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Julia by Aoi

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/30/97

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                                     FAQ v.1.0                            
                                  Compiled by Aoi                           
                                  2:48 AM 6/30/97

                            <<<<<< WHAT'S NEW ? >>>>>>

 - 6/29/97 | First version released, there is much more that needs to be added.
                          Layout done by myself using Figlet.
                    Has Julia's official moveslist, not Michelle's.


 Julia Chang is the second time release character. She is one of the most
 dangerous charcaters in the game if used very intelligently. All characters
 are dangerous if used effectively, its just certain characters that people
 push aside cause they can't do many moves with are some of the most fearsome
 fighters. Lei is a good example cause he uses the 5 animal kung-fu system.
 Not many people know all of the stances inside and out, the ones who do make
 Lei move so fluidly through his stances creating a opponent to be reckoned
 with. Julia is a great character for the advanced juggler.


 Upside ............... Julia has tons of moves. Mixing it up shouldn't be too
                        hard if you practice with her like crazy. Her power
                        comes from her speed and variations of combos and

 Downside ............. You need to know her like the back of your hand to be 
                        very effective. She is a top notch choice though if 
                        you can create attacks on the fly.


 NATIONALITY ------ American
 FIGHTING STYLE --- Various Chinese Martial Arts
 AGE -------------- 18
 HEIGHT ----------- 165 cm
 WEIGHT ----------- 54kg
 BLOOD TYPE ------- B
 OCCUPATION ------- Archeology Student
 HOBBY ------------ Hunting
 LIKES ------------ Buffalo
 DISLIKES --------- Mishima Finacial Empire
 STAGE ------------ Pyramid Interior


 Searching for Michelle.........

 Julia studies archeology in Michelle Chang's tribal lands. As a baby,
 Julia was deserted in the ruins of ancient Native American settlements,
 where Michelle found her. Michelle rescued Julia and brought her up
 with love. Julia loved Michelle and her adopted tribe and trained with
 Michelle to protect her beloved homeland.

 When Julia was 18, stories of sudden disappearances of famous martial
 artists all over the world began to reach the tribe. The tribe knew the
 cause, which was contained in the tribal legends...the legend of the
 God of Fighting. People in the tribe feared that Michelle's pendant,
 the key to Native American sacred treasure, had something to do with
 the disappearances.

 With apprehension spreading through the tribe, Michelle left for Japan
 to ask Heihachi why he had sought to take the pendant during the second
 tournament. Michelle hoped to learn about the origin of the God of
 Fighting's power. Michelle did not return. Julia suspected Heihachi and now
 seeks him out to discover the truth.


 f - tap forward
 F - hold forward
 b - tab back
 B - hold back
 u - tap up
 U - hold up
 d - tap down
 D - hold down

 d/f - tap down and forward
 D/F - hold down and forward
 d/b - tap down and back
 D/B - hold down and back
 u/f - tap up and forward
 U/F - hold up and forward
 u/b - tap down and back
 U/B - hold up and back

 QCF - quarter circle toward (d,d/f,f)
 QCB - quarter circle back(d,d/b,d)
 HCF - half circle toward (b,d/b,d,d/f,f)
 HCB - half circle back (f,d/f,d,d/b,b)

                        left punch = lp      rp = right punch
                        left kick =  lk      rk = right kick

 FC------------ full crouch (must be in full crouching animation)
 N------------- no direction pressed on the joystick (neutral)
 WR------------ while running
 WS------------ while rising
 WJ------------ While jumping
 SS------------ sidestep+ do moves on either side(s) together
 ~------------- immediately followed by...
 <>------------- Denotes that move has optional extension
 ( or... )--------- Denotes "or" - used for optional commands
 (f-throw)----- Forward throw
 (s-throw)----- Side throw
 (b-throw)----- Back throw


 H ----- High
 M ----- Medium
 L ----- Low

 Numbers are in %'s

            MOVE AND JOYSTICK/BUTTON COMMAND                 |     DAMAGE
 Low Counter Dodge ----- d/b (or d) 1+3 or 2+4               |     Reversal
 G-Clef Cannon --------- 1,1,1                               |10, 5, 21  H,M,M
 Alternate G-Clef------- d/f+1,1                             |    8, 21  M,M
 Spinning Sweep -------- (wc)+4                              |       10  L
 Crazy Horse ----------- (wc)+4,1                            |   10, 21 L,M
 Spinning Sweep, High Kick -------- (wc)+4,N,4               |   10, 23 L,H
 Sweep, Low Kick -------- 3, d+3                             |   10,10   L,L
 Skyscaper -------------- (ws)+4                             |     15  M
 Foot Stomp ------------- (wj)+3+4                           |       35  M


 Tequila Sunrise -------- (ws)+2                             |       15  M


 Tequila Sunset --------- (ws)+2,1,1                         |18, 5, 21  M,M,M

 Tequila Sunrise, High Kick --- (ws)+2,4,4                   |15, 12, 23 M,L, H

 Tequila Sunrise, Slicing Uppercut--- (ws)+2,4,1             |15, 12, 21 M,L, M

 Tequila Sunrise, Low Kick ------ (ws)+2,4, d+4              |15, 12, 10 M,L, L
______________________________________________________ ______|______________

 Tequila Sunrise, Arrow Kick ---- (ws)+2,1,4,3               18,5,12,15 M,M,L,H

 Twin Arrow ------------- 1+2 (melts opponents guard)        |       25  M


 Rising Sun ------------- d/f+2                                 |       10


 Rising Sun Combo ------- (during Rising Sun) press 1        | 21  M, Special H

 Front Snap Kick -------- d/f+3                                 |       17  M


 Turnaround Punch ------- b+2                                   |       12  H


 Spinning Sweep --------- d,d/f+4                               |       12  L


 Spinning Sweep, Bow Leg ---- (during Spinning Sweep) press 3   |       15  H


 Spinning Evasion, Kick ------- 3+4,4                           |       20  H


 Sting --------------- f,F+1                                    |       10  M


 Rapid Fire ----------- d,D/F+1                                 |       14  M


 Machine Gun Punch ---- 1,2                                  |   10, 8   H,M

 Stun Gun ------------- D,D/F+2 (stuns on a counterhit)         |       20  M


 Alley Oop, Elbow Smash ---- (ws)+2,2                           |   15, 22  M,M


 Bow Kick Combo --------------- d/f+1,4,3                    |8, 12, 15  M, L,H

 Bow Kick Combo 2 ------------- 1+4,3                        |12,12,15   M,L, H

 Slicing Uppercut ------------- 3,2                             |       15  M


 Moon Cannon ------------------ 1,2,1                        |10,15,21   H,M, M

 Gerinimo Cannon -------------- 2+3,1                        |8, 9, 25   L,M, M

 Moon Cannon, High Kick ------- 1,2,4                        |10, 8, 20  H,M, H

 Moon Cannon, Low Kick ------- 1,2,3                         |10, 8, 10  H,M, L

 Quick Slice Uppercut -------- 3,2,4,4                       |15,12,23   M,L, H

 Spinning Slice Uppercut ----- 3,2,4,1                       |15,12,21   M,L, M

 Double Slice Uppercut ------- 4,2,4,d+4                     |15,12,10   M,L, L

 Slice Uppercut, G-Clef Cannon --- 3,2,1,1                   |18, 5, 21  M,M, M

 Slice Uppercut, Arrow Kick ------ 3,2,1,4,3                 |18,5,12,15 M,M,L,H

 Uppercut, Bash --------------- 3,2,2                        |    15, 22 M,M

 Slow Power Punch, High Kick --- d/f+2,4                     |    10, 20 M,H

 Slow Power Punch, Low Kick ----- d/f+2,3                    |    10, 10 M,L

Kicking Flurry --------------- 4,4,4                         |20, 12, 23 H,L

 Low Kicking Flurry ----------- 4,4,d+4                      |20, 12, 10 H,L,L

 Sting, Skyscaper ------------- f,f+1,4                      |   10, 15 M,M

 Lighting Uppercut ------------ f+1                          |        15 M


 Cupid's Arrow ---------------- d,D/F+1,2                    |    14, 21 M,M


 Fatal Fury --------------- f+1,2                            |        21 M


 Thunderbolt -------------- f,f,f+1                          |        10 M

 UNBLOCKABLE                                                 |
                                                             |   50 Unblockable
 Heaven Cannon ---------- F+1+4 (unblockable)                |


 2,1~1,2,3~3,3,4,4,1        Tenstring
 2,1~1,2,3~3,2,3,2,1        Tenstring (last hit unblockable)
 2,1~1,2,3~3,2,1,4,3        Tenstring


 Taunt -------------------- 2+3+4
 Feel the Power ----------------- 1+2+3+4 (1st attack is a counterhit
 and does guard damage. You are left vulnerable during the charge up.)

 THROWS (Forward Throws)

 Death Valley Bomb --------- 1+3
 Cradle Suplex ------------- 2+4
 Double Arm Lock Suplex ------ d/f+1+2
 Mad Axes -------------------- d,d/b,b,f+2
 Waist Suplex ---------------- d,D/B+1+3
 Cross Arms Suplex ----------- D,d/b,d,D/B+1+2

 SIDE THROWS (you must sidestep to get these throws)

 Running Bulldog ----------- 1+3 or 2+4 (left side)
 Twisting Frankensteiner ---- 1+3 or 2+4 (right side)


 Branded --------------------- 1+3 or 2+4 (back throw)

 JUGGLE COMBOS (more are on the way)

 *(wc) is the same as the down command*
 ie. (wc)+4,1 is the same as d+4,1

 (wc)+4,1, d+1, d,d/f+4,3, (wc)+4,1
 (wc)+4,1, 2+3,1
 (wc)+4,1, d+1, (wc)+4,1, (wc)+4,N,4
 (wc)+4,1, d,d/f+4,3, f+1,2
 1,2,1 (counterhit on 2), f,f,f+1, (wc)+4,1
 1,2,1 (counterhit on 2), f,f,f+1, (wc)+4,N,4
 1,2,1 (counterhit on 2), f,f,f+1, f,f+1, f+1,2
 1,2,1 (counterhit on 2), f,f,f+1, d/f+2,4, (wc)+4,N,4
 u/f+4, f,f,f+1, f,f+1, f,f+1,4
 u/f+4, 1,2, (wc)4,1, (wc)+4, n, 4
 u/f+4, 1, (ws)+2, d,d/f+4,3, f+1


 The dude has a total package of defense, offense, you name it. The key here
 is to try to interrupt his attacks frequently. Dodging frequently also helps
 but don't abuse a good thing. Jin tries to crowd out his opponents. Playing
 keep away won't fair too well. Instead opt for a counter-attack strategy.

 Paul likes to sit back and wait for opportunity to knock at his door. If you
 try this strategy he will more than likely beat you to the punch. The best
 way to get the ball rolling is to start with some low attack then follow up 
 with a combination of maybe high then mid range. Mix it up. Don't brawl back
 and forth with him though, that's his forte. More or less dodge very 
 frequently after his mistakes beacuse recovery time between a lot of his 
 attacks is a little slow.

 Ling is a pretty good match up for Julia. When she goes into the Art of 
 Phoenix, stay on her and go low and follow up with another low attack or 
 combo maybe low, high to catch her off guard.
 ---- Simple ie. Low sweep then skyscraper kick ----

 Nina is tough because alot of her attacks come from everywhere, like high, 
 high, mid, low, etc. Try to keep a good distance between yourselves and use 
 poke tactics.

 Keep low against Yoshi. Don't just sit there though cause you can get juggled
 with a uppercut. Most of Yoshi's attacks are mid and high range so keep that 
 in mind and emphasis low combo starters.

 I find that spinning attacks and sidestepping seems usefull if you time it 
 right against Law. If it is used correctly this is his biggest weakness. If
 not used correctly you will pay very dearly cause his kicks can track or 
 follow you while you go in and out of the background.

 When he starts his low combos poke at him with low sweeps and finish off with
 skyscraper kicks or alley oop, elbow Smashes or tequila sunrise attacks when 
 he tries to recover. From here there are alot of juggle opportunities. Mainly
 poke tactics are very useful and keeping a solid distance away from him allows
 you to poke him to death.

 Lei's main fault is when he gets on the ground. It isn't necessarily a 
 weakness, but it doesn't have as much flare as it did in the previous Tekken.
 His main priority is his different stances. Spinning attacks work very well 
 and he falls for the turnaround punch, low jab, skyscaper kick very often. So
 do most all of the other CPU characters. If you do it too much to characters
 who can reverse high attacks mainly Paul and Nina, they will more than likely
 stop you dead in you tracks on the turnaround punch and reverse it. But.....
 you can always "chicken" out of it and reverse them back.

 Sidestepping works like a gem against Hwoarang. Make sure you follow up 
 immediately afterwards though cause he has very quick recovery and can jab 
 you out of most opportunities you think you may have. Other than that he is 
 rather moderate, but can track like a punk when he starts losing.

 King is another character you can poke at and fair pretty well. He is quite 
 aggresive because his moves aren't plentiful so he has to do what he can to 
 make up for his lack of moves. When he goes for multis poke him or sweep him 
 if you can. Keeping away doesn't do too well cause he likes to get in your 
 face like he knows you.  Sticking and poking at him while playing some tough 
 defense you can carry you through.

 Since he is very aggressive I base some emphasis on the 1,2,1 Moon Cannon to 
 get a counterhit juggle launcher, then start juggling. Poking and spinning 
 work quite well and if timed right while he is doing those Cossack Kicks or 
 Swinging Punches you can be preparing yourself for the unblockable and 
 executing a juggle. 

 Kuma is similar to Gun-Jack the only thing I would watch for is interrupting 
 her attacks and plan on breaking out of alot of grabs.

 Use strategy according to the character that is being mimicked.

 Bryan is also a very aggresive fighter with too many powerful combos that take
 off mad damage. Poking works somewhat but he has too many damaging blows that
 if you mess up in least you will get beat down. Spinning seems useless 
 against him cause of his low shin kicks. A good tactic to use is the one 
 similar to Gun-Jack's.  I do a lot of Moon Cannons (1,2,1) and juggle follow 
 ups to wear him down.

 I emphasis sidestepping alot against him because of the tile splitter he uses
 often and low sweeps followed by a high, mid attack.

 He uses the backflip, tooth fairy like crazy. Block high for both moves and 
 maybe grab or combo afterwards.



 Namco Limited. Most of the names of the moves are official
 some I modified for visual clarity to place a picture in
 your mind of the move. All moves are from the Julia Chang
 section of the Namco page and Gamest Mook Magazine.
 1 or 2 moves were added.
 Copyright 1994-1997 by Aoi.  No part of this FAQ is to be altered
 without prior consent. Freely distribute this faq and it's
 contents granted no monetary fees are collected. Contact me
 if you want to place this faq and/or it's contents in media,
 print, or otherwise.

 Tekken 3 is Copyright (C) 1996 Namco Limited. All rights
 reserved. Tekken, Tekken 2, and Tekken 3 are all trademarks
 of Namco Limited. All images, characters, and any other
 indicia are owned by the companies who license and/or market
 the products. This FAQ is in no way related to any company
 mentioned herein.
 You can get this faq on numerous Tekken 3 Sites:

 Also my faqs are archived at Gamefaqs:
 My Tekken 3 faqs will be under:



                          d8888          d8b
                         d88888          Y8P
                       d88P 888  .d88b.  888
                      d88P  888 d88""88b 888
                     d88P   888 888  888 888
                    d8888888888 Y88..88P 888
                   d88P     888  "Y88P"  888 aknight@frontiernet.net
                        Please send corrections/suggestions/concerns


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