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Kuma by MZaimont

Kuma: The Bear Essentials:
by Mike Zaimont <jzaimont@worldnet.att.net>

Special Moves:
1+2,1+2 = overhead smash, upward smash (2nd hit misses unless real
b,F+2+3 = Salmon swipe (check the name of this one....) looong delay.
f,f+2 (or f,f,F+2) = Grizzy claw (can be comboed)
HCF+2 = standing Grizzy Claw
f,f+3+4 = slide (must be blocked low if far)
df,1,2 = bowl swipe (uppercut), smash
df,2,1,2,1 = Windmill (this is not the exact motion, but it works.)
d+3+4 = Sit Down (SD)
SD,1,2,1,2,1,2 = sitting punches (SP)
SD or SP,F or B = roll forward or backward to standing
uf+3+4 = flying SD (hits once)
1+2+3+4 = Power Up! (All claw moves do MAJOR damage. Lasts 5 seconds)

If they're down:
d+4 = Reverse Dancing Bear. Moves forward, can hit.
HCF+1 = Dancing Bear. Moves backward. Can hit, but worthless.  Just a

Super Moves:
B+1+2 = Bear Claw (BC). Unblockable.
BC,f,df,d,db,b,ub,u,UF = Rolling bear. Blockable. Cancels BC.  Basically
a 360 and hold UF.
b,b+2+3+4 = Bear Fart. Yes, Bear Fart.  The ULTIMATE Super move. 100%
damage no matter what.  Only catch is that *they* have to try to hit
*you*.  Long lag time, too.  Also a great taunt.

1+3 = Mauling
2+4 = Bear Hug (I could have these backwards. Mauling is more damaging.)
HCB,f+1+2 = Circus Bear.  This one's COOL!

Sorry, don't know his Reversals yet.

1,1,1 = 3 hit smash.  *Not* a true combo (i.e. can be block after 2nd
2,1,2 = Elbow, punch, uppercut (launches 'em.)
D+(1,1,2,1) = 2 ducking punches, 2 uppercuts. No launch. Will hit them
lying down.  Has great reach.
DF+(2,1,2,1) = 4 uppercuts. Launch.
D+(1,1),DF+(2,1,2,1) = 6 hit. Launch.
D+(1,1,2,1),Windmill,DF+(2,1,2,1) = Twelve hits! Not a tenstring (so far
as I know) but it *is* a combo, *and* you can do more hits after the
launch.  Hard part is the windmill.

(Extremely cheap, but funny) Computer Strategy:
Do an overhead smash (1+2, just once), until you connect with it.  Then
ASAP a Rolling Bear. Repeat.
(The CPU thinks "Uh oh, a Super. I'll stay down."  For most supers, like
Lei's, this works and it misses. The rolling bear hits, and not only
that, but it does almost DOUBLE damage.)
Or, if you are lucky, do a Bear Claw, THEN a Rolling Bear. Same deal. 
This even works on Heihachi, Ogre, and Ogre 2.

Legal mumbo-jumbo:
(C) 1997 BSR.
This FAQ (such as it is) *will* be updated, and is not to be used by
anyone other then a Tekken 3 player (or aspiring same.) EGM, stay away!
Do not copy/reproduce/etc. unless: it is for personal use, or no one
sees you ;^)

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