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Mokujin by ruyeyama

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/05/01

Tekken 3 (PlayStation, Namco, 3D fighting game)
Mokujin FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
11/5/01  V1.1

Written by: Richard Uyeyama (ru e ama best com)*

* Instances of the letter "y", the "at" symbol, and all periods have been
  removed (replaced with spaces) from the above e-mail address in order to
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The latest version of this file can be found at:
  It Was All Heihachi's Evil Plot

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Tekken 3 is Copyright 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998 by Namco, Ltd.  Gon is 
Copyright 1998 by Masashi Tanaka / Kodansha.  All rights reserved.

             "What's that style?
              Who dat be, huh?"

                -- Guru Ant (Parappa the Rapper 2)
                   (slightly altered quote  =) )

Table of Contents:

0. Document History
I. Basic Stuff
   1. What is this document?
   2. Who is Mokujin?
   3. Terminology, notation, and stuff?
II. Mokujin Styles
   1. Is it possible to select Mokujin's style, or is it random?
   2. Which character styles can Mokujin use?
   3. How do I recognize which style Mokujin is using?
      A. Match-initial actions
      B. Fighting stance
      C. Other
   4. Is there any difference between the normal and Mokujin versions
      of a character?
III. Miscellany
   1. Do you know of any Mokujin-related codes?
   2. What are those marks on Mokujin's back?

0. Document History

V1.1: 11/5/01
      Factual error fixed in Miscellany (thanks go to Adachi Mitsuru)
      Detail and clarity editing in various sections
V1.0: 10/17/01
      Launch version
 (8/24/00: J version PSX Tekken 3 (PlayStation the Best) now on sale)
 (9/1998: EU version PSX Tekken 3 now on sale)
 (4/29/98: U/C version PSX Tekken 3 now on sale)
 (3/26/98: J version PSX Tekken 3 now on sale)

I. Basic Stuff

I.1  What is this document?

     This document is an English language informational resource for the 
PlayStation version of Tekken 3, a 3D polygon versus fighting game by 
     In this document, I'll be covering the answers to some of the most 
commonly asked questions in regards to the character Mokujin, as well as 
some other Mokujin-related information which may also be of interest.  
This is not a strategy guide, however, so do note that I will *not* be 
detailing strategies on playing against CPU and/or human opponents, either 
as or against Mokujin.
     This document was written for the J version of Tekken 3.  It is, 
however, likely that some, if not all, of the Mokujin-related information 
contained herein will also apply to other home versions (U/C, EU, etc.) of 
the game...
     Also, although this document was written for the home (PSX) version 
of the game, some (but not all) of the information in this document may 
also be applicable to the arcade version of Tekken 3.  From what I recall 
(i.e. I haven't specifically tested everything firsthand on an arcade 
machine), these are the things that apply (iirc): II.1, II.2, II.3.A 
(although I'm not sure if button 4 (RK) produced a random result), II.3.B, 
II.3.C (all but the "Music" section (the BGM does not pause when the 
arcade version loads a new style for Mokujin)), II.4 (although I don't 
recall whether the energy effects were different).  And the things that 
don't appply (iirc): the "Music" section of II.3.C, III.1.

I.2  Who is Mokujin?

     Mokujin is the 4th character that will be released (after Kuma/Panda, 
Julia, and Gun Jack) via the "time release" process (complete Arcade Mode 
with different characters) which unlocks 9 of the 11 extra characters (for 
more information on character unlock processes, consult a Secrets FAQ for 
this game).
     Unlike the other characters, Mokujin does not have a fighting style 
of his/her own.  Rather, he/she will, before each round, randomly select 
someone else's style to use for that round...
     Mokujin has two "costumes": a male form (selet Mokujin with either 
Punch button) and a female form (select Mokujin with either Kick button).

I.3  Terminology, notation, and stuff?

     For the sake of simplicity, I shall hereafter refer to Mokujin as 
"he" (as opposed to "he/she" or "he/she/it") in this document.

     In this document, I shall be using the "standard" numerical notation, 
when referring to the four buttons:
        numerical   function   controller defaults
          1  2       LP  RP            S  T
          3  4       LK  RK            X  O

II. Mokujin Styles

II.1  Is it possible to select Mokujin's style, or is it random?

     It's random.
     Before each round, Mokujin will randomly select a style to use for 
that round.  Yes, it is possible for him to select the same style twice 
(or more) in a row...

II.2  Which character styles can Mokujin use?

     Mokujin can use the style of any character in the game except: Anna, 
Doctor B., Gon, Ogre, and True Ogre.  Here's a pair of lists for easy 
reference (characters listed in alphabetical order):

     Styles Mokujin can use (15)    Styles Mokujin cannot use (5)
        Bryan                         Anna
        Eddy/Tiger                    Doctor B.
        Gun Jack                      Gon
        Heihachi                      Ogre
        Hwoarang                      True Ogre

     iirc, Mokujin's repertoire of styles in the home version of Tekken 3 
is the same as his repertoire in the arcade version (in which Doctor B. 
and Gon did not appear, and Anna was merely Nina's 3P costume (i.e. not a 
separate character)).

     Do note that Mokujin will only select from the styles of characters 
that are currently playable.  So if, for example, you play as (or against) 
Mokujin when only 14 characters (including Mokujin) are playable, 
Mokujin's repertoire will be only 13 (as opposed to 15) styles...

II.3  How do I recognize which style Mokujin is using?

II.3.A  Match-initial actions
     At the beginning of every match, each character will perform one of 
two match-initial actions (exceptions: Gon and Anna (neither of whom 
Mokujin emulates) have only one each).  By memorizing these, you will be 
able to identify which style Mokujin is using for the first round of the 
     To make things easier, the match-initial action is actually 
selectable, simply by holding down a button as the stage loads:
       button         result
         1 or 2         action 1
         3              action 2
         4 or nothing   random

     Side note: While normally, you don't get to do a match-initial action 
for True Ogre in Arcade Mode, do note that for 1/1 round matches (Fight 
Count = 1), you will get to do one.

II.3.B  Fighting stance
     For rounds other than the first, you don't get a match-initial action 
to view, so you'll have to examine Mokujin's stance instead.  Each of the 
15 characters he emulates has a unique ready stance, so if you learn to 
recognize those, you'll be able to identify Mokujin's style before the 
round begins.

II.3.C  Other
     Attacks - If you're unable to identify Mokujin's style before the 
round begins, you may be able to identify him by what attacks (including 
throws) he is able to do.

     Music - Because the home version of Tekken 3 apparently plays the 
stage BGM directly from the disc, the game is unable to load a new 
character into memory without momentarily interrupting the music.  Thus, 
if the music *doesn't* get interrupted (before any round after the first), 
you know that Mokujin's style will be one of the two styles already in 
memory (i.e. the same style Mokujin used last round, or the same style as 
Mokujin's opponent).  Conversely, if the music *does* get interrupted, you 
know that Mokujin will *not* be using one of the two styles previously 
(last round) in memory.
     Side note: A style in memory will not be discarded unless a new style 
is loaded.  So if in Round 2, Mokujin switches to the same style as his 
opponent, the style Mokujin used for Round 1 will still be in memory, even 
though neither character is using it.  Thus, if in Round 3, Mokujin 
switches back to his original (used in Round 1) style, there will be no 
interruption of the BGM...

     Win pose - If you failed to identify Mokujin's style during the 
round, and yet still somehow won, you could try identifying his style by 
his win pose (if you haven't yet won the match, this can be useful 
information (see "Music" section, above)).  Each character has four win 
poses (exceptions: Gon and Doctor B. (neither of whom Mokujin emulates) 
have only one each, and when using her P3 (seifuku) costume (i.e. this 
won't apply to Mokujin), Xiaoyu's win1 will be disabled (one of the other 
three will be chosen randomly instead)), which can be selected simply by 
holding down one of the four attack buttons as the win pose loads.

II.4  Is there any difference between the normal and Mokujin versions
      of a character?

     Yes.  While Mokujin has no extra (or disabled) moves, there are some 
other differences.

     Height - The Mokujin version of a character may be taller or shorter 
than the normal version of that character.  While in most cases, a slight 
difference in height will not make any significant difference in how one 
should play a particular style, in the more extreme cases (Kuma/Panda 
style, for example), you will probably notice a difference in the 
effectiveness of certain moves and combos.

     Energy effects - Mokujin's energy effects will differ from those of 
the character he's emulating.  Instead of the energy effect for the 
character he's emulating (Heihachi's electricity effect, for example), 
Mokujin will have a greenish glow.

III. Miscellany

III.1  Do you know of any Mokujin-related codes?

     Just one.

     Alternate hit sounds - Hold Down (or down-right or down-left) on the 
d-pad/stick as a round loads, and during that round, instead of the normal 
sounds when Mokujin gets hit by (or blocks) attacks, an alternate set of 
sounds will be used.

III.2  What are those marks on Mokujin's back?

     The character you see repeated on Mokujin's back is "sei" (can also 
be read as "shou"), a Japanese character with a variety of contextual 
meanings, including: true, just, correct, exact, original, and plus 
(mathematical addition).  "Sei" is a 5-stroke character, and is sometimes 
used to keep track of an event-updated count, in much the same way as the 
pattern of four vertical lines and a diagonal slash across them is used in 
Western society.
     There are ten complete characters and one incomplete character on 
Mokujin's back.  The incomplete character contains the first three strokes 
of "sei".  Thus, the number represented on Mokujin's back is 53.
     As far as what's being counted... I don't know.  The number of 
days/weeks/years Mokujin's been alive, perhaps?

The latest version of this file can be found at:
  It Was All Heihachi's Evil Plot

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