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Ling Xiaoyu Move List by YHigaki

Updated: 01/29/97

From: caballo@rescomp.Stanford.EDU (Yuji Higaki)
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade,rec.games.video.sony
Subject: [TK3] Tekken 3 - Ling Xiaoyu Movelist/Description
Date: 29 Jan 1997 01:17:49 GMT

As I promised, here is everything I know about Ling Xiaoyu (one of the
new characters in Tekken 3).  Most of these moves have "official names"
listed on the cabinet, but I don't have them in front of me right now.
I'll try to make up the most descriptive/appropriate name possible.

Listed in no particular order:

LP, RP			Quick one-two.  Very quick.
d/b+LP			Power Punch (Extremely fast - useful counter)
d+LP+RP			Puts Ling in her crouching stance
d+LP+RP, RP		Crouching stance to immediate uppercut (juggles)
u/f+RK			Jumping Overhead kick (Mid-level -- slow)
d+LP			Fans her arms and gets to a crouch (Mid)
b+LP			Small open hand strike at mid level (??)
d+LK+RK			Spinning Axis shift (Like Michelle)
D,LK,RP,LP,RK		Four hit flurry (Juggles)
d/f+LP			Uppercut (juggles) (Might be d/f+RP . don't 
u+LP+RP, RP		Spreads arms out for two hits.  (Not great)

Moves done while crouching
LP+RP			Uppercut.  (Juggles)
d/f+RK, RK		Two sweep kicks (Like Shun frm VF series)
LK~RK			Big sweep (knocks down)
u+RK,RK			Twirling kick (mid level)

Moves I've seen, but don't know how to do:
A roll forward from the crouch position.
A sideway, evasive roll from the crouch position.
Assuming the backwards position.
The quick flipkick from the backwards position.

After a week of getting pummelled with her, I've finally managed
to come up with a style of play that allows me to hold 6-10 game
winning streaks.  She is most dangerous from the ducking position.
She can uppercut (juggles very quickly), sweep (knocks down) and 
she automatically ducks all high attacks and many mid-level
attacks.  Unfortunately, she can not block any low level attacks
from this position.

My most effective post-juggle combo is JUGGLE, LP, RP (quick
punches), d/b+LP (Power Punch).

I'd appreciate it if anyone could add to this list or send me
effective strategies with Xiaoyu.  Coming later: more TK3
news and my conversation with the Namco employee.

Yuji Garett Higaki			Sun Microsystems
caballo@rescomp.stanford.edu		yuji.higaki@eng.sun.com
Department of Electrical Engineering	Networking Products
Stanford University

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