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FAQ/Move List by White Lotus

Version: 9.0 | Updated: 07/11/97

                     *Tekken 3 NEW Moveslist 9.0* 

                    MONOSPACE YOU FOOL! 1234567890
     This moveslist is dedicated to all the players who took the time to
learn how to play Tekken 1 and 2.  If you are sick of seeing faqs and 
moveslists with moves such as Paul's d+1, Yoshi's b,b+1, or Law's 
d/b+1+2 then this is the moveslsit you want.  This is only the new or
changed moves for Tekken 3.  So if your interested in how to do King's 
Ali Kicks then this is not written for you.  You will also not find any 
ascii art, notation, or stupid pictures of ascii joysticks among other 
needless crap. Just one last thing....THIS IS NOT FOR EGM TO STEAL, 

                                         -=The White Lotus Society=-
SPECIAL NOTE:                
     The White Lotus Society is an affiliate of the Tekken Web Project

NEW TO VERSION 9.0 (7-11-97)
   -Added confirmed OGRE 2 moves to moveslist
   -Updated Coming Soon section: TIGER
   -Put characters in alphabetical order by first names
   -Added Bryan Fury's D,d/f,D/F+1+2 front throw

     Sick and tired of seeing bogus moves for the new characters or just
bogus characters in general?  Well, we are too.  Here is the character that
is 100% guarenteed to be next on the Tekken 3 machines in the US.  These
characters, and thier moves, have been seen and confirmed which means no
more false rumors. List of time released characters to date (7/11/97):
Kuma/Panda, Julia Chang, Gun Jack, Mokujin, Anna Williams, Bryan Fury,
Heihachi Mishima, Ogre, Ogre 2.

*TIGER* [press Start on EDDY GORDO]

        -He is believed to be EDDY GORDO's 3rd Costume
        -Exact same moves as EDDY GORDO

u,N_d,N         Side Step                     -Up_Down-
1_2_3_4         Quick Get Up                  -Moment Grounded-
D+3_4           Rising Lightning Kick         -While on Ground-
1_2             Throw Escape                  -1 for 1+3, 2 for 2+4-
1+2+3+4         Concentrate Chi Power         -Heavy Damage/Can't Block-
F+1+3           Left Side Counter Reversal    -When Being Reversed-
F+2+4           Right Side Counter Reversal   -When Being Reversed-
B+2+4           Ultimate Tackle Throwoff      -During Ultimate Tackle-
d+1+2           Tackle Reversal               -Before Mounted-
d+1_2           Left_Right Punch Kickoff      -During Mounted Punches-

************ [to access, a perfect is needed in final round]
************ [plays similar to BRUCE IRVIN]

             1+3          Gutwrench Suplex
             2+4          Headlock Suplex
   D,d/f,D/F+1+2          Brass Knuckles
 Left-S  1+3_2+4          Flying Elbow Drop
Right-S  1+3_2+4          Tiger Knee
   Back  1+3_2+4          Modified Tumbleweed

1+3+4                     Taunt
1,2                       1-2 Punches
(WS)+2                    Rising Knuckle
  b+2                       Bounce Slam         -Standing Opponent-
f,f+2                     Power Right
b+2,4                     Backfist, Spin Kick
u/f+3                     Jumping Round Kick
u/f+4                     Jumping Overhead Kick
u/f+3+4                   Hopping Side Kick
(u_u/f_u/b),N+4           Pop Up Kick
d/f+1                     Gut Punch
d/f+3                     Cyclone Edge
d/f+4                     Spin Kick
QCB,N+2                   Evasive Knuckle
(QCF_f,N,d,D/F)+1         Uppercut
(QCF_f,N,d,D/F)+2         Stomach Smash
(QCF_f,N,d,D/F)+3,4       Double Knee Thrust
D/F+1,1,1,1,2             Piston Hurricane
(WS)+3,4                  Double Knee Thrust
SS+1,2                    Shifting 1-2 Punches
SS+2                      Right Cross
f,f+3                     Tornado Blast
f,f,f+3                   Jumping Side Kick
b+3,[2]                   Frontal Kick,[Right Feint]
b+4                       Knee
b,b+4                     Sidewinding Kick
1+2                       Sledgehammer
f+1+2                     Spinning Elbow
1,2,3                     Northern Lights
1,2,1,2                   Quadruple Fists
1,4,3,3                   Southern Cross
3,3                       Double Heel Strike
1,2,1,4                   Gatling Rage
3,2,1,4                   Gatling Fury
b+3,4                     Front Kick, Knee
b+2,1                     Spinning Punches
  2                         Power Right
  4                         Reverse Tornado Blast
b+1+4                     Ducking Sidewinder     -Unblockable-
f+1+4                     Modified Sidewinder    -Unblockable-

1,4,2,1,1,2               Sixstring
1,4,2,1,1,4               Sixstring
B+3,4,1,2,1,4,3,3         Eightstring
B+3,4,1,2,1,4,1,2,4,2     Tenstring


         1+3              Dreaded Leg Lock
         2+4              Handstand Slam
         HCT+1+2          Armlock Takedown........{1+2}
 Left-S  1+3_2+4          Side Leg Toss
Right-S  1+3_2+4          Dance Distraction
   Back  1+3_2+4          Shoulder Stand Slam

b,U/B                     Backflip
1,2                       1-2 Punch
b+3                       Knee
d/f+1_2                   Stun Elbow
d/f+3                     Reaching Kick
d/f+4                     Shin Kick
f,F+3+4			  Boomerang Kick
u/f+4                     Jumping Roundhouse
3+4,[~B]                  Flapjack Kick,[Handstand]
(WS)+3+4                  Fliping Pounce
f,f+4,3_4                 Jumping Backflip, Shin Kick_Face Smash
(u/b_u_u/f)+3+4,[~B]      Jumping Toe-Touch Kick,[Grounded]
f+2,1,4                   Slap, Backhand, Background Kick
d+1+2,[1+2]               Crying Needle,[Screaming Needle]
F+2,1,4                   Jab-Crosskick
f,f+3[~B_~D]              Bazooka Kick,[Handstand_Grounded]
d/f+3+4                   Reverse Cartwheel Kick      -Juggles-
f+3                       Frontal Kick, Handstand
u,N_d,N_1+2               Side Step/Rewinder Stance
f+1+2                     Grounded Position
d/b+4,4,4...              Barbed Wire                 -Infinite-
  ~B                        Handstand
d/b+3                     Low Sweep
  3,[~B]                    Low Sweeping Tracer,[Handstand]
4~3                       Satellite Moon
  3,[~B]                    Satellite Ground Kick,[Handstand]
  4                         Bazooka Kick 
3~4                       Vault Sweep,Grounded Position
  ~B                        Handstand
  4,4                       Ground Kicks
    ~B                      Handstand Position
b+4                       Jenga Crescent
  4,3+4                     Flip Combo
  3,3                     Grounded Kicks
    ~B                      Handstand
f+4                       Monkey Trick
  3+4                       Vault Sweep
  3~4                       Flare, Grounded Position
    ~B                        Handstand Position
    4,4                       Grounded Kicks
d/b+3+4                   Fruit Picker                -Unblockable-

B                         Handstand
3,4                       Gut Kick, Jumping Kick
3~4                       Fliping Upward Kick
4~3                       Twirling Flare, (Handstand)
1+2,1+2                   Rising Needle
4,3+4                     Midkick, Handspring

F                         Walks Forwards
D                         Low Crouch
u,N_d,N                   Handstand Sidesteps
3                         Splits Kick,(Grounded)
4                         Twister,(Handstand)
u+3_u+4                   Ground Stomp
3~4                       Vault Sweep
d+3+4                     Stakedriver
d+3_4,[~B]                Kranial Assault,[Handstand]
2                         Turning Punch
  4,3                       Low Spinning Sweep
    ~B                        Handstand
1                         Turning Punch
  3,3                       Ground Sweeps
  3,4,1+2                   Low Kicks,Crying Needle
  3,4,4,4                   Floored Fury

2                         Downward Strike           -Bounce Juggles-
1+2,3                     Spinning Elbows,Pop Up Kick
3,[~B]                    Hot Plate Special, [Grounded Position]
1+2,N+3                   Slaps, Mid Kick, Handstand 
3+4,3+4,3+4               Triple Flip Combo -2nd Hit Bounce Juggles-
4                         Sweeping Palm
  4                         Sweeping Palm Tracer
  3+4                       Backwards Handspring
u+3                       Jumping Jack
  3+4                       Keepout Kick
  d+3                       Single Sweep
  3                         Pop Up Kick
    u+4                       Arching Roundhouse

4~3,4,2,4,3,3                   Six String
4~3,4,2,4,3,4,4,4               Eight String
4~3,4,2,4,3,4,1+2,1+2           Eight String
4~3,4,2,4,4,3+4,3+4,4,3+4       Nine String 
4~3,4,2,4,2,4,4,3+4,3+4,3+4     Ten String

************ [same as MARSHAL LAW with the following additions]

Start                     3rd Costume

         1+3              White Lotus
         2+4              Jumping Leg Hyperextention
         F+2+3            Dragon Dive................{1}
         d/f+1+2          Chastisement Punch.........{1+2}
           2,1,1+2          Bulldog
 Left-S  1+3_2+4          Headlock Kick
Right-S  1+3_3+4          Stinky Pinkie
   Back  1+3_2+4          Throat Chop

F+2~1                     Touch of Death
SS+3+4                    Feet of Fury
b+2,3,4                   Enter The Dragon        -Juggles-
d+3,3,4                   Shaolin Flipkick        -Juggles-
b+1,2,1                   Fists Of Fury           -Juggles-
(FC),u,d,N+4              Feint Flip, Junkyard Kick
d/b+2,4                   Chinese Connection
  D                         Stay on Ground
D+3+4                     Reverse Backflip
  D                         Stay on Ground
b+1+2                     Taunting Stance          -Acts as Reversal-
  1                         Raging Sun           
  1                         Spining Backfist       -Off Reversal-
  2                         Lunging Fist           -Off Reversal-
  3                         Lunging Mid-Kick Kick  -Off Reversal-
  4                         Lunging Low Kick       -Off Reversal-        
b+(1+3_2+4)               High Reversal
(d_d/b)+(1+3_2+4)         Low Pushoff

********** [to access, fight to stage 3 in under 50 seconds]
********** [same as JACK-2 with the following additions]

         1+3               Sumo Slam
         u/f+1+2           Prototype Slam
           d/b,d,D/F+2       Megaton Blast
         D/F+1+3           Hell Press
         D/B+2+3           Face Plant
         f,f+2+3           Jizo Slam
         D/F+2+4           Catapult
         d/f,D/F+2+4       Modified Catapult
 Left-S  1+3_2+3           Modified Death Shot
Right-S  1+3_2+4           Cybernetic Choke
   Back  1+3               Lifting Knee Slam
   Back  2+4               Death Shot

D,d/f+1+2                  Low Crosscut Saw
D,1+2                      Lifting Palms
d/f+2+3                    Thunder Palm Strike
d+4                        Sumo Stomp
f+3+4                      Standing Body Lunge
f,f+1+2                    Rolling Body Lunge           -While Grounded- 
f+4~1                      Touch of Death               -Unblockable-
3+4,[3+4,3+4]              Nuclear Holocaust,[Extender] -Unblockable-
     He has no Rising Lightning Kick

****************** [to access, fight up to stage nine]

        f,F+1+4           Demon Headbutt   -Only works against JIN & KUMA-
Left-S  1+3_2+4           Demon Throat Splitter
Right-S 1+3_2+4           Death From Above

2+3+4                     Taunt
4~3                       Demon Scissors   -Takes Damage If Missed-
B+2                       Wind Backfist
1+2_2~1                   Thunder Palms
1,2,(1+2_2~1)             Shinning Palms
F+1,B+2,F+1               Punch, Wind Backfist, Thunder God Fist
F+1,B+2,4                 Punch, Wind Backfist, Thrust Kick
(When Counter Hit)        Kickoff Reversal -Right Kicks Only-
f,N,d,D/F+4,[4],[4]       Hell Sweeps
  1                         Thunder God Fist
  2                         Demon God Fist
    HEIHACHI MISHIMA has no Rising Lightning Kick

********** [plays similar to BAEK DOO SAN]

         1+3              Windmill Neck Kick 
         2+4              Running Kranium Kick
         f,f+2            Baek Neck Break...........{2}
         QCB+3            Unblockable Throw.........{1}
         d,D/B+1+3        Leg Hook Toss.............{1+2}
 Left-S  1+3_2+4          Stomach Blast, Neck Snap
Right-S  1+3_2+4          5 Bitch Kicks
   Back  1+3_2+4          Jumping Leg Press


d/f+4                     Toe Kick
d+4,4                     Low Kick, Mini Moon High     -Juggles-
(WS)+2                    Lifting Uppercut             -Juggles-
(WS)+3                    Rising Cresent
(WS)+4_~4                 Toe Kick_Axe Kick
d/f+1+2                   Body Blow
d/f+3,4                   Double Sidekicks
d/b+4,4                   Axe Kicks
(u/f_u)+3                 Hopping Sidekick, LFS
u/f+3,4,3                 Flamingo Sun Dance
(d_d/b)+(1+3_2+4)         Low Pushoff
F+3                       Left Flamingo Stance
f,N,d,D/F                 Crouch Dash
  3                         Left Flamingo
  3~3                       Stabbing Sidekick
  2                         Pseudo Godfist             -Juggles-
  4                         Moon High Special          -Juggles-
d/b+3+4,[~B]              Dynamite Heel,[Cancel]       -Unblockable- 

1+2                       Switch Left Hand/Right Hand Stance
3+4                       Switch Left Foot/Right Foot Forward 

b+2                       Backfist
b+4                       High Kick, (RFF)

3~4                       Chainsaw Kick
4,3                       High Kick, Roundhouse
f+2,[~F]                  Right Spinfist,RFF,[LFF]
f+3,[~3]                  LFS, [Stabbing Sidekick]
f,f+3                     Crescent Kick, (RFF)
f,f,f+3                   Sky Blade
f+4                       Face Kick, (RFS)
f+4,4                     Face Kick, Sidekick, (RFF)
f,f+4                     Hammer Heel
3,3,4                     Triple Kick Flurry, (RFS)
2,3_4                     Cross to Sidekick_Jump Kick
3,3,3,4                   Butterfly Combo, (RFS)
3,3,4,4                   Black Widow Combo, (RFF)
4,4[~F]                   Right Hook Kicks,[RFF]
1,1,3,3                   Fist To Foot Exchange
u/f+3,4,3                 Flamingo Sun Dance
[1,2],3_4                 1-2 Punches, Side Kick_Hop Kick
[1],2,4_3                 Hwoarang's Special
4,4,4,[~B]                Right Kick Combo, RFS,[RFF]
4,4,4,4_3                 Hot Feet Combo, Low Kick
3,3,d+3,4,4               Heat Extraction, (RFS)
3,3,3,3_4,4               Machine Gun Kicks_Butterfly Combo

f+3,2,2,3,3,4,4,4,4,3     Tenstring
f+3,2,2,3,4,3,4,4,3,3     Tenstring

3,3                       Double Threat
3~4                       High Roundhouse
b+3                       High Kick, (RFF)
b+4                       Right Sidestep Roundhouse
f+4,[~4]                  Face Lifter,[RFS]                -Juggles-
[2],1,1                   [Right Punch], Left Jabs
4,4_3                     Double Hook Kicks_Chainsaw Kick
f,f+3_4,3                 Hwoarang's Rush
f+3                       Left Hook Kick, (LFS)
  3                         Axe Kick, (RFF)
  N,3,3,3_4                 Machine Gun Kicks, (RFF_RFS)
  N,3,3,4                   Triple Kick Flurry, (RFS)
  N,3,3,4,4                 Black Widow Combo
  b+3                       Sidestep Roundhouse, (RFF)
  d+3                       Shin Kick, (RFF)
  4                         Snake Kick

4                         Spin Kick, (RFS)
f+3                       Axe Kick, (RFF)
(b_d)+3                   Eliminator
d+4                       Right Leg Sweep
2,2                       Spinfist, Right Jab
3,3,3_4                   Machine Gun Kicks_Kicks, Spin Kick, (RFS)
3,3,4,4                   Black Widow Combo, (RFF)
1+4,[~b,b]                Heel Explosion, [Cancel]       -Unblockable-

2,2,3,4,3,4,4,4,4,3       Tenstring

1_2_3_4                   LFF_RFF_LFS_RFF
d+3                       LFF
d+4                       Low Kick
f+4                       Axe Kick

1,2,3,4,3,4,4,4,4,3       Tenstring

************ [same as KAZUYA MISHIMA with the following additions]

Start                     3rd Costume (After MOKUJIN Silhouette)

         2+4              Over The Shoulder Toss
         d/f+2+3          Son Of A Bitch...............{2}
         QCB+1+3          Twirling Toss................{2}
 Left-S  1+3_2+4          Shoulder Breaker
Right-S  1+3_2+4          Spinning Arm Lock
   Back  1+3_2+4          Shake Down

4                         Tsunami Kick
f+4                       Knee
f+2                       Devastating Overhand Right
b,F+2                     Stomach Punch
f,f+2                     Stomach Rush
SS+2                      Tooth Fairy                      -Juggles-
(WS)+1,2                  Twin Pistons                     -Juggles-
(WC)+3+4                  Can-Can Kick                     -Juggles-
u/f+2+4                   Corpse Splitter
d/f+1,2                   Mid-Jab, Overhand Right
1,2,4                     1-2 Jab, Knee
3,2,4,3                   Kick, Punch, 2 Kicks
1+4,2,4_D+4               White Heron Combo  
f,N,d,D/F+4,4             Hell Sweep, Roundhouse
1,2,3,4_d+4               1-2 Jab, Axe Kicks
b,F+2,1,2_D+2             SP, Elbow, Stomach Rush_Uppercut -Juggles-
b+1+2                     Electric Guard       -Guards Unblockables-
b+(1+3_2+4)               Reversal
D+1+2                     Ultimate Tackle        
  1+2                       Arm Bar
  1,2,1,2,1                 Mounted Punches
  1,2,1,1+2                 3 Mounted Punches, Arm Bar
    JIN KAZAMA has no f,N: (Side Step)
b+2,4,2,1,2_D+2           Fivestring
1,2,1+4,2,4_D+4           Sixstring
3,2,4,3,1+4,2,1,3_4       Ninestring
3,2,4,3,1+4,2,2,1,2       Tenstring
b+2,4,4,4,4,2,1+4,2,1,3_4 Elevenstring
b+2,4,4,4,4,2,1+4,2,3+4	  Elevenstring

************* [to access, 3 wins from human players are needed]
************* [same as MICHELLE CHANG with the following additions] 

         1+3              Falling Neckbreaker
         d,D/F+1+3        Front Suplex
         QCB,F+2          Triple Fist Barrage............{1+2}
         d,d/b,d,d/b+1+2  Cyclone Disruptor
 Left-S  1+3_2+4          Running Bull Dog            
Right-S  1+3_2+4          Spinning Frankenstiener
   Back  1+3_2+4          Airial Assault

f,1~2                     Lunging Palm Strike      -Stuns-
f,f,F+2                   Dashing Elbow
f,f,F+1,[2]               Rushing Punch, Flash Elbow
b,d/b,d,d/f+1,2           Reverse Party Crasher
2+3+4                     Taunt
(D_D/B)+(1+3_2+4)         Low Pushoff 
    JULIA CHANG has no 1+2:(German Suplex) after her b+2:(Punch/Spin)

****** [same as the original KING with the following additions]

         1+3              Spinning DDT
         d/f+2+3          Coconut Crush.................{2}
         QCB+1+2          T-Bone Powerbomb..............{1+2}
         D/F+1+2          Dashing Reverse Full Nelson...{1+2}
         SS+(1+3_2+4)     Evasive Reverse Full Nelson...{1+2}
         b+1+2            Irish Whip
           3+4              Face Plant..................{3+4}      
           2+4              Quickslam...................{2}
           1+3              Midget Toss.................{1}     
           1+2              Midget Throw................{1+2}    
 Crouch  D+(1+3_2+4)      Hopping Powerbomb.............{1+2}      
 Crouch  d/f,d/f+2+4      Mid-Grab Reverse Full Nelson..{2}
 Left-S  1+3_2+4          Atomic Knee Buster
Right-S  1+3_2+4          Argentine Backbreaker	
   Back  b,f+1+2          Octopus Slam
   Back  SS+(1+3_2+4)     Cannonball
    d/b+1+3               Not So Giant Swing.......{3+4}          
    d/b+2+4               Sack Smack...............{2}    
    D/B+2+4               Figure-4 Leglock.........{1+2}  
    d/b+(1+3_2+4)         Half Boston Crab
    d/b+(1+3_2+4)         Chicken Wing
    d/b+(1+3_2+4)         Arm Crucifixion
    d/b+(1+3_2+4)         Mini-Romero  (Right).....{1}  
    d/b+(1+3_2+4)         Camel Clutch (Left)......{2}   
    d/b+(1+3_2+4)         Roll Over

Bandwagon Multi-Part Tree Graph

     RAC*                    RFN*                    RAH*
      |                       |                   ____|____
     BDR-->-->-->-->-->-->-->CNB*                /    |    \
      |                     /   \              CFC   DAH   DDT
     GSP                 PWB    MHD           /   \         |
      |                 /   \    |          DSH   COD      ACF  
     PWB             GSW   TBP  SPF                   
    /   \                      /   \                 
 GSW     TBP                GSW     TBP  

* = Multipart Can be Started From These Points

ACF-4,3,4,3+4,1+2...................Arm Crucifixion                   
CFC-2,1,1+2+3.......................Cross Face Chickenwing.....{1+2}
CNB-2,2,1+2.........................Cannonball (link)..........{2}
CNB-SS+(1+3_2+4)(Back)..............Cannonball (starter)
COD-1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3...........Cradle O' Death............{2}
DAH-1+2,1+2.........................Double Arm Hyperextension..{1}
DDT-1+2,4,2.........................Reverse DDT................{2}
DSH-2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4...............Dragon Sleeper Hold........{1}
GSP-3+4,1+2.........................German Suplex..............{1}
GSW-2,1,3,4.........................Giant Swing................{1}
MHD-1+2,3+4,1+2+4...................Manhattan Drop.............{2}
RAC-F,D/F+(1+3_2+4).................Reverse Arm Clutch.........{1_2} 
RAH-f,N,d,d/f+1+4...................Reverse Arm Hyperextention.{1}
RFN-D/F+1+2.........................Reverse Full Nelson........{1+2}
RFN-d/f,d/f+1+2.....................Reverse Full Nelson........{2}
RFN-SS+(1+3_2+4)....................Reverse Full Nelson........{1+2}
TBP-3,2,1,3+4,1+2+3+4...............T-Bone Piledriver..........{2}

b+4                       Turnaround Kick
1+2,[~1]                  Turnaround Punch, Reverse Chop
d,d/f+1                   Sweeping Palm
f+2+3                     Black Shoulder
SS+2                      Straight Arrow        -Stuns on Counterhit-
SS+3+4                    Jumping Side Swipe
f,N,D/F+2                 Crouchdash, Jumpback
f,f,N+1+2                 Offensive Push
f,N,d,d/f+1+2             Sledge Hammer         -Bouncing Juggle-
D,d/b+1+2                 Ultimate Tackle
  1,2,1,2,1                 5 Mounted Punches
  1,2,1                     3 Mounted Punches   -Not Needed for Breaks-
    3+4                       Leg Break
    1+2                       Single Arm Break
      1+2                       Double Arm Break
      3+4                       Leg Break
b+(1+3_2+4)               Kick Reversal  
(d_d/b)+(1+3_2+4)         Low Kick Pushoff

1+4                       Moon Press            -Unblockable-
1+2                       Medium Jaguar Lariat	-Unblockable-
    KING has no 2,1,3: (Octopus Special), after the four Ali Kicks

************ [to access, fight up to stage four]
************ [same as the original KUMA with the folloing additions]

         1+3              Rabid Bear
         HCB,f+1+2        Circus Roll........{1+2}
         f,f+1+4          Animal Head Butt
 Left-S  1+3_2+4          Multi-Slam
Right-S  1+3_2+4          Big Bear Drop
   Back  1+3_2+4          Mauling Bear

u/f+4                     Pop Up Kick
f,f,f+3                   Lunging Side Kick
f+F+2                     Grizzly Godfist        -Juggles-
f,f+1+2                   Body Lunge             -While Grounded-
(WS)+1,2                  Uppercut, Grizzly Claw
1+3+4                     Backwards Dancing Bear -Bear Stomps Backwards-
d+3+4                     Forwards Dancing Bear  -Non Standing Opponent-  
b,b+2+3+4                 Panda Bomb             -Unblockable Death-
     KUMA/PANADA has no Tenstrings
     They have no Rising Lightning Kick


         u/f+1+2          Tripping Elbow Drop.................{1+2}
 Left-S  1+3_2+4          Whirlwind Kicks
Right-S  1+3_2+4          Leg Breaker
   Back  1+3_2+4          Foot Distraction

(u/b_u/f)+2               Elbow Drop to Play Dead Position
d/b+4,[~U_~D]             Rave Sweep,[Snake Stance]
1+2~B                     Spinning Backfist to Back Turn Position
b+1+2                     Headbutt
d+1+2                     Slide Position
f+4,2,1,2,4,[~U_~D]       Rush Starter,[Crane Stance]
F,N,1                     Rush Punch
  [~U_~D]                   Snake Stance
  2,[~U_~D]                 Punches,[Dragon Stance]
  2,1,[~U_~D]               Punches,[Panther Stance]
  2,1,2,[~U_~D]             Punches,[Tiger Stance]
  2,1,2,4,[~D]              Punches,[Crane Stance]
f+3+4                     Drunken Stance    -Acts As Reversal-
(d_d/b)+(1+3_2+4)         Low Pushoff
SS+(1+4_2+3)              Snake Stance                    
f+2+3                     Snake Stance
*****************[Directions Reversed For Right Side]*******************
  u                       Dragon Stance
  u,u                     Tiger Stance
  d                       Panther Stance
  d,d                     Crane Stance
1                         Drunken Punch
3+4                       Double Back Kick to Face Down Position

SNAKE STANCE [f+2+3 or SS+(1+3_2+4)]
1+3                       Dragon Stance to Neck Shake Throw..{1}
  1+2                       Health Gain Drink To Drunken Stance
3                         Cannon Kick to Face Down Position
4                         Hopping Kick to Snake Stance
2,[~F]                    Stabbing Punch, [Dragon Stance]
2,2,[~F]                  2 Stabbing Punches, [Dragon Stance]
2,2,2,[~F]                Three Punch Combo, [Panther Stance]
1,1,1,1,1,[~F]            Feel My Fists, [Snake Stance]

1                         Neck Shake Throw...............{1}
  1+2                       Health Gain Drink To Drunken Stance
2,[~F]                    Uppercut, [Tiger Stance]        -Juggles-
4                         Spinning Forward Kick
1+2,[~F]                  Double Arm Strike,[Tiger Stance]
2+4                       Leg Break Throw
3,3                       High Crescent Kick, Low Sweep
4,1,2,3,4_d+4		  Dragon String

1                         Two Handed Low Punch
2                         Uppercut                 -Juggles-
3,[~B]                    Low Sweep,[Phoenix Stance]
4                         Right Kick
2,1,2,1                   Guard Melting Punches    -Blocked First Hit-
4,1,2,3_4                 Panther Combo
3,2,1,2,3_4               Panther String

1                         Rush Punch
2                         Backfist
3                         Hop Forward Mid Kick
4                         Hop Forward Low Kick
3,4,2,3                   Crane String

1_2                       Overhead Swipe            -Bounce Juggle-
4                         Fast Sweep
d+4                       Reaping Kick
3,4                       High Crescent Kick
1,2,1,2,3_4               Tiger String


Start                     3rd Costume (After MOKUJIN silhouette)

         1+3              Slapping Forearm Chop
         2+4              360 Degree Flip
         QCB+2            Arm Whipdown..............{2}
         f+2~1            Human Hurdle..............{1+2}
 Left-S  1+3_2+4          Cartwheel Throw
Right-S  1+3_2+4          Takedown Punishment
   Back  1+3_2+4          Leg Whipdown

b,U/B                     Backflip
u+1                       Upward Slap,(Back Turned)
U+1                       Upward Slap
d+1                       Windmill Slaps,(Back Turned)
D+1                       Windmill Slaps
d/b+1                     Power Palm Strike
d/f+1                     Spinning Punch, (Back Turned)
d/f+2                     Knock'em Back Uppercut
(WS)+2                    Rising Uppercut                   -Juggles-
d/b+3                     Dark Leg
d/f_f+3                   Face Kick_Left Roundhouse
(WS)+4			  Skyscraper Kick
d/b_d/f+4                 Stomp Kick_Toe Kick
(u/f_u_u/b)+4             Jumping Overhead Kick
1,2                       2 Quick Jabs
2,1                       Two Quick Punches, (Back Turned)
1+2                       Spinning Axis Shift
f+1+2                     Cartwheel
f,f+3                     Verticle Hook Kick
f,F+3                     Raccoon Kick, (Back Turned)
f,f+4                     Jumping Frontal Kick
f+3+4                     Dive Roll
f,f+3+4                   High Overhead Flip
1,d+2                     Jab, Uppercut
2,D/F+1                   Quick Jab, Turn Punch
D,d/f+4,4                 2 Sweeping Legs
(d+3+4_3+4)               Spinning Dodge
f,f+1+2,[1,2]		  Upward Spin Strike,[Downward Spin Strike]
D,d/f,4,4,[4]             Spinning Sweeps,[Skyscraper Kick]
D,d/f+2,1                 Low Spin Punch Combo
u+1+2,2,1                 Overhead punches, Midpunch, Palmstrike
b+1+2                     Clockwise Circle
  2                         Hard Strike
  1+2                       Phoenix Strike
b+3+4                     Backwards Stance
b+1                       Left Knifehand Reversal
b+2                       Right Knifehand Reversal
1+4                       High/Med Reversal
(d_d/b)+1+4               Low Pushoff
1+3+4                     Near-Sighted Taunt
2+3+4                     Waving Taunt
D,3,2,1,4                 Four Hit Flurry                  -Juggles-
b+1+2,1+2                 Clockwise Circle, Phoenix Strike -Unblockable-

u+4,1,2,4,4,2,1+2,1,4,2   Tenstring
u+4,1,2,1+2,1,3,4,4,4,1   Tenstring

f,f+1+3                   Flailing Slap, Forearm     -Throw-
f,f+2+4                   Flailing 360 Degree Flip   -Throw-
f,f+3+4                   High Overhead Flip         -Throw-
1_2                       Turn Towards Punch_Reverse Slap
4                         Reverse Upwards Kick	     -Juggles-
d+1,[~D]                  Windmill Slaps,[Phoenix Stance]
D+3                       Reverse Ankle Kick
f,f+3                     Skipkick
3_d+3                     Turn Toward Kick_ Ankle Kick (Back Turned)
d+1+2                     Crouch Turn, (Phoenix Stance)
1+4                       High Pushoff
d+1+4                     Low Pushoff
3+4                       Spinning Dodge
u+3+4                     Upward Dodge
d+3+4                     Downward Dodge
f+3+4,[~3+4]              Roll Towards Opponent,[Pop Up Kick]
2,1,4                     Reverse Three Hit Flurry -Juggles-

(1+3,N_2+4,N)             Couching Dodge Roll, Throw..........{1_2}
(1+3,Move_2+4,Move)       Crouching Dodge Roll
d                         Duck
1_2                       Left_Right Stomach Strike
3                         Low Kick
4,[~B]                    Skyscraper Kick,[Backwards Stance]
1+2                       2 Handed Uppercut        -Juggles-
d+1+2                     Super Uppercut           -Juggles-
f+1+2                     Rise, Turn Around
f+3+4                     Forward Roll
4~3[~U_N_~D]              Strong Sweep,[Roll Up_Lie Down_Roll Down]
u+3,3                     Double Jump Kick
u+4,4                     Twirling Kick
d/f+4,4,[~4]              Sweep Kicks,[Skyscraper Kick]

********* [to access, continue during a single player game]
********* [randomization of a playable character each round]


Start                     Anna Williams (After BRYAN FURY Silhoutte) 

        u/f+1+2           Flipping Toss............{1+2}
        QCB+1+4           Elusive Shin Splint
          2,1,1+2,1+2+3   Twisting Arm Lock
            1,2,4,3,1+2+3   Galtech Ground Stretch
          1,3,2,1         Standing Arm Lock
            3,1,4,1+2,1+2   Rear Galtech Squeeze
            2,1,3,4,1+2     Falling Arm Lock
        QCF+1+2           Jaw Breaker..............{2}
          2,3,4,2,2         Knee Bash, Neck Break..{2}
            1,2,4,3,1+2+3     Galetech Stretch.....{1+2}
 Left-S 1+3_2+4           Small Package
Right-S 1+3_2+4           Around The World

b,U/B                     Backflip
d/f+2                     Slap-U-Silly
f,f+2                     Panther Claw
QCF+4                     Flip Kick              -Takes Damage if Missed-
(f,f_QCF)+3               Widow Maker 
D,d/f+4                   Dragon's Tail
d+3+4                     Heel Grind             -Hits Downed Opponent-
d/b+3+4                   Divine Cannon
b+2,2                     Double Slap
SS+1                      Quick Slap
SS+2                      Ganryu Palm Uppercut   -Juggles-
SS+b+1                    Killing Blade
SS+1+2                    Double Palm 
QCF,d/b+2+3               Purple Breath
b+(1+3_2+4)               Reversal
(d_d/b)+(1+3_2+4)         Low Pushoff

****** [to access, fight up to stage 10]
****** [Human Form]

            1+3           Gorilla Press
            2+4           Double Backbreaker
    d/f,D/F+2+4           Wanning Moon
 Left-S 1+3_2+4           Multislam
Right-S 1+3_2+4           Choking Flip
   Back 1+3_2+4           Telekenetic Slam

(WS)+2                    Stun Punch
1,1,2                     Shinning Fists
1,2,2                     Demon Slayer
f+4                       Right Splits Kick
f,f+3                     Left Splits Kick
(WS)+4,4                  Tsunami Kick
4~3                       Demon Scissors
D,d/f+2                   Cold Blade
D,f+1                     Cat Thrust
D,f+2                     Right Hand Stab
u/b+3,2                   Backflip, Tooth Fairy
D,3,3,3                   Creeping Snake
D,3,3,N+3                 Biting Snake
u/f+3,4,3                 Hunting Hawk
d/f+1,2                   Elbow Strikes
f,f+4                     Bazooka Kick
f+1+4                     Black Shoulder
f,f+1+2                   Cup Punch
f+2                       Palm Strike
f,f,N+3+4                 Dragon Slide
d+4,N+4                   Shaolin Kicks
d,D/B+4                   Blazing Kick
(WS)+3,3                  Axe Kick
  d+3,3,[D_U]+3...          Infinite Kicks      -Control direction-
f,f+2                     Guard Disruptor       -Unblockable-
u/f+1+2~D                 Burning Knuckle Bomb  -Unblockable-
d/b+1+2                   Bloody Scissors       -Unblockable-
b+2+3                     Sidewinder            -Unblockable-
b,b+1+2                   Indigo Punch          -Unblockable-
f,f,N+2                   Kunai Advance         -Unblockable-
b+2                       Kunai Stab            -Unblockable-

****** [to access, fight up to final round of the game]
****** [Beast Form]

            1+3           Gorilla Press
            2+4           Double Backbreaker
    d/f,D/F+2+4           Wanning Moon
 Left-S 1+3_2+4           Multislam
Right-S 1+3_2+4           Choking Flip
   Back 1+3_2+4           Telekenetic Slam

u+3+4                     Cannonball
d+3+4                     Tail Sweep
(WS)+2                    Stun Punch
1,1,2                     Shinning Fists
1,2,2                     Demon Slayer
f+4                       Right Splits Kick
f,f+3                     Left Splits Kick
(WS)+4,4                  Tsunami Kick
4~3                       Demon Scissors
D,d/f+2                   Cold Blade
D,f+1                     Cat Thrust
D,f+2                     Right Hand Stab
u/b+3,2                   Backflip, Tooth Fairy
D,3,3,3                   Creeping Snake
D,3,3,N+3                 Biting Snake
u/f+3,4,3                 Hunting Hawk
d/f+1,2                   Elbow Strikes
f,f+4                     Bazooka Kick
f+1+4                     Black Shoulder
f,f+1+2                   Cup Punch
f+2                       Palm Strike
f,f,N+3+4                 Dragon Slide
d+4,N+4                   Shaolin Kicks
d,D/B+4                   Blazing Kick
(WS)+3,3                  Axe Kick
  d+3,3,[D_U]+3...          Infinite Kicks      -Control direction-
D+1+2                     Standing Torch        -Unblockable-
SS+1+2                    Flying Torch          -Unblockable-
u/f+1+2~D                 Burning Knuckle Bomb  -Unblockable-
f,f+2                     Venom Strike          -Unblockable-
d/b+1+2                   Bloody Scissors       -Unblockable-
b+2+3                     Sidewinder            -Unblockable-
b,b+1+2                   Indigo Punch          -Unblockable-
f,f,N+2                   Kunai Advance         -Unblockable-
b+2                       Kunai Stab            -Unblockable-


          B+2+3           Foot Launch..........{2}
 Left-S 1+3_2+4           Tripping Shoulder Throw
Right-S 1+3_2+4           Reaping Arm Takedown

d/f+1                     Phoenix Smasher
QCF+1                     Stone Elbow        -Juggles, Counter Stuns-
F+1+4                     Sidestep, Shoulder Ram
F+1+2                     Overhand Left
QCB,N                     Dash Back
  1                         Lunging Tile Splitter -Bounce Juggle-
  2                         Straight Arm          -Counterhit Stuns-
  3,2,1                     Low Sweep, Elbow, Deathfist
  3,2,2                     Low Sweep, Elbow, Up-Router
D (3sec)                  Taunt
  U+2+3+4                   Flip Attempt          -When Hands Fall-


 Left-S  1+3_2+4          Flying Cartwheels
Right-S  1+3_2+4          Klonimitsu 

b,U/B                     Backflip
f,f+2                     Hilt Strike     -Sword Strike On Counterhit-
  d+3+4                     Sit Down      -Only on Counterhit-
d/f+1,1,1,1               Pommel Smashes
B+1+2,N,1+2               Death Breath Stance, Release Breath
f,f+1+2                   Dive Bomb
  2                         Backhand
d/f+1,2                   Uppercut, Backfist
  d/b+2,2,2                 Stone Backfists
d+3+4                     Indian Style
  4                         Kangaroo Kick
  2,2,2,2                   Low Spinning Backfist
SS+3+4                    Sword Debate Position
  F                         Rejuvenation
  2                         Backfist  
  1+4_2+3                   Soul Steal                    
  (1+4_2+3)~F               Life Give                     
b+1+4                     Sword Reversal
(d_d/b)+(1+3_2+4)         Low Pushoff
U/F+3+4                   Poison Wind
  b+1,1,1                   Spinning Hilt Strikes
    u/f+3+4                   Poison Wind
    4                         Backflip
      d/b                       Sword Slash               -Unblockable-
u/f+1+2,[~B]              Death-copter,[Extender]         -Unblockable-    
f,f+3,1                   Front Kick, Sword Slash         -Unblockable-
QCF+1                     Flipping Samurai Cutter         -Unblockable-
d/b+1,N,D/B..*glow*       Death Slash                     -Unblockable-
f,F+1+4                   Turning Harakiri                -Unblockable-
  f,f                       Double Stab                   -Unblockable-
d+1+4                     Standing Harakiri               -Unblockable-
  b+1,1,1,1                 Spinning Harakiri             -Unblockable-
U+1+2,                    Pogo Sword                      -Unblockable-
  f,f                       Slide Forward                 -Unblockable-
  U/F_U_U/B                 Hop                           -Unblockable- 
  4                         Kangaroo Kick
  D                         Stop Pogo

   Here are all the people who have spent time, energy, and lots of  
   money on Tekken 3 and have contributed a great amount of information
   to this moveslist.  Because without them, we would all be playing 
   Tekken 2 style on a game that has the name "Tekken 3".

   We made this for personal preference, and then thought you would want
   to have something as nice as this too.  Please e-mail us if ya have
   any suggestions, notice anything wrong, or missing. You will recieve
   credit for any useful information given. Thanks!

                         WLSociety.....Steve Sronce  
                         Draxxon.......Tom Romanotto 
Direct contributors and players that RULE!
#Tekken3....For bringing the best players together
Slikatel....For ruling the net with the Tekken Web Project
Tragic......Can I be in the Tekken 3 book? Please! Please! j/k :)
Jetli.......Have you seen cooljun lately?
Surfbard....Your faq inspired me to write this one....j/k :P
Catlord.....Yet another inspirational faq writer =P
Ploof.......There is a life outside of the realm of Tekken ya know :)
Beamer......How do you find all those multi's anyhow?
wangel......If a mag steals this will you sue for me while you're away?
Uncauzi.....For playing Eddy cuz I won't
Spinal......6 month's? Not a chance
MG_.........Do i still have to ph34r you?
Sleet.......I wish i could idle like you could
UberKuma....When's your nick gonna be UberPanda?
|Sirius|....Jackie Chan wanna be!
Zeb.........Oh yea, you gave us that one move
Haplo19.....Anyone seen a bag of tickets around here?
BigRory.....j00 da PizznimP of the A.C.G. f00li0!
MndCrm......For keepin Namco in check all these years
PPhoenix....Hangin with KiranaTi
MASTERNiC...If somebody has to live in wacco, better you than me >:)
shro0m......You gonna write the n64nation.com as well?
Roushi......"You climb obstacles like old people fuck!"
BigWang.....Puttin up with KiranaTi and PPhoenix
Tex.........Have you seen Paul's Footsweep-Elbow combo yet?
RonTaiChi...Hwoarang Sux :P
Piranha_....For talkin to Draxxon when no one else would
Mort........The message board Rox! Keep it up
J-Mann......You gonna come back once Tekken 3 gets old?
Technobrat..Stick around, the fun's just starting
Kaz.........Does slik really beat you EVERYTIME you play?....hehe
KhemiKal...."Manager for Hire"
Gouken......Does that mean Akuma in Japanese?
Wind-X......For keeping my Screen Clean
Peete.......Kicking All That Ass With Ling Xiaoyu
Banshe......There is no such thing as 4 of 3

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