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Mokujin by Ozman

Version: 1.5 |

---Mokujin FAQ!!---
     __          __ _                              _
     \ \        / /| |                            | |
      \ \  __  / / | |____   ___  \\ ___      ___ | |  ___  _  \\
       \ \/  \/ /  |  __  \ / _ \   / __|    / _ \| | / _ \| |
        \  /\  /   | |  | || |_| | _\__ \   | |_|   || |_|   |
         \/_ \/    |_|  |_| \___/ /_____/    \___/|_| \___/|_|
        \|/ \_________    _    ___    ____
        -*- |     _   |  | |  / _ \  / ___|  ???  
        /|\ | *  / /* |  | | | |_| || |__ |  ???
            |   / /   |  | |__\___/__\____|  ???
            |_________|  |________________|  ???   
          Female Mokujin!!
                        Who's da' LOG FAQ v.1.5
                           By ()z|\/|/-\|\|!!
                              Oliver Eden
-------------------------UPDATES AND WHATS NEW!!-------------------------
|V.1.0 - The whole FAQ!!  First version!                                  |
|V.1.5 - Changed name of FAQ, changed layout slightly,                    |
|                               stances and warm-ups!!                    |
|                                                                         |

This is the Mokujin Faq entitled...   WHO'S DA' LOG???
I call Mokujins mimmicking Moku- (then char name)
     MOKU-Chang etc...
So you'll understand if I say one of these!!

First off I'll tell you what Mokujin is...

=+=+=+=+=+=+=MOKUJIN IS...=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
1. A dummy!!
2. A very weird character to play as!
3. The biggest Mimmick your likely to see!!
4. Made of wood!!
5. The 4th Sub-Boss character to be released!!
6. The one that look's like Pinnochio!!

Ok... Enuff joking around about Mokujin and his appearence.  I'm sure it's
not his fault his head is a LOG!!

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=MOKUJIN FACTS!!=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
Mokujin is a 2000 year old training dummy that was brought to life by Toshin
on his last rounds.  (More about this in the story line section!!)
MOKU - Means Tree!
JIN - Means Man or men, in the term of a race...
Therefore MOKUJIN is the TreeMan!!

Catch Copy - The Tireless Fighter or the wooden Terror!!
Nationality - From the race of Bokujin. 
Fighting Style - Mimicry.
Age - 2000+.  
Height - 178 cm.
Weight - 95 kg.
Blood type - Sap.
Occupation - Training dummy.
Hobby - Mimicry.
Likes - Mimicry.
Dislikes - Mimicry.

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=MOKUJIN STORY LINE!!=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
OK, Mokujin's story line includes a lot of stuff about Toshin/Ogre!!  So for
those of you that don't know Ogre is the Boss of the game and is the GOD OF
FIGHT.  He is in Heihachi's story line aswell!!

Mokujin used to be a normal training dummy, until The God Of Fight came and
animated him!!  You see The God Of Fight was gettin' sick of using humans as
slaves as they kept on rebelling!!  So he started animating things!!  He tried
everyting you could think of!!  These things he animated became known as
BOKUJIN, meaning MY PEOPLE,  referring to The God Of Fight's people!!
These BOKUJIN worked well as slaves as they could not rebel as they didn't 
know how to.  All they knew was how to carry out orders!  That is all except for
one very special BOKUJIN that was a training dummy for fighters.  He had studied
all the styles of fighting his "owners" had used!  Now he can mimick almost 
all the fighting styles!
This BOKUJIN did know how to rebel, and he tried.  He rallied all of his fellow
BOKUJIN and taught them to think for themselves and then they all rebelled!
Only one of the BOKUJIN survived, another training dummy, not quite as powerful
as his predecessor but still he mimicked many fighting styles.  He went into
hiding about the same time as The God Of Fight was captured and kept in a cave.

---about 2000 years later---

When The God Of Fight was released, by Heihachi's Tekkenshuu Forces, the last
remaining BOKUJIN also awoke.  He remembered his past and set out to seek and
destroy the God Of Fight by entering in the largest tournament he could find
If anyone can beat The God Of Fight, this BOKUJIN beleives he is the
LOG to do it!!

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=FIGHTING AS MOKUJIN!=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
OK, to fight as Mokujin you select him on the Character Select screen!  He is
The last on the 2nd row (At least at time of writing) he is underneath Lei 
Wulong!  Your machine may not have access to him as he is released in the 
TimeRelease mechanism!
When you pick Mokujin, the Punches (LP+RP or 1+2) will select male Mokujin!
and the kicks (LK+RK or 3+4) will select female Mokujin!
Female Mokujin, has breasts, and a dress shaped torso!  Oh and a flower on
her head!!!!
When you fight as Mokujin, he/she/it can mimmick any of the character's that are
released except for the Ogres!  He will change character every round!  
Although sometimes he doesn't change!  There isn't a proven way to control him
but there is a rumored way:-

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=To Control Mokujin's Character Selection...=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=

Mokujin has different functions for each of the four buttons.

LP - keeps the same character for another round. 
RP - moves you two people to the right as they would be on the select screen. 
LK - moves you three to the left.
RK - one to the right. 

This is not proven!  If you find out it is EMAIL ME!!

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=Who am I???=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
In round one you have to watch the Pre-Fight animation, here is a list
everyone's pre fight animation...
  Character - 1st pre-fight.  2nd pre-fight.
|Ling Xiaoyu| - Jump up and down. Bows to her opponent very politely.
|Yoshimitsu| - Spin and stand up. Face away, slow flip, facing towards 
 ----------                                           opponent.
|Nina Williams| - Hand near chin, like she's trying to remember.  Slice 
 -------------                                                 throat motion!
|Forrest Law| - Dances on his toes a little!  Concertrates on Ki energy.
|Hwoarang| - Bunch of kicks.  Scrathes hair!
|Eddy Gordo| - Points at your opponent.  Different dance, looking down, then 
 ----------                               into Capoeria dance!
|Paul Phoenix| - 	Crosses arm and moves his neck. Touches up his air.
|King| - Back to the opponent, turn around.  Facing towards the screen.
|Lei WuLong| - Crosses arm.  Goes into Panther Stance to stretch.
|Jin Kazama| - Puts on his gloves.  Stand with his foot out and head back.
|Bryan Fury| - Walk up to the opponent with his hands behind his back.
 ----------       Pushes fists out toward opponent like a boxer!
|Kuma| - Roll towards.  Raises his arms up high like his terrible claw (!).
|Heihachi Mishima| - Turned around, sitting down, Gets up.  Standing, Glows.
|Julia Chang| - Checks up her head band, and pats cheeks!  Prays breifly!
|Gun Jack| - Big arm swings!!  Robotic rise to stand, and his arms goes 
 --------                       in and out as he "SHOOTS!!".

And in the other rounds you need to know everyones stances and how they act
in a fight.  This is everyones stances, hand an feet positioning!

   Bryan Fury    - One hand is straight above other.

   Eddy Gordo    - Capoeria, obviously Eddy.

   Gun Jack      - Low set, knees bent.

   Hwoarang      - Hops up and down, starts with his left foot forward.

   Heihachi      - Can't tell.

   Jin Kazama    - Can't tell.

   Julia Chang   - Low set, arms wide out.

   King          - Hops forward and back, leaning in and out.

   Kuma / Panda  - Arms bent down in front of him, hunched over.

   Forrest Law    - Keeps on moving, hopping around all over the place.

   Lei WuLong    - Moves left and right also hunched forward slightly.
   Nina Williams - Hands bob up and down constantly.
   Paul Phoenix  - Can't tell.
   Ling Xiaoyu   - High set, arms wide out.

   Yoshimitsu    - Holding a brown sword...OH WOW!!

For characters that look the same:  Move back, then tap f,f+rp.
                     If it's a  Forwards Punch you're Jin
                     If it's an Uppercut you're Heihachi
                     If it's an Elbow you're Paul

There you go!  That should help!

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=MOKUJIN LOOKS COOL WHEN...=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=
Some of the best things to do with Mokujin are:
1. Moku-Jacks 3+4 Unblockable!!
2. Moku-Mishima's chi palms 1+2
3. Double Flipkicks! Moku-Forrest!
4. Moku-Gordo...
5. Clonimitsu, umm...with Moku-Mitsu
6. Any 1+2+3+4, his effect is green sparks!!
7. Darkness Cutter with Moku-Jack!!
8. Moku-Mishima's Noogie-headlock-draining-neckcracker throw!!
9. Just about Everything that has sparks, or some kinda effect!!

Thats about all I have to say in this FAQ, I hope this helps people that 
love to use MOKUJIN, like myself!

=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=THANX TO...=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=

Nathan Ryan
SufBard, got a couple a things from his FAQ, like warm up 
stances I didn't know!
CatLord, Excellent FAQ!!
Faceless Master, he's a legend!
Crimson for the excellent Julia Chang FAQ!!
And Namco... I forgot why???

PS My FAQ iz betta than tha other one!!

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