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King by Dr.Evil

Version: 1 |

King FAQ for Tekken 3 form Dr. Evil
                It's Good To Be The King   By Dr. Evil

version 1

 I've been playing Tekken 3 for quite some time now and I suppose I'm
pretty good at it. My favorite character to use is Mokujin, but my
favorite normal character is King. I was originally drawn to him because
I sucked with everyone else and I liked his grabs. I think that if
someone else is trying to become a good player and likes King, I can
help them. The guide will show how to win with King. It will tell what
moves to use, what moves not to use, and lots of other stuff. For non
King players, it also shows TONS of strategy of all types.

 NOTE!!!!!! NOTE!!!!!! READ THIS!!!!!!!!
 In my arcade, there is a thing we call Nicking. I will probably refer
to this several times in my explanations. Thus, you should know what I'm
talking about. Nicking is hitting someone on the ground with a sweep, or
low kicking someone while they're trying to get up. This is named after
a Tekken player of the same name that used to use this as a battle
strategy. He's toned it down a little lately due to being bashed by the
other players. (Myself and others) His favorite character to use is

 If you want to know what the conventions I'm using to describe moves
are, get the Tekken 3 moves list or something. I think it would be a
waste of time to repeat them again. I'll tell you this much...

        1               2
        3               4

 Okay, here's the main part. I will start out by talking about all the
grabs that I use.
1+3 : The Swinging D.D.T.
 It's your average run-of-the-mill throw.
2+4 : Snap Suplex
 Another standard throw. I use it more than the Swinging D.D.T. because
people counter it less.
df+2+3 : Meet My Knee
 Harder throw to pull off, but it can be used to mix it up.
(FC) db, db+1+2 : Normal D.D.T.
 I barely EVER use this throw.
db, F+2 : Tombstone Piledriver
 Excellent damage, but hard to pull off. Use it sparingly. Once or MAYBE
twice per opponent per  day.
f, HCF+1 : Giant Swing
 Excellent damage (especially if they don't get up quick.) Use as much
as the Tombstone.
QCF+1 : Weak Looking Pearl River Plunge
 I don't use it too much, but it's good because if you hit 1+2, 3, 4,
1+2 while King is doing it, he'll                  turn them over into a
Boston Crab.
QCB+1+2 : Wishbone Powerbomb
 Good damage and not TOO hard to pull off. Sometimes you accidently
Irish Whip them trying to  do this move, so be ready to hit 2+4 or 3+4
db+1+2 : Figure Four Leglock
 Use it VERY sparingly against good players because they will turn it
over and punish you. Good  throw for maybe once a match though.
crouch dash, 1+4 : Arm Break
 This move, and many others, are pointless against a good player. If you
manage to land it though, It  has EXTREME damage potential. If you hit
1+2, 1+2, you will break their arm three times. Links  to this throw
 Arm Break... then
 1+2, 4, 2+4 : Russian Leg Sweep... then
 4, 3, 4, 3+4, 1+2 : Arm Crucifix
 Arm Break... then
 3, 1, 2, 1+2+3 : Chickenwing... then
 2, 1, 3, 1+2+4, 1+2+4 : Dragon Sleeper
 Chickenwing... then
 1+3, 3+4, 2+4, 1+2, 1+2+3 : Rolling Death Cradle (Very nearly autokill)

 as I said, the Arm Break has extreme damage potential! However, good
players know that as well  and won't let you Arm Break them.
crouch dash, 2+3 : Standing Achilles Hold
 This move is rarely used by me, because it has the same difficulty as
the Arm Break, less damage  potential, and if they counter you, you take
damage. Links are....
 S. A. H. ... then
 1+2, 3, 1, 1+3 : Scorpion Death Lock (Sharpshooter) Sting did it before
Bret Hart.
 S. A. H. ... then
 1, 2, 3, 1+2 : S.T.F.
 S. A. H. ... then
 1+2, 1, 3, 1+2 : Indian Death Lock... then
 1, 3, 4, 1+2, 3+4 : Mini- Surfboard
df+3+4 : Frankensteiner
 Aaahhhh..... the Frankensteiner. Always one of my favorites in real
life and in Tekken it's no  different. The Frankensteiner has HUGE
damage if it lands, and if it doesn't, it leaves you on the  ground with
usually enough time to roll away. Don't use it too close though, because
your  opponent will freak out and hit a button, which will hit you.
B+1+2 : Irish Whip... then QUICKLY!
 3+4 or 2+4 : Slam Down

Those are just about all of the standing front grabs I know. People will
say, as they do to me, "You're all grabs! Waaah Wah!" This is how it is.
Lei is all stances and floor tactics. Paul is power moves and reversals.
Ling Xiaoyu is juggles. Yoshi is surprise. Ogre 2 is generally Fire with
a few moves mixed in. KING IS GRABS. That's the way it is. Poop on

         Chart for Arm Drag and Double Mexican Multi Throws (easier than

AD---- BD---- GSX---- PB---- GS         <------ The one from Tekken 2
                |                           |
                ------                    ---- WB
DM----------- CB----- PB----- GS
                       |                |
                       |                 --- WB
                       IAD---- PRP----- GS
                                         ------- WB

AD : Arm Drag    d/f, 1+3 or d/f, 2+4
DM :  Double Mexican    d/f, 1+2 or SS+2+4, or df, df+2+4 (while
opponent is crouching)
BD :  Backdrop    2,1,1+2
GSX :  German Suplex    3+4,1+2
CB : Cannonball     2,2,1+2
PB : Powerbomb    1,2,3+4
IAD :  Inverted Atomic Drop    3+4,1+2,1+2+3+4
PRP :  Pearl River Plunge    1,2,3+4,1+2
GS : Giant Swing     2,1,3,4
WB :  Wishbone Powerbomb   3,1,2,3+4,1+2+3+4

The chart is pretty self explainitory. Timing for the linkers will come
with practice. It can be frustrating at first. (I KNOW!) Good players
will occasionally escape your multi throws, but even if they reverse
them, they will be at a disadvantage with you as the aggressor.
Digressing... to start the multi throws sequence, I usually use the
Double Mexican. I love using tons of SS+2+4 to get them to finally learn
to duck and then get them with a df, df+2+4. That frustrates human
players QUITE a bit. These giant series of multi throws are what
separate the King from the rest of the pack. Definately use them to your
advantage. Also, be aware of what move you are starting with when you
sidestep. If you don't grab from the front, you will start with the
Cannonball. Change your links accordingly.

King also has the unique ability of crouch and floor grabs. Just hit
d+1+3 or d+2+4 when near a ducking opponent to crouch grab. As I said
before, another crouch grab (df, df+2+4) is the Double Mexican. Floor
grabs are a hair weirder. All floor grabs are done by hitting either db
or DB plus a throw. Positioning is what counts. Here is what throw you
will do in each position.

Quick Giant Swing         db+1+3
Ballbreaker (OUCH!)     db+2+4
Figure Four Leglock      DB+1+3 or DB+2+4
Boston Crab                    db+1+3 or db+2+4
Crucifixion                     db+1+3 or db+2+4
Double Arm Crucifix             db+1+3 or db+2+4
Flip Over                db+1+3 or db+2+4
Camel Clutch   DB+1+3
Mini Surfboard   DB+2+4
Arm Crucifix if on Right       db+1+3 or db+2+4
Strangle if on Left          db+1+3 or db+2+4

I like to ground grab and all, but chances for a ground grab come few
and far between. After the Leg Drag counter, I can 95% of the time get a
ground grab, but other than that, it takes a really dumb opponent or a
move that leaves them stunned on the ground. Like Nina or Heihachi's
funky flip kicks. However, the floor grab is one of the weapons in your
arsenal, so be ready to use it. Also be aware of it when facing King.
The Ballbreaker is always a good way to fire up a crowd.

Along with the normal throws, there are also side and back throws. King
is blessed in this department as well, recieving three back throws, one
more than anyone else. (Gun Jack) Side and especially back throws do
much more damage than front grabs, so use them whenever possible. As for
King's back grabs, if you feel comfortable going for the Octopus Slam,
go for it. If not, just do one of the other two. Tis' better to do a
little less damage than to do no damage at all.

1+3 or 2+4 from the Left Side :   Human Torture Rack
1+3 or 2+4 from the Right Side : Ric Flair Kneebreaker
1+3 from the back :  Half Crab
2+4 from the back :   Abdominal Stretch
b, f+1+2 from the back :   Octopus Slam (Does FAR too much damage. USE

I believe that's all the grabs, and with only grabs, King would be a
force. He has normal moves as well though. To the non-grab moves!


I will now go through the normal punches, kicks, and what-not that I use
on a daily basis.

1+2 :     Turnaround Circular Elbow
  Great powerful move and if it connects, hitting 1+2 again will provide
the knockout blow.   Don't wait around and do nothing after this move,
as you may be backgrabbed.

B+4 :     Turnaround Power Kick
  Great to use after certain moves are blocked, because you're already
hitting back. Don't   use it a million times a match as many King player
try to do though. Good or even decent    players will PUNISH you for it.
The possibilities are many since it leaves you in the back-  turned
(BK) 1+3 or F+1+3 :         Moonsault
  A funky move that should be used, but not TOO much. Since it leaves
you on the ground,   the worst thing that can happen to you is to get
Nicked a couple of times. By the way, it's      UNBLOCKABLE!
(BK) 1+2 :   Spinning Wild Haymaker
  I haven't used this move since Jimmy Carter was President, but it does
great damage and is   UNBLOCKABLE! so it might have some use?
F+1+2 :    Charging Power Punch
  I might use it once every couple of matches, but I don't really care
for it since if it's ducked   you will get sidegrabbed by a good player.
f, f+1+2 :    Funky Flying Dive
  I hate this move and have maybe used it three times in my Tekken
career. Unless I get in   one of those weird moods where I just dive all
over the place. You're just BEGGING to   get grabbed doing this move.
SS+2 :    Delayed Big Punch
  I rarely use this move. It's as slow as an UNBLOCKABLE, but it isn't
SS+3+4 :    Jumping, Monster Spin Kick
  The exact opposite of it's SS+2 counterpart. I find this to be an
excellent move. It does   devastating damage if it connects, has
excellent range, and ends with you on the ground   and your opponent
f+2+3 :    Charging Shoulder Block
  I don't use this move very much. You're just asking to get grabbed by
doing this move.
d+1+2 :    Elbow Drop
  It's too slow. I'd rather just Nick the person once than waste time
and let them roll out of   harm's way.
(UB, U, or UF)+2+4 :  BIG Elbow Drop
  I use it more to jump over my opponent more than to strike them. I
like this maneuver   much better than the standard elbow drop.
crouch dash, 1+2 :  Vicious Double Axehandle
  It will bounce on a close hit, does good damage, and has decent
recovery, but I only use   the move in moderation since during the move
you are very vulnerable.
UF+1+2 :   Jumping Double Axehandle
  Excellent to use on rising or charging opponents. Don't use it too
much though.
D+3+4, 3+4..... :   Corny Low Kicks
  Though corny, it may be the most important move in your arsenal.
Excellent speed, decent   considering you're kicking someone in the
ankle, excellent charge stopper, excellent freak   out UNBLOCKABLE
stopper, and maybe best of all, best Button Masher Medicine. The   only
downfall is that your opponent will hammer you if they block.
(RN) 3+4 or 3+4 :   Different Speed Dropkicks
  I usually only do dropkicks by accident, but they aren't an entirely
bad move. They just   don't really fit my playing style. After an
opponent blocks a dropkick, they are a little   stunned. I find that
sweeping them while you get up usually works.
f, f+4 :    Jail Kick
  Use this as your standard kick instead of plain old 3 or 4. It's
faster and does better   damage to your opponent.
f,f, n, 1+2 :    Shove
  Why is this move is the game?!?!! SOMEONE TELL ME!!!!!
f,f, N, 2    Stunning Gut Punch
  An excellent move that should be exploited on overactive opponent. It
stuns on a   counterhit. RIGHT after it connects and stuns, hit 1+2. You
will grab your opponent. This   grabs seems to be SO easy to break out
of, but there is some nice damage potential if it   hits. The normal
throw to do is the shoulder breaker, but if you hit u, d, 3+4 it will
become   a jumping powerbomb and will do HUGE damage.

These are just about all the special non-grab moves that I do. There are
also moves that everyone has but I won't waste time on those. Now on to
something else.........

 This is a happy, yet frustrating area for the King. Unlike the King of
Tekken 2, this King has the ability to reverse................ kicks. So
unlike Paul, Nina, and Jin, King cannot counter punches. I sure wish he
could, but OH WELL. At least he can reverse something. Reversals are
done by hitting back and either 1+3 or 2+4. Timing is key. Practice your
reversals on a few Hwoarangs and you'll be alright.

 Ahhhh.... tenstrings. King has five tenstrings that I use and one
variation to an elevenstring. King's tenstrings are......
1, 2, 1, 1, 3, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1+2
1, 2, 1, 1, 3, 3, 4, 4, 1, 1
1, 2, 1, 1, 3, 3, 4, 4, 1, 3
1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 4, 4, 4, 1, 1
1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 4, 4, 4, 1, 3
1, 2, 1, 1, 3, 3, 4, 3, 2, pause, 1+2, 1+2

 Tenstrings should be used carefully against certain characters. Here
are my observations.
 Paul, Nina, Jin
 Lei, King, Heihachi, Eddy, Law, Julia
 Xiaoyu, Yoshi, Bryan, Kuma, Ogre, Ogre-2, Gun Jack

 Using partial tenstrings is a good way to freak someone out and make
them pause long enough to allow you to hammer them.  As with everything,
mix up your tenstrings and use them in moderation.

vs Ling Xiaoyu :
 King vs Ling (hee hee) is an odd matchup. King is a bruiser upstairs
while Xiaoyu hides down low. Her kicks are too fast to reverse usually,
but she is very vulnerable to sidestep grabs while she is kicking. Use
D+3+4 kicks to knock her out of the Art of Phoenix. Try and tenstring
her whenever you get the chance. Don't let her flips, rolls, and other
quick moves make you nervous.

vs Yoshimitsu :
 You have a definate advantage over Yoshimitsu. He is, for the most
part, an upright fighter, so tenstring him to pieces. Unless he goes
into the About To Breath Purple Gas Stance constantly, he's also
susceptible to sidestep grabs. Be VERY aware when facing Yoshi. If he
starts kicking, by all means, reverse him. Don't let him get deep into
his tenstrings. If he whips out the sword, use D+3+4 kicks IMMEDIATELY!
Be very aggresive and overwhelm Yoshimitsu from the start.

vs Nina Williams :
 Nina is very tricky. Your best bet would be to stay on the defensive
against Nina. Sidestep grabs MAY work.... but remember, missing a
sidestep grab means getting rocked.  Just stay back, let Nina bring what
she has, and work from there. If you she her crouch dash, DUCK!!!!!!!!!
It's better to take a low punch to the face if she's bluffing than a 2
or 3 part grab if you stay upright. Try to make Nina pay dearly for
every mistake she makes. If she tries jumpkicking you, by all means
DON'T let it connect as a counter. This will drag you down into an
Achilles Hold. One jumpkick, Achilles Hold, Rolling Achilles Hold combo
takes off 90 damage. That's NOT a good thing.

vs Forest Law :
 While many players use only kicks and flipkicks with Law, don't get too
reversal happy. Sitting through 7 or 8 of his punches because you tried
to reverse is very frustrating. He is hard to sidestep grab becuase he
stays relatively low usually. A good Law player will also use B+1+2 to
shake the beginning of your tenstrings and backhand you. Be careful
using too many tenstrings. When facing Law, I usually rely on HAMMERING
him after I block a flipkick or a pair of flipkicks. The recovery time
for his flipkicks is not very good and if he's close enough, I usually
Tombstone him for his trouble. Forest Law is a DEADLY character in the
right hands. Don't underestimate the Law.

vs Hwoarang :
 Hwoarang is my least favorite character to use, but one of my favorites
to fight. Go buck wild with reversals. HOWEVER! Be aware of the fact
that he has certain jumpkicks that cannot be reversed. Don't assume.
Wait until a second or third kick to reverse. If he does the 3, 3, 3, 3
Machine Gun Kicks, block high for the first three and duck the last one.
Grab him. Tenstring Hwoarang ALL DAY! Sidestep grabs aren't that good of
an idea since his kicks seem to follow you. If Hwoarang was 1/2 as good
as his teacher, you MIGHT have something to worry about. In my opinion,
Baek would TRASH Hwoarang. If someone is smart, they give a lot of
confusing high, low, high or high, high, low, high stuff. It's very hard
to block this trash, so don't give him a chance.

vs Eddy Gordo :
 Ugh. Boy do I hate Eddy. Though they don't deserve to be in the same
sentence, fight Eddy like you fight Nina. Be all defense. One of my
favorite things to do is when Eddy starts to do the move where he sweeps
your legs and makes you flip, jump over him. Turn around and follow him.
When he finishes the two low kicks, most players will let him stand.
When he does, you should be RIGHT behind him. Hi Eddy! Bye Eddy! Use the
backgrab of your choice and take half of his life away. Sidestep grabs
don't work too well against Eddy, but the corny low kicks sure do! D+3+4
until he cries. If you are facing a good Eddy, there are rare, get ready
to block a whole bunch of garbage before you can counter. Being too
impatient against Eddy is a fatal mistake.

vs Paul Phoenix :
 An excellent Paul player is hard to beat. Sidestep grabs and corny low
kicks have a decent chance of working if used properly, but NEVER go
into a tenstring. You will get reversed nearly every time. Things to do
and look for are.... When he does the running three kick combo, reverse
the third kick. If he loads up for the power punch, stay away unless
your timing is REALLY good. If you've got timing, make him PAY for
insulting your intelligence with that move. Hitting him while he's
loading up the big punch does huge damage. If you're playing against a
very tenstring happy Paul, you may be able to reverse the third hit (a
medium kick). I advise learning Paul's tenstrings, or at least getting
VERY familiar with them. I used to get punished by his tenstrings. Then
I learned both of them (there are only two). Now I can't be touched by
them. Paul's reversals are his best weapon in my book. Don't give him
fuel with high or medium punches and kicks.

vs King :
 King vs King is an easy enough matchup. Just use your weapons smarter
than your opponent uses his. Tenstrings are a good idea to use, but only
use the ones that start (1, 2, 1, 1, 2). Otherwise, your opponent will
have a chance to reverse one of your kicks. This matchup should be easy
since you SHOULD know everything your enemy can bring to the table. Oh
yeah, I forgot. For the love of God, don't fall for sidestep grabs or
crouch dash grabs.

vs Lei Wulong :
 Playing against Lei depends on the type of player you're playing
against. There are 3 types of Lei. 1) High Kick, Low Lick Lei : Easiest
to beat. Keep your distance. If you block the High/Low close, charge and
Jail Kick him. Some Lei players want to do the combo so badly, they'll
start it from far away. FLY in and backgrab them after the low kick. 2)
Rushing Punches Lei : Sidestep grab right before the punches reach you.
You probably won't get the grab, but you'll be out of the way and behind
your opponent. Charge and Jail Kick, or if his stands up straight,
backgrab him. 3) A Good Lei (hehe) : A good Lei is hard to beat. (hehe)
Don't be overwhelmed by his speed. Just block his stuff and let him have
it. Use strategy from earlier Leis as well. If he's a compulsive ground
diver, use D+3+4 to punish him. Don't be TOO defensive or he will grab
you. While blocking 4 Rushing Punches combos, 12 stance changes, and 52
punches, you tend to forget he can grab too.

vs Jin Kazama :
 Fortunately, Jin isn't as much of a prick to fight against as his
mother was. His reversals do, however, take away your ability to
tenstring. After blocking one of his three punch combos, mix it up.
Start off by trying a Turnaround Kick, then go downstairs, then Jail
Kick, then grab...... you get the idea. Keep Jin guessing. Sidestep
grabs are a fairly good idea since Jin is an upright kind of guy. When
Jin does the spinning High, Low, Low, High kicks, reverse the last one.
An excellent Jin is very near impossible to defeat. Just be patient and
don't screw up. Jin is a pumped up version of Kazuya, WITH REVERSALS! He
should NEVER be taken lightly.

vs Kuma :
 Uhhhh.......... He's susceptible to tenstrings, sidestep grabs, low
kicks, high kicks. Don't expect the person to kick, so don't expect to
get too many reversals. Don't beat Kuma too bad.... HE'S JUST A BEAR FOR

vs Julia Chang :
 Julia is so low oriented, that you will have problems starting
tenstrings. If you do catch her standing, however, tenstrings are a fine
idea. Sidestep grabs MAY work, depending on the Julia you're facing.
Every once in a while, test her with some D+3+4 kicks. While playing
against Julia, who you probably don't see that much, remember her quick
high/low kick combo. If a good Julia gets the low kick to hit you, you
may take two more hits automatically. The Heaven Cannon is one of the
best unblockables in the game and one of Julia's better weapons. Be very
aware of it.

vs Gun Jack :
 Gun Jack shouldn't be that hard to defeat. He's only a little quicker
than Kuma, but has the advantage of having about 800 more moves, much
more grabs, and tenstrings. A good Gun Jack player will tenstring you
all day, since none of his tenstrings contain high or medium kicks. Just
block, block, block, and PUNISH! If he starts his low hitting tenstring
from too far away, he will knock you back a little and you can interupt
him. Playing against Gun Jack is just about being ready. Be ready to
block high, low when he charges you, be ready to run behind him and
ABUSE him when he flies, he ready to quickly unload when you hear the
metal screeching of the Dark Cutter, and be ready to make him pay for
having slow recovery time for most of his moves. I throw in a lot of
sidestep grabs against Gun Jack, especially as he is starting a move.
(slow recovery time hurts him again) One more note... If you fall for
the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Gigaton Punch, you are dead. A level 5 hit takes 199
damage. FAR more than enough to kill you with full life. No way to make
up for your mistake. DON'T fall for it.

vs Mokujin :
 I can usually tell who someone is when they're Mokujin before they can.
Study stances.

vs Bryan Fury :
 Bryan is mostly high moves so just block and hammer. He, like Hwoarang,
makes up for sucking with the ability to follow your sidesteps.
Tenstrings are bad medicine for Bryan, so go buck with tenstrings. Since
he is so high/medium oriented, D+3+4 kicks can be useful as well. I beat
a decent Bryan player 5-0 with 5 perfects the other day. (first time I
ever did that) Just be patient and you will have no problems with Bryan.
People using him are second only to Eddy and Hwoarang players in

vs Heihachi Mishima :
 An excellent Heihachi player would be hard to beat. I'm guessing at
that, because I've never really seen an excellent Heihachi player. Aside
from the computer on ultra-hard, I guess. You will see a lot of
repetitive moves, so be ready to block and unload your frustrations.
Remember his auto-reverse! Use kicks sparingly. I've lost a couple of
rounds to the most inept of players due to this. Even in a beginner's
hands, Heihachi is VERY dangerous. Never take him lightly.

vs Ogre or Ogre-2 :
 The thing to remember in these matchups, especially vs Ogre-2 is......
ATTACK! When you hear FIGHT be all over Ogre like a cheap suit. Ogre-2
will let you stand next to his Fire if you give him the chance and both
Ogres have Kunimitsu's old quick stab UNBLOCKABLE. Don't let him get you
on the defensive. Tenstring him all the way across the screen, grab him,
charge him, but DON'T let him get you involved in a long-distance
relationship. Or you'll be toast.


Playing Tekken, you will encounter many different types of human
players. Here is how I deal with a lot of different types and what these
types are....

BEGINNERS : The Good, The Bad, and The Button Masher (ugh).
MEDIOCRE : Improving Beginner, One Move Wonder, Good Tekken 2 player,
and the Cheap Suit.
GOOD : Tenstringer/Playstation Tekken 2 player, The Madman, Improving
Mediocre, and the Juggler.
EXCELLENT : The Godly Tekken 2 player, The Coil, The Cheap Suit, and the
GODLY : The Godly Tekken 2 player that learned all the Tekken 3 moves,
has played against a zillion and a half opponents, knows more multiparts
than God, can beat everyone and their mother Mokujin vs their best
character, is a Coil when he needs to be, a Bulldog when he needs to be,
knows every move but doesn't get nervous trying to do them all at once,
and has a Jin Kazama hairdo.


"Beginner Player with a good heart"
 He's just a guy trying to make it in the harsh world of Tekken man! Go
easy on him. Show him some moves. Help him out. Don't make him feel
inferior. A Tekken friend is a good friend to have. He will let you cut
him in line, feed tokens to extend your win streaks, and maybe even
become a real friend.

"Cocky beginner player"
 These people irritate me greatly. They usually whip off such remarks as
"I have a life and don't study books!" and "This game sucks compared to
Mortal Kombat man!"


I don't want to go off on a rant or anything, but as a Tekken player,
don't you feel that Mortal Kombat insults your intelligence?!? Doesn't
it seem like a kid's game with COOL fatalities and NEATO fireballs?!?!
Can't you not help but think that someone who has played the game for
years could be beat by a newbie because the game is so random and
shallow?!?!?! DON'T YOU JUST HATE THAT?!?!?!?!?!? pant pant pant, Okay!
I'm better now. Back to cocky beginners......

 Swallow your pride and barely beat them a few times so they come back
for more. At least get a few dollars out of them before you make them
feel like trash. When it comes time to beat him, beat him hard. I mean
NASTY! Like.... Nick him constantly for five straight rounds or beat him
with one grab and only one grab. Make him feel like he wasted his money.
This severe of punishment should only be given to the Mortal Kombat

"Button Masher" (Generally use Eddy or Law -- Sometimes Hwoarang or Lei)

 DON'T EVEN LET HIM COME CLOSE! Play like you're facing Ogre and you're
15 seconds away from setting the number one time. The quicker you get
him off your machine, the better the chances are that he won't break it.


"The improving beginner"
 This is usually a more advanced stage of the beginner with a good heart
and every once in a great while a cocky beginner that has been
practicing. Remember they can get lucky a few rounds, so don't let them
get up 3-0 and try to make a comeback. Treat them like you treated them
before they became mediocre. Follow the Golden Rule.

"One Move Wonder" (Generally Paul, Law, or Nina)
 This person is VERY easy to defeat. Just block their ONE move or combo
and make them cry. If they start to adapt, (I should hope they would
have that much sense) just change back to normal fighting mode.
Reversals are especially fun here if you are a character that has them.
Use the Golden Rule again... A nice One Move Wonder should be given some
respect. Teach him another move while you're at it.

"The Good Tekken 2 Player"
 A decent arcade dweller that hasn't quite caught up with the times yet.
Just treat him like you would any other mediocre player. Use caution,
but don't beat him TOO bad.

"The Cheap Suit"
 This player will try and overwhelm you by always attacking. These
players are very hard to grab, so don't. Use his aggresions against him.
Remember, the Cheap Suit is just a beginner using a hair of strategy.


"The Tenstringer/ Playstation Owner" (Loves Paul and King)
 The handy Practice mode on Sony Playstation's version of Tekken 2 has
given mediocre players to power to tenstring. These players are EASY to
beat if you know your tenstrings. Just block, block..... HIT! These
people can be identified easily when they make such comments as.... "Is
Armor King in this game?" and "What about Roger and Alex?" These players
range from decent to almost excellent so beware.

"The Madman"
 This type of player is a good player that tries to make you nervous.
Some antics you may see are... thrashing around while playing for no
reason, constantly bringing a fast move that you keep blocking but never
letting up (Lei's Rushing Punches, King's Jumpkick, Jin's Spinning
Kicks), or button mashing for short periods. Don't let his parlor tricks
make you nervous. Pay attention to what his character is doing. He WILL
make mistakes.

"The Improving Mediocre Player"
 Remember when Billy Bob was just a good hearted beginner and you took
him under your wing? Look how far he's come.... now he's.... sniff.....
GOOD! One more note... his greatest ambition is now to beat his teacher.

"The Juggler"
 The juggler will keep you in the air for weeks at a time. My best
advice is don't get hit by a juggling move. It's pretty crappy advice I
admit, but hey... what else can you do? BEWARE! Some Jugglers are
excellent players that will use other tactics besides Juggling.


*no one can purely tutor someone to an excellent level : an excellent
player has played a LOT against a wide variety of opponents and has a
definite style that they have learned themselves*

"The Godly Tekken 2 Player" (probably won't use Mokujin, Kuma, Gun Jack,
Hwoarang, Xiaoyu, Eddy, Brian, or Ogre if he wants to win right away)
 This player doesn't even NEED to know Tekken 3 moves to beat someone
down. He will generally use Jin (Kazuya), or Paul with others thrown in.
This player will give you all you can handle and maybe more, so be ready
for a battle. Don't make mistakes, adapt as needed, and capitalize on
the few mistakes your opponent might make. Just do what you gotta do.
You may be able to blind him with speed in the quick moving world of
Tekken 3, but don't count on it.

"The Coil"
 This person has been through the Tekken wars and knows what you can
bring to the table. He is more than willing to block ALL day just to
frustrate you. Don't be lured into thinking that there is no way you
will EVER land a hit. Mix it up. Bring some low jabs, some high stuff,
some medium, high, low combos, and what not. Throw him off HIS game
before he throws you off yours.

"The Cheap Suit"
 This player is all over you like a cheap suit as soon as he hears
FIGHT! The Cheap Suit is very prone to go into patterns that can help
you to defeat him. Being impatient will be his downfall. HOWEVER, if YOU
are impatient, you will meet your demise just as quick. The Excellent
version of the Cheap Suit is just waiting for you to strike back keep in
mind. Be careful.

"The Riddler"
 This player is like an upgraded, more sophisticated version of the
Madman. He can become a Cheap Suit, Coil, Juggler or Button Masher at
any time. He shrouds his true intentions in mystery. I personally LOVE
playing against these types of players because I love analysing people
while they play. Riddlers make it more interesting. It's a bad time to
have any weaknesses, because if the Riddler identifies them, he'll try
to exploit them. The Riddler will often bring some of the antics that
the Madman utililized. Don't let the Riddler intimidate you.



"The Godly Tekken 3 player"
 This player can TOY with you and kill you at will if you are anything
less than excellent. He knows EVERY move there is and EXACTLY how and
when to use each and every one. He does maximum damage always... not
concerned with making it look pretty. He will make it look pretty if he
doesn't feel you are worthy though. He will take Mokujin and... aside
from the bear.... he will ROCK you with WHOEVER they give him. When
playing against a Godly player, try to not be intimidated. It's hard to
explain.... you need to be EVERYTHING. Attack while Defending, Defend
while Attacking, Never let up, but let him come to you. DON'T MAKE
MISTAKES. And don't be afraid to ask questions. Rarely do players get to
the godly level being pricks. In the immortal words of Ric Flair.... "To
be the best, you've got to beat the best! WOO!"


The more you play, the better your timing will get, the more moves you
will be able to recognize, and the better you will be able to adapt.
"Don't be too proud to Nick...... every once in a while"
Nicking is the most generic thing in the world when used exclusively,
but if it's the ninth round and you both have barely any life and the
guy has 17 wins in a row, NICK HIM!
"Share info with other worthy players"
People you play Tekken against aren't your enemies in real life. If the
person is nice, tell them how to do this move or that move. Listen to
what they have to say as well. You'll be a better player for it.
"Have fun"
If you're not having fun playing Tekken, why are you feeding tokens into
the machine, and giving money to the owner of the machine, who pays
taxes to the government, that screws you over anyway?!?!?

Thanks to Nogard, for having my most visited and favorite site.
Thanks to people that made the FAQ's that taught ME how to play the game
in the first place.
Thanks to Bob, George, Rich, Nick, Steve, Jason, Ryan, Chris, Tina,
Kevin, Camel, Justin, and Kris for letting me compile my vs. Wins
records, for not refusing to play even though I win usually, and for
being friend-type people.

Just for funk and to see who gets used the most at our location I'll say
who everyone plays. On our machine, Eddy is the most played (GIANT
UGH!), followed by Hwoarang and Mokujin. Our best time solving the game
is my 2' 48" with Yoshimitsu followed by Bob's 3' 01" with Lei and me
again with 3' 14" with Law.
Me - King, Mokujin, Gun Jack, Jin
Bob - Lei, Nina, Paul, Mokujin
George - Xiaoyu, Paul (learning now), Mokujin
Rich (doesn't play Tekken 3 yet) - Law
Nick - Eddy, Jin
Steve - Lei (learning from Bob)
Jason and Ryan - Heihachi
Chris - Hwoarang, Paul (learning now)
Tina - Nina
Kevin - Eddy, I guess
Camel - Eddy, and an occasional Hwoarang
Justin - Hwoarang
Kris (my brother) - Nina, Hwoarang

The place where I play Tekken, and where I work is Jester's Court. It is
in NE Ohio a little north of Youngstown. If anyone that reads this wants
to come and play or just comment on something, my email is
kcompton@grapevinenet.com. Thanks for your time. Bye bye.

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