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Nina by MXavier

Nina Williams

Catch copy - silent assassin
Nationality - Ireland
Fighting style - assassinating martial arts based on Bone Martial Arts
Age - 22
Height - 161cm
Weight - 49kg
Blood type - A (but changed while cold sleeping)
Occupation - assassinating Kazama (under control)
Hobby - retracing memories
Likes - not remembered (maybe tea with milk)
Dislikes - not remembered (maybe Anna)


2+4                 Izori
   2+4,1,2,1        Izori hijiotoshi
      2,1,3         Izori hijiotoshi waki gatame
1+3                     Shihounage
d/f,d/f+A           Kakaekomihijiuchi
F+1+3               Kubikarinage

d,d/f,f,1+2         Shouaku
   3,4,3,1+2        Kubikarijuji gatame   (counterattack)1+2
   1,3,2,1          Tachigyakuwaki gatame (counterattack)1+3
      3,1,4,1+2,1+2 Urakannukitakahajime  (counterattack)1+2
      2,1,3,4,1+2   Sutegyakuwaki gatame
   2,3,4,2,2        Udehishigihara gatame
      1,3+4,1,2,1+2 Kubihinerikao gatame  (counterattack)2+4

d,d/f,f,3+4             Kanibasami
   3+4,3,4,1+2          Zentenudejuji gatame
   3+4,4,2,1+2          Achilles' tendon gatame
      3,1,4,2+4         Hizajuji gatame
      1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2   Kaiten Achilles' tendon gatame

after f,f,f,3 (close range) 3,1,4,2+4 Tobitsuki Achilles' tendon

Special Techniques

b+2,2                Twin slap
f,f+3                Bad habit
f,f+2                      Panther's claw
d/f+2                      slap you crazy
d/f+4                Wipe the Floor
u/f+4,3,4            Can Opener
d/f+3,1,2,f+1+2      Low Kick -> 2x Punches -> Blonde Bomb
d/b+2                side stab (stun opponent as counter)
d/b+4,3              Low Kick -> Air Blast Kick
d/b+3+4              Air Blast Kick
d+3+4                Ground Stomp

f,f,1+2 or F+1+2     Soushouha
f,f+4                Neil(?) kick
u/f+4,3,4            Hunting kick combo
f,f,f+3              Bone cutter
d,d/b+3              Divine cannon
d/b+4                Slicer
d/b+4,3              Divine cannon combo
(d/f) 1,2,4          Triple smashes
(d/f) 1,2,D+3,4      Jail crash
(d/f) 1,2,D+3,2      Cemetery crash
(d/f) 1,2,1,2,F+1+2  Rengeki soushouha
(d/f) 1,2,1,4        Spark combo
D+3,4                Leg break combo
3,4                  Left high & right high kicks
d/f+3,3,3,4          Rapid kick combo
d/f+3,3,3,1,2,F+1+2  Rapid combo & soushouha
d/f+3,3,3,3          Rapid combo & left low kick
d/f+3,1,2            Flush combo
d/f+3,1,2,F+1+2      Assault combo

Attacks with Axis Shifting
b+1                Killing blade

Unguardable Attack
d/b+1+2            Hunting swan (u,u to cancel)

b+1+3 or b+2+4

Ten Hit

You can start certain juggles with the uppercut d/f+1

d/b+4,3, 1, d/b+4,3

Divine cannon combo, left punch, divine cannon combo

d/b+4,3, u/f+3, d/b+4,3

Divine cannon combo, kick, divine cannon combo

The timing is pretty narrow for the u/f+3 kick because
if you let your opponent to touch the ground before your
last divine cannon combo, he might be able to get away
with it. Please read my strategy guide.

Last updated:  13/03/97
By Mario Xavier (mxavier@netcomuk.co.uk)

Nina's Strategy Guide

Included here is a basic strategy guide for Nina. First, you should
know some
of the basic moves of Nina such as:

- u/f+4,3,4
- 1,2,D+3,2
- d/f+3,2,1,F+1+2
- d/b+4,3

With these, you could be more or less unpredictable. It is also a good
idea to know the Ten Hit Combos of Nina just to confuse your
opponent even more. However, you have to avoid attacking too much
especially if your opponent is backing away all the time because your
attacks generally cause only low damages and if you press your
opponent too much and if he is backing away from you, occasionally
there might be a gap in your short punches/kicks and your opponent
which then generate a chance for him to attack you with huge
damage moves.

Your basic tactic should be based around the move d/b+4,3 which
juggles your opponent (in a counter or if he is not block high) and you
can carry out the juggle as follows:

d/b+4,3, 1, d/b+4,3
Divine cannon combo, left punch, divine cannon combo

d/b+4,3, u/f+3, d/b+4,3
Divine cannon combo, kick, divine cannon combo

The timing is pretty narrow for the u/f+3 kick and if the last divine
cannon combo does not connect because your opponent row
sideways quickly (occurs if you let your opponent to touch the ground
before you execute the last part of the combo). If this is the case, try
not to do the last two kicks and wait for your opponent to row
sideways first. Then connect with d/b+4,3 if you think that your
opponent will block high or F+1+2 if block low - normally they will
block low since they are too scare of your juggle kick! However, you
have to be careful against characters with reversals as they could
reverse your juggle kick if - that is if they dare to take the risk!

If your opponent is now too scare of you that he is more or less idle
(waiting for you to attack), you could try to do your multi-parts. If your
opponent attacks you like crazy, you could either backup a bit and do
the d/b+4,3 kicks or reverse their attack. Below are some of the
characters that I would like to go into some more details.

Against Lei
If the Lei you are playing against is lying down most of the time, he
will be in trouble. Try to do the d/b+4,3 kicks all the time and you
should be fine. If he is lying down but is a bit far away from you, you
could try the Neil kick f,f+3. Against a lying down Lei, you should have
a good chance to win.

Against Hwoarang
Since Hwoarang will normally attack you with high kicks and if your
opponent try to scare you off by pressing onto you with kicks combos,
you might actually be able to find a chance to juggle him. However,
beware of the Hunting Hawk kicks u/f+4,3,4 when you are doing the
d/b+4,3. Please do not run towards him if you do not know how to
block his combos.

Against Paul
Paul is a dangerous character and it is a good idea that you don't use
Nina against him. If you insisted, there is actually not much I could tell
you but to use the old tactics. However, remember that if Paul is
moving backwards, he is looking for a chance to use the HUGE
damage Power Punch (I hate it!) and if he is moving forward, he
normally will go for the sweep and elbow combo D+4,2. Then he will
either do a low punch when you are on the ground or wait until you try
to get up and do the sweep and elbow combo again, and again. He
will also try to do the three kicks combo when he is running towards
you. My suggestion to you is to wait until he start running towards
you, do the d/b+4,3 combo and if you are on the ground, do not try to
get up immediately so that you could avoid the sweep. Do not initiate
a forward attack if the Paul you are playing against is good and
backing away most of the time. His Power Punch can cause 70%
damage in a major counter and he will definitely run towards you once
he got you with the punch - that is, you should be dead by then...

Against Eddy
Eddy is such a cheap character! He will generally initiate moves with a
lot of  low attacks. So beside using our old tactic, also try the d/f+2
slapping moving which can get him when he is executing low hits
combos. If he is doing his combo far away from you, try also the Neil
Kick. If he move towards you especially when he is doing his combos,
try out the sweep - while crouching D/F+4.

Last updated:  13/03/97
By Mario Xavier (mxavier@netcomuk.co.uk)

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