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Julia by Crimson

Version: 1.00 |

		        Crimson's Julia Chang FAQ Ver 1.00
		      	       American Woman

First off go to this web page: http://www.tiac.net/users/kidcombo/tekken3.htm
thanks to GraVeDiggA a LOT for basically letting me use his whole Julia Chang 
section on his web page. THANK YOU GraVeDiggA!

Hello and welcome to my Julia Chang FAQ: American Women:) I hope this guide 
will help and inform you of this great character. On my ranking chart (which 
won't be finished by the time you read this) she is ranked high. If used 
correctly, she is a deadly character. When you look at her moves, dont worry. 
When you learn the most usefull moves (which is a section in this FAQ) you 
will be doing great. Expect more updates.


Name: Julia Change
Nationality: American
Fighting Style: Chinese Kenpo
Age: 18 years old
Height: 165cm
Weight: 54kgs
Blood Type: B
Occupation: Archaeology Research
Hobby: Hunting
Likes: Buffalo 


Julia Chang is seeking revenge after the death of her sister, Michelle Chang. 
Michelle's and Julia's grandmother was kidnapped by Kazuya. Since Michelle did
not get to free her mother through the tournament, she was angered and never 
found her. She went on a hunt for Jin but ended up fighting The God of Fight 
(ogre). After her brutal loss she was defeated and killed.

Julia Chang found out about her defeated sister and trained at a very young 
age. She learned from her sister and found a few new arts. She also heard of 
the King of the Iron Fist 3 tournament and knew that Ogre would enter. So she 
enters secretly in an attempt to defeate the evil menace that has killed her 
sister. She also hopes that Heihache knows the whereabouts of her missing 

Good Attributes: Speed of some moves and a huge arsenal of moves. Also no one 
knows her to well so she is very un-predictable. Great range in sweep attacks.

Bad Attributes: No power in her moves and juggles hard to pull of for below 
avrage players. Must know all of her moves to be effective with her.


Sweep: d+4
Double Sweep: d+4,4
Sweep into Uppercut: d+4,1
Uppercut: f+1
Slice Uppercut, Elbow: (WS)+2,2 
Slice Uppercut, Catapult Combo: (WS)+2,1,1 
Slice Uppercut, Sweep, High Kick: (WS)+2,4,N+4 
Slice Uppercut, Sweep, Fan Kick: (WS)+2,4,D+4 
Slice Uppercut, Sweep, Uppercut: (WS)+2,4,1 
Slice Uppercut, Club Fist, Sweep, Bow Leg: (WS)+2,1,4,3 
Blue Sky Cannon: (WS)+4 
Punches, Sweep-Bow Leg: 1,1,4,3 
Earthquake Stomp: U/F+3+4 (when opponent on ground)
Catapult, Sweep, Bow Leg: (WS)1,1,4,3 
Kick, Leg Sweep, High Kick: 4,4,N+4 
Kick, Leg Sweep, Fan Kick: 4,4,D+4 
Kick, Leg Sweep, Uppercut: 4,4,1 
Dashing Left Elbow: f,f+1 
Dashing Punch: D#,D/f+1 
Dashing Right Elbow: D#,d/f+2 
Dashing Punch, Heaven Cannon: 1~2,1 
Dashing Punch, High Kick: 1~2,3 
Dashing Punch, Low Kick: 1~2,4 
Dashing Elbow, Kick: f,f+1,4 
Club Fist, Sweep, Bow Leg: 1+4,3 
Death Push, Punt Kick, Uppercut: 2+3,1 
Rushing Uppercut: f+1 (1~1,1) or (d/f+1,1) Catapult Combo 
Back Leg Sweep: D#,d/f+4 
+Penetrating Bow Leg: D#,d/f+4,3 
Side Spin, High Kick, Leg Sweep: 3+4,4,d+4 
2-punch Combo: d/f+1,1 
Punt Kick: d/f+3 
(1st must connect) Death Push, Big Punch: d/f+2,1 
Death Push, Axe Kick: d/f+2,3 
Double Strike: 1+2 
Death Push, lowkick or high kick: d/f+2,3 or 4 
Front Leg Sweep: (WC)+4 
+Uppercut: (WC)+4,1 
+High Kick: (WC)+4,N+4


Front Suplex- 1+3 
Fisherman Suplex- 2+4 
German Suplex- (while going behind) 1+2 
Nelson Suplex- d/f+1+2 
German Suplex- 1+3 or 2+4 
Front Suplex- d,d/f+1+3 
Cyclone Suplex- d/b, d/b+1+2 
Triple Threat- hcb,F+1+2 
Low Hit Break- d/b+1+3 or d/b+2+4 


Dashing Punch, Elbow: d,D/F+1,2 
Dashing Punch, Elbow: f,f,F+1,2 
Palm Attack: F+1~
Low Attack Breaker: d/b+1+3_d/b+2+4
Palm Attack: (WR)1,2 or F+1~2

_Ten Strings_



F+1+4: Heaven Cannon


Uppercut, Sweep into Uppercut, Sweep into Uppercut.... (can do up to 3-5 times)
Sweep into Uppercut, Sweep into Uppercut, Sweep into Uppercut
Heaven Cannon, Sweep into Uppercut, Sweep into Uppercut
Heaven Cannon, crouching right kick, Front Leg Sweep into High Kick
Heaven Cannon, Heaven Cannon (large characters only. Kuma, Gun-jack etc. Still
  needs testing)
Heaven Cannon, crouching right kick, Sweep into Uppercut
Heaven Cannon, Catapult Combo, Sweep into Uppercut



Treble Clef Cannon


Most Useful Moves:

*Sweep into Uppercut*

Her most useful move by far. This move is very good in juggles and is even 


Good damage and an awesome jugle starter.

*All Slice Uppercut Moves*

They are all confusing.

*Front Leg Sweep and all its veriations*

Confusing and damaging.

*Normal Throws*

The 1+3 and 2+4 throws are great. If your opponent gets up right away their 
back will be facing you with their back turned.

*Dashing Elbow into Kick*

Confusing and good damage. No one expects the last hit.



Julia should definatly be played offensivly. Use her Most Usefull Moves all 
the time and go in for some juggles. She is hard against some characters like 
Jin and Nina, but if you know her well and got some juggles down you will do 

Against Lei:

Do her Sweep Into uppercut when he lies down. Or do her Double Sweep which is 
also very effective when he is in most of his stances. Use as many air juggles
as possible. Lei is greatly annoying when played defensivly. Especialy against
an offensive character like Julia. Just chip away at health and then back off.
Make Lei come to you and dont play any games with him. Try to wait for time to
run out if possible.

Against Jin:

Jin is a very hard match for Julia. You must try to confuse Jin as much as 
possilbe. Switch between low and high attacks and get a rythem. When he thinks
you are going for a high attack, nail him with an uppercut and juggle away. 
Play as cheap as possible.

Against Lin:

Do as many sweep variations as possible. Most Lin players leave themselves 
open in a Pheonix stance. So do a Sweep into Uppercut a lot and you should be 

Against Eddy:

Same as Lin. Eddy leaves himself wide open and Julia has great range in her 
leg attacks. Use all sweep variations to get the Eddy player whining. Just 
don't freak out and stay on the offensive.

Against Nina:

Another hard match. Nina is one of the best, if not the best, character in 
Tekken 3. This match is almost impossible if the Nina player knows what he/she
is doing. I suggest her ten hitter if you know your opponent cant block well 
against ten hitters.

Against King:

Do you hate multi-link throws? So do I. Just learn to escape from his throws 
and stay your distance. Do far reaching attacks and a throw here and there. 
After a throw do a Sweep into Uppercut. Most King players don't know 
Michelle's attacks. Exploit this.

Against Paul:

Paul is almost the opposite of Julia. He is fast in some of his moves, but he 
is basically a power hitter. So don't let Paul do his moves on you. Wail out 
on those attacks and throw a lot.  After a few throws try some high low 
variations and then go for a juggle.

Against Law:

Just counter. Law isnt a great character. If you counter his atatcks and 
throw, or juggle, you will be fine.

Against Hwaorang:

Pick another character:) Hwaorang is a hard character for Julia because he is 
total offense. Again, go on high/low variations and do her Sweep into Uppercut
a lot. Wait for him to atatck and while he is doing some long kick chain, do 
an Uppercut and juggle.

Against Yoshimitsu:

Sweep into Uppercuts and ten hitters. Yoshi is not known for his counters. So 
just try your hardest to make it hard for him to block.

Against Kuma:

Heh, hes so big he is easy to juggle. Sweep into Uppercut, Ten hitters, and 
Uppercuts. You will do fine against this horrid character.

Against Gun-Jack:

A true powerhouse but also very big. Use Kuma tactics and don't let him get 



All the guys in #tekken3. They are just cool and such great masters at Tekken 3.

My clan buddys in #theforsaken on clannet. Always provide a laugh and always 
point out my stupidity.

To the Twisted Tekken guys for letting me work with them. Here is their web 
page:  http://www.geocities.com/~twistedtekken/index2.html

Of course, GraVeDiggA for being so cool. He always updates:) His page <if ya 
didnt hear it the first time:)>

Tadarich for getting the new first. His great web page:

Catlord for being so nice and helping me out when I need it. His page and FAQ @:

Richard "Da Boss" and his great page, The Tekken Information Center. A fine 
web page. And his awesome message board that I use to much;) His page:

And, as always, to all who took the time to download this. Hope it helped you 

c. 1997 by Crimson.  No part of this FAQ may be rewritten witout the written
consent of the author.  You may use what's here, but give credit where credit
is due.  Don't stick your name claiming that this FAQ is yours.  That's no
good.  Anybody abuse this, you'll be considered as one of the most lamest
person on the internet (unless you apologize).

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