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Ogre by MKaufmann

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 03/18/98

*  __     _____________  ______________  _____________  ____________ *
* /  |   /            / /             / /            / /           / *
*  | |  /     ____   / /   __________/ /   _______  / /   ________/  *
*  |_| /     /   /  / /   /   ______  /   /______/ / /   /_______    *
*     /     /___/  / /   /   /___  / /   __   ____/ /   ________/    *
*    /            / /   /_______/ / /   /  \  \    /   /________     *
*   /            / /             / /   /    \  \  /             \    *
*  /____________/ /_____________/ /___/      \__\/_______________\   *
*                                                                    *

*                                                                    *
* ... So much power ...                                              *
*               ... so little time ...                               *
*                               ... game over ... thy soul is mine!  *
*                                                                    *

The definitive OGRE FAQ Final Version 1.00
  By:  Markus Kaufmann 
Date:  03/18/1998

This FAQ can be distributed in any form, period. However, Any organi-
zations wishing to  distribute this  FAQ for profit should contact the
author at: 

© copyright 1997 Markus Kaufmann.

    What can I say?   Ogre is the  main man of  Tekken-3.   I have now
played him for several months now,  and am certain that he is the most
powerful  character in  Tekken-3.   In the past  a lot of  people have
argued that Ogre isn't that great, since he is too slow.   Folks, I've
got news for you ... Ogre can be as  fast as almost every  other char-
acter in the game.   Combine that with MANY power-moves,  several 100%
combos and a multitude of unblockables, and presto,  you have the most
powerful guy in the game.

This FAQ  is based on my own experiences as well  as the work of other
Tekken enthusiasts  (see the credits section).  New items in this ver-
sion include a few new entries in the Evil OGRE section.

The God of Fighting 

The legend  of the  native Americans says  the Ogre was the war weapon
which  creatures  from outerspace  left on earth  in ancient time.  It
understands entire structures  of all living and artifical beings, and
absorbs them. 

It wanders the earth in search of strong souls. 

OGRE Profile:
- Catch Copy: God of Fight
- Nationality: Illegal alien
- Fighting Style: All styles

- Age: unknown, perhaps timeless
- Height: varies
- Weight: varies
- Blood Type: cold
- Occupation: absorbing souls, ripping off moves from other fighters
- Hobby: absorbing souls
- Likes: absorbing souls
- Dislikes: being randomly manipulated by soulless button mashers,
            not getting your soul

| |\ | |\ |_ \/
| | \| |/ |_ /\


1.    Move Notation
2.    Moves list 
3.    Grapples 
4.    Reversals + Reversal Counters
5.    General Strategy
6.    VS Human Strategy
7.    Stuns & Juggles
9.    Winning Stances
10.   Credits

1. Move Notation

1 ----- Left Punch Button 
2 ----- Right Punch Button 
3 ----- Left Kick Button 
4 ----- Right Kick Button 
f ----- Tap Joystick Forward 
b ----- Tap Joystick Back 
d ----- Tap Joystick Down 
u ----- Tap Joystick Up 
df ---- Tap Joystick Diagonally Down/Forward 
db ---- Tap Joystick Diagonally Down/Back 
uf ---- Tap Joystick Diagonally Up/Forward 
ub ---- Tap Joystick Diagonally Up/Back 
F ----- Move + Hold Joystick Forward 
B ----- Move + Hold Joystick Back 
D ----- Move + Hold Joystick Down 
U ----- Move + Hold Joystick Up 
DF ---- Move + Hold Joystick Diagonally Down/Forward 
DB ---- Move + Hold Joystick Diagonally Down/Back 
UF ---- Move + Hold Joystick Diagonally Up/Forward 
UB ---- Move + Hold Joystick Diagonally Up/Back 
n ----- Return Joystick To Neutral Position 
FC ---- Press and hold down Joystick
(WS) -- While Standing (Getting up from a crouch)
$ ----- Sidestep (u,n or d,n) 
MC ---- Major counter \ you hit your opponent while they are executing
CH ---- Counter hit   /	a move ... +50% damage
[] ---- Optional 
+ ----- At the same time 
~ ----- Tap immediately after 
_ ----- Or (Alternate Method)
h ----- Move hits high
m ----- Move hits mid
l ----- Move hits low
sm ---- Move hits special mid: means it can be blocked by just holding
             joystick back.
(g) --- Also hits grounded opponents
{} ---- Throw Counter In Curly Brackets
(ls) -- Left Side Throw (Done On Opponent's Left Side)
(rs) -- Right Side Throw (Done On Opponent's Right Side)
(bk) -- Back Throw (Done At Opponent's Back)
(XX) -- Do Move In Brackets Before Move Listed After Brackets
        This Is Used Primarily For Multiparts

2. Moves List

A.   General Moves

f,f                      Dash Forwards
b,b                      Dash Backwards 
u,n                      Axis Shifting Sidestep 
d,n                      Axis Shifting Sidestep 
D                        Duck Completely
u_u/f_u/b                Hop
U_U/F_U/B                Jump 
f,f,f                    Run(RN) 
    (RN)B                   Stop Running 
    (RN)1+2                 Flying Cross Chop (BS, m, 15 dmg)
    (RN)3                   Slash Kick (m, 30 dmg)

    (RN)4                   Slide 
1                        Left Punch			h	8	
2                        Right Punch			h	10
3                        Lazy Side Kick			h	20
4                        Boot to da Head *see next sec*	h	28
df+1                     Uppercut-Elbow (non-reversbl!) m	16
df+2                     Lifting Uppercut (Juggles) 	m	10
df+3                     Side Kick 			m	15
df+4                     Toe Kick 			m	12
u+2_uf+2                 Quick Pounce (On Floored Opponent)	12
U+2                      Hard Pounce (On Floored Opponent)	24
1+2+3+4                  Powerup Charge 
			[Powers Up All Moves For A Few Seconds and] 
			[first hit is scored count as counter-hit.]

B.  Ground Recovery

~1_~2_~3_~4              Immediate Recovery (After Knockdown)
1                        Roll Sideways
2                        Quick Recovery 
3                        Low Sweep
4                        Side Kick (hits medium)
D+1                      Roll Over
D+(3_4)                  ** Ankle Kick (OGRE DOES NOT HAVE THIS MOVE!)
U                        Get up quickly
F                        Roll Forwards
F,f+1+2                  ** Forward Rolling Lunge **
                         (OGRE DOES NOT HAVE THIS MOVE!)
B                        Roll Backwards
B,b+3+4                  ** Roll Backwards, Handspring Up **
                         (OGRE DOES NOT HAVE THIS MOVE!)
B,f+1+2                  ** Roll Backwards, Forward Lunge **
                         (OGRE DOES NOT HAVE THIS MOVE!)

[*Note* Many of these moves can be chained together.                ]
[       I.E: 1,B,3 = roll sideways, roll back, sweep                ]

C. OGRE's Moves
Input			Description		Height	Damage

d+1			Low Jab		sm	5
2,2                      Right Jab, Backhand	hh	12,21
1,1,2                    Shining Fists Combo	hhm	5,8,15
1,2,2                    Demon Slayer		hhh	5,8,18
f+2                      Power Punch		m	28
df+1,2                   Double Facebreaker	mm	16,10
(WS)+1			Quick Uppercut		m	8
(WS)+2                   Demon Godfist (s)	m	25
f,f+1+2                  Clapper Attack		m(g)	40
(u_uf),n,1+2/uf+1+2      Knuckle Bomb		m	35
FC,df+2                  Cold Blade		l	25
FC,f+1                   Groin Punch		m	30
FC,f+2                   Cat Thrust		m	40
ub+3,2                   Backflip > Tooth Fairy	mm	20,25
FC+3,3,3                 Snake Kicks		ll(g)l	12,19,7
FC+3,3,n,3               Demented Snake>Launch	ll(g)m	12,19,25
f,f+3+4                  Exploder		h	40
f,f,F,3+4                Running Exploder	h	40
f,f,n,3+4                Hop -> Slide Kick	l(g)	15
f,F+4                    Bazooka Leg		h	35
uf+3,4,3                 Hunting Hawk		mhh	15,14,25
f,f,3                    Axe Kick		m	23
f,f,n,4                  Axe Heel Crush 	m	20
f+4                      Standing Tsunami Kick	m	27
d,db+4                   Blazing Kick		m	30
(WS)+4,4                 Tsunami Kick		mm	12,21
(WS)+3,3,d+3,3,3....     Infinity Kicks	    	mmlm  	10,25,15,10,10
d+4,4                    Shin Kick > High Kick	lh	7,20
d+3			Low kick		l(g)	10
f+1+4                    Black Shoulder		m	30

4~3			Demon Scissors		m(g)	25


db+1+2                   Bloody Scissors	m	50
b,b+1+2                  Indigo Punch		m	100
f,f+2                    Snake Bite 		m	15,20
f,f,n,2                  Kunai Advance		m	25
B+2                      Kunai Blow		m	22
B+2+3                    Sidewinder		m	60
uf,D+1+2/uf+1+2~D        Super Knuckle Bomb	m	45

3.    Grapples 

A.   Standard Throws

1+3                      Gorilla Press {1}
2+4                      Bear Hug {2} 
df,df+2+4                Waning Moon {CAN'T BE ESCAPED!} -[from Wang]
(ss left) 1+3_2+4        Telekinetic Spanking {1}
(ss right) 1+3_2+4       Hanging Neck Slam {2}
(from behind) 1+3_2+4    Telekinetic Choke Slam {NO ESCAPE}

4.   Reversals + Reversal Counters


B+1+2                    Ancient Power (reversal) 
                         ** reverses ALL high attacks only **

B.  Reversal Counters (Chickens)

F+1+3 - Rev. Counter (Start of Opponent Countering Your 1 or 3 Move)
F+2+4 - Rev. Counter (Start of Opponent Countering Your 2 or 4 Move)

C. Throw Counters

* General - Left Throw (1+3)                                     - 1
            Right Throw (2+4)                                    - 2
* Eddy    - Spiraling Hip Toss (HCT,f+1+2)                       - 1+2

* Hwoarang- Jawbreaker (f,F+2)                                   - 2
            Boot to the Head (QCB+3)                             - 1
            Trip Takedown (d,DB+1+3)                             - 1+2

* Jin    -  Striking Shiho-Nage (df+2+3)                         - 2
            Stone Head (f,f+1+2)                                 - 1+2
            Complicated Wire (QCB+1+3)                           - 1

* King   - DDT (db,db+1+2)                                       - 1+2
           Tombstone Piledriver (db,f+1+2)                       - 2
           Coconut Crush (df+2+3)                                - 2
           Giant Swing (f,HCT+1)                                 - 1
           Figure 4 Leglock (db+1+2)                   (reverse) - 3+4
							(escape) - 1+2
           Irish Whip (b+1+2)                                    - 1+2
           Spinning Ground Smash (Irish Whip, 3+4)               - 3+4
           Quick Slam (Irish Whip, 2+4)                          - 2
           Spin & Let Go (Irish Whip, 1+3)                       - 1
           Turn Around & Let Go (Irish Whip, 1+2)                - 1+2
           Jaguar Driver (d,df,f+1)                              - 3+4
           Jumping Powerbomb (Jag. Drvr, 1+2,u,d,n,3+4)        - d+3+4
           Standing Achilles Hold (f,n,d,df+2+3)                 - 2
           Scorpion Death Lock (SACH, 1+2,3,1,1+3)               - 2
           STF (SACH, 1,2,3,1+2)                        (escape) - 1
						       (reverse) - 1+2

           Indian Death Lock (SACH, 1+2,1,3,1+2,4)      (escape) - 1+2
						       (reverse) - 3+4
           Single Arm Hyperextension (f,n,d,df+1+4)              - 1+2
           Double Arm Hyperextension (SAH, 1+2,1+2)              - 1
           Reverse DDT (SAH, 1+2,4,2+4)                          - 2
           Chicken Wing Face Lock (SAH, 2,1,1+2+3)               - 1+2
           Dragon Sleeper (SAH, CWFL, 2,1,3,1+2+3,1+2+3)         - 1
           Rolling Death Cradle (SAH,CWFL, 1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3)- 2
           Left Reverse Arm Clutch (df~1+3)                      - 1+3
           Right Reverse Arm Clutch (df~2+4)                     - 2+4
           Back Drop (Left RAC, 2,2,1+2)                         - ??
           Back Drop (Right RAC, 2,2,1+2)                        - ??
           German Suplex (Left RAC, BD, 3+4,1+2)                 - 3+4
           German Suplex (Right RAC, BD, 3+4,1+2)                - 1+3
           Powerbomb (RFN, CB, 1,2,3+4)                          - 1+3
           Manhattan Drop (3+4,1+2,ALL)                          - 2+4
	   Giant Swing (Left RAC, BD, GX, PB, 2,1,3,4)           - 2+4
           Giant Swing (Right RAC, BD, GX, PB, 2,1,3,4)          - 1+2
           Giant Swing (RFN, CB, PB, 2,1,3,4)                    - 2+4
           Giant Swing (RFN, CB, MD, SF, 2,1,3,4)                - 1+3
           Split Powerbomb (RAC, BD, GX, PB, 3,1,2,3+4,ALL)      - 2+4
           Split Powerbomb (RFN, CB, PB, 3,1,2,3+4,ALL)          - 1+3
           Split Powerbomb (RFN, CB, MD, SF, 3,1,2,3+4,ALL)      - 2+4
* Law    - Chastisement Punch (df+1+2)                           - 1+2
           Dragon Knee (f,f+3+4)                                 - 1+2
           Body Slam (F+2+3)                                     - 1+2

* Lei    - Thai Trip (f,f+1+2)                                   - 1+2
           Trip & Elbow (uf+1+2)                                 - 1+2
           Neck Shake Throw (Dragon Stance, 1)                   - 1

* Nina   - Elbow Smash (df,df+1)                                 - 1+2
           Chin Bash (QCT,1+2)                                   - 2
           Standing Reverse Arm Lock (CB, 1,3,2,1)               - 1
           Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze (SRAL, ...)         - 1+2
           Falling Reverse Arm Lock (SRAL, ...)                  - 1
           Knee Bash -> Neck Snap (CB, 2,3,4,2,2)                - 2
           Octopus Special (CB, NS, ...)                         - 1+2
           Falling Neck Snap (CB, NS, ...)                       - 1
           Crab Claw (QCT+3+4)                                   - 1
           Rolling Arm Bar (CC, ...)                             - 1+2
           Achilles Tendon Lock (CC, ...)                        - 2
           Knee Cross Lock (CC, ATL, ...)                        - 1
           Rolling Achilles Tendon Lock (CC, ATL, ...)           - 1+2
           Twisting Shoulder Break (2,1,1+2,1+2+3)               - 2

* Paul   - Striking Shiho-Nage (df+1+2)                          - 1+2
           Shoulder Ram (f,f+1+2)                                - 1+2

* Xiaoyu - Human Hurdle (f+2~1)                                  - 1+2
           Over-Shoulder Throw (QCB+2)                           - 2

* Yoshimitsu - Skydiver (QCB+1+2)                                - 1+2

5.    General Strategy

A.  Crouch Potato (from the Sauer Kraut)
    Most of Ogre's greatest moves can only be started from a crouching
position. Therefore, your entire strategy should revolve around SAFELY
getting into  a full crouch.   If your opponent likes to turtle,  this
should be no problem, but if you're facing a non-stop attack, it'll be
fairly difficult to crouch without getting your pants beaten severely.
To safely crouch, you'll have to develop a decent poke with Ogre.  The
pokes  I have listed  below are  designed to do just that.   Mind you,
these are certainly not the only pokes for Ogre (more on that later).
Crouch pokes:
	a.)  1~1,d+1,...
        b.)  d/f+1,d+1
	c.)  d+1
So what can you do after you crouch?   Here are the  moves I find most
	a.)  Snake Kicks (FC+3,3,3 or FC+3,3,n,3)
	b.)  Infinity Kicks (WS+3,3,d+3,...)
	c.)  Demon Godfist (WS+2)
	d.)  Hop-Kick (u_u/f+4)
	e.)  Cold Blade (FC,d/f+2)
	f.)  Cat Thrust (FC,f+2)
	g.)  Left Uppercut (WS+1)
Mixing up the  snake kicks with the infinity kicks  will be  enough to
win against 90% of your opponents.   OGRE has the ability to turn each
mach into a  complete guessing game  for his opponents.   Once you are
crouched  your opponent has to commit himself to blocking high or low.
With the snake kicks,  it actually turns into a  double guessing game,
since not  only do they have to  guess right initially,  but they also
have to guess the mid or low ending.

B.  Sidestepping (u,n)_(d,n)  (from the Sauer Kraut)
    Side-stepping is  one of the biggest improvements in Tekken 3, and
it is vital  that you learn  how to  effectively  side-step during the
match. Use the side-step anytime your opponent  is rushing at you with
a linear attack (i.e a combo or tenstring that doesn't track well-Laws
punch rush, etc.).   Moreover,  Ogre has the  biggest side-step in the
game.   His side-step is so big, that I've side-stepped  out of King's
tenstrings at times.  When you successfully side-step you have several
    1. You can side-step, pause and go for a side or back-throw
    2. You can side-step and start a combo/juggle of your choice    
Remember that just about EVERY move in the game can be side-stepped,
although against some moves you'll have to double-side-step.  It also
makes a big difference as to which way you side-step.  Example:  Bob's
(Hwoarang's) kicks - if he's doing his right-kick strings (4,4...) you
will have to step to YOUR right, if Bob's doing his left-kick strings
(3,3...),  you will have to step to YOUR left.   Moves that  you might
think are impossible to side-step, but which I HAVE successfully side-
    a.) Heihachi's hell-sweeps (actually easier than you might think)
    b.) Paul's sweep (d+4) (very hard, but OGRE can do it at times)

    c.) Nina's Can Opener (u/f+4,3,4)
    d.) Any jump kick/slash kick (f,f,f+3)
    e.) Law's punch combos
    d.) Lei's punch rush
    f.) Nina's d+4,1 (you have to go to YOUR right)

C.  Snake Kicks (FC+3,3,3 or FC+3,3,n,3)  (from Baek)
    There are two ways to do the snake kicks -  with a mid finish, or
with a low finish.  To do the mid finish, go into a full crouch (hold
joystick down for half a sec.) and hit 3,3,3 -  returning the joystick
to a neutral position after the first kick is executed.   If the first
hit hits as a counter,  the last hit will juggle,  guaranteed.   To do
the low finish,  just keep holding the joystick down during the entire
    Not only  do the snake kicks  do decent damage,  but they are IMHO
OGRE's greatest juggle starter, decent for okizeme, and utterly frust-
trating for your opponent. If you are going for the mid finish, don't
forget  to buffer a  chicken for the  last hit against characters that
can reverse  (Nina, Paul, Jin).   If you're doing the low-finish, many
people will  try to  rush in  after the last hit.   If the last hit is
blocked, then make sure to block (hold your Joystick back) If the last
hit connects then to keep them at bay, simply buffer in a 4,4 and Ogre
will do the Tsunami kicks right after the  Snake Kicks.  (It's kind of
like Heihachi's  sweeps at that point :).   If you are using the Snake
Kicks for okizeme purposes,  only perform the first two!  The last one
does not hit,  and due to its  recovery time will  leave you wide-open
for a counter-attack.
D.  Punches (1_d+1_1,1_1,2_2,2_1,1,2_1,2,2) (from Kazuya/Heihachi)
    Who said OGRE is slow?  His punches are as fast as everyone else's
and his low poke (d+1) is faster than most.  Anytime someone tries to
go toe-to-toe with ya, stick to the punches to fend them off.

E.  Power Punch (f+2)  (from Wang)
    At first glance this move might seem somewhat useless, but you can
use it to  great effect.   If you're doing the  crouch poke, this is a
great way to mix it up so that instead of doing something like 1,1,d+1
you're doing 1,1,f+2.   If this punch connects,  your opponent will be
grounded, setting you up for some follow-up okizeme.   It's long range
also makes it a good move to  interrupt opponents who like  to use at-
tacks that push you away from them.   A perfect example is Jin's Laser
Cannon (b,f+2,1,2).   A lot of people like  to do this combo  over and
over.  With OGRE, however, you can use the  f+2  to interrupt them and
knock them down, again, remember to buffer in that chicken (f+2+4).

F.  Clapper Attack (f,f+1+2)  (from Wang)
    OGRE's ultimate okizeme move.   This move does 40 points of damage
on standing AND grounded opponents  (might actually be more if you are
grounded).  The move comes out kind of slow, however it does duck high
attacks. If you're using this to hit grounded opponents, remember that
if your opponent does a quick recovery, it won't hit. Even though it's
'techable' it is still the ultimate finisher.  Also, if your opponent
does manage to tech the Clapper, get ready to escape a side-throw at-
tempt, since they will end up right next to you. The easiest way to do

this is to hit 1,2,1,2.  

G.  Right Roundhouse (4)  (from Kazuya/Heihachi)
    This is a  'special'  move with OGRE.  OGRE's right kick comes out
fairly  fast,  hits high,  and it  does a tremendous amount of damage.
Most importantly,  OGRE's right kick does  not get a clean hit penalty
Most hits get a clean hit penalty, to tone down the damage they can do
in counter-hit situations.  OGRE's right kick does not have this limi-
tation, making it great for juggles. 

H.  Hop-Kick (u/f+4)  (from the Sauer Kraut)
    Other than the Snake Kicks, this is OGRE's greatest juggle starter
This move also seems to have greater range than some of the other hop-
kicks in the game.  Throw this move in every once-in-a-while, and use
it if your opponent gets into the habit of ducking your grab attempts
(especially after you side-step).

I.  Throws (1+3_2+4_d/f,d/f+2+4) (from Jack-2/Kuma/Wang)
    OGRE has an incredible throw range - use it!  A LOT!   If you know
your opponent is coming in with an attack, throw them right out of it.
His Gorilla Press (1+3) will leave your opponent in a face-down posi-
tion which will allow you to follow up with a Clapper Attack (f,f+1+2)
for some serious damage.  If you can get down OGRE's Waning Moon (aka:
Spin-behind Elbow Smash) then use it, since it also can be followed up
with some great combos and it is inescapable.

J.  Demon Godfist (WS+2)  (from Kazuya)
    Another awesome move for OGRE.  This move will stun on a counter-
hit, setting you up for some great combos.  If you stun your opponent,
the easiest thing to do is to follow it up with a right kick. Here are
my favorite follow ups:
    a.) WS+2(s),4,u/f,n,D+1+2  - pretty easy, good damage, expert 
                                 players won't fall for the last hit.
    b.) WS+2(s),1+3,f,f+1+2    - little harder, better damage, and I'm
                                not sure if the last hit is guaranteed
    c.) WS+2(s),d/f,d/f+2+4,D,d/f+2,f,f+1+2 
                               - The monster!  I think Jason Cole came
                                 up with this one.  Needless to say,
                                 it's very difficult to pull off...

K.  Hop + Slide (f,f,n,3+4)  (from Lee)
    A great medium-range move, and great for okizeme.  OGRE performs a
short hop and then slides into his opponent.  This move will hit groun
ded opponents.  It is however 'techable'.  When you are performing this
move, you can pause for almost a second between your f,f input and the
3+4 button input.  This allows you to really setup some nasty okizeme
strategies, since you can mix this move up with the Kunai Advance un-
blockable (f,f,n,2).  Let's say you knocked down the other guy with a
Snake Kick - Right Kick juggle.  Immediately do the f,f motion, then
wait to see if they are doing a quick recovery, getting up to block
high or low, etc.  Depending on what your opponent does you can either
do the unblockable, do the slide, or do nothing:

FC+3,3,n,3,4,f,f,n \----> opponent lies there           -->,3+4(slide)
                    \---> opponent gets up, blocks high -->,2 or 3+4
                     \--> opponent gets up, block low   -->,2 (stab)

                      \-> opponent rolls away           --> nothing
                      /-> opponent rolls towards you    --> 3+4
                      \-> opponent quick recovers       --> nothing

L.  Snake Bite (f,f+2)  (unblockable)
    One of OGRE's best unblockables, even though it can be escaped. It
can be followed up with several moves for additional damage:
    a.) f,f+2,d+4,4
    b.) f,f+2,D,d/f+2
    c.) f,f+2,D,3,3,n,3 (this one is still unconfirmed...)

M.  Low Kick to High Kick (d+4,4)  (from Lee)
    Such an annoying attack (kind of like Nina's d+4,1).  If the first
hit connects as a counter, the second one is guaranteed.   A very good
way to open the round and also good as a juggle filler and poke.   You
can actually imitate Hwoarang by chaining this move to OGRE's 1,1 pun-
ches.  OGRE will do 1,1,d+4,4 VS Hwoarang's 1,1,3,3.  Kinda cool, hehe

6.    VS Human Strategy

A.  Poking ... (from the Sauer Kraut - by way of CA)
    What is poking? Essentially it is a way of stringing various quick
moves together to form a non-stop attack, making it difficult for your
opponent to interrupt you.  A good Law or Nina player should be fairly
familiar with this practice.  What comes as a surprise to many is that
OGRE actually has decent poke potential, although with OGRE, even more
so than with other characters, the purpose of poking is to set up your
opponent to get slammed with a high-damage move or juggle. Let's begin
with some poke starters:
    a.) 1,1 or 1,2	good speed-hits high -soso recovery
    b.) 1 or 2		good speed-hits high -good recovery
    c.) d/f+1		med. speed-hits mid-not reversible-good
			recovery-guaranteed follow-ups
    d.) d+1		OGRE's fastest punch-hits sp. mid-good
Alright, so now you know how to get started, let's string  a few pokes
together.  Again,  keep in mind that you are  trying to setup your op-
ponent.  In effect you're training them to block a certain way.
    1,1,d+1,WS+1,1,1,d+1,WS+1,...  sort of an infinite, lots of quick,
				   small stuff.
    1,1,d+4,4			Hwoarang imitation.
    1,1,2_f+2_u/f+4		This will keep them honest, if they're
				starting to anticipate the 3rd hit low
    1,1,d+4,f+2			This will keep'em honest if they know
				to duck for the second kick (4th hit).
    d/f+1,d+1,WS+1,1,1...       Playing someone who like to reverse?
				Use the d/f+1 elbow to start
I think you get the idea by now. How about those power finishes? Ahhh,
so many choices ... Again, if they're anticipating your low punches or
kicks in the poke strings, then change your pattern, ie. if you're do-
ing 1,1,d+4,4 and your opponent starts to consistently  duck after the
first punches, then do a string like 1,1,2 or 1,1,f+2 or 1,1,u/f+4 in-
stead. If you safely get yourself into a crouching position, as in any
poke ending with the d+1 low jab then you've got a lot of options open
to you:
    a.) Snake Kicks 	       Don't overuse this against good players
			       but definitely USE it. Make sure to mix

			       up the high/low finish.
    b.) Infinity Kicks	       Excellent way to mix up with the Snake
			       kicks.  Remember, only do the first 3
			       or four kicks ... otherwise you'll pay.
    c.) Demon Godfist	       Going for a stun combo?  Cool!  This is
			       one of the safest moves OGRE has, only
			       Jin can reverse it and if it's blocked,
			       you don't really lose anything.
    d.) Cold Blade	       Hits low and juggles.  Just remember
			       that it has limited range and fairly
			       poor recovery time.
    e.) Cat Thrust	       Huge damage potential in this one, but
			       it's risky because of its poor recovery
			       time. On counter-hit this one can be
			       followed up with a 100% combo.
    f.) Hop Kick	       Catches a lot of people by surprise and
			       has good enough recovery time to not
			       penalize you.
    g.) Hunting Hawk	       Very stylish, and fairly safe.

B.  Vary your game
    Don't get caught up in the same patterns  over and over again, cuz
good opponents will learn them and figure out a way to  beat them.  If
you notice  that a lot of your  stuff is getting blocked,  then change
your style/method of attack.  Let's say your poke isn't really getting
to them  (unlikely as that may  be with OGRE),  start throwing in more
grabs, or fight them straight up with lots of side-steps, etc. OGRE is
fairly versatile and makes for a pretty  good turtle as well.   If the
other player is blocking everything you're throwing at them ... relax
... take a load off ... let them do the attacking for a while. As soon
as they leave themselves open ... stick it to'em.

C.  Stick to Basics
    Don't get caught up in OGRE's power arsenal too much.  Remember,
to be truly effective against good competition you have to set up your
opponent.  OGRE's power moves are mostly very slow and have poor re-
covery times.  Since I've started to get away from the power moves, I
have started winning a lot more games with him.

D.  Power-up (Chi Charge)
    If your opponent likes to wait for you to attack  (and is a couple
of character lenghts away), do the Chi Charge to power up. Any hit you
manage to connect while you are charged will count as a major-counter.
If you manage to charge up you should probably go for either the Snake
kicks (FC+3,3,n,3)  which will juggle guaranteed,  or the Hunting Hawk
(u/f+3,4,3).  This will keep your opponents guessing.

7.  Stuns & Juggles 

[*NOTE* If the last move of a combo listed below is marked with an   ]
[       asterisk (*), then the last move is 'techable', meaning that ]
[       your opponent can perform a quick recovery to get out if it  ]
[       Normally I wouldn't include a 'techable' finish with a combo,]
[       but OGRE's damage potential on that last hit is so great     ]
[       (40-60+ points), that you can't ignore them                  ]

A.  How To Juggle
    Start with with one of the juggle combos. The last hit should  get
your opponent into the air (aka: a float). Then do a juggling combo to

keep your opponent in the air. You can also precede the juggling combo
with a Stun move.

B.  Stun Moves 

WS+2(s)			Demon Godfist (s) = stunned opponent on CH
f,f,f+3(bs)             Slash Kick (bs) = block stun
f,f+3			Bazooka Leg (bs)= block stun when blocked high
f,f+2			Snake Bite
FC,f+2			Cat Thrust (s) = stunned opponent on CH
F+1+4			Black Shoulder (bst) = block stun with your
                                               back turned

[*Note* Let me know (tekken@starnetinc.com)if I missed any Stun Moves]

C. Juggle Combo Opener (** = full combo guaranteed after stun)

d/f+2                   Juggling Uppercut **
u/f+4                   Right Hop Kick **
FC+3,3,n,3		Demented Snake (last hit juggles, guaranteed
                         juggle if first hits as CH)
d,d/b+4                 Blazing Kick (juggles on CH)
FC,d/f+2		Cold Blade
[*NOTE* Tell me (tekken@starnetinc.com) of any missed Juggle Openers]

iv.  Juggling Combos

[*NOTE* I don't have all of them yet, but these should be enough... ]

$,u/f+4,1,f,f+1+2	If you sidestep far enough you will get a side
			juggle, landing your opponent face down, this
			way the f,f+1+2 is guaranteed.

v.    Stun Combos

WS+2(s),d/f,d/f+2+4,f,f,FC,d/f+2,f,f+1+2 (JC's 100% combo!)
FC,f+2,d+1,f,f+1+2  			(another 100% combo by JC)
f,f+2,d+4,4		This one doesn't always connect, depends on 
			how far they land away from you (the farther,
			the better...)

8.  Evil OGRE (custom combos/tactix to really piss off your opponent)

A. Custom combos

     1. Side-step to start your match (to your right). A lot of people
        will go right by you, for an easy side/back throw
     2. Snake Kicks, Snake Kicks, Snake Kicks ... you get the idea.
     3. Throw, Throw, Throw ... ditto.
     4. Any time your opponent is close, or is recovering from a move,
        do the Snake Bite (f,f+2) followed by either an immediate 
	d+4,4 OR FC,d/f+2
     5. Throw in an occasional unblockable, OGRE has lots of them to
        choose from. The Kuni Blow (b+2) works for close-up situations
        and the Sidewinder (b+2+3) will catch a lot of people with its
	surprising range and tracking ability.
     6. If you stagger your opponent with a d/f+2, do an immediate
	Kunai Advance unblockable (f,f,n,2).  It just about guaranteed
	to hit.
     7. When you're far away from your opponent, run up to them and do
	a.) side-step --> combo/side-throw
	b.) throw

	c.) hop-kick

- Change your fighting style. I.e Lots of punches in one round, kicks
  in the next, side-steps in the next, grabs in the next, etc.
- Here's one I'm still working on:  Instead of reversing or breaking 
  an opponents TENstring, SIDE-STEP out of it and get a free back-
  throw.  I should have some side-step break points soon ... OGRE can
  definitely side-step out of King's 1,2,1,1,3,3 tenstring

B. Okizeme
   Here's what you do:
     1.  Knock down your opponent (preferably w/ your fav. juggle:)
     2.  If they don't know how to get up quickly do the Clapper
         Attack (f,f+1+2)
   If you are not going for the Clapper,  then you should be doing the
   following strategy:
     a.) Tap f,f  (you should end up about 1.5 to 2 body lenghts from
		   the grounded opponent)
     b.) If they do not get up, or get up blocking high, you should go
	for the slide (f,f,n,3+4)
     c.) If they quick recover, or get up blocking high OR low, do the
	Kunai Advance unblockable (f,f,n,2)
     d.) Back off a step and repeat the above pattern

9.   Winning Stances

    To do the winning stance of your choice, you must *WIN* then hold
the button  number for the desired winning stance sometime before the 
replay ends.

1 -- 
2 -- 
3 -- 
4 -- 

10.  Creditz

Biggest thanx to (u know who u r) for giving tons of OGRE info...
Thanx to Ben Cureton for his FAQ(s)
Thanx to Josh Kim for input and proof reading
Thanx to Jason Cole (JC) for his 100% combos
Thanx to all the local guys who've helped me to improve my OGRE by
serving as punching bags for him ...d-:

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