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Poking Guide by Anonymous

Tekken 3 Poking Guide

This is an oversimplified back poking overview.
When one becomes predictable with one's counters, there
will be counters made to your counters. In anycase,
this short page should give you quick overview of general

Your opponent attacks with:       Your counter:
1,2, mixups                         1,2 right back. d+1 right back is
 (eg. 1,2,df+2. 1,2 throw)          safest since opponent might use move that
    (counter counter: 1,2,reverse)  ducks under high attacks. d+4 is safest
                                    against a Ling who could use phoenix stance
                                    right after 1,2.

Run up and 1,2's.                   4 before he gets too close, 1 before he
                                    closes. Or use divine canon, or Thundergod
                                    fist, or anymove that ducks and juggles.
                                    You can hop kick too.

Run up and d+1's mixups.            uf+4 if he is clearly opened while running
  (eg. d+1,ws+throw. d+1,d+4.       in. 4 before he closes in. 1 before he can
     d+1,ws+1. d+1,ws+4. d+1,d+1)   start ducking. df+4 before he gets too
   (counter counter: d+1,d+1+3      close. d+1 after blocking his d+1.
     lowparries)                    ws+4 if you block the d+1 from ducking.

Run up and 4's.                     D,ws+2 risky though rewarding. uf+4 will
                                    beat 4's. Block the 4 and you can throw.
                                    Back up a bit and let 4 just whiff, you
                                    can now throw.

Keep away pokes:
1,df+1,df+4                         1 right after blocking the 1, or d+1 right
                                    after. 1 or 4 after blocking the df+1.
                                    Throw or d+4 right after blocking the df+4.

Run up and uf+4:                    Have to block, punish with your own uf+4
                                    after blocking.

And finally, your keep away pokes.  1,d+4,df+4 is one way to keep someone from
                                    getting too close into you.

Remember that 1's stops most things and can keep people from ducking. 1,2's
are great if they will hit, but a bit on the slow side to use to set things
up. df+2 will duck under 1,2's 1's attempts, while df+1 is the quickest
means to punish a ducking person. And finally d+4 is too risky to use
when up too close since 1's df+2's and 4's can majorly punish you. But d+4
when used from it's maximum distance can keep an opponent at bay, and it
hits' unconventional characters from getting into their weird stances.

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