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Ling Xiaoyu by WDChan

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/10/97

From: wdchan@dircon.co.uk (W.D. Chan)
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
Subject: TK3: Xiaoyu FAQ v1.0 =)
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 97 00:44:44 GMT

All comments and whatnots to waidat@flirble.org =)  v1.0


This is a strategy guide for Ling Xiaoyu, we aren't experts on Xiaoyu and there
never time to write absolutely everything down, but I think you'll find it an
entertaining read.  Thanks go to anyone and everyone who have written 
move-lists and FAQs on Ling previously.  This document has been written by 
players for players and under no circumstances should any information 
contained here in be used for profit.  Feel free to spread the word =)

Brief Moves key:
+ and
~ immediately followed by
* This combo can be delayed (I'll go into this some more later on)

A more in depth move list is to be found in Justin Pierce's Ling Xiaoyu Moves
List.  Many thanks to everyone in those credits for helping to produce the 
list!  I know this version is a little rough around the edges, but being 
version 1.0 all corrections, further info ... stuff(!) will be appreciated and
credited =)

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then let's begin.

AoP - Art of Phoenix - d+1+2
Cs - Circle Stance - b+1+2
FA - Back turned stance b+3+4
WS - While standing

The key to being a good Xiaoyu player is to mix up your style of play. You must
know how to fully utilise all her stances and to be as annoying as hell. I must
say Xiaoyu is the most annoying char in my own opinion to play against since 
she is so damn fast she has virtually full recovery after all of her moves.  
Mind you, after saying that, I think she's the most fun as well.

AoP Xiaoyu  - d+1+2~1+2 float

This style involves you knowing her d+(1+2)~1+2 float.
Every time you whiff a move such as a d/b+1 or a f,f+1+2 or FA f,f+1+2  go into
the AoP if your opponent isn't expecting it - a lot of players will try and hit
you after you whiff but if they don't go for a low attack then you will 
dominate with Xiaoyu.

You have to watch Paul players tho since they can knock you out of AoP with the
tile splitter ( d+1 ) or the falling leaf ( d+4 ) combos. If you do anticipate
then use her Dodge throw ( N 1+3_2+4 ).

If you whiff the AoP you have two options:
1. Go for a dodge (1+4 or d+1+4)
2. Go into the AoP again. If your opponent is attentive they will start to 
   learn this style of play so I recommend you only use this kind of style 
   once or twice a match ... you need to mix it up btw.  If you've whiffed 
   with the same move from AoP more than twice, I'd advise using another level
   of attack from AoP.

Timing is all important for Xiaoyu.  When you're in the AoP, try not to be
predictable.  Offensive players will rush in, believing they know exactly when
they can strike you out of the AoP.  Mix up something like the 1+2 with 4 to
knock them back, or 4~3 to trip them onto the ground.  It's not essential that
you use all of her moves, but she becomes that much more effective against
offensive players if you do.

Both of her throws from the AoP can catch novices out (and on occasion in a
rather spectacular fashion =).  Awake opponent will usually duck, or run away.

Remember that you can hold down so she doesn't go into the grab animation, but
just stays crouched.  A ducking opponent at this point is a floated opponent as

you can usually catch them with a (WS)+ 2.
If you're _that_ desperate to get off a throw, you can go straight back into 
AoP with d+1+2 and try again.

In your face Xiaoyu.

This style involves basically poking constantly so they don't get time to 

1,2 or f+1,2
       - df+2 if they crouch
- 1,2 till they crouch
- db+4 ( hoping they don't crouch =)
       - Throw
       - d+2  ( Start of Super Cheese Xiaoyu )
           - d+3, 2~1
- Throw (This catches a lot of players since they are expecting
  the 4)
     - 4 (Note most players will block this move leaving you open for a
       split second to get hit)
                    - d+2  ( Puts you into (FC) - Back to Super Cheese Xiaoyu )
- d+3, 2, d+4 (The distance on this combo must be just right so
  that the first d+3 is just in range. This is the main link of
  Super Cheese Xiaoyu since the move looks so weird and if you hit
  with the (FC)d+3 and d+4 you can repeat this Combo until your
  opponent grows wise in blocking then go for the (FC)d+3, 2~1
  throw or d+3, d+2, throw )

- 4 ( Skyscraper kick to get into Racoon Xiaoyu )
- 2 ( Comes out slightly slower than 4 but it _does_ float them
  leaving you FA - very good move )

Racoon Xiaoyu f, f+3

This style is good to use when the opponent is grounded you can do some serious
mix up with racoon Xiaoyu.  After a float combo depending on distance of the 
opponent if they are close do:

f, f+3 to racoon but if they are further away use F, f+3 - this move will float

them slightly and you have two choices here:

1.   You can hit them with the 4 and go f, f+3 again if they flinch they will
float again and you can repeat this for annoyance value. Now if they start
getting wise then you should hit them with f, f+3 pause.

2.   You can hit them with d+3 and chase them with d+3.  You can usually get 2
or 3, but you should mix this up with a f, f+3 move then pretend you are going
to hit them with a d+3 and hit 4 as soon as they flinch for another float.

Roo Xiaoyu, (FA) f+3+4, 3+4

Roo Xiaoyu is very powerful when played with the AoP since both styles will
float them but this style is very deceiving in appearance since the key is to
make the opponent believe they can hit you when they can't.  The best setup for
this move is from FA and go into a flip (f, f+3+4). This is the classic setup
for the Roo since most players will run in and try and throw/hit you.  Another
way to setup Roo Xiaoyu is b+3+4 but it doesn't look as deceiving as the
backflip trick, but you can mix this up with 4 to float as well if you know 
your distance.

When you float with the Roo you can add:
        f+3+4, 3+4  -
                     d+3 ( Can be quick rise-d out of )
                     d+1, 4 (timing is hard but looks impressive)

        If you are a real smart arse you can instead add:
                  2, 2, f+3+4, 3+4
                  (2?), 2, 1, f, f+1+2, 1+2

Dancing Xiaoyu

This is the hardest style to play but looks the most impressive. The style just
involves running around your opponent making it very difficult for them to hit

Clockwise Cartwheel:
Facing Right: u, f+1+2   (dodge, cartwheel)
       Left : d, f+1+2
The dodge at the start before the cartwheel gives Xiaoyu that little bit extra
angle to get more round her opponent.
>From this position you can do the classic roo starter which is
Facing right u, f 1+2, f f+1+2~1+2 (Where f is right)
Facing left d, f 1+2, f f+1+2~1+2 (Where f is left)
If you can get this out you will get lots of Oooos and Ahhs since it looks very

impressive.  If you get the timing right they can't low hit you out of the 
start of your roo...all they can do is block which gives you an offensive 

However you know if you have whiffed this move since you will do her twirling
dodge ... (1+2) instead of Rooing.

Anti-clockwise Cartwheel:
Facing Right: d, f+3+4 (dodge, forward roll)
       Left : u, f+3+4
Again the dodge of the start is to get a better angle basically letting you get

90 degrees without having them to whiff a move.

The best ending move for dancing Xiaoyu is always the 4 ... then your custom
float but d/b+1 is easiest to do under pressure and gives you time to change
your style.

Advanced tactics:

Xiaoyu's best two moves IMHO are her f, f+1+2, 1+2 (Upward slap, Downward slap)
and her u+1+2,2,1 * (This move can be delayed which lets you set your opponent

The upward and downward slap both hit mid letting you hit opponents who duck a
lot ... or those that try to rush in after the first hit.  Use this move to its
best potential when the downward slap hits with a major counter you can get in
another upward/downward slap.

The key to her u+1+2, 2, 1 is to break it into the first two parts and mix it
up.  You will have to watch out for characters with a reversal ... remember to
buffer in a reversal break (f+1+3).

A simple u+1+2 does a downward slice
- delay... 2 ( Hits them like a WS + 2 )
- 3+4 Ginger Snap (swings her arms around leaving her at a slight angle to
   her opponent..if you anticipate the opponent attacking just tag on a b+1 
   guard block. )

- 2 (Second part of combo from here it can get interesting.)
- f+2~1 ( Her Human hurdle, lots of players will continue to block and wait
                     for you to complete the combo with the power palm (1)
    - Roo
                    - dash backwards towards opponent then 4 to float.
    - delay 1 ( This is good to do if you do the hurdle lots )
            - f,f+1+2~1+2 ( Good if opponent dashes back to not get hit )

Circle Stance ( B+1+2 )

Mixing Circle stance with a variety of 2s when in stance and dodges is also a
good style ... the 2 comes out fast and leaves less of an opening than the 1+2

Also if you cartwheel you will cartwheel in the direction you are circling
giving you more angle on your attack.

Buffering tricks.

A little trick - with her move which starts d, df+2 ... instead of tagging on
the 1 you can keep D/F which will put you in FA crouching stance. Where you can
then either go N 4 for her racoon or you can hit 2 to turn back to your front.
If you switch btw 1 and 2 and D and D/F you can buffer into phoenix and FA
stance ... letting you get out all sorts of possible combos.

As you can see you can pretty much change the styles of play with Xiaoyu. When
you learn how to mix up the styles effectively to the point where your opponent
cannot predict you at all you will dominate with Xiaoyu since she is not a 
power character but more a deceptive character. Her power lies in fooling the 
opponent that she is vulnerable when she is not.

So, those are the basics.  What's left?  What follows is a quick guide to some
of the remaining moves (and their 'real' names!)

db+1    -  Storming flower:

           This is one of Xiaoyu's most offensive single moves.  It does good
damage, it's quick and scares the opponent.  Unfortunately, it also has a 
fairly limited range and long recovery time.

df+1    - Butter the Bread

          This move is mainly used as a starter once the opponent has been
floated, but it's fairly fast, and ducks under high attacks while hitting mid.

I usually go into FA through this, but feel free to go back to facing forwards
by holding DF.

d+1     - Flapping Wings

          Ever need a wall to hide behind?  This is it.  It's slow to start, 
but if your opponent is about mid to close distance and they run in while 
you're doing the move, it will usually knock them out of whatever they were 
trying.>From here you can go into a (WS) move, or keep down held to go into AoP, adding

to the fun.

u+1      - Single Fan

           I tend to use this more for variety than anything else.  It can put
you into FA, and it's good for hitting mid.

df+2     - ??

           This knocks the opponent back, or floors them.  I know it's useful,
but I haven't managed to do anything with it in a play situation yet =)

f+3      - Cloud Kick

           Heh.  One of the two kicks you can cheese the computer with.  
Againsta human player, well ... if you whiff with this, the recovery is nasty.
If you do hit though, it does a decent amount of damage, floors the opponent, 
and puts them close enough to you so that you can chase them while they're on 
the ground.

f, f+4   - Step Kick

           The usefulness of this kick is due to the weird timing as she hops 
in before attacking.  It does good damage, and floors the opponent - the timing
messes up players who like reversing anything that runs towards them.  Its 
other use is the second part of cheesing the computer.

An example would be:

At the beginning of a match, f+3.  Then, judge when you start the f, f+4 so it
finishes just as the computer quick rises.  This will put them into a stun.
Chase them with another f+3, and get the timing right again with the f, f+4.
This 'combo' won't work all the time, but you can get times of about 1 min 50
sec completions with Xiaoyu.  I haven't tried it on a human player yet... =)

db+4     - Nutcracker

           Slow, but amazingly useful.  Anything that grounds the opponent is
=).  I tend to tack this onto 1,2, 1,2 attacks if the opponent freezes.

Okay.  That's it for the moment folks.  Watch this space!

Authors: Jason Ho, Wai dat Chan

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