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Basics Guide by Ozman

Version: 2 |

 ______                                                              _______
/_____ \_______________                                         ____/ ______/ 
      \_______   ______\         |\       |\                   |  ___/
              | |   ______   __  | \  __  | \  ______   ___    | | 
              | |  /______/ |  |/  | |  |/  | /______/ |   \   | |
              | |  _______  |     /  |     /   ______  | |\ \  | |
              | | |  _____/ |     \  |     \  |  ____/ | | \ \ | |
              | | | |_____  |  |\  \ |  |\  \ | |____  | |  \ \| |
              | |  \______\  \_| \__\ \_| \__\ \_____\ | |   \___|
              | |__________  ______________  __________| |
              \  _________/ /   REVISION   \ \_________  /
               \/          /___   _   _   __\          \/
                            ___| |_| |_| |__
                            \       2       /
                      Basics Guide and how to read FAQ's!!
 /--------\          By ()zMAN  (gazman@cyberspace.net.au)
Revision 1 - The whole thing is new!!
Revision 2 - Added info onto running, and the ground moves.  Removed a couple
of little things that were meant to be moved before distribution.  
They were Authors notes!

First off, this FAQ will probably not help play as certain character but more
to the point help you use evereyone!  It will explain the moves that everyone,
or most people, can do.  Hopefully I'll be able to do stratergy for some, or
all, of the general moves!!  Eventually I'd like for people to be able to pick
up this FAQ and say "Gee, what can I do when..." and they will be able to see 
when a move can be used!
Also I'll cover the standard notations used in all major FAQ's and explain 
how to use all of them!  For example the 1 2 3 4 or the lk rk lp rp formats! 
That's about it so please Enjoy this Guide to basics and how to read FAQ's!!



The basic conventions in Tekken3 can be written 2 different ways!  
The first way to show attacking buttons is the 1 2 3 4 way...
This is easily understood because it follows a simple pattern...  
1 is the top left button, 2 is the top right button, 3 is the bottom left 
button and of course 4 is the bottom right button!  This is very easy to 
pick up!  If someone says go 3,2,1,4 then you can follow that easily! And 
requires almost no thinking.  Most FAQ's are written in this format!  The 
major FAQ written like this is CatLords.  
For CatLord FAQ got to:  www.monmouth.com/~karin/t3moves.txt!!

OK, the other way the attack buttons can be written are as lp, rp, lk, rk.  
This is also easy to understand!  Remember Punches are on top and kicks 
are on the bottom!  Then all you have to do is remember which sides are 
left and right!!!
The major FAQ that uses this format is SurfBards.
For Surfbards FAQ visit: pw2.netcom.com/~surfbard/tek3faq.txt

The button Format for both ways is as follows:
  ______    ______
 /      \  /      \
 |   1  |  |  2   |
 |  or  |  |  or  |
 |  lp  |  |  rp  |
 \______/  \______/
  ______    ______
 /      \  /      \
 |   3  |  |   4  |
 |  or  |  |  or  |
 |  lk  |  |  rk  |
 \______/  \______/

It is always personal preferance as to which one you prefeer too read, 
write or think/talk in, but it is a good idea to be very familiar with both 
and to be able to translate them from one to another fairly quikly...  In 
your head of course!!

Now, I'll go on to explain how the bsic moves are written or called and how 
to do them in both ways to express!  I'll also try to explain how YOU (the 
player) does the move...  (kinda stratergy but not for in game...)

First off...


The easiest way to remember this is, tap is always lower case and HOLD IS 

To tap the joystick just put the stick between the bottom of your thumb and
forefinger and push it in the direction, then move your hand right away!
eg. u,N would be quickly tap up the move hand away!

To HOLD position the stick the same way and push it right up and the stick 
at that level.

The min thing is to remember is: for the stick to return to Nuteral, or the 
centre doesn't required you to move it there.  Letting go of the stick will
return it to Nuteral!

For movement I will draw a joysyick configuration and numbe the directions
and have references to the directions next to it!  Remember that people
don't talk about directions in numbers I'm just doing that for this guide!
         1           1. UP indicated by a U (Hold) or u (tap)
     8   |   7       2. DOWN indicated by a D (Hold) or d (tap)
      \  |  /        3. Forwards indicated by a F (Hold) or f (tap)
       \ | /         4. Backwards indicated by a B (Hold) or b (tap)
        \|/          5. DownBack indicated with a DB (Hold) or db (tap)
4--------9--------3  6. DownForwads indicated by a DF (Hold) or df (tap)
        /|\          7. UpForwards indicated by a UF (Hold) or uf (tap)
       / | \         8. UpBack indicated by a UB (Hold) or ub (tap)
      /  |  \        9. Nuteral or center indicated by a N.
     5   |  6
         2           **NOTE**  Some FAQ authors list diagnals with a slash
                               For example u/f or D/B.  They still mean the
                               Same thing!

OK!  That's not too hard to understand now is it??  I sure hope not!
Well that's directions and the attacking buttons taken care of, now what
about the conventions that FAQ writers use to make their FAQ easier to
Well here's a list of them and what the mean and how to do 'em (If needed!)

1. SS - SideStep!  This is done either u, N or d, N!  It makes you step
        around your opponent!
2. _ - this means or.  It is written between 2 moves that can be 
       interchanged, and both do EXACTLY the same thing!
3. ^ - Some FAQ's have these.  It refers to when a move is joined to
       another.  It means the 1st has to be done before the 2nd can be!
4. , - A comma.  Means do the next press or movement after the previous.
       Has to be done quickly but not TOO quickly...
5. ~ - This means instantly.  With (4) I said not too quickly, well this one
       is the too quicky.  It has to be done instantly or the move will not
       work properly!
6. : - 1/4 second pause.  This is for 10-Hits only and means just pause 
       before the next move must be done!  Often you will see many linked 
       together.  These (IMHO) are useless as people that do 10-Hits tend to
       just hit the buttons, not worry about timing.  You work it the way you
       feel comfortable with!
7. + - A plus sign means together. If 2 button presses have a + in between
       them, they MUST be pressed together for correct execution!
8. [] - These Square Brackets signify optional moves.  Such as Gun Jack has
        a move executed 3+4.  If 3+4 are pressed again he continues with the
        move.  But the 2nd press isn't neccersarry, and would be placed in [].
9. (!) - This is easy.  A move that has this sign near it is Unblockable.
         This means you have to dodge it!!  Or be hit by it...
10. {X} - Signifies a throw escape!  MOST throws can be secaped and these are
          The ways to escape them!
11. RN - While running!  If a move has RN on it, it means for this move to
         be executed you have to be running!
12. FC - Full Crouched Position.  This means you must be in the crouching
         position to do the move.
13. WS - While Standing.  Don't get confused.  This is while in the process
         of standing after a crouch or a lie down!  Moves that say WS+X mean
         press X while the animation of standing is happening!
14. WC - While Crouching.  Same as above (13) while going into the crouching
         position.  Mid-Animation!
15. ALL - This means press all 4 attacking buttons at once!
15. l-throw - Means the throw is done from the leftside!
16. r-throw - Means the throw is done from the rightside!
17. f-throw - Means the throw is done form the front!
18. b-throw - Means the throw is done from behind!
19. g-throw - Means the throw is done on a grounded opponent! *
20. c-throw - Means the throw is done on a crouching opponent! *
21. HCF - 1/2 circle forward.  Hold the Joysick in back and roll through the
          following motions. b,db,d,df,f!
22. HCB - 1/2 circle backward. Hold joystick in forward and roll through the
          following motions. f,df,d,db,b!
23. QCF - 1/4 circle forward. Same as (21+22) d,df,f
24. QCB - 1/4 circle back. Same as (23) d,db,b
25. NJ - Juggles.  This means that it puts the opponent in the air ready for
         you to attack them while helpless!!
26. HJ - High Juggle.  Places the opponent HIGH in the air, so wait before
         trying to hit them!!
27. J* - Juggles on counter.  A counter is when you hit he opponent as they 
         are attempting to attack you.  This hit only only juggles in this
28. BJ - This is a bounce juggle.  This means the opponent hits the ground 
         and then bounces high enough to keep hitting them in air!
29. BL - Juggles or Bounces low.  Try down and kicks to hit on these moves!
30. * - Stuns.  This means that the person is rendered helpless for a couplea
        secs.  Kazuya's gutpunch is an example of a stun! (Tekken2!!)
31. *C - Stuns on Counterhit.  Only stuns you (30) on a counter hit. Counters
         are mentioned in (27)
32. BK - Backfacing.  This applies to when you are facing away from your 
         opponent.  These moves reqire this to be executed.
33. #x - Hold for x.  Some moves require you do hold a direction for a
         certain amount of time!  eg D#5 would mean hold Down for 5 secs!
34. HP - Applies to Eddy/Tiger's Handstand Position!
35. GP - Applies to Eddy/Tiger's Grounded Position!
36. GR - Whil on the ground, doesn't apply to Lei's laying position!
* after description means King only.  For Ground throws and Ducking throws.
  King is the only character to posses these!

There's that done.  Now what about basic moves that everyone has.  Well,
here's a list of them!  After this the most useful ones will be listed
in more detail and also as to when a good time to use them would be.  I will
try to include uses for certain characters, but I'll be very limited!
In further revisions I'd like to have all of the Basics with stratergy and
examples for most/all characters!!!

OK here we go...  All previous notations will be used here!  I'll write it
in the 1,2,3,4 and lp,rp,lk,rk formats!!

f,f - 2 or 3 dashing steps or an Offensive Push
b,b - 2 or 3 quick backwards steps
D,df,ub - Backflip form far away
u,n - Sidestep explained earlier
d,n - Sidestep explained earlier
df+(lp,1) - basic Uppercut
df+(rp,2) - basic juggling Uppercut (NJ)
df+(lk,3) - Side Kick
df+(rk,4) - Front Kick
u - Low Jump
U - High Jump
u+(rp,2) - Punch on downed opponent
uf+(rp,2) - Punch on downed opponent
U+(rp,2) - Big punch on downed opponent
f,f,f - Run 
 ^B - Stop Running
 ^(lp+rp,1+2) - Flying Cross Chop
 ^(lk,3) - Flying Side Kick
 ^(rk,4) - Sliding Leg Sweep
ALL - Agression Charge
f+(lp+lk,1+3) - Left Limb Reversal Counter
f+(rp+rk,2+4) - Right Limb Reversal Counter


OK, now that's done.  First off a move that isn't there itself is the
Ultimate Tackle.  All Characters (I beleive) can perform theis move!  Some
Characters have it as a seperate move (Paul, Jin, King,...)  Others have to
do it from running.  Below when the stratergy for Running is listed it will
state how to land a tackle.

But now, on an Ulimate tackle, characters can do:
1. Mounted punches, (lp,rp,lp,rp,lp 1,2,1,2,1) or they can be started with
(rp 2) instead!  These are just a few punches to the chest!
2. Arm Break, (lp+rp 1+2) this is just a simple arm break.  The character
grabs your arm and breaks it.  Similar to Juns throw in T2!
3. Leg Break, (lk+rk 3+4) same as above 'cept it's ya' leg that goes CRACK!!
4. Punches to Arm Break, (lp,rp,lp,lp+rp 1,2,1,1+2) punch, punch, punch,
break arm!  Just a cross between 1.+2.
5. Punches to Leg Break (lp,rp,lp,lk+rk 1,2,1,3+4) punch, punch, punch,
leg break!!  Just a cross between 1.+3. King only?
6. Ultimate Punishment! (d+rp,lp,lp,N,rk,lp,lp+rp d+2,1,1,N,4,1,1+2). 
Chest punch then 2 low punches then roll over and snap goes the 
opponents neck!  Paul only!
7. Punches, Leg Break, Mini STF - (lp,rp,lp,lk+rk,lp+rp 1,2,1,3+4,1+2) 3
punches then a leg break and a variation on the STF!  King Only!
8. Punches, Arm Break, Arm Break - (rp,lp,rp,lp+rp,lp+rp 1,2,1,1+2,1+2) 3
mounted punches then 2 arm breaks!! King only!
9. Sword Stab - (rp+lp 1+2) Heyai Heyaiyaiya sword through ya'! Yoshimitsu!
10. Get off, simple (N) character just gets off!

When you are Ultimate Tackled you can do a few things they are:
1. (rp+rk 2+4) - Tackle Dodge, Done During Tackle Impact
2. d+(rp+lp 1+2) - Tackle Reversal, Done During Tackle Fall
3. d+(lp_rp 1_2) - Counter Mounted punches.  (lp 1) for (lp 1) punch.
4. (lp+rp,rp,rp,rp,rp 1+2,2,2,2,2) - Tackle Arm Break Counter
5. (lp+rp,rp,rp,rp,rp,rp 1+2,2,2,2,2,2) - Tackle Arm Break Reversal **
6. (lp+rp,lp,lp,lp,lp 1+2,1,1,1,1) - Tackle Leg Lock Counter
7. (lp+rp,rp,rp,rp,rp,rp 1+2,2,2,2,2,2) - Tackle Leg Lock Reversal ***
** King, Nina, Paul, Jin only can do this!
*** King and Nina only can do this!


1. f,f - quick dash or offensive push!  When close to an opponent you can
give them a little shove!  All this does is get them away from you!  It takes
nothing and is pretty useless!  But a bit of fun!

2. df+(lp 1) - Basic Uppercut.  Takes 10% and doesn't do very much!
It doesn't knock you down and hardly pushes you back!

3. df+(rp 2) - Basic Juggling uppercut.  Takes 15% and it juggles you can 
get a 3 hit on to it fairly easily!!
Also some characters have a thing called Twin Pistons!  It is 
done df+(rp,lp 1,2) And it does the basic uppercut then the Juggle uppercut!  
I think it takes 25% and can be juggled onto!  The characters that have it 
are Heihachi, Jin the Ogres and Bryan has a similar thing but done with 
elbows, still does the same thing.  Not sure of damage with Bryans!
After Twin Pistons Shining Fists is good!  (lp,lp,rp 1,1,2) The first and
third punches hit!  Only 2 hits but, FUN!!

4. u+(rp 2) - Pounce type thing!  Jump and punch you down.  Takes 12%.

5. uf+(rp 2) - Same as above. But it is for opponent a little further away!

6. U+(rp 2) - Hard Pounce type thing!  It takes more, 18%, and takes about 
double time to come out!
OK, with pounces, well with Heihachi he has a downward stomp D+(rp 4), this 
is better than the pounce.  It takes 25%  I also think Nina and Paul have a 
stomp-type thing!  I think Nina's is D+(rp 4) and she stabs you with her 
stilleto!  Pauls is more of a punch but I dunno how ta' do it!  Also Gun Jack
has that Sumo Stomp thing it takes 33% (I think) and CAN work as a stomp but
is a bit hard to make hit! Better as a Taunt!!!!!!!
Also Julia Chang has a thing called Earthquake Stomp!  It looks like the
pounces of Toshinden or Li Longs on Soul Blade!  It takes more than normal
and is executed uf+(lk+rk 3+4)  It works.  Holding UF makes it stronger but
takes heaps longer to come out!!
With Law his db+(rk 4) can work as a downed strike but it has certain
conditions as to how they're laying.  eg head towards, face up etc...

7. f,f,f - Running!  Alright.  Easy to run, eh?  Well at certain distances
across the screen you can do damage to the opponent.  Here's a rough guide
to where to be what it does and what it takes!
About 4 b,b's away does an Ultimate Tackle does 5%
About 4 b,b's away does a stomp on a downed opponent does 12%
About 6 b,b's away does a shoulder ram it is (!) and does 30%
Alright!  That's all for that!
Crap I forgot a couplea' things for running...  (added in rev.2!)
Alright, most if not all characters have things that can be done of a run,
they are:
1. Flying Cross Chop done by - (lp+rp 1+2)
2. Flying side kick is done - lk
3. Sliding side kick - rk
4. Stop rinning - B

For those stratergy, use 'em if ya' opponent is expecting a shoulder ram,
they aren't that useful, I guess the high one can be duked wich makes it
a bit crap and the low ones can be blocked or jumped, but you take the risk 
like with any move.  Mix 'em up a bit and you'll hit a few occasionally!!
As to the 4. Just use it if you are against someone who knows enough about
Tekken to know that they ca nknock you out of the run!!

Now for stratergy on running with certain characters, pretty much anything 
that sends your opponent (or you) far away and gives you the time to 
charge them is a good time to do just that!  
For example Lei WuLong's (lp+lk 1+3) throw send you far enough apart to get 
the charge in after it!  If you can get the throw and the ram you get 70%  
Which is pretty good!

And Paul's Ultimate Phoenix Smasher B+(lp+rp 1+2) sends your opponent far
enough back (if it doesn't kill ya!) to get a charge in on them, that'll be
dead if you can get it it'll take 130%

8. Aggression Charge - ALL.  This is a few second of charge up.  It makes you
go into (!) charge up position and you flash all effects and stuff.  After
that you have about 4 seconds of Block Damage, and everything taking counter
damage! This is good except you can be hit in the power-up time and you gat
block damage and counter damage too!  Very FUN!!
One really good thing is that you can't be thrown while powering-up the
opponent gets thrown backwards.  No damage or anything but they're away from

9. Geez, I knew I'd forgotten something!  (rev. 2!!) erm, well while grounded!
There are a few moves that can be executed only while on the ground!  These
moves are not the same for Lei WuLongs lay down position!  He has certain
combos/moves from there that are different!  These are for everyone if they
are GR - Grounded!!  When you are grounded press:
1. (~lp_~rp_~lk_~rk ~1_~2_~3_~4) to do a Quick Recovery
2. D+(lp 1) to Roll Over
3. (lp 1) to Roll Sideways
4. (lk 3) to Get Up With Sweep
5. (rk 4) to Get Up With Side Kick
6. D+(rk 4) to do a Ankle Kick
7. B to Roll Backwards then press:
7.1.  b+lk+rk to Get Up
7.2.  f+lp+rp to forward dive
7.3.  F to roll forwards
7.4.  f+lp+rp to do a forward dive
8. And, Ogre2 (some of you may not know this!) has (lk+rk 3+4) - Owls hunt!
He teleports into the air and dive bombs you!  It is (!) and takes 30%
It's not completely useless and can be used!!


In the next few revisions I'd like to add more to the stratergy and fix all
things that need fixing and sort out that damn Ultimate Tackle thing properly!
And have stratergy for more individual characters!
Fix up the crap!!

Please Email me if you have anything to say! I need help (no, not mentally!!)
with this to keep it full!!  So help me, friggin' help me!!
The Email is gazman@cyberspace.net.au
ICQ??  UIN is 2718688!!
Chuck me on ya' contact list and I'll speak to ya' from there!!
Actually, now that my modem doesn't work, I might not be able to do any of 
So send Emails to ryan@netlink.net.au . That's NAtM@n's address!!
   |    |____|   /_\  |\ | \ / \ / \ / | |
   |    |    |  /   \ | \| / \ / \ / \ * *
Thanx go out to the following members of the human species!
* Nathan Ryan, the NAtM@n!!  Thanx Nath ya'...
* Mark Landry, Wicked site (This FAQ'z there!) and cool G-Jack FAQ!!
* Faceless Master!  He'z just Faceless, that makes him cool!!
* JAG0666, hey you da' man!!
* bLaZe, for hating MOKUJIN so much!!  Mokujin'z da' BOMB!!
* Marilyn Manson, for givin' me something ta' listen to!!
* And I think that's about it!

Thanx for reading!  
By Tha ()z|\/|/-\|\|!!

Tha ()zMAN!!  (c) copyright 1997!

Tha ()zMAN!! is Oliver Eden.  A complete Tekken3 nut!!  And he lives in 
Australia!!  Aussies are gonna win tha Olympics!!  Sydney 2000!!

I'll be seenin' you at tha arcade!!

-----------------------------TEKKEN3 IS DA' BOMB!!---------------------------

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