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Nina by MKaufmann

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 06/03/98

*              O                                                     *
*   _   ____   _   _   ____    __                                    *
*  | | / /| | | | | | / /| |  /  \                                   *
*  |_|/_/ |_| |_| |_|/_/ |_| /_/\_\                                  *
*                                                                    *
*          _      _   O   _   _   O     _     ___ ___    ____        *
*         \ \_/\_/ /  _  | | | |  _    /_\   |   V   |  / /__        *
*          \      /  | | | | | | | |  /|_|\  | |\_/| | /_// /        *
*           \_/\_/   |_| |_| |_| |_| /_/ \_\ |_|   |_| __/_/         *
*                                                                    *

The definitive Nina Williams FAQ Version 1.05
  By:  Markus Kaufmann 
Date:  06/03/1998

 This FAQ can be distributed in any form, period. However, Any organi-
zations wishing to  distribute this  FAQ for profit should contact the
author at: 

For the most recent version of this FAQ go to:


© copyright 1997/98 Markus Kaufmann.

    I have decided  to put this  FAQ together,  since I  still haven't
found  a truly complete  NINA FAQ  yet.  This FAQ  is based  on my own
experiences as well  as the work of other Tekken enthusiasts  (see the
credits section).  Changes in this version include  the removal of the
VS characters section and the addition of a VS Human strategy section,
as well as more  juggles and some  more info  in the  general strategy

    Nina is one of the few characters in Tekken 3 who  matches up well
against all of the other characters.  Her greatest strenght is her di-
versity of moves, holds, combinations, and juggles.  I think that Nina
is probably the only character that does not have any  weaknesses, but
she is definitely not the easiest character to learn. To begin tapping
into Nina's potential you must work on mastering two things:   the art
of side-stepping and the half-circle/quarter-circle joystick movements
I think that average players should be able to learn enough of Nina's
moves to be quite effective with her ... but to become truly effective
will take some time.


    In the last tournament Nina was ordered to assassinate Kazuya, but
an untimely quarrel with her sister Anna prevented it.  Shortly there-
after both  sisters were captured  by Kazuya's corps  and were used as
guinea pigs in Boskonovitch's "Cold Sleep No. 2" experiment. 

    They did not wake for 15 years.   Heihachi's  private  corps,  the
"Tekken Forces"  went to the  burial site and  excavated  the  "God of
Fight".  This unearthing unleashed the  "God of Fight's"  spirit which
awakened Nina's  resting soul.   Now controlled by the  "God of Fight"
Nina acts robotically with the command to assassinate Jin Kazama. 

Nina General Info:

- Catch copy: Silent Assassin
- Country of origin: Ireland
- Fighting Style: Assassination Martial Arts based on 
                  Bone Martial Arts & Aikido.
- Age: 22
- Height: 161cm
- Weight: 49kg
- Blood type: A
- Occupation: To assassinate Jin Kazama 
              (under the control of the "God of Fight").
- Hobby: Retracing memories
- Likes: Not remembered (maybe tea with milk).
- Dislikes: Not remembered (perhaps Anna).

| |\ | |\ |_ \/
| | \| |/ |_ /\


1.    Move Notation
2.    Moves list (incl. Tenstrings)
3.    Grapples (Multi-Parts and Timings!!)
4.    Reversals + Reversal Counters
5.    General Strategy
6.    VS Human Strategy
7.    Stuns & Juggles
9.    Winning Stances
10.   Credits

1. Move Notation

1 ----- Left Punch Button 
2 ----- Right Punch Button 
3 ----- Left Kick Button 
4 ----- Right Kick Button 
f ----- Tap Joystick Forward 
b ----- Tap Joystick Back 
d ----- Tap Joystick Down 
u ----- Tap Joystick Up 
df ---- Tap Joystick Diagonally Down/Forward 
db ---- Tap Joystick Diagonally Down/Back 
uf ---- Tap Joystick Diagonally Up/Forward 
ub ---- Tap Joystick Diagonally Up/Back 
F ----- Move + Hold Joystick Forward 
B ----- Move + Hold Joystick Back 
D ----- Move + Hold Joystick Down 
U ----- Move + Hold Joystick Up 
DF ---- Move + Hold Joystick Diagonally Down/Forward 
DB ---- Move + Hold Joystick Diagonally Down/Back 
UF ---- Move + Hold Joystick Diagonally Up/Forward 
UB ---- Move + Hold Joystick Diagonally Up/Back 
n ----- Return Joystick To Neutral Position 
QCT --- equals d,df,f joystick movement
QBT --- equals d,db,b joystick movement
HCT --- equals b,db,d,df,f joystick movement
HCB --- equals f,df,d,db,b joystick movement
(WS) -- While Standing (Getting up from a crouch)
$ ----- Sidestep (u,n or d,n) 
[] ---- Optional 
+ ----- At the same time 
~ ----- Tap immediately after 
_ ----- Or (Alternate Method)
: ----- 1/4 Second Pause Between Button Presses In TENstrings
{} ---- Throw Counter In Curly Brackets
(ls) -- Left Side Throw (Done On Opponent's Left Side)
(rs) -- Right Side Throw (Done On Opponent's Right Side)
(bk) -- Back Throw (Done At Opponent's Back)
(XX) -- Do Move In Brackets Before Move Listed After Brackets
        This Is Used Primarily For Multiparts

2. Moves List

A.   General Moves

f,f                      Dash Forwards
b,b                      Dash Backwards 
b,b,b,n                  Backflip 
u~ub                     Backflip
u,n                      Axis Shifting Sidestep 
d,n                      Axis Shifting Sidestep 
D                        Duck Completely
u                        Hop
U                        Jump 
QCT                      Crouch Dash
QCB                      Ducking Dodge
f,f,f                    Run(RN) 
    (RN)B                   Stop Running 
    (RN)1+2                 Flying Cross Chop 
    (RN)3                   Bone Cutter (Achilles Leglock on Counter)
    (RN)4                   Slide 
1                        Left Punch
2                        Right Punch
3                        Heel Kick
4                        Boot to the Head
df+1                     Uppercut 
df+2                     Lifting Uppercut 
df+3                     Side Kick 
df+4                     Front Kick 
u+2_uf+2                 Quick Pounce (On Floored Opponent)
U+2                      Hard Pounce (On Floored Opponent)
1+2+3+4                  Powerup Charge 
			 [Powers Up All Moves For A Few Seconds and] 
			 [all hits scored count as counter-hits.   ]

B.  Ground Recovery

~1_~2_~3_~4              Immediate Recovery (After Knockdown)
1                        Roll Sideways
2                        Quick Recovery 
3                        Low Sweep
4                        Side Kick (hits medium)
D+1                      Roll Over
D+(3_4)                  Ankle Kick
U                        Get up quickly
F                        Roll Forwards
F,f+1+2                  Forward Rolling Lunge
B                        Roll Backwards
B,b+3+4                  Roll Backwards, Handspring Up
B,f+1+2                  Roll Backwards, Forward Lunge
[*Note* Many of these moves can be chained together.                ]
[       I.E: 1,B,3 = roll sideways, roll back, sweep                ]

C. Nina's (Anna's) Moves

f,f+1                    Throat Cutter
f,f+2                    Panther Claw
b+1                      Killing Blade
b+2,2                    Double Slap
db+2                     Forearm Chop (stuns on counterhit)
F+1+2                    Delayed Blonde Bomb
f,f+1+2                  Blonde Bomb 
(f~f+3)_(D,df~f+3)       Bad Habit (stuns on counterhit)
(f,f+4)_(d,df,f+4)       Flipping Heel Drop (hits Grounded Opponent)
D,df+4                   Wipe the Floor
db+4                     Falling Ankle Kick
(d,db+3)_(db+3+4)        Lifting Back Kick
db+4,3                   Divine Cannon Combo
(u/f_u_u/b)+3            Flash Heel Kick
uf+4,3,4                 Can Opener 
d+3+4                    Foot Stomp (Only Hits Grounded Opponent)
(b,db,d,df+2)_(df~2)     Backhand Swipe 
$+1+2                    Spiral Explosion (aka Twirling Blonde Bomb)
$+2                      Liftshot (aka. Sidestepping Palm Uppercut)
$+b+1                    Sidestepping Killing Blade
$+1                      Snakeshot
$+4                      Heel Slicer
$+db+2                   Sidestepping Forearm Chop (stuns on counter)
f,f~f+3                  Bone Cutter (Crab Claw Waistlock On Counter)
[*Note* See the multi-part section for the Crab Claw Multi finishes  ]

[*NOTE* ALL of Nina's Combos Starting with 1 can be started with df+1]
[      or (WS)+1 when starting the combo with df+1 or (WS)+1, the 1st]
[      attack hits medium                                            ]

1,2,f+1+2                2 Punches, Blonde Bomb                 HHH
1,2,1,2,f+1+2            4 Punches, Blonde Bomb                 HHH
1,(u/f_u_u/b)+3          High Punch, Flash Heel Kick            HH
1,2,(u/f_u_u/b)+3        2 Punches, Flash Heel Kick             HHH  
1,2,3                    2 Punches, High Kick                   HHH
1,2,4                    2 Punches, Roundhouse                  HHH
1,2,d+3,4                2 Punches, Low Kick, High Kick         HHLH
1,2,d+3,2                2 Punches, Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut HHLM
1,2,1,4                  3 Punches, Low Kick                    HHHL
(d_D)+1,N+4              Low Punch, Mid Kick                    LM
2,3                      Punch, High Kick                       HH
2,d+3,2                  Punch, Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut     HLM
2,d+3,d+4                Punch, 2 Low Kicks                     HLL
2,d+3,4                  Punch, Low Kick, High Kick             HLH
2,4                      Punch, High Kick                       HH
(d_D)+2,4                Low Punch, High Kick                   HH
3,4                      High Kick, Roundhouse                  HH
3,3,2                    2 Kicks, Juggling Uppercut             HLM
3,3,4                    2 Kicks, High Kick                     HLH
3,3,D+4                  High Kick, 2 Low Kicks                 HLL
d+3,2                    Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut            LM
d+3,N+4                  Low Kick, High Kick                    LH
d+3,D+4                  2 Low Kicks                            LL
df+3,4                   Mid Kick, Roundhouse                   MH
df+3,2,3                 Mid Kick, Punch, Mid Kick              MHM
df+3,2,4                 Mid Kick, Punch, Roundhouse            MHH
df+3,2,d+3,4             Mid Kick, Punch, Sweep, Mid Kick       MHLH
df+3,2,d+3,2             Mid Kick, Punch, Sweep, Juggl Uppercut MHLM
df+3,2,d+3,d+4           Mid Kick, Punch, Sweep, Low Kick       MHLH
df+3,2,(u/f_u_u/b)+3     Mid Kick, Punch, Flash Heel Kick       MHH
df+3,2,1,4               Mid Kick, 2 Punches, Low Kick          MHHL
df+3,3,3,3               3 Rapid Mid Kicks, Low Kick            MMML
df+3,3,3,4               3 Rapid Mid Kicks, Roundhouse          MMMH
df+3,3,3,1,2,1+2         3 Rapid Mid Kicks, 2 Punches, B. Bomb  MMMHHM
df+3~1~2~f+1+2           Mid Kick, 2 Punches, Blonde Bomb       MHHM
d+4~1                    Low Kick, Spinchop                     LH
4,3,4                    2 Kicks, High Kick                     HLH
4,3,2                    2 Kicks, Juggling Uppercut             HLM
4,3,D+4                  High Kick, 2 Low Kicks                 HLL

D.  Unblockables

db+1+2                   Hunting Swan (tap u,u to cancel)
d,df,f,db+2+3            Evil Mist (stuns only, no damage)

E. Tenstrings

     1212:3:3:2::1:2:4   HHHHHLMHHH
  df+1212:3:3:2::1:2:4   MHHHHLMHHH
(WS)+1212:3:3:2::1:2:4   MHHHHLMHHH

     1212:3:3:2::1:4:3   HHHHHLMHLM
  df+1212:3:3:2::1:4:3   MHHHHLMHLM
(WS)+1212:3:3:2::1:4:3   MHHHHLMHLM

     1212::4:3::4:2:4:3  HHHHHLLMLH
 d/f+1212::4:3::4:2:4:3  MHHHHLLMLH
(WS)+1212::4:3::4:2:4:3  MHHHHLLMLH

3.    Grapples (Multi-Parts and Timings!!)

A.   Standard Throws

1+3                      Arm Turn {1}
2+4                      Lifting Toss(LT) {2}
    (LT)1,2,1                Falling Elbowlock(FE)
       (FE)2,1,3                  Arm Lock
uf+1+2                   Overhead Toss {1+2}
df,df+1                  Elbow Smash {1+2}
(ls)1+3_2+4              Hammer Throw
(rs)1+3_2+4              Triangle Hold
(bk)1+3_2+4              Overhead Three Limb Break

B.  Wrist Lock Chain Throws

QCT+1+2                  Chin Bash, Wrist Lock(WL) {2}
    (WL)3,4,3,1+2             Rolling Arm Bar {1+2}
    (WL)2,3,4,2,2             Knee Bash, Neck Snap(NS) {2}
       (NS)1,3+4,1,2,1+2          Falling Neck Snap {1}
       (NS)1,2,4,3,1+2+3          Octopus Special {1+2}
    (WL)1,3,2,1               Standing Reverse Arm Lock(SRAL) {1}
       (SRAL)3,1,4,1+2,1+2        Rev. Double Arm Lock {1+2}
       (SRAL)2,1,3,4,1+2          Falling Reverse Arm Lock {1}

C. Betrayer Chain Throws

QCB+1+4                  Betrayer(BE)
    (BE)1,3,2,1               Standing Reverse Arm Lock(SRAL) {1}
       (SRAL)3,1,4,1+2,1+2        Rev. Double Arm Lock {1+2}
       (SRAL)2,1,3,4,1+2          Falling Reverse Arm Lock {1}
    (BE)2,1,1+2,1+2+3         Twisting Arm Lock(TAL) {2}
       (TAL)1,2,4,3,1+2+3         Octopus Special {1+2}
       (TAL)1,3+4,1,2,1+2         Falling Neck Snap {1}

D.  Crab Claw Waistlock Chain Throws

QCT+3+4               Crab Claw Waistlock(CC) {1}
    (CC)3+4,3,4,1+2          Rolling Arm Bar {1+2}  
    (CC)3+4,4,2,1+2          Achilles Leglock(TL) {2}
       (TL)3,1,4,2+4             Reverse Achilles Leglock {1}
       (TL)1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2       Rolling Double Achilles Leglock {1+2}

E.  Multi-Throw timings

2+4121::213              -- Lifting Toss + Elbow + Arm lock #1
2+41212:213              -- Lifting Toss + Elbow + Arm lock #2
                         -> this is the way I time it :)

QCT+1+23431+2            -- Wrist Lock + Rolling Arm Bar
QCT+1+223422::13+4121+2  -- Wrist Lock + Knee Bash + Falling Neck Snap
QCT+1+223422::12431+2+3  -- Wrist Lock + Knee Bash + Octopus Special 
QCT+1+21321::3141+21+2   -- Wrist Lock + Rev. Arm Lock + Dbl. Arm Lock
QCT+1+21321::21341+2     -- Wrist Lock + Rev. Arm Lock + Falling Lock
QCB+1+4~1321::3141+21+2  -- Betrayer + Rev. Arm Lock + Dbl. Arm Lock
QCB+1+4~1321::21341+2    -- Betrayer + Rev. Arm Lock + Falling Lock
QCB+1+4~211+21+2+3::12431+2+3 --  "    + Arm Lock + Octopus Special
QCT+3+4~3+4341+2              -- Crab Claw + Rolling Arm Bar
QCT+3+4~3+4421+2::3142+4      -- Crab Claw + Leglock + Rev. Leglock
QCT+3+4~3+4421+2::132+43+41+2 -- Crab Claw + Leglock + Double Leglock

[*NOTE* When trying for Nina's Betrayer and Crab Claw Multi-Throws,  ]
[     you basically have to assume that the initial grab will connect]
[     and immediately code in the next button sequence.  You have to ]
[     be VERY fast for the first string, the second is much easier   ]
[     I only manage to pull them off about 1 of 5 tries :o(          ]

4.   Reversals + Reversal Counters

A.   Reversals & Counters

b+1+3_b+2+4       High + Medium Reversal
d+1+3_d+2+4       Low Kick Counter
2+4               Tackle Counter (as tackle hits)
d+1+2             Tackle Reversal (as you're going to the floor)
d+1_d+2           Tackle Punch Counter ( before punch connects)

B.  Reversal Counters

F+1+3 - Rev. Counter (Start of Opponent Countering Your 1 or 3 Move)
F+2+4 - Rev. Counter (Start of Opponent Countering Your 2 or 4 Move)

C. Throw Counters

* General - Left Throw (1+3)                                     - 1
            Right Throw (2+4)                                    - 2
* Eddy    - Spiraling Hip Toss (HCT,f+1+2)                       - 1+2

* Hwoarang- Jawbreaker (f,F+2)                                   - 2
            Boot to the Head (QCB+3)                             - 1
            Trip Takedown (d,DB+1+3)                             - 1+2

* Jin    -  Striking Shiho-Nage (df+2+3)                         - 2
            Stone Head (f,f+1+2)                                 - 1+2
                       (QCB+1+2)                                 - 1

* King   - DDT (db,db+1+2)                                       - 1+2
           Tombstone Piledriver (db,f+1+2)                       - 2
           Coconut Crush (df+2+3)                                - 2
           Giant Swing (f,HCT+1)                                 - 1
           Figure 4 Leglock (db+1+2)                             - 3+4
           Irish Whip (b+1+2)                                    - 1+2
           Spinning Ground Smash (Irish Whip, 3+4)               - 3+4
           Quick Slam (Irish Whip, 2+4)                          - 2
           Spin & Let Go (Irish Whip, 1+3)                       - 1
           Turn Around & Let Go (Irish Whip, 1+2)                - 1+2
           Jaguar Driver (d,df,f+1)                              - 3+4
           Jumping Powerbomb (Jag. Drvr, 1+2,u,d,n,3+4)        - d+3+4
           Standing Achilles Hold (f,n,d,df+2+3)                 - 2
           Scorpion Death Lock (SACH, 1+2,3,1,1+3)               - 2
           STF (SACH, 1,2,3,1+2)                                 - 1
           Indian Death Lock (SACH, 1+2,1,3,1+2,4)               - 1+2
           Single Arm Hyperextension (f,n,d,df+1+4)              - 1+2
           Double Arm Hyperextension (SAH, 1+2,1+2)              - 1
           Reverse DDT (SAH, 1+2,4,2+4)                          - 2
           Chicken Wing Face Lock (SAH, 2,1,1+2+3)               - 1+2
           Dragon Sleeper (SAH, CWFL, 2,1,3,1+2+3,1+2+3)         - 1
           Rolling Death Cradle (SAH,CWFL, 1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3)- 2
           Left Reverse Arm Clutch (df~1+3)                      - 1+3
           Right Reverse Arm Clutch (df~2+4)                     - 2+4
           Back Drop (Left RAC, 2,2,1+2)                         - ??
           Back Drop (Right RAC, 2,2,1+2)                        - ??
           German Suplex (Left RAC, BD, 3+4,1+2)                 - 3+4
           German Suplex (Right RAC, BD, 3+4,1+2)                - 1+3
           Powerbomb (RFN, CB, 1,2,3+4)                          - 1+3
           Manhattan Drop (3+4,1+2,ALL)                          - 2+4
	   Giant Swing (Left RAC, BD, GX, PB, 2,1,3,4)           - 2+4
           Giant Swing (Right RAC, BD, GX, PB, 2,1,3,4)          - 1+2
           Giant Swing (RFN, CB, PB, 2,1,3,4)                    - 2+4
           Giant Swing (RFN, CB, MD, SF, 2,1,3,4)                - 1+3
           Split Powerbomb (RAC, BD, GX, PB, 3,1,2,3+4,ALL)      - 2+4
           Split Powerbomb (RFN, CB, PB, 3,1,2,3+4,ALL)          - 1+3
           Split Powerbomb (RFN, CB, MD, SF, 3,1,2,3+4,ALL)      - 2+4
* Law    - Chastisement Punch (df+1+2)                           - 1+2
           Dragon Knee (f~f+3+4)                                 - 1+2
           Body Slam (F+2+3)                                     - 1+2

* Lei    - Thai Trip (f,f+1+2)                                   - 1+2
           Trip & Elbow (uf+1+2)                                 - 1+2
           Neck Shake Throw (Dragon Stance, 1)                   - 1

* Nina   - Elbow Smash (df,df+1)                                 - 1+2
           Chin Bash (QCT,1+2)                                   - 2
           Standing Reverse Arm Lock (CB, 1,3,2,1)               - 1
           Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze (SRAL, ...)         - 1+2
           Falling Reverse Arm Lock (SRAL, ...)                  - 1
           Knee Bash -> Neck Snap (CB, 2,3,4,2,2)                - 2
           Octopus Special (CB, NS, ...)                         - 1+2
           Falling Neck Snap (CB, NS, ...)                       - 1
           Crab Claw (QCT+3+4)                                   - 1
           Rolling Arm Bar (CC, ...)                             - 1+2
           Achilles Tendon Lock (CC, ...)                        - 2
           Knee Cross Lock (CC, ATL, ...)                        - 1
           Rolling Achilles Tendon Lock (CC, ATL, ...)           - 1+2
           Twisting Shoulder Break (2,1,1+2,1+2+3)               - 2

* Paul   - Striking Shiho-Nage (df+1+2)                          - 1+2
           Shoulder Ram (f,f+1+2)                                - 1+2

* Xiaoyu - Human Hurdle (f+2~1)                                  - 1+2
           Over-Shoulder Throw (QCB+2)                           - 2

* Yoshimitsu - Skydiver (QCB+1+2)                                - 1+2

5.    General Strategy

A.  Varying Combos
    Nina has many different 2,3,4, and 5-part combos. Learn them all, 
and use them  without mercy.   Nina's  greatest  strength is her vast 
arsenal of moves and her ability to mix them up.  Here are the combos
that I find most useful:

1,2,f+1+2                2 Punches, Blonde Bomb                 HHM
1,2,1,2,f+1+2            4 Punches, Blonde Bomb                 HHHHM
1,2,d+3,2                2 Punches, Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut HHLM
1,2,1,4                  3 Punches, Low Kick                    HHHL
(d_D)+1,N+4              Low Punch, Mid Kick                    LM
2,d+3,2                  Punch, Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut     HLM
2,d+3,d+4                Punch, 2 Low Kicks                     HLL
(d_D)+2,4                Low Punch, High Kick                   HH
3,3,2                    2 Kicks, Juggling Uppercut             HLM
3,3,D+4                  High Kick, 2 Low Kicks                 HLL
d+3,2                    Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut            LM
d+3,D+4                  2 Low Kicks                            LL
df+3,2,3                 Mid Kick, Punch, Mid Kick              MHM
df+3,2,d+3,2             Mid Kick, Punch, Sweep, Juggl Uppercut MHLM
df+3,2,d+3,d+4           Mid Kick, Punch, Sweep, Low Kick       MHLH
df+3,2,1,4               Mid Kick, 2 Punches, Low Kick          MHHL
df+3,3,3,3               3 Rapid Mid Kicks, Low Kick            MMML
df+3,3,3,4               3 Rapid Mid Kicks, Roundhouse          MMMH
df+3,3,3,1,2,1+2         3 Rapid Mid Kicks, 2 Punches, B. Bomb  MMMHHM
df+3~1~2~f+1+2           Mid Kick, 2 Punches, Blonde Bomb       MHHM
4,3,2                    2 Kicks, Juggling Uppercut             HLM
4,3,D+4                  High Kick, 2 Low Kicks                 HLL

As you can see all of these  combos vary  their levels.   By mixing up
different combos you should be able to juggle  most people quite often
, since they'll have to guess whether to block high or low.

B.  Sidestepping (u,n)_(d,n)
    Nina has many  side-stepping moves,  more than any other character
in the game so far.  Side-stepping is  one of the biggest improvements
in Tekken 3,  and it is vital that you learn how to  effectively side-
step during the match. Use the side-step anytime your opponent is rush
ing at you with a linear attack (i.e a combo or tenstring that doesn't
track well - Laws punch rush, etc.).  When you  successfully side-step
you have several options:
    1. You can side-step, pause and go for a side or back-throw
    2. You can side-step and use one of Nina's side-step moves - the
       Palm Uppercut ($+2) [floats on counter], the Twirling Blond
       Bomb ($+1+2)
    3. You can side-step and start a combo/tenstring of your choice    

C.  Killing Blade (b+1)
    This move pretty much falls under the same category as Nina's side
stepping moves.  The Killing Blade will have Nina do a small side-step
and then deliver an open-handed strike to your opponents' mid-stection
It stuns on a counterhit, and sets up a lot of juggling opportunities.
Also a cool way to finish the round is with the killing blade followed
by the foot stomp. (i.e. b+1,d+3+4)  The only drawback to this move is
that it only hits high.   It is fairly effective  though as a  double-
side-step move.   If you  side-step to your left and then do a Killing
Blade, Nina will side-step twice, which will often land you behind the
other character.

D.  TENstrings
    Get into the habit of starting Nina's  Tenstrings with the df+1 or
(WS)+1  (this makes the  1st hit connect  at medium height).   If your
opponent knows how to counter, stay away from the 121243... tenstring.
It is easily countered  at the first kick.   If your opponent does not
know how to counter, use the  121243... tenstring instead of the other
two. This tenstring is very difficult to block, since it finishes with

E.  The Divine Cannon (db+4,3)
   Use The Divine Cannon frequently against opponents who are prone to
rush you with high attacks  (Law, Jin, Nina, etc.).  If the first kick
connects as  a counter-hit,  the second  is guaranteed  to float  your
opponent.   The Divine Cannon is also great for okizeme (see EVIL NINA

F.  The Can Opener (uf+4,3,4)
    The Can Opener is useful in several situations. First it should be
used anytime your  opponent is charging towards you,  looking to score
with a side-kick (f,f~f+3). Second, it is very useful to close the gap
between you  and your opponent.   One thing to watch out for,  though.
It can easily be  side-stepped and leaves you  wide open for a side or
back-throw.  Don't always finish the whole string either.  [uf+4] will
juggle if it hits, and can be followed up by some decent finishers.

G.  The Blonde Bomb (f,f+1+2) or (f+1+2) or (WS+1+2)
    This move is kind of like Pauls deathfist, just not as powerful :(
It is a  great  all-around attack move and  should be used often.  The
Blonde Bomb has decent range,  but if you miss, it also has a long re-
covery time.  So make sure that you hit your opponent, because even if
they block it,  they will be pushed  back far enough to not be able to
counter-hit. This move should be done any time your opponent is caught
after recovering from a move.  Also don't forget that you can incorpo-
rate the Blonde Bomb into Nina's combos. Here are (I think) all of the
ways you can do a Blonde Bomb:
	a. (f,f+1+2)_(f+1+2)_(WS+1+2)
	b. QCB,N+1+2
	c. QCF,f+1+2
	d. 2,f+1+2
	e. (1_df+1),2,f+1+2
	f. df+3~1~2~f+1+2
	g. (1_df+1),2,1,2,f+1+2

H.  The Spinning Sweep  (D,df+4)
    This is a great move to  use at random during the match. Use it to
duck  incoming high  attacks and on  grounded opponents.  One thing to
watch out for is this moves surprisingly limited range &  its recovery
time. Also when playing Eddy this move will sometimes miss, because he
is always dodging from side to side.   Most people are  not aware that
Nina has this move, which will work greatly to your advantage.  THE #1
okizeme move.

I. The "new" Multi-Parts
   The biggest thing  you have to remember  about these multi-parts is
that you have to be VERY fast in entering the first sequence after the
initial grab.   They are very useful to go  under your opponents' high
attacks,  and it can  grab out of many moves like  Jin's 112/122 punch
combos. Also, Nina's sway (QCB) auto-blocks low attacks and ducks high
attacks. I've been using this move a lot more as of late, since it not
only starts some of her coolest multiparts, but it can also be chained
into any of her WS moves and TENstrings.

J.  The "old" Multi-Parts
    The "old" Multiparts (those starting with the QCT movement) are a
great part of Nina's arsenal, but are difficult to pull of in head-to-
head combat (especially against expert players).  A great time to pull
out a multi-part is after your opponent is recovering from a big move,
such as Pauls falling-leaf combo. Don't forget that Nina now has other
moves after the QCT motion, such as the bad habit and the falling heel
drop and her stun-breath.   Use these in  combination with  the multi-
parts to thoroughly confuse your opponent.

K. Bad Habit (f~f+3)_(QCT+3)
   This move  has surprising range  and can be used as part of the QCT
arsenal  to confuse  your opponent.   It also looks great when you can
connect with it as a counter-hit ;) It will stun on a counter-hit, and
setup some great juggling opportunities.

L. Evil Mist  (d,df,f,DB+2+3) (unblockable)
   Yet another great part of the QCT confusion scheme.  This move does
no damage  in itself,  but it will stun  your opponent and set up some
great juggles.  This is the perfect way to start a juggle.   Alternate
between the Evil Mist, Multiparts, the Bad Habit, and simply doing the
d,df,f motion and tapping "2" to do an uppercut.  

M. Bone Cutter (f,f~f+3)
    This is a good all-purpose move and should be used anytime you are
charging  towards your opponent.   If you conter-hit  you will get the
Crab Claw Waist Lock, which you can then follow up with the multi-part
ending of your choice.

N.  Elbow Smash (df,df+1)
    Try this move once per round.   It does tremendous damage (45-50%)
and is not easily escaped.  Since it is a 'special throw', the grab
animation is faster than a standard throw.  This allows you to make the
Elbow Smash part of your attack strings.  For example if you manage to
hit you opponent with a df+1,2 attack, buffer in the df,df+1 after the
second punch. 9 out of 10 times you will land the throw...

6.  VS Human Strategy

A.  Custom Strings (aka Poking)
    Nina probably has more custom strings than any other character in
Tekken-3.  Short of Anna in the Playstation version of the game, Nina
has the best up-close/in-your-face game in Tekken.  Combine that with
her great juggles and it makes for a lethal combination. What's poking
you say?  Essentially it is a way of stringing various quick moves to-
gether to form a non-stop attack, making it difficult for any opponent
to interrupt you.  The idea is to keep them on the defensive and to set
them up for the big finish.  Sometimes it's as simple as mixing up two
or three moves, other times you may want to repeat a particular string
throughout the match, only to change it at the end of the round.  Here
are some of the strings that I use:

 - d+4~1,d+1~n+4,repeat
 - d+4~1,df+1~2,df~df+1
 - df+3~2~1,d+4~1,df+1~2,df~df+1
 - df+3~2~1,d+4~1,df+1~2~f+1+2
 - df+3~2~d+3,uf+1+2
 - df+3~2~d+3~(FC),df+4
 - d+4~1,d+1,uf+1+2
 - d+4~1,d+3~d+4
 - df+3~1,1,df+1~2~f+1+2
 - d+4~1,QCB,N+1+2
 - d+4~1,QCB+1+4...

As you can see, most of my strings aren't designed to juggle the other
player, rather I prefer to use a lot of mid hits, and to mix up Nina's
two 'non-standard' throws (df+1+2 & df~df+1).  One of Nina's greatest
assets is that if the first hit of her df+3... series hits, the next
two hits are pretty much guaranteed.

B.  The side-stepping game
    IMO Nina probably has the best side-stepping game in Tekken-3. Her
side-step may not  be as big as Ogre-1's,  but it is not that far off.
If I'm playing a good match, I side-step a lot to try to either evade
incoming attacks, or just to keep my opponent off balance.  The more
your opponent attacks you, the more effective your side-stepping game
will become.  Let's look at what Nina can do off her side-steps:

	a.)  SS+1+2
	b.)  SS+4
	c.)  SS+2
	d.)  SS+1
	e.)  SS(left),b+1
	f.)  SS,N+(any throw)
	g.)  SS,N~db+3+4
	h.)  d+4~1~SS,N~db+3+4
	i.)  d+4~1~SS,N+(any throw)

If you can get the SS,N~db+3+4 down, you'll be in great shape, since
you'll be able to mix up SS grabs with the Heaven Cannon.

C.  Vary your game
    Don't get caught up in the same patterns  over and over again, cuz
good opponents will learn them and figure out a way to  beat them.  If
you notice  that a lot of your  stuff is getting blocked,  then change
your style/method of attack.  Let's say your poke isn't really getting
to them  (unlikely as that may  be with Nina),  start throwing in more
grabs, or fight them straight up with lots of side-steps, etc. Nina is
fairly versatile and makes for a extremely good turtle as well. If the
other player is blocking everything you are throwing at them ... relax
... take a load off ... let them do the attacking for a while. As soon
as they leave themselves open ... stick it to'em.

D.  Power-up (Chi Charge)
    If your opponent likes to wait for you to attack  (and is a couple
of character lenghts away), do the Chi Charge to power up. Any hit you
manage to connect while you are charged will count as a major-counter.
If you  manage  to charge  up you  should  probably go for  either the 
Divine  Cannon  (db+4,3)  which will  juggle guaranteed,  or the  Bone
Cutter (f,f~f+3), which will start her Waistlock multi-parts.  This
will keep your opponents guessing.

E.  Multi-Parts
    By all means use Nina's  multi-parts,  but use them sparingly.  If
you're going to use the multi-parts, make sure that you vary which one
you are going to end the series with,  otherwise people  will start to
break out of them, and you'll eat some damage. I have noticed that the
better the competition is,  the more effective her QCB series becomes.
Remember that there are several things you can do off her QCB sway:

    a.) QCB~1_2_3_4     Hitting a single button while Nina is still in
                        her sway animation will result in a 'standing'
                        attack - ie. left jab, right jab...
    b.) QCB,n+1_2_3_4   If you wait until the very end of Nina's sway
           ,n+1+2       animation, she will execute a WS move, incl.
                        her blonde bomb (WS+1+2)
    c.) QCB+1+4	        Multi-Part starter

What makes the  QCB  so effective is that it  automatically blocks any
low attacks, and ducks high attacks. This is a great move to throw out
after a d+4~1.  For example you could try d+4~1,QCB,n+1~2,df~df+1.

7.  Stuns & Juggles 

A.  How To Juggle
    Start with with one of the juggle combos. The last hit should  get
your opponent into the air (aka: a float). Then do a juggling combo to
keep your opponent in the air. You can also precede the juggling combo
with a Stun move.

B.  Stun / Stagger Moves 

d,df,f,db+2+3            Evil Mist (stuns) (-UNBLOCKABLE-)
(f~f+3)_(QCT+3)          Bad Habit (stuns on counterhit)
b+1                      Killing Blade (stuns on counterhit)
$+b+1                    Sidestepping Killing Blade (stuns on counter)
db+2                     Forearm Chop (stuns on counterhit)
$+db+2                   Sidestepping Forearm Chop (stuns on counter)
4			 Right Kick (staggers on counter)
d+1+3_d+2+4		 Low Kick parry (staggers) NOT low punch parry

[*Note* Let me know (tekken@starnetinc.com)if I missed any Stun Moves]

C. Juggle Combo Opener (** = full combo guaranteed after stun)

 1. b,db,d,df+2 (d,df+2 on PSX) Backhand Swipe **
 2. (WS)+2                   	Juggling Uppercut **
 3. df+2                     	Juggling Uppercut **
 4. QCT+2                 	Crouching in Juggling Uppercut **
 5. $+2                      	Sidestepping Palm Uppercut **
 6. (d,db+3)_(db+3+4)        	Lifting Back Kick **
 7. db+4,3                   	Divine Cannon Combo **
 8. d+3,2                    	Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut **
 9. 3,3,2                    	High Kick, Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut
10. 2,d+3,2                  	Punch, Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut
11. 1,2,d+3,2                	2 Punches, Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut
12. 4,3,2			High Kick, Low Kick, Juggling Uppercut
13. db+1+2			Hunting Swan (unblockable)
14. QCT+1+2,1321,3141+21+2      Rev. Double Arm Lock multi-part

[*NOTE* Tell me (tekken@starnetinc.com) of any missed Juggle Openers]

iv.  Juggling Combos

- after Divine Cannon (db+4,3):

- after any uppercut starter:

- after the Backhand Swipe (b,db,d,df+2)

- after Bad Habit stun (f~f+3)

- after Killing Blade stun (b+1)

- after Forearm Chop stun (db+2)

- after Evil Mist stun (QCT~db+2+3)
f~db+3+4 ... into Divine Cannon juggles

- after Right Kick stagger (4)
f~f~db+3+4 ... into Divine Cannon juggles

- after Low Kick parry (d+1+3_d+2+4)
db+3+4 ... into Divine Cannon juggles

- after Hunting Swan unblockable (db+1+2)

- after Rev. Double Arm Lock multi-part (QCT+1+2,1321,3141+21+2)

[*NOTE* Tell me(tekken@starnetinc.com)any missed Juggle Combo Openers]

8.  Evil Nina (custom combos/tactix to really piss off your opponent)

A. Custom combos

d+3,2,d+3,2...   Infinite combo, if opponent keeps trying to get up
db+4,3,db+4,3... Infinite combo, if opponent keeps trying to get up

- If your opponent always gets up with a high kick, move in close and 
  reverse it!
- If your opponent does the quick recovery to get up, use your 
  Spiral Explosion quickly to put him/her back on the ground.
- Change your fighting style. I.e Lots of punches in one round, kicks
  in the next, side-steps in the next, grabs in the next, etc.
- Here's one I'm still working on:  Instead of reversing or breaking 
  an opponents TENstring, SIDE-STEP out of it and get a free back-
  throw.  I should have some side-step break points soon...

B. Okizeme
   If played right, Nina can be the queen of okizeme. Here's what you
     1.  Knock down your opponent (preferably w/ your fav. juggle:)
     2.  Crouch (D)
     3.  As soon as they show ANY movement do the Spinning Sweep
     4a. Continue with items 2+3
     4b. Many times your opponent will try to get up right after the
         sweep. If they do, use the divine cannon to float them again

9.   Winning Stances

    To do the winning stance of your choice, you must *WIN* then hold
the button  number for the desired winning stance sometime before the 
replay ends.

1 --- Sexy Walk, Backhand Swipe, Laugh

2 --- Forward Cartwheel, Backhand Swipe

3 --- 360 Deg. Spin, Downward Slash

4 --- Backhand Swipe, Laugh

10.  Creditz

CatLord for his informative FAQ.
SurfBard for his FAQ
Thanx to Namco for Nina's Official Background Story & Information.
Namco's Website:--> http://www.namco.com
Thanx to Ben Cureton for his FAQs
All of the people I have played and continue to play...

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