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Jin Move List by TQudo

Version: 1.01 |

               Jin Kazama
               moves list

              By Tadashi Qudo


Hi,there. Here is Jin'sMoves list.
I wrote this according to the Official
complete moves list from Japanese magazine.
Anyway, I hope This FAQ is a help to you.

And,This FAQ refer to Catlord's FAQ.
Thanks, Catlord.

    Moves list

/// Throws ///


1+3				Bitch kicks
2+4				Arem break shoulder toss
f,f+1+2				Headbutt
d/f+2+3				Striking fist
d_D/F+1+2			Ultimate tuckle
	2,1,2,1,2		Mounting Punches(While Ultimate tuckle)
	1+2			Arm breaker(While Ultimate tuckle)
	2,1,2,1+2		3 Punches and Arm breker(While Ultimate 




/// Reversal ///

b+1+3_b+2+4			Reversal(High and Middle Only)

/// Special attacks ///

*'H'means 'high' 'M'means'middle' 'L' means 'low'

Command		Level		Name

1,2		H,H		2 punces
1,1,2		H,H,M		3 punches
1,2,2		H,H,H		2 punches and back fist
f,f,f+3		M		Dashing Jump kick
(WS)4,4		M,M		Axe kicks
4~3		M		Heel Drop
f,n,d,D/B+2	H		Wind God fist
f,n,d,d/b+1	M		Thunder God fist
f,n,d,D/B+1,3	M,M		Thunder God fist and Mid kick
f,n,d,D/B+1,4	M,L		Thunder God fist and Low kick
f,n,d,D/B+4,4	L,M		Hell sweep and Mid kick
(WS)1,2		M,M		Double Uppercut
f,f+3		M		Left heel kick
b+1+4		-		Spinning Demon God fist(Unblockable)
B+1+4		-		Super Spinning Demon God fist(Unblockable)
u/f+4,4,4,4	H,L,L,M		Jumping kick,Hell sweep,Mid kick
d/f+4,4		M,M		Heel cutter
b,F+2		M		Demon God fist
b,F+2,1,2	M,M,M		Demon God fist,Elbow,Stomach punch
b,F+2,1,D/F+2	M,M,M		Demon God fist,Elbow,Uppercut
f+2		M		Gut Punch
f,f+2		M		Stomach Punch
d/f+1,2		M,M		Mid punch,Gut punch
1,2,3,4		H,H,M,M		2 punches,Axe kick,Knee kick
1,2,3,f+4	H,H,M,M		2 punckes,Axe kick,?
(WS)2		M		Uppercut
f+4		M		Knee kick
1,2,4		H,H,M		2 punches,Knee kick
1+4,2,4		M,H,H,M		White helon mid kick combo
1+4,2,d+4	M,H,H,L		White helon low kick combo
SS+2		M		Tooth Fairy
f+3		H		Left Spin kick
4		H		Right Spin kick
D+3+4		M,H		Can-Can kick
b+1+2		-		Ultimate Block
1+2+3+4		-		Charge up

/// Ten hit combo ///

3,2,4,3,1+4,2,2,1,2             // H,H,M,H,D,H,H,M,M,M
3,2,4,3,1+4,2,1                 // H,H,M,H,D,H,H,M
b+2,4,4,4,4,2,1+4,2,1           // H,H,H,D,M,M,D,H,H,M
b+2,4,4,4,4,2,1+4,2,d+3+4       // H,H,H,D,M,M,D,H,H,D,H
f,F+2,1,2,2,3,4,4,1,2,1         // H,H,H,H,M,M,D,H,M,M
f,F+2,1,2,2,3,4,4,3,2,1         // H,H,H,H,M,M,D,D,M,unblockable
f,F+2,1,4,4,2,4,3,2,1           // H,H,M,M,D,M,D,M,unblockable

/// Extra (Translate Japanese to English) ///

English                             Japanese                Translation

Bitch kicks			Tsumujigeri		Cyclone kicks
Arem break shoulder toss	Ikazuchi		Thunder
Headbutt			Chou-PACHIKI		Super-Headbutt
Striking fist			Hakusan			White mountain
YAGURA KUZUSHI			Yagura Kuzushi		Tower breaker
Ultimate tackle			Arutemetto takkuru	Ultimate tackle
Mounting Punches		Yamikumo		reckless
Arm breaker			Udehishigi-zyuuzigatame	Arm crash Ten figure 
3 Punches and Arm breker	     ditto		     ditto

1+3_2+4				Tenbin Nage		Balance throw

1+3_2+4				Ryoukata hineri		Twist (Opponent's)

1+3_2+4				Dou Gaeshi		Body Reverse

/// Reversal ///

Reversal(High and Middle Only)	Zyou,Chuudan Gaeshi	High and Mid Reversal

/// Special attacks ///

English				Japanese		Translation

2 punces			Wantsuu panchi		One-two punches
3 punches			Senkou Rekken		Flash violent fists
2 punches and back fist		Kikoku Renken		Devil roar rush 
Dashing Jump kick		Kuuzan kyaku		Air cutter Kick
Axe kicks			kakato otoshi		Heel drop
Heel Drop			Hasaisyuu		Breakdown kick
Wind God fist			Huujinken		Wind God fist
Thunder God fist		Raijinken		Thunder God fist
Thunder God fist and Mid kick	Raijinken chuudankyaku	T.G.f and mid kick
Thunder God fist and Low kick	Raijinken gedankyaku	T.G.f and low kick
Hell sweep and Mid kick		Naraku Barai		Hell sweep
Double Uppercut			Soukaku			Twin horn
Left heel kick			Hidari kakato otoshi	Left heel drop
Spinning Demon God fist		Kijin Meturetsu		Demon God destruction
Super Spinning Demon God fist	Shin Majinken	    'Genuine' Demon God 
Jumping kick,Hell sweep,Mid kick Rasen genmakyaku	Spiral phantom kicks
Heel cutter			Kakatogiri		Heel cutter
Demon God fist			Majinken		Demon God fist
Demon God fist,Elbow,Stomach punch Rasetsumon ichi    Man-eating demon's 
                                                        gate 1 *1
Demon God fist,Elbow,Uppercut	Rasetsumon ni	      Man-eating demon's gate 2 
Gut Punch			Haganewari		Steel breaker
Stomach Punch			Dounuki			Body pierce
Mid punch,Gut punch		Oni Hachimon		Demon's eight gates *2
2 punches,Axe kick,Knee kick	Nimon Soukyaku  	Two gate twin kicks *3
2 punckes,Axe kick,?		Nimon Soukyaku,Kai   improved - Two gate twin 
Uppercut			Oiduki			drive punch
Knee kick			Hiza hagane		Steel Knee
2 punches,Knee kick		Kihuumon		Demon wind gate
White helon mid kick combo	Bakuro yuubu		Dancing white helon
White helon low kick combo	Bakuro gedankyaku	White helon low kick
Tooth Fairy			Onigoroshi		Demon killer
Left Spin kick			Onikubi Otoshi		Cut down Demon's Head
Right Spin kick			Kasumigeri		Haze kick
Can-Can kick			Siun nidangeri		Purple haze double kicks
Ultimate Block			Kongoutai		Giant's Body
Charge up			KiaiTame		Charge up

*1 'Rasetsumon ichi'.. 'Rasetsu' means 'Man eating demon'(Indian demon).
I guess true mean of this move's name is 
'Summon Man-eating demon from the (Hell?) gate'

Or,'Pierce man-eating demon's gate'.
This means 'These punches can break even such a hard gate!'
Or,'A way of Rasetsu'
In this case,'mon' means 'A way'
When Japanese people learn something,
We say,'(** no)Mon o kuguru'.This means 'Through the gate (of ***)'

*2 'Oni Hachimon'.. I'm troubled with How translate this Japanese word.
I guess that true mean of this move's name is...Uh,
'Summon Demons from eight gates'.
'Oni' means 'demon','Hachi' means 'eight',And 'mon' means 'gate'.
Summon demon from each bearings gate(North,South,East...).

Or,'pierce eight demon's gate'

*3 'Nimon soukyaku'...I'm troubled with this as well.
'Ni' means 'Two','mon' means 'gate','Soukyaku' means 'Twin kick'
True mean of this,Uh,
'Knock two gates and double kick'..
hmm,I don't have good idea to tanslate this..

c. 1997 by Qudo.  All rights reserved

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