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Mokujin by THle

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/02/97


Mokujin FAQ, version 1.1 -- August 2, 1997
by The Hoang Le (pronounced Tae Lee)

For information or corrections, feel free to contact me at

This Faq was written in Microsoft Notepad.
Please contact me if you need assistance in text conversion.

What's New?
+Ogre/Ogre2 -- Now unplayable
+Character Identification edited 
+More Strategies
+References Section
+Spellling correcshons.

(1)  Introduction to Mokujin
(2)  Recognizing your Mokujin
(3)  Tips for daily Mokujin use
(4)  How do they do it?
(5)  Documentation *NEW*
(6)  Miscellaneous

*(1) INTRO   *
Mokujin is a secret character on time release for Tekken 3.  The
character is actually a wooden dummy.  It changes it's fighting
style each round and mimmics another character at random.  A true
"random" select.

This allows for great flexability when playing Mokujin, as well 
as greater headaches.  Fighting with a different character each round
is a tremendous advantage, as long as you know how to play the
character and you know who exactly you are.  But if you do not
know one or the other, then it can be a serious disadvantage.

Who should use Mokujin?  Players who want to have FUN.

If you're like me, learning just one or two key characters, but disliking
the rest, then Mokujin is a good way to spice up your game (playing 1 or
2 characters is only fun for a short period of time).  It's a really fun
character to play, and it always frustrates your opponent more than yourself.

The main problem:  finding out who you are.  
Round 1 is easy enough.  Mokujin walks out in a pre-fighting 
etiquette as one of the other characters.  This beginning "warmup"
is the first indication of who you are.

For example, Eddy Goro points towards his opponent.  Brian Fury walks
towards his opponent with his arms behind his back.  LING XIAOYU hops
up and down.  KUMA puts his arms up an yawns.

Round 2 & 3 is a little trickier.  There is no warmup pose.  You have to 
determine who you are simply by the stance you see.  But identifing is 
much easier than you think.  Here is how you can find out who you are:

LAW:  Arms swaying, body hopping
EDDY:  Break Dancing, jammin' to the beat of a different drum
KUMA:  Slouched foward, both arms hanging foward
YOSHIMITSU:  Gee, I wonder what physical feature might give him away...?

LEI:  Arms are up in a defensive position, like a professional boxer.  He is 
      swaying in and out, almost side-stepping. Arms/Hands are vey close to the 
      head, in a protective position.  He is slightly crouched foward.

HWOARANG:  Arms are in a defensive position, standing-straight posture, legs 
        are strait scissor-form, and he is hopping up and down.  Scissor-Legs +
        hopping are a dead giveaway.

BRYAN:  He first has his arms out normally, but right before the fight, his 
        right arm pulls back. His right arm is cocked back as if it is 
        preparing to punch.  The right arm is the key.  Kind of looks like Al 
        Bundy in his Football pose.  His legs are a bit far apart.

GUN-JACK:  Legs are far apart, arms are both up like a boxer.  Arms a bit like 
           Lei, but not as high.  Watch the legs.

LING:  Feet close.  Right arm is down, bent at a 50 degree angle.  Left arm is
       foward in an almost defensive position.  Kind of looks like a walking 
       cardboard box.

JULIA:  A little harder to read.  Both arms are out foward, but the right arm 
        is slightly lower.  Both arms have the same angle.  The left arm is 
        out kind of far.  Kindof looks like a cowboy holding out 2 guns.

HEIHACHI:  Far apart leg stance, like GunJack.  Arms are alot like Julia, except
	the right arm doesn't seem to stick out as far.

OGRE-1/OGRE-2 :  Unplayable as Mokujin.  

The Following characters Have almost EXACTLY the same stance:
NINA:  Watch the HANDS.  They both look like heads nodding up and down.  Both 
       hands are doing this at the same time in Synchronization.  The hands 
       are the key.

KING:  He he constantly in motion, hopping up and down.  Arms are a little 
       higher, but it is almost unnoticeable.  His motion hopping is the key.

JIN/PAUL:  I can never tell the difference between these two cheese-balls.

(Notice that all the above characters have a b+1+3 reversal!  See "Strategic 


Learning to identify is the main key to using Mokujin effectively.  Winning is
another matter.  If you have a character you're really good at, chances are 
you will do a few combos and/or juggles and do play well.  However, chances 
are your opponent will know who you are too.  Combos and Juggles are always 
easy to identify; and Throws will always give you away.

If you have an easily identifiable character, then these strategies do not 
apply.  For instance, if you have LAW, then you and your opponent are going to 
know immediately, and chances are that your opponent already knows the best 
way to fight you.

Tip 1:  Hide your character
It is imperative to keep your identity a secret as long as possible, 
especially if you are using a character you have identified and know how to 
play.  You should get a few early hits off and then you can pummel him with 
some finishing combos.  Your anonymity is Always your advantage.

Tip 2:  Punch, Punch, Punch
Most characters can be identified by kicks.  Heihachi and Jin has that high 
scissor kick.  Lei has that double head/heel kick.  Brian has that step 
foreward long kick.  But punches are a little harder to recognize.

Punch a few rounds to keep him guessing.  Don't forget to punch low when he is 
ducking.  When he realizes who you are, or when you see an opening shot, 
pummel him!

My favorite character for this is when Mokujin turns into HWOARANG.  No one 
EvEr uses his punches, so no one can ever identify them.  I punch for half the
round, then when I see an opening I Kick butt (pun intended).

Exceptions:  Lei--using punches causes him to turn his back; GunJack--easily 

Tip 3:  Don't Throw
Well, you can throw if you Want to, but it is ill-advised unless your opponent
already knows who you are.

Tip 4:  Throw
Can't identify who you are?  Throw your opponent.

Tip 5:  Jin, Paul, Nina, (King)
Remember, these 4 characters look exactly the same, with only Nina easily 
identifiable.  If your opponent is aggressive, you won't have a chance to 
identify who you are.  The best thing to do is to be a little defensive and 
USE REVERSALS.  If you have a keen eye, you will be able to identify who you 
are with the reversal.

Keep in mind that with these characters, your opponent probably won't be able 
to identify you either.  So that automatically gives you a tactical advantage.

Note:  King only has a kick Reversal.  And he is the only one that hops.

Tip 6:  2nd & 3rd Round Tactical Advantage
Your second and third round gives you a slightly different advantage.
Your opponent just got done playing against one fighting style the
first round, so his/her mindset is still on that character.

Remember, you may have Mokujin, but it is quite easy to forget that
Mokujin changes fighting styles from Round to Round.

As long as Mokujin changes to a different character the next round,
you have a very distict tactical advantage--assuming that this 
doesn't backfire on you.

I myself have played Mokujin as one character on a given round, but then
tried doing the same move the second round only to realize that I was
someone else.  It is easy to forget that you are probably a different
character from round to round, so be careful.

Tip 7:  An Unfamiliar Advantage
Players fighting against Mokujin are kind of like fighting against Eddy Goro,
they are a bit intimidated.  Anyone who says that he/she does not cringe even
a little when an opponent chooses Eddy Goro is lying.  No matter how good
you are, some silly and really bad player can take Eddy Goro and somehow win.

Mokujin is not quite like that, but players get something of the same feeling
against it.  It is not intimidation, but it is unfamiliarity.  Even if your
opponent knows exactly who you are, he/she is probably not used to seeing
that fighting style with a wooden dummy.

Fighting against a wooden Law or Paul is a hell of alot more difficult than
fighting against the real Law or Paul.  It is because mentally, it looks very
strange.  It's just a mental thing.

So remember, with Mokujin you Always have at least 1 tactical advantage, the
advantage of unfamiliarity.

Tip 8:  Winning is not the key
Chances are that sooner rather than later you will get a character that you 
have no idea how to play.  Or, you will get an opponent that has such a high 
skill, that you only know how to beat him with one character (and you will Not
be that character).

You probably won't win.  

If you have a character you do not know how to play, your chances of winning 
are much higher if your opponent cannot identify you.  But overall, you are in 
deep trouble.

Mokujin is NOT used to win.  It is used to hone your skills, and to have fun. 
Winning with Mokujin is a great feat; it will make you smile and make
spectators go, "oooh.. aaah".

Tip 9:  
Don't run in the house while holding scissors.

*(4) WHAT DO YOU KNOW?    *
For those of you who are wondering how this was all done, take a look
at Tekken 2 for the Playstation.  There is a "wire-frame" mode that
allows you to see characters in their original 3-d form.  

Once the wireframe is completed, movement is added.  Then finally, colour 
and shading textures are added to give the frame characterization.  This 
is the same technique that is used in movies (Terminator 2 and Twister,
just to name a few).

All they needed to really do is replace individual wireframe characters with
Mokujin's look.

* (5) Good References	  *
A good FAQ cannot be; without a few food references.  A little reading can do a
lot for your soul.  I urge you all to take a look at some of the following 
material, if only to enrich yourselves:

-"TEKKEN 3 MOVE LIST" -- by Catlord (http://www.monmouth.com/~karin/)
A no nonsense move list written in the 1,2,3,4 button fashion.  Straight foward,
Easy to read, giving you exactly what you need to learn the game.  Every move
for every character.

-"TEKKEN PSYCHOLOGY 101" -- by Catlord (http://www.monmouth.com/~karin/)
An excellent tutorial on what kind of players to expect.  It is most useful
not so much in how to beat other players, but on understanding other players,
and on how to have fun.  This isn't just a Tekken Psychology guide, but rather a
good fighters guide in general, In My Opinion.

-"HEIDI" -- by Joanna Spry (Local Library)
A touching story of a young girl given to her grandfather to live in the Alps 
when her mother passes away.  A truly uplifting story, that exposes the
innocence in us all.  My favorite book.

"V FOR VENDETTA" -- by Alan Moore, published by DC Comics (Local Comic Book 
This may have been presented in a comic book form, but it is nothing short of 
an epic novel.  It is filled with dramatization, extensive characterization, 
and littered with symbalism and fore-shadowing.  You want something that you 
need to sit and think about after you read, then V FOR VENDETTA is for you.

"STAR TREK II:  THE WRATH OF KAHN", the movie (Local Video Rental Store)
The beauty about this movie is it's strong philisophical implications.  The 
entire story is littered with life and death, and how we deal with it all.  
The "Kobayashi Maru" is an aspect that can be seen in all day to day matters, 
as well as religious teachings ranging from Christianity to Judaism to Taoism.  
This movie is much deeper than you think.

* (6)  Miscellaneous	  *

-My highest number of wins (using Mokujin) against human opponents is 9.  
What's yours?
	-MMXX2020@aol.com is reported to have 15 straight wins with Mokujin!

-My greatest moment:  Our local Guru had 34 wins using various characters 
(except Eddy and Mokujin). I came in as Mokujin and beat him in the 3rd round
finishing with King's Jumping Side Swipe (SS+3+4) (some 65+% damage on the 
counter-hit). He had no idea I was King.

-I am Requesting:  FAQ Logo, Heihachi Stance info, Stance Corrections, 
Paul/Jin distinctions,  a nice girl to take out on Saturday nights.

-This FAQ may be freely distibuted and posted anywhere.  This FAQ or any part 
of it may NOT be used for commercial use unless given proper authorization by 
me.  That especially means YOU, E.G.M.!  If you are reposting it, you are free
to make any edits, but please please specify the edits you make; if you are 
reposting excerps, please be kind give me a little credit.

-For corrections, additions, comments, an updated FAQ, questions, or a date 
for Saturday Nights (females only please), feel free to contact me at 

-New Information used in future updates will be properly credited.

The Hoang Le

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