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Ling Xiaoyu by JKim

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/07/98

----====Ling Xiaoyu====----

Ling Xiaoyu strategy guide Version 2.0

By: Josh Kim "Joshic"

Original Release Date: 11-21-97

Latest Update: 6-7-98


This FAQ can be distributed in any form, period.  However, any
organizations wishing to distribute this FAQ or any portion thereof for
profit should contact the author at:


(c) Copyright 1997,1998 Josh Kim

This FAQ should be viewed with a monospace font (like Courier New) if




1.    Moves List
2.    Vs. People Strategy
         A. Defense
         B. Offense
            a.Rain Dance tactics
            b.Phoenix Stance tactics
            c.Regular Stance tactics
            d.Tenstrings and Unblockable
            g.Sidestepping Techniques
3.    Vs. Computer Strategy(?)
4.    Ling Xiaoyu Background Information
5.    Credits


1.  Introduction


Welcome to the second major revision of my Ling FAQ!  Since the last
version of this guide, my Ling skills have greatly improved, as have my
general Tekken skills.  This version fixes all mistakes/typos that were
in the previous version, and includes better strategy, custom strings,
and other goodies/tips.  At first glance this FAQ may look the same as
the previous version, but rest assured that I've gone through the entire
text from beginning to end multiple times and made changes all over the
place.  Read it from beginning to end for full benefit.  That is, if you
have the time and the patience, hehe.

This version of my FAQ does not include a moves list.  I had one in my
previous version, but realized it to be inadequate and somewhat
difficult to read.  Rather than make another movelist or copy someone
else's work altogether, I thought I'd just leave it up to you to find
one- it shouldn't be hard.  I strongly recommend that you check out Ben
"Tragic" Cureton's Tekken3 Manual Act1.  Read the gameplay primers in
his FAQ and familiarize yourself with general Tekken lingo if you have
not done so already.  Print out a copy of Ling's section from the TK3
Manual and keep it handy as you go through this FAQ.  In case you don't
already know, you can find it, along with just about any other Tekken
FAQ, at http://www.gamefaqs.com


2.    Vs. People Strategy


Ling Xiaoyu is one of the fastest characters in Tekken3.  Offensively,
she can get in the opponent's face and maintain a stream of poking
attacks, all the while looking for throws and juggle opportunities.
Defensively, Ling has a vast array of evasive maneuvers which alter her
axis alignment, making it very difficult for the opponent to score a hit
on her.  Master all aspects of Ling and you can frustrate your opponent
to no end.


Here are some key defensive moves you'll use:

1.) Mid Parry (1+4):  Useful for interrupting an opponents string or
attack.  Gives you a 7-frame advantage (.1167 sec).  You can't do
much with that time, but you can go into a reverse 1-2 punch (2,1)
to snuff out any counter attacks and set yourself up right next to
your opponent in Rain Dance.  You can also try going into Phoenix
Stance(AoP) and making your opponent guess your attack from there.  Ling
can even do a mid thrust block with her back turned!

2.) Low Parry (d+1+4 or db+1+4):  Use this, PLEASE!  I almost never see
people use low thrust blocks, and so many characters have them,
including Ling.  If you know the opponent is going to do a low attack,
then use a low thrust block.  Say your opponent is doing a tenstring,
then what you want to do is wait for a low attack in the string and
thrust block it.  You have a 26-frame advantage after a successful
low thrust block (.4333 sec), and you are guaranteed either a Storming
Flower (db+1) or Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2~1+2).  Or you can try a
Sunflower or throw, but they are not guaranteed.  Remember that Ling can
do a low thrust block even if her back is turned.  Isn't she so special?

3.) b+1 or b+2:  These are two really quick "knifehand" attacks that
can interrupt many attacks, even some tenstrings.  They hit mid and
Ling sidesteps a little before doing the move.  Ling will sidestep
slightly to her right before b+1, and will sidestep slightly to her left
before b+2- keep that in mind.  They seem to be useful after you have
finished a series of attacks and expect a counter-attack.  Do this move
to interrupt them.

4.) Standard Sidesteps:  tap up or down to do the standard sidestep.
Ling's sidestep is one of the fastest and longest in the game.  Not
as great as Ogre's sidestep, but since she is so small your timing
doesn't have to be perfect.  Don't forget she can sidestep in Rain
Dance.  More on sidestep maneuvers later in this guide.

5.) f,f+3+4, Front and Back Layout:  This is useful if your opponent is
far away and they start charging towards you looking for a shoulder
ram or whatever.  Jump over them and kick them sky-high.  If your
opponent is the defensive type, they will usually wait for you to
land from your flip and slam you with a power move as soon as you
land, so be careful with this move.

6.) Hypnotist to Spin Sticker:  Not that great, but she starts walking
slowly to the left and comes out with a quick mid attack.  I guess
it could be useful if timed perfectly.  Also when in Hypnotist
stance, you can pull almost any move out, so mix it up to confuse
your opponent.

7.) d+2, Low Jab:  Great move.  The low jab can interrupt a lot of
attacks, since Ling's is one of the quickest in the game.  If you throw
out this move, do a low kick immediately afterward- it will almost
always hit for damage.  This is because most people see a low jab and
block high afterwards, afraid of getting hit by a WS attack.

8.) d+1, Sunset Fan:  This move eats up a lot of attacks for lunch.
Great priority.  This move recovers crouching, so you can go into any WS
attack immediately afterward.  Holding down on the joystick after the
move leaves you in AoP.

9.) d+1+2, Phoenix Stance/Art of Phoenix (AoP):  This will make her
dodge all high attacks, some mid attacks (Paul's Deathfist is ducked
under), and sets you up in Phoenix Stance so you can get back on the
offensive.  You can even go straight into the Phoenix Stance from the
Rain Dance.  Just press d+1+2 when you have your back turned.  This is a
great defensive position.  If your opponent sees you go into this stance
and tries to attack you with a blonde bomb, flip kick, or something
similar, you can roll out of harm's way by pressing 1+3 or 2+4.
Hold down on the joystick immediately after pressing the buttons to
do the roll without the throw.

10.) db+1, Storming Flower:  If your opponent is rushing at you with
attacks from a little beyond side kick range, you might want to do
this move.  It counterhits a lot of attacks and knocks them back.
If you whiff with this move, you're screwed, so make sure you know
the exact range of this move.

11.) 1,2:  Even though her 1-2 jabs both hit high, they are super quick
and can interrupt many attacks.  Doing 1,d+2 is sometimes even more
effective because the second hit connects mid.  Either way, the second
hit of these two punch variations is guaranteed if the first hit
connects, counterhit or not.

12.) df+1:  This move hits mid, puts you in Rain Dance, and interrupts
many attacks.  Pressing DF+1 will leave you in regular stance.  This
move also has a tendency to duck under high attacks in its execution.

13.) 2,1:  High, then mid punches.  Interrupts many attacks and sets you
up in Rain Dance.  To do this move and recover in regular stance, do

14.) u+4 or uf+4, Cyanide:  If your opponent keeps performing low
attacks in a predictable fashion(like King's Stagger Kicks), use this
move to go over the low attack and hit them.  If it connects on
counterhit, you knock them down and can juggle with a Fire Dancer into
Dark and Stormy.  Note that this is also Ling's tenstring starter.

15.) standing right kick (4); df+4:  Along with Nina and Julia, Ling has
the fastest executing standing right kick in the game.  This move hits
high, but it comes out extremely quickly and if it counterhits, you can
immediately do a db+1 to hit them for a juggle combo.  df+4 executes a
little slower than 4, but it hits mid so you can use it if your opponent
repeatedly ducks your standing right kick.  These two kicks are useful
in custom strings and as spacing tools when used after a punch series,
as they have more range than standard punches.

Sense a recurring theme in the above list?  The best defense is a good
offense.  i.e., it's better to interrupt an attack than to block it.
Of course, interrupting is dangerous in that you can get counter-hit,
so you don't want to go crazy with this, but since Ling is the fastest
character in the game, many opportunities to interrupt attacks will
arise.  Try to capitalize on as many of these opportunities as you can
without being overly reckless.  If you feel uncomfortable about
interrupting your opponent's attacks, try to evade them, as Ling is the
best evasive character in the game.

Blocking your opponent's attacks will usually not give you the
initiative, and if the opponent uses a guard stun move, you may even
lose it.  Therefore it makes sense to try to stop your opponent's
attacks or evade them so you can gain initiative and get back on the





An important thing to know is how to get into Rain Dance (back turned
position).  Sure, we all know about f,f+3 (Raccoon Swing), but do you
know them all?  If you use a new technique to get into Rain Dance, your
opponent won't know and try to rush you or duck, setting them up for a
Mistrust.  Remember, Ling wins by tricking the opponent, and if you use
the same move over and over again to get to Rain Dance, you're not
gonna get a Mistrust to connect.

So here are all the ways to get into Rain Dance that I can think of:

1.) b+3+4:  The standard method.  No attacks, just a turn around move.
Note that she sidesteps slightly to the right when she does this
move.  If you do a right sidestep followed by this move, you'll end
up behind your opponent.  This is also a good round-opening move.

2.) f,f+3:  Not bad at long range, but good players will see it coming
in most cases, so make sure you buffer a reversal break.

3.) 2,1:  quick and easy (one of my favorites, hits high, then mid).
Hold DF on the joystick to recover facing forward.

4.) (WS)+2:  a.k.a. Sunflower.  Juggles AND leaves you with back
turned.  What more could you want?  Hold forward on the joystick to
recover facing forward. (e.g. WS+2~F)

5.) u+1:  good at really close range.  If you hold up (U+1) you'll end
in regular stance.

6.) (AoP), 4~B:  When you're in Art of Phoenix, hit 4 to do a mid-kick.
What most people don't know is that if you hold back after doing
the kick, you'll end up in Rain Dance.

7.) df+1:  Quick mid attack that moves you forward, interrupts attacks,
and leaves you in Rain Dance.  Hold DF on the stick to recover facing

8.) (AoP), f+1+2:  Takes Ling straight from Phoenix Stance into Rain

9.) (FC),3,2:  Firedancer into first hit of Dark and Stormy.  Hits low
then high.

10.) (FC),df+2:  If you do just the first hit of the Lotus Twist, you'll
recover in Rain Dance.  Hold DF after you do this move to recover

11.) (AoP), U+4~U:  If you do just the first hit of Flower Power and
hold up, you'll recover in Rain Dance.

12.) (FC),DB+3+4:  Low Back Turn.  No attack, but this move lets you go
immediately from a crouching position into Rain Dance.  Not many
people know this move, so it can surprise your opponent.

NOTE:  when Ling has her back turned to her opponent, f or F means
towards the opponent

Ok, so now you're in Rain Dance.  What can you do?  If you're in close,
you can:

1.) 2,2,2,2,2...:  You can do as many of these as you want (I wouldn't
recommend doing more than two or three of these in a row though.).
This is a set up move.  They all hit high, leave you with your back
turned, come out very quickly, and are unlikely to hit, but your
opponent is not gonna want to block all day.  If they try to duck,
you can...

2.) 4:  Mistrust.  They will get tired of blocking all those high
punches and duck, which means you can juggle!

3.) 2,1:  The 1 punch will turn you around to face your opponent.

4.) 2,1,4:  Two high punches into Mistrust.  The Mistrust can be
slightly delayed.

5.) 1+3_2+4:  Like all characters, Ling can throw when her back is
turned.  Her throw range appears to be greater when her back is turned.
Additionally, if Ling whiffs a throw attempt, she remains in back turned
position, unlike other characters.  If they continue blocking your
2,2,2, then throw them with a 2+4 (you can even use button buffering to
make the throw come out faster).  If you end the punches with a 2,1
(last punch makes you face forward) throw with a 1+3.  A great way to
implement this technique is to do a Firedancer into the first hit of the
Dark and Stormy, hold down right punch, and press right kick.  It looks
like this:
        (FC)d+3,2, 2+4
This is effective because you are buffering the throw so it'll come out
faster, plus your opponent will usually be holding back, blocking and
waiting for the standard (FC)d+3,2,1,4 string to end.  Essentially you
are setting your opponent up for a throw.

6.) d+3:  This will kick them low.  Also hits grounded opponents.
If you hold down (D+3) Ling will recover in regular stance.  You
can use this after a Raccoon Swing (f,f+3).  Most people will stand
and block high, expecting a Mistrust.

7.) f+3+4:  California Roll.  This will roll Ling forward and duck
under high attacks.  If they try to attack you high, you can do a
Cyclone (f+3+4~3+4) to juggle them.  If they just stand there blocking
after your roll, don't do the Cyclone because they'll pound you when you
recover from the Cyclone.  Do a throw, mistrust, or Back Circle Breaker
(d+3) instead.

8.) 3:  Quick mid kick, recovers in regular stance.  I guess you can
use this for variation, but since the Mistrust also hits mid, this
is not very useful in this situation.  However, it is quite useful in
juggles (explained later).

9.) f,f+3:  Peg Leg.  If any of the above moves leaves you slightly
more than side kick distance away, you can do this move to hit them
mid.  Not as useful as I had thought previously, hehe.  It looks cool

10.) Sidestep:  Ling has a great sidestep when in Rain Dance, and unlike
other characters, she stays in Rain Dance after the sidestep.  You can
do the standard sidestep by tapping the joystick up or down, or you can
press 3+4 or d+3+4 for a spinning sidestep.  After the sidestep, you
can follow up with any of the above.  The spinning sidesteps leave you
in regular stance.

11.) Phoenix Stance:  When some people see Ling in Rain Dance, they see
an opportunity to hit her with a mid or high hitting power move.
Quickly go directly into AoP by pressing d+1+2 during Rain Dance to duck
under their attacks.

12.) d+4, d+1_2:  These two are last on this list, but may be the most
important.  If you find yourself with your back turned and don't want to
be, d+1_2 is the fastest and frequently the safest way to do it.  d+4
will turn you around as well, but is not quite as fast as d+1_2.  If
your opponent blocks a WS+2 attempt, they may see it as an opportunity
for them to attack you with a slow-executing move.  Use either d+1_2 or
d+4 to maintain initiative.

The above moves are all quite fast, and you can mix them up until your
opponent either dies or swats you for being so annoying.  Putting them
together into custom strings:

(There are infinite variations, I think these will help get you
started.  NOTE: some of the custom strings in the previous version of
this FAQ were not very effective.  The following are modified and should
be better)

From regular stance: (the first 1 or 2 moves will put you into Rain

(FC),3,2, d+4, ws+2, d+1, d+3,2, 2+4 (L-H-L-M-SM-L-H-throw)
2,1, 2, f+3+4~3+4 (H-M-H-M)
u+1, 2,1,4 (M-H-H-M)
df+1, 1+3 (M-throw)
(FC),df+2~DF, 2, d+3, 4 (S-M-H-L-M)
f,f+3, d+3, f+3+4, 2+4 (M-L-throw)

That's all well and good, but what if you're in Rain Dance and you're
kinda far away?  You can:

1.) Peg Leg (f,f+3):  Not so great- you can get hit out of it fairly
easily, but at least you get style points.

2.) California Roll (f,f+3+4)(into Cyclone juggle starter if you want)

3.) Sidestep.  Keep sidestepping to either side until your opponent
gets tired of waiting and comes in at you.  Or you can do the Spin
Tornado (3+4) as an alternative sidestep.  More on this in the
Sidestepping Techniques section.

4.) Back Layout (f,f+3+4).  If you land square on top of your opponent,
you'll jump on their shoulders and slap them in the face.  If this move
connects on counterhit, you get a guaranteed mistrust.

5.) Go into Phoenix Stance (d+1+2)

6.) f,f+1+3_f,f+2+4:  This will make Ling hop backwards and throw the
opponent.  If your opponent is just standing there waiting for you,
this can come in handy.  This works very well if used immediately after
a Raccoon Swing (f,f+3).




Everyone knows the Phoenix Stance, but like the Rain Dance, do you know
all the ways you can get into Phoenix Stance?  Here are all I can think

1.) d+1+2:  standard method.

2.) D+1:  Sunset Fan.  Holding down leaves you in Phoenix Stance (AoP).
Very useful, since it hits mid and has high priority.

3.) (BT)+d+1+2:  You can go directly into AoP from Rain Dance.

4.) (FC),d/f+4:  If you end the Flower Garden after 1 hit instead of
the usual 2 sweeps, you end in AoP.

Now what can you do in AoP?  Stuff to try:

1.) 1 or 2:  Left and Right handful.  This move can be useful because it
is Ling's fastest mid attack from AoP.  If your opponent is close to you
and tries to hit you out of your AoP stance with a low kick, this move
can interrupt them and you can continue with your poking attacks.  Left
handful recovers crouching, right handful does slightly more damage and
recovers standing.

2.) Wave Crest- Quick:  During AoP, press d+1+2~1+2.  Or, immediately
after going into AoP, press 1+2.  Hits mid, juggles, and has a
quick start and long stun.  Does 14 points of damage.

3.) Wave Crest- Power: During AoP, press 1+2.  Hits mid, juggles, and
has slow start, short stun.  Does 16 points of damage.

4.) Wave Crest- Heavy: During AoP, press d+1+2.  Hits mid, juggles, and
has slow start and shorter stun.  This juggle starter launches your
opponent higher than any other juggle starter.  Does 25 points of

5.) 3:  Knee Stabber.  Hits low and leaves you in AoP, which is good.

6.) df+4,4:  Flower Garden.  Two low sweeps.  If you do just 1 sweep,
you'll end in AoP.  If you do both, you recover crouching.  That
means you can do df+4,4,4 to do 2 Flower Gardens followed by an
immediate Skyscraper Kick.  Or do df+4,4,2 to do 2 Flower Gardens
into a Sunflower and juggle.  Good players will anticipate the
final hit and may reverse you, so buffer a reversal break.  Or, you can
do df+4,4, hold down, and do more Flower Gardens.

7.) 4~3:  Firecracker.  Fast full sweep.  Only drawback is that it has
no real follow ups except okizeme.  Otherwise it's great.  You are
guaranteed a getting up 3 (low sweep) after both of you are on the
ground.  Holding down or up after the sweep will make Ling roll out of
the way and recover crouching.  Down makes her roll out of the screen,
up makes her roll into the screen.

8.) u+4,4:  Flower Power.  Two dominant mid attacks.  If you do just
one of them and hold up, you end in Rain Dance.  The second hit recovers
crouching, so you can perform any WS attack immediately afterward.

9.) u,N+3 or uf,N+3:  Sky Kick.  Hit 3 right as Ling lands from the
jump.  A surprise low kick.  You can juggle with (FC)d+3,2 after the low
kick hits your opponent.  Mixing this move up with the jumping
pirouette(u,n+3), hop kick(uf+3), and especially the Crane Kick (uf,N+4)
can be effective on people who are not used to seeing these moves.

10.) u,n+3 or uf,n+3:  Jumping Pirouette.  If counterhits, it will knock
them down and you can juggle with a Fire Dancer into Dark and Stormy-
(FC)d+3,2.  On a normal hit, this move will turn your opponent's back to
you.  If you are close enough, you can juggle with a df+2 (this is
probably the only time you will use the df+2 move).

11.) 4:  Back Kick.  Quick mid kick.  If you hold back immediately after
the kick, you recover in Rain Dance.  The execution animation for this
move will make Ling dodge slightly.

12.) D:  Butterfly.  How low can you go?  Ling can duck even lower than
her Phoenix stance to duck under almost all mid attacks (except
Nina's Blonde Bomb).

13.) f+1+2:  Makes Ling recover in Rain Dance.

14.) 1+3_2+4:  Roll out and throw.  Great move.  If your opponent is
standing around, use this to throw them.  At a higher level of
play, people will be expecting the throw and duck.  If you hold
down on the joystick after you press 1+3 or 2+4, you will roll out
and recover crouching.  Your opponent will still be crouching
waiting for the throw.  You know what to do at this point:
Sunflower into juggle combo!

15.) uf+3:  This is Ling's juggling hopkick.  Unlike characters like Law
or King, Ling's hopkick needs to be executed from AoP.  This move comes
out very fast, so if you need a quick juggle starter from AoP, this is
it.  Apparently a good use for this move is right after 1-2 punches,
i.e: 1,2, d+1+2, uf+3.

If you are in AoP and kinda far away:

1.) f+3+4:  Roll Ball.  This move will roll you toward the opponent and
Ling will recover crouching.  Most players see Ling roll from her
AoP and expect a throw, so they'll crouch when they see this move.
At the end of the move, tap 2 to go directly into a Sunflower for a
juggle combo.  You won't believe how many times people will fall
for this trick.

2.) 1+3_2+4:  People will see this coming a mile away so mix it up with
a roll and non-throw.  If you are playing Nina, she will try to
Blonde Bomb you as soon as you get into AoP.  Use this move in
anticipation to avoid her attack and throw her.

3.) uf+3,3 hits mid,high.  uf+3,4 hits mid,mid.  These moves are great
when you are in AoP, kinda far away from the opponent, and fighting
Nina, Jin, or Heihachi.  This move will hit them out of their flipkick
with its high priority and jumping attack.  Paul's flipkick is so low to
the ground from beginning to end that it's hard to counter with this

4.) Flower Power u+4,4:  This move hits mid,mid and has good range.

5.) 4:  Use it like you would at close range.  It can be used at medium
range due to its long reach.

6.) f+1+2:  It's not a good idea to stay in AoP too long, so use this
to recover in Rain Dance.

AoP is a great stance, but it should be used carefully.  If you go into
it for extended periods of time, you'll get hit out of it.  One of the
best times to go into it is when you expect your opponent to throw you
or attack you with high attacks.  Another great time to use AoP is when
you whiff an attack or have an attack blocked.  Your opponent will
frequently try to counterattack starting with a high or mid attack.
Duck into Phoenix Stance using d+1+2 and juggle them with a uf+3 or wave
crest variation.  Sweep them with 4~3 if they block high.  If you want
to do a low attack but are wary of having 4~3 blocked, flower gardens
(df+4,4) will work nicely.




Ling doesn't have too much to offer when she's in her regular stance.

She can do a Step Kick (f,f+4) to hit distant opponents, but it comes
out slowly because Ling lunges forward before unleashing the kick (this
can be a good thing too, since it might counterhit or make it harder
for your opponent to reverse).

Or, she can do a Storming Flower (db+1) in anticipation of the
opponent's moves.  This is a good move in that it hits for a lot of
damage, comes out quickly, and counterhits a lot of attacks.  The major
drawback is that its range is nothing like Paul's Phoenix Smasher or
Nina's Blonde Bomb.  Plus, if the opponent blocks it, they are not
pushed back like other characters' power moves, so they can do as they
please with you if you whiff.  Know the exact range of this move so you
don't whiff, and use it sparingly.

Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2~1+2).  This move is a great juggle ender, but as
a stand-alone move, it's not too bad either.  If your opponent blocks
the second hit, you are safe from immediate retaliation and can gain
initiative because the hit causes guard stun if blocked.  If the first
hit connects on an unguarding opponent, the second hit is guaranteed,
whether the first hit was a counterhit or not.

Front Layout (f,f+3+4).  This is good if you're far away and want to try
something interesting.  It is a very dominant attack.  If they get hit,
you'll knock them down, but if they block, you might want to go into a
standing right kick or throw.

Nutcracker (db+4).  If you are in close and want to do a low
attack from Ling's regular stance, do this move.  It does a little more
damage than the Fire Dancer and you get more style points (it looks so
much cooler).  The drawback of this move is that it executes fairly
slowly, but the upside is that if it connects on counterhit, your
opponent is gonna get knocked down with their face on the floor.

u+1+2,2,1  This is a canned combo, but it can be pretty useful.  Always
buffer reversal breaks on the last hit; sometimes good players will try
to reverse the second hit.  What makes this move so great is that it
hits mid on all three hits.  Use it like Law's Dragon Storm(b+1,2,1) or
Jin's Laser Cannon (b,f+2,1,2).  Each hit of this string can be
delayed, which makes it harder for the opponent to reverse.  Try
varying your delays and stopping in the middle of the string.  If you
stop in the middle of the string, your opponent will block high,
expecting the next link.  At this point you can throw them.  Do this a
couple of times and they will have to guess whether to block the next
link and risk getting thrown or ducking and risk getting hit. You can
trick some people by throwing in a Ginger Snap (u+1+2~3+4) and then

Be a gymnast.  This is really tricky to do at first.  Try confusing your
opponent by doing all of Ling's cartwheels, spins, and the like.  f+1+2
will make her cartwheel to the left, and f+3+4 will make her dive roll
to the right.  The f+1+2 comes out faster, but the f+3+4 causes her to
duck under high attacks.  Try doing these two moves with 3+4 or d+3+4
and sidesteps to spin all over the place.  Amid all the craziness you
notice your back is turned, do a Mistrust.  Otherwise, try sticking in
Sunflowers and throws while performing your acrobatics.  For more info
on gymnastics, read the "Sidestepping Techniques" section.

Taunt (1+3+4 or 2+3+4).  This is not something to use often or even at
all against good players, but if you are playing against bad players
then you might want to try this.  Also try doing a taunt immediately
after the last hit of a juggle combo to score style points.  For even
more style points, put a taunt inside of a juggle combo (hard to do
** Krautnote: if you pull off the 2+3+4 taunt right next to your
opponent it will "hit", but do no damage, looks hilarious! **
While Ling is taunting, she is considering standing and can attack at
any time.  So basically what should happen when you use this move is
that your opponent will see the taunt and come rushing at you, thinking
you are vulnerable.  As they come running at you do a Storming Flower
(db+1) to counter hit them, knock them back, go into another taunt, and
generally make them look stupid.  The audience will laugh, your
opponent will feel humiliated, and you get tons of style points.  =)

What you really want to do when Ling is in her regular stance though is
to keep moving and use a bunch of custom strings.  Here are some:

        1,2, d+2, WS+2 (H-H-SM-M)

This is one of my favorites.  Simple yet highly effective.  You start
with 2 super quick jabs, go into a low jab, then hit them with a
Sunflower for a possible juggle.  If they block the Sunflower, you can
go straight into in-your-face Rain Dance tactics.

        1,2, d+2, d+4, df+4, uf+3 (H-H-SM-L-L-M)

Start with 2 quick jabs, low jab, then instead of going mid with the
Sunflower, go low into a low right kick, then a single Flower Garden
(down motion of low kick charges the down motion of Flower Garden).  End
the string with a possible juggle from the hop kick.

        2,1, d+1, df+4, u+4~U,4 (H-M-SM-L-M-M)

April Showers into Rain Dance, followed by a back-turned low punch.  One
Flower Garden, then one Flower Power, recover in Rain Dance, then

        df+1, 2,1, D+1, 4~3 (M-H-H-M-L)

Belly Chop, Dark and Stormies (2nd Dark and Stormy recovers in regular
stance), Sunset Fan into AoP, Firecracker.

        f,f+3, f+3+4, d+4, WS+2~F, d+1+2, uf+3 (M-L-M-M)

Raccoon swing into Rain Dance, California Roll, back-turned low kick
into regular stance (recovers crouching), Sunflower (hold forward to
recover in regular stance).  If the Sunflower hits, the string is over
and you juggle.  If it is blocked, go into AoP and try a hop kick.

        f,f+3, d+1+2, f+3+4, 2 (M-M)

Raccoon Swing into Rain Dance, Down into Phoenix Stance, Roll Ball into

        (FC)d+3,2,1, d+2, DB+3+4, SS, 4 (L-H-H-SM-M)

Fire Dancer into two Dark and Stormies, recover standing.  Low jab
charges the down motion for Low Back Turn, end in Rain Dance.  The low
back turn sidesteps slightly as it executes, so add in another sidestep
to alter alignment further, then look for the mistrust to connect.

There are many other possibilities.  You have all the tools; it's up to
you to be creative and come up with other custom strings as you go.
There are several things to remember as you make custom strings:

1.) Center your attacks around the Sunflower (WS+2).  It's a very high
priority attack and juggles.  If it doesn't juggle, you can go
straight into annoying Rain Dance tactics.  Remember you can hold
forward on the joystick right after the move to recover in regular

2.) Throw a lot.  Seriously.  Ling has very few low attacks.  You need
to set your opponent up to block low so you can get your Mistrust
and Sunflower to connect.  If your opponent keeps escaping throws,
use the So Shoe Me (f+2~1) to throw them as it requires both punch
buttons to escape.  After you successfully grab them with this
move, dash backwards and Mistrust them.  If this doesn't work, try a
back roll (f+3+4) after the throw to approach them quickly and make them
guess between a Mistrust, throw, or Back Circle Breaker (BK+3).

3.) If you find yourself in a bad situation, (you whiffed an attack
like the Storming Flower or can't think of anything to do at close
range) do a Sunset Fan (eats up other attacks for lunch), go into AoP
(d+1+2), or do a low jab to counter your opponent, with a possible
Sunflower follow up.

4.) Sidestep a lot.  Ling has one of the best sidesteps in the game, so
use it.  She can sidestep just as well when she's in Rain Dance.

5.) Know your moves inside and out.  Some moves recover in regular
stance, others recover in Rain Dance, and some moves can recover in
either stance, usually depending on your joystick movement immediately
after the move.  Also, know which moves recover crouching because you
then have the option of going straight into Flower Gardens(FC+df+4,4) or
WS+2 or WS+4 immediately after to keep your opponent off guard.  Moves
that recover crouching and facing forward are:
a.)  (FC)df+4,4 or (AoP)df+4,4
b.)  (FC)df+2,1
c.)  (AoP)u+4,4
d.)  (AoP)1
e.)  (AoP)f+3+4
f.)  (AoP)1+3~D or (AoP)2+4~D
g.)  (AoP)4~3,u or (AoP)4~3,d
h.)  (AoP)u,N+3 or (AoP)uf,N+3 (sky kick)
i.)  d+1
    I think that's all of them- let me know if I missed any.




Ling's tenstrings can be useful.  Average players may not know how to
block them, so sometimes you can do the entire string.  Against better
players, tenstrings can still be useful if you do only part of the
string.  Both of Ling's tenstrings are great because they start with a
Cyanide, which is also a good stand-alone move.  If the Cyanide hits
them on counterhit, you can juggle with a Fire Dancer into Dark and
Stormy.  If they block the Cyanide, you can follow through with the
tenstring (or part of the string).

u+41::2:4:4::2:1+2:14::2        Tenstring#1


This tenstring is most useful against people who don't know Ling's
tenstrings.  The low hits come quickly, confusing your opponent, and if
the 8th hit connects, the last two are guaranteed.  Against people who
know how to block this string, it's still useful because if you stop
after the 4th hit, you'll be left in AoP and can resume attacking from
that position.

u+41::2:1+2:1:3:4:4::4:1        Tenstring#2


This is even better than the other tenstring.  If you stop after the
6th hit, you'll be left in Rain Dance.  People will be expecting the
next two hits of the tenstring (Flower Gardens) and block low.  Stop
the string before you go into the sweeps and juggle them with a
Mistrust as they are crouching.  If they're not crouching, you can go
straight into Rain Dance annoyance tactics.  Also, just like the other
tenstring, you can stop after one Flower Garden (i.e. stop after the
8th hit) to go into AoP and into AoP tactics.

Ling's unblockable is not that great, but not useless either.  Like
most of her moves, you can't just pull it out of nowhere and expect it
to hit.  You need to set your opponent up for it first.  To do her
unblockable, you first need to go into Hypnotist stance (b+1+2).
Several things are likely to happen now:

1.) Your opponent either thinks you're doing something weird and
doesn't understand (bad players) or knows that you're doing an
unblockable (good players).  In either case, they will dash back
out of range.  You can keep walking around in circles in the
Hypnotist until you get tired of doing it, or they start coming at
you, at which point you should...

2.) Ok, now they're coming at you.  Tap 2 to do a quick mid attack
(Spin Sticker).  The longer you were walking in the Hypnotist, the
more damage this move will do.  It has pretty good priority.  After
you do this a couple of times, your opponent will, once they see
you go into Hypnotist, come in at you and block, expecting to block
the Spin Sticker and then counter-attack.  When this happens, you
pull out the unblockable.  The longer you were walking around in
Hypnotist, the more damage the unblockable will do.  Ling's
unblockable gets some definitely pluses in that:

        A.) she ducks before performing the unblockable

        B.) The range on the unblockable is deceptively long.  People
        will think that they are just out of range of the move, but will
        instead get hit.

Now all this doesn't mean you should start using her unblockable all
the time.  In fact, you should almost never use it, because like most
other unblockables, it's very risky.  But it doesn't hurt too much to
throw it in your strategy every once in a while for a little variation
and lots of style points, right?  :)




At this point you should know how Ling juggles.  Her standard juggle
starters are:

        1.) Wave Crest variations.  (AoP), 1+2

        2.) Hop Kick  (AoP), uf+3

        3.) Sunflower (WS)+2 or (WS)+2~F

        4.) Mistrust (Rain Dance)+4

        5.) Cyclone (Rain Dance)+f+3+4~3+4

I'm not gonna list a whole bunch of juggle combos, just the ones I find
to be most reliable, damaging, and/or annoying to the opponent.  If you
want to find more juggle combos, check out "The Unauthorized Tekken3
Guide", written by Ben Cureton and co-authored by many other expert
Tekken players.  You can also try checking out the
rec.games.video.arcade newsgroup or the #TKN channel on IRC and asking
people to contribute their favorite juggles.

Juggle combos that work after a standard juggle starter that leaves you
in regular stance after the launcher connects:

      1,2, db+1

1-2 jabs, Storming Flower.  You can also skip the 1-2 jabs and just do
the Storming Flower for about the same damage (or sometimes more, if
db+1 connects on clean hit), because of the way Tekken's juggle damage
system works (in short, each successive hit of a juggle combo will do
less and less damage).

        df+1, 2,2,2,2, f+3+4~3+4, d+3

Belly Chop, four Dark and Stormies, Cyclone, Back Circle Breaker.  This
is not a true juggle combo in that the last two hits can be avoided
with a tech roll, but if you get it off, it looks really cool.  If you
cut the Dark and Stormies short by two punches, the Cyclone will hit
guaranteed, but the Back Circle Breaker can always be avoided (but
people don't tech roll all the time).  Don't use this combo against the
computer in the later stages because it will tech roll out of it every

        df+1, 2,2,2,2, 3

        Belly Chop, four Dark and Stormies, Back Left Kick.  This is
similar to the above except it's a guaranteed combo and doesn't look as
flashy.  Use the back left kick to end the juggle because it does more
damage than the Mistrust.

        df+1, 2, 2,1, f,f+1+2~1+2

        Belly Chop, three Dark and Stormies, Phoenix Wings.  This is
a great guaranteed combo.  Juggles that follow this form generally are
the most damaging, but the drawback is that it can be hard to pull off
at first because the f,f+1+2 sometimes registers as a f+1+2 if you don't
enter the commands correctly.  Try using button buffering to get the
last two hits to come out more consistently.  By this I mean: hold down
left punch, then tap forward twice and press right punch twice, all the
while holding down left punch.  Another way to keep yourself from
messing up the last two hits is to remind yourself that they start with
a f,f+1+2 which is the same movement for Nina's Blonde Bomb.  Just tell
yourself that you are doing a blonde bomb, but with an added 1+2 after
the initial f,f+1+2 movement.

After a standard juggle starter that leaves you in Rain Dance, you can
basically do the same juggle combos as the ones listed above, except
that you will omit the df+1 (because you are already in Rain Dance) and
usually use a BK+2 in its place.  Also, the first juggle combo in the
above list needs to be revised to: [2,1, db+1], because you need to go
into regular stance before you can do the Storming Flower.  If you start
a juggle with the Cyclone, tap in the direction of your floating
opponent twice.  This will cause Ling to dash quickly into range so your
Dark and Stormies (BK+2) can hit.  Then, go into your favorite juggle
combo ender.

Ling has unconventional juggles, otherwise known as floats.
Unconventional juggle starters include:

1.) Sky Kick (AoP, u,N+3) or (AoP, uf,N+3)

2.) Cyanide (u+4) or (uf+4):  only juggles on counterhit

3.) Face Down on the ground with feet toward opponent, then low
sweep OR rising low kick from standard knockdown position- must be close
to opponent

4.) Standing High Right Kick (4):  only juggles on counterhit

5.) f,f+1+2,1+2:  only juggles (bounces) if second hit is a

6.) WS+4 (must be close to opponent)

The first three float your opponent close to the ground, and the only
real follow up is a Fire Dancer into Dark and Stormy.  For example:

        (FC),3,2, 2,2,2, 3

        (FC),3,2, 2,2,2, f+3+4~3+4, d+3

        (FC),3,2, 2,1, f,f+1+2~1+2

Note that these are all very similar to the juggle follow-ups after a
Mistrust, Sunflower, Hop Kick, or Wave Crest, except that you need to do
a Fire Dancer into Dark and Stormy to lift the opponent off the ground.

Standing Right Kick and Phoenix Wings can be followed up with a Storming
Flower (db+1).   The Phoenix Wings (f,f+1+2~1+2) can be followed up with
either a db+1 or another Phoenix Wings.

Because the Standing High Right Kick comes out pretty fast and is
virtually a risk-free move, you will want to throw this move out
randomly during a match.  The db+1 needs to be done immediately after
the 4 hits on counterhit, so be ready.

WS+4, f,f+3, 4:  This is a non-techable, true 3-hit combo, but will only
work if the initial hit connects when you are close to your opponent.

Following are some interesting juggle combos from the Gamest Tapes:
        (BK)f+3+4~3+4, f+3+4~3+4, (BK)+d+4, WS+4
        Jumping Pirouette (AoP+uf,n+3), df+2, df+1, 2,2, 3
        AoP, d+1+2: (this juggle starter launches the opponent really high
                        into the air)
        AoP, d+1+2, (AoP)+uf+3,4
        AoP, d+1+2, db+1, f,f+3, 4
        AoP, d+1+2, UF+4, dash, 1, db+1
        AoP, d+1+2, (AoP)+u+4~U, (BK)+d+1, WS+4
        AoP, d+1+2, u+1+2,2, 2, f,f+1+2~1+2
        AoP, d+1+2, f,f+3, 2, 2,1, f,f+1+2~1+2
        AoP, d+1+2, 2+3+4, dash, df+1, 2,2, 3

Ling's most damaging juggle combo (I think- correct me if I'm wrong):
        AoP, d+1+2, UF+4, f,f+1+2~1+2

Ling's most damaging combo if first hit is a counterhit (Again, correct
      me if I'm wrong)
      (FC)3,2,1,4, df+1, 2, 2,1, f,f+1+2~1+2




Okizeme is the art of pounding a grounded opponent on the ground and
keeping them there. This is considered by some people to be "cheap."  I
personally don't consider it to be "cheap," but instead find it to be
very boring when an entire match is fought on the ground (I like to go
for style points whenever I play Tekken3).  However, sometimes people
will do their best to okizeme you to death even if you don't, and that
is when you must play their game as well, so I am going to include
okizeme tactics in this guide.  Other times to use okizeme are if you
really, really want to win all the time against expert players, or if
people start calling you "cheap."  I love it when people say, "that's
so cheap!" when in fact what I did was not cheap in any sense of the
word to a seasoned player.  I just respond with, "You ain't seen
nothin' yet" and play as "cheap" as possible with insane amounts of
okizeme.  But I digress.  Ling is one of the meanest okizeme characters
in TK3, and since she doesn't have many power attacks, you may have to
rely on juggles and okizeme tactics for damage.

Ok, so you've knocked your opponent to the ground and you want to keep
pecking away at their life until they die.  What should you do?  Well,
it depends on what your opponent is doing.

If they...

1.) Just lie there.  You can hit them with:

        A.) Nutcracker.  Fire Dancer works too, but Nutcracker does
        a little more damage and yes, you get more style

        B.) Back Circle Breaker if you are in Rain Dance.

        C.) Front or Back Layout if you are kinda far from them.

        D.) Raccoon Swing if they are kinda far away and you are
        facing forward.

        E.) Nothing.  Wait them out til they do something (roll,
        get up, etc.) and react accordingly.  If you have more
        life than they do, you can afford to sit and wait all

2.) Start rolling.  Uh-oh.  This means they are asking you to
play okizeme against them.  hehe.  Hit them with:

        A.) Raccoon Swing, which will lift them up in the air, then
        Mistrust to knock them back down.  If they start
        rolling again, do this again.  Keep doing it till they
        stop rolling.

        B.) Fire Dancer into Dark and Stormy.  This is too evil.
        This will juggle them up off the ground and you can go
        into one of the long juggle combos that are listed in
        the unconventional juggles section.  Massive damage on
        this series.  A good way to start this is to crouch
        next to the lying opponent, and the moment you see them
        flinch, do the Fire Dancer into Dark and Stormy to
        juggle them.

        C.) Cyanide.  This will float them and you can finish with
        an unconventional juggle combo as stated above, or you
        can go into one of your tenstrings.  This is also
        useful against people who like to get up with low
        sweeps.  The cyanide will jump over the sweep, connect
        on counterhit, and you can follow through with a

3.) Get up standing.  Throw them.  Ling's throws leave the
opponent on the ground right next to her, so you can go
right back into happy okizeme tactics.

4.) Get up crouching.  Crouch with them, then Sunflower for a

5.) Get up with either a rising mid or low kick.  Hit them with a move
before they get their attack off, or stay out of range and hit them
after they whiff their kick.  If your opponent is in play dead position
(the position where your opponent is lying with their back on the ground
and their head towards you), you can do a 2+3+4 taunt to hit them as
they get up.  They will recover standing with their back facing you.  At
this point go for the guaranteed db+1 to knock them down again.

6.) Far away.  They will usually just get up, so run up to them
as they get up and either throw them if they are standing
after getting up, or Sunflower them if they are crouching
after getting up.

If you find yourself floored and on the receiving end of Okizeme, keep
in mind that Ling doesn't have a rising handspring attack or lunging
cross chop attack.  The only ways to attack when getting up from knock
down position is to do a mid kick, low kick, or ankle kick.




As you may already know, sidestepping plays a huge part in a good Ling
player's strategy.  Some moves will make Ling change stance and sidestep
at the same time.  Others will attack and sidestep at the same time.
Here is a summary of sidestepping moves divided into two categories:

A.) Moves which sidestep in the same direction regardless of which side
you are on include moves like b+3+4 and f+1+2.  b+3+4 will always make
you sidestep to your opponent's left.  f+1+2 will always make you
"sidestep" to your opponent's right.  Here is a little list:
          Moves you to your opponent's left:
          Moves you to your opponent's right:

B.) Moves which sidestep either into the screen or out of the screen,
regardless of which side you are on include moves like the standard
sidestep, which you do by tapping up or down.  As you should know by
now, tapping up makes you sidestep "into" the screen, and tapping down
makes you sidestep "out of" the screen.  The following moves fall into
this category.
          Moves you into the screen:
                standard sidestep (u,n)
                tech roll using a punch button
          Moves you out of the screen:
                standard sidestep (d,n)
                tech roll using a kick button

To get started, look at the above lists and practice the moves.  See
what each move looks like and how fast each move changes alignment with
your opponent and how far.  Remember that you can cancel a standard
sidestep with virtually any move, so what you want to do is combine two
or more moves from the above lists in a seamless manner.  You also need
to always be aware which side of the screen you are on, especially for
the moves that sidestep in different directions depending on whether you
are on the left or right side of the screen.  Also, if you have a
choice, choose to sidestep "out of" the screen.  This is preferred
because this way you can block your opponent's view of his character on
the screen for a brief moment as you do your sidestep move.  He will
have a harder time locating his character relative to yours and you'll
have a better chance of catching him off-alignment.  Of course, you
should also sidestep in the other direction every so often so you remain
unpredictable.  Here are some examples:

If you are on the left side of the screen facing your opponent:
        d,n, b+3+4, d,n
This is a very popular and effective technique.  The initial d,n will
make you sidestep out of the screen, then the b+3+4 will cancel the
sidestep during its execution and sidestep you again in the same
direction while taking you into Rain Dance at the same time.  The last
sidestep is optional and will continue your movement to your opponent's
right side.  Your opponent won't be able to block if their side or back
is facing you, so you can juggle with a mistrust.

If you are on the left side of the screen facing your opponent:
        d,n, b+3+4, d+3+4
This is similar to the above example, except that the final sidestep is
achieved by means of a Spin Tornado.  Also, this sidestep series leaves
you in regular stance, not Rain Dance.

If you are on the right side of the screen facing your opponent:
        d,n, b+1+2, f+1+2
The initial sidestep moves you to your opponent's right, then you cancel
the sidestep and go into hypnotist stance, which also moves you to your
opponent's right.  Finally cancel the hypnotist stance with f+1+2 to
hopefully move to your opponent's back side.

An effective strategy is to combine Rain Dance and sidestep tactics.  Do
this by going into Rain Dance and enticing your opponent to attack.  The
moment before they strike, evade their attack and juggle with a Mistrust
(BK+4).  The standard sidesteps(u,n or d,n) in Rain Dance work well to
move you sideways.  Note that 3+4 and d+3+4 are also used to move
sideways.  These moves are more or less the same whether done from
regular stance or Rain Dance, but you will always return to regular
stance afterward, regardless of which stance you started them in.  Tap
forward twice or use f+3+4 to move closer to your opponent and remain in
Rain Dance.  To move away from your opponent, you can use u+3+4- Ling
will spin away from her opponent but also remain in Rain Dance, ready to
launch with a Mistrust (BK+4).

Also keep in mind that Ling can go back into AoP during Rain Dance by
simply pressing d+1+2.  She can go back to Rain Dance from AoP by
pressing f+1+2.

To go from AoP to regular stance, just tap up on the joystick, although
it's almost always better to do it using a left or right handful.  Also
to go from Rain Dance to normal stance, just hold back on the joystick
away from your opponent, although using d+1 or d+2 is usually a better
way to do the same thing.

Once you learn all the moves Ling can do in each stance, you can switch
up stances and sidestep around the field of battle and confuse your
opponent like crazy- just don't end up confused yourself, hehe.


3.    Vs. Computer Strategy


Playing the computer should only be done if:

1.) You are a beginning Ling player and you are trying to familiarize
yourself with her moves.

2.) There is no one to play against because no one's in the arcade.

3.) There is no one to play against because everyone's too scared
they'll get destroyed if they play against you, hehe.

        Otherwise, don't play against the computer.  It's dumb.  Ling
plays by setting the opponent up with attacks, and since the AI in
Tekken3 is worse than, well, just about anything, you can't use any
real strategy.  However, because the computer can sometimes get "lucky"
and because you don't want to look stupid by losing to the computer and
wasting your money, use these tactics if you are in a jam:

1.) Raccoon Swing to Mistrust.  Repeat over and over again.  The
computer virtually never tries to reverse or do anything about these
attacks, so they are safe to keep doing over and over again.

2.) Tenstrings.  If you want to "wow" the audience and still beat the
computer, do Ling's tenstrings.  Sometimes they'll connect, sometimes
they won't, but the computer usually doesn't do anything to interrupt
your strings.

3.) f+3, f,f+4, u+1+2,2,1: The fastest and most guaranteed way to beat
the computer.
   The Cloud Kick (f+3) will knock the computer down.  The computer will
try to tech roll, so immediately follow up the Cloud Kick with a Step
Kick(f,f+4) to hit the computer as it gets up.  The computer will be
stunned with their back turned towards you (if you did f,f+4 fast enuf),
so finish the computer off with the u+1+2,2,1 string.  Repeat as
necessary.  Needless to say, this tactic will not often, if ever, work
on human opponents.


4.    Ling Xiaoyu Background Information


This is basically useless information, but if you know the storylines
and vital stats for Ling, you can relate with her and feel a greater
attachment to the character and the game.

In other words, if you are like me, you will read and commit all this
to memory because you are a Tekken3 nutjob and are obsessed with this
game.  =)

Cute, spirited, has panda...will travel

THIS YOUNG GIRL loves amusement and theme parks. Her dream is to build
the perfect amusement park in China when she grows up.

SHE IS both young and small in stature but Ling is a skilled martial
arts expert. Many believe if she was more serious she could achieve
real greatness. Having learned that the Mishima Financial Empire is
rich and powerful she seeks out Heihachi (president and CEO) to make
her dream a reality.

WHILE VACATIONING in Hong Kong with her family, Ling stowed away on a
yacht bearing the name, Mishima Financial Empire. Heihachi was not on
board but Mishima's men discovered her soon after the ship left port
and Heihachi was informed immediately.

UPON HIS ARRIVAL, Heihachi found his men beaten and strewn around the
ship as if it was hit by a hurricane. She threatened that she would go
berzerk again if he did not accept her challenge. Roaring with
laughter, he promises to build the amusement park of her dreams if she
wins the tournament.

Character Profile: Ling Xiaoyu (High-Spirited)


Country of Origin: China
Fighting Style: Hakke Ken, Hike Ken and various Chinese martial arts
Age: 16
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Blood Type: A
Occupation: Student, Panda caretaker
Hobby: Traveling, visiting amusement parks all over the world.
Likes: Chinese steamed buns and shrimp dumplings.  Peking Duck.
Dislikes: Math teachers

To do the winning stance of your choice, you must win, then hold down
one of the four buttons (depending on which winning stance you want to
do) before the instant replay ends.


        1- Handstand into Split, Kneel

        2- Hand Fold, Bow

        3- Hop Around, Arms Flailing

        4- Circular Arm Motions, Defensive Stance


5.    Credits


Sauer Kraut- input and proofreading for this FAQ, good competition to
play against and improve my TK3 game.

Zach J- great competitor to play against and improve my game; helping me
elevate my game to a higher level through his "mental" encouragements

Tragic- his TK3 Manual Act1 and of course his Unauthorized TK3 Book (get
this if you don't have it already, heh)

CatLord- his easy to read moveslist, which got me started on TK3

Chimmy- for additions/suggestions to this FAQ

The great and maybe more importantly, nice :) players I've met/played
against, and who've helped me improve my gameplay:  1TruKing, BMW,
Gordola, Tragic, Sauer Kraut, Zach J (hope I didn't forget anyone...)

Thomas T. Johnson, Dion Adrian Madrilejo, Jason Ho, Wai dat Chan, and
Justin Pierce for writing some helpful Ling FAQs/movelists/strategy
guides.  You can probably find their guides at http://www.gamefaqs.com.

Everyone who's written a FAQ for Tekken3 and posted it on the Internet.
If you did, I probably read every word of it cuz, yeah- I'm obsessed
with this game. =)

Namco for making an excellent fighting game and providing Ling Xiaoyu
background info

Diversions Arcade: for providing a great Tekken3 cabinet with high
lifebars and best of 5 matches along with the best competition in


If you have any questions, flames, compliments, suggestions,
corrections, or whatever, you can contact the author at:


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