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Cheese Guide by Crimson

Version: 1.00 |

				-=-From Wisconsin With Love-=-
			    -=-A Tekken 3 Cheese Guide Version 1.00-=-

The Cheese King And Author:



Whats New?
Throw Escapes
^Information and Credits^


 ?%Whats New%?

Added more moves for Paul and Nina. Added King to FAQ. Added more to Legend. 
Added more in stretegy sections. Added throw escapes. Added Lei to FAQ. Added 
Secrets section. Added Kuma to FAQ.


***NOTE*** All moves and Legend's done assuming you are on the right side 
<player one side>.

360= Rotate controller in a clockwise motion starting with right.

LP = Left Punch

RP= Right Punch

LK= Left Kick

RK= Right Kick

F= Tap Forward

L= Tap Left

U= Tap Up

D= Tap Down

DF= Tap down-forward. Like in LAWS ten-hitter you start by tapping down and 
 forward then LP

DB= Same as DF but in the opposite direction

UF= Tap up and forward together

UB= Tap up and back together

WC= While Crouching

QT= Quick Tap. Quickly tap one button and then another so fast that you almost
 press them together.

(N)= Stay nuetral for a short time.

D+RK or D+LK= Do when on ground to kick at opponent.

-= Press the next button immediatly after other. Example: D-F. You would press
  down the forward

+= Press with same buttons. Example: D-F+LP: *Elbow Smash* 
Here you would press Down then Forward plus Left Punch together

To side-step tap up or down.

Throws are done on either right side, left side, back of opponent, or in front
depending on how you side-step. They are done by pressing LK+LP and RK+RP
together at same time.

D+RP+LP= This will eventualy get you out of any link throw.

RK+RP= Use this to get out of a tackle.

1-5= This is for linking throws. This means it is done after the Link Starter 
throw or tackle. So you would do a move with a 1 <link starter> then a move 
with a 2. then one with a 3. then one with a 4. ect. The only exception is if 
in a move it sais to start with a differant number.

Run= Tap Forward, Forward and hold the last Forward to run.


This part shows you how to escape from those peskythrows. These are taken from
The Tekken Web Project a truly awesome page:


Crouch Grab <all>: LP+RP

Achilies Tendon Hold: RP
Scorpion Death Lock: RP
Indian Death Lock: LP+RP
1 Arm Break: LP
2 Arm Breaks: RP
Reverse DDT: RP
Chicken Wing Facelock: LP+RP
Dragon Sleeper Hold: LP
Rolling Death Cradle: RP
Reverse Arm Clutch: LP-QT-RP
Backdrop: LP
German Suplex: LP
Powerbomb: LP
Giant Swing: LP
Cannonball: RP
Manhattan Drop: RP
TBone PowerBomb: RP


Headbutt: LP+RP


Boot To Da' Head: LP
Rolldown Jawbreaker: RP

***Eddy Gordo***

Spiriling Hip Toss: RP+LP


Stomach Throw: RP
Headbutt: RP+LP


Death from Above: LP
Dragon Knee: LP+RP


Indian Throw: LP+RP




Best Way To Play As Paul: Both Defense and Offense.


D-B+RP: *Rushing Palm*  One of his many fist hits.

D-B+LP: *Hammer Fist*  Much like the name says.

D-B+LK: *Twirling Sweep*  A good sweep move.

F+LP+RP: *War Hammer Fist*  Does an insane amount of damage.

WC-DF+RP-RP: *Double Tripping Punch*  Good damage and confusing.

WC-DF+RP-LP: *Tripping Punch into P.Smasher*  Confusing and good damage.

F-F+RP: *Elbow Smack*  A quick move.

D-F+LP: *Elbow Smash*  If done from far away the opponent is stunned. A air 
  juggle starter.

D-F+RP: *Pheonix Smasher*  A very powerful move that does massive amounts of 

F-F-LK-RK-RK: *Triple Kick Assualt*  The last hit will hit low if you hold 
 down. Cannot be done in combos.

D+RK-F+RP: *Double Decker*  The supreme move that makes Paul the cheap one he 

F-F+RK: *Rolling Thunder*  Usefull against air striking opponents.

F+LP+RK: *Side Stepping Smash*  Another confusing move.

D+LP-F+RP: *Tile Breaker + Pheonix Smasher*  Faster and more usefull then 

UF+LK-RK *Double Kicker*  Like Triple Kick Assualt but can be done in combo.


F-F+LP+RP: *Head Butt <throw>* A good throw but not very cheesy.

DB+LP+RP: *Tackle*  Awesome move but to easy to get out of.

Tackle Linkers:

1. LP-RP-LP-RP-LP-EP: *Punch Flury*  Some punches.

2. D+LP+RP+LP+RP: *Punch to the Head*  If all of these hits it will take off 
 60% of your opponents life.

*Ten Hitters*

LP-RP-LK-LP-RK-RP-LP-RK-RP-LP     His best ten hitter.

LP-RP-LK-RP-LP-RP-LP-RK-RP-LP     His original one. Mix around with these 2 to
 cause confusion.


Hold back+LP+RP:      *Super Pheonix Smasher*     Fast for a UNBLOCKABLE and 
good damage.


***Juggle Starters***

Elbow Smash

Diagonal Kick <UF+RK>

Uppercut <DF+RP>


Moves with 2 elbow smashes mean that you must be far enough away so that the 
first elbow smash stuns your opponent.	

	Elbow Smash, Diagonal Kick, LP, Double Decker

	Diagonal Kick, LP, RP, Double Decker

	Elbow Smash, Elbow Smash, walk in, LP, LP, Phenoix smasher. Do Double 
	Diagonal Kick, LP, RP, Double Kicker, Ground hit <down + LK>, Double 

	Elbow Smash, LP, LP, Double Kicker, and no Double Decker. Do D+LK 
        instead for ground hit.

	Diagonal Kick, LP, Doubler Decker, and ground hits <any>.

	Elbow Smash, LP, LP, Pheonix Smasher. Do Double Decker's.

	Elbow Smash, LP, LP, Double Kicker, ground hits.

	Double Kicker then Double Decker's.

	Elbow Smash, LP-RP-LK-LP-RK-RP-LP-RK-RP-LP. Not all hits will hit but 
        most will.

Paul is to cheap. Just do his Double Decker over and over on opponents and 
D+LK when they won't get up. Also his War Hammer Fist should be used as often 
as his Double Decker for some serious pain.

Paul VS Lei, Hoawrong, Eddy Gordo, and X. <human>

All of these players go real offensive. Especialy Eddy Gordo. Eddy Gordo has 
moves that leave him wide open.  Just be on the defense and do double deckers. 
 Air combo Hwaorong to his doom and do ground hits like the Double Decker and 
War Hammer Fist. Be on the defense against Lei since he will be on the 
offense. Just chip away at his health and run away and wait for time to run 
out. He will come to you. Go way offensive on X.

Paul VS Jin, Paul, and Nina. <human>

All of these characters are well balanced. Against Paul watch out. Be 
defensive and counter all of Paul's moves. Against Jin do many confusing 
offensive moves and then defense and switch between this. Against Nina I 
suggest offense as the best defense. Just watch out for air combos.

Paul VS Bosses. <computer>

Just do sweeps and combos. On Ogre do his War Hammer Fist because it will hit 
him even when he is on the ground.



Best Way To Play: Defense.


F-F+RK: *Knee Bash*  Good for air attackers.

RK-RK-RK: *Triple Kick*  A 3 hitter that can be used in air but easily 

LK: *Boot to the Head*  Does decent damage for a one button move.

LK-RK: *Two Boots to the Head*  Oddly time so oddly blocked. Confusing and 
 good against defensive players.

RK to LK: *Drop and Bash*  A great way to get someone in the air! 

F-F+RK+LK+LP+RP-RK+LK: *Grinning Death*  A cool move.

F-F+RP: *Elbow to Sword*  An elbow smash that uses sword on counter.

B+LP-LP-LP-LP-LP-LP-LP: *Dizzy Spin*  Only good in air attacks because all 
 hits will hit.

B+LP-DB+LK-LK-LK: *Up to Down Dizzy Spin*  Confusing because opponent will 
think you are hitting high. Unless he is watching your hands like they do down

DB+LK-LK-LK-LK-LK-LK: *Sweeping Spin*  Like the name sais. A sweeping spin move.

UF-LK+RK: *Poisin Wind*  A footstomp. Good damage.

UF+LK+RK-B+LP-LP-LK+RK: *Flipstomp, Spinning Hilt Strikes, Flipstomp*  Very 
usefull and confusing.

UF+LK+RK-B+LP-LP-B-D-B+LP: *Flipstomp, Spinning Hilt Strikes, Backflip, Slash*
 Same as above cept' better.

B+LP+RP Breath Stance LP+RP Release Breath: Cheesy. Nuff' said.

B+RP: *Backhand*  Turns opponent around so you can wail on him/her with a ten 

D+LK+RK: *Sit Down*  When doing this you gain health. If you tap Forward twice
you teleport behind opponent if they are close enough. Also in this form you 
may do some moves with RP and RK.

B+LP+RK: *Sword Reversal*  Like it sais. A Sword Reversal.


D-B+LP+RP: *Indian Throw*  Good damaging throw.

*Ten Hitters*

LP-RP-LP-RK-RK-RK-LP-LP-LP-LP		His original ten-string. If last kick 
                                        hits game is yours.

RK-RK-RP-RP-RK-RK-LP-LP-LP-LP           His best ten-string.

LP-RP-LP-RK-RP-RP-RP-RK-LP-LP           Very good if you get it off and if 
                                        someone doesn't hit you during the 
                                        last 3 hits.


Hold down, B+LP: *Glowing Knee Trip*  I love this move but its a LITTLE slow. 
Confusing to.

DB+LP: *Sword Slice*  The supreme un-blockable. Fast, hits opponents on 
grounds, and does good damage.

B-B+LP:  *Sword Stab*  Takes away over 2/3'rds of opponents life and has great
range. But alas, it is very slow.

B-B+LP+LP: *Cyber Hand a' Spinning*  Very usefull because it spins with great 
range from down to up.

UF+LP+RP: *Ants in Your Pants*  If you press down while in the air it will go 
down. A strange move for a strange fighter. If you press Back Yoshi will 
turn around.

U+LP+RP: *Pogo Stick*  This move rules! Press up and forward to jump toward 
your opponent or go in any either direction. If you press RK+LK Yoshi will do 
Kangaroo kicks.

F-F+LK-LP: *Kick to Sword*  A front kick then a sword slash. Usefull? Does Law
look like Bruce Lee?

D-F+LP: *Flipping Sword Cutter of Death*  Easily his best move. Even hits 
side-stepping opponents if they side-step to early and will hit if they are 
close or far. Awesome!

F-F+LP+RK: *Turning Suicide*  Um..okay..... Suicide MUCH more usefull! Seriously. It is. No 
believe me.. Oh just read you'll see! I'LL SHOW YOU ALL!

D+LP+RK: *Suicide*  That famouse move. Read the COMBO's Section to find its use. It rules.


***Juggle Starters***

Drop and Bash.

Uppercut <DF+RP>


	Drop and Bash, Suicide. It will take over 9/10'ths of your opponents 
        health and will	do some damage to you.

	Drop and Bash, Cyber Hand a' Spinning. Not sure if that works.

	Uppercut, Up to Down Dizzy Spin.

	Uppercut, Sweeping Spin.

	Drop and Bash, Dizzy Spin.

	Drop and Bash, LP-RP-LP-RK-RP-RP-RP-RK-LP-LP, Sweeping Spin.

	Drop and Bash, Crouching RP, Sweeping Spin.

	Uppercut, Dizzy Spin.

	Uppercut, LP-RP-LP-RK-RP-RP-RP-RK-LP-LP, Sweeping Spin.

	Drop and Bash, Glowing Knee Trip.

Use his Sword Slice on opponents on ground and do his spinning sweep for total
annoyance. Do his Flipping sword cutter of death alot.

Yoshimitsu VS everyone.<human and computer>

Just use all his freaky moves and Flipping Sword Cutter of Death alot. You 
only should have trouble with Paul and Lei. But a good Yoshi player can take 
anyone down with a good mix of combos with cheapness. Lei should be his worst 
opponent. Do Dizzy Sweeps when he goes on ground.



Best Way To Play: Offense.


F-F+LK+RK: *Double Flip Kick*  Like the name sais. Exellent for opponents on 

D+RP-U+LK: *Low Punch into Flip Kick*  A very good move.

D+RK-U+LK: *Low Kick into Flip Kick*  Same as above move move accept slower.

DB+RK: *Sweeping Sluaghter*  A fast good sweep that is very un-expected.

RK-LK-RK: *Triple Kick Banonza*  A good damaging move that is great for air 

D+LK-LK-LK-U+RK: *Triple Kick into Flip Kick*  Can be done with 2 kicks <which
 makes it a Double Kick into Flip Kick> into flip kick, or you can take out 
 the flip.

D+LK-LK: *Annoying Ground Hit*  Just as the name says.

LK-LK-LK: *Triple Kicker*  Avrage move. Nothing special.

<hold>F+RP-RP-RP-RP: *Rave War Combo*  Multiple punches. When first hit is 
un-blocked by opponent the rest will hurt him. Can also be done with LP.

<hold>F-RP to LP: *One Inch Punch*  Hold forward and quickly tap <not 
 together> RP then LP. This takes over half an opponents health but has VERY 
 short range. Is done quickly though. IT RULES!

<hold>B+LP-RP-LP: *Triple Punch Rave Combo*  This is the combo! It rules. It 
slams opponent in the air for insane juggles!

D-LK-U+RK: *Slipper Hit*  Hold down and press LK then right away press up and 
RK. It is confusing but a little on the slow side.

*Ten Hitters*

DF-LP-LK-RP-RP-Hold Down-LK-LK-LK-RK-RK-RK         A good ten hitter with good

DF-LP-LK-RP-RP-Hold Down-LK-LK-LK-LK-RK-RK         His best ten-hitter. Almost
                                                   no high attacks.

DF-LP-LK-RP-RP-LK-LK-LK-RK-LK-RK                   Almost the same as his 


DB-RP+LP: *Dragon's Fang*          Eh..Its Okay. Press U-U to Cancel.


***Juggle Starters***

Triple Punch Rave Combo

Triple Kick into Flip Kick

Low Kick into Flip Kick

Low Punch into Flip Kick

Double Flip Kick

Diagonal Kick <UF+RK>

Uppercut <DF+RP>


	Triple Punch Rave Combo then One Inch Punch. Do a ground hit or two 
         and it becomes a death hit combo!

	Triple Punch Rave Combo, Double Flip, Low Punch into Flip Kick.

	Low Punch into Flip Kick, Low Punch into Flip Kick, and Double Flip to
         hit opponent on ground.

	Triple Punch Rave Combo, Double Flip, Low Kick into Flip Kick.

	Double Kick into Flip Kick, Low Punch into Flip Kick, ground attack.

Do his double flip kick right before your opponent gets up. It will hit even 
if they are on the ground <well at least 90% of the time>. Do D+LK-LK on 
ground opponents. This chips away at your opponents health and is the most 
annoying ground hitter.

Law VS Hwaorong, Lei, Law, and Eddy Gordo. <human>

All of these guys mentioned above are the ultimate offensive guys. So in this 
case the best defense is flips. Be aggresive. Chip away at your opponents 
health with some ground hitters and wait. The do some flip combos. Then 
back off and wait again. This will totaly annoy your opponent. Main Key: 
Block, Combo, Block, Combo. Fighting against Law is a weird match. I suggest
defense since normal Law players play very offensivly.

Law VS X, Nina, and Yoshimitsu. <human>

The weird characters. Against X wait till she does some ground attacks and do 
low-to-high flip combos. Against Nina do many Rave Combos and damaging moves. 
Against Yoshi do a lot of side stepping incase he does his flip move and then 
wail on him. Play defense against Yoshi.

Law VS Bosses. <computer>

The computer is easy to defeate. Ten strings and flips are all you need.



Best Way To Play: Offense.


B+RP: *Slap Smack*  Quick stun move.

B_LP: *Slap Smack 2: The Sequel*  Almost the same as Slap Smack.

DB+RK-LK: *Trip Kick into Rising Kick*  Does good damage and hard to block.

DB-D+LK: *Rising Kick*  A good juggle starter but a little hard to pull off.

F-F+LP+RP: *Go Away*  A good damaging move that is a little to easy to see 

F+LP+RP: *Step Forward into Go Away*  Same as Go Away but Nina takes a step 
 forward.  Usefull andconfusing.

DF+LK-LK-LK-LK: *Quad Mirror Kicks*  A good move. Hits mid level. Last hit 
 hits low.

DF+LK-LK-LK-RK: *Triple Mirror Kicks into Right Kick*  Like the name says.

DF+LK-LK-LK-LP-RP-F+RP+LP: *Kick and Punch Bonanza*  Love this move. Many hits
  and confusing.

RK-LK-RK: *Hell Kicks*  Good move that can be used partly in Juggles.

UF+RK-LK-RK: *Jumping Hell Kicks*  Same as Hell Kicks but its more confusing.
 Just tap UF.

D+LK-RP: *Sweep into Uppercut*  A great juggle starter. Dont hold down. Just 
 tap it for the LK.

LP-RP-LP-RP-F+RP+LP: *Fruit Punch*  Another one of Nina's good moves. Good for
 Air Juggles.

RP+F+RP+LP: *RP into Go Away*  Great for Juggles in the air.

*THORWS* 	Note: Will put in more throws soon.

RUN+LK: *Running Achilies Heel*  Very good move. Can link with this one.

1. DF+LP+RP: *Chin Bash*  LINK STARTER.

2. LP-LK-RP-LP: *Arm Breaker*  Good one. All these linkers are great. Link 
    Throws are cheesy!

3. LK-LP-RP-LP+RP: *Double Arm Snap*  Love this one. Looks cool.

*Ten Hitters*

LP-RP-LP-RP-LK-LK-LK-RP-LP-RK			Her original. Not to good.

LP-RP-LP-RP-RK-LK-RK-RP-RK-LK			One of her best ten hitters.


DB+LP+RP: *Swan Slash*				Like most un-blockables to 
                                                slow. U-U to cancel.


***Juggle Starters***

Sweep into Uppercut

Trip Kick into Rising Kick

Rising Kick


	Sweep into Uppercut, Sweep into Uppercut.

	Trip Kick into Rising Kick, Trip Kick into Rising Kick.

	Trip Kick into Rising Kick, LP, Kick and Punch Bonanza.

	Trip Kick into Rising Kick, LP, Go Away.

	Trip Kick into Rising Kick, LP, RP into Go Away.

Spend alot of time with Nina. Go soly on offense and just go at it with air 

Nina VS Everyone.<human and computer>

Just play offense with air combos. Mix around a bit. Use TK into RK a lot on 
opponents when on ground. Same goes for Sweep into Uppercut. Very annoying.



Best Way To Play: Offense.


NOTE: Will put in his other throws soon.

DF+RK+LK: *Frankensteiner*  Its really a throw but should be used as a special

B+RK: *Turnaround Kick*  Does good damage.

LP+RK or LP+RP: *Turnaround Kick Links*  Just as the name says.

F-(N)-D-DF+LP+RP: *Knuckle Bomb*  Good damage!

D+RK+LK-RK-RK-RK-RK: *Ali Kicks*  Hits 3 times. Hits more on counter.

D+RK+LK-RP: *Ali Kicks into Uppercut*  Same only there is an uppercut.

DF+1: *Elbow Wack*  A elbow move. Fast.

DF+2: *Side Hitter*  Hits on side.

F-F+RK: *Jail Bird Kick*  Fast and avrage damage.

F-F+RP: *Smashing Jab*  A juggling hit.

F-F(N)+RP: *Low Smashing Jab*  Hits low and on counter can throw.

RP+LP: *Low Smashing Jab Counter Throw*  heh..You figure it out:)

LP+RP: *Link to Low Smashing Jab*  A linker to the Jab move.

F-F+RK+LK: *Screw Kick*  Does good damage but to easily seen.

Run+RK+LK: *Running Screw Kick*  Does more damage and is usefull.

F-F+RP+LP: *Jaguar Dive*  Very good move because its hard to block.

UF+LP+RP: *Double Fist Smack*  A small jumping air hit.


1. DF+LP+LK: *Reverse Arm Clutch* Must start with Backdrop.

1. DF+LP+RP: *Reverse Full Nelson* Must start with Cannonball and then 
 continue from there.

2. RP-LP-RP+LP: *Backdrop*

3. LK+RK-RP+LP: *German Suplex*

4. RP-RP-LP+RP: *Cannonball*

4. RK+LK-RP+LP-LP+RP+RK: *Manhattan Drop*

4. LP-RP-LK+RK: *Powerbomb*

5. LP-RP-LK+RK-LP+RP: *Super Freak*

5. RP-LP-RK-RK: *Giant Swing*

5. LK-LP-RP-LK+RK-LP+RP+LK+RK: *T-Bone Powerbomb*

*Ten Hitters*

LP-RP-LP-LP-RP-RK-RK-RK-LP-LK				His original ten hitter.

LP-RP-LP-LP-RP-RK-RK-RK-LP-LP				A slight variation of 
                                                        his original.

LP-RP-LP-LP-LK-LK-RK-RK-LP-LK				Very good ten hitter.

LP-RP-LP-LP-LK-LK-RK-RK-LP-LP				Almost the same as 

LP-RP-LP-LP-LK-LK-RK-LK-RP-LP+RP			Most damaging ten 


F+LP+RK: *Flip of Death*				Has to be the coolest
                                                         unblockable ever.

F+LP+RP: *Ramming Fist*					Another great one!


***Juggle Starters***

Diagonal Kick <UF+RK>

Smashing Jab


		Smashing Jab, LP, Jaguar Dive

		Smashing Jab, LP, LP, Low Smashing Jab

		Smashing Jab, LP, Frankenstiener

		Diagonal Kick, LP, LP, Frankenstiener

		Diagonal Kick, LP, LP, Jaguar Dive

Listed above are kings best Combos.

King VS everyone. <humand and computer>

Just do alot of multi-link throws. ESPECIALY if your opponent has a hard time 
countering! Also do some combos and mix around with ten hitters and your READY



Best Way To Play: Offense.


NOTE: All his moves will be here for next version!

DB+RK-RK: *Sweep into Spin*  One of his many flip moves.

RK-QT-RK-LK-LK: *Ground Kick*  Good damage and can be done in combos.

RK-QT-LK: *Spinning Trip*  Good damage.

LK-QT-RK: *Spinning Lunge*  Press U to do up to 3. Press D to drop to the 

LK-LK: *Boot to Head and Trip*  Turns Lei so his back is facing you.

F-(N)-LP-RP-LP-RP: *Gut Punches*  Good for juggling.

F-(N)-LP-RP-LP-RP-RK: *Gut Punches into High Kick*  Another variation of his 

F-(N)-LP-RP-LP-RP-LK: *Gut Punches into Trip Kick*  Same as above but more 

F-(N)-RK-LP-RP-D+LK: *High to Low*  Confusing move.

LP-RP-LP: *Rave Combo*  Puts Lei in back position.

D+LK+RK: *Nap*  One of Lei's many move positions.

RP+LP: *Double Backhand*  Puts Lei in Back position.

B+RK+LK: *Back*  Puts Lei in Back position.

Nap Moves:

D+LP: *Roll*  Makes Lei roll around.

LK+RK: *Kick Smack*  Great for juggling.

LK-RK: *Sweep into Spin II*  Same as Sweep into Spin.

Back Moves:

D+RK-RK: *Sweep into Spin III*  Guess what this one does?

D+LP: *Infinite Low Punchs*  Awesome move!

RP: *Uppercut*  And uppercut.

RK+LK: *Back Flips*  Can do up to three times.


F-F+LP+RP: *Push*  A push move throw.

*Ten Hitterrs*

LP-RP-LP-RK+LK-RK+LK-RK+LK-LP-LP-RP			Its really a nine 

LP-RP-LP-RK+LK-RP-LP-RK-LP-RP-LK			Probably his best Ten 

LP-RP-LP-RK+LK-RP-LP-RK-LP-RK-RK			Mix around with these.


B+LP+RK-RK: *Spinning Blue Wind*  Good damage and hard to block.

B_LP_RK-LK-LK......RK: *Spinning Blue Wind II*  Sam only you can mix in some 
LK before the RK.


***Juggle Starters***

Uppercut <DF+RP>

Diagonal Kick <UF+RK>

Kick Smack

Ground Kicks

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!INFINITE STRING COMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off thanks go to Higgs for providing this! He rules. Hes the man!:) Look
for his email in credits. Also, I have not done this or tried it out yet so if
it doesn't work don't blame me:)

		Rave Combo, D+LP D+LP D+LP Keep doing it and you opponent can't
                 get up!



NOTE: I have not played as Kuma so dont send email. These are all his known 
moves and combos.


B-F+RP+LK: *Salmon Hunting*  Slow but very damaging.

LP-LP-LP: *Bear Hammer*  Quick and damaging.

B-D-F+RP: *Grizzly Claw*  Quick and painfull.

UF+RK+LK: *Pancake Press*  A ground hit.

D+LK+RK: *Sit Down*  Press LP and RP for a flury of punches.

DF+RP-LP-RP-LP: *Rushing Uppercuts*  Great for juggling.

F-F+RP+LP: *Bear Smack*  Damaging and can be done in combos.

WC-RP+LP-RP+LP: *Double Arm Swing*  Juggles opponent.

RP+LP-RP+LP: *Double Arm Swing II*  Almost same as above.

LP+LK: *Falling Bear*  If done close opponent will be stunned on ground.

RP-LP-RP: *Triple Bear Arm Combo*  Slow but damaging.

D+LP+RP-LP-RP-LP-RP: *Get Up Grizzly Hits*  Do this while your getting up.


B+RK+LK: *Headbutt*  Does alot of damage.

F+RK+LK: *Grizzly Bite*  Does an incredible amount of damage.

RK+LK: *Bear Hug*  His least damaging but most simple throw.

*Ten Hitters*

D+RP-LP-LP-RP-LP-RP-LP-RP-LP+RP-LP+RP			Original combo for 
                                                        Jack and Kuma.

*Ten Hitters*


B+LP+RP: *Bear Slash*					Quick and good damage.

B+LP+RP-360: *Bear Roll*				Very good move.


***Juggle Starters***

Uppercut <DF+RP>

Triple Bear Arm Combo


		Triple Bear Arm Combo, Bear Roll

		Triple Bear Arm Combo, Bear Slash <only works on large 

		Uppercut, Rolling Bear

		Uppercut, Double Arm Swing II

		Falling Bear, Pancake Press

		Falling Bear, Bear Roll

Kuma VS everyone. <human and computer>

Against the computer do his ten string. Against all fighters be aggresive and 
use combos. His unblockables are cheap and he does alot of damage.



Law's Secret Clothes:

Chose Law with Start to get his hidden clothes.

Select your winning stance:

Just press and hold down any one of the attack buttons right before your 
winning stance.




Made by: Crimson.

Email: Rahvin@exepc.com.

mIRC: Clannet: woodstock.idsi.net. Channel: #theforsaken. 
Name on IRC: [TF]Crimson.

Residance: Milwuakee, Wisconsin.

Arcades I Play at: Cyberstation at Brookfield mall and 79's arcade.

Thanks to:

Higgs for the infinite Lei string combo. Thanks man! His email:

NAMCO! Thank you Namco! I love you!:)

Richard and Julia for putting this up. Thanks guys! Their awesome web page is 
at: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Heights/7811/tekken3.htm

Noze Dive for all the email and information on Tekken 3. His web page is at:

*HUGE* thanks to the Tekken Web Project Page for those awesome throw escapes!

My brother Axtrika for driving me to the arcade:) And keeping me in my place 
<grrrrr> His email: Rahvin@exepc.com

And all of you who took the time to download this!

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