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Paul Move List by TQudo

Version: 1.00 |

         Paul Phoenix
          Moves List

         By Tadahi Qudo

Greeting  ^-^

Hi there.  Here is Paul's complete moves list.
I wrote this according to the official complete
moves list from Japanese magazine.
Anyway, I hope this FAQ is a help yo you.
Thanks for read my every FAQs.

And,This FAQ refer to NOZE DIVE's FAQ.

    Moves list

/// Throws ///

1+3			Arm Toss
2+4			Shoulder Popper
B+2+3			Kick Toss
f,F+1+2			Shoulder Ram
D/F+1+2			Twist and Shout
B/F+1+2			Ultimate Tackle
    2+1+2+1+2		Mouting punches
    2,D,1,1,N,4,1,1+2	Ultimate Punishment
    1+2			Arm Bar
    1,2,1,1+2		Punches,Arm Bar
(left)1+3_2+4		Side Throw
(right)1+3_2+4		Side Throw
(Back)1+3_2+4		Behind Toss
B+1+3_B+2+4		Reversal

/// Moves ///

command			level		name

1,2			H,H		2 punches
2,3			H,H		punch,Kick
F+2,3			H,H		Quick Punck,Kick
2,D+3			H,L		Punch,Low kick
1,4			H,L		contrary Punch,Low kick
u/f+3,4			M,M		Jumping Double Kicks
QCF,2			M		Death Fist
QCF,1			U		Elbow Uppercut
(WC)4,2			L,M		Falling Leaf
f,f,4			M		Rolling Kick
f,f,3,4,4		M,M,H		Forward Double kicks,Hi kick
f,f,3,4,f+4		M,M,M		Forward Double Kicks,Mid Kick
f,f,3,4,d+4		M,M,L		Forward Double Kicks,Low kick
(WC),1			M		Tile Splitter
(WC),1,2		M,M		Tile Splitter,Death Fist
(WC),1,4,2		M,L,M		Tile Splitter,Falling Leaf
D,D/F+2			M		Elbow Lead In
D,D/F+2,1		M,M		Elbow Lead In,Death Fist
D,D/F+2,2		M,L		Elbow Lead In,Uppercut
f,F+2			M		Quick Elbow
f+1+4			M		Sidestepping Shoulder
f+1+2			M		Overhead Punch
QCB			-		Lean Back
QCB,n,2			M		Lean Back,Death Palm
QCB,n,1			M		Lean Back,Tile Splitter
QCB,n,3			L		Lean Back,Sweep
QCB,n,3,2		L,M		Lean Back,Sweep,Elbow
QCB,n,3,2,1		L,M,M		Lean Back,Sweep.Elbow,Death Fist
QCB,n,3,2,2		L,M,L		Lean Back,Sweep,Elbow,Uppercut
(WC),2			-		Stone Splitter(While Opponent lay down)
B+1+2			-		Super Death Fist(Unblockable)
1+2+3+4			-		Charge Up

/// Extra Move ///

D(Crouch for 2 seconds),u+2+3+4		M	Somersault N.G.

/// Ten Hits Combo ///

1,2,3,2,1,2,1,4,2,1	/// H,H,M,H,M,H,H,L,M,M
1,2,3,1,4,2,1,4,2,1	/// H,H,M,M,L,M,H,M,L,M
1,2,3,1,2		/// H,H,M,M,M

Extra (Translation)

Englsih				Japanese		Translation

Arm Toss			Hidari Ipponzeoi Nage	Left shoulder throw
Shoulder Popper			Udetori Gyaku Zyuuji	reverse cross Arm lock
Kick Toss			Tomoe Nage		whire throw
Shoulder Ram			Ura Ate			Back strike
Twist and Shout			Huuga			Wind Fang
Ultimate Tackle			Arutemetto Takkuru	Ultimate Tackle
Mouting punches			Yamikumo		Reckless
Ultimate Punishment		Yamikumo Zime		Reckress and wring
Arm Bar				UdehisigiZyuuzigatame	Cross figure Arm lock
Punches,Arm Bar			ditto			ditto
Side Throw			Ude gaeshi		Arm Turner
Side Throw			Ohzoto Gari		Trip Throw
Behind Toss			Seotoshi		Back Drop
Reversal			Kaeshi Waza		Reversal
2 punches			Wantuu Panchi		One-two punches
punch,Kick			PK kombo		Punch,Kick
Quick Punck,Kick		Kuikku PK Konbo		Quick punch,kick
Punch,Low kick			PDK konbo		Punch,Low Kick
contrary Punch,Low kick		Gyaku PK Konbo		Contrary Punch,Low kick
Jumping Double Kicks		Souhi Tenkyaku		Flying air twin kicks
Death Fist			Ponken			Breakdown fist
Elbow Uppercut			Urahayate		Reverse gale
Falling Leaf			Rakuyou			Falling Leaf
Rolling Kick			Abisegeri		Shower Kick
Forward Double kicks,Hi kick	Sanpouryuu,Zyoudan  Triple Treasure Dragon,
                                                           High *1
Forward Double Kicks,Mid Kick	Sanpouryuu,Chuudan	Triple Treasure 
Forward Double Kicks,Low kick	Sanpouryuu,Gedan	Triple Treasure 
Tile Splitter			Kawarawari		Tile Splitter
Tile Splitter,Death Fist	Kawarawari Ponken	Tile Splitter,Death Fist
Tile Splitter,Falling Leaf	Kawarawari Rakuyou	Tile Splitter,Falling 
Elbow Lead In			Hazakura		Cherry *2
Elbow Lead In,Death Fist	Hazakura Ponken		Cherry,Breakdown Fist
Elbow Lead In,Uppercut		Hazakura Tekki		Cherry,Ride on Iron *3
Quick Elbow			Hayate			Gale
Sidestepping Shoulder		Hugaku			Mount Fuji(Fujiyama)
Overhead Punch			Masakari Uchi		Broadaxe strike
Lean Back			Ukikusa			Floating grass
Lean Back,Death Palm		Hyoushitsu		Gale drift
Lean Back,Tile Splitter		Hyouga			Drift Tile(splitter)
Lean Back,Sweep			Nigetumuji		Escape whirlwind
Lean Back,Sweep,Elbow		Tumuzizakura	   Whirl cherry(petal) *4
Lean Back,Sweep.Elbow,Death Fist Senou Hougeki	   Whirl cherry(petal) destroyer
Lean Back,Sweep,Elbow,Uppercut	Senou Tekki	   Whirl cherry(petal),Ride on 
Stone Splitter			Gansekiwari		Stone Splitter
Super Death Fist		Banseiryuuouken	    Universe-Holy Dragon Fist 
Charge Up			Kiai Tame		Charge up
Somersault N.G.			Samaasoruto enujii	Somersault No Good *5

*1 'Triple Treasure Dragon'
hmm,I can't translate this well.
Because 'Sanpouryuu' is just a play on words.
There is 'SANPOORU' Japanese famous dish wash wax.
'Paul(POORU)' and '(SAN)POORU' are similar pronounce.
Namco just played with move's name.

*2 'Cherry'...Why cherry?
I really suffered How to translate this word...
Real mean of 'Hazakura' is 'a cherry tree in leaf'
Cherry is nation flower of Japan.
Cherry is symbolic of grace and gorgeous in Japan.

*3 'cherry,Ride on Iron'...
I really suffered this as well! I thought I can't translate such a difficult 
I think This word(Tekki) is difficult to understand even for Japanese.
Anyway,I translated from 'Tekki' into  'Ride on IRON'.
I divide this word(Tekki) into 2 parts.
(Originally,This word is composed 2 Chinese characters)
'Tetsu' and 'Ki'.
'Tetsu' means 'Iron','Ki' means 'ride (on horse)' or 'cavalryman'.
I think that True mean of this word is...
'Ride opponent on Iron'
'Cavalry of IRON'.

*4 'whirl cherry'
I think true mean of this word is...
'Cherry petals are blowed up whirly'

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