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Ogre by Sookilla

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 03/09/98

                         Tekken 3 Orge 1 FAQ
             "The God of Fights" FAQ + Strategy Guide, by }:-]
                 "The God of Fights" FAQ + Strategy Guide.
                  ** Opinions could be baised... he he he
      ** Any comments/complaints/suggestions/tips? Send email to }:-]
                             Sookilla , or Lei 
             ** Version 1.00 -- hopefully the last one. 3/9/98.

   A. General Notations and Moves
   B. Brief Character Profile
   C. Moves and their Descriptions (Throws: Punches: Kicks: Unblockables)
   D. Strategy Section (Combos: Cheeses: General Ones: Specific Character
   E. Credits
   A. General Notations
   1 - left-punch: upper-left button
   2 - right-punch: upper-right button
   3 - left-kick: down-left button
   4 - right-kick: down-right button
   f - tap forward
   b- tap backward
   d - tap downward
   u - tap upward
   uf - tap up-forward
   ub - tap up-backward
   df - tap down-forward
   df - tap down-backward
   D - hold down
   WS - while standing
   n - neutral; brief pause between commands
   ~ - inputting the next command very fast.
   / - meaning "or"
   General Moves

   f, f - dashing forward
   b, b - dashing backward
   u (hold it a little longer than a tap motion) - jump
   u - side-stepping upward
   d - side-stepping downward
   f, f, f - Running
   -while on the run, press 4 for the low sliding attack, or just hold
   forward to shoulder-ram the opponent.
   When you are prone or being taken down to the ground
   - As you hit the ground
   ~1/2/3/4 : it is called "Tech Rolls" where you will be getting up
   instantly while you will be briefly vulnerable rolling to the side.
   d+3 : "Ankle-Kick" : pretty quick low kick which will stop opponent
   from attempting further attack while you are prone. Ogre does not have
   this move.
   -- When you are laying on the ground
   - 3 : a low kick that will often trip the opponent in close range
   - 4 : mid kick that will mostly knock out the opponent
   - Hold d+1 : your character will roll to the side way
   - b, b : your character will roll away from the opponent
   - f, f : your character will roll into the opponent- don't try at this
     at home kids!! he he......
   - Flying Cross Arm/Hand Spring Getting up : Ogre does not have it.
   - b, b+(3+4) : Hand Spring Up to Flying Cross Arm; Ogre does not have it.

   some more general stuff + tips...
   - Chicken : It is an Anti-Attack-Reversal moves where you use to get
   out of your opponent's attack reversal attempt. By inputting F+(1+3)
   for any move which is being executed with Ogre's 1 or 3/ F+(2+4) for
   any move which is being executed with Ogre's 2 or 4, you can escape
   from being reversed while inflicting a small damage to your opponent.

   - Poke : This refers to those small moves which have the priority over
   most other general moves. People use it to stop opponent's strings and
   - Super Charger : Press all the buttons together. Your character will
   be surrounded with glowing light. While this glowing lasts, which is
   about a couple seconds, your character will be able to execute the
   moves impacting major counter effect.
   - To evade running shoulder rams : Having trouble dealing with
   shoulder rams after you are knocked away to the corner? Yes, I am sure
   many people had faced the problem, especially when you are fighting
   against Paul Phoenix. It is annoying since you can not just jump
   backward anymore as you did back in TK2. If you have a character with
   the ankle-kick, use it. It will usually stop anything, Shoulder-ram/
   sliding. However, when you are using Ogre, who does not have it, you
   may want to take some risk. I usually jump over the running opponent.
   I know, it sounds a little ridiculous. With any character, you can
   just hop over the rushing opponent. Of course, the timing is a little
   tricky. When the opponent is at about the distance which is given in
   the beginning of the match, just do "uf" - a light hop. You will be
   able to jump over them. Once you are used to it, it is pretty easy to
   - Best ways to stop being from thrown is throwing light-jabs, (1,2),
     or ducking down... he he he
   Now, Something about OGRE (aka God of Fight)
   -- Profile; Nothing is clearly known about this creature. He wanders
   around to defeat and absorb those with strong souls and skills of
   martial arts.
   -- Statues; He has very few original moves, but has many borrowed ones
      from the bosses of Tekken2.

   Move Lists and descriptions
   How To Read;
   -- Name of the move; Button Command(s); The level to blocked the
   attack, (l = low: m = mid: h = high)
   -- Body Slam; (1+3)
   Well, what can I say about this? Just typical regular throw which can
   be escaped rather easily.
   -- Bear Hug; (2+4)
   This one is a little harder to escape since counter command button is
   2, and it does more damage too.
   -- Spin Behind Elbow; df, df+(2+4)
   Now, this is one of the most useful throw in Tekken for the fact that
   it can not be escaped and will provide you with the opportunity to
   cause unbelievable damage on opponents. Opponent will be thrown to
   other side of screen while they have to recover from the position
   (while their back is turned) which takes quite a long time. However,
   it is damn hard to pull of during serious matches. I would not
   recommend it, unless you are fighting against those whom you are
   certain you can toy around, or right after you block the opponent's
   attack and he/she would be immobilized for a while, eg Paul's
   falling-leaf combo, which will not happen that often.

   -- Choke Slam; any throw command from opponent's left side
   Cool looking throw with decent damage, shame that it is rather easy to
   escape from.

   -- Hanging Neck Throw; any throw command from opponent's right side
   Same comment as above one.

   -- Swing; any throw command from opponent's back
   When you play Ogre, you will have more chances to get to the behind of
   your opponent than you would with other characters due to Ogre's Huge
   side-step. This back throw does crazy damage too, 70%, and of course
   it is not escapable.
   Attack Reversal
   -- Ancient Power; b+(1+2)
   It is actually a counter attack move which works on only high attacks.
   That way you could say that it is inferior to typical attack-reversals
   or body-thrusters. However, it is superior in some ways. You can use
   it anytime during your opponent's breath-taking combos and links, as
   long as they hit high level. For example, you can counter the third
   kick of Law's 4,3,4 kicks-- you can not reverse/ interrupt it with
   reversals or body-thrusters. It works just like Heihachi's
   kick-counter, but better since it works on both kicks and punches and
   Ogre1 will not receive any damage. Well, if you fail to anticipate
   incoming attacks, Ogre1 will not do anything. As an extra tip, there
   are two kinds of Ancient Power although they are executed in exact
   same manners. The first one is Ancient Power countering high-punches.
   If it is executed properly, your opponent will be knocked out far to
   the corner, and Ogre1 will just stand there while pink-light is
   glowing around him. Ogre1 will be invulnerable during this time. The
   second one is Ancient Power countering high-kicks. There will be a
   very brief pink spark on Ogre's small shield and your opponent will be
   knock out to the corner. These two just look different while their
   usage is about the same.
   Fist Moves
   -- Flash Punch Combo; 1, 1, 2 ; (h, h, h)
   I do not know how Ogre managed to absorb this move since Kazuaya's
   body was burned in volcano long time ago. This move is extremely
   useful. Since it starts out as a standing punch, it is very fast with
   high priority. You can even delay the third hit allowing you to stop
   continuing the whole combo once you realize that it will be blocked.
   -- Demon Slayer; 1, 2, 2 ; (h, h, h)
   Less useful than flash combo since it does not knock out the opponent
   - you can not play Wake-Up games. Still, it can be used exactly as
   flash-punches, and it does more damage.
   -- Double Elbow; df+1, 2 ; (m, m)
   It is not really a useful move since it does lame damage and the first
   hit does not guarantee the second follow-up. However, df+2 alone has
   better use due to the fact it can actually be used as a poke which can
   juggle the opponent on counter-hit. You will need this for those too
   offensive ones.
   -- Slap; d, df, f+2 ; (m)
   One of the power moves which makes Ogre so fearful. The move itself
   has high-priority and causes a crazy damage, and will stun the
   opponent on counter-hit which will give you chance to end the match.
   However, it is VERY risky - opponent can do anything on you if it is
   blocked. To tell the truth, I rarely use this move.

   -- Gut Punch ; d, db, b+2 ; (m)
   Very reliable and worth doing move. It is originally from Kazuya
   Mishima which made him so strong back in Tekken2. Its use still lives
   - does decent damage, and will stun the opponent on counter hit which
   will practically end the match. Even if it is blocked, you will have
   plenty margin and time to dash back or do anything. Its actual command
   is WS, but Ogre usually throws out Slap move for some reason, and you
   don't want to do that because Slap has a lousy recovery time. d, db,
   b+2 will always execute Gut Punch. Just duck down, and when your
   opponent seems to make any hesitant move, "BOOM!!." Even if they block
   it, it is not gonna cost you anything.
   -- Power-Punch; f+2 ; (m)
   A typical punch which can be use to warn your opponent that you are
   always awake to fight without much risk by randomly throwing out
   during the match. It works well for Ogre. Ogre has too many good low
   attacks, thus opponent might tend to crouch down whenever Ogre moves
   as a pure reaction. Then, this move will punish them. It does good
   damage and will knock out the opponent.
   -- Deadly Spear ; f, f+2 ; (h)
   Deadly Spear is pretty deadly. It first hits high, then does an
   unblockable damage by penetrating through opponent's guard. It can be
   escaped if the first hit is blocked, by doing, u+(1+2) or dashing
   back. However, the timing is not that easy to learn. Especially, in
   serious matches, opponent will most likely to receive the damage
   standing there, caught by surprise. And ~60% combo can be followed.
   -- Medium Power Punch; f, f+(1+2) ; (m)
   I do not know why it is called "medium." It does more damage than
   normal power-punch. Anyway, one of Ogre's "must learn" moves. Not only
   it does serious damage, it hits prone opponent- strangely enough, it
   does more damage on prone opponent. You can link this moves from other
   simple moves to completely decide the match frequently. Of course,
   itself alone is not that useful, but you will find out why it is so
   -- Double Knuckle ; u, n, (1+2) ; (m)
   I do not use it that often. It is a little useful though in times
   where you are fighting against really offensive players.

   -- Shoulder Tackle; f+(1+4); (m)
   "I dare you!!" kind of move. It penetrates through opponent's guard if
   blocked, leaving your back turn on the opponent. Yet it is not bad it
   sounds. Opponent will be staggered severely; the worst can happen is
   that you will be poked by (d+1) which is quite affordable, considering
   its damaging capability. In conclusion, it is pretty powerful move,
   and can be randomly thrown out without much risk.
   -- Crouching Jab; d, DF+2; (l)
   The most useful fist move Ogre has. It is one of those sudden
   low-attack which surprises your opponent easily. After this, by doing
   Medium Power Punch right away, you can do at least ~50% up to 70%
   damage. Doesn't it sound too ridiculous and good to be true?
   Nevertheless, if it is blocked, you will be at the mercy of the

   opponent's hand. Still, it is impossible to see it coming since it is
   so fast, and will guarantee your victory most of the times.
   -- Groin Punch ; d, df, f+1 ; (m)
   Another version of slap. It is pretty good with better recovery time.
   You now know how deadly Crouching Jab is, and so will your opponent
   soon or later. They might attempt to anticipate Crouching Jab, then
   you can randomly throw out this Groin Punch.
   Kick Moves
   -- Demented Snake to Low/ Mid; (hold down briefly), 3, 3, (d+3)/3 ;
       (l, l, l/m)
   The first two kicks are pretty useful in a sense that they will most
   likely connect. However, I would not go for the third hit. Once the
   third hit is blocked, you will be vulnerable. However, when the match
   gets tense, this move pretty useful.
   -- Ground Level Ax Kick ; f, f, n, 4 ; (m)
   This catches opponent off guard once in a while, and hits the ground
   level. Still, I would not use it often since it does not really do any
   major damage. Why would I bother to use this, when there are so many
   better options unless you are toying your puny mortal opponent!! he
   -- Hunting Hawk; uf+ 3, 4, 3 ; (m, h, m)
   It inflicts pretty decent damage. However, if either of the first or
   second kick does not connect, third kick will not come out. However,
   it will stagger the opponent which will give you a margin to get
   -- Left Split Kick; f, f+3 ; (m)
   A decent kick move with high priority although it is not one of my
   best choices due to the fact that I like to work on moves which rather
   hits than being blocked.
   -- Right Split Kick ; f+4 ; (m)
   Not really a recommended move since you will be mostly vulnerable if
   it is blocked from fast power moves, like a Phoenix Smasher.
   -- Tsunami Kick ; ws+4, 4 ; (m, m)
   Good double ax-kicks with high damage and priority. It is more
   powerful and reliable than Jin's one. However, I would rather go with
   Infinite-Kicks for more damage.
   -- Infinite Kicks ; ws+3, 3, d+3, 3, 3, 3, ...... ; (m, m, l, m, your
   Ogre's best kick move which is one of the reasons that Ogre is nearly
   invincible. In case you do not know what infinite kick move is, it is
   infinite numbers of kicks !!(of course you can limit the numbers). The
   first 4 kicks are really useful- They will take out half of energy of
   your opponent once the first one connects, and mostly leaves you in
   safe state after you decided to stop doing it.
   -- Shin to Head Kicks ; d+4, 4 ; (l, h)
   One of the most practical kicks. The first low kick is usually
   impossible to see it coming, and it has the priority over most of
   other moves. And second kick will connect on counter-hit which happens
   rather often due to its highest priority-- use it as a poke. It does
   have some weaknesses though. Even if the first one connects,
   characters with attack-reversals will be able to reverse the following
   kick unless the first one was a counter. Thus, I would rather input,

   d+4, hold forward +(2+4), (2+4), as commands, so you can chicken out
   of it. Still, you ought to limit its use against other Ogre1,
   Heihachi, and King because "chicken" doesn't work on them.
   -- Blazing Kick ; d, DB+4 ; (m)
   It looks very entertaining once it connects. Usually, it will send
   your opponent far to the other corner of the screen. On counter hit,
   it will juggle. You also can use it to "chicken" on those whom just
   love to reverse. Still, you can see it coming out from miles away, and
   it will not really impose much threat as far as the game strategy
   -- Exploder ; f, f+(1+2) ; (h)
   Once a while, it catches moving opponent. I do not use it at all
   because it will most likely to be blocked leaving you defenseless
   prone which isn't really Ogre's strong side.
   -- Hop kick ; u+4 ; (m)
   Well, although I do not use it often, it does juggle the opponent-
   following it with 4 will make a simple ~40% damage combo.
   -- Foot-Bazooka ; f, f+4 ; (m)
   Nice way to get close to the opponent to use Ogre's cheesy tactics. It
   will stagger the opponent, giving you a brief moment to crouch within
   the short range. Once Ogre has successfully crouched in short
   distance, he is sooooo dangerous!!
   -- Windmill to Tooth Fairy ; ub+3, 2 ; (m, m)
   It can be quite useful, if you proceed with ub+3 only. ub+3 is a good
   counter attack move just like Jun's. Or you can use it on offense as
   well. For some reasons the opponent tend to wait right after ub+3 is
   done - probably because CPU Ogre usually use the full sequence. There,
   you can do anything as a follow up. For example, you can throw out any
   fast unblockables after ub+3, or perform Crouch Jab Combo for easy 50%
   -- Sliding ; f, f, n, (3+4) ; (l)
   Kindda cheesy to use, but very effective. Once they suffered from
   Ogre's cheesy tactics, they might tried to stay away a little. Then
   you can go for this move. Although it will not bring the chance to end
   the match or anything, it sure is annoying- psychologically harassing
   the opponent.
   Demon Scissors ; 4~3 ; (m)
   It is one of old kazuya attack which is usually used to hit prone
   opponent. It isn't really useful anymore because of tech-rolls.
   However, I use this to mess up those who like to use stances(Lei or
   Ling). It will mostly either hit them or mess up their stances.

   -- Dragon Power Punch ; b, b+(1+2)
   Yeah, it kills the opponent instantly "If" it connects, which never
   occurs unless you are fighting against a brainless zombies.
   -- Bloody Scissors ; db+(1+2)
   It is about twice faster than Dragon Power Punch in execution, while
   doing about half of its damage. I would not really use it.
   -- Killing Blow ; b+(1+4)
   Cool looking unblockable borrowed from Bruce Ervin. It would be nice
   if I was ever be able to hit someone with this.

   -- Burning Double Knukles ; u, n, (1+2), d

   It catches the opponent once in a while who is rather inexperienced
   and freezes there, just observing jumping Ogre. Not really a reliable
   move, although it looks cool.
   -- Deadly Slice ; b+2
   A very fast unblockable. It is deadly all right. It usually catches
   opponent for a reason- too fast and would not usually allow opponent
   to react to it. Here you can go on with cheesy ground tactics.
   -- Deadly Slash ; f, f, n, 2
   Even more lethal move than above one since it is faster and has more
   range impacting more damage.
   D. Strategy Section
   My opinion could be biased, but I do believe that Ogre1 is capable of
   killing any character in Tekken3- i.e. Ogre1 is #1. You will not need
   any complicated strategies or juggles to win with Ogre1. Just playing
   simple will give the victory here, people!! All you need is one major
   Ogre1's Cheesy Mode to pull out during the match which is pretty easy
   to do. How hard can that be?
   -- Guide ---
   a. Important Combos - Basic suggestions
   There are plenty more you can find other than these. I decided not to
   put any hard ones, such as 100% combo that Jason Cole(I do not know
   the person, but heard of him) invented. Those major ones rather
   frustrate people when they just started learning Ogre since they are
   kindda difficult to do.
   1. Crouching Jab, Medium Power Punch (50% up to ~70% damage)
   ---> A low attack, Inescapable Ground hitting attack. The damages vary
   depending on which part of your opponent's body gets hit by Medium
   Power Punch.
   2. Deadly Spear ~ Medium Power Punch (about 60% damage)
   --> This one may take a little skill. You immediately have to follow
   Deadly Spear with Medium Power Punch - Even before opponent would hit
   the ground, you should be inputting f, f command. This one can not be

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