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Paul by SMifsud

Version: 2.0 |

                __                 __
               |  |               |  |
               |__|  _            |__| |    _   _   _  . \  /
               |     _| | | |     |    |_  | | |_| | | |  ><
               |    |_| |_| |__   |    | | |_| |__ | | | /  \
               -------------Mifsud's Tekken 3 FAQ-------------
                                Version 2.0
            Paul Phoenix ( all you need to know { I hope so ! } )

By Stephen Mifsud.(CityHunter)
This is the upgrade to my first faq which I was unable to distribute on
the web. This one should be available from www.tekken.net and Catlord's
page at www.tekken.net/catlord.
Please email me if you think this guide has something incorrect, to add
something to it, or simply to compliment me, if, hopefully I have made 
a good job. Also write to me if you have in plan to come to Malta so we 
can make a few games. Maybe you can beat me using my own tactics!
I think that every file I have read had something missing. To my eye this 
is the complete Paul guide.
If I get a good response for this FAQ I will do another for Heihachi.

Send any comments to: stephenmifsud@hotmail.com

Thanks to all these local Tekken 3 players from whom I have learned a lot:
Jason Deguara ( lei {play dead very frustratingly} )
Etienne Licari ( maybe the best Tekken 3 player in Malta {Heihachi} )
Joseph Cacciattolo ( time attack maniac )
Kevin Manicolo ( Jin juggle man )
Tristan Camilleri ( who used to supplie me with the faqs when I did not have
internet available and after lots of practice some good Vs Law competition.)
Jonathan Bonello ( Lei juggle man )
Also thanks to all those people who write faqs for those who need them
Catlord (great psychology file!), Surfbard, Tragic etc.
This file is being modeled using (maybe the best Paul file I have ever read)
Markus Kaufmann's Paul guide. His file has got an excellent table with all 
throws for all characters and what to press to get out of them !
He can be contacted at : tekken@starnetinc.com
P.S. No one should use this file for any profit without consulting me.
     It can and should be distributed to anyone wishing to absorb my
     wisdom ( if any )

 (1) Jargon Buster
 (2) General moves
 (3) Ground recovery
 (4) Paul's Moves
 (5) Move Analysis *********
 (6) Blocking
 (7) General Strategy
 (8) Human opponents
 (9) Character Strategies
(10) Joining Paul's moves
(11) Juggles          *************
(12) Okizeme
(13) Tech roll
(14) Reversals                                  
(15) Counters         
(16) Chickening
(17) Sidestepping
(18) Tricks of the trade 
(19) Other FAQs you should have
(20) Precious Moments
(21) Goodbye 

Chapter 1
Jargon Buster

1 - left punch
2 - right punch
3 - left kick
4 - right kick
f - tap forwards
b - tap backwards
u - tap upwards
d - tap downwards
uf - tap upwards\forwards
ub - tap upwards\backwards
df - tap downwards\forwards
db - tap downwards\backwards
F - hold forwards
B - hold backwards
U - hold upwards
D - hold downwards
UF - hold upwards\forwards
UB - hold upwards\backwards
DF - hold downwards\forwards
DB - hold downwards\backwards
QCT - quarter circle towards (same as d,df,f) 
QCB - quarter circle back (same as d,db,b)
HCT - half circle towards (same as b,db,d,df,f)*
HCB - half circle back (same as f,df,d,db,b)*
* - Paul does not use these moves
$$ - sidestep
[] - optional
+ - done at the same time
~ - done immediately after
_ - alternative 
: - 1/4 second pause (while doing tenhits)
WS - while standing (getting up from crouch)

Chapter 2
General Moves (moves for all characters)

f,f - forward dash
b,b - backward dash
u - sidestep up
d - sidestep down
D - crouch
U - jump up
UF - jump up/forwards
UB - jump up/backwards
B - full block
DB - full block (low attacks)
ff - run (must be at a certain distance)*
*  While running: b - stop
                  1+2 - jump and dive
                  3 - flying kick (Paul makes his double kick so you must
                  continue pressing 4 to do his double kick combo)
                  4 - sweep
df+1 - uppercut
df+2 - lifting uppercut (juggles opponent)
df+3 - side kick
df+4 - front kick
u+2_uf+2 - pounce (opponent must be on the floor)
1+2+3+4 - supercharge

Chapter 3
Ground Recovery

~1_~2 - tech roll {immediate recovery} roll to the inside of the screen
~3_~4 - tech roll {immediate recovery} roll to the outside of the screen
*note* - to do a tech roll press a button before touching the ground
         as you are falling.
If you fail to do a tech roll you have various ways to get up if you are 
standing face up and feet towards the opponent :
1 - roll sideways and get up **
d+1 - roll sideways the other way **
** If you hold D when rolling sideways you will remain on the floor and you
can rise whenever you want.
3 - get up with sweep
4 - get up with side kick
U - quick get up
F - forward roll
B - backward roll
Ff+1+2 - roll forwards, forward lunge **
Bf+1+2 - roll backwards, forward lunge **
bb+3+4 - hand spring, forward lunge ** (Paul and Yoshimitsu only)
** if your opponent blocks the forward lunge he remains stunned and it is
   impossible to block the next attack if it is fast (punches) (try 2,2)
   (try a quick punch then d+4,2).It is impossible to block but it is possible 
   to counter, so the best way to avoid a forward lunge if you are playing 
   with a character with no counters is to sidestep the lunge.
Some of the above moves can be chained together (for example 1,B,3 will
do sideways roll, a backwards roll and get up with sweep).
D+3 or D+4 - lightening kick If it does not connect trouble comes. This is
             good for stopping Paul’s okizeme.

Chapter 4
Paul's Moves

1,2 - quick punches
1,2,3 - quick punches, kick (first 3 hits of tenhit)
df+2 - uppercut (juggles opponent)
2,3 - punch, kick
2,d+3 - punch, lowkick *
F+2,3 - quick punch, kick
1,4 - punch lowkick *
QCT+1 - elbow uppercut (juggles, Counterhit stuns)
QCF+2 - Deathfist
d+1,2 - tile splitter, deathfist
d+4,2 - falling leaf combo
d+1,4,2 - tile splitter to falling leaf combo
D,df+2,1 - jaw breaker, deathfist
D,df+2,2 - jaw breaker, stone breaker ***
QCB+1 - god hammer punch **
QCB+2 - rubber band **
QCB+3,2,1 - low sweep, jaw breaker, deathfist
QCB+3,2,2 - Low sweep, jaw breaker, stone breaker ***
*   these are particularly good to use when your opponent only has a 
    little life remaining.
**  counterhit leaves open for more moves (see chapter 8) 
*** last hit rises opponent, again open for more moves (see chapter 8)
F+1+4 - sidestepping shoulder ram (particularly good against Eddy)
F+1+2 - hammer of the gods
f,f+4 - neutron bomb
f,f+2 - flash elbow
uf+3,4 - double kicks
uf+3 - juggling kick (juggles opponent) 
uf+4 - juggling kick (juggles opponent)
ff+3,4,4 - double kicks, highkick
ff+3,4,df+4 - double kicks, midkick
ff+3,4,d+4 - double kicks, lowkick
D+2 - stone splitter (only hits when opponent is on the ground)
D(for 3 seconds) - restless taunt
u+2+3+4 - idiot flip kick (done after restless taunt)
b+1+2 - Super deathfist * unblockable *

1232::1:2::1:4:2:1   (8th hit is low)
1231::4:2:1:4:2:1    (5th hit and 9th hit are low)
1231::2              (no low hits) 

Grappling techniques
1+3 - Judo Throw {1}
2+4 - Shoulder Popper {2}
ff+1+2 - Shoulder Push Away {1+2}
B+2+3 - Foot Catapult {2}
df+1+2 - Twist And Shout {1+2}
1+3_2+4 - left side throw (Dragon Screw) {1}
1+3_2+4 - right side throw (Fall Away) {2}
1+3_2+4 - back throw (Hip Toss)
db+1+2,1,2,1,2,1 - Ultimate Tackle, punches
db+1+2,1,2,1,1+2 - Ultimate Tackle, punches, arm break
db+1+2,D+2,1,1,N+4~1~1+2 - Ultimate Punishment
b+1+3_b+2+4 - Reversal
F+1+3_F+2+4 - Chickening (avoid Reversal){to be done if opponent Reverses you} 
Numbers in the brackets {} are buttons used to escape from throw.

Chapter 5
Move Analysis

Usefulness rating is in * where 1* is less useful and 5***** is the most 

1,2 - quick punches (***)
These attacks are very fast and can stop opponents. You should use these
attacks as a start of a custom string.

1,2,3 - quick punches, kick (***)
Like above they are very fast and can stop slower attacks. But are not very 
useful in custom strings. (Are not very. but still used)

2,3 - punch kick combo (*)
Pretty useless because of the following

F+2,3 - Quick punch kick combo (***)
Lightening fast punch kick combo used to surprise opponents in a poking game.

1,4 - Punch lowkick (*)
A high punch followed by a low kick. Use this when your opponent has little
life left but this is pretty slow.see below.

2,d+3 - Punch lowkick (**)
A high punch followed by a lowkick. The same use as above but slightly faster.

F+2,d+3 - Quick punch lowkick (****)
This is very useful as it is very fast. Again it has the same uses as the 
above two but why use them when you have this. Excellent in custom strings 
and also in poking.

qct+1 - elbow uppercut (****)
Very useful move. If this move hits you can follow in various ways as described
further down. If it does not hit quickly follow with a low jab to follow an 
incoming attack.

qct+2 - deathfist (****)
I was not sure if I should have given this move **** but it's so damaging as
a counter hit. It's also useful in juggles.

d+1 - tile splitter (*****)
This is one move you should use often. It's useful to keep your opponent at a 
distance and has a little recovery time. Excellent in custom strings.

d+1,2 - tile splitter, deathfist (**)
Few uses for this. A counter hit is good for this move but if the first hit
is blocked a fast attack can be put before the deathfist such as Heihachi and
Jin's 1,1,2 punches or Law's 1,1,1,1,1 etc.
I use it mainly when I know I will hit my opponent in the back for huge 

d+4,2 - falling leaf (****)
Very fast and damaging attack. Can be used as a finish in custom strings, as
okizeme and after buffering a qcf for a surprise attack.
It's only drawback is it's HUGE recovery time. If you miss with this attack
prepare for the worse.

d+1,4,2 - tile splitter to falling leaf (**)
The falling leaf is executed like 1/2 an hour after the tile splitter but
not bad for a surprise attack once in a while.

D,df+2,1 - jawbreaker, deathfist (**)
Not a bad move. Can be done if your opponent tries to throw you but you would
be better off using a wr+2.

D,df+2,2 - jawbreaker, stonebreaker (***)
Good move for okizeme and has some juggling opportunities if tour opponents
are so dumb to not block it.

qcb+1 - god hammer punch (***)
Very cool if it hits as a counter hit and you can juggle off. otherwise it's 
just a variation of the tile splitter but with larger recovery time. 
However it has the advantage of doing a backwards movement before execution
so it timed correctly it will avoid an attack and hit as a Major counter.

qcb+2 - rubber band (***)
If it hits it leaves you with the advantage and if it hits as a Major counter
you have more guaranteed damage. Good overall because it does not have a very 
high recovery time and has the same advantage of a backward sway which can be 
used to avoid attacks.

df+2 - juggling uppercut (*****)
This is a very important move for Paul It's as good as the next move featured
because of different reasons. Use this if you want a juggle and you want to 
avoid a reversal. Because of it's small reach it is difficult to reverse.
It is an excellent way to start a round.

uf+4 - juggling kick (*****)
This is a better move to juggle off because Paul ends up just under his 
opponent making juggles easier. Also it has very low recovery time so juggling
is SO easy after this move.
uf+3 or ff+3 - juggling kick (***)
This kick is more damaging but juggling is trickier. Try it out for yourself.

uf+3,4 - doublekicks (*****)
This is an alternative to the above juggling attacks. This is a lightening
fast move that comes out handy as it is highly damaging and has a low recovery

qcb+3,2,1 - low sweep, jawbreaker, deathfist - (***)
This move has a couple of uses. Mainly in juggles and okizeme. Not on it's own
You can try confusing your opponent by doing the first two hits and then a 
qcb+3,2,2 - low sweep, jawbreaker, stone breaker - (***)
Use it as you would above but if you do this move on it's own you can juggle.
Try using it by retarding the last hit to surprise your opponent in attacking.
It is also difficult to sidestep.

F+1+4 - sidestepping shoulder ram (***)
Another good one. Strange but true this move hits if your opponent rolls!
so in okizeme it's OK. It works well against Eddy when he is sitting down or
in the handstand position.

F+1+2 - hammer of the gods (***)
Damaging move that is extremely rewarding if done to a ducking opponent
(See Juggles section) and also good at okizeme and as a juggle finisher.
Some recovery time though.

ff+4 - neutron bomb (***)
Use this if you know your opponent stays on the ground when you finish a 
juggle. Also used as a juggle and a juggle starter.

ff+2 - flash elbow (*****)
super fast attack done with a ff motion. What more could I ask for!
As I play I constantly do a ff, bb motion from a certain distance.
When I notice my opponent moving towards strike 2 and the flash elbow is 
out. It surprises if used this way. It may not have a large damage but you 
can follow with okizeme and it does not have large recovery time. Also if
it is blocked Paul steps back at a certain distance which is his best
(keeping opponents at a distance).

ff+3,4,4 or ff+3,4,df+4 or ff+3,4,d+4 - doublekicks, high/mid/low kick (***)
The double kicks are used OK but forget the last kick. It comes out 1/2 an 
hour later. Your opponents have ample time to attack before it hits.
You can do it occasionally to surprise though. The last kick is mainly used
in juggles.

D+2 - stone splitter (****)
Only used in okizeme but it's fast good and quite damaging.

D(for 2 seconds) restless taunt (*)
It's a taunt. What uses should it have.

U+2+3+4 (done after restless taunt) - Idiot flip kick (*)
Paul imitates Law's flipkick (Like in the Tekken2 Law ending sequence) only
to fall over and hurt himself. Maybe in Tekken4 (If Paul is still there) he
will have learned to do it without hurting himself.

B+1+2 super deathfist ~UNBLOCKABLE~ - (*)
Paul's unblockable is slow compared to Heihachi's so don't expect too much
from this move. 


Chapter 6

Blocking in Tekken3 is different than in Tekken2. To do a full block you
must pull the joystick backwards or down\backwards to block low.
If you are playing against Heihachi (a good player would use a lot of his 
hellsweeps followed by an uppercut etc {f,d,df,DF+4,4,1 etc.}
If the joystick is in neutral position your player will partly block the
first sweep and remain stunned so you cannot block the following sweep simply
by pulling the joystick down you must pull it down/back to block effectively.
Other examples are King's sweeps {d+3+4,4,4,} and Law's junkyard combo {b+2,3,
4}. If you leave the joystick neutral you will take Law's last two hits
but if you pull back the joystick you will only take the low kick and your
opponent will not be able to juggle you.

Chapter 7
General Strategy

When playing with Paul your strategy should attack, but not blindfoldedly.
Paul's best moves are the deathfist {QCF+2}, the falling leaf combo {d+4,2}
and the double kicks (although doing one will be better because you can
juggle after it).
If you use the deathfist in bad cases you can be severely punished. Use it 
especially if you see your opponent getting up with a sweep or a side kick.
Stand next to him, let him get up, move back so that he just misses you
then whack a deathfist (QCF+2 {in case you forgotten}). This will do a lot of 
damage as it will hit as a counter (when your opponent is doing some move 
and you hit him with another move you inflict more damage and will usually
cause a reaction in your favor. {when the deathfist hits counter your 
opponent will be sent far rolling away}).
When playing against the computer I wait a lot, then attack with a deathfist,
it is very easy to complete the game with Paul.
Against human opponents you have to vary a lot. Try running towards opponent, 
use falling leaf{d+4,2} then use okizeme tactics {see chapter 12}.
When your opponent starts to crouch to avoid the falling leaf use a quick 
middle attack such as the double kicks {uf+3,4}, or if you want to impress 
(or inflict more damage) use uf+4 then juggle off at your leisure. {see 
chapter 11 to learn some juggles}.
That was some close contact fighting. If this style is not effective with 
your opponent use a lot of deathfists {QCF+2} to keep him at a distance.
WARNING the deathfist may be powerful but it is very easily sidestepped!
If you are playing with a player who uses a lot of sidesteps you should 
not use Paul (Heihachi works well here) If however you still use Paul use 
the flash elbow {ff+2} which is very difficult to sidestep or the {F+1+4}
sidestepping shoulder ram. QCB+3,2,2 is also tricky to sidestep.
Throws, use these against the defensive players who only press about five
buttons per round. I found it very hard to throw button mashers because they 
seem to know all the combinations to get out of all throws.
Anyway a good throw Paul has is the twist and shout {df+1+2} after this you
can again use okizeme tactics {chapter 12}because your opponent is thrown to 
the floor near you. D+2 seems to be a guaranteed hit after this throw.
Also notice if your opponent is better or worse on which side (left or right)
then use the shoulder popper {2+4} and put him on his worst side. When you are 
happy with the side he is playing on or maybe you prefer a certain side do 
not use shoulder popper anymore. Just try not to make it evident if you have
a weak side as your opponent may take advantage from it.
You may want to change side because you know your opponent's joystick has bad
diagonals and you may want to put him in a position that will eliminate a good
number of moves limiting him to a couple.
A very good opening move is df+2 (followed by a juggle {chapter 9}). This
punch seems to go over other attacks and is difficult to counter.
When fighting, a good tactic to use is repeatedly use bb and ff (you can also
sidestep left and right) Be careful if you see your opponent approaching. 
By doing ff and bb repeatedly your character will kind of move very fast 
backwards and forwards. Then when you see your opponent about to attack hit 
him with a ff+something move The most effective is the flash elbow (ff+2) 
because it is very fast. If you want to risk you can use ff+3 and then juggle 
off (see chapter 11).
In this way you are buffering a ff move.

Chapter 8
Human opponents

These come in various shapes and sizes but they can be divided into four 

1. Beginners (a) button mashers
             (b) move researchers
2. Intermediate 
3. Good (a) offensive
        (b) defensive
4. Masters
_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

1. Against beginners tenhits work wonders. Lowkicks are also a good bet
   {d+4,2}. Try not to depend on throws as button mashers are nearly 
   impossible to throw. Stay at a distance with a couple of deathfists
   {QCF+2} and run to them because (especially against mashers) deathfists
   will hit as a counter resulting in your opponent rolling away. Run to 
   them, more often than not you will be able to headbutt them.
   It is difficult to hit a masher with an unblockable.

   Move researchers are very promising players who try to figure out moves
   by themselves, and therefore they do not know anything about how to block
   and when to attack etc. Unblockables work here.
   A good tactic to win a game against a beginner is to do the falling 
   leaf {d+4,2} a zillion times as they will try to roll away each and every 
   time. If this tactic fails to work you are not against a beginner so read 
   on for how to beat him.

2. Intermediate players are a favourite of good or master players. These will 
   know a couple of moves and stick to them so with okizeme {chapter 12} and 
   by varying a couple of moves you should come out victorious, if hopefully 
   you belong to the good or master division of players.
   Best strategy here is falling leaf{d+4,2}, okizeme and juggles.
   This is where unblockables are last used.Forget unblockables with good
   players or masters as they will reverse them or hit you before you are 

3. Good Players :
   Here comes trouble. Attacking players will try to down you and use 
   okizeme, use reversals! You should either be faster than them or wait 
   for them to make a mistake then hit hard (deathfist or falling leaf).
   Here is where the alternation of the falling leaf and the double kicks
   work. If you use the falling leaf a lot your opponent will start to 
   crouch and block it so you are open to an attack because the falling
   leaf may be one of the best moves Paul has but it has a lot of recovery 
   time. Good players will not make a lot of mistakes so you must make 
   sure that the mistake they make is punished well.(use those juggles !)
   When you see that your opponent is crouching as he sees you approach
   do a damaging middle attack (it should be fast {df+2, uf+3,4, ff+3, uf+4})
   to surprise him.

   Defensive players are also a headache. they will study your repertoire
   and block everything. Try to change your style a lot here and use those 
   throws. Try to imitate your enemy's style (only if it is good)

4. Don't worry if you lose here because you will learn something from a 
   master. A master is a combination of a defensive and an aggressive player
   so you should vary a lot and use attacks that can be linked.{chapter 10}
   if your opponent uses a lot of reversals use non reversable attacks
   such as the flash elbow {ff+2} or the sidestepping shoulder ram {F+1+4}
   Also alternate between the deathfist {QCF+2} and the elbow uppercut{QCF+1}
   A master will try to reverse a deathfist, only to be hit in the air by the 
   elbow uppercut because this cannot be reversed.(you should use a mistake
   like this and punish with a damaging juggle).
   Do not use a lot of deathfists against an opponent who likes to sidestep
   use ff+2, F+1+4, and QCF+1.
   Using tenhits with a master is suicide, especially Paul's very easily 
   reversable ones.(unless you know how to chicken your opponent{chapter16})

Chapter 9
Character Strategies

Here I will assume you are against a good to master player, if against an
amateur just use the strategy of chapter 7 against beginners.
You should never underestimate players. If you see a guy whom you never 
played before who chooses a player you know nothing with he will definitely
kick your ass if he is good with that character because you won't know where 
and when to block. Be very afraid of skilled players of Nina, Julia, King and
Hwoarang. These are not used much in my local arcades but I know they can be
a pain in the ass if played to mastery. (I have never played to a master of
these players).(I would like to, so all you masters are invited to Malta.
I can't afford to come.)

Watch out for his b,f,2,1,2 combo because if the first hit is a counter he can 
continue juggling and do incredible damage. I am no longer afraid of this move
however because if you see your Paul crouching it means you have been hit as a
major counter. No problem. Just quickly push the joystick or controller
forward and quickly continue to block.
Also watch out for his tooth fairy {$$+2} he can also juggle from this.
However if you block it you have ample time to hit before he recovers.
There is no particular strategy to use against jin when attacking, just see
if your opponent is good or bad and use strategies in chapter 8.

Eddy is at a great disadvantage with Paul. If you see him starting something
from far away use the sidestepping shoulder ram {F+1+4} or d+1 or uf+4 or
ff+2 (use quick moves) Use also deathfists.

Sidestep his deathfists. As soon as you block his falling leaf he is open
for an attack. Try this: If your opponent misses you with the falling leaf
shout loud "this is how you do it sucker" because it is impossible for him
to block it due to it's recovery time. I only use thrash talk with my friends
but you can do what you like!
In Malta 60% of good Tekken3 players use Paul and everyone uses the falling
leaf a zillion times and a lot of deathfists.(but not all know when to use 
these moves).(Tekken2 style)
If someone likes using my tactic (running towards opponent and do one from 
falling leaf or double kicks use quick attacks before they can make theirs
e.g. uf+4 then juggle off or df+2 then juggle off.

Nina should be kept at a distance she has got lots of mini combos(4 & 5 hits)
and they vary from high to middle to low and a lot of moves rise you in the
air for more juggles. Careful when using reversals because of her db+4,3 
(low hit to middle hit) if you reverse her when she does her first hit you 
will take all of the low and middle kicks and you will be thrown in the air 
for more juggles. Using deathfists is also risky because she has lots of moves
done after sidstepping. QCF+1 works a lot especially if your opponent likes
to reverse. In the hands of a master she is a big pain in the ass.

Play Anna like you would against Nina. In other words be very afraid.

Ling is very fast so you should not try to be faster than her. Try to use fast
attacks when she is recovering from a hard move (remember her somersault can 
be reversed only when she jumps with her head facing you if she jumps from her
back turned she cannot be reversed. Try sidestepping instead.) 
Reverse the triple punch combo {u+1+2,2,1}at it's third hit. If you find 
someone who can practically uses every move she has it will be very difficult
to beat him unless you also know how to play with her and predict his vast 
amount of combos. Her tenhits can also be modified in various ways as at one
point she ends with her back turned.
You should play very defensively with Xiaoyu and know which moves put her 
in her back turn position and as soon as she is in it use the tile splitter 
to deathfist (d+1,2).
When she is in her phoenix stance death fists cannot hit use d+1 to stop her.
Fortunately she is not so difficult to reverse because most of her starting 
attacks are high or middle.

Another one of my favourites. A good player will combine sweeps and uppercuts
to juggle off. Heihachi plays similarly to Paul and is awesome in okizeme.
If you are playing against a bad player you can win only using reversals,
however, against people who use sweeps{f,d,df,DF+4,4,etc.} be careful with 
the reversals because a reversal out of place can result in more than half a
life bar in damage if he hits you with this combo(f,d,df,DF,4,4,4,1,f+1,b+2).
there is nothing in particular which works well against Heihachi but remember
that his best attacks are done with a (f,d,df,f) so it takes a split second 
to start a move this leaves time for you to attack with speed. Heihachi does 
not have a reversal (actually he has one but it is unreliable) so you can risk 
more when attacking.
If you block his twin pistons (df+1,2) he has long recovery time. A deathfist
should be a guaranteed hit.

Law is one of Tekken3's best players (along with Nina). All Tekken3 players
are well balanced. Law has not got reversals but he has 3 parries.
One is a low parry another is a high to mid parry and another is a mid/high
punch parry which can be followed with different hits and nightmarish juggles.
If a good Law player block a falling leaf, you can start swearing because
more than half of your life bar can be kissed goodbye.
His dragon's tail {db+4} is a move that most amateurs do not block but it is 
very slow and with a few practice you should, more often than not start to 
block it.
Beware when using deathfists because of his sidestepping kicks.

I am quite experienced in playing against Lei because of my friend Jason.
Do not use deathfists when lei is in his stances because he can change
from one stance to the other just by pressing up or down and when he changes
stance he also does a little sidestep which is just enough to get out of the 
deathfist's way and so leaves Paul open to lots of damaging attacks.
Start the round with a (d+1) because good players will often try to go in 
the play dead position immediately. If you hit, Lei is put down in a certain
way that he is less dangerous. Follow with a stone splitter (D+2).
Study your opponent well and use those reversals. Do not attack a lot, wait
for your opponent, play defensively then falling leaf and okizeme.

This should not be so difficult he has a lot of high kicks. Guess what, this 
means lots of reversals. However be careful as timing his hits is tricky.
Some knowledge of the character would be recommended.

Play against Bryan in the same way you would against Hwoarang with an only
difference. Avoid lots of deathfists as he has got sidestepping moves 
($$+1_$$+2_$$+1~2). Ducking works well here. Bryan's maid disadvantage is
that lots of his moves hit high.

Julia is very fast but after you begin to recognize her attacks she is no 
threat (however this is the problem, her attacks are very fast and you cannot 
see where it is going to hit until it is too late). See if your opponent has 
a pattern of moves and counter him.
Most of her middle attacks start from far and she seems to run towards you 
At this point you should use reversals, if your opponent decides to run 
towards you it is very possible that he is starting one of her numerous low 
attacks chained to a mid, high ,low attack. You must be careful because mid 
attacks are either very damaging or put you in the air for juggles.
Julia's disadvantage is that most of her juggles can be avoided using tech
roll (see chapter 13).
I hope you never encounter good Julia players.

I have never played with a very good King player, I myself know a lot of his
moves and all multithrows but I do not know how to join his moves and how to
craze my opponent by making him guessing from where the attacks are coming.
Believe me if you do not know how to do these things I just mentioned do not
expect to win a lot using a character against good or expert players use them
other than to show off against a bad player or if you get fed up of playing 
with the same player).
When going against King you should know when to crouch to avoid his multi 
throws. When he is going to start a multi throw King, kind of moves forwards
crouches and grabs, while when starting a multithrow from a sidestep, his side 
step is huge and he kind of slips on the floor (you should notice this).
King also has multithrows which start with a (f,d,df,f) move this gives the 
same impression as to when he is going to grab you but with this move he can 
make a middle hit with both hands and damage you a lot if you crouch.
If you decide not to crouch he may multithrow you with the awesome rolling 
death cradle which kills you instantly on an arcade and leaves you with a 
little life remaining on the playstation version. 
If you ignore my advises and your opponent starts a multithrow effectively
Press those buttons like a maniac if you do not know how to escape.
When King does his lowkicks or sweeps (d+3+4,4,4), if you block them you can 
have a go at bashing him because of their long recovery time.
If you can't seem to block these sweeps effectively refer to chapter 6.

Yoshimitsu is another character with whom I have not seen someone playing well.
Any time Yoshi kicks reverse him, it is very easy, watch for his vast amounts 
of unblockables and do not try to reverse his sword attacks (only Jin and 
Nina\Anna can). Do not stare when he does his tenhits because the last three 
hits are unblockables, it is easy to reverse his kicks in the middle of his 
tenhits but if you find it difficult just crouch and give him a low punch.
If timed correctly it should stop him.
Yoshimitsu is THE poking character. Beware.

Do dot do my same mistake, in other words do not underestimate Gunjack,
he is not as slow as he is famous for, yet he is very strong. His main 
disadvantage is his hugeness and when he is down on the floor he never can 
avoid d+1. Okizeme is excellent with him as with all fat opponents
(Kuma and Ogre2). He is also dreadfully easy to reverse.
Juggling is easier here and sometimes more hits are possible to do against
Gunjack, Kuma/Panda and Ogre2.

I have never met any good players who use these characters But like gunjack
do not underestimate them!
Be careful only for the vast unblockables that Ogres have, fire included.
If your opponent chooses one of these characters it is very probable that
he is a masher.

Chapter 10
Joining Paul's moves

Paul is great fun to play because a lot of his moves can be joined together.
In this way you can punish harder your opponent's small mistake.

This is the twist and shout throw. It's Paul's most effective and damaging
throw, plus, I think a d+2 is guaranteed after this throw.
Just be sure to move a bit closer to your opponent.

When this move hits as a counter your opponent bounces ridiculously high in
a funny and humiliating way. You can help your opponent to fall harder on the 
floor in any one of these ways :
Wait for him to fall down then use D+2

The most damaging and fun to do is a deathfist just as he is coming down
{QCF+2} (if you know how to damage him further please do tell me)

1, QCB+2  (difficult)
PS all of these attacks cannot be avoided from your opponent.

If this move hits as a counter your opponent will be thrown far away and he 
cannot avoid ff+4. 

I hope I can explain how to use this to join attacks in my bad english.
If it hits as a counter hit it stuns your opponent while if it is just not 
blocked it lifts your opponent in the air to juggle off.
If you are playing against skilled opponents you will in most cases (I am
telling you this by experience) hit not as a counter but hit because your 
opponent has tried to sidestep or to reverse.
When you stun your opponent you can do whichever move you feel to do but I
prefer to inflict as much damage as I can and to do this you must lift your 
opponent in the air to juggle him. 
I ALWAYS follow QCF+1 with uf+4. Let me explain you why :
uf+4 is a juggle starter as well as a part of a high damaging juggle so if 
your opponent is thrown in the air you can do the juggle that starts with
uf+4, this being (uf+4,d+4,2). If your opponent is stunned uf+4 will put him
in the air for you to choose a juggle.(see chapter 9 for more juggles).
You can avoid to do uf+4 (in fact df+2 works the same but it is not what I 
mean) I mean start to juggle if QCF+1 juggles your opponent straight away or
else lift him if he is stuns but because you do not have enough time to see
how QCF+1 has hit him. I found doing uf+4 or df+2 after you hit extremely safe
Okay this way you may only do one juggle if your opponent is lifted with your
first attack but it is safe.
I hope you managed to understand me. but let me give you an example :
These juggles are done when QCF+1 DOES NOT hit as a counter, (your opponent is 
thrown in the air, not stunned).
This can be done if you do not want to do uf+4
These juggles can be done if QCF+1 DOES hit as a counter, (your opponent is
I have mentioned the same juggles and how to do them in the different cases
so hopefully you will understand.
If you do not understand you are not stupid, it is just difficult to explain 
with words.
Stuns can be broken out of Paul's stun can be broken out of but it's usually
too late to avoid being juggled. To get out of stuns quickly do a f motion
and quickly return to b (blocking motion).

QCB+3,2,2 and D,df,2,2
The last hit of these two lift off your opponent. You can then add damage by
doing d+2(this is the easiest).You can do the falling leaf{d+4,2} or else
you can go for some style by doing QCB+3,2,2 or even better QCB+3,2,1 (when
you are doing this last one you must pause for a split second before pressing
1 because if it is done fast, it will not hit.

Follow this move with okizeme as with all moves which down your opponent
and leave him in the vicinity.

Follow the deathfist (or phoenix smasher) with a run if it hits as a counter,
then choose one of the various attacks that can be done from running.

This move stuns your opponent and leaves you for a split second in a crouching 
position therefore you can easily do D,df+2,2 or D,df+2,1 and surprise your 
opponent. When he gets used to this do a throw instead.
If this move hits you can juggle your opponent. see further.

Chapter 11

These moves should be done when your opponent is in the air.
You can put your opponent in the air with various moves, These being.
These are the normal juggle starters.
uf+3 (may be difficult to connect juggles after this move. See move analysis)

Follow with any of these Juggles
1,F+1+4              Easy
1,1,2,F+1+2          Easy *
1,1,2,d+1            Easy
QCB+3,2,2            Medium
QCB+3,2,1            Medium
1,1,2,3              Easy
1,1,f+2,3            Easy
1,1,1,QCF+2          Hard
1,1,1,1,QCF+2        V.Hard
ff+3,4,3             Medium *
D+1,df+2,1           Hard
D+1,df+2,2           Hard
uf+4,d+4,2           Easy
1,2,uf+3,4           Easy *

The following are special type of juggle starters
qcf+1 (Major counter hit)
This stuns your opponent so you must follow with a normal juggle starter.
f+1+2 (opponent must be ducking) The opponent has a long recovery time after
this move. (enough to follow with a normal juggle starter).
After juggling off use the juggles above.

The following juggling moves can only be followed by special juggles:
qcb+2 (Major Counter hit)
Follow this move with:
ff+4                 Easy *
d+1                  Easy
d+2                  Easy

qcb+1 (Major counter hit)
Follow this move with:
qcf+2                Medium *
f+1+2                Easy
1,qcb+2              V.Hard

4 (Major counter hit)
Follow this move with:
qcf+2                Hard 
f+1+2                Medium *

qcb+3,2,2 or D,df+2,2
Follow one of these moves with:
qcb+3,2,2            Medium 
qcb+3,2,1            Medium *
d+4,2                Easy

Follow this move with:
ws+4, d+4,2          Medium
D+1, uf+3,4          Easy *
D+1, D,df+2,1        Hard
D+1, D,df+2,2        Hard

There are a lot more juggles but these are the best I know. Those marked with
a * are my favourites. Note that all these juggles were tried before. I did not 
write any juggle which I did not manage to do. If you can't seem to be able
to pull off any juggle I suggest you try a different timing or dashing under 
your opponent while he is in the air.
Note that in a game you should go for juggles you know will hit so use juggles
you know you always do so practice the most damaging ones.
Remember that lots of juggles can be avoided using tech roll{chapter 13}.

Chapter 12

Okizeme is the art of leaving your opponent for as long time on the floor
by quickly running beside your opponent and hitting him every time he decides
to move or try to get up. 
Let us say you heve just downed your opponent. If you are playing against a
mediocre opponent he will not know all the ways to get up so he will use only
one or two ways so punish him as he tries to foolishly get up.
Paul has got these moves to use for okizeme :

If your opponent does not move you can hit him with:
d+1(this must be done very quickly {just as he has hit the ground})

If your opponent rolls forwards or backwards you can use:
QCB+3,2,1 (using delay)

If your opponent rolls sideways use:

Okizeme is great fun to do and it will frustrate your opponent. Paul is 
extremely good at it. If you are up against a good player you must guess
what he will do as he will try to avoid okizeme by rising up in various 
methods. Against these opponents you will have to have a sixth sense or 
should I say a lot of luck. It is cool to down your opponent once and not let 
him get up for the whole round!

If your opponent rises using a tech roll he will avoid your attack but if 
you will know that he will do a tech roll you can wait for him to get up 
then strike him or throw him. You will surprise him here.
Study your opponent well.

Chapter 13
Tech roll

This new option allows you to rise up immediately when you are about to hit 
the floor.
It can be done to avoid a lot of juggles and if done correctly you will end
up facing your opponents' side or back you can grab him or attack with a 
middle attack if your opponent crouches the throw. If you have any doubts
of your juggles (if they are stopped with a tech roll I mean) just try them
against the computer. He always tries to do a tech roll (isn't that tedious)
You can use this at your own advantage as there are juggles that are increased
if your opponent uses a tech roll. Juggles starting with low attacks to mid or
high are effectively avoided using tech roll e.g. Julia'a d+4,1 Nina's db+4,3,
Jin's 1+4,2,4, King's d+3+4,4,4. There are a lot more.
You could use tech roll against players that have a good level of okizeme 
such as Paul, Xiaoyu, Heihachi etc.

Chapter 14

Reversals, heh, heh, heh, Have I ever told you to use these damn things?
Well in case I haven't, use them. Because the best defense is attack this
type of defense uses counter attacking. This was Paul's best move in Tekken2
It is still very good in number 3 but this time reversals can be escaped!
Not only it is possible to escape but you take even a little damage.
If you get killed with a chicken (this is what I call a reversal escape 
because the announcer shouts "chicken" when someone escapes a reversal) you 
kind of get pushed back and die by yourself in a funny to look, and maybe
humiliating way. (more on chickening in chapter 16).
Every time you know a move can be reversed do so. The safest way of reversing
is in a multi high or mid hit such as Xiaoyu's u+1+2,2,1. The third hit is 
easily reversable. Also are Paul and Heihachi's d+1,2 and Yoshimitsu's
triple kicks. I would recommend reversing every move you know you can reverse
even if your opponent knows how to do a chicken because a counter hurts a 
lot, a chicken only hurts a little. However if you only have a little power 
in your life bar I would not recommend reversing but block the attack and 
attack later. If your opponent tries to lure you in reversing him trying to
win a whole round or maybe a game from chickens do not reverse. Block or
sidestep. I should also mention that Paul (I think) has the crappiest sidestep
in the game. Compare Paul's sidestep with Nina's. Sigh! That's the price you
have to pay to have a powerful character. 
Reversing the last hits or middle hits of combos is always safer because if 
you try to reverse the first attack you can be surprised by a low hit which 
follows a high hit resulting in you taking the low hit as a counter and 
therefore having to take the following hit or hits. A couple of examples 
that are currently in my mind are Nina's db+4,3 which is a juggle starter
and the immensely damaging hellsweeps of Heihachi (f,d,df,DF+4,4,4,1,f+1,b+2)
If you try to reverse him and he tries this combo more than your life bar is
Paul, due to his good properties these being reversals and awesome strength 
has been left without a low combo breaker which is a big disappointment.
Dot pick on the programmers, if Paul had a low combo breaker he would be
stronger overall than his rivals.
Namco have done a good job and made all the characters very well balanced.

Chapter 15

I will discuss Major counters and minor counters.
Major counters usually cause various types of stuns. Paul's qcf+1 attack
causes a double over stun if hit on Major counter. (For more about stuns
consult Tekken3 manual (Chapter 19)
The opponent grabs his/her stomach and slowly falls over with this type of
stun. Here your opponent is immune to attacks. However by pushing forward on
the controller or joystick one will break out of the stun and avoid falling
Minor counters are very important for a good player to see and expect. A
minor counter is when your opponent carries out a move which has long
recovery time such as Paul's falling leaf (d+4,2).
In this time the opponent is unable to guard and is open to attacks. All
moves have recovery time though some have less or more than others.
You should by experience judge a safe time when to attack. This is done by
playing with the other players and see their recovery times.

Chapter 16

Chickening is breaking out of a reversal. It is done by quickly doing F+1+3
or F+2+4. In other words the opposite of a counter. If you attack with the
left limbs you chicken with the left limbs and vice versa.
Example: If you kick your opponent with 4 (right foot) and your opponent
reverses it, you should chicken with F+2+4. If you punch your opponent with 1
(left punch) and your opponent reverses it, you should chicken with F+1+3.
Paul's moves which are done with more than one button are chickened as
follows :
Idiot flip kick D(for a couple of seconds), U+2+3+4 - chicken with F+2+4
Super Deathfist (Unblockable) - chicken with F+2+4
F+1+2 Hammer of the gods - chicken with F+1+3
I recently found out something strange that can be done after a right kick
chicken called a chicken glitch back throw. This is done by quickly doing
a throw after successfully performing a right foot chicken. The character
that performs the throw will back throw his opponent even though he grabs him
from front and without touching him !
This is a bug in the game but you can use it at your favour.
Characters who can do a chicken glitch back throw are :
Law, GunJack, Hwoarang, Julia, King, Kuma/Panda, Lei, Xiaoyu, Paul, True Ogre
and Yoshimitsu.
For more about this See "The Chicken Glitch Back Throw Guide" By Dean
Nakamishi. on www.gamefaqs.com.

Chapter 17
This move is a very good improvement to the game. Although not as useful to 
Paul as it is to other characters (Nina, Bryan etc) it is a good way to avoid 
attacks. When against a Paul player sidestep his deathfists and try to make
sidethrows, other than this Paul cannot do anything from sidesteps.
Try to sidestep even in middle of slow combos and tenhits.
When against a sidestepping opponent use QCB+3,2,2 , ff+2 ,F+1+4 for Paul.
These attacks are extremely difficult to sidestep. 
I find Bryan extremely good against a sidestepping player because most of 
his kicks come in a circular movement and kind of follow the opponent's 
sidestep, these attacks being df+3, df+4, ff+3, b+2,1,2 etc.(This should be
Paul's guide not Bryan's but it is not fun to stick to only one player. I 
play with nearly all characters although I can say I am best with Heihachi
and obviously Paul)
If you cannot sidestep an attack try sidestepping to the other side, it 
usually works. If it does not work this move cannot be sidestepped or you
are timing it wrong.

Chapter 18
Tricks of the trade

 1. If you are going to play against a player you heve never played before
    check his strategy. The first thing you should notice is if he is good.
    Do not try to check a masher's strategy. If against a good player see if 
    he is offensive or defensive. If an offensive player start with a reversal 
    or a move which is very fast. Note that some players always start with 
    the same move.
 2. When your opponent has his lifebar drained leaving only a little left so
    that any attack can kill him use a fast low attack. Paul has 1,4 handy 
    here or else you can give a direct low kick d+3 etc. The only trouble
    is when you have used the falling leaf {d+4,2} so much that your opponent 
    automatically blocks low when he sees you approach. Again you should bet
 3. I think that every Tekken3 player has got a defect : the low attacks.
    If you know this use the low attacks. Defensive players wait. When you see
    your opponent WALKING away (not dashing back because a back dash usually 
    means he is trying to avoid the incoming attack not block it) he is 
    waiting for your attack, Running to him and doing a catch always seem to 
    work well here.
 4. If your opponent uses the same catch repeatedly, it means that or he is 
    trying to irritate you or simply because he finds it effective than the 
    others. Anyway, if he uses the same catch it is better for you as to 
    escape you will always use the same button.
    A left throw (1+3) is escaped by pressing 1
    A right throw (2+4) is escaped by pressing 2
    Most of the other special throws are escaped by pressing 1+2.
    I would recommend pressing 1+2 when in doubt as it seems to work for all
    (1,2,and 1+2).
 5. Try to start off a round in various ways. Sometime by blocking some other
    by attacking insanely, some other by throwing. I have just had an idea 
    which to be honest I have never tried. Against an ultra defensive player 
    (one which always backs at the start of the round) Start with an 
    unblockable.It will definitely startle him. let's hope he does not 
    reverse. Prepare to chicken!

 6. If you happen to choose another character apart from Paul use the low 
    combo breaker if it is available for that character because it is a very 
    good move. I am not very used to it as my three favourite characters 
    (Paul, Heihachi and Jin) do not have it.

 7. If you happen to have a good knowledge of all characters it is great fun
    to play with mokujin (you should be able to recognize the characters 
    instantly to be able to play him well though). Against fairly good 
    players it is very easy to win with mokujin as they will not recognize
    your player until it's too late. 

 8. When playing against a good player try to surprise him : Try this :
    Start a combo (he will think you will finish it and maybe prepare to 
    counter. Instead surprise him with a catch. Unfortunately Paul does not
    have lots of three hits combos so you must try to do a catch e.g. in the 
    middle of a tenhit or after the second hit of the QCB+3,2,1 combo
    You can find more than these examples. Characters like Law, Jin, Xiaoyu 
    etc have a series of middle or high punches like (Law b+1,2,1) 
    (Jin b,f+2,1,2),(Xiaoyu u+1+2,1,2) You can do one hit and throw, two hits 
    and throw or three hits. Keep your opponent guessing. 
 9. Lots of characters have the ability to delay some moves. Paul's delayable
    moves are (D,df+2,2  D,df+2,1  QCB+3,2,2  QCB+3,2,1) QCB+3,2,1 has to be 
    delayed if used as a juggle but these moves can be used by you to 
    intimidate opponents. Delaying moves are not suggested against very
    offensive players because they will try to hit you in the middle of your 
    attack, instead of waiting for you to finish them like defensive players 
    do. If your opponent sidesteps a delayed QCB+3,2,1 use a QCB+3,2,2 as 
    with this move Paul follows the opponent's sidestep.

10. Against good players do not use any risky attacks if you do not see an 
    opportunity (a move with high recovery time). Use your opponent's mistake
    well (use a highly damaging juggle of heavy hitting move)

11. After you have a few goes at the game you will learn when to attack and
    when to block or retreat. Play against the computer to see how moves are
    to be stopped. The computer always seems to be able to stop tenhits by
    doing a fast low jab at some point or another.

12. Keep calm! Okay, if you are playing a person who is better than you whom
    you have never beaten you will not be so calm. There is only one person
    whom I have never beaten (the main reason for this is because the last 
    time I played Tekken3 with him I did not know anything on the game and he
    was already a master {nearly a year ago}). When I will meet him again I 
    will definitely not be calm but I assure you that you will start to feel 
    calm as soon as you will beat the person (whom you have never beaten) for 
    the first time. There were people whom I could not beat. Now I play calm 
    with them and in most cases I come out as a winner.
    You must remember after all that Tekken3 is only a game (maybe the best 
    game on the face of the earth but still a game)

13. A very good tactic is to see if your opponent has a weak side. Most people
    seem to prefer player1 (the left side). I prefer player1 when I play with
    Paul but it makes me no difference when playing with Heihachi.
    If your opponent has a weak side try to put him on it and in the same way
    try going on your good side. Use Paul's shoulder popper {2+4}.

14. Paul can do a so called crouch dash before doing a backfist. The move on
    it's own could be done by doing d,df,f. This move can lead to either the 
    deathfist or the elbow uppercut and because Paul kind of crouches in a 
    forward movement when doing d,df,f you can delay the deathfist or elbow 
    uppercut or even not do any thing at all and surprise your opponent by 
    doing a catch which they will not usually duck as they are expecting a
    middle or high hitting move. Try qcf,d+4,2.

15. You can use QCB to avoid attacks. This is risky but if timed correctly 
    be deadly. If you manage to avoid an attack by doing QCB quickly press
    1 or 2 to hit him. 

16. Try to make custom strings. Ok Paul may net be the best character for this
    style of play but you can still do with.
    Try 1,2,d+4,2 or 1,2,df+1+2, then alternate to 1,2,uf+3,4. So once your 
    opponent has to crouch or stand. Keep him guessing. Keep poking. Use d+1
    a lot to keep at a distance and when you see approaching change style.
    play defensively. Mix up a lot. Don't be predictable.
    Create your own custom strings I don't think them up I just do them in
    the middle of the game so even I don't know what I am going to du until 
    the very last moment. This is the last and probably the best tip I gave you. 

Chapter 19
Other FAQs you should own

These are (In my opinion) The best Faqs around and every tekken addict should
have them. You should download all files cause it's no big deal (only a little
disk space) But you can't possibly live without these.
1. The Tekken3 Manual By Tragic 
   The best Tekken3 file available! It has the general knowledge of tekken3,
   all characters are mentioned in detail etc. etc. etc. The Best!
2. Tekken Psychology By Catlord
   I find this faq very entertaining and informative. Cool
3. Jin Guide By Slikatel
   The biggest and most informative Jin FAQ.
4. Yoshimitsu Manual By Tragic
   The biggest and most informative Yoshi FAQ.
5. Tekken3 Combo Compendium By Catlord
   Print this file and try out all juggles.
6. You are reading it

There are probably lots more good FAQs I missed (look for faceless's and
Surfbard's) but I'm a human you know.
These Faqs can be found at www.tekken.net
Catlord's page on tekken.net and also on www.gamefaqs.com. 
Chapter 20
Precious moments

There are some moments you cannot forget if you are a hardcore Tekken3 addict
These happen when you are learning the game.
I remember the first time I blocked all of Paul's tenhit and reversed the 
last hit. That's a rewarding experience.
I have a record of 29 wins where I usually Play (my problem on doing wins is
that I do not find lots of players. {If you are a good player and wish to 
make wins you should give way to your opponent's attacks and not bash him 
double perfect. This applies only to bad players. Good players feel humiliated 
by a perfect and will generally try to make up for it}) The kind of style I 
play is very intimidating for beginners.
Another precious moment was about three months ago. It was when I played 
against a Japanese or Chinese guy who was beating the shit out of everyone who 
was playing against him. To be honest there was no one who was comparable to 
him.I went and asked him politely if I could challenge him. He did not choose
a character until I chose mine. This was only a tactic as in all games he 
played with Paul. I also chose Paul. Maybe he was lucky because he won the
first round with a perfect and he gave me a stupid grin. My response was 
great with the next two rounds won by me both perfect! He did not challenge
me again, thus ruining my theory that good players will challenge again after
a lost game. 
A precious moment is when you achieve something difficult to do. The first 
time you pass the game is satisfying. Passing the game with Paul is child's 
play though. A satisfying experience is when you complete the game with 
mokujin. This obviously, should be done without continuing.
I was also delighted when I made the record of fastest completion of game
with Law on my local arcade (beating my mate Joseph Cacciattolo's time).
My time came about 3 minutes 7 seconds if I can remember well. This is a shit
of a time compared to Joseph's other achievements. Joseph has the best time 
attack for the following in our local arcade : 
Jin's, Mokujin's, Gunjack's, Yoshi's, Paul's, and Heihachi's. 
Maybe more but I can't remember. 
Try beating his best two:
Heihachi : 58 seconds  (!!!!!)
Paul : 1 minute 37 second
I don't have and proof to show this but if you cannot believe me (and you give
me a good reason to do so I will take a photo of the arcade and send it to you
non believers) This was possible before but now (ver2) Tekken3 has been
replaced By Soul Calibur)
For some reason or another it is not possible to repeat Heihachi's time on
the playstation version because on the playstation version the computer plays 
differently. I have tried it and Joseph cannot do it also. 
Paul's time attack is possible on playstation and Joseph managed to get 
incredibly another 1:37 This is better than than one on the arcade by a matter 
of split seconds. I will not tell you how to do time attacks as my friend has 
spent a lot of money trying and trying to find these methods. And maybe he 
would not be so happy if I told you how to beat him (you could ask me "If you
know how to beat his time why don't you do so?" I could answer because I don't
want to spend loads of money trying to do so when I know that Joseph would 
better it even though it would mean spending all his money?" Believe me he
would, you don't know this guy. Just tell me that somewhere on this planet
there is a better time than his and he would start to cry, sell his house,
go to the arcade (with the money he got from selling his house and stay there 
until he bettered it. Before doing all these things he would not believe me
so send a proof even if I have no one supplied here. This should be a Paul
guide what the hell !
The last precious moments came last summer when I beat My friend Etienne.
We ended 30-15 or something like that. (Remember he's one of the best here!)
Also I made 15 wins against the guy who Taught me to play Tekken! (Joseph)
He was really fuming that day.
There is going to be a competition soon here. Maybe for the next version of
this FAQ there will be the story of how I won, (Who Knows?).

Chapter 21

Here come the salutes. Thank you for reading this file and I sincerely hope
you have learned something from this. There should be no errors (apart from
spelling mistejks) in this file (in the moves I mean). If there are, do not 
hesitate to contact me.
Please do remember this is my second experience in writing FAQs.
As I told you before if I get a good response for this file I will write 
another on Heihachi (I think I am equally good with him when compared with
Paul {my winning average against good players with Heihachi is better than 
with Paul by a little}. I will wait for response because it took me four days
of hard work to write this file and if this goes wrong there is no need to 
waste more of my time when I can improve my skills further.
Remember that no matter how good you are there is always a better player out 
there ready to bash you. There is no exception and there cannot be a best 
player anywhere. This is because of the different style each player plays.
I may be good against player A and bad against player B, then player A may be 
good at bashing player B (see).
Apart from this a player may have a bad day and you beat him, then you play
him again and he is in his peak form and you lose.
I have just read an awesome Jin file written by Slikatel. I have not have had 
time to completely read it but it is excellent and huge. The only mistake I
found was that Jin's f,d,df,f+1 attack hits high and in fact it hits middle. 
Other than that I found no mistakes. 
Okay so he has written Jin's story and character profile, winning stances etc.
I have skipped them. Even if I would have written Paul's I would have 
definitely not arrived to 3000 lines. Congrats. Slikatel ( I wish I could 
challenge him and Catlord as to learn something from each other! Unfortunately 
even though I like Jin a lot I do not consider myself to be very good with 
Here is the list of the characters in the order I like them.
 1. Heihachi
 2. Paul
 3. Law
 4. Nina
 5. Jin
 6. Yoshimitsu
 7. Bryan
 8. Hwoarang
 9. Mokujin
10. Julia
11. Anna
12. Lei
13. Xiaoyu
14. Eddy
15. King
16. GunJack
17. Kuma
18. Ogre
19. Gon
20. Dr. Boskonovich
21. True ogre

I think I have mastered playing with Paul and Heihachi and I am getting close 
to mastering Law and maybe Nina and Jin. (I can't seem to have enough).
Nothing can be more fun (actually there is something but I will leave this to
your imagination !) than beating a pumped up idiot with a dozen different 
I envy a lot guys who have girlfriends that share their addiction to games
especially Tekken3. These girls do not exist in Malta, some may look and
marvel to good players but I never seen one play Tekken3. Tekken2 maybe (and
they were the worst players I ever saw) but I have never seen a girl attached
to a Tekken3 joystick. I started to write this FAQ on July 2 1998. I finished
it today on July 5 1998.
Okay so I wrote this in only 4 days but I worked hard on my now old 486sx
and you should consider that I do not have any knowledge of typing.
I hope you will become the king of the Ironfist tournament. I now will read 
the file from beginning to end to try to eliminate most of the spelling
mistakes mostly caused by pressing two buttons at a time.
Re written on February 8 1999

I would like to remind you not to use this file for any profit.
EGM should learn how to play Tekken3 first before trying to teach others.
In a recent guide supplied there were lots of moves written wrongly and
there was the most ridiculous thing I ever read. In a part concerning Paul
there was written that when fighting Nina,Paul should go exactly near her and
then beat her easily. Paul's best range is a little far away while Nina's is 
in close combat. I challenge the guy who wrote this to try and beat me using 
this method. I don't know how to play well with Nina but the guy who wrote 
this bullshit must have never met a real Nina player. Do you agree with me 
good Nina players?
This is really the end. If you missed the first part of this file My email
address is stephenmifsud@hotmail.com for any comments.

                                |*** BYE ***|

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