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Taunt FAQ by Kaelib

Kaelib's Guide to Taunting, a Tekken3 Taunt FAQ

By: Kaelib/Ragallach@msn.com

Disclaimer:  Let me start off by saying-This FAQ won't help you win a
match, improve your time, or make you a better player.  What it will do 
is, impress your friends, wow the babes, and remind you that above all 
else Tekken is a game.
	Also, in the process of this FAQ I may insult some characters, 
this is done both unattentionally, and with my full attention.  Send me 
mail after words if I pissed you off about some comment about Jin's 
hair, than we can really insult!  
	In the spirit of a game, we play to have fun.  I hope this guide 
will improve your outlook on the fun aspect of Tekken, I hope to bring a 
smile to a face or three, I hope taunting improves the game.  With this 
in mind, let's get going.

General Mechanics of taunting.  Moves, buttons, etc. These are the moves 
performed by the characters to enter either a taunting animation, or a 
move that is generally silly and or insulting(i.e.  All of Eddy's 

Winning Stances.  A full list and discription of each characters ending 
animations(taunts) and how to do them.  

Role Playing.  Try different roles to play when entering the arcade.  Be 
a diplomate, be a loud mouth.  I'll describe some roles and good ways to 
use them to knock your opponent off his game.

Trash-talking:  The best part of the game.  A few choice phrases and 
words to use after, before, and during the matches.  


Every character is different, each has a taunt or two.  Some are less 
taunting than others.  And some characters, by their mere presense, 
taunt the opponent.

Ling Xiaoyu
As character go, you don't get more taunting than Ling.  She's fast, she 
has some silly moves, and she is a 16 year old school girl with full 
capablities to destroy anyone.  She does it all in a "lighthearted" 
fasion, with a mini-skirt and blue undies, or in her rolls, flips, 
twirls, and Phionex stance.

1+3+4 is her first "real" taunt.  She stands on her tippy toes and waves 
her little hand at you.  Great if used after a big, long, string combo.  
Bounce them in the air a few times, than send the crowd into roars as 
you execute it.

For her general moves she has an arsenal of great taunts.  Any axis 
shift done repeatedly will frazzle and annoy an enemy.  If done with a 
verbal taunt like, " What?  You can't catch a girl?" or shriek like a 16 
year old girl and say, "You're not gonna hit a girl are ya??"  Funny at 
first, but if done while you are up on life, will down right piss an 
enemy off.
3+4 Spinning Dodge
f+(1+2) Cartwheel
f+(3+4) Dive Roll
f, f +(3+4) Over Head Flip
b+(1+2) Circle
b+(3+4) Turn Around Dodge

With her differing stances, taunting is made easy.
d+(1+2) Phionex Stance  This is great.  Take your pose, make yourself 
look smaller, and wait.  He'll come to you, than pop.  Repeat if 

Another good move is the Human Hurdle throw (f+2~1).  Does little 
damage, and takes you out of harms way to taunt again. "He who taunts 
and runs away, lives to taunt another day."

If you ever lose a long streak vs Ling, just tell the opponent her blue 
underies were throwing you off.

It don't get much better than ole Yoshi.  If you don't mind spending 
change and losing, Yoshi can give you some chuckles to rember.
First thing to rember is:  You have a sword.  Flaunt it!!  Stick it out, 
spin it, sit on it, meditate with it, sit on the ground with it.  Stick 
it in your belly! Whatever it takes for you to show them your sword.

B+1+2  Bad Breath Stance.  This is nice because you duck away from High 
Attacks.  Do the stance press f, do the stance, press f, do the stance, 
press f.  The Yoshi Dance!  The fans dig it!  When your sick of it, spit 
on him.  Than say, "Excuse me."  Like you just sneezzed on him.  Heehee.

D+3+4  Sit Down.  Yeh you gain life, but that's only half of it.  With 
all the moves one can do from there, it invites ruin for the enemy, and 
he knows it.  Take a break, sit down, they will come to you, other wise, 
you'll keep healing.  Just be ready!
	D Sit Without Healing-good to mess with the enemy.  You just sit 
           calmly and watch him.
	U Stand up-Good to get out of the way of a rushing Bryan Fury.
	N HEAL!!!  Nuff Said.  I find if you groan during this and say, 
          "yeh...that feels goooood!!".  You guy next to you will step 
           further away from you, and cast you a wierd look.
	F or B Teleport Spin.  This is good if you are up on life.  Sit, 
           heal, spin, backflip.  Repeat.
	2, 2 Fake spin, back fist uppercut-Fooled You!! You won't believe 
           how many people fall for that!
	4 Fake Spin, Roo Kick-again, "Fooled You!!".  Not as effective 
           because it takes so much time, but the pay off is good.  Followed 
           by a standing suicide, why pay more?

Now For the wierd stuff
Any of his spinning things are good for a quick (and painfull) laugh.

B+1,1,1,1,1,1 make you dizzy.  Kinda funny

D/B+2,2,2,2,2,2 makes you dizzy too, act drunk.

D/B+3,3,3,3,3, are those annoying low kicks, forget the falling tree 
(F+4) just collapse.  Remember the sillier you look, the more mad he'll 
get.  Just make sure he knows your doing it on purpose.

b+3+4 Spinning Yoshi.  Takes you away from Danger, and gives you enough 
time to laugh at the guy next to you.  Go dizzy, fall, and say, "OK, 
half life, now I'm ready to fight you."

SS+3+4 Reversed Sword Meditation.  Just hang out, act like you don't see 
the guy behind you.  In fact, take some life off too.

F+1+4 Give Life.  Nothing is worse than when the guy who you are trying 
to kill, turns around and gives you life.  Confused?  Maybe.  But if 
done right, say, "here, you'll need this" and give him some life.  
You'll have one upset guy, ready to fight.

f, F+1+4 Turning Suicide.  If you connect great! No better taunt is 
there, than to have a sword delivered in your guts, through the guts of 
your enemy.  But what I find amusing is faking the suicide with a simple 
"N".  Watch the bad guy flip out.  They will jump, punch, kick and 
otherwise hit the floor to escape that sword.  Than just smirk, fooled 

f,F(done after turning suicide) Double Suicide.  OK, Ok you got stabbed 
once by Yoshi, yeh you looked stupid in front of your girl friend.  Here 
it is again!!!  Take it, like it!!

d+1+4 Standing Suicide.  If you feel you're playing a real loser.  Start 
the match with this move. Chase him with B+1,1,1,1 and laugh as you 
fight with less than half life.  Yeh risky, but down right insulting if 
you win.  I did it once, and the guy left the arcade, I haven't seen him 

u+1+2  The Flea.  Not only are you imitating a discusting bug, but you 
are defying the laws of physics.  Now if you press u/b give your self 
some distance, you'll find you'll have plenty of time to skewer the 
unwitting people below.  Than scoot across the ground with f,f you look 
silly and you'll hit a downed opponent.

db+2 N,DB(keep holding) Pursuing Sword Slash Run after the enemy with 
sword held high, like some cheesy slasher movie.  They'll jump around 
trying to come up with the best escape, mean while you're gaining.

u/f+1+2 Yoshi Coptor-I can Fly and you can't! D to land short and B to 
fly crazzy.  Not so much a taunt as a good way to display Yoshi's power.

A good Anti-Yoshi taunts to use are:  "What, you need a sword to beat 
me?" / "Oh I see, gotta fly to escape me..." / "Hold still coward!!" / 
and my favorite, during a successful Clonimitsu, "What, it take two of 
you to beat me??"

Forest Law
As Law goes, he's pretty funny.  He makes funny shaky poses.  He makes 
Bruce Lee noises, and his natural stance is almost a taunt.

b+1+2 Law Salute.  It will block a high or medium punch to the side and 
you'll look good doing it, not to mention the combo's you hit the guy 

2 During this will let you do the Dragon Fist.  A heavy hitting strike 
that just reaks of taunt, because they were stupid enough to fall for 

If you are having a bad day, and you are through with taunting and you 
just want to piss the other guy off, do some flip kicks, any flip kicks, 
in any combonation.  Make some noises, close your eyes, have fun, Law is 
a Bag of Flips, feel free to "cheese" out.

One last word for Law, the f+1+4 Dragon Body Press is a favorite among 
my friends and I.  If you can win a whole match using soully that throw, 
you could have the crowd rolling!

A good anti-Law taunt, "If you think looking like Bruce Lee is gonna 
help you, you're mistakin"

Nina/Anna Williams

It's sad when the scariest fighter in the game is a girl.  As Taunting 
goes, she doesn't have much on her side for comedy relief.  One can win 
the game using her multi's, break some arms, than ask the opposing 
player how he is punching you with two broken arms.  Threaten to stop 
playing if he doesn't start playing fair.

Her d/b+1+2 Huntind Swan is good, strike your pose, than cancell(u,u).  
Let their blood race for a second.  Really good if you actually could 
have hit them with it.

Another good taunt is when the bad guy is on the ground, d+3+4 mashes 
her stilletto spiked heals in their soft flesh.  Taunting in a mass 
murderer kind of way.

Good taunt to use vs Nina, "Oh, I was hoping you were gonna pick the 
half naked hot one!." than pout.

He's the resident tough guy of Tekken3. His taunts don't have a light or 
happy mood to them.  They reak of haughty, megalomania.  Perfect for this 

1+2 Will move Hwoar's arms and upper back away from the enemy.  Not 
great as taunts go, but if done repeatedly, he will dance, weaving a web 
of freaky deciet.  

3+4 Will change his stances.  He looks good doing it, and if done 
quickly, he will appear to dance.  Memorize a few choice words in a 
song, and sing them along at the arcade.  Yeh people will think you're 
wierd, but I have news for you...If you've read this far; you are.

f,N,d,D/F is his crouch dash.  This is great for scaring an opponent.  
Dash in, but don't hit him.  Just inform him that the move you COULD 
have done would have launched him in the air, followed by the Hunting 
Hawk (u/f 3,4,3).  The following remark is usually, "Why didn't you do 
it!"  Well don't disappoint an audiance(even if it's only him) do the 
f,N,d,D/F+3 followed by the hunting Hawk.  He may not fall for it right 
away, but when he does the gloat will be in your eyes.

His d/b+3+4 is a cancelable unblockable (use "B").  Light up the pretty 
blue bolt, expose your crotch, than cancel it.  Your sure to get a 
popular responce.

1+4 is anoher good one, cancel with b,b.

The Flamingo stance is a great taunt.  Here is Hwoarang, the red headed 
kick machine, and he jumps in a silly stance named after a pink water 
fowl...hard to take him seriously.  Perhaps he should hire an agent.

Eddy Gordo/Tiger
I have to admit my research here was all of 50 cents.  Eddy, by his mere 
presence. is a taunt.  He glides back and forth by just standing there, 
he flips, he stands on his head, he rolls across the ground.  To taunt 
my friends, I pick Eddy, they all say, "Oh sheesh!  Break out the 
crakers!  It's time for some cheese!"

You'll find I'll have no moves listed here, I won't search FAQs for his 
moves, I won't spend my money to play him.  If you want to figure out 
some of his more taunting moves, press the kick buttons over and over 
and over.  While your at it, make raspberry noises, and drool.  Sorry 
Eddy players, you'll get no respect here.

A good taunt Vs Eddy/Tiger. Pick Eddy if you've been losing to him, than 
just hit the kick buttons and win!!  Also make some childish noises, a 
few raspberries...alot of fun!

Ok let's take a moment and think about king.  He is a 28 year old, 90 
kg, mexican man running around in tights and a jaguar mask, not to 
mention the bulk of his throws are linkers, and you're wondering what to 
taunt with??  Just start throwing and growling!

I personally like the f,n,d,d/f+1+2+4 arm hyperextention. is a good one, 
count down how many times you can break the same arm, count out loud if 
it helps.

With multi's, it's allways humbling to lose by one linking throw.  
Humbling is another name for taunting, rember that.

Good taunts vs King. Question his parentage, and what could make a man 
run around in tights and a cat mask

Paul Phoenix
Hi..I'm Paul.  I'm over 40.  I have no job.  I live off my friend 
Marshall.  My only home is my motorcycle.  I'm a loser.  I'm white 

I think it's time for him to retire!  I mean it's been 3 Tekkens and he 
hasn't beaten a Mishima yet, give up old man, enjoy your retirement.
He shows his old age when you press and hold D for about 3 seconds.  

Paul will raise his arms and beat them down.  I wonder if he has a hot 
date or something after Tekken, he sure is impatient!  From his ducking 
taunt you can do the Idiot Flip kick-U+2+3+4. I'm not sure what it does 
or how it looks, but it has a nice name.

Paul is known for his death fist QCF+2 and his leg sweep elbow d+4,2.  
He is famous for it. Sometimes, it seems, that's all he can do, don't 
let his image down, keep up the same moves, watch them work, and giggle 
as the guy next to you is growling.

A good taunt vs Paul: " I didn't know Paul only had two moves??"

Lei Wulong
My favorite taunting character is Lei.  You can lay on the ground 
several different ways.  Face Down, Face Up, Feet Towards, Feet Away.  
This seems to piss everyone off.  Lay down envy, I would imagine.
Along with his laying, you can turn around.  This is great because of 
the repeating lower backfist. (Back Turned D+1)  This move can juggle a 
guy in the air for a long time and piss them off like no other move.  If 
they really start to groan or curse, throw a couple of backflips in ;)
As if that is not enough, Lei has several Kung Fu stances.  Tiger, 
Snake, Dragon, Crane.  All with great moves from them.  The best is the 
"Crane"(f+2+3,d,d).  Everyone has seen "Karate Kid," everyone knows what 
happens next, everyone seems to get tagged by the 3,4,2,3 combo.  It 
hits and it's funny.  The second "taunt" stance would be the "drunken 
stance" (f+3+4).  If done on an upcoming attack, you'll block it out of 
the way, doing a "surprise exchange".  I like to throw this taunt in 
after a great combo.  Saying, "you should see me when I'm sober!!" or do 
it right before a combo saying, "I have two fists for the both of you!"

Taunts against lay are many.  To name a few, " Get off the ground you 
baby!!" / "Stay down!!" / "Yeh, lay on the ground where you belong!"

Jin Kazama
Jin seems to have the "doomed warrior" attitude.  He doesn't want to 
fight, he doesn't like to fight, but he has to fight.  Poor guy.  That 
doesn't mean you can't have some fun!

I find his b+1+2 Ki Block is effective as a taunt.  Why attack something 
that is glowing and you can't hurt??  Plus he looks damn cool when he 
does it!!  Face it, Jin's a good looking bunch of pixles, flaunt it.  No 
matter what anyone does, they can't mess up your hair, rember that, and 
you'll win the game(believe that and I'll sell you some property).
Unfortuanately Jin's taunting moves kind of end there.  
But I won't.  I play frequently against a Jin player, the most annoying 
thing he does is Jin's u/f+4,4,4,4  I feel I'm a good player, above 
average on a good day.  But this SOB no matter what will land that 
stinking combo at least once.  Start it when the enemy is rising, start 
it when he's attacking. A good taunt is putting the guy next to you on 
edge, helplessness is a good way to do it.  This move has helplessness 
written all over it.

Jin also has reversals, b+(1+3)_(2+4).  I feel it's embarassing to lose 
a match to only reversals. Not like it's ever happened to me!!  Just a 
friend of mine...

A good taunt vs. Jin: " Jun was better than him." / "Kazuya was better."


Yes Kuma is a bear, not a guy dressed in a bear costume, not a robot 
bear, a real rabbies carrying, honey eating, picinic basket stealing, 
bear.  If this isn't enough to taunt, you're a masocist.

1+2+3 is the wonderful Dancing Bear.  It can, and will hit a growned 
opponent.  But the real jewel of it is when you launch the enemy in the 
air, or with a "salmon hunter"(b,f+2+3 another funny move!).  Rock on 
your heels and dance!

d+4 is the reversed Dancing Bear.  same thing, you just point your 
backside at the baddy.

d+3+4 sits down.  Even from Tekken1 this move survives, show them all 
why. 1,2,1,2 will swipe at all their ankles as you scoot on your arse.

b,b+2+3+4 is the Bear Fart.  Yes the Bear Fart.  Does 100% damage, this 
move is why I wrote this FAQ...

B+1+2 isn't much, it's an unblockable, but add f,d/f,d,d/b,b,u/b,u,U/F 
and you have a rolling good time (ouch, bad pun).
I find amusement in all of Kuma's throws.  Try HCB, f+1+2 for a circus 
bear roll.

Julia Chang
Julia is a cute little farm girl from the American midwest.  Kind of 
makes you wonder why she fights?  But because of her nature, makes it 
pretty damn annoying when she whoops you.

Her one taunt is 2+3+4.  Like Lings "tippy toe wave" after a long string 
it makes a great crowd pleaser.

Not much here huh?  Rember it's not what you taunt with, it's how you 

Gun Jack
So what if your a 170kg industrial killing machine.  That doesn't mean 
you can't have some fun!!  With all of Jacks unblockables, taunting is 
made easy.

b,d/b,d,d/f,f,u/f,u,u/b (x5)+1 is a great taunt.  Spin your arm a few 
times to warm up.  I wouldn't recomend to actually try and connect with 
it, but if you're feeling lucky...

Jack also flys, 3+4 (3+4),(3+4).  Like Yoshi's flying, it isn't a rip 
roaring taunt, more a display of the power you're about to relinquish on 
their arse.

f+4~1 is Jack's Dark Greeting.  A sort of wave to the cranium.  I like 
the taunt factor in this, if done after a huge hit, you wave them off on 
their recent voyage to the other side of the screen.  If done 
offensively(I find if you knocked an opponent down and he rolls towards 
you, you may tag with it) give yourself some room, and prepare to get 
hit, no one ever lets this move off.

u/f+3+4 is Jacks "Flying Butt Pliers" I really hate getting hit buy the 
other guys butt.  Man that ruins the crease in the pants! Followed by 

1,2,1,2  scooting punches, makes decent damage and a comedy spectacle.
The Cossak Kicks (D/B+3,4,3,4.3,4) is great after a combo, do a little 
dance, laugh at the opponent, and even land a kick if they are still 
down. Nothing beats "Laughing Jack, for all your taunting needs.

Mokujin is a 2000 year old wooden fighting dummy.  In both male and 
female version, how PC.  As taunts go, you just have to know the other 
characters.  He also has a certain feeling, a "Kwan" if you will.  "I 
can even beat you with Mukujin" is a good phrase to learn if you decide 
to play as him.

Bryan Fury
Another resident "badass".  He's a dead guy, with some killer moves, 
doesn't leave us much to work with huh?  Wrong.  Bryan is great to taunt 

He has 1+3+4 Knee taunt.  He hops back, lifts one knee, and plants his 
leg, than waves his fist at you.  That's a whole lot o' taunt!!  Worry 
not, Bryan has some killer combos, when after nailing a great one, 
wiggle your kneee and hand at them. 

Also, Bryan can go right into his attacks from his taunt without a 
delay, makes it easy if the opponent gets up faster than expected.
Side Stepping is good for sucking the opponent into attacking you.  What 
is so good about Bryan is that he has so many hard attacks out of his 
Side Step.  With either 1 or 2 will beat the opponent into defeat.

Also Bryan has d,d/b,b and d,d/f,f shuffle steps.  Like the side steps, 
they have great attacks from them.  Do a few dips to throw them off, 
than hit with Bryan's Gutbunch, counter throw.  QCF+2, B+2.  This is a 
great taunt because Bryan laughs at the guy as he bounces them off the 
ground.  Who said the dead are no fun??

Heihachi Mishima
He's a 75 year old grumpy ass kicking machine!! Unfortunately it's hard 
to taunt with Gramps here.  Hard, but not impossible.

I like Mr. Mishima's 1+3 grab/throw.  The electric nuggie.  It's been 
around since TK1 and isn't going anywhere.  It wastes alot of time for a 
throw, and it's just fun giving the enemy a nuggie.  Next he'll play, 
"Got Your Nose."

As real taunts go, he has none, but if you're creative he has one or 

d+4 is his Hell Stomp.  Great to squish the downed guy, but serves as a 
little bow to the guy you just smashed into dust.  It pays to show 

b,b,b+3+4 is the infamous Shadow Step.  Run away, run away, run away.  
If your up on life, and you feel like being a jerk do this for about 20 
seconds.  Watch out though, you give them enough room and they can go in 
for a tackle or worse...a shoulder ram!!!

f,N,d,d/f step serves to shake up opponents.  Most of Heihachi's heavy 
moves come off these steps, do them enough, without hammering them, 
they'll start to get more than a little nervous.  One instance of doing 
it about 6 times the guy said, "Why do you keep doing that??" than I 
hammered him with three thunger godfists in a row.

I know he's old, but I hope he comes back for TK4.

He's a God for goodness sake!  What do you need taunts for.  The truth 
is I haven't been able to play as him, but his whole attitude is 
taunting.  He has none of his own moves, all are stolen from the greats 
of TK1&2.

Monstrous Ogre
All that Ogre has, with fire breath.  Taunt your neighbors with a BBQ!!

That's it as far as Character Taunts go.  If you discover or feel I've 
ignored a good taunting move, feel free to mail me an info on the move, 
and perhaps a comment to go with.  If the original FAQ is recieved well, 
I may have a version 2 with updates.

Winning Stances
Press and hold the chosen button after the match and your character will 
strike his/her winning pose.

Ling Xiaoyu
1- Ling does a handstand, does the splits, than kneels...risque!
2- Ling shows her respect by folding her hands, and bows.
3- Ling shows her age and wisdom by hoping around like a flake.
4- She does some circular arm kata, than enters a defensive stance, very 

1- Yoshi is pretty slick with a sword, show them how by waving it around 
    than entering a deep stance, with the sword pulled back.
2- Yoshi is pretty slick with his feet too, show with a backflip, sit 
    stance and sword salute.
3- Forward Summersault, Than Yoshi pulls his sword back.
4- Classic!  He wouldn't be Yoshimitsu without the Yoshimitsu one legged 

Forest Law
1- Law squares his body off, than conentrates, "My name's Forest, Forest 
2- Law concentrates yet again, than enters his stance, What's he got on 
    his mind?
3- From TK2 Law does two nice roundhouse kicks, than two punches.
4- Law shoots out two jabs than balances

Nina/Anna Williams

Nina has the best poses, With that said...
1- Nina's "slut" walk, backhand, and classic laugh.
2- Nina executes a Cartwheel and her backhand
3- Another classic pose, Nina spins around and slashes down with her 
4- She swipes again, and taunts with her laugh.

Anna-She wiggles her chest, laughs and poses like a supermodel.

1- Hwoarang shows his stuff off with a few kicks.  One upward kick, and 
    two roundhouses.
2- Here, he enters his fighting stance, does a low kick, and spins.  Boy 
    is he full of himself!
3- Hwoarand dreams of a futur for Calvin Clein.  He strikes an imposing 
    pose here.
4- Hwoarang jabs 3 times, than crosses his arms, than extends his right 
    arm.  He's the type of guy who never gets sick of looking in a mirror.

Eddy Gordo/Tiger
1- Eddy does his Ginga stuff, spins around and laughs, a taunt to do 
2- Eddy spins on that useless lump on top of his shoulders, spins and 
    goes Ginga (what the hell is "Ginga"??).
3- Eddy jumps up shooting out his two feet, than laughs.  
4- Eddy does a cartwheel, flips around, and does that Ginga thing again.  
    To tell you the truth, I'm a bit sick of Ginga.

1- King does it up in King style as he leaps raises his right arm.
2- King hammers with a left backfist, slashes down, and growls.
3- Raises his Fist three times
4- King drops his arm, than looks up, and growls.  Kings an animal.

Paul Pheonix
1- Paul brushes something unpleasant off his hands, probably the remains 
     of your face.
2- Paul Hammer Fists, than consentrates.
3- Paul Salutes three times...I think Namco really wants to make Paul 
     give everyone the finger.
4- Paul squats down, as if to look at the carcass of the downed 
     opponent, and taunts. 

Lei Wulong
1- Lei does a chicken kick(a move in which he doesn't have), punches 
     five times and sets in his lion stance.
2- Lei extends both of his arms, less is more to Lei I guess.
3- From Tekken 2, Lei gets a bit drunk and staggers around.
4- My favorite stance, Lei goes into all of his Kung Fu stances, except 
     his Phionex stance.

Jin Kazama
1-Jin punches 4 times and enters a defensive stance.  Jin is a true martial 
   artist, show them all this!.
2- 3 punch combo here, Jin must have been tired.
3- This classic pose from Kazuya, is where Jin folds his arms and looks 
   away, preparing for the next fight.
4- Jin does a small uppercut, followed by a jumping upper cut.

1- Kuma squats down and waves(or eats something off the ground).
2- Kuma stretches out and dances...ahhh the classic bear dance.
3- Kuma shows us all that he is still a bear by raising to his full 
    height, and growls like a bear.
4- I was once beaten by Panda(yes Panda!!) and the gentleman who did it 
   ended with this pose, all his friends danced the dance with Panda, I was 
   a wee bit embaressed.

Julia Chang
1- Julia flips forward, and wiggles her money maker.
2- She does some One legged jump thing than prays, hoping to secure her 
     last victims soul to the spirits.
3- Instead of jumping forward, she backflips...only to wiggle her hips again.
4- She does a jumping, one legged uppercut, than prays to the sky.

Gun Jack
1- This is from TK1, Jack shows off his "guns."
2- An old P-Jack ending, Jack Spreads his arms and flys away, seeking 
      another victim.
3- Another classic pose, Jack laughs and pounds his chest until he falls 
      over, and still he pounds.  Jack's a few gears shy of a working 
4- Jack gives his arms a workout, by punching and raising his arms.

Alas, he has none of his own, learn others poses to impress your 
friends.  If you beat the game, he will choose a winning pose at random, 
after the replays.

Bryan Fury
1- Bryan kicks twice, and lifts a knee.  What a bad ass, aye?
2- Bryan punches twice now and spin kicks, he thought he would mix it up 
      a bit...(this is Bruces old animation)
3- Bryan punches swiftly four times, like his opening animation.
4- This one is great, Bryan waves you on, as if saying, "Come get some."  
      I guess you can be that cocky when you're dead.

Heihachi Mishima
1- From Tekken 1, Heihachi shows off his stances
2- Heihachi goes into a horse stance and glows with electricity.  You 
      would think he could afford some exlax.
3- Heihachi does his "Demon Tile Splitter."
4- Heihachi must me getting old, because he has to kneel down and cross his 

1- Ogre flys in the air, hovers around and says something...to bad he doesn't 
      fly during the fight.
2- Ogre crosses his arms in some strange salute.
3- He waves his hands in a salute of some kind.
4- Looks like "3"

Monstrous Ogre
To be announced

Role Playing
	I'm known as a regular around the local arcades.  They know me for 
who I am, and I'm sure most reading this are regulars at other arcades.  
Yet still if some new guy shows up, try some of these roles to play, 
psycological warfare at it's finest.
	If you find yourself at a new arcade with new faces, try to be as 
annoying as you can be.  You'll leave with a smile on your face.  These 
recomended roles will enhance the enjoyment of the game.
The Diplomat: Greet the opponent with a friendly hello(or a hug).  
Smile, alot.  Comment on his impressive moves, let him hit you, tell him 
how to do some moves.  If he says, "yeh I know." but doesn't do the 
move, keep telling him.  Be helpfull. Be TOO helpfull.  My favorite, 
after winning, offer to buy him a game.

The Cold War Diplomat: Be very friendly, but hide that alterior motive.  
Give the opponent hints and tips about the character they are using, but 
give the wrong tips. Give them wrong directions.  After you beat them a 
few times offer to buy them a game...of Tekken2.

The Quite Stranger:  Simply walk into the joint and don't say hi, don't 
look at the guy, don't say a word.  After a while, stare at the guy 
while playing.  Keep pushing buttons...but stare...stare right into 
their eyes(or the side of their head).  After a while it creeps people 
out.  If you're really serious where dark clothing and sunglasses.

The Crazy Guy:  Don't bathe for a week, than you're ready.  Do your hair 
in a wierd style.  Dress like a scitzo clown, strung up on crack(no 
offense to any scizo clowns who happen to do crack).  Than you're ready 
to enter the world of the crazy guy.  This is actually inspired by a 
real guy who plays at a local mall.  He's fat, sweaty, smelly, and never 
matches his clothes.  Worst of all he rubs against you with his rank 
flesh.  After about 1 game I'm done.  Do this!!  Be annoying, make 
sounds, chatter to the guy about your hemeroids.  Be annoying.  After 
that offer to take him/her out one night.

The Loud Mouth:  If you win yell in excitement.  If you lose, yell in 
dismay.  The point here is to be as loud as you can without getting 
thrown out.  If he busts a throw on you, yell, "THAT'S GARBAGE!!!" and 
hit something.  If you hit a throw, "YEH!! IN YOUR FACE!! HOW DOES THAT 
FEEL!!"  people will feel like shutting you up in a major way.  Outside 
of the game, talk quite, be reserved, they won't know what to expect 
from you.

The Expert:  Go into the arcade with some binders and folders with a 
mess of papers falling out of it.  Tell everyone you are researching a, 
a) Tekken Strategy Book, b) Tekken Web Page, c) Psyc experiment on the 
effects of prolonged video game exposure.  In the middle of a match cry, 
"Wait Wait!" and begin to take notes.  Ask the opponent if you could try 
a move or two on him, just to see if they work.  Ask probing questions 
about his/her familylife, social life, love life, video game experiance, 
employment, and proof of citizenship.  Fairly soon people get fed up.
The Tekken Fanatic:   Go to the arcade dressed as your favorite 
character.  Talk like the "announcer" in the game.  Make sure to take 
those wierd pauses inbetween words like "he" does.  Tell the guy you are 
going to take a trip to Japan to meat the creators.  Tell them you have 
won a few tournaments.  Tell them you were Heihachi's model for 
creation.  You see the strategy.

If you feel you have a good role to play, let me know.

	Simply the way to embaress, demoralize, piss-off, and otherwise 
humilate the opponent.  Take inmind not to use too many off these if you 
are outnumbered or alone, some people take this game too 
seriously(coming from a guy who's writing a FAQ about taunting).
	If you feel your game is "off" and you need alittle extra push to 
beat the guy, talk trash.  If you are desimating the masses, talk some 
smack.  If the guy next to you is playing Eddy, talk your trashiest. If 
the guy next to you is with his girl, talk alittle jive.   It's fun, 
easy to do, and it's never killed anyone...except that one guy.

	Remember this is for fun, so if you really want to use these, but 
don't feel like pissing the other guy off, throw a smile and a pat on 
the back in.  He'll catch on, and talk some trash as well.  I'm sure 
you'll have alot of fun.

	You also need to set yourself an atmosphere.  I'm usually rather 
friendly, I welcome players, chat a bit, but I still talk shit with a 
smile.  Some may want to play for keeps, don't talk or smile.  Be curt, 
people will relize this, but take any trash said very seriously.  It's 
all in the mood.
	With this in mind here are some choice lines used in talking trash.
"Why don't you go back to Tekken2"
"Why don't you go back to Street Fighter"
"Why don't you go back to pong"
"Here's 50 cents, go play something else and quit waisting my time"
"Here's 50 cents, do something useful and buy me a pop"
"Eddy Gordo?  Do you want some wine with that cheese?"
"I can even beat you with Kuma!"
"Don't worry, if you keep putting money in there, eventually you'll get 
  around on me."
"Don't worry, if you keep putting money in there, eventually you'll hit me."
"Yeh, keep doing the same move, maybe you'll hit me with it."
"Man, my little sister plays better than you!"
"Man, my grandmother is better than you, and she has no arms!"
"Do you want me to call my sister?  She might be more your skill..."

These are a few of many phrases one can use.  I think you get the gist 
of it.

Here are some not so insulting things one can say.
"You know I helped in the research of the Tekken3 strategy guide."
"So I was at the Tekken3 district yournament..."
"So I was at the Namco sponsored, Tekken3 world tournament..."
"So I was talking to the designer of Tekken3 and..."
"I used that move to win the last tournament I was at."
"So I was playing Tekken4..."

Here are some strange things to say that might throw a guy of his game.
"What size shoe do you where?"
"Have you ever seen a grown man naked?"
"Ever been to a Turkish prison camp?"
"Do you like gladiator movies?"
"Is that a zit or a boil?"
<rub hand>"Damn prostetic limb!"
"I think I'm going to throw up<begin to convulse>"

Things a Guy can say to a Girl Tekken player.  Please though, don't 
scare them away.
"So what do you say we go out after this?"
"Wanna try that move on me?"
"I have that out fit at home if you want to try it on..."
"To bad you don't look ,ore like Julia..."
"I'll give you a half life head start."

Things a Girl can say to a Guy player.  Be very mean girls!
"Will you quit rubbing against me?!"
"Can I try that move on you?"
"To bad you don't look more like Jin..."
"You wouldn't hit a girl, would you?"
"So is that joystick like an extention of your penis?"
"And you wonder why you're here, alone, Nina is not real!!"
"I'll give you a half life head start."

Trash talking by the Loser
"You want me to start playing?"
"Now that you're feeling good, I'll start trying."
"I let you win."
"The sun was in my eyes."
"My hands were to sweaty."
"ALLRIGHT! No you've made me mad!!"

Trash talking by the Winner
"Are you gonna play or what?"
"You want me to start playing?"
"I was just getting warm."
"Why don't you go play Tekken2?"

All in all a few good words to use.  Refer to Catlord's Tekken Pstc 101 
for good instances to use "trash-talk".  Rember, if you feel you were 
just taunted, break out a can o' whoopin, and talk some trash.

	I hope this brought a smile to your face, and that you may see the 
game within the game.  If you find you use these taunts and the place 
clears out, than move on and taunt some more!  This is a game, Namco 
made it for people around the world to have fun(and make a shite load of 
money!!).  If people are too caught up in beating your ass, let them, 
you'll find if you let a body win every now and again, he'll stick 
around for futur taunting.
	Again, if you feel I've left something out, let me know.  A move, 
an idea, anything, I'm still new to this FAQ stuff. 
Ragallach@msn.com(don't ask what a Ragallach is...)

And now the credits...

Dinoza, for bringing the Tekken world together.  And for being a pretty 
good guy.

Catlord.  Who's Tekken Psyc 101 inspired alot of this FAQ, if you 
haven't read it, do so!  His moveslist also helped when I forgot a 
certain move or two.  Thanks for the great FAQs Catlord, keep them 

Elrick and Hoss, two friends(one's my older brother) for playing against 
me ALL THE TIME.  Hoss for playing King and Jack, my two favorite people 
to kill.  And Elrick, if you do Jin's jumping sweeps again I'll kick 
your ass!!

To Nogard, AlX, Slikatel, TheFacelessMaster, Crimson, MEGADEATH, 
Surfbard, and all those others Tekken greats who build pages, and give 
info to the masses.

To all the countless people who have contributed to Tekken Fan Fic...oh 
wait there was only one...one wait that was me.

To Namco, yadda yadda yadda

To all of you, the players, keep the game alive, oh yeh, and kick some 
head in.

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