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Dr. Boskonovich by ETP

Version: 0.6 |

Dr. Boskonovich Strategy Guide by the Electric Tekken Pickle, 
ETP@hotbot.com, version 0.6

this guide was written as a basic guide to Dr. Boskonovich.  It will 
contain errors and ommisions as I am not a great Boskonovich player, or 
a very good proofreader.  The main intention of this guide is to give 
those interested in the good doctor a place to start and hopefully to 
act as a forum for others tips on playing Dr.B.  This Faq is currently 
without a vs. guide as most of the tekken players in my town are scrubs 
and mashers and really good competition are few and far between.  All 
the information that i gained from other FAQ's are used with permission.  
Also some may note a similarity between this faq and MC's king faq as I 
used his as a guide for formatting and style.                             
Send any comments or suggestions to ETP@Hotbot.com 

Fixed alot of Format errors, like the Faults and Fortes section

new juggles (some more on the way)
throw correction
New parry info
New low Parry info
new true stance tips (another way to enter it)
Jack Tamer additions

1 - Doctor's Fault's and Fortes
2 - General Considerations
3 - Movelist
4 - Keeping Dr.B Standing
5 - Offensive Strategy
6 - Defensive Strategy
7 - Throws
8 - Okizeme/Avoiding Okizeme
9 - Juggles
10- Charging
11- Unblockables
12- True Stance
13- Other Notes
14- Summation
15- Credits

1--The Doctors faults and Fortes

	Pro				Con

-Dr.B is hard to predict because   I -He falls down whenever he blocks 
presses back or does               I  some 
moves.  This can be 
his style is so off-the-wall       I  
frustrating and is very hard to 
                                   I  adapt to. It also makes blocking
                                   I  with the doctor very hard.
 -Dr.B may look old and feeble but I  
he has enough power hits and pokes I
to lauch a strong offence          I -Because of his unusual style Dr.B 
                                   I  is one of, if not the hardest 
                                   I  characters to control and 
                                   I  be 
effective with at first.      
-His Combo's and multi-parts have  I  
a startling damage potential       I
                                   I -His moves are slower than a lot of 
                                   I  characters 
and as such can be 
-He can fight from the ground like I  seen coming unless you 
Lei, and has a punch reversal a la I  really mix up your gameplay
Forest                             I 
                                   I -very difficult to block low
-He spends his time crouching or onI
the ground and can evade attacks   I
that way.  Furthermore most of his I
attacks his Low or Mid. has a low  I

2--General Considerations

I get mixed reactions whenever I pick Boskonovitch.  Often he is 
underestimated, and seen as a poor choice of character (some would say 
Kuma is better).  Other times my opponent acts as if I chose Eddy, 
calling the Doctor a cheap thoughtless character.  It is true that Dr.B 
has some cheap tactics which can frustrate some players (like staying on 
the ground and using only well timed Doctor Breaths and 3,3's.  This 
really rattles players who can't get around it(scrubs and mashers).  All 
in all though, neither reaction is appropriate.  The Doctor is a finesse 
character for players looking to challenge themselves.
B's strength lies in his pokes, combinations, and unpredictability.  He 
should remain on the offence while standing as blocking and moving about 
are not his strong areas. He is limited by his poor juggle starters 
which are slow and could either end with him lying down, or falling 
backwards if your not careful. It is advisable to avoid using his grab 
moves except as a surprise, or against opponents you know fall for them 
because B's throws are hard to set up and leave you open. I would say 
that doctor Boskonovitch's best range is mid to far, out of sweep range, 
a crouch dash away.  Doctor B is not fast enough to compete up close as 
so many of his good moves require a dash in or long set-up.  

3--Doctor Boskonovitch's Move List courtesy of Ben 'Tragic' Cureton With 
ETP additions

:Special Conventions:

GS:  Move causes Guard Stun
DS:  Double-Over Stun
FB:  Fall Back (Doctor B. will fall back after this move)
EFB: Electric Fall Back (Doctor B. will spark, then fall back after this 
c:   represents on counterhit
<:   signifies following move can be delayed
~:   perform following move immediately
_:   chose between the moves separated by the '_'
KND: Knockdown Position (face up, feet towards)
PLD: Play Dead Position (face up, feet away)
SLD: Slide Position (face down, feet away)
FCD: Face Down Position (face down, feet towards)

During FB, press 2 to speed up falling animation. Press 1 during 
fall down to go directly into Panic Doctor.

At any time during FB, press 3+4 to perform Flip Flop.

During initial animation of FB or EFB, tap forward to recover.

At any time during FB or EFB press U for Doctor Bounce.

-Special Arts-

Move Name              Command            Lev.    Damage             

One-Two Punches        1,2                mm      4,10
Bad Stomach            1+4                -       -                  #3
Panic Doctor           2~1                -       -                  FB
Left Lk-Right LK       3,4                ll      12,7
Thunder Oldfist        u/f+1              m       25                 EFB
 = low parry            =d
Wind Oldfist           u/f+2              h       15                 FB
Trip Slide             f+3+4              M       17 (7 guard damage)
Crouch Dash            f,f                -       -
Jam Combo              f,f+1<4<3<2<1      mLLmm   13,8,10,12,13      EFB
Jam Combo Extention    f,f+1<4<3,3,3,2<1  mLLLLmm 13,8,10,10,7,12,13 EFB
Jack Tamer             f,f+2              m       20             DScGS#4    
Slash Kick             f,f+3              m       30                 GS
Whiff Frankensteiner   f,f+4              M       21
Steel Dive             f,f+1+2            M       27
Head Dive              f,f+3+4            M       30
Elbow Rush             f,f,N+2            m       8                  FB
Elbow Warp             f,f,N+2 (CH)       m       12,5
 = Laughing Doctor      = f,f             -       -
   = Mind Warp            = 1+2           M       25                 PLD
   = Hopping Back Kick    = 3             M       20                 FB
Panicsmoka             f,f,N+3            M       25
Twin Pistons           d/f+1,2            mm      8,21               FB
Slicer                 d+4                L       10                 FCD
Dr. Kossak Kicks       D/B+3,4,3,4,3,4    LLLLLL  15,12,10,12,12,12  FB
Guard Break            b+1+4              m       -                  KND
Banik Charge           3+4                -       -
 = Banik Oldfist Chain  = u/f+1,3,3,3,3   mmmmmm  25,20,10,10,10     FB
 = Super Panic Chain... = u/f+1,3,3,...   mmmm... 25,20,10,10...
   ...Super Panic Chain   ...F+3,3,3,3,3,3mhmmml  ...10,15,10,10,10  FB
 = Shadow Legs Front    = ~B              -       -
   = Overhead Crescent    = 3             h       28                 FB
   = Prison Break         = 4             m       
21               FB GS 
Panik Reverse Charge    b+3+4             -       -
 = Super Doctor         U                 !       48
 = Shadow Legs Back     = ~B or ~F        -       -
   = Summer Kick          = 3             m       25                 FB
   = Winter Kick          = 4             m       21                 FB
Gut Stun               SS+2               m       18             FB DSc 
 = Thunder Oldfist      = 1               m       25                 FB
Doctor Scoot           KND[f_b]           -       -
Doctor Roll            KND[f,f_b,b]       -       -                  FB
 = Rolling Kick         = 4               M       16                 GS
 = Flying Cross Chop    = f+1+2           M       15                 GS
 = Flip Flop            = 3+4             M       25                 KND
Doctor Breath          KND[1_2]           !       3
Hop Up                 KND 3+4            m       20
 =trip slide            =d+3+4
Rolling Kicks          KND 3<3            lm      7,30
Roger Kicks            KND 4,3,4,3,4      !mmmmm  -,10,10,10,17      #3
Trick Roger Kicks      KND 4,4,3,4,3,4    !!mmmmm -,-,10,10,10,10,17 #3
Chi Charge             KND ALL            -       -
Doctor Scoot Away      PLD[f_b]           -       -
Doctor Roll            PLD[f,f_b,b]       -       -                  FB
 = Flying Cross Chop    = f+1+2           M       15                 GS
 = Flip Flop            = 3+4             M       25                 PLD
Roo Kick               PLD 3+4            m       21                 EFB
Chi Charge             PLD ALL            -       -
Lying Trip Slide       SLD 3+4            L       15
Spinnng Crescent Lunge FCD 4              m       18                 FCD
Doctor Roll            FCD b,b            -       -                  FB
 = Rolling Roo Kick     = ~3+4            m       25                 EFB
Mind Blast             BK 1+2             M       25
Mind Blast Away        BK b+1+2           M       25
Panic Charge Reverse   BK 3+4             -       -
 = Shadow Legs Back     = ~B or ~F        -       -
   = Summer Kick          = 3             m       25                 FB
   = Winter Kick          = 4             m       21                 FB
High/Mid Punch Parry   1+2                -       -                  #1
Low Parry              d+1+2              -       -
Bio Reactor            b+1+2              !       10(10,10,10...)    #2
Resting Doctor         d+3+4              -       -
 = Skidding Doctor      = 3_4...          -       -

#1: can chain directly into Irish Whip
#2: escaped with 3+4, will contuniously do damage until escaped.
#3: after any 4 in the string, holding B will make Dr. B. roll 
#4: if the jack tamer hits on a CH vs. Gunjack you have two new options.
      1- ff+2(ch),N-- this will make gunjack do his unblockable which 
dr.b will reverse automatically.
      2- ff+2(ch)~U-- this will make gunjack do his flying move over 
you, allowing you to doctor bounce him in the air or wait till he lands 
and hit him from behind.


BDS (must perform Bad Stomach first 1+4)

Throw Name           Command             Position   Damage     Escape     

Irish Whip           BDS,1+2             f-throw    10         1+2
 = Elbow Drop         = 2,2,1+2          link       21         -
   = Kingstep           = 1+4            link       -          -
     = Running Bulldog    = 2,1,3,4      link       38         -
   = Cartwheel          = 1+2            link       -          -
     = Taunting Doctor    = 3+4          link       -          -
     = Shoulder Ram         = 1+2        link       50         -
   = Flying Cross Chop  = 3+4            link       10         -
Arm Takedown         BDS,1+2             ls-throw   45         -
Trip Up              BDS,1+2             rs-throw   40         -
Atomic Drop          BDS,1+2             b-throw    60         -
Rolling Powerbomb    1+2 (Parry), 3+4    cr-throw   37         -
Dr. Frankensteiner   f,f+4               f-throw    15,18      -
Stone Head           KND[f,f_b,b] b+1+2  f-throw    33         -

Credits for the movelist go to the following:
Author: Ben Cureton (tragic)
   Rick Mahone (ETP)
   Jay Brewer (Jemhadar)
   Bruce M. Williams (beamer)
   #tekken (IRC - Efnet)

4--Keeping Dr.B Standing (Used with permission from Catlord's drb Faq)

The biggest problem with Dr. B is that he can never stay on his feet.
Before the round can start, sometimes Dr. B has already fallen on the
ground.  After many of Dr. B's attacks, he loses balance.  The general
rule of thumb to keep Dr. B up is this:  If he is about to fall over
backwards, tap Forward once.  If he is about to fall over forwards, tap 
twice.  If you wish to do a move like dashing backwards, make sure you
tap Backwards twice and quickly tap Forward once.  Remember, after some
attacks, Dr. Bosko is going to fall over no matter how hard you try to 
him up.
     The other problem with Dr. B is how to get him to stand up and 
stayafter he's fallen down.  Here is a quick guide to easy-standing
moves in various Dr. B laydown positions:

 Face Up/Feet Toward - 4 or 3+4,d,d or f,f+1+2,d,d
 Face Up/Feet Away - 3 or 4
 Face Down/Feet Toward - 3
 Face Down/Feet Away - 3 or 4

5--Offensive Stategy

Because the doctor cannot string together long combo's, or assume a 
stable defence (he will fall if he presses back or is hit) it is 
important to play aggressively with low-risk moves such as pokes (1,2; 
3,4; KDP 1_2) or his faster set-up moves (ff+2; f+3+4; ff+1).  As a 
tekken player you obviously already know the importance of being 
aggressive, but it is worth repeating because..

The following is a brief and incomplete look at some of the moves which 
I consider essential to proper Doctor gameplay:

1,2 and 3,4 - each are effective as good offensive pokes as they are 
quick and each hit at a different height.  Mix them up to keep the 
opponent guessing when to block.

f,f - crouch dash.  This move is useful as it forms the basis for many 
of the dr.'s attacks.  Since many moves can be added on to the crouch 
dash you can play guessing games with the opponent. Furthermore the 
crouch dash is the fastest way for Dr. to advance short-medium distance 
and many attacks will go over his head. Beware it is easy to grab the 
doctor during the dash so be ready to escape a throw attempt(especially 
against CPU)

U/F+1 - the thunder oldfist is a powerful offensive attack which catches 
many opponents off gaurd.  Use as a surprise move or when the enemy is 
stunned/ staggered as it often leaves you very open afterwards. It can 
be a solid stand-alone move if used properly though. 
VERY IMPORTANT: tapping d upon landing will allow you to do a low parry.  
This is important because this move will limit the amount of frames that 
Dr.B will take to recover significantly, thus allowing for juggles/ 

U/F+2 - The wind oldfist strikes for less damage but is faster to 
execute and recover. Mix this up with the thunder oldfist to change your 
f+3+4 - The trip slide is a great low attack which will knock an enemy 
off his feet, even if the opponent blocks the move will do guard damage 
(7 pts). Follow up this move with 3,3 when the opponent begins to stand 
to launch him into the air, follow that up with another trip slide while 
the enemy is on the ground.  If the enemy rolls away you have two 
options; either press f,f to follow after and then perform a move (like 
the b+1=2 throw, or flying cross chop).  Or you could use the time to 
get up or roll back and get up to prepare another set of moves.  Finally 
if you believe your opponent will try to launch a sweep attack from the 
ground counter it with Doctor Breath(1_2) or a 4.

f,f+1,4,3(3,3),2,1 - The Jam combo is a devastating move if it is not 
overused.  Even if the first attack is blocked the next 2-4 hit low, the 
full combo does over half a life bar in damage and is very easy to pull 
off.  I say don't overuse this because good players will learn to 
reverse the f,f+1 or interupt the combo with a quick attack or parry.  

f,f+1(ch) - if the first hit of the jam combo connects as a counter hit 
(the opponent will be visually stunned) you can follow up with a 
gauranteed thunder oldfist, which can then link into one of the juggles 
in the juggle section below.

f,f+2 - The Jack Tamer is a good surprise move as it comes out quick and 
upon scoring a counterhit will set you up for other attacks while the 
opponent is stunned, preferably u/f+1.  You can exchange this move for 
the Elbow Rush by f,f,n+2. If the elbow rush attack scores a counterhit 
you can follow with the elbow-warp combinations by pressing f,f (towards 
the opponent twice, you will be walking backwards) then either 1+2 (for 
the mind warp) or 3 (hopping back kick).  While the mind warp does more 
damage the hop-kick can juggle the opponent.  The Jack tamer has an 
interesting effect on Gunjack.  When it connects as a counter hit Jack 
will go into one of two moves which can be reversed or abused.  Fistly 
leaving the controls alone will make Gunjack do his chop unblockable 
which Dr.B will Automatically reverse for good damage.  If you press U 
immediately after the ff+2CH connect Gunjack will do his flying move 
over you.  From this position you can either 1) hold U and hit him with 
the doctor bounce for an easy shot or 2)perform your backthrow on him 
when he lands and then ~U for a big damage alternative.

f,f+4 - the Whiff Frankenstein is a good mix up after the crouch dash as 
it connects as a throw against a standing enemy.  If the enemy keeps his 
gaurd up whenever you rush in to attack this will snag his for good 
damage.  Be careful though as it is easy to be hit while doing this move 
and if done when the opponent is too far you will hit the ground and 
take damage. Work well against a character who is getting up from the 

d/f+1,2 - Twin pistons is same as Heihachi's move of the same name. a 
good move to use to vary the speed of your poking game. Is also a good 
juggle starter.

d/b+3,4,3,4,3,4 - The Kossak kicks are best used when timed against an 
approaching opponent.  If done correctly it will land on a counterhit 
and juggle the opponent for great damage. Timing this move improperly 
will result in a powermove to the face(can you say deathfist?).  

b+3+4 - Panik Reverse Charge is a set up for either B's unblockable (not 
suggested except for fun) and the shadow legs attacks. The doctor can 
press either B of F to wind around his opponent and then land one of two 
kicks.  The summer kick (3) is a strong one shot hit to floor opponents. 
the Winter Kick (4) is weaker but will juggle the opponent.

KDN, 3,3 - the rolling kicks hit twice, the second hit does great damage 
and will pop up the enemy.  The second hit can be delayed.  A little 
slow however.

6--Defensive Strategy

Some of the above still applies for the defensive strategy. For instance 
all the pokes are good to counter incoming opponents, and the doctor 
breath will protect you on the ground.  The Kossak kicks can also hurt 
an offensive minded enemy. Furthermore an important thing to remember is 
that if the doctor is hit, even while blocking, he will begin to fall.  
Also the Doc's block is more forgiving than most in that when  I am 
blocking with any other character I cannot even look at another button 
without forfeiting my blocking status.  I have often blocking with the 
doctor at the beginning of some of my moves (don't count on this, 

To block low with the doctor, which is impossible to do the normal way, 
you must tap rather than hold the d/b. Hit the d/b just as a low attack 
comes in and release it quickly and the doctor will block low.

2~1 - The Panic Doctor move seems quite useless at first. It causes the 
doctor to turn a full circle where he stands looking panicked.  The 
advantage of this move is that it will avoid attacks even better than 
his sidestep, especially against linear unblockables (pauls killer 
deathfist). Furthermore, while not the fastest move, the ff+1 can be 
tacked on quickly to the end of this move.  This often scores a 
counterhit when done properly and then followed with some large juggles.

d+4 - The slicer is a low kick attack which drops you out of mid to high 
counterattacking range by putting you in the face-dow feet-towards the 
opponent position. Use in a poking game to add more confusion, 
especially if the enemy keeps trying to interupt your pokes with High or 
Mid attacks. Follow it with a 3 for a trip, can be done repeatedly for 
KND+(1_2) - The doctor breath is a perfect counter to attacks while the 
doctor is in knockdown position.

KND+4 - a single 4 while on the ground has excellent stopping power with 
the proper timing. It should give you enough time to get out of the way 
when you are in a bad position.

KND+3+4- the hop up is a fair move against characters rushing towards 
you. Its very limited range however means that they must be charging at 
you to connect.  However the benifit to this move is that by pressing 
d+3+4 afterwards the doc will go directly into a trip slide, which is a 
faster, long range move.

U (during FB) - The doctor bounce is an interesting move which, if it 
connects will keep most opponents timidly waiting for another one.  WHen 
you begin to fall back hold up and the doctor will bounce on the ground 
and fly up possibly doing damage if the opponent is close or advancing. 
Because the doctor falls back whenever he is hit this move is a good way 
to mix up your recoveries (if your opponent thinks your going to tap 
forward to stay on your feet they will often advance to attack during 
the recovery time). Often your opponent may try to throw you as you fall 
back and this move often has priority. A good time to do this is after a 
blocked ff+2 because it keeps you close to your opponent.  The ff+1 is 
also good but you are a bit farther away.  Beware of doing this two far 
away as you can be juggled by doing it.

The Doctors Reversal is the same as Heihachi's.  If a mid or high right 
kick hits as a counterhit your reversal is automatic.  Not a move to be 
counted on.

FB+1+4 - while falling back press 1+4 and the doctor will reverse 
incoming mid hits. (courtesy of Dragon Knighto)

d+1+2 - Low parry.  I must advise you to learn this right away. Dr. B 
has difficulty blocking low so this is the best way of cancelling 
incoming low strikes. Dr.B's low parry has him hop over the incoming 
attack and I'm not sure if there are any attacks gauranteed after it.  
If you know of any i'll be glad to write them (and I will give you the 
credit). However their are some added benifits of the Low Parry which 
make it very effective.  Firstly, if you low parry the first hit of a 
low string (like ali kicks, cossack dance or hellsweeps) then Dr.B will 
automatically parry the rest of the attacks.  Secondly, when you low 
parry a move with a high/mid followup ,like jins hellsweep, hwo's d+4,4 
or pauls d+4,2, then the high mid attack is AUTOMATICALLY REVERSED. The 
auto reversal tip was donated by Thunder Fist.

1+2 - Hi-Mid Punch Parry.  This move is not quite as useful as Forest 
Laws as it has a shorter window of oppurtunity and less amazing follow-
ups, but it is still usefull and should be used EVERY TIME YOU SEE A 
PUNCH ATTACK, INSTEAD OF BLOCKING.  The follow-up off the parry should 
usually be 1+2 as this will initiate the irish whip multi-throw or the 
3+4 if your confident the opponent will try and crouch to avoid the 1+2 
throw.  The punch parry can also be initiated after the Bad Stomach(1+4) 
move. If anyone has any suggestions for guaranteed punch parry follow-
ups email me at the address at the top of the sheet.  Another tip for 
the punch parry which was given by Catlord is that pressing b+1+3_2+4 
after the punch parry will reverse any high mid follow up punch the 
opponent throws, I have not personally tested this yet though if someone 
could confirm this for me i'd appreciate it.
- when someone tries a string on you one of the best defences is 
to block what you need to and fall to the ground.  pressing 2 during the 
falling animation will speed it up. this way the string is nullified and 
you can use your ground strategies.

		In sum (for offense and defence) remember these points.
	(these points are from MC's King Faq, and are used with 

1.  Be aggressive.  Take the fight to your opponent and don't let
them get their game going..  Always interrupt rather than block when 
possible.  This leads to
CH's, juggles, stuns, etc.
3.  Throw often.  Throws are NOT cheap and do lots of damage.  Set
them up with a solid poking attack. (with dr.b you should only throw 
if you are confident you can do it quickly, or following a punch parry)
4.  Defend aggressively.  Never block when you can reverse or low
5.  Use merciless okizeme at all times.
6.  Know your range.  Using moves at ranges they are not meant for
is disastrous.
7.  Adjust your game slightly if necessary.  If your opponent seems
to read your mind on certain patterns, switch things up.
8. SS frequently.  Follow through with throws and juggles when
9. Learn to break throws on reaction - this will save you lots
of damage.
10.  Know the opposition.  Learn the other characters inside and
out.  Knowing your opponent is half the battle; I believe Sun Tzu
or some other Asian philosopher stated this in his work 'The Art
of War'.  Makes sense.


The Doctor has basically four throws although there are many variations 
on the first one.
Note: BDS means you must perform Bad Stomach first 1+4

BDS,1+2 - this is the first of the throws, and the most potentially 
damaging.  Learn to use the Bad Stomach, 1+2 follow-up very quickly as 
it can really help for some much needed damage against a defencive 
character(press 1+4 ~then release the 4 and press 2 simultaneously to 
buffer, the BDS should be barely noticeable).  This throw is the set up 
for the ls, rs, and b-throws.  From the front it performs the Irish 
Whip.  From the irish whip you can perform one of three multi-parts.  
Always try to do the multiparts after the throw because the opponent 
cannot stop them once begun. Each multi-part includes the 2,2,1+2 elbow 
drop right after the Irish whip.  The Flying cross chop multi is done by 
pressing 3+4 after the elbowdrop, the damage is only 10 (41 total) but 
it is easy to do and leaves you in a fairly good position for okizeme 
tactics.  Next is the Kingstep(1+4) to running bulldog (2,1,3,4). This 
combo is the hardest to do because of short time you have in which to do 
the running bulldog but is worth it for its 69 damage!. Lastly the 
Cartwheel (1+2) to Taunting Doctor (3+4) to shoulder ram (1+2) is the 
most damaging throw at a whopping 81 damage!  The downside to this is 
that the opponent can just stay down after the elbowdrop to avoid the 
shoulder ram (the computer will almost always do this) instead of the 
shoulderram do the flying cross chop at the end of that combo to hit the 
grounded opponent, this will do less damage but may also make him think 
twice about just laying there.

The next throw variation is the punch parry 1+2 then throw.  If you 
parry press 1+2 again to do the Irish Whip (see above for info on the 
Irish Whip) sometimes this will connect for a side throw. Also the 3+4 
(cr) is an option but only works if the opponent tries to duck after the 

f,f+4 - The Dr.Frankensteiner is a good move as it can connect as a hit 
even when its too far to throw and doesnt leave you too open on a miss. 
against characters who block alot this can catch them off gaurd.  Beware 
however, you can be hit while in the air (watch out with characters who 
defend by interupting and mashers who could very well get lucky and clip 
you) also if you whiff completely you'll hit the ground for some damage 
to yourself.  Is a good move to use on a rising opponent (beware of a 
rising mid kick as it may hit you first)

KND[f,f_b,b],b+1+2 - The stone head is hard to do because it involves 
rolling from a knockdown position.  While rolling you are subject to a 
lot of okizeme tactics so only do this throw against an enemy who 
doesn't have his okizeme's ready, for instance by using doctor breath or 
some quick kicks from the ground you could teach many enemies to wait 
for you to get up, then use this to surprise.

8--Okizeme/ Avoiding Okizeme

Hitting someone while they are down and not letting them up seems pretty 
cheap and it is, which is why it is essential, because if you're not 
doing it to them you can be sure they're doing it to you.  The following 
are the okizeme tactics I use.

3,4 - the left,right kick combo hits low and prompts the opponent to get 
up quickly if they think you've kicked them to a safe distance follow up 
with either of the next two moves.

f,f+2 - the jack tamer is perfect for smashing opponents as they get up, 
use it the instant they try to move. As an added bonus if the opponent 
gets hit with this while rising and trying an attack it will connect CH 
and set them up for a hurtin' (try U/F+1 for some good damage on the 

f+3+4 - when the opponent is a little to far for regular kicking use the 
slide move to get in close.  Learn to time the rolling kicks (3,3) so 
that once an opponent tries to rise he'll be popped in the air. Once 
lauched sweer him with 3 and then slide kick him again. You can also 
follow the slide with 4,3,4,3,4,3 which isn't really gauranteed as it is 
very slow and easy to rise and block.

f,f+1+2 or f,f+3+4 - the steel dive and head dive will booth hit 
grounded opponents from a distance, the head dive does slightly more 
damage but the steel dive has a slightly faster recovery. From these 
moves you are put in the slide position (SLD, face down, feet away) 
press 3+4 to slide then use the tactics above.

d+4,3 - the slicer then trip is a fair okizeme as you can dash up to the 
opponent and try it again and again.  Beware of tech rollers.

d+1+2 - not an attack but important to note.  the low parry is a must if 
your opponent likes to get up with a low sweep because DrB cannot block 

Also when an opponent is prone to rise with a mid kick, roll forward, or 
just rise try using the thunder or wind godfists as they make a move.

Overall Dr. B is not a very good okizeme player but any damage you can 
do on a grounded opponent is worth doing. Email if you know of any other 
good okizeme for B.

To avoid okizeme their are a few things to remember firstly try to stop 
always rolling backwards to get up (most players roll back on impulse) 
many powerful okizeme are set up by rolling back , Boskonovitch's f,f+2 
for example.  Try to learn how to teck roll, this involves hitting any 
button the moment you hit the ground off a juggle or certain throws. 
Don't always tech the same way and don't always tech- try to get a feel 
for when this will get you out of trouble like against incoming linear 
moves that don't track well.  Although it takes practice it is possible 
to avoid many attacks by rolling (u,d) but this roll seems slower than 
other character's roll using 1.  The hop up (3+4) from the Knockdown 
position will catch incoming opponent but only if they are coming in 
quite close, if it whiffs press d,d to stand or b+3+4 or d+3+4 to link 
to another attack. Remember to use the doctor breath (1_2) while in the 
KND position as it is fast and has very high priority over many okizeme 


Dr.B is a great juggler despite most of his starters being slow and have 
him entering the FB or EFB positions.  His stuns are usually a better 
way of starting a juggle, try ff+2(ch) or ff+1(ch).
One thing to remember- when using the thunder oldfist tap down upon 
landing as doing the low parry will allow you much more time (remember 
also that the low parry still tries to make dr.b fall back so be 
prepared to press forward)
I do not have a full list of the possible juggles here, any help would 
be appreciated.

thunder oldfist to left right kicks                   --44 damage
u/f+1 (press f to keep from falling) 3,4  
this is a simple juggle that can be used when you forget to press down 
after the TGF

thunder oldfist to thunder oldfist                    --63 damage
u/f+1, d, u/f+1

thunder oldfist to doctor bounce                      --56 damage
u/f+1, d, U

Lying trip to twin pistons to slide                   --53 damage
FDFT(facedown feettowards)3, d/f+1,2, f+3+4
use the slicer d+4 to get in FDFT easily. the twin pistons are hard to 
hit with here

thunder oldfist to jab to twin pistons                --55 to 60
u/f+1,d,1(1)_2, d/f+1,2

Rolling Kicks to lying trip to slide                  --50 damage
KDN (faceup feettowards) 3,3, 3, f+3+4

Wind oldfist to Thunder oldfist                       --45
u/f+2, u/f+1

Wind oldfist to Steel dive                            --35
u/f+2, f,f+1+2

Wind oldfist to wind oldfist                          --30 damage
u/f+2, u/f+2
    - to wind oldfist                                 --38
      f,u/f+2 (timing crucial)         

Wind oldfist to Jam combo                             --
u/f+2, 1,4,3,2,1

Wing oldfist to jab to twin pistons                   --40
u/f+2, 1_2, d/f+1,2
Twin Pistons to wind oldfist                          --44 damage
d/f+1,2, u/f+2

Dr.Kossak kicks on CH                                 --43 damage

Winter kick to left/right kicks                       --30 damage
b+3+4,(b_f),4, 3,4                                     

Winter kick to wind oldfist                           --35
b+3+4, (b_f), u/f+2
Winter kick to jab to twin pistons                    --40
b+3+4,(b_f), 1_2, d/f+1,2

Gut Punch to wind oldfist to thunder oldfist          --
SS+2(ch), u/f+2, u/f+1

dashing jab to thunder oldfist to sidestep            --90-120
to right punch to left right kicks to steel dive
the opponent will flip onto belly during this combo
ff+1(ch), u/f+1, D(hold down until you SS), b+2, F+3,4, ff+1+2

Damages not followed by the word 'damage' are approximate and not 


You can charge up using the following methods 3+4, b+3+4, or 1+2+3+4 
while laying down.
Charging is an important part of the doctors repetoire and because of 
the 3+4 charge it is very easy. It's a good idea to charge whenever you 
have the chance in a battle as many of Dr.B's most devastating moves 
begin off a counterhit and since B isn't a good blocker anyway it is not 
that harmful to his defensive strategy. The b+3+4 sets you up for the U 
unblockable (not recomended) and the summer and winter kicks discussed 
above (both will connect as a counterhit and you can use B_F to wind 
behind an opponent for a large damage potential).  Lastly the good 
doctor can initiate his 20 HIT COMBO off  of the 3+4 charge.  Not only 
does this combo do amazing damage when it connects but it also does 
block damage. If the whole thing is blocked it'll still do around 40 
damage!  This is the 20 hit string:

3+4, u/f+1,F(hold forward for the 

the hit height of this is mmmmmhmmmlhhhLLLLLmm
the damage of this is 
for a total of 232 damage!

A word on timing: the first 9 kicks are hard to count (for me at least) 
and so the switch to the right kick is the hardest for me.  The trick is 
to watch the dr.and keep kicking once the doctor does a high kick he 
does three mediums and then a low make sure to start the right kicks 
before the low kick comes out because the combo is very unforgiving 
about pauses.

If you do just the fist 3 or 4 hits of this combo you will remain 
charged and usually be able to surprise an opponent with the change in 
tactic. I suggest doing ff+1 because if it connects you will be able to 
follow with a gauranteed uf+1 for a huge juggle.(sent by Thunder Fist)


B has some horrible unblockables, they aren't fast like Bryans, powerful 
like Pauls or as handy as Yoshi's. There use is more for surprise value 
or more importantly- a good laugh.

b+3+4, U - just about the worst unblockable in the game. You will always 
get hit out of it. However it has the bonus of being goofy as hell, and 
as such can really be used to stick it to people. A further not on this 
unblockable (by ThunderFist) is that this move counts as a right kick 
for Heihachis reversal (which means its automatically reversed if you 
hit hei on a CH)

b+1+2 - The Bio Reactor - once the opponent learns to escape this move 
(3+4) it becomes very unlikely that you'll score big damage with it.  
Against people who don't know the stopper you can kill you enemy 
outright.  This move does 10 damage every second or so until the 
opponent stops the move or dies.  the best thing to do would be to 
follow this up with a thundergodfist or possibly a charged jack tamer to 
thundergodfist juggle if the opponent looks like he will escape the Bio 

12--True Stance

Doctor B has a very odd ability to mimic Heihachi after being struck 
with a low hit.  While being hit with a low move press F if done 
correctly you will be able to quickly buffer in a Heihachi move or 
combo.  Examples are: f+1,b+2,1 and f,n,d,df+4,4,4,1.  The timing is 
difficult but its worth trying for the surprise value alone.  As for the 
uses of this move in combat as an actual offencive/defencive strategy 
I'd have to say the benefits arent overwhelming.  The two moves i gave 
above are good choices, as they seem most effective and damaging. After 
the hellsweep to uppercut you can left jab and slide for a little juggle 
doing extra damage.  Its a good idea to learn Heihachi's moves if you 
plan on using this tactic alot so you are familiar with what moves to 
use in certain situations.  This info brought by Castel.

Dragon Knighto sent me another way to enter true stance:  You must have 
your back to an opponent (try b+3+4,N) then hold B until dr.b starts 
turning around (hell take about 2 steps back) at that point you are in 
true stance.  You cant do crouch dash moves from this starter however, 
but it is easier to time than the above way.

Thunder Fist sent me the tip that Dr.B can even do 3 of Heihachi's 10-
hit strings from true stance.  These are the strings:

13--Other Notes

How to begin a match on your feet.  At the beginning of round one, 
before the fight screen loads hold 3 and the doctor will begin the round 
on his feet always.  If you dont do this there is a chance that the 
doctor will begin the match falling forward, which can leave you very 
vulnerable. This tip was submitted by AKS.

Vs.Gunjack stuff.  I've already mentioned above the benefits of ff+2(ch) 
against Gunjack(in the movelist and the offence section) Thunder Fist 
informed me that Dr.B has another weapon against Gunjack, namely that 
Dr.B automatically reverses  Gunjacks u/f+1+2,b,d/b,d,d/f+2.

How to get Dr. B behind an opponent.  Putting most opponents into the BK 
position usually gives you a great advantage.  Aside from the inability 
to block the enemy is subject to Dr.B's back throw, however since Dr.B 
is slow as hell it is very difficult to get around an opponent.  here is 
a selection of the ways I get to my opponents back.

  Irish Whip -- (parry, 1+2) or (BDS, 1+2)  
this will place the opponents back to you and give you a tiny window of 
time to attack while   the enemy is electrocuted at the end of the 
throw.  press 2,2,1+2 to follow up with the elbow   drop which has the 
added bonus of making them double over stun (be careful that they don't 
hit   the ground before you can do your move)

  slash kick while enemy is on ground -- ff+3
less effective for attack set-up but useful to know if you have a 
favorite side of the screen   to play on.  Because Dr.B doesnt have a 
jump he normally can't make it over a fallen foe.    This move will 
allow you to hop over them quickly especially after an uppercut.

  thunder oldfist, low parry to forward dash -- u/f+1, d, f, F
the doctor will run underneith during the thunder oldfist and turn to 
face the enemy again.    At the end of the move adjust the direction 
your pushing so you aren't now pressing back.    This move can be 
followed up with most of the normall thunder oldfist juggles aswell, 
they are   just less likely to hit now, but look very good.

Getting Up quickly: a good way to get up from the face up feet towards 
position (a la fall back) is to tap 4 (for a shin kick) followed by ~B 
the doctor will quickly roll backward onto his feet.  

14--In Summation

I hope this is some help to those looking to play the doctor. Remember 
to send any comments and suggestions to ETP@hotbot.com.  Do not send in 
grammar and spelling corrections unless ewe sea won witch modifies the 
meaning of a sentence.

ME, the electric tekken pickle - for making this guide. Email me at 

Ben 'Tragic' Cureton - for his Boskonovitch Movelist and his great 
www.Tekken.Net site.

Catlord - for the section on keeping Dr.B standing--visit his site at 

MC - for writing the best King Faq anywhere, which inspired me to write 
this and for allowing me to use the Faq's format, 'summation points'(the 
list of things to remember,after the offence and defence strategy) and 
okizeme evasion strategies.

Dragon Knighto - for making the wild Dr.B tribute video which taught me 
new Dr. Boskonovitch juggles and for the second way into True stance and 
the auto punch parry off the Bad Stomach move.
His juggle movie can be found at www.fighters.net

Castel - for the true stance and all the great tekken video's he's made. 
Find his site at www.Tekken.net/zaibatsu/
He now has two Dr.B juggle movies up (they are definetely worth 

AKS - for the tip on starting a match with dr.b standing

Thunder Fist - for the info on dr.b's low parry to reversal, the U 
unblockables weakness, the 20-hit combo tip, and for correcting me about 
the parry, 3+4 throw (which i hadnt ever done)

also i'd like to thank #tkn at EFNET for giving me a chance to ask alot 
of stupid questions... and sometimes I even got answers.

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