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True Ogre by BIvester

Orge2 FAQ for Tekken 3 

	Hi there, and welcome to the world's first fully functional Ogre2 FAQ.
This FAQ is only about the big demonic Ogre since the little one isn't nearly 
as interesting or fun to play(in my opinion).  This FAQ is free to distribute 
or use by anyone except commercial publications (EGM).  Thank you and on with 
the FAQ!

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Conventions
3 Attacks
	Special attacks
4 Juggles/Combos
5 Basic Strategy
6 Advanced Strategy
	Introduction to Advanced Strategy
	Specific Character Strategies
	Odds and Ends
7 Epilogue


	This is a Frequently Asked Questions compilation about Ogre2, the 
final boss character of Tekken 3 and the last playable from time release.  I 
wrote this FAQ because there aren't any good Ogre2 FAQs out there and he is 
one of my favorite characters.  I like him for many of the same reasons I like
Yoshimitsu.  He is strange in appearance, has a large array of bizarre and 
effective attacks, is fun to play, and is a crowd-pleaser (I love to 
showboat).  He has his downsides, of course, but with skillful play these can 
be compensated for.  He packs a hell of a punch, has the best range in the 
game, and has so many different attacks that you can keep opponents guessing 
until their life bar is empty.  A lot of people don't respect Ogre because of 
his size and his fire attacks, well I love to show them that he is a real 
character.  I almost never use the fire attacks myself, only occasionally on 
scrubs, in desperate situations, or if I am trying to impress/intimidate 
someone.  I am not saying he is the best character or anything but if you play
well enough you should be able to hold your own against anyone.  This FAQ is 
written for intermediate to high level players although quick-witted novices 
should be able to pick it up fairly quickly as well.    
	Anyway, as you can see from the table of contents above I have tried 
to make this FAQ as complete as possible.  Following the dry form of the 
movelist I discuss each move in depth which is an important part of this FAQ.  
Next there is a modest section on juggles.  Although juggling isn't one of my 
own strong points it is still something which comes up and you need to do the 
most damage when it does come up.  Following that there is a section on basic 
strategy if you are new to Ogre, and finally an advanced strategy section 
which along with the special move descriptions is the heart of this FAQ.  I 
tried to be as thorough as possible though obviously one can only get so much 
from reading a FAQ.


1-Left Punch	2-Right Punch
3-Left Kick	4-Right Kick
f-tap forward	F-hold forward
b-tap back	B-hold back
u-tap up        U-hold up
d-tap down	D-hold down
u/f-tap up and forward simultaneously	U/F-hold up and forward simultaneously
d/f-tap down and forward simultaneously	D/F-hold down and forward simultaneously
u/b-tap up and back simultaneously	U/B-hold up and back simultaneously
d/b-tap down and back simultaneously	D/B-hold down and back simultaneously
N-neutral(let stick return to neutral)

+-perform these buttons/motions simultaneously
~-perform this command immediately after the previous one
_-any commands connected by this are interchangeable and separated by brackets
(WS)-perform while you are rising from a crouch
(WG)-perform while your character is on the ground
l-move hits low
m-move hits mid
h-move hits high
u-move is standard unblockable(cannot be crouched under, knocks down)
L-move hits low and grounded opponents
M-move hits mid and grounded opponents
H-move hits high and grounded opponents
U-move is unblockable and hits grounded opponents
s-move is unblockable but may be ducked under
RS-this throw must grab the opponent's right side
LS-this throw must grab the opponent's left side
BS-this throw must grab the opponent's back


Basic Listing

Move Name		Command 	Attack Level	Damage

Medium Power Punch	f, f+1+2	    m		 40

Power Punch		 f+2		    m          	 28

Dragon Power Punch	b, b+1+2	    u		100

Double Elbow		d/f+1, 2	   m,m		16,10

Foot Bazooka		f, F+4	            h	 	 35

Killing Blow		B+2+3		    u		 60

Spinning Slide Kick	f, f, N+3+4	    L 		 15

Shin to Head Kick	d+4, N, 4 	   l,h		7,20

Blazing Kick		d, d/b+4	    m		 30

Infinite Kick Combo  (WS)3, 3, d+3, 3...  m,m,h,m     10,25,15,10

Infinite Kick Continuation(low)	...d+3	  l,m,h		 10

Infinite Kick Continuation(high)...u+3	  m,m,h		 15

Crouching Jab		D, d/f+2 	    l		 25

Slap			D, f+2		    M		 40

Groin Punch		D, f+1		    m		 30

Bloody Scissors		d/b+1+2		    u		 50

Hammer Heel		f, F, N+4	    m		 20

Demented Snake	    D, 3, 3, N, 3      	  l,l,m	      12,19,25

Snake Kick		D, 3, 3, 3	  l,l,l	      12,19,7

Exploder		f, f+3+4	    h		 40

Shoulder Tackle		f+1+4		    m		 30

Jump to Double Knuckle	[u_u/f], N, 1+2     m		 35

Burning Double Knuckle	[u_u/f]+1+2~D	    U		 45

Deadly Slice		b+2		    u		 22

Deadly Slash		f, f, N+2	    u		 25

Heavy Body Blow		(WS)2		    m		 25

Windmill Kick		u/b+3		    m		 20

Windmill Kick, Tooth Fairy  u/b+3, 2	   m,m		20,25

Hunting Hawk		u/f+3, 4, 3	  m,h,h	      15,14,25

Hell's Flame		1+2		    U		 30

Blazing Inferno		d+1+2		    s		 40

Buffalo's Horn		d/f+1+2		    m		 25

Low Tail Spinner	d+3+4	            l		 25

Mid Tail Spinner	d/f+3+4		    m		 25

Double Tail Spinner	d/f+3+4, 3+4       m,m		25,25

Evil Wheel		u+3+4		    m		 25

Owl's Hunt		(WG)3+4		    s		 40

Serpent's Venom		f, F+2		   m,u		15,20

Flash Punch Combo	1, 1, 2		  h,h,m	       5,8,18

Demon Slayer		1, 2, 2		  h,h,h	       5,8,18

Demon Scissors		4~3		    m		 25

Axe Kick	   [f+4_f, f+3]		    m		  ?

Demon's Feast	        (FC), f		    -	     Reversal

Juggle Escape			Any button while being juggled			


Name			Command			Escape		Damage

Body Slam		1+3			1		30

Bear Hug		2+4			2		10,25

Choke Slam		LS[1+3_2+4]		1		10,15,25

Hanging  Neck Throw	RS[1+3_2+4]		2		40

Swing Swung		BS[1+3_2+4]		-		70

Spin Behind Elbow Smash	d/f, D/F+2+4		-		30

Move Descriptions

	In this section obviously I'll be describing each move individually.  
There will be a visual description followed by any special notes(such as 
juggles, stuns, etc.), then I'll discuss the best times to use the move, what 
it weaknesses are, and so on.  As you may know, most of Ogre's moves are 
stolen from various Tekken 2 characters, and I also listed who had them 
originally which may help you out.  I have tried to test each move 
extensively, though I admit some I have not used enough.  Still, there should 
be enough info here to get you started.  By the way, the move names 
came from Namco's Tekken Online site, so if you don't like them don't blame 
me.  I got the damages from them as well, and most of the commands.  Some of 
the commands there I had a problem with and therefore changed.  Some of the 
commands are not completely explanatory and in those cases I'll follow up in 
the description.  I also included an "E rating" with each one as a general 
yardstick of how effective I think the move is overall, ranging from one to 
five, although most moves have some possible use.  
Anyway, enough of this, on with the show.

Medium Power Punch		f, f+1+2			E:4

Steps forward, then does a double hand strike.  Knocks down.  This is a pretty
good long range move.  It is a bit slow, but has good priority once it starts 
the hit animation.  Pushes opponent away if blocked so there isn't much chance
of retaliation during the recovery.  Also does a good 40 points of damage and 
gives you plenty of room for whatever you want to do next.  Solid.  Wang Jinrei.

Power Punch			f+2			E:5

Quick step, then a extended right punch that looks almost low.  Knocks down.  
One of his best moves, hands down.  Hits mid, fairly fast, and great range.  
Excellent both as keep out move or pressure move.  Although it hits mid, it is
really low placed, so it is excellent to use on rising opponents who think you
are too far away to hit them, or large grounded opponents(Kuma/Gunjack/Ogre2).
It is also great to use if the opponent misses an attack completely, though 
you have to anticipate the miss if you want to be fast enough to hit before 
they recover enough to block.  Mastering the nuances of this move should be a 
top priority when starting to learn Ogre since you should be using it often.  
Wang Jinrei.

Dragon Power Punch		b, b+1+2		E:1

Leans back and low for a long moment, then punches short and a little low.  
Unblockable.  Knocks down.  I don't recommend this attack due to its long 
startup time and short range, though it is his most damaging attack by far.  
Only do it if you are trying to show off by killing your opponent in one blow.
Wang Jinrei.  

Double Elbow			d/f+1, 2			E:3

Quick double elbow, though it resembles punches.  A pretty quick inside attack
with a good recovery which makes it fairly safe.  Best used in close range.  
Not a terrible move to throw out at the beginning of a match, and if you're 
close enough the first hit combos into the second.  Doesn't knock down, 
though, so have a plan for after it connects.  Bruce Irvin.

Foot Bazooka			f, F+4			E:2

Takes a long step forward with the right foot arching up in a high kick.  
Knocks Down.  The main problem with this attack is that it hits high, although
its slow recovery doesn't help either.  If it hit mid I would recommend it 
since it has great range hits hard and comes out pretty fast.  Only use it if 
the opponent is wide open for a high attack or for variety.  Bruce Irvin.

Killing Blow			B+2+3			E:3

Steps back and crosses his arms, then slides forward on his feet with his arms
somewhat forward.  Unblockable.  Knocks down, far knockdown if a major 
counter.  Good mid to long range attack.  Fairly quick windup with devastating
results.  Killer range and damage, use at long range if opponent is 
approaching, or after knockdown to catch them as they are rising if you feel 
lucky.  Bad recovery if you miss, it is probably his best big unblockable.  
Bruce Irvin.

Spinning Slide Kick		f, f, N+3+4		E:2

Dashes forward, then slides feet first towards opponent.  Knocks down.  This 
is a perfect example of a move being made less effective due to Ogre's size.  
For the small Ogre, this move is pretty solid, but for our bad boy, he can be 
hit pretty easily during the jumping animation, which makes this move pretty 
dangerous.  It is occasionally useful, but generally is to be avoided since 
the damage isn't so great.  Lee Chaolan.

Infinite Kick Combo		(WS)3, 3, d+3...		E:2

Axe kick followed by a high kick then a mid kick, then it depends on which 
continuation you use whether the next is a low or mid kick.  This move and its
continuations are a danger to you and your opponent.  To people who don't know
the move too well, which is to say mostly novices, it can be rather murderous 
and seem cheap.  However, expert players generally know how to evade or 
interrupt it.  As far as the continuations go, I recommend the low one for 
obvious reasons.  Lee Chaolan.

Shin to Head Kick		d+4, N+4		E:4

Quick low kick followed by a head kick.  Not bad close range move, since it 
hits low then high, though its best use is okizeme on rising opponents since 
if the first hit connects then it combos into the second.  It can be done 
infinitely if they let you. 

Sometimes best just to do the first kick on standing opponents, since if the 
first hit is blocked then you are asking for it if the second whiffs.  More on
this move's uses in the okizeme section.  Lee Chaolan.

Blazing Kick			d, D/B+4		E:3

Goes from couch to a high arching kick.  Knocks down on standard hit, juggles 
on counter.  I admit I haven't used this move too much.  The listed command 
isn't totally explanatory.  It is kind of like tap down, roll to down back, 
pause a brief second, then tap right kick.  The timing is a bit tricky, so 
you'll probably have to experiment a little to perfect it.  Anyway, it is a 
nice damage attack that is a bit slow due to the command but worth it if you 
connects since it either causes a good knockdown or, in the best case 
scenario, a juggle which of course opens up a lot of possibilities.  Test it 
out and let me know.  Lee Chaolan.

Crouching Jab			D, d/f+2			E:4

Goes from full crouch to a low sweeping right punch.  Causes an extremely 
short juggle.  This move is like a low punch with a windup that does good 
damage and causes possibilities for some short juggle combos.  Its range is 
also nice and longer than an opponent would expect you to have from the 
crouched position.  This is one of those attacks that breaks games due to its 
unpredictability and juggling capability.  A nice thing is that if you mess up
the command you end up with either a low punch, the Slap (see below), or the 
Power Punch (see above), all of which are pretty acceptable.  Anna Williams.

Slap				D, f+2			E:5

Goes from full crouch to a standing overhead swipe which starts above head 
level and swings to the feet.  Knocks down.  Also has some sort of stun 
property though I haven't tested the specifics yet so feel free to find out 
and tell me.  This attack is excellent all-around due to its awesome reach, 
good angle of attack (hits in a big arc like an axe kick), great damage and 
relatively quick startup time.  Most of the time people don't see it coming, 
plus it hits grounded opponents!  I don't really have much bad to say about 
this move.  If they block it pushes them back so you aren't too open to 
retaliation.  Though the recovery isn't the best its not the worst either.  
Practice this move a lot since it should be a major part of your arsenal.  
This move, in contrast to the Spinning Slide Kick, is a perfect example of a 
move being made more effective(vastly so) by Ogre's size.  Anna Williams.

Groin Punch			D, f+1			E:3

Goes from full crouch to a standing side punch.  Knocks down.  Truthfully, the
properties of this move seem a bit strange to me when compared with its sister
move, Slap.  They have identical motions(only the button is different), yet 
this move is slightly slower, has less range, does less damage, and does 
not hit grounded opponents.  If this move has some real use, I'd love to hear 
about it, but for the time being, I can't see any reason I wouldn't use this 
move instead of Slap in all(or nearly all) situations.  It really isn't that 
bad a move, but it pales in comparison to the alternatives.  Anna Williams.

Bloody Scissors			d/b+1+2			E:1

Crouches down while gathering power with arms outstretched, then brings them 
together.  Another big windup unblockable similar to Dragon Power Punch, 
though this one doesn't even have obscene damage to justify its downfalls.  It
has terrible range, telegraphs horribly, and does less damage than the vastly 
superior Killing Blow.  Maybe you can surprise someone who doesn't know 
better, but I seriously doubt it.  Anna Williams.

Hammer Heel			f, f, N+4			E:2

Dashes forward, then does a very high starting axe kick(does not hit on the 
way up).  Knocks down.  The motion for this move is another f, f, N which is 
really a hassle if you ask me (and I guess you are).  It is slow to activate 
and doesn't even do good damage.  It does hit grounded opponents, which is 
nice, but I would almost always use another move for okizeme.  Better damage 
might have justified this move but as it is I can't recommend it.  Baek Doo 

Demented Snake			D, 3, 3, N+3		E:4

From full crouch does two low kicks, then a mid kick.  Third hit juggles.  
Fairly good move for in close since it has multiple hits and switches attack 
levels from low to mid, and of course since it juggles if the third hit 
connects.  In fact it is identical to the Snake Kick (see below) except for 
the third kick, so alternate between the two to throw your opponent off.  The 
trick to the motion is to let Ogre get into a full crouch before you hit left 
kick, which is why the motion is D, 3 instead of D+3.  Baek Doo San.

Snake Kick			D, 3, 3, 3		E:4

From full crouch does three low kicks.  As above, only finishing with a low 
kick instead of a mid juggler.  Just read the previous for relevant info.  
Baek Doo San.

Hunting Hawk			u/f+3, 4, 3		E:4

Hops forward then executes two jumpkicks, a third if the second connects.  If 
first or second hits, juggles and combos into the third.  A flashy move that 
does good damage if all the hits connect, its best use is after an opponent 
misses an attack, especially a kick from getting up.  Demoralizing at the 
least.  Baek Doo San.  

Exploder			f, f+3+4			E:3

Does a feet forward leap at opponent which angles sideways a bit.  Knocks 
down.  A big damage, medium windup high attack.  It is useful if they give you
a good opening for it, but then again so are half of ogre's move so there 
isn't much special to recommend this one other than variety.  The sideways 
angling (especially prominent if blocked) is an oddity which can cause some odd 
situations, which can be either good or bad, depending on the circumstances.  
Armor King.

Shoulder Tackle			f+1+4			E:3

Dashes forward(slower than a normal dash) with his left shoulder forward.  
Knocks down.  This move is a bit of an oddity for a few reasons.  It is 
somewhat difficult to tell which part of the animation is damaging since he 
just sort of ambles forward head first.  It is good for interrupting an 
opponents attack if they stick out a limb or during a string, but if they are 
just standing there it may not do anything at all.  It doesn't cause block 
stun unless you are right on them when you do it, in which case you are wide 
open for the smack down of their choice.  Ouch.  I wouldn't advise using this 
move unless you think it will hit, which is to say, do not just throw it out.  
Armor King.

Jump to Double Knuckle		[u_uf], N+1+2		E:4

Leaps forward then brings both fists down in an overhead smash as he lands.  
Knocks down.  An interesting move with a few uses.  It is pretty good for 
hitting grounded opponents who are too far away to hit with Shin Kick (see 
above) or Low Tail Spinner (see below).  Although it doesn't actually hit 
grounded opponents it is excellent for hitting those on the way up.  It is 
fairly fast so it is generally useful in mid range combat since it can confuse
the opponent and does good damage.  The recovery is not a happy thing, though.
Just don't go hog wild with it and it will be very useful.  Armor King.

Burning Double Knuckle		[u_u/f]+1+2~D		E:4

Leaps high into the air, then slams fist down in an overhead smash.  
Unblockable.  Basically a slower, long-range version of the previous, it 
reminds me of Yoshi's QCF+1 Moonsault Slayer in that it is a medium speed 
unblockable aerial approach attack (alliteration!).  Of course it can be 
interrupted though a moment's hesitation on your opponents part will spell 
their doom (as with most unblockables).  The only real trick to this move (and
the above) is being the proper distance from your opponent.  On the plus side 
if the leap takes you over the opponent sometimes he will turn around right as
he hits the ground so he can hit them!  This does not always happen though, 
and until I know the specifics on that I can't say you should plan on that 
aspect functioning.  Anyway, it is a relatively efficient and definitely showy
attack which I would recommend you use from time to time, if not more.  Armor 

Deadly Slice			b+2			E:4

Steps forward then brings the snake hand in a chest to front motion.  
Unblockable.  Relatively fast short range unblockable.  The damage is about 
right for its speed, range and difficulty of execution.  Should be a regular 
part of your inside game since it comes somewhat out of nowhere and is 
difficult to defend against.  However, if farther than a couple of steps away,
I would almost always recommend Serpent's Venom(see below) instead.  Recovery 
is the move's only problem, since it is worse than I like to see on moves with
this kind of range.  Kunimitsu.

Deadly Slash			f, f, N+2			E:2

Dashes forward then swipes them with the snake arm.  Unblockable.  Like some 
of Ogre's other moves, this one pales in comparison to a similar move.  In 
this case, Serpent's Venom outclasses this move in almost every possible way. 
Feel free to experiment with it but master the alternative first.  Kunimitsu.

Heavy Body Blow		(WS)2			E:5

Goes from full crouch to a standing right sideswipe.  Causes opponent to turn 
to their right if blocked, causes double-over stun on counterhit(!).  This is 
an extremely solid move.  It has good range, excellent speed, acceptable (if 
not great) damage, and has some nice properties, especially the double-over 
stun which combos into a lot of things.  More on that in the combos section.  
When choosing between this move and Slap, keep in mind that this one is faster
but Slap hits in a bigger arc and does more damage.  Another move I advise you
use a lot to get a good feel for its uses an capabilities.  Kazuya Mishima.

Flash Punch Combo		1, 1, 2			E:5

Two quick left punches then a hard right punch.  Third hit knocks down.  If 
first hits anywhere except the edge of its range it combos into the last two 
hits.  If the second hits it combos into the third.  An extremely solid inside
move, The only downfall is the fact that the first two hits are high but if 
they weren't this combo would be too good due to its speed and knockdown 
power.  The fact that the last hit is mid saves this move from mediocrity.  A 
fairly good move to start a round with, though if you do so too regularly you 
will suffer for it.  Also, the last hit can be delayed.  You can tap 1, 1 then
wait to see if they hit.  If so, finish up with 2(though don't wait too long).
If the second hit doesn't connect(due to their blocking) then don't finish up,
though if the first two miss because they were crouching and they haven't hit 
you yet (an unlikely but possible event), then follow-up with the third since 
obviously it hits crouching opponents.  This combo is also good in juggles.  
Kazuya Mishima.

Demon Slayer			1, 2, 2			E:3

Quick left punch followed by a right and then a right backhand.  This move has
two things going for it.  First, it is a very fast short range move.  Second, 
it does good damage if all the hits connect (especially the third).  However, 
on the downside, all the hits are high, it doesn't knock down (which is 
sometimes a good thing) and the recovery isn't the greatest.  In most 
circumstances when you could use this move I would recommend the Flash Punch 
combo instead, although this move is also useful in juggles and sometimes 
people do leave themselves open and this does do more damage than its brother 
attack.  Kazuya Mishima.

Demon Scissors			4~3			E:3

Flips forward feet first landing on his back.  Knocks down.  This move is used
mainly for okizeme since as a normal attack there are a lot of better 
alternatives that don't leave you on the ground.  The damage is decent for 
this type of attack and it can hit opponents that the Low Tail Spinner (see 
below) cannot.  As long as you're careful with how you use it this move can be 
very helpful.  Kazuya Mishima.

Axe Kick			[f+4_f, f+3]		E:3

Quick step forward followed by a kick that sweeps from high to low.  Knocks 
down on counterhit.  Standard axe kicks which are more useful with other 
characters such as Jin and Heihachi.  Most of the time you are in range for 
these I would recommend an attack that was either faster, more damaging or 
unblockable, but there are a few useful times for them.  At the edge of close 
range is probably where they're at their best since punches are too short 
ranged and other attacks may have a windup.  Kazuya Mishima.

Windmill Kick, (Tooth Fairy)	u/b+3, (2)		E:2

Does a back flip.  If you follow up with right punch he does a right uppercut 
after the flip.  Juggles (either hit).  This move is an odd one.  If the first
hit connects at the outside of its range then he is too far away to combo with 
anything, including the built-in follow up move!  If the second connects it 
also juggles but the recovery is so poor that you can't follow up (that I know
of).  I can't say much good about this move since the timing and range is so 
delicate and the recovery so abominable.  Jun Kazama.

Hell's Flame			1+2			E:2

Flies straight(?) up into the air, then breathes fire down in a forward arc 
(no sideways movement once he leaves the ground).  Unblockable.  Well we've 
finally reached Ogre's most well-known, overrated(by newbies and scrubs), and 
overused (by newbies and scrubs) attack.  It certainly is flashy, probably the
most wild one in the game, except maybe for Yoshi's right side throw Spiritual
Division.  Honestly I rarely use this move myself and would probably recommend
to someone that is trying to learn Ogre that they never use it since it is 
only really effective on people who don't know better, which is to say the 
aforementioned newbies and scrubs.  Once you know him well there are actually 
a few times to use it, though those are few and far between.  As a general 
rule I might possibly use it if a distant opponent goes into a relatively long
attack string or move with heinous recovery.  If you don't know already the 
problem with this move is that it telegraphs rather badly and two sidesteps 
evades it completely and gives them the opportunity to do basically any move 
they want to you while you return to the ground.  Oh, and if this is the sort 
of thing that concerns you, you should also keep in mind that if you do win 
with this move you will be called cheap and cheesy and all kinds of other 
bullshit.  Another annoying point is that the command for this move is so 
simple that it could come out by accident, though not as often as its brother 
attack.  If he didn't have this attack I wouldn't feel bad at all, not one 

Blazing Inferno			d+1+2			E:3

Stands with legs and arms spread out, then breathes fire in an arc level with 
his head (it does not go up or down.  Unblockable.  This is the ground version 
of his fire attack and has many of the same properties of the other, though 
the method to escape is simply crouch (canny opponents will move forward at 
the same time, the better to smite you as they stand).  It also telegraphs 
quite a bit, though the thing I like least about this move is the fact that 
the motion is so simple and similar to other, more useful attacks, 
particularly the Buffalo's Horn(see below).  If I was going to use a fire 
attack I would probably do this one since there is less chance for punishment 
and it does more damage (a little-known fact).  Also, if it hits as a counter 
then it causes a stun, which can be used for combos.  More on that later.

Buffalo's Horn			d/f+1+2			E:4

Leans forward slightly with his head to the ground, then springs forward while
arching his head up.  Juggles.  This attack is another of my favorites since 
it is moderately fast, isn't immediately obvious (unless your opponent is very
good or has played against Ogre a lot), does fair damage (usually more than 
the listed 25 since it often counterhits), and most importantly it juggles.  
The juggle is pretty high, but more on that in the appropriate section.  If 
you are really close it will hit a grounded opponent which is always a nasty 
surprise.  The only downside to this move is that if you screw it up you'll 
probably do the Blazing Inferno instead, which usually sucks.  Also, recovery 
isn't very pretty either.  Still, used properly this attack can win you a lot 
of matches.  Practice it!

Low Tail Spinner			d+3+4			E:4

Spins around 360 degrees and swings his tail along the ground in the process.
Knocks down.  This is a pretty good move that suffers due to slow speed and 
recovery but has good range and damage for a low attack and most importantly 
hits grounded opponents.  Not bad if you are at the edge of close range, but 
its best use is definitely okizeme, more detail on which will be in the 
appropriate section.  Vastly more useful than its brother attack.

Mid Tail Spinner			d/f+3+4			E:2

Spins around 360 degrees and swings tail around at mid level.  Knocks down.  
This move has all the weaknesses of the previous move with none of the 
advantages except the knockdown which is hardly reason to use it when there 
are a lot of better moves to use at its effective range.  The fact that you 
can do a second spin by tapping 3+4 again after the first swing doesn't seem 
to add much to it, though that may be helpful in some juggles.

Evil Wheel			u+3+4			E:3

Does a short forward flip and lands on his feet.  If blocked causes a little 
bit of crouch stun.  This is a strange little move which has some interesting 
properties.  It is yet another in the long series of 25 damage mid attacks 
Ogre possesses, most of which are somewhere near this one in speed, which is 
to say, a little on the slow side.  Still the block stun makes the recovery 
easier to deal with, though if it whiffs completely you will be in a world of 
hurt.  The animation is a bit confusing and you have a good chance of hitting 
a crouched opponent with this move.  Also, you can hold down to stay crouched 
after the flip which opens up a lot of possibilities.  I suggest you 
experiment to find different uses for it.

Owl's Hunt			(WG)3+4		E:2

From the face up grounded position, quickly flies up off the ground and a 
little back, then swoops forward and lands.  Unblockable.  This move is a lot 
of fun, but once people know how to defend against it, it is almost worthless.
The defense to it is simply crouching (or being pretty far away, but it has 
awesome range so even if I was far away I'd still probably crouch).  If you 
miss with this attack you are probably going down hard since the recovery is 
totally shitty.  The only time I would seriously recommend this is if the 
opponent goes into a long string or slow move that you think they won't 
recover from in time to duck(similar in concept to the fire attacks).  Also, 
if your head is to the opponent, you will probably fly the wrong way, and of 
course if you are face down it doesn't work.  Finally you must be careful not 
to move the joystick in any way as you activate it.  Any joystick input will 
cause something other than Owl's Hunt to happen.

Serpent's Venom			f, F+2			E:5

Extends snake arm out fairly quickly.  If it hits something, then it expands 
and holds there for a moment.  If it doesn't connect, then it retracts rather 
quickly.  The first extension is a mid attack , and the second (if it happens)
is unblockable.  This attack belongs to the elite of Ogre's attacks as being a
near-perfect combination of range, speed, hit level, and in this case 
unblockability.  If it were just a little slower then it wouldn't be much 
better than Deadly Slash, but as it is it is light years ahead of most of his 
other attacks.  If you want to win, you should use this attack often since it 
is just damned effective.  I don't believe in cheese or cheap moves and/or 
characters, but if I did I would have to say this is cheesy.  Actually, the 
best definition of cheap I ever heard was something like 'anything which is 
simple yet effective and is difficult to defend against' would in fact be a 
perfect description of this move.  That's just how it is, though most every 
character has moves or whatever that somebody considers 'cheap' so I don't 
feel too bad about using it a lot in tight matches.  The fact of the matter is
that in Tekken 3 everything has a way to be escaped, countered, reversed, 
interrupted, evaded or whatever so if someone can't handle my moves then they 
aren't that good.  Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox.  It's just that recently 
someone said this move was one of the cheapest in the game and so it was here 
that I felt obligated to give my opinion on the whole 'cheap' issue.  'Nuff 

Juggle Escape			Any button while being juggled	E:3

Rights himself in mid air so that he lands on his feet.  This move is totally 
unique in Tekken.  All other characters are completely helpless once juggled, 
but Ogre2 can flap his wings and regain his balance.  This is pretty 
self-explanatory, but keep in mind that it doesn't actually escape juggles (as
far as I know), it just means that when he finally lands it will be on his 
feet.  One problem is that often his back is to the opponent after landing in 
this way, but this is usually better than being grounded.

Demon's Feast			(FC), f			E:?

This is the only one of Ogre2's moves I have not successfully performed.  It 
is his reversal.  I have been told that when it works he charges at them with 
his horns, although I have not personally witnessed it.  If anyone discovers 
the proper timing for this move then please let me know, it is my one real 
failing on this movelist.  According to the person who described it to me, 
Ogre must be in a neutral crouch (neither forward nor backwards moving), and 
when the attack comes from the opponent, tap forward.  Again, any extra 
information about this move would be greatly appreciated.

Body Slam			1+3			E:2

Grabs opponent, raises them above his head, then slams them down in front of 
him.  Basic throw which does less damage than the Bear Hug (see below), and is
easily escaped.  The only thing it has to recommend it is that it is easily 
performed, but if you must do a basic throw I advise Bear Hug instead.  Jack.

Bear Hug			2+4			E:3

Grabs opponent, clutches them between his arms, then squeezes twice.  The 
other basic throw, which is of course easily escaped.  Kuma.

Spin Behind Elbow Smash		d/f, D/F+2+4		E:5

Grabs opponent, then gets behind them and pushes them away.  They are left 
staggering with their back to Ogre, though his back is to them also.  At first
glance this throw doesn't appear to be anything special since it does less 
damage than the Bear Hug and is somewhat complicated to perform.  However, 
this move has a few properties which make it well worth worth the effort.  On 
the simple side, if you screw up the motion you'll end up performing the Bear 
Hug instead, which isn't such a bad thing.  If you connect with it, it is 
inescapable!  There aren't many throws (aside from back throws) which are 
inescapable and so any time you think you're in range for this, go for it.  
Once you connect, the turn-away stun seems too short to capitalize on at 
first, but this is not the case.  There are a few sure things which can come 
out of it, including a Blazing Inferno!  You must be very quick to attack 
after this, but if you can it is definitely worth it.  Wang Jinrei.


I will be the first to admit that juggle combos are not my strongest suit.  In
fact, it is probably my most deficient area as a Tekken player and I am well 
aware that a strong juggling game is very important in high-level play.  
Nonetheless, I will put everything I know about Ogre's juggling combos and 
capabilities in this section, and hopefully you'll be able to use it and 
probably build on it.  As far as juggling capability goes, my not quite expert
opinion is that Ogre is a pretty good juggler.  He has some good starters and 
continuing moves, and can do upwards of 50% damage with some pretty simple 
ones.  There is a lot I could put about juggle theory, however most of that I 
learned from reading slikatel's various strategy guides so for full details 
about Tekken 3's juggle system I suggest you check out the Tekken Web Project.
Anyway, the first part of this section lists the starters, the second lists 
some possible add-ons, and after that I put some of my own confirmed juggles. 
Another kind of combo past standard juggle combos are stun combos.  Ogre has a
lot of potential here, since he has three different moves which can cause a 
stun!  Stun combos are discussed last.  Enjoy and remember that what I've got 
here is just a starting point.  I'm sure that there are many bigger and better
combos to be found, so keep experimenting!  As I update this FAQ this area 
will get as much work as possible.

Juggle Starters			Command		    Notes

Blazing Kick			d, D/B+4        Counterhit only

Crouching Jab			D, d/f+2        Low juggle

Demented Snake			D, 3, 3, N+3	Third hit juggles

Windmill Kick			u/b+3		Poor recovery

Buffalo's Horn			d/f+1+2		Juggles high

Hop Kick			u/f+4		Quick, good recovery

Uppercut			d/f+2		Counterhit only

Add-ons				Command		    Notes

Flash Punch Combo		1, 1, 2		Simple finisher

Demon Slayer			1, 2, 2		Simple finisher

Hop Kick			u/f+4		Extends juggles well

Mid Tail Spinner		d/f+3+4		Finisher

Evil Wheel			u+3+4			

Power Punch			f+2		Finisher, good range

High Kick			[3_4]		Strong, simple finisher

Shin to Head Kick		d+4, N+4		

Hunting Hawk			u/f+3, 4, 3	Only after Buffalo's Horn

Low Tail Spinner		d+3+4		Finisher, hits low


d/f+1+2, u/f+3, 4, 3
d/f+1+2, u/f+4, 1, 1, 2
d/f+1+2, u/f+4, f+2
u/f+4, d+4, N+4
u/f+4, d+3+4 
D, d/b+2, d+4, N+4

Stun Combos

Ogre2 has more stun moves (I think) than any other character in the game with 
at least three.  First off, the Heavy Body Blow ((WS)2), Kazuya's old standby,
causes a double-over stun if it counterhits.  The Slap (D, f+2) also causes 
stun, I believe during counterhit also, but I am not entirely positive so try 
and confirm for your self.  Also, the Spin Behind Elbow Smash throw causes a 
sort of backwards stagger stun.  All of these attacks are extremely potent in 
the first place so you should be using them regularly which means there should
be plenty of opportunities for stuns.  Lastly, the Blazing Inferno (d+1+2) 
also causes a stun on counterhit.  I don't really recommend this move in 
general but if you get a good opening for it and want to test your luck, go 
ahead.  If it does connect as a counter then you can do some 100% damage 
combos following (thanks Aoi!).  The trick to stun combos is knowing which 
moves are fast enough to tack on during the stun.  Keep in mind the cardinal 
rule of stun combos: you must be extremely fast!  Any hesitation or error on 
your part following the stun will result in a completely wasted opportunity 
for big damage.  One minor problem that can occur with Ogre's stun combos is 
that since they have such great range, you often need another good range move 
to follow up with.  Most characters' stun moves leave them close enough for 
any hit in their arsenal, especially juggles, but this is not always the case 
with Ogre.  As far as I know, the only juggle starter fast enough to use with 
Heavy Body Blow and Slap is Hop Kick (u/f+4), and oftentimes you are out of 
range, so you must be willing to settle for some non-juggling but still 
damaging alternatives.  The Spin Behind Elbow Smash can be followed up in some
different ways, but the most effective is to go straight into the Blazing 
Inferno!  This combo is possible but your timing must be precise since you 
can't activate the Inferno until Ogre has turned to face his opponent after 
the throw.  Obviously just these two moves by themselves do a great deal of 
damage, though you should have enough time after the Inferno knocks down to 
get some okizeme in(more on that later).  As for the Blazing Inferno itself as
a stun, it is the most dangerous of all since there is enough time to perform 
the Buffalo's Horn (d/f+1+2), which can start devastating juggle combos.  If 
you actually get such a sequence started that should be the end of the round.
This is an area I haven't spent all that much time with though it should be 
obvious that there are a lot of possibilities for Ogre2 stun combos.  Of 
course, remember that once you connect with a juggle starter then it becomes 
just like any other juggle combo.  Stuns are just a way to ensure the starter 
connects.  When I update this FAQ in the future I will try to beef up this 
section as much as possible, so stay tuned.

Basic Strategy

	This section is a basic primer on Ogre's general strengths, weaknesses
and basic tactics.  The most important basic thing to remember when playing 
Ogre is that he has the best range in the game, although every character 
probably has one or two moves which can match Ogre's range but these are 
often (though not always) difficult or risky to perform.  More on that in the 
individual character strategies.  For simplicity's sake I've divided this 
section into two parts: Defense and Offense.  This is just a starting point 
with a lot of stuff in the advanced strategy section.


	Knowing when to defend is at least as important as knowing when to 
attack.  Due to the speed (or lack thereof) of many of Ogre's moves you must 
know how to wait for the proper opening and keep a cool head.  On the other 
hand, many of Ogre's attacks, due to their excellent range, can serve as 
defense also, as keep out tactics, so knowing which to use is important.  
Before I get too far into this I should define the ranges I will be talking 
about.  I define very close range as actually touching the other character, 
really in your face.  Close range is within one or two steps, close enough for
anyone's standing high kick to connect.  I often refer to 'the edge of close 
range' which is just at the edge of that high kick.  Mid range is between just
outside close range to about twice that, which is what I consider Ogre's best 
range since he has a lot of relatively quick, high damage attacks that reach 
easily in this range whereas many characters do not.  Mid range is also able 
to be closed by a forward dash or created by a backwards dash.  Naturally, 
following mid range is far range.  Even most of Ogre's attacks won't connect 
at this range, though very very few of any other character's attacks have a 
chance of hitting either.  Far range is everything from the outside of mid 
range until you reach very far range, which is outside of the range of his 
fire attacks, or far enough away to get the unblockable shoulder charge going.
Now back to the discussion of defensive attacks.  At close range, the Flash 
Punch Combo (1, 1, 2), actually the first two hits, are a good way to take 
pressure off.  Also, the Shin Kick(d+4) is another good keep out move since it
has a good chance of hitting.  At mid range, Power Punch (f+2) is going to
become your best friend, since it comes out pretty fast and is easy to execute
from most any position and pushes your opponent back if they block. Also, 
different attacks have different priorities, which is to say some attacks have
priority over others and will be the one to connect if they both are performed
at the same time.  For example, Buffalo's Horn (d/f+1+2) has a fairly high 
priority and so it is more likely to connect when an opponent attacks 
simultaneously, whereas the Serpent's Venom (f, F+2) is easily interrupted (if
the opponent is close enough to do so).  So getting a feel for which attacks 
are good for interrupting your opponents' moves is important.  Interrupting is
a major part of good defensive gameplay, if not the most important part.  As 
far as passive defense goes, which is to say blocking, it is just something 
you have to practice, especially particular attack strings such as Paul's 
Falling Leaf Combo, many of Nina's combos, etc.  I can't really tell you what 
to do except practice a lot and you should improve.  However, don't be so 
concerned with blocking that you are an easy throw.  In general, it is my 
opinion that close range is not Ogre's best range at all and so I spend most 
of the time I am in close range trying to get to mid range.  This is more my 
personal style, I don't always like to be up close and personal since that 
gives the opponent the best chance to perform most of their moves.  This is 
part of an overall play style, which is detailed below in the advanced 
strategy section.  The main problem with close range isn't so much that he is 
slower than other characters (he isn't, on the whole), but that he is such a 
big target.  At any rate, mastering defensive play is essential to success 
against good players.  


The funny thing is that Ogre's offensive game and defensive game aren't all 
that different.  It is just a matter of momentum.  That is, if you are moving 
forward, pressuring the opponent, then you are on offense.  If you are moving 
backward, pushing them away, then you are on defense.  However, it is often 
the same moves you will be using to accomplish these tasks, though obviously 
there are a lot more moves which can be used for offense.  Offense in general 
is a more complex subject so there will be a much more in-depth discussion of 
it in Advanced Strategy, but for now, here are the basics as I see them.  
Offense is definitely where Ogre (like most Tekken 3 characters) is at his 
best, in his case mostly due to an abundance of long range attacks and 
unblockable attacks.  Knowing the distances Ogre's attacks are effective at is
the first step to building a competent offense.  Too many people just throw 
attacks out without knowing for sure if they are in range or not.  Using a 
move which cannot make contact with your opponent in some fashion is asking 
for a world of hurt so try not to just throw out attacks unless the opponent 
is either currently in range or will be by the time the move is in the hit 
animation.   Mixing up your attacks is a good idea (more on that later), but 
without precision it is not such a good idea.  It is my recommendation that 
while first learning Ogre you should stick to some basic, solid attacks that 
work well in many situations and can give you a feel for how he fights.  Your 
basic offensive arsenal should consist of:

Move(command)				Use at:

Power Punch(f+2)			Mid

Flash Punch Combo(1, 1, 2)		Close/Very Close

Slap(D, f+2)				Mid

Heavy Body Blow((WS)2)			Mid

Buffalo's Horn(d/f+1+2)			Mid

Killing Blow(B+2+3)			Far

Serpent's Venom(f, F+2)			Mid

Shin to Head Kick(d+4, N+4)		Close

	It is entirely possible to be a fairly vicious player using only these
moves.  For basic offense, constantly pressuring opponents with quick mid 
range attacks (mainly Serpent's Venom and Power Punch)is a good general 
tactic, then crouch down, waiting for your opponent to make a move, at which 
point you let loose either a Slap or Heavy Body Blow most likely connecting 
for serious damage.  At this point you can start the sequence all over again.  
Many players don't know how to escape this sort of pattern and so it can be 
easy to dominate them with it.  Once you have mastered basic defense and 
offense, it is time to move on to some more advanced tactics...

Advanced Strategy

	In this section I will detail the finer points of strategy using Ogre,
including: zoning (my general strategy), okizeme, unblockables, 
unpredictability, Ogre's special characteristics, general tips and tricks, 
single character strategies and a summation. 

 I think an evaluation of Ogre's strengths and weaknesses on a tactical level 
is a good place to start.  Ogre is very large, but he is not particularly 
slow.  A few misguided souls have that impression and if I ever ran into them 
they would suffer immensely.  The problem is that his size makes him easier to
hit and in fact certain combos or ground attacks that do not hit most 
characters will work on him.  This may sound silly but due to that fact I try 
and avoid knockdown whenever possible.  Ogre deals quite a bit of damage, for 
the most part.  The thing is, people talk about certain characters being more 
damaging than others, and while this is true to some extent (some are stronger 
in general), every character has at least a few moves which are capable of 
dealing out massive damage to an opponent.  Basically characters fall into 
categories as to whether they have more quick, poking attacks or slower, more 
damaging ones.  It is also the difference between characters who perform 
extended sequences and strings than those who try and get in big single 
strikes.  Ogre is definitely better built to deal out large single strikes.  
This is due both to the fact that his attacks are so strong and also because 
he doesn't really have much in the way of canned combos or strings to speak 
of.  This isn't to say you cannot make up your own 'combos', but he isn't 
nearly as effective at such things as many other characters.  His moves have 
fairly good priority, it is recovery that is often a failing point.  Making 
sure you do not completely miss attacks is very important due to the slow 
recovery of many of his moves and his large size.  On the other hand, trading 
blows with an opponent is usually perfectly acceptable as long as you are not 


	Zoning is what I call my general strategy using Ogre.  It is based on 
controlling the distance between you and your opponent, dictating which 
attacks will be effective and which will not, 'keeping them in a zone.'  As I 
have stated previously, I consider mid range to be Ogre's best, though there 
is a proper time for all ranges.  When you have control of a match in this 
fashion your offense and defense tend to look very similar.  When you want to 
pressure them, you shove ranged moves like Power Punch in their faces, so even 
if they block they are pushed back and positioning is the same.  The 
psychological aspect of this strategy can be potent.  If you're doing it right 
they should be feeling powerless to attack you, and hopefully powerless to 
defend themselves as well.  Oftentimes if you have them in a defensive frame 
of mind you can get away with a lot of things you otherwise wouldn't, like 
certain unblockables or throws.  When in doubt, just try and keep some 
distance between you and your opponent.  As I already said, knowing the speeds
and ranges of each attack is vitally important.  Without that, you can't 
construct a proper zone and you end up brawling like any other fighter.  It's 
not to say you can't win with all-out vicious attack, but that isn't making 
the most of Ogre's advantages and a lot of other characters outclass him in 
close-up fighting.  A lot of times you can get a good lead in a round and then
keep your opponent at bay long enough to win by time out.  I don't win the 
majority of matches that way, but enough to mention it.  I am a compulsive 
clock watcher, I always know how much time is left in a round and I suggest 
you get in the habit, it's a good thing to do no matter who or how you play.  
Some people consider running out the clock cheap, but it is a way to win and 
therefore you should use it if necessary.  Most of the moves I listed in the 
Basic Offense section above are the ones you should be using for your zoning 
tactics.  Part of the real flair of this strategy is pulling out moves they 
don't expect once you have them where you want them.  Just practice, and 
remember to keep a cool head.  An important note at this point is that if you 
do lose control of a match, don't panic.  Just try and get a defensive stance 
and look for an opening to put some distance between you and your opponent so 
you can get control.  Now, if you get behind in life, your standard zoning may
not be enough to make up lost ground since a canny opponent will just let you 
pressure them, defend properly, and either wait for an opening or just let 
time expire.  When you are behind is when your unblockables really stand out 
since most of them do good damage and are difficult to stop.  Another part of 
my personal play style is that I tend to watch the other character really 
closely.  Most people try and keep an eye on the whole screen, but the truth 
is if you are in proper control of your own character then you shouldn't need 
to be looking at him.  If you can better anticipate or react to the opponents'
actions, even just a little faster, then that can be a huge advantage.  
Remember, control and distance are everything.  If you keep them too far away 
to attack successfully, you're probably going to win.


	So, you've knocked your opponent down.  What do you do next?  Okizeme 
is a Japanese term which basically means 'kicking them while they're down.'  
In my opinion Ogre has a good range of different attacks to use on a grounded 
opponent.  Before I go into the specifics, I want to note that okizeme is a 
general skill to be learned.  Many people just rush up to a fallen opponent 
and try something. This is foolish and likely to get you a rising kick from a 
good player.  You have to know which attacks give you enough time to move in, 
which can be quick risen from, and so on.  Okizeme is often like a juggle or 
combo in that if you delay for even a moment you will miss your window of 
opportunity and in this case open yourself up for retaliation.  Another vital 
point is predicting your opponent.  Some attacks only hit opponents attempting
to get up while others hit those still on the ground.  Also, if they quick 
rise it is a totally different picture.  So, guessing what your opponent will 
do once knocked down.  Many new players tend to rise as soon as they are 
knocked down, pushing all the buttons in an attempt to get up faster.  These 
are the easiest to manipulate since they don't know how to prevent getting 
further hit.  Good players, on the other hand, tend to switch between quick 
rising, playing possum, rolling to the side, using the rising lightning kick, 
etc. and you just have to get a feel for an individual player's tendencies.  
Anyway, as stated in the move descriptions your main tools for okizeme are 
Shin to Head Kick (d+4, N+4), Low Tail Spinner (d+3+4), and also standard d+3 
low kick.  Shin to Head Kick is the best to use on opponents attempting to get
up (not quick rise), since if the first kick connects then it juggles into the
second and they're back where they started.  A lot of beginners let you do 
this combo over and over (I ignore their cries of 'cheap!').  Usually, though,
they wise up at some point and lay still.  This is the best time to use the 
Low Tail Spinner, since it has excellent range and hits along the ground. It 
also does excellent damage for a low attack.  If you're feeling adventurous, 
you can use Crouching Jab (D, d/f+2) on rising opponents.  The timing is 
trickier, but you might be able to get a short juggle out of it and it also 
does good damage.  Use the standard low kick if you're not sure what to do 
since it is quick and hits anywhere.  Some other alternatives for rising 
opponents are: Power Punch (f+2), either Snake combo (D, 3, 3, [N+3_3]), 
Buffalo's Horn (d/f+1+2), Jump to Double Knuckle ([u_u/f], N+1+2) or Slap 
(D, f+2).  Other alternatives for those laying still include Buffalo's Horn
(you must be close), Slap, Demon Scissors (4~3), Hammer heel(f, f, N+4), or if
they give you a lot of time, Hell's Flame (1+2) or Burning Double Knuckle
([u_u/f]+1+2~D).  Okizeme is more about instinct and timing than hard and fast
rules so you'll have to develop a feel for it in battle.  A simple knockdown 
followed up with the proper okizeme can cause major damage and often win the 


	Simple fact: Ogre has some of the best unblockables in the game, 
probably tied with Yoshimitsu in terms of effectiveness and variety.  He has 
them in all ranges and speeds and using them properly is one of the keys to 
getting the most out of him.  Players tend to have certain kinds of defensive 
habits and expectations which are often rendered ineffective by Ogre's moves. 
The most typical examples of this are Deadly Slash(b+2) and Serpent's Venom
(f, F+2), two attacks which almost always cause people to instinctively block 
due to their quick animations.  I don't want to write a 'How to beat Ogre' FAQ
but the bottom line is that the key to defeating him is interrupting his 
attacks, since often blocking will be useless.  There are a lot of far range 
moves which cause people to naturally block also, such as Burning Double 
Knuckle and Killing Blow.  People often underestimate their range and so stay 
back in a defensive position when they see you start the attack.  Both of them
are of course interruptible but one moment's hesitation will mean big damage. 
Careful mixing up of unblockables and normal attacks can go a long way towards
winning.  However, if an opponent starts to catch on, and interrupts you, 
switch strategies and go for higher priority attacks such as Flash Punch Combo
or Double Elbow (d/f+1, 2).  A lot of times people get in a defensive stance, 
blocking everything and waiting for an opening and that is the best time to 
pull out something they can't block.


	Ogre has a lot of moves.  A whole lot.  Part of strong Ogre gameplay 
involves using a wide variety of attacks, which of course is tactically 
advantageous but also makes him more interesting and fun to play.  The 
tactical advantage comes from the fact that if your opponent never knows what 
moves you will use then it is difficult for them to launch an offense or 
maintain a defense.  However great care must be taken, since if you aren't 
confident and flowing in your moves then you will suffer, which is to say you 
shouldn't be trying to remember moves in the middle of a round.  If you aren't
instinctive and smooth, you won't be able to maintain yourself.  I suggest 
trying out new moves on the CPU as much as possible so you can whip them out 
like a pro when you face a person.  One of the reasons that unpredictability 
is so necessary is that like all other characters Ogre has certain 'most 
effective' moves (already listed) that are the best combination of 
range/speed/priority/etc. and which you will be using often.  The catch is 
that even these attacks have weak points that your opponents can figure out 
and exploit.  Using a wide array of his attacks, even those which may be 
weaker or less effective overall, means your opponent cannot be secure in 
their choices of offense or defense.  Plus, it is a big psychological 
advantage if your opponent never feels like they know what you will do.  When 
you perform some of his more bizarre or damaging moves it tends to have a 
distracting effect on people, even if you were not successful.  Plus, some of 
Ogre's least effective moves are very interesting, amusing, or frightening to 
watch, and I don't know about you, but I love pleasing the audience!

Ogre's Special Characteristics

	Ogre has several special properties and characteristics that it is 
important to be aware of.  As already mentioned his size can be a liability, 
but it has its good points too.  Since his body is so dark and shifty, it is 
very difficult to read his moves.

  If his unblockables didn't cause him to glow this would be a major advantage
but it is still somewhat helpful.  The main thing this visual oddity causes is
a difficulty in reversing him.  It is possible, mind you, but the way his body
moves they can never be sure what he is doing.  However, even though it is 
difficult to reverse I still recommend Reversal Buffering certain attacks (see
below).  Possibly the worst thing about his immense frame is that 
side-stepping, a powerful tool for most characters, becomes nigh-ineffective 
for our bad boy.  He is so wide and possessed of so many appendages that 
sidestepping is only useful to avoid certain attacks (such as those with long 
windups).  In the heat of battle don't forget his Juggle Escape (tap any while
being juggled).  It may get you out of a few tight spots.  Ogre has no Rising 
Lightning Kick(in it's place, the Owl's Hunt).  As you have undoubtedly 
noticed by now, Ogre has no real strings to speak of.  This is probably my 
least favorite thing about him.  The fact of the matter is that strings are 
often not that effective in high level play, but they do add flavor to a 
character and his lack thereof disappoints me.

Specific Character Strategies

Ling Xiaoyu

	She is a very dangerous character due to her speed, poking attacks and
dodging maneuvers.  Good Xiaoyu players tend to screw up your zoning with
flips and evasions, so it will be a tough match.  However, if your opponent 
doesn't use the proper tactics this should be an easy match.  Be especially 
careful of her juggling back kick!  Use either Power Punch or Low Tail Spinner
to hit her in the Phoenix stance.  Killing Blow is also good since it tracks 
during the windup which they often don't expect.  She has more range than you 
think, so be careful.


	`Weak Yoshis are easy to beat, giving you plenty of chances to smack 
them with big damage moves.  Good Yoshis, on the other hand, tend to use 
guerilla warfare, stick and move, chipping away at your life and looking for a
good juggle opportunity.  He has some protection from your zoning in the form 
of his backflip and Moonsault Slayer moves, watch out for the Moonsault 
Slayer, it is very dangerous since Ogre is so large.  Make sure and interrupt 
it.  Good Yoshis tend to knee and side kick a lot and those two moves probably 
outprioritize nearly every move Ogre has so be careful even in mid range.  Of 
course, don't let him heal, and watch out for his unblockables!

Nina Williams

Much like Xiaoyu, Nina's inside game will kill you if you aren't careful.  She
also has long, fast kicks you will have to watch out for.  You will therefore 
need to keep her at a greater distance than many other opponents.  She has a 
lot of powerful, annoying strings that vary attack heights plus she is an 
excellent juggler.  More than usual precision is needed to win because she has
so many ways to punish any mistake you might make.  Her speed also makes it 
easier for her to interrupt your attacks than most.  Persistence and proper 
defensive play are needed to win.  Watch out for her reversals.

Forest Law

Law is not so threatening a character to Ogre, simply because he has so many 
moves and strings which leave him open to counterattacks.  Of course, he is
pretty fast in close but many of his moves push you away so just don't get 
caught up in it and you should be fine.  Smart Laws tend to do shorter, poking
combos, but even so I don't foresee you having a difficult time.  


Well, even though Hwoarang is arguably one of the weakest of the ten basic 
characters, he can take Ogre apart.  Hwoarang loves to kick, and he can kick 
you out of half of Ogre's moves with his kick strings pretty easily.  Don't 
let him.  Much like Ogre a good Hwoarang player tries to control the distances
between him and his opponent.  Since he has so many good range attacks, you 
need to keep him further away than usual so you can use windup moves like 
Buffalo's Horn and Killing Blow to hit him out of his strings.  Careful play 
should lead you to victory.

Eddy Gordo

Eddy is a somewhat powerful character with a few really dangerous moves such 
as his infamous b+4, 4 combo and his low sweep combos.  On the whole he 
shouldn't be that difficult however.  The biggest problem is that if he can 
get on the offensive it can be hard to get any breathing room, plus most of 
your high attacks will never hit, though Power Punch still works like a charm.
Much like Hwoarang and Law he uses a lot of time-consuming strings/sequences 
so capitalize on that with big damage moves.  Eddy is the easiest character to
hit with Hell's Flame!

Paul Phoenix

Ogre versus The Man.  Paul is one of the few characters Ogre doesn't have a 
big range advantage on, due mostly to the ubiquitous Death Fist, though his 
double kick combos don't help either.  The Death Fist outprioritizes pretty 
much every move you have and of course does obscene damage.  The main problems
are that Paul vastly overpowers Ogre inside, and further out any missed or 
predicted attack means a Death Fist and probably the end of the round.  It 
will take your most careful and skillful play to defeat a good Paul.  Don't 
forget he has reversals too.


	King is one tough mutha.  Good damage, range and speed equals a tough 
match against a good King.  On the plus side you have the usual range 
advantage(though watch out for the exploder) as long as you can maintain 
control of your distance.  Throws generally don't concern me since they are 
easily crouched under(respond with a Heavy Body Blow if you do).  His 
Disgraceful Kick and Ali Kicks are the main problems.  If you block Ali Kicks,
go for a Heavy Body Blow.  Not much to say about the Disgraceful Kick other 
than avoid it.  He has a kick reversal but you shouldn't be doing too many 
standard kicks anyway.

Lei Wulong

Lei is a difficult character to classify since he is played so many different 
ways.  In general you shouldn't have too much trouble as long as you don't get
lulled by his lay down tactics.  Watch out for falling Leis!  If he does lay 
down, waiting for you to move, then use Buffalo's Horn, or if you're feeling 
lucky Hell's Flame.  Low Tail Spinner is also not bad on low Leis.

Jin Kazama

	Despite what some people believe Jin is one of the stronger characters
in the game.  He is extremely well-rounded, with an emphasis on juggles and 
strings in his arsenal.  His only move which really challenges your range 
superiority is the Stomach Rush.  If he gets inside, watch out for juggle 
starters like Wind Godfist, Tooth Fairy (better than Ogre's!), etc.  Learning 
to block or interrupt his strings is probably a necessity.  As long as you 
keep him at the proper distance you should be fine.  Watch out for reversals.


One of the characters nearly as large as Ogre, Kuma is slower but more 
damaging than Ogre on the whole.  Kuma doesn't have too much to watch out for 
except maybe the Bear Uppercut and Power Scissors.

Julia Chang

A medium to low strength character with lots of small annoying combos, she 
doesn't have too much to threaten you with.  Relatively easy prey for standard 
zoning techniques, just watch out for sweeps.

Gun Jack

	Ogre's other size/power rival and tougher overall than Kuma.  A few 
really damaging hits to watch out for but he is pretty slow so it should be no

Bryan Fury

	Bryan is a quick, high damage character with lots of combos and decent 
range.  If you let him get inside he can murder you so watch out.  Quick 
enough to interrupt Ogre fairly often if the Bryan player is skilled and 
patient.  Bryan is best on offense, not defense, so take advantage of that 

Heihachi Mishima

	Obviously since he has a Death Fist nearly identical to Paul's he has 
the same range and punishment factor with the added danger of huge juggling 
capacity and Hellsweeps.  Heihachi is best played offensively so you will 
probably need to be patient and wait for an opening, but it will come up 


	Ogre2 has almost every advantage over his small form, most of that 
advantage being in the range department, although he also has some extra 
moves.  The only move little Ogre possesses that Ogre2 does not is Ancient 
Power, a reversal of sorts, but it's not much to worry about.  Ogre2's only 
weakness in this fight is that he is a large target but in general it should 
be easy going.

Odds and Ends

	Just a few extra tactical hints which weren't in other categories.  
First off is Reversal Buffering.  Like I said, he is fairly difficult to 
reverse in the first place, but really good players might start to get you 
from time to time.  That's why you use Reversal Buffers.  There's a whole 
section on this at the Tekken Web Project's Advanced Gameplay Primer by 
slikatel (which I suggest you read), but the gist of it is this: if you expect
a reversal, immediately press f+1+3 if you are using a left side attack (as in
you used a left punch or kick), or f+2+4 if you used a right side attack.  If 
you are quick enough it won't matter if they didn't attempt to reverse, there 
will be no side effect. Also, many of Ogre's moves are 'Dash Bufferable', 
another concept I read about in slikatel's guide, just remember any attack 
with a f or b motion at the end(especially f, f or b, b) can be tacked onto 
the end of a normal dash which gives it extra range and unpredictability.  The
large number of moves he has with those motions makes it a worthy thing to 
learn.  Getting up after a knockdown can be a challenge with Ogre because he 
is so easy to hit so you must learn how to properly get up.  A lot of times if 
the opponent is very close when you are knocked down there will be one or two 
hits you cannot escape.  The fortunate thing is that these hits are typically 
pretty weak.  Rolling back is often not such a good idea because again his 
size makes it too easy for them to follow and punish you.  I usually prefer 
rolling to the side, or if they seem especially zealous in their attack I 
might use the Owl's Hunt (3+4 when grounded) to escape at the least and 
hopefully score a big hit.  A lot of it depends on your opponent's style so 
try and adapt.


	Well, if you've read everything so far you probably have a good idea 
what I' m going to say, but here goes anyway.  Obviously I consider range 
control an essential element of winning with Ogre.  I also think that a calm, 
cool, and collected head is necessary, though this is more of a general rule 
that certainly isn't Ogre-specific.  Practice, practice, practice!  Everything
I say in this guide is meaningless unless you test it out and make it your 
own.  It is apparent that I have my own Ogre strategy, but it isn't the 
end-all of Ogre strategies.  I still have lots to learn and I plan to improve 
and update this FAQ when possible.  Know your opponent, know yourself, and you
are taking the first steps to victory...


	Well, that's it.  You've finished the meaningful part of the guide.  
This is some extra bullshit in case you care.  If you want to E-mail me about 
this FAQ with ideas/compliments/complaints/flames try UnclFstr@swbell.net or 
buddha21@aol.com  Thanks go out to slikatel for the mind-boggling Tekken Web 
Project (did I mention it's cool?), Aoi for a few juggles and combos, Namco 
for making the game, and all my pals for being around to get pummeled (you 
know who you are).  I can't believe this FAQ is finally done!  

Copyright Ben Ivester 1997                            


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