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Anna by Catlord

        Catlord's Quickass Movelist for the new TK3-PSX Anna!
  Thanks to Ben Cureton and Dan Benedict for corrections and other additions!



(Front) 1+3                  Arm Turn
        2+4                  Lifting Toss
        u/f+1+2              Overhead Neck Throw
        d/f,d/f+1            Embracing Elbow Strike
        QCF+1+2              Palm Grab
          3,4,3,1+2            Reaping Arm Bar
          1,3,2,1              Standing Reverse Arm Lock
            2,1,3,4,1+2          Falling Reverse Arm Lock
            3,1,4,1+2,1+2        Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze
            2,3,1+2,3+4,1+2      Gatelatch Throw
          1+3,4,1+2            Arm Sprain, Standing Cross Lock
            4,3,4,3+4,1+2        Inverted Crucifix
            1+2,4,3,1+2,1+2,1+2  Arm Break, Rear Cross Lock
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)          Embracing Throat Strike
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)          Neck Snake Choke
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)          Three Limb Break

b+1,1,1                      Cross Cut Saw
1,4                          Highpunch, Lowkick
1_(d/f+1),2,1,d+4            3 Punches,Lowkick
1_(d/f+1),2,1,4,2            3 Punches, Highkick, Backhand
  U_D                          Sidestep Cancel
  3_4_(u/f+3)                  Midkick_Lowkick_Bonecutter
(FC+2)_d+(1_2)~N+4           Midpunch, Quickkick
f+1+2                        Offensive Push
WS_(f,f)+1+2                 Double Palm
FC,f+1                       Cat Thrust  *Crumples on Majorcounter*
SS+1+2                       Spinning Slap, Uppercut
2,f+1+2                      Punch, Doublepalm
2,1,4                        2 Punches, Lowkick
b+2,2                        Bitchslaps
(WS+2)_(QCF+2)               Palm Uppercut  *Juggles on Majorcounter*
SS+2                         Leg Blade  *Floats on Majorcounter*
f,F+2                        Spinning Layout Slap
FC,d/f+2                     Cold Blade
2,3_(d+3)_4                  Highpunch, Highkick_Lowkick_Roundhouse
3,4                          2 Highkicks
d+3+4                        Groundstomp
d+3,4_2                      Lowkick, Highkick_Uppercut  *Juggles Opponent*
d/f+3,1,4,2                  Sidekick, Punch, Kick, Backhand
  U_D                          Sidestep Cancel
  3_4_(u/f+3)                  Midkick_Lowkick_Bone Cutter
d/f+3,2,1,4                  Sidekick, Punches, Lowkick
d/f+3,2,3_(d+3)_4            Sidekick, Punch, Highkick_Lowkick_Roundhouse
d/f+3,[3,3],4_(1,2)          Sidekick[s], Highkick, 2 Punches
(u/f+3)_(f,f,F+3)            Bonecutter *Achilles Tendon Lock on Majorcounter*
4,3                          Highkick, Lowkick
b+4                          Catstance  *Auto Low Cancel*
  4                            Thrust Kick
FC,(u_u/f_u/b)+4             Low Flipkick  *Juggles Opponent*
U/B_U_U/F+4                  Low Flipkick  *Juggles Opponent*
FC,(U/U/F_U/B)+4             High Flipkick
u/f+4,3,4                    Jumpkick, Lowkick, Highkick
f,f+4                        Kneeling Flipkick
(FC+4)_(d+4),N+1,[U_D]       Lowkick_Midkick, Spinchop, [Sidestep Cancel]
(FC+4)_(d+4)N+1~2            Lowkick_Midkick, Offensive Push
(u~u/b)_(u/b+3+4)            Backflip

b+(1+3)_(2+4)                Attack Reversal

1+2+3                        Mystic Booty Taunt  *Double Over Stun shield*

d+1+2                        Bloody Scissors  *Unblockable*
d/b+1+2                      Hunting Swan  *Unblockable*

1_(WS+1)_(d/f+1)212:3:3:2::1:2:4        Tenstring


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