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Nina by The Faceless Master

Updated: 06/29/97

                       ___     __    __    ___     __    ___
                      /   |   / /   / /   /   |   / /   /   |
                     / /| |  / /   / /   / /| |  / /   / /| |
                    / / | | / /   / /   / / | | / /   / /_| |
                   / /  | |/ /   / /   / /  | |/ /   / ___  |
                  /_/   |___/   /_/   /_/   |___/   /_/   |_|

   _     ___     __  __   __     __     __   ___      ___    ___      _____
  | |   /   |   / / / /  / /    / /    / /  /   |    /   |  /   |    / ___/
  | |  / /| |  / / / /  / /    / /    / /  / /| |   / /| | / /| |   / /__
  | | / / | | / / / /  / /    / /    / /  / /_| |  / / | |/ / | |   |__ |
  | |/ /  | |/ / / /  / /__  / /__  / /  / ___  | / /  |___/  | |  ___/ /
  |___/   |___/ /_/  /____/ /____/ /_/  /_/   |_|/_/          |_| /____/

      Don't Call Me A Slut!!!:  The Nina Williams FAQ Version .99
                           By:  The Faceless Master 
                         Date:  Sunday, June 29th, 1997  

     This FAQ can be distributed in any form as long as it is distributed
WHOLE, UNcut, UNedited, and with this legal statement intact, etc. This 
  FAQ is currently not for sale. Any persons/organizations wishing to    
     distribute this FAQ for monetary profit should contact me at: 
                     copyright 1997 The Faceless Master.

      The Latest Version of this FAQ can always be found at:
This FAQ is nearing completion, but will never truly be complete until 
all of the Time Release Characters have been added.  I am adding
Time Release Character Strategy as the characters release and i get
significant play time against and with them.



i.   Background Story

     In the last tournament Nina was ordered to assassinate Kazuya, but 
an untimely quarrel with her sister Anna prevented it. Shortly thereafter 
both sisters were captured by Kazuya's corps and were used as guinea pigs
in Boskonovitch's "Cold Sleep No. 2" experiment. 

     They did not wake for 15 years. Heihachi's private corps , the "Tekken
Forces" went to the burial site and excavated the "God of Fight". This
unearthing unleashed the "God of Fight's" spirit which awakened Nina's
resting soul. Now controlled by the "God of Fight" Nina acts robotically
with the command to assassinate Jin Kazama. 

ii.  Background Facts

• Catch copy: Silent Assassin
• Country of origin: Ireland
• Fighting Style: Assassination Martial Arts based on Bone Martial 
     Arts & Aikido.
• Age: 22
• Height: 161cm
• Weight: 49kg
• Blood type: A
• Occupation: To assassinate Jin Kazama (under the control of the 
     "God of Fight").
• Hobby: Retracing memories
• Likes: Not remembered (maybe tea with milk).
• Dislikes: Not remembered (perhaps Anna).


1 ----- Tap Left Punch Button 
2 ----- Tap Right Punch Button 
3 ----- Tap Left Kick Button 
4 ----- Tap Right Kick Button 
f ----- Tap Joystick Forward 
b ----- Tap Joystick Back 
d ----- Tap Joystick Down 
u ----- Tap Joystick Up 
df ---- Tap Joystick Diagonally Down/Forward 
db ---- Tap Joystick Diagonally Down/Back 
uf ---- Tap Joystick Diagonally Up/Forward 
ub ---- Tap Joystick Diagonally Up/Back 
F ----- Hold Joystick Forward 
B ----- Hold Joystick Back 
D ----- Hold Joystick Down 
U ----- Hold Joystick Up 
DF ---- Hold Joystick Diagonally Down/Forward 
DB ---- Hold Joystick Diagonally Down/Back 
UF ---- Hold Joystick Diagonally Up/Forward 
UB ---- Hold Joystick Diagonally Up/Back 
N ----- Let Joystick Go To Neutral Position 
# ----- While Getting Up From A Crouch 
$ ----- Sidestep(u,N or d,N) 
[] ---- Optional 
+ ----- At The Same Time 
~ ----- Tap Immediately After 
_ ----- Or (Alternate Method)
: ----- 1/4 Second Pause Between Button Presses In TENstrings
{} ---- Throw Counter In Curly Brackets
H ----- Hits High (Duck to avoid)
M ----- Hits in the Middle (Leave N Hold B to block)
L ----- Hits Low (Jump to avoid)
G ----- Hits Low and Grounded opponents (Jump to avoid)
P ----- Hits Grounded opponents only (Get Up or Roll to avoid)
(ls) -- Left Side Throw (Done On Opponent's Left Side)
(rs) -- Right Side Throw (Done On Opponent's Right Side)
(bk) -- Back Throw (Done At Opponent's Back)
(XX) -- Do Move In Brackets Before Move Listed After Brackets
        This Is Used Primarily For Multiparts


i.   General Moves

f,f                      Dash Forwards
b,b                      Dash Backwards 
b,b,b,n                  Backflip (At A Distance) 
u,n                      Axis Shifting Sidestep (Away From Screen)
d,n                      Axis Shifting Sidestep (Towards Screen)
d                        Feint Ducking
D                        Duck Completely
u                        Low Jump 
U                        High Jump 
u~ub                     Backflip
d,df,f                   Crouch Dash
d,db,b                   Ducking Dodge
u+2_uf+2         P       Quick Pounce (On Floored Opponent)
U+2              G       Hard Pounce (On Floored Opponent)
f,f,f                    Run(RN) 
|-->(RN)B                    Stop Running 
|-->(RN)1+2      M           Flying Cross Chop 
|-->(RN)3        H           Bone Cutter(Achilles Leglock on Counterhit)
`-->(RN)4        G           Sliding Leg Sweep 
df+1             M       Uppercut
df+2             M       Lifting Uppercut 
df+3             M       Side Kick 
df+4             M       Front Kick 
1+2+3+4                  Power Charge(Powers Up All Moves For A Few Seconds)

ii.  Ground Moves

~1_~2_~3_~4              Immediate Recovery (Just Before Landing)
3                G       Get Up And Sweep
4                M       Get Up And Side Kick
D+1                      Roll Over
2                        Quick Recovery 
1                        Roll Sideways
D+(3_4)          L       Ankle Kick
F                        Roll Forwards
F,f+1+2          M       Forward Rolling Lunge
B                        Roll Backwards
B,b+3+4                  Roll Backwards, Handspring Up
B,f+1+2          M       Roll Backwards, Forward Lunge

iii. Special Moves

b+1              M       Killing Blade
b+2,2            HH      Double Slap
f,f+1            H       Hard Slap
f,f+2            H       Panther Claw
f,f+3            M       Bad Habit (stuns on counterhit)
D,df,f+3         M       Crouching Bad Habit (stuns on counterhit)
db+2             M       Forearm Chop (stuns on counterhit)
$+1+2            M       Twirling Blonde Bomb
$+2              H       Sidestepping Palm Uppercut
$+b+1            M       Sidestepping Killing Blade
$+1              H       Quick Slap
$+4              G       Moving Sweep
$+db+2           M       Sidestepping Forearm Chop (stuns on counterhit)
F+1+2            M       Delayed Blonde Bomb
f,f+1+2          M       Blonde Bomb 
f,f+4            MP      Flipping Heel Drop (also hits Grounded Opponent)
d,df,f+4         MP      Crouching Heel Drop (also hits Grounded Opponent)
D,df+4           G       Spinning Sweep
db+4             G       Falling Ankle Kick
(d,db+3)_(db+3+4)H       Lifting Back Kick
db+4,3           GH      Divine Cannon Combo
(u/f_u_u/b)+3    H       Flash Heel Kick
uf+4,3,4         HGH     The Can Opener 
d+3+4            P       Foot Stomp (Only Hits Grounded Opponent)
b,db,d,df+2      H       Step In, Upward Slap 
f,f,f+3          H       Bone Cutter (Crab Claw Waistlock On Counter)
[*NOTE*  Following 2 moves done if Bone Cutter connects as a Counter]
|-->(TL)3,1,4,2+4            Reverse Achilles Leglock {1}
`-->(TL)1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2      Rolling Double Achilles Leglock {1+2}
[*NOTE* Preceeding 2 moves done if Bone Cutter connects as a Counter]
[*NOTE* ALL of Nina's Combos Starting with 1 can be started with df+1 or #+1]
1,2,f+1+2        HHM     2 Punches, Blonde Bomb
1,2,1,2,f+1+2    HHHHM   4 Punches, Blonde Bomb
1,u/f+3          HHH     High Punch, Hunting Flash Heel Kick
1,u+3            HHH     High Punch, Lifting Flash Heel Kick
1,u/b+3          HHH     HighPunch, Fading Flash Heel Kick
1,2,u/f+3        HHH     2 Punches, Hunting Flash Heel Kick
1,2,u +3         HHH     2 Punches, Lifting Flash Heel Kick
1,2,u/b+3        HHH     2 Punches, Fading Flash Heel Kick
1,2,3            HHH     2 Punches, High Kick
1,2,4            HHH     2 Punches, Roundhouse
1,2,d+3,4        HHGH    2 Punches, Low Kick, High Kick
1,2,d+3,2        HHGM    2 Punches, Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut
1,2,1,4          HHHG    3 Punches, Low Kick
(d_D)+1,N+4      LM      Low Punch, Mid Kick  
2,3              HH      Punch, High Kick
2,d+3,2          HGM     Punch, Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut
2,d+3,d+4        HGL     Punch, 2 Low Kicks
2,d+3,4          HLH     Punch, Low Kick, High Kick
2,4              HH      Punch, High Kick
(d_D)+2,4        LM      Low Punch, High Kick
3,4              HH      High Kick, Roundhouse
3,3,2            HGM     2 Kicks, Juggling Uppercut
3,3,4            HGH     2 Kicks, High Kick
3,3,D+4          HGL     High Kick, 2 Low Kicks
d+3,2            GM      Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut
d+3,N+4          GH      Low Kick, High Kick
d+3,D+4          GL      2 Low Kicks
df+3,4           MH      Mid Kick, Roundhouse
df+3,2,$         MH      Mid Kick, Punch, Sidestep
[*NOTE* Nina can Sidestep after the df+3,2 is executed in the df+3,2 combos]
df+3,2,3         MHM     Mid Kick, Punch, Mid Kick
df+3,2,4         MHH     Mid Kick, Punch, Roundhouse
df+3,2,d+3,4     MHGH    Mid Kick, Punch, Sweep, High Kick
df+3,2,d+3,2     MHGM    Mid Kick, Punch, Sweep, Juggling Uppercut
df+3,2,d+3,d+4   MHGL    Mid Kick, Punch, Sweep, Low Kick
df+3,2,u/f+3     MHH     Mid Kick, Punch, Hunting Flash Heel Kick
df+3,2,u+3       MHH     Mid Kick, Punch, Lifting Flash Heel Kick
df+3,2,u/b+3     MHH     Mid Kick, Punch, Fading Flash Heel Kick
df+3,2,1,4       MHHG    Mid Kick, 2 Punches, Low Kick
df+3,3,3,3       MHHG    3 Rapid Side Kicks, Low Kick
df+3,3,3,4       MHHH    3 Rapid Side Kicks, Roundhouse
df+3,3,3,1,2,1+2 MHHHHM  3 Rapid Side Kicks, 2 Punches, Blonde Bomb
df+3,1,2,f+1+2   MHHM    Mid Kick, 2 Punches, Blonde Bomb
uf,N,d+3,2       LM      Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut
uf,N,d+3,3       LM      Low Kick, Mid Kick
uf,N,d+3,4       LH      Low Kick, High Kick
d+4,1            LH      Low Kick, Spinchop
d+4,1,$          L       Low Kick, Spin, Sidestep
4,3,4            HGH     High Kick, Low Kick, High Kick
4,3,2            HGM     High Kick, Low Kick,  Juggling Uppercut
4,3,D+4          HGL     High Kick, 2 Low Kicks

iv.  Unblockables

db+1+2           H       Hunting Swan (tap u,u to cancel)
d,df,f,db+2+3    M       Evil Mist (stuns)


i.   Normal Throws

1+3                      Arm Turn {1}
2+4                      Lifting Toss(LT) {2}
`-->(LT)1,2,1                Falling Elbowlock(FE)
   `-->(FE)2,1,3                  Arm Lock
uf+1+2                   Overhead Toss {1+2}
df,df+1                  Embracing Elbow Strike {1+2}
(ls)1+3_2+4              Hammer Throw
(rs)1+3_2+4              Triangle Hold
(bk)1+3_2+4              Overhead Three Limb Break

ii.  Wrist Lock Chain Throws

d,df,f+1+2                Face Smack, Wrist Lock(FS) {2}
|-->(FS)3,4,3,1+2             Rolling Arm Bar {1+2}
|-->(FS)2,3,4,2,2             Knee Bash, Neck Snap(NS) {2}
|  |-->(NS)1,3+4,1,2,1+2          Falling Neck Snap {1}
|  `-->(NS)1,2,4,3,1+2+3          Triangular Bone Breaker {1+2}
`-->(FS)1,3,2,1               Standing Reverse Arm Lock(RL) {1}
   |-->(RL)3,1,4,1+2,1+2          Rev. Double Arm Lock {1+2}
   `-->(RL)2,1,3,4,1+2            Falling Reverse Arm Lock {1}

iii. Knee Bash Chain Throws

d,db,b+1+4                Knee Bash(KB)
|-->(KB)1,3,2,1               Standing Reverse Arm Lock(RL) {1}
|  |-->(RL)3,1,4,1+2,1+2          Rev. Double Arm Lock {1+2}
|  `-->(RL)2,1,3,4,1+2            Falling Reverse Arm Lock {1}
|-->(KB)2,3,4,2,2             Knee Bash, Neck Snap(NS) {2}
|  `-->(NS)1,2,4,3,1+2+3          Triangular Bone Breaker {1+2}
`-->(KB)2,1,1+2,1+2+3         Twisting Arm Lock(TA) {2}
   `-->(TA)1,2,4,3,1+2+3          Triangular Bone Breaker {1+2}

iv.  Crab Claw Waistlock Chain Throws

d,df,f+3+4               Crab Claw Waistlock(CC) {1}
|-->(CC)3+4,3,4,1+2          Rolling Arm Bar {1+2}  
`-->(CC)3+4,4,2,1+2          Achilles Leglock(TL) {2}
   |-->(TL)3,1,4,2+4             Reverse Achilles Leglock {1}
   `-->(TL)1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2       Rolling Double Achilles Leglock {1+2}

v.   Normal Throw Escapes

1                   1+3 Throw Escape  (Start of Opponent's 1+3 Throw) 
2                   2+4 Throw Escape  (Start of Opponent's 2+4 Throw)

vi.  Help Guide
     To do Nina's Chain Throws, you must be Accurate and Fast.  The CPU 
does not tolerate mistakes.  Know how fast each link in the Chain Throw 
is and complete the next sequence before the current part is executed 
on the screen.  The Crab Claw Waistlock especially allows a short window 
of opportunity for you to execute the button presses.  You should be done 
with the Rolling Arm Bar or Achilles Leglock button presses by the time 
Nina touches her opponent.


i.   Tenstring #1

1212:3:3:2::1:2:4          HHHHHLHHHH          Tenstring #1 
df+1212:3:3:2::1:2:4       MHHHHLHHHH          Tenstring #1 
#+1212:3:3:2::1:2:4        MHHHHLHHHH          Tenstring #1 

1212:3:3:2::1:4:3          HHHHHLHHGM          Tenstring #2
df+1212:3:3:2::1:4:3       MHHHHLHHGM          Tenstring #2
#+1212:3:3:2::1:4:3        MHHHHLHHGM          Tenstring #2

1212::4:3::4:2:4:3         HHHHHLHHHH          Tenstring #3
df+1212::4:3::4:2:4:3      MHHHHLMHGM          Tenstring #3
#+1212::4:3::4:2:4:3       MHHHHLMHGM          Tenstring #3

ii.  Tenstring Information
     Each ':' indicates a 1/5 second break in the timing of the 


i.   Reversals & Counters

b+1+3_b+2+4       High Attack & Middle Attack Reversal
d+1+3_d+2+4       Low Kick Counter
2+4               Tackle Counter (as tackle hits)
d+1+2             Tackle Reversal (as you hit the floor)
d+1_d+2           Tackle Punch Counter ( before punch connects)

ii.  Reversal Counters

f+1+3 - Reversal Counter (Start of Opponent Countering Your 1 or 3 Move)
f+2+4 - Reversal Counter (Start of Opponent Countering Your 2 or 4 Move)

iii. Reversal Help
     The Reversals are done as to intercept the opponents moves.  The 
Reversals will make Nina catch and Reverse high and mid attacks which 
involve full or near full extension of the hands and feet.  Shoulder 
tackles, headbutts, elbows, knees and several other moves cannot be 
reversed.  Reversal counters are usually done when you expect to be 
reversed, like when you are doing a tenstring and you know that your 
opponent reverses or tries to reverse at a certain point.


i.   Tenstrings
    Each of Nina's TENstrings can be started in 3 ways.  The '1' opener 
gives the least damage but is the quickest.  This (1) opener is best 
used to attack an opponent who just missed a move with a quick recovery 
time.  It is also used well after an opponent's missed throw attempt.  
The 'df+1' opener gives slightly more damage but takes a moment of 
hesitation.  It can be used in the same ways as the '1' opener, as 
long as you anticipate the opponent's mistake.  The '#+1' opener gives 
the most damage, but is done out of a ducking stance.  This (#+1) 
opener is best used to interrupt opponents TENstrings after ducking 
an opponent's high attack.  This can also be used after ducking an 
opponent's Throw attempt, especially if the Throw attempt was a 
Multipart Throw attempt.

ii.  The Can Opener
    Use The Can Opener (uf+4,3,4) at least twice in a match.  It can
be used to directly attack the opponent or done as to miss the 1st
hit and connect with the 2nd and 3rd hits.  I strongly advise you that
this move is one of Nina's best moves, and should be used in *EVERY* 
match.  Many people *STILL* do not know how to block this move.  Use
this move in an unpredictable manner and you can almost guarantee 
you will hit your opponent.  If you are ever reversed when doing this 
move, be ready to do a reversal counter the next time you try it on 
that opponent.

iii.  The Divine Cannon
     Use The Divine Cannon (db+4,3) to go under most high attacks.
There are many Juggle possibilities after the Divine Cannon.  To
attack an opponent who unsucesfully attempted a move, use The Lifting
Back Kick (db+3+4)_(d,db+3) instead to be sure of the juggle, as The 
Divine Cannon is only guaranteed if done as a Counter.  A good
time to use the Divine Cannon is just as your floored opponent 
begins to get up.  This guarantees both hits and a chance to juggle.

iv.   The Blonde Bomb
     Use The Blonde Bomb (f,f+1+2) to attack your opponent when
your opponent is defending or ducking.  The Blonde Bomb can also
be used to attack after your opponent does a move with a medium 
recovery time.  You can also use the Blonde Bomb to attack an 
opponent who is dashing back or forwards.  The Blonde Bomb is one
of Nina's most powerful single moves.

v.    The Spinning Sweep
     The Spinning Sweep (D,df+4) is a great move to use on grounded
opponents, or after a succesful juggle.  The greatest application is
to go under your opponent's high attacks and take them down.  You can
even do a low kick (D+4) and then do the sweep on a grounded opponent 
for an extra hit.  This move is great on Lei & Eddy, but watch when 
you use it.  There is a moderate recovery time if you miss.

vi.   The "d,df,f+ " Multiparts
     Use the Multiparts when your opponent does a move with a long 
recovery time.  You can also use the multiparts in a match when you 
see your opponent leave an opening.  Make sure to alternate between 
the Multiparts if your opponent knows how to break.  Always be ready
to Reverse high and mid attacks and Counter low ones after a missed
multipart.  Sometimes you can just use the crouching forward motion 
and do an uppercut instead by tapping 2 as you are rising. The most
important thing to remember is not to do the Multiparts simply 
because you can or want to, do them when there is an opening.

vii.  The "d,db,d+1+4 " Multiparts
     These Multiparts are a great way to go under high attacks that 
your opponent does.  Once the move is timed properly it can grab out
of many moves including the Mishimas 112 & 122 punch combos, Yoshi's
333 Kick Combo & Laws 434 Kick Combo.  There are many other moves
and combos that these Multiparts evade well against.   You can also 
use the multiparts in a cool but strange way.  Walk up to your 
opponent, just inside hitting range and use the move.  This doesn't
really work reliably, but it was worth mentioning because it is very
unpredictable if done sparingly.

viii. Sidestepping Palm Uppercut
     The Sidestepping Palm Uppercut ($+2) is a valuable new tool in 
Nina's arsenal.  Use this move defensively to hit opponents into the 
air whan they attack.  Attack with it by moving into range then 
initiating it.  After a succesful hit, go for the juggle if possible,
or a Blonde Bomb or Divine Cannon Combo if the move isn't on a 

ix.   Twirling Blonde Bomb
     Use the Twirling Blonde Bomb ($+1+2) to counter oncoming attacks 
by your opponent.  You'll most likely end up connecting as a MC.  You 
can even dash up to your opponent and pull the Twirling Blonde Bomb 
off out of nowhere.  Oftentimes your opponent will be MC'd out of
trying to hit you first.

x.    Killing Blade
     The Killing Blade (b+1) should not be used more than twice per 
round.  The main reason is because a succesful hit with the Killing 
Blade should result in a Juggle that promptly removes more than 50% 
of your opponent's energy.  The Killing Blade Stuns on a counterhit, 
so use it to counterhit some of the many slow kicks and punches.  A 
prime example is Yoshimitsu's 3,4 string where he does a roundhouse, 
pauses then does a quick standing side kick.  Do the Killing Blade 
right after you block the roundhouse, then Juggle him.

xi.   Bone Cutter (Crab Claw Waistlock On Counter)
     The Bone Cutter is a great move to use when you are far away 
from your opponent.   Run towards them and if they try to attack 
too early do the Bone Cutter to connect with the Crab Claw Waistlock, 
then finish the multipart.  This takes between 70% and 85% of their 
energy.  Do not overuse this move, and alternate between it and the 
Leg Slide (while running+4) and a third posssibility, just plain 
stop running.  The move can also effectively be done from a few 
steps away to catch opponents about to do unblockables, like Paul, 
Yoshimitsu and Forest.  Just run up quickly and Bone Cutter them.

xi.   Bad Habit (stuns on counterhit)
     The Bad Habit (f,f+3) is a great move to use on attackers who are a 
few character spaces away and/or are ducking.  This move also stuns 
on counterhit, so be prepared to pull out your best juggle.  This move 
is also good as an ender for juggles.  A third application for this 
move is hitting Ling, Lei and Eddy when they are close to the ground.  
And, expect to Juggle them if you hit them on a counter.

xii.  Evil Mist (stuns) (unblockable)
     The Evil Mist (d,df,f,DB+2+3) is a great way to attack players 
who fear Nina's Multiparts.  The Evil Mist itself does no damage, but 
it is unblockable and it stuns.  This is the perfect way to start a 
juggle.  Alternate between the Evil Mist, the Multiparts, the Bad Habit, 
and simply doing the d,df,f motion and tapping "2" to do an uppercut.  

xiii. Falling Back Ankle Kick
     The Falling Back Ankle Kick(db+4) is part of the Divine Cannon 
Combo.  This move on it's own, however is very useful.  You can use 
the ankle kick to hit people low during high attack rushes.  Then 
alternate between a high kick(4) or low kick(3) recovery.  After a 
Low Kick, you can use the d+4,1 or d+3,2 to lift your opponent up for 
a juggle.  The Juggles section has a few of these.


i.    Against Paul Phoenix
     The main thing with Paul, as always is to watch out for the 
Pheonix Smasher (Deathfist).  Reverse Paul anytime he tries to
Deathfist or Super Deathfist you from the edge of the range of
the move.  If Paul does his one of his TENstring, you can reverse 
the 4th hit. that's whatever comes after the first kick (ex: 
[1231432432] reverse the 1 [123(1)432432] or with the other 
TENstring [1232121421] reverse the 2 [123(2)121421].  If you wait
too long, you'll have to reverse him at the third 2 in the
[12321(2)1421] TENstring or reverse him at either 2 in the [432432] 
part (the 7th or 10th hit) of the 1231432432 TENstring.  Also be ready 
block low or use The Can Opener (uf+4,3,4) against Paul's Falling
Leaf Combo (d+4,2).

ii.   Against Eddy Gordo
     Eddy is a tricky character at first.  The key is to use several
low attacks when he is spinning or recovering.  If you are skilled
at reversals  watch for his spinning mid kicks.  Reverse any one you
feel fit to reverse. If you can do low kick counters, watch for his 
three spinning low kicks. Counter the third one, then juggle him with
db+3+4,db+4,3 or d+3,2.  When Eddy is on the ground, use the Spinning
Sweep (D,df+4) or the Falling Ankle (db+4).  If Eddy does the backflip
that turns himself around right next to you, use the df+2 to Uppercut
him and be prepared to juggle.

iii.  Against Lei Wulong
     Lei may like laying down, but just as in TEKKEN 2 Nina can play
dead too.  Use the Falling Ankle (db+4) to lie down. If you are close 
enough, you can hit him with that move.  You can also use the f,f+4 move, 
but it now takes a little energy from you if you miss.  I don't advise
trying to use the Spinning Sweep (D,df+4) on a lying Lei, but if he's
standing, sweep away.  Reverse the backflips, and just about any move
Lei tries.  Remember, his spring Kick (3+4 while lying down) can be

iv.   Against Jin Kazama
     Watch out for the Uppercuts and the Hell Sweeps (uf+4,4,4,4).
All of his TENstrings can be reversed, especially the NEW ones.  Use 
the Divine Cannon Combo (db+4,3) to go under his patented 112 and 
122 combos.  Sidestep and Stun ($+db+2) him out of his rushing punches.
When in doubt, use the Falling Ankle Kick to dodge his Unblockable.
You also could use the db+4,3 to juggle him out of it or just be gutsy 
and reverse it.

v.    Against King
     Duck any Multigrab attempt and Juggle with a #+2.  Reverse 
the Frankensteiner and the Ali Kicks.  Know how to break out of 
King's Multigrabs.  Reverse King's 1211334... TENstring at the first 
kick.  Reverse King's 121123331(1_3) TENstring on the 9th hit.  
If King attempts a Jumping Sideswipe ($+3+4) reverse it, or duck 
then Juggle him with the Divine Cannon (db+4,3).  When King has 
his back turned approach him with caution.  Use the Flash Heel Kick
(u_uf+3) to hit King out of his Moonsault.

vi.   Against Ling Xaioyu
     Ling players usually are in the Phoenix Stance for 1/3 of the 
match.  During this time use the Divine Cannon on the ducking Ling.  
Watch out for Ling's rolling throw from the Phoenix Stance.  Look 
out for the quick cokmbos too.  When Ling does her first swinging 
up kick (where she turns her back) watch out for the second one or 
a qouck combo and be ready to reverse.  Also look out for her 
Fireflower, this is one of her powerful moves, but it's also 
reversable.  Watch for Ling's Unblockable too, it's relatively 

vii.  Against Yoshimitsu
     If you were ever good at reversals, you'll know now.  Reverse 
anytime Yoshi swings his sword.  Never let Yoshi finish his TENstrings.
Reverse the 4422441111 at the second set of 4's.  Use the Quick 
Punch/Kick Combo (#+1,4) during the 4th hit of Yoshi's 1214441111 and
1214222411 combos.   Remember, only women can catch the sword, and
Nina is the woman to be.  Counter the 3,3,3 kicks on the second or third 
Kick and reverse the 4,3 or Juggle Yoshi after the 4.

viii. Against Hwoarang
     Watch his kicks. Wait for the right moment and unleash one of 
your TENstrings.  Reverse & Counter occasionally.  Look out for the 
Hunting Hawk (uf+3,4,3). If you block it succesfully, do a TENstring 
or a Juggle.  Watch out for Hwoarang's TENstrings.  Try to use the 
Divine Cannon Combo (db+4,3) to go under Hwoarang's Kicks for an 
easy Juggle.  Block the 1133 Combo Low for 3 hits and reverse the High
Kick.  His Unblockable can be countered.

ix.   Against Forrest Law
     Watch out for his Low Attacks.  They lead into the Flip Kick, 
which in turn leads into another low attack & Flip Kick.  Anytime
Law starts to Flip Kick get ready to Reverse.  Use The Divine 
Cannon Combo (db+4,3) to go under Law's rushing punches.  Reverse
or db+4,3 Law's Kick Combos.  Use the Blonde Bomb (Double Palm)
when Law lands from a Flip Kick far away from you, or use the d+3,2
when Law lands close.  Use the Twirling Blonde Bomb or the Sidestepping 
Palm Uppercut to Counterattack Law's Punch and Side Kick Combos.  All 
of Law's TENstrings can be Reversed at the 4th or 10th hit.

x.    Against Nina Williams (Mirror Match)
     First, you should remember to pull out the Can Opener at a 
random time.  Wait for the other Nina to do the Divine Cannon first
then retaliate.  Reverse all the TENstrings at the 5th hit (the first
kick).  Use the Blonde Bomb and Bad Habit to pressure the other
Nina.  Nina's tenstrings beginning with 1212332 can be reversed at 
the 7th hit (and other places).  Nina's 1212434243 tenstring can be 
reversed at the 5th hit (and other places).  
And remember....."Don't Call Her A Slut!!!".

xi.   Against Kuma
     Kuma is really slow but really strong. Watch for his power punches and 
reverse.  Reverse any and all of his Low Punching combos.  Watch his 
sneaky machine gun punches.  Stand and block or Sidestep the Rolling Bear.  
Don't get hit by his Fart Move.  Watch the out for the Terrible Claw 
Unblockable too, it's relatively speedy.  Be careful using sidestepping 
moves because his Cross Cut Saw (f,f+1+2) connects easily.  Take advantage 
of your quick combos.  

xii.  Against Julia Chang
     The main thing to watch for with Julia is the patented Sweep, 
Uppercut (d+3,1).  The Uppercut can be reversed.  Julia also has several 
fast moves.  Watch out for her relatively speedy unblockable (f+1+4).  
Try Sidesteping to Julia's Left (towards the hand she does it with) then
doing a sidethrow or juggle.  Many of Julia's Kicks can be easily 
reversed.  Watch out for Julia's Spinning sidestep into the Kick Combo, 
and reverse the first or third kick.  Watch how you get up after a Julia 
throw.  Reverse her TENstrings at the 5th hit (the first Kick).

xiii. Against Gun Jack
     Gun Jack is slow but powerful. Watch for his power punches and 
reverse.  Reverse any and all of his Low Punching combos including his
d+2111 tenstring.  Watch his sneaky machine gun punches.  Run under his
Flying Stomp unblockable and Back Throw him.  Use sidestepping moves 
sparingly, because his Cross Cut Saw (f,f+1+2) will hit you easily. 
Don't get up into the Winding Punch, and never get hit by the Dark 

xiii. Against Mokujin
     Figure out which character's moves Mokujin is using, and adjust 
accordingly.  It should be easy in the first round because you see 
the character's pre-match animation.  The easiest one to spot is 
Yoshimitsu, because Mokujin has a wooden sword.  Some other characters 
are easy to spot, like Eddy, who will be doing the Genja(i think that's 
the spelling), or Forest who will be hopping back and forth, or Kuma 
who's Hands are just hanging down, but it gets harder from there.


i.   How To Juggle
     Start with a Juggle Combo Opener.  The last hit of the opener 
should hit your opponent into the air.  Then do a Juggling Combo to
keep your opponent in the air.  Or start with a Stun move. Then do
a Juggle Combo Opener and end with a Juggling Combo.

ii.  Stun Moves 

d,df,f,db+2+3            Evil Mist (stuns) (-UNBLOCKABLE-)
f,f+3                    Bad Habit (stuns on counterhit)
D,df,f+3                 Crouching Bad Habit (stuns on counterhit)
b+1                      Killing Blade (stuns on counterhit)
$+b+1                    Sidestepping Killing Blade (stuns on counterhit)
db+2                     Forearm Chop (stuns on counterhit)
$+db+2                   Sidestepping Forearm Chop (stuns on counterhit)

[*NOTE* Mail me (faceless_master@hotmail.com) if I missed any Stun Moves]

iii. Juggle Combo Opener (¤-¤ = Not Guaranteed after a Stun)

#+2                      Juggling Uppercut
df+2                     Juggling Uppercut
d,df,f+2                 Crouching in Juggling Uppercut
$+2                      Sidestepping Palm Uppercut ¤-¤ 
b,db,d,df+2              Step In, Upward Slap 
(d,db+3)_(db+3+4)        Lifting Back Kick
db+4,3                   Divine Cannon Combo
d+3,2                    Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut
3,3,2                    High Kick, Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut ¤-¤
2,d+3,2                  Punch, Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut ¤-¤
1,2,d+3,2                2 Punches, Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut ¤-¤
4,3,2                    High Kick, Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut ¤-¤

[*NOTE* Mail me(faceless_master@hotmail.com)any missed Juggle Combo Openers]

iv.  Juggling Combos

1,2,d+4,1, f,f+3        
uf+3,d+4,1, f,f+3       
uf+4,db+4,3, db+4       
uf+4,1,2 d+3,4          
db+4,3,uf+4, db+4,3     

[*NOTE* Mail me (faceless_master@hotmail.com) if you have any Juggle Combos]

v.   Ground Recovery Combo Theory (Falling Back Ankle Kick)
     Ground Recovery Combos are started from the reverse ground sweep.  
This is done by pressing 3 when you are lying face down.  The easiest 
way to get into this position is by doing the Falling Back Ankle Kick  
(db+4) .  You can also get into the position by holding D+1 while on 
the floor until Nina stops rolling.  

vi.  Ground Recovery Combos (done after a reverse ground sweep)

d+4,4,d+3,4,db+4(setup for another reverse ground sweep)
d+4,1,b+2,2,db=4(setup for another reverse ground sweep)
d+3,2,d+3,4,db+4(setup for another reverse ground sweep)

[*NOTE* Mail me (faceless_master@hotmail.com) any Ground Recovery Combos]

vii. Okizeme
     Okizeme is a term used to describe the playing style that you use 
to keep your opponent off their feet.  There are many ways for Nina to do 
this, especially with the Divine Cannon Combo(db+4,3) and the Low Kick, 
Rising Uppercut Combo (d+3,2).  Then there is the Low/Higk Kick Combo (d+3,4)
 the Blonde Bomb (f,f+1+2), the Flipping Heel Drop (f,f+4_d,df,f+4) and the 
Bad Habit (f,f+3_d,df,f+3).  As the opponent starts to move, use one of 
those moves to attack them.  The Flipping Heel Drop should only be used on 
opponents rolling backwards.


     To do the winning stance of your choice, you must *WIN* then hold
the button number for the desired winning stance sometime before the 
replay ends.

1 --- Sexy Walk, Backhand Swipe, Laugh

2 --- Forward Cartwheel, Backhand Swipe

3 --- 360 Deg. Spin, Downward Slash

4 --- Backhand Swipe, Laugh


I Love You Mom!  Thanks For Bringing Me Into This World.
Major Credit goes to CatLord for his informative FAQ.
CatLord's FAQ:--> http://www.monmouth.com/~karin/t3moves.txt
Credit also goes to SurfBard for his FAQ.
SurfBard's FAQ:--> http://pw2.netcom.com/~surfbard/tek3faq.txt
I got most of my moves from these two sources.
Thanks to Namco for Nina's Official Background Story & Information.
Namco's Website:--> http://www.namco.com
Thanks to Ricardo Jamin for the Against Paul & King Strategy,
and being the first to give feedback.
Thanks to Sauer Kraut a.k.a. Markus a.k.a. The Nina FAQ Theif 
for the Twirling Blonde Bomb strategy and parts of the Against Forest 
(Gump?) Law, Gun Jack, Kuma and Nina (Mirror Match) sections.
Thanks to Wolfgang Dorl for Various Juggles and several corrections
Thanks to AL X and "The Juggler's Bible" for Various Juggles 
The Juggler's Bible FAQ£ 
`---> http://www.geocities.com/~twistedtekken/faqs/twisted1.txt
Peace & Love to all the TEKKEN 3 players at PLAYLAND, especially
the Eddy players who I get to Combo (juggle) the living crap
out of..........

Remember:  She's Not A Slut!!!

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