipstomp
WS+3,3,d+3,3,...        Infinite Kicks  *Hold U or D to Alternate M/L Kicks*
WS+4,4                  Axe Kicks
d+4,4                   Shinkick, Highkick
d,D/B+4                 Blazing Kick  *Juggles on CH*

b+1+2                   God Reversal  *Only when being Attacked*

d/b+1+2                 Bloody Scissors  *Unblockable*
f,f+2                   Arm Choke  *2nd Hit Unblockable {U_D} / Crumples*
b+2+3                   Sidewinder  *Unblockable*
b,b+1+2                 Indigo Punch  *Unblockable*
u/f[,N]+1+2~d           [Litte Hop,] Super Knuckle Bomb  *Unblockable*
b+2                     Kunai Murder  *Unblockable*
f,f,N+2                 Kunai Advance  *Unblockable*

u/f+4, 1, 1,1,2
CH WS+2, 2,2
f,f+2, d+1, WS+4,4
CH WS+2, u/f+4, u/f+4, d+4,N+4
u/f+4, d+1, FC,3,3,N+3

1- Fly Up, Arm Raise, Chant
2- Opens Arms, Looks Up
3- Raises Arms Slowly
4- Raises Arms Slowly

| OGRE-2 (True Ogre) |

(Front) 1+3             Gorilla Press {1}
        2+4             Bear Hug {2}
        d/f,d/f+2+4     Waning Moon
(Left)  1+3_2+4         Multi-Slam {1}
(Right) 1+3_2+4         Big Drop {2}
(Back)  1+3_2+4         Chew Toy

1,1>2                   Shining Fists
[1],2,2                 [Jab,] Punch, Backfist
d/f+1+2                 Horn Uppercut  *Juggles*
u/f[,N]+1+2             [Litte Hop,] Jumping Knuckle Bomb
f,f+1+2                 Bowling Ball
f+1+4                   Dark Shoulder  *Ogre Shows Side when Blocked*
f+2                     Palm Strike
WS+2                    Extended Gutpunch
FC,f+1_2                Cat Thrust_Right Hand Stab  *Crumples on CH*
FC,d/f+2                Cold Blade
WS+3,3,d+3,3,...        Infinite Kicks  *Hold U or D to Alternate M/L Kicks*
FC+3,3,(d+3)_(N+3)      Snake Creep_Snake Catapult  *Juggles*
u/b+3,2                 Backflip, Tooth Fairy  *Juggles*
d+3+4                   Low Tail Attack
d/f+3+4,3+4             Mid Tail Swipes
u/f+3,4,3               Hunting Hawk
f+4                     Right Axekick
u/f+4                   Jumping Boot  *Juggles*
f,f+3                   Left Axekick
f,f+3+4                 Dropkick
f,f,N+3+4               Chaolan Dropslide
f,f+4                   Bazooka Leg
f,f,N+4                 Baek Heel
WS+4,4                  Axe Kicks
d+4,4                   Shinkick, Highkick
d,D/B+4                 Blazing Kick  *Juggles on CH*
4~3                     Flipstomp
u+3+4                   Evil Wheel

FC,d/f                  Mid Punch Cancel, Face Bite Throw
2                       Juggle Escape  *While Being Juggled*

d+1+2                   Ground Fire  *Unblockable / Crumples*
1+2                     Air Fire  *Unblockable*
f,f+2                   Serpent's Venom  *2nd Hit Unblockable* {U_D}
<lying> 3+4             Owl Swoop  *Unblockable - Can Be Ducked*
u/f[,N]+1+2~d           [Litte Hop,] Super Knuckle Bomb  *Unblockable*
d/b+1+2                 Bloody Scissors  *Unblockable*
b,b+1+2                 Indigo Punch  *Unblockable*
b+2                     Kunai Stab  *Unblockable*
b+2+3                   Sidewinder  *Unblockable*
f,f,N+2                 Kunai Advance  *Unblockable*

d/f+1+2, d/f+1+2
CH FC,f+2, FC,d/f+2
u/f+4, d/f+1, 1,1,2
d/f+1+2, U/F#,4, 1,1,2
d+1+2, d+1, WS+3,3

1- Fly Up, Arm Raise
2- Opens Arms, Looks Up
3- Raises Arms Slowly
4- Raises Arms Slowly


(Front)  1+3                     Shoulder Throw {1}
         2+4                     Shoulder Popper {2}
         b+2+3                   Stomach Throw {2}
         d/f+1+2                 Striking Shiho-Nage {1+2}
         f,f+1+2                 Shoulder Ram {1+2}
(Left)   1+3_2+4                 Dragon Screw {1}
(Right)  1+3_2+4                 Tripping Hip Toss {2}
(Back)   1+3_2+4                 Hip Toss
(Tackle) [1,2,1,]_[2,1,2,] 1+2   [Mounted Punches,] Armbar
         (2,D+1,1),(N+4~1~1+2)   Ultimate Punishment {1}

1,2                     1-2 Punches
2,3_(D+3)               Punch, Kick_Lowkick
f+2,3                   Quick P-K Combo
1,4                     Punch, Lowkick
QCF+1                   Elbow Uppercut  *Juggles, CH Stuns*
QCF+2                   Death Fist
QCB,1_2                 Backdash, Bounce Tile Splitter_Smoking Palm Strike
QCB,3,2,1_>2            Backdash, Low Sweep, Elbow, Deathfist_Lifting Leg
f+1+4                   Sidestepping Shoulder Ram
f+1+2                   Overhead Smash  *Stuns Crouching Opponent*
f,f+4                   Somersault Kick  *Floats Crouching Opponent*
FC,d/f+2>2_1            Elbow, Lifting Leg Punch_Death Fist
1,4                     Punch, Lowkick
f,f+2                   Elbow Smash
u/f+3,4                 2 Jumping Kicks
u/f+4                   Jumping Boot  *Juggles*
f,f+3,4,3_(f+3)_(d+3)   2 Jumping Kicks,Highkick_Midkick_Lowkick
d+2                     Stone Splitter  *Opponent Must be Juggled/Fallen*
d/f+2                   Lift Uppercut  *Juggles*
D#(1 second)            Restless Taunt
  u+2+3+4                 Idiot Flip Kick
d+4,2                   Falling Leaf Combo
CH 4                    Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
d+1                     Tile Splitter
  2                       Death Fist
  4,2                     Falling Leaf Combo
d/b+1+2                 Ultimate Tackle

b+(1+3)_(2+4)           Reversal

b+1+2                   Super Death Fist  *Unblockable*

1232::1:2::1:4:2:1      Tenstring
1231::4:2:1:4:2:1       Tenstring
1231::2                 Fivestring

d/f+2, 1,2, u/f+3,4
u/f+4, 1,2, d+4,2
(FC,d/f+2,)2, d+4,2
CH 4, QCF+2
u/f+4, 1, QCB,N+3,2,1

1- Brush Hand x3, Victory Arm Raise
2- Hammer Punch, Concentration
3- 3 Salutes
4- Squat Down, Opoonent Taunting


(Front)  1+3                Flying 69 Slam {1}
         2+4                Hilt Smashdown {2}
         QCB+1+2            Missile Press {1+2}
(Left)   1+3_2+4            Flying Cartwheel {1}
(Right)  1+3_2+4            Clonimitsu {2}
(Back)   1+3_2+4            Spinning Missile Press
(Tackle) 1_2                Chest Stab  *Unblockable*

f,f+2                   Elbow Smash  *Sword Run Through On CH*
  d,3+4                   Immediate Sit  *On CH Slice*
f,f+4                   Jumping Knee
U+1+2,[f,f_u_u/f_b/f]   Pogo Stick, [Slide Forward_Hop Up/Forward/Back]
f,f+3+4,1+2,3+4         Shark Attacks, Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
4~3                     Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
b+1,1,1,1,1,1           Spinning Hilt Strikes  *Dizzy after x6*
b+1,d/b+3,3,f+4         Spinning Hilt Strike, Leg Sweeps, Midkick
2,3_d+3                 Punch, Kick_Lowkick
FC,d/f+3,[3+4]          Sweeping Kick  *Floats*, [Sit Down]
D/B#+3,3[,3,3,3],f+4    Spinning Leg Sweeps  *Falldown After x6*, Midkick
D/B#+2[,2,2,2,2,2],f+4  Crouching Fist Spins  *Dizzy After x6*, Midkick
d/f+2                   Yoshi Uppercut  *Juggles*
3,4                     High Spinkick, Medium Boot
4,4,4                   3 High Kicks
u/f+3+4,b+1,3+4         Flipstomp, Spinning Hilt Strike, Flipstomp
u/f+3+4,b+1,4,d/b+1     Flipstomp, Spinning Hilt Strike, Backflip, Slash
(u/b_u_u/f)+4           Twisted Foot
u~u/b                   Backflip
d/f+4                   Savior Boot!
f,f+1+4,N               Suicide Feint, BK
f+2                     Backhand  *Turns Opponent Around*
d/f+1                   Elbow
  1>1>1                   Sword Pommel Strikes
  2                       Backhand  *Turns Opponent Around*
    D/B#+2[,2,2,2,2],f+4    Crouching Fist Spin[s], Midkick
d+3+4                   Sit Down
  u                       Stand Up
  N                       Rejuvination  *Regains Life*
  ~D#                     No Rejuvination Sit
  4                       Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
  2[,D/B#+2,2,2,2],f+4    Crouching Fist Spin[s], Midkick
f,f+1+2                 Shark Attack, Meditate Position
SS+3+4                  Meditate Position  *Hurts Yoshi After x5*
  F                       Rejuvination  *Unblockable, Regains Life*
  (1+4)_(2+3)             Life Siphon Throw  *Steals Opponent's Life*
  (1+4)_(2+3)~F           Reverse Life Siphon  *Gives Opponent Life*

f,f+3,1                 Front Kick, Sword Slice  *Sword Unblockable*
QCF+1                   Double Somersault, Sword Slice  *Unblockable*
d+1+4,[B+1,1,1...]      Standing Suicide, [Spinning Suicide]  *Unblockable*
f,F+1+4,[f,f]           Turning Suicide, [Second Stab]  *Unblockable*
b+1+2,(1_2_3_4)         Breath Stance, Bad Breath  *Unblockable / Crumples*
b,b+1                   Samurai Stab  *Unblockable*
b,b+1,N,1               Saw Blade  *Unblockable- b,b to Cancel*
FC,b+1                  Samurai Cutter  *Low Unblockable*
d/b+1,[d/b]             Sword Slice, [Delay]  *Unblockable*
d/b+1,d/b (x7)          Smoking Sword Slice  *Unblockable Death*
u/f+1+2,B_D             Copter Blade, Turnaround_Fall  *Unblockable*
u+1+2                   Pogo Stick  *Low Unblockable*
  f,f                     Forward Pogo Slide  *Unblockable*
  u/f_u_u/b               Pogo Hop  *Unblockable*
  4                       Kangaroo Kick
b+1+4                   Sword Reversal  *Unblockable*
b+3+4,[x6]              Spinning Sidestep[s]  *Hurts Yoshi*

d_FC+(1+3)_(2+4)        Low Cancel

121:4::4:4::1::1:1:1    Tenstring
121:4::4:4::1::3+4      Eightstring
121:4::2::224:1::1      Tenstring
44:2::2::4::4::1::1:1:1 Tenstring
44:2::2::4::4::1::3+4   Eightstring
44:2::2:1               Fivestring

d/f+2, 1, b+1, d/b+2, f,f+4
FC,b+1, d+1, f,f+4
FC,d/f+3, WS+4, f,f+4
b+1+2,1, D/B#+3,3,3,3,f+4
d/f+2, d/f+2, d/f+2, d/f+2, d/f+4

1- Double Sword Wave, Pullback
2- Back Flip, Sit Down, Hold Sword Out
3- Forward Double Somersault, Sword Draw
4- One Leg Hop, Head Wriggle, Stiff Arm Motion


Hidden Character Releases:

                       Arcade                        Playstation
                      --------       |              -------------
Kuma/Panda         48 Days Active    |      Beat Arcade Mode w/ 1 character
Julia Chang        59  ""    ""      |       ""          ""  w/ 2 diff. chars
Gun Jack           69  ""    ""      |       ""          ""  w/ 3 diff. chars
Mokujin            84  ""    ""      |       ""          ""  w/ 4 diff. chars
Anna W.            84  ""    ""      |       ""          ""  w/ 5 diff. chars
Bryan Fury         99  ""    ""      |       ""          ""  w/ 6 diff. chars
Heihachi          104  ""    ""      |       ""          ""  w/ 7 diff. chars
Ogre-1            109  ""    ""      |       ""          ""  w/ 8 diff. chars
Ogre-2            114  ""    ""      |       ""          ""  w/ 9 diff. chars

PSX Only Characters:

   Gon - 1. Beat Arcade Mode with any 10 different characters to get Tekken
   ---      Ball.  Gon will be 1st opponent in Tekken Ball.  Beat him to
            release him.  If you lose to Gon in Tekken Ball, you have to beat
            him in Arcade Mode to release him.
         2. Play Survival Mode or Time Attack Mode and enter 'GON' as your

   Dr. Boskonovitch - Beat Force Mode 4 times all the way through. After you
   ----------------   beat if the 4th time, you fight Dr. Bosko. Beat him to
                      release him.


Thanks go out to:
Slikatel- For getting me hooked on the Tekken
Prizim- For splitting rounds in Tekken3 with me everyday
SurfBard- For helping to keep my movelist updated
Tragic- For his kickass Tekken knowledge
Wangel n' Ploof- For always sendin me new stuff
Gordola- He's g0rd0la!
LukeJedi- For borrowing the format from his Tekken2 FAQ
Tadarich- For being our Japanese contact in the Tekken world
ALL them at EFNet IRC channel #tkn- You guys rule, plain n' simple.

Major Contributors- Tragic, Slikatel, SurfBard, Prizim, Wangel, Ploof,
                    WLSociety, Markus0000

Other Contributors- John Hopkins, Uncauzi, Sanger, YO4, Stormbringer, Nogard,
                    Mike Unger, Jay Brewer, John DeCausemaker, Jizz-Monkey,
                    Davey Schmitt, OZMan, -MG-, Zapper, Justin Pierce, J-Mann,
                    Eclipse, CharlieT, Galen Komatsu, FuSchnick, Gene Gund,
                    Dharmesh Topiwala, CoolJun, Peete, Tadashi Qudo, Beamer,
                    JJ Sevilla, Miriad, Windwaver, Marcel Michaud, Gravdigga,
                    Dan Mueller, Mario Xavier, Yuji Higaki, Bishop, PiRat,
                    Seph, Tim Simstad, Tadarich, Gouken, Tomess1, Throttle,
                    Steve Valenzuela, Blacktimms, NozeDive, King838708,
                    Ronald, Doug, Mishmashi


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