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Jin by MageLord

=							          =	
=		The Ultimate -=JIN=- FAQ                              =	
=							          =

by MageLord

This FAQ may not be distributed for any financial gain or sold from 
anyone, by anyone, or to anyone . . . this is FREE.  Jin Kazama and 
Tekken 3 are registered Trade Marks of Namco Ltd.  The moves listed here 
may or may not be the "official" moves listed by Namco as I call Jin's 
moves what I feel best suit them, but there are some moves and or 
combinations that are under the Namco names and these are also copyright 
Namco Ltd.  All strategy listed here is copyright Sean Kemp, 1998.

This FAQ is intended for use by *expert* level players and above.  The 
reason for this FAQ is the correction of errors and the flawed strategy 
listed in Slikatel's Jin FAQ. The juggles, combos and strategy are 
outdated, some are wrong, and the rest are of a flawed strategy.  I aim 
to correct these mistakes.  Slikatel's strategy only extended so far.

Now . . . on to the good stuff.

Table of Contents 
I.	Why play Jin?
II.	Useless character info.
III. 	Strengths and Weaknesses
IV. 	Throws
V. 	Moves List & Strategy
		A. 	Jin's Punches
		B. 	Jin's Kicks
VI. 		The Attack Reversal (a.k.a. "counter")
VII. 	The Dash Buffer
VIII.   The Crouch Dash
IX.	Juggling
X.	Dive Juggling
XI. 	Instant WS Moves
XII. 	Okizeme
XIII.     Strings
XIV.     Vs. Characters
XV.   	Thanks to . . .

I. Why play Jin?

First of all, Jin is a stylin' character.  He's a young buck martial 
artist badass, and he has a great sense of style . . . except for that 
street biker outfit.  He's got a wide assortment of kick ass moves and 
can be devastating in the hands of an expert player.  However, he's one 
of the most difficult characters around to play in terms of skill.  The 
only other character that takes nearly as much skill to devastate with 
is probably that tricky little Ling Xiaoyu, or maybe Bryan Fury 
(incidentally, my Bryan FAQ is coming out soon).  Also, Jin's the 
honorable warrior hero type, and if you're into the Tekken story and you 
wanna see Heihachi dead as much as I do, then you're honor bound to play 
Jin.  I am Jin Kazama, and I *WILL* avenge my mother's death.  =)

And for the record, if anyone shares a plight like mine then they HAVE 
to play Jin.  I'm 19, around the same weight and height as Jin and I'm 
Japanese (well, half anyway).  My fighting style is Kenpo, which is what 
Jin's fighting style REALLY is, expect for moves like the white heron. I 

Jin is NOT CloudZuya!!!

II. Useless Character Info

Name:		Jin Kazama
Soul Totem:	     Fatal Lightning
Fighting Style:	Mishima style Karate, and Kazama Style Self-Defense
Age:		      19
Height:	  	     180cm
Weight		     75kg
Blood Type:	      AB
Occupation	     Martial Artist
Hobby:		Forest Bathing
Likes:		Mother's precepts and honorable philosophy
Dislikes:		Deceiving Others, Ogre (Toushin)


Selecting an outfit is very important.  You should choose your outfit 
based upon what effect you want to have upon your opponent.  Also, 
switching outfits during a long series of fights can give you an edge by 
throwing off your opponent.

Shirtless with black gi pants with a flame on the right leg.  This is 
Jin's most intimidating outfit. 

Jin's street bike racer outfit.  This is kind of a silly one, and should 
only be used to throw your opponent off or when you're playing silly.

Start (or right punch for the PS version):
Jin's schoolboy outfit!  This is probably the goofiest outfit Jin has 
and probably one of the goofiest ones in the game.  Use it to get a 
smirk or chuckle from your opponent to throw off his game then SMASH 

Win Poses:

1)	Jin does a set of punches and steps into a back stance.  YAY!

2)	Jin does Kazuya's three spearhand strikes and stance pose.

3)	Jin does Devil's  "you suck" pose and looks away from the screen.

4)      Jin does a Wind God Fist, then a Thunder God Fist, then poses with  
        his fist out.

III.	Strengths and Weaknesses

	A. Jin's Strengths
	Jin is a very technical character.  To maximize the effectiveness 
of Jin's play style, a Jin player is required to have perfect timing and 
distancing.  I cannot stress the importance of timing and range 
distancing enough.  Jin is a fast character with a number of versatile 
and solid moves.  His strategy is very advanced and gives many people 
trouble, but in the right hands Jin is devastating.  Jin's main 
strengths are his ability to be tricky and his fast, damaging moves.  
When timed, distanced, and comboed correctly his style is probably the 
most devastating character, though he requires far more work than any 
other character.

	His versatility is another major strength.  He has moves that 
allow him to fight just about anyone in just about any situation.  
Though his effectiveness is somewhat questionable in some situations, he 
does have the tools to do the job.  He's got a number of things to do 
off the dash, he's got probably the best sidestep attack in the game, 
he's got a crouch dash (that sucks unfortunately), and he's got speed 
and power allowing him to mix it up with just about anyone.  He's even 
got an attack reversal, but I'd trade the attack reversal for a parry 
(Mid Thrust Block) any day.

	B. Jin's Weaknesses

	Jin lacks a few obvious tools.  For one, he doesn't have the 
instant juggle starter, which makes Jin hurt in punishing open guards, 
but he can still do the job efficiently.  While his WS+2 is almost 
instant, it's slow enough for a number of characters to block and easy 
enough for good players to smack you after whiffing or blocking.

	He's also missing a low parry (Low Thrust Block).  If he had one 
of those or even a high/mid parry, I'd gladly trade it for his attack 

	The attack reversal (a.k.a. "counter") is a useful tool, no doubt 
about it.  However, against expert level players it is useless unless 
used unexpectedly.  Against expert players you will get "chickened" 
every time you use the attack reversal so it's not a good idea to use it 
too often.  Against intermediate players and advanced players it's still 
a good tool, but remember that it is by no means final.  Any attack can 
be counter broken ("chickened") that can be countered ("reversed") and 
not all attacks can be countered (i.e. Heihachi’s B+2, "Demon Boar").

	Jin's crouch dash unfortunately sucks.  It still moves you in fast 
and hard, but the attacks off it aren't so good.  JIN IS NOT KAZUYA!!!!  
First of all, BOTH of Jin's Wind God Fists (the normal and the "super" 
or "electric" Wind God Fist) hit high, and high hitting moves are no 
good for the most part, but they do have their uses, which I will 
illustrate later in the FAQ.  His Thunder God Fist is a Thunder God 
Fist.  It's a slow move that you can be hit out of after it had been 
blocked (though it does hit mid) before either the side kick or the hell 
sweep follow ups can come out.  It's also too slow to hit an open guard.  
Jin's Hell Sweep is a badass move though.  See the crouch dash 

Note:  the commands are listed in universal format (1=LP, 2=RP, etc. . .)

IV.	Throws

ALL of Jin's throws leave you standing and your opponent on the ground 
with floor stun.

1+3	Bitch Kicks 				Damage:30	Escape:1

This is Jin's basic left throw.  He kicks you in the back of the head 
then in the mouth.  It's great and looks cool.  It's probably his second 
best throw.  Also, you can do Jin's trademark d/f+4 front snap kick 
right after the throw animation for a free hit of 10 damage, making the 
throw's total damage 40 (that's 1/3 the life bar in the arcade).

2+4	You don't need that arm			Damage:30	Escape:2

This is Jin's right throw.  He breaks your arm in a couple of places and 
slams you on the ground.  I like it.  It's a good mix up from the left 
throw if you think your opponent is gonna counter your left throw.  

f,F+1+2	Stonehead				Damage:33	Escape:1+2

This is part of Jin's great dash mix up.  It's done off the dash for the 
MOST damage.   Jin head-butts the opponent and leaves him on the ground.  
You can also do the front snap kick right when you get out of the throw 
animation for extra damage, making the damage total 43!  This is Jin's 
best throw.

d/f+2+3	Striking Shiho Rage			Damage:38	Escape:2

This is Jin's third best throw.  It's easy to do and it's probably the 
best mix up for Jin's left throw.  It's escaped with only one button, 
but it does a lot of damage.

QCB+1+3 Complicated Wire			Damage:35	Escape:1
I don't understand why people like this throw!  I think it's all the 
loser Jin's who just came from playing SFIII who like it because of the 
QCB motion. It's even easy to escape!

RS 	Shoulder Joint Removal			Damage:45	Escape:2
I like this throw.  Jin runs the opponent around then flips his body 
over using his arm as leverage keeping his arm still . . . hence 
removing his shoulder joint from the rest of his torso.  I wonder what 
it looks like to have your tricep on top and bicep on bottom . . .

LS	Eat Floor				Damage:40	Escape:1
Jin arm bars his opponent, then tosses him/her face first onto the 
ground Kenpo style.  Eat it!

B	Stay Down!  (A.K.A. Arm Rapist)		Damage:60	Escape: - 
Too cool for words . . . has to be seen to be believed.

d+1+2  	Ultimate Tackle	 (HITS MID!!!)			Damage:5
	Escape: Special
This is actually a very poor attack.  If you manage not to get smacked 
in the face while trying to tackle, then you can get thrown of just by 
pressing b+2+4.  If you get the opponent on the ground, then you can get 
rolled over on by an opponent pressing 1+2.  If you punch (which you can 
do up to 5 times) the opponent can block and push you off by pressing 
the punch opposite the punch you're using (i.e. if you punch with 1, your 
opponent counters w/ 2).  If you do Jin's Arm break, then the escape is 
trickier, but still easy enough to do by experts.

|-----> 	Mounted punches (off Ultimate Tackle) 1,2,1,2,1 or 2,1,2,1,2 
or 1,2,1,1,2, or 2,1,2,2,1
	Note the ability to punch twice with the same hand on the 3rd and 
        4th punches.

|----->	Arm Break	1+2 - can be done straight off the Ultimate 
Tackle, or after the 3rd punch.

V. 	Moves Listing and Strategic Application

A. Jin's punch combos:

Jin's main asset are his hands.  He's got good hand speed and great 
destructive potential with them.  Jin has a number of great moves and 
combos but his best are with his fists.

Jab combos:

Shining Fists	Command: 1,1,2		Damage: 6,8,18		Range: 

The Shining Fists are the ultimate quick knock down attack.  When your 
opponent whiffs an attack or they throw something with enough recovery 
time, you can nail them for 32 points of damage (which usually comes out 
to be about 37 on average on an open guard when full comboed).  Also, 
you can stick the jabs out for a good poking/interrupting attack and you 
can even wait to see if the jabs connect and you can throw the mid out 
for a guaranteed hit because if the DELAY property of the shining fists.  
Beware though that the 1,1 jabs are not as fast as the 1,2, and also 
beware of the shining fist range glitch.  Sometimes, the third hit of 
the shining fist will go THROUGH your opponent's head and not hit him.  
Get used to this tool and find out EXACTLY what range this works from.

The 1,2 mix-up	Command:1,2 . . . .	Damage: 6,10		Range: 

This is Jin's fastest jab attack, and this is his best poker.  It does a 
measly amount of damage and both punches hit high, but it's fast and has 
great priority.  If used and planted correctly, the punches and their 
follow-ups are deadly.

|-> The knee	Command:1,2,4		Damage: 6,10,12		Range: 
Properties: None

This is a good interrupter, and it's Jin's fastest combo.  Also remember 
that the knee cannot be reversed!  The damage is not all that great, but 
it's still an awesome combo.  

|-> The devil fists  Command:1,2,2		Damage: 6,10,18	Range:h,h,h 
	Properties: None

In my opinion, this combo sucks.  True it does a little more damage than 
the shining fists, but all three hits hit high.  Additionally this combo 
does NOT knock your opponent down.  It is a better juggle than the 
shining fists though, and it looks cooler juggling because Jin's fists 
blaze with lightning.

|-> The Left Ax      Command: 1,2,3		Damage: 6,8,23	Range: h,h,m
			Properties:Block Stun(when blocked), Juggle(on hit)

This is Jin's best move off the 1,2 jab, straight right combo.  If the 
opponent blocks the kick then you have time for a free mix-up!  You can 
immediately f,f+2 (Demon Fist) for a guaranteed mid (if your opponent 
blocks or attacks) or you can hell sweep immediately for a fat juggle!  
If the kick hits, then you can juggle!  See the juggle section for a 
full description.  Beware though, if you whiff the ax, you're in big 

|-> Shoot the Works	Command:1,2,3,4   Damage:6,8,23,30	Range: 
                                                             h,h,m, (j)m   

Contrary to what most people think, the last hit CAN connect.  It's not 
there just to tap on the guard of a blocking opponent.  If you smack 
your opponent with the left ax, then you can juggle with the double ax 
for a grand total of about 73 damage.  You'll probably never nail anyone 
with it except for a complete loser newbie, but it hurts a lot.

|-> Shoot the Works Upper  Command:1,2,3,F+4	Damage:6,8,23,10 
Range:h,h,m,m   Properties:

This is the guaranteed juggle version of the shoot the works combo.  If 
the left ax hits, then the front snap kick always hits.  Remember 
though, that the shoot the works combos are not very good overall and 
using them against an advanved, expert, or master opponent will get you 

|--> White Heron Combo (see kick combos)

The Low Jab	Command:d+1    Damage:5	    Range:sm	Properties:none

This is one of Jin's key moxes for mixing it up on the inside.  Use it 
wisely, as it hits special mid.

Twin Pistons	Command:WS+1,2	Damage:10,15	Range:m,m
	Chains on CH, Juggle

This not a good move.  It's slow, has about NO range and has to be on 
counter hit to chain and launch.  Nevertheless, it launches for a fat 
juggle.  Advanced and above should not use this move.

Rising Lightning	   Command:WS+1	Damage: 18	Range:m	Properties:

This is without a doubt Jin's best launcher.  It gets the most height 
and therefore opens up for the best juggles.  It's fast and has good 
recovery time.  Great move all around.  See the instant WS moves for a 
good strategy for this move.

Right Upper	Command: d/f+2		Damage: 15	Range:m	Properties:
							Juggle on CH

A fast uppercut, not a terribly bad interrupter, and it launches on 
counter hit.  It's basically a waste of a move to do, though consodering 
Jin has better launchers.

Twin Lancer	Command: d/f+1,2	Damage: 10,16	Range:m,m


This is one of Jin's best combos.  It's a fast, long-reaching mid jab 
that chains to a power hit (the overhand smash).  This combo is one of 
Jin's best interrupters and it is the key to the Demon Rush (a.k.a. 
"Laser Cannon", "Stun Punch Combo/Rush", or "Ra-se-tsu-mon").  On CH it 
does well over 30 points of damage and it puts you at the perfect range 
and gives your opponent the perfect stun for the Demon Rush.

Lightning Smash	   Command: f+2		Damage: 18	Range: m
	Properties: Kneel Stun

This is the second hit of the Twin Lancer.  When used on its own it is a 
good, fast mid with great hit detection area and 2 extra points of 
damage.  It's great for the get up game or for a slightly distanced 

Demon Fist		Command: f,f+2		Damage: 27	Range:m

This is Jin's badass "deathfist" type move.  It's a great, ranged, fast, 
damaging mid.  The best thing about it is the fact that it's off the 
dash.  This is the mid in Jin's dash mix up.  Remember, since it is a 
dash bufferable move, you can dash for extra range. 

Demon Rush		Command: b, F+2,1,[2_d+2]  Damage:18,14,[24_15] 
range:m,m,[m_m]    Properties: stun, juggle w/ d+2

This is Jin's power combo.  On CH the whole combo chains or either 
massive damage or massive damage in a juggle.  It takes perfect 
distancing and timing to pull this move off, but the payoff is high.  
Against master players, the combo is less effective, even on CH.  A 
master player will counter the stun on the second punch of the Demon 
Rush (done by tapping forward) then harmlessly blocking the last attack.  
Against these players it is best to hit with just the FIRST Demon Smash 
(b,F+2) and then D+3+4,1+4,2,[d/f+4,4_f,N,d,d/f,N,44] for a total of 
about 69-71_71-73 damage!! Alternatively, you can f,N,d,d/f+1,3 for 
about 71 points of damage, but this is not Jin’s most damaging combo off 
the stun.    If this combo is blocked, it's best to use the Demon Fist 
instead of the Demon Rage (d+2, launcher) because if you use the 
uppercut and the opponent blocks it, you are vulnerable.  Contrary to 
Slikatel's FAQ, the Demon Rush does not need to be the center of Jin's 
offense, since against a master the combo only goes so far.  Make sure 
you only throw the forst punch against these types.

Wind God Fist		Command: f,N,d,d/f+2	Damage:25	Range:h
	Properties: Juggle(no CH)

This is a good move for hitting an open guard.  Unfortunately, this is 
all it is good for.  If your opponent whiffs a move or throws something 
with lots of recovery time, let him have it with the Wind God Fist and 
launch him for a fat juggle.  Do NOT use this move for any purpose other 
than smacking your opponent's open guard.  It hits high and if it hits 
CH then it launches your opponent far away.

Electric Wind God Fist  Command: f,N,d,D/F+2 Damage:30	Range:h

This move is good as an interrupter.  It does 5 more damage than the 
Wind God Fist and it juggles on ANY hit.  This move has limited 
effectiveness, however, because it hits high.  Try not to use this too 
much against an expert player and above because you will pay for it.  

Dashing Shiho Upper	   Command:SS+2	Damage:16	Range:m

Everyone calls this move the Tooth Fairy, but that name is 
HETEROSEXUALLY-CHALLENGED!!  This is without a doubt Jin's second most 
useful launcher and the best side step attack in the game.  It's very 
fast, has great range, and launches on ANY hit.

Thunder God Fist     Command: f,N,d,d/f+1 Damage:35, 52 on clean hit  
Range:m  			Properties:Knockdown

This is Supposed to be the mid in Jin's Crouch dash mix up (see Crouch 
Dash for the Real mix-up).  It's really too slow to be of any major 
effectiveness from expert level on, with the exception of its juggle 
usefulness (see juggle section).  Jin can be hit before either of the 
follow-up attacks can hit if this move is blocked.

|--> Side kick follow-up	Command:3	Damage:20 	Range:m
	Properties: none

|-->Hell sweep follow-up	Command:4	Damage:12	Range:l
	Properties: juggle
The hell sweep follow up can juggle sometimes if you whiff the Thunder 
God Fist and nail them with the hell sweep.

Soul Force	Command:b+1+2	Damage:-	Range:	-

This move has 2 main uses.  When you find yourself in a position with a 
charging opponent rushing at you with enough room to charge up for the 
unblockable soulder rush, you can use this move to give your opponent a 
good thwacking.  With until your charging opponent is about half a 
screen away and then activate the move.  Your opponent will go through 
you (but still stay in front of you) harmlessly.  You can then shining 
fist or throw.  This also doubles as Jin's taunt.  For REAL taunt uses, 
see the Juggling section.

Lightning God Fist		Command:b+1+4 Damage:40	Range:m
	Properties: !

This is Jin's better unblockable.  Nevertheless it's still an 
unblockable and shouldn't be used against an advanced and above player 
because of its slow speed and the fact that it telegraphs too much.

Super Lightning God Fist	Command:B+1+4	Damage:80 Range:m
	Properties: !

If you hit someone with this, you either completely fooled them, mind-
screwed them, or they really suck.

Pounce		Command:U+2		Damage:18	Range:m/g

This ground hit is NEVER guaranteed.

Earthquake Smash	Command:U+2+4	Damage:30	Range:m/g


B. Jin's Kick Combos:

Jin's main strengths are his punches, but his kicks (if used properly) 
can be just as deadly.

White Heron		Command:1+4,2,[4_d+4]	Damage:5,10,10[21_14]  
			Range: sm,h,h,[m_l]	Properties:Knockdown_Juggle

This is Jin's mother's old combo, except Jin's version sucks.  It is 
best suited for juggling pruposes.  However, it can be chained off the 
1,2 jab, straight right combo.  The first hit if this combo hits specail 
mid, and the next two hit hit high.  This means any experienced player 
will duck and hit you.  As I said, this combo is best used in juggles, 
and this *IS*  one of Jin's very key juggles.  Use it ONLY as a juggle 
to maximize its effectiveness.  (This combo is listed under kick combos 
since the first hit is a kick)

Hell Sweep		Command:f,N,d,D/F+4		Damage:18	Range:l

This is Jin's bread and butter low attack.  While Jin has other useful 
low attacks, the Hell Sweep is his best.  This is the big f*ck you to 
Paul's Sweep-Elbow.  While the Sweep-Elbow does 35 damage invariably, 
the Hell Sweep does upwards of 45 points on a good solid juggle.  This 
is far more difficult to do, but it is far better than the Sweep-Elbow.

|-->	Spin Kick Follow-up	Command:4		Damage:15	Range:m	

This is Jin's weakest juggle off the Hell Sweep, no doubt about it.

Hurricane Kick		Command:u/f+4,4,4,4		Damage:25,15,12,25

This kick is mostly for beginner and intermediate level use, but it can 
come in handy as a "bag of tricks" kind of move.  The move has two 
interesting features.  The third hit (hell sweep #2) juggles to the 
fourth hit if only the third hit connects.  In the earlier versions of 
Tekken 3, if the first hit would connect, then the third and fourth 
would connect.  Also, if the second hit would connect, then the third 
and fourth would also follow.  The second feature is its cross-up 
ability.  If you shoot past an opponent, you can turn back towards the 
opponent boy holding toward him/her while pressing the kicks, and since 
the opponent is probably still turned the wrong way you can nail 
him/her.  Beware using this move, because the second and third hit tend 
to get low parried (low thrust blocked) and the last hit tends to get 
mid parried (mid thrust blocked) or reversed (countered).  If you use 
this move on a countering character, make sure you buffer a "chicken" 
(counter-break or reversal break) . . . see the attack reversal section.

Knee		Command: f+4		Damage:12	Range:m

This is a fast move with good inside range.  It's a great interrupter 
and the damage isn't too shabby for a poking attack.  It's main asset, 
however, is it's PHAT speed.

Left Ax		Command: f,f+3	Damage: 23	Range:m	
		Properties: Block Stun (when blocked), Juggle (when hit)

This is the same move that come out of the 1,2,3 combo.  However, when 
used on its own, it is no good.  It's too slow to hit anyone with any 
skills, but it does juggle if it hits.

Double Ax	   Command: d/f+4,4	Damage:10,16	   Range:m,m

This is one of Jin's KEY moves.  It's fast, has good range and priority, 
and it's hit detection is great.  Let's not forget that the damage is 
pretty hefty.

Rising Double Ax	    Command:WS+4,4   Damage:13,21  Range:m,m   

This is just like the Double Ax except for the fact that it does more 
damage!  Use it whenever you can.
(See The Crouch Dash, juggling, and Okizeme for details)

Front Snap Kick	Command: d/f+4	Damage:10	Range:m

This is one of Jin's best attacks.  When used at its maximum range, it 
is one of the best attacks in the game because if its speed and range.  
The d/f+4 is usually the fastest kick a character has, and Jin's d/f+4 
has the best speed (except for Yoshi's d/f+4 which is NOT a front snap 
kick) and definitely has the best range and hit detection.  It's faster 
than the Double Ax, and that's why it is listed separately.  This is one 
of Jin's key brawling moves, and it's great for the job.  It's great not 
only for mixing it up, but it's also great for keeping your opponent at 

Lightning Rage Kicks   Command:d+3+4   Damage:5,20   Range:sm,h

This move sucks for open use, but it can launch your opponent if he/she 
has an open guard.  It's better if you can pull off a Wind God Fist or a 
WS+2, but if you don't think you have the time, then let them fly for a 
painful White Heron juggle.  (The name "Can-Can Kicks" SUCKS!!!)

Shin Kick		Command:d+4		Damage:7	Range:l

This is a good fast low hit, and it is a good poking attack.

Sweep			Command:(FC)d+3	Damage:12	Range:l/g

This is a good fast kick for hitting grounded opponents.

Low Side Kick		Command:d+3		Damage:5	Range:l        	
		Properties:Kneel Stun(CH)

A good fast low attack with good range, but not as good as the shin 
kick.  The kneel stun on CH adds a nice feature to the kick and its 
range is deceptively good.

Side Kick		Command:3_d/f+3	Damage:25_17   Range:h_m    

This is another good, medium speed brawling move.  It's got good range 
and damage, and the best thing about this kick is that you lean back and 
avoid high hits (like jabs) and boot the other guy in the mouth!  A good 
move for mixing it up when used right.

Spinning Hook Kick	Command:4	Damage:30	Range:h

A good, fast, long-range attack.  It hits high so it's best used for 
opponents that are open for a hit (open guard) and are just barely out 
of range for any of Jin's launchers.  The damage is NASTY!!  Not to be 
sued against expert and above.

Sidestepping Hook Kick   Command:F+3   Damage:35   Range:h

This is a somewhat effective defensive move.  Jin sidesteps and boots 
his opponent, sending him spinning.  On CH Jin's opponent flips over at 
about 138mph, giving a cool spinning effect (reminds me of smacking 
someone w/ an Alpha Counter from SFAlpha).  The damage is gruesome.  Not 
to be used against advanced and above.

Demon Scissors	Command:4~3	  Damage:25	Range:m/g

This is Jin's power ground hit.  You can get a guaranteed hit if the 
opponent has enough floor stun, and it's very useful for punishing an 
idle opponent.  See Okizeme . . .

Running Side Kick  Command:f,f,f+3	Damage:30	Range:m

A good mix up for the running slide if your opponent is standing.  See 
Okizeme . . .

VI.  The Attack Reversal (a.k.a. "counter")

The Attack Reversal is a cherished, skillful, and sophisticated 
technique.  It is useful from intermediate level to about expert level 
(rarely in master level play).  Countering is done with b+1+3 or b+2+4.  
To break a counter, you press f+1+3 if the attack you executed is a left 
punch/kick or f+2+4 if the attack is a right punch/kick.

In intermediate level play, nobody breaks attack reversals ("chickens"), 
but doing a counter ("attack reversal") isn't exactly an easy task.  
Learning to do so will give you a great advantage in intermediate level 

In advanced level play, attack reversals should start to show up on 
obvious moves (i.e. Jin's Hurricane Kick) and so perhaps you should 
avoid the kick altogether and block if you must.  The answer to the 
counter-breaking of obvious moves is to counter moves that are not so 

In expert level play, counter-breaks happen a lot more often but do not 
usually happen on every attempt.  However, reversing a move that more 
often than not will get you smacked in the face will drain your life 
bar.  Try to catch your opponent off guard, countering him when he will 
not expect it.

In master level play, counter-break will happen EVERY time you try to 
counter an opponent with very few exceptions.  The best things to 
counter are Yoshi's sword strikes (which cannot be counter-broken), 
jumping ground strikes (like Jin/Heihachi's Demon Scissors - which 
cannot be counter-broken), and moves that the opponent will not expect 
and/or will have a hard time figuring out what side to counter-break 
with (i.e. Lei's Punch Rush, because he is switching hands and punching 
so fast.).

VII.  The Dash Buffer

This is probably one of Jin's best offensive series.  Off the dash you 
can do a number of things.  The main mix up is between 2 moves (for up 
to advanced play) and 3 moves (for expert and above).  The main two are 
between Jin's Demon Fist (f,f+2) and the Stonehead (f,F+1+2).  If the 
opponent tries to duck the throw (which is difficult to break as it is 2 
buttons) then they eat the Demon Fist.  If they try to block the Demon 
Fist then they eat the Stonehead, Front Snap Kick for 43 damage.  From 
expert play on up the good Jin players like to mix in the Hell Sweep w/ 
juggle for extra damage (Note that this is dangerous as the crouch dash 
offensive philosophy is built upon its range first and speed second, and 
thought he Hell Sweep is fast, the range is not so great, so there is a 
possibility of eating a counter attack.  This is irrelevant, however, 
because hitting someone with a Hell Sweep can only happen if that are 
standing, and that means that they are going to be fearing the Demon 
Fist so they probably won't be counter attacking because the Demon Fist 
will override all counter attacks if used with the proper timing and 
range).  Make sure you buffer a counter-break with the Demon Fist at all 
times, and make sure you have a good read on your opponent so you know 
what to throw.  Vary your attacks and make sure you don't take 
unnecessary risks.  The goal here is to take your opponent by surprise, 
so out think them!

VIII.  The Crouch Dash

The Crouch Dash is a good way to get in you opponent's face from a 
range.  Jin's attacks off the crouch dash aren't so good though.  The 
Wind God Fist (an Electric version) both hit high, so they basically 
suck.  The Thunder God Fist basically sucks on expert level play and 
above because it's too slow to catch anyone.  The Hell Sweep is a great 
attack that lets you juggle your opponent, but it has to have a good mid 
attack to mix up with.  Here's the answer.  You can f,N,d,d/f,N,4,4 
(Rising Double Ax!!!) for a total of 34 damage (but hits crouchers for 
about 31)!  The Rising Double Ax works great here because of its ease of 
counter-breaking (both hits are right side) and for its speed and 
recovery time.  When you've implemented the crouch dashing rising double 
ax, you can try to implement another attack for variety . . . the throw. =)

IX.  Juggling

The juggles Jin has are probably his main damage dealing capability.  
His launchers are good and quick, and his juggles are devastating.

Here are some of Jin's best and coolest juggles (and his most advanced) 
listed by launcher:

(If I see anyone do that stupid f,N,d,D/F+4,1+4,1+4,4~3 juggle with the 
last NOT guaranteed hit, or the WS+2, U\F,4,1+4,2,f,F+2 heterosexually-
challenged juggle I will personally pop in my two quarters and kill 

Launcher:				Juggle: (damage varies by launcher)

d/f+2 on CH				2,b,F+2,1,(delayed)2  

Launcher:				Juggle:  (damage varies by launcher)

f,N,d,D/F+2				f,N,d,d/f+1,3 	or
    WS+2				b,F+2,1,(delayed)2,f,F+2

Launcher:				Juggle: (damage varies by launcher)

f,N,d,D/F+4				1+4,2,f,N,d,d/f+2
	or					or
f,f+3 (or1,2,3)				1+4,2,d/f+4,4
	or					or
1+4,2,d+4				1+4,2,f,N,d,d/f,N,4,4
					1+4,D+3+4 - Looks cool!  =)

Taunt Juggles (These are juggles using Jin's Soul Force to bounce your 
opponent.  You may want to make sure to laugh at them so that they know 
what they've been taunted, but expert players will know.):

Launcher:				Juggle:
f,N,d,D/F+2				b+1+2
WS+2 (CH)
SS+2 (CH)

X. Dive Juggles

Off the floor, Jin's dive (roll forward or back, then F+1+2) has a great 
juggle off the block stun.  The old juggle in Slikatel's guide - 
d+1,WS+4,4~3 - does not work!  The last hit is NOT guaranteed! The best 
juggle off the dive goes something like this:  2,b,F+2,1,2.  Straight 
Right, Laser Cannon BABY!!!

XI. Instant WS moves

This is not an "Official" technique, but it is a very effective one.  If 
you tap d/f or d/b and let the controller go to neutral for a split 
second then execute the move.  This takes some practice but a small 
price to pay to do the Rising Double Ax instead of the Double Ax every 
time and being able to bring out the Rising Lightning (WS+2) instantly.  
d/f_d/b,N, . . . Practice it.  Make sure not to tap down and sidestep.

Make sure you knock anyone out of the dive before they hit you or 
sidestep out of harm's way.

XII. Okizeme

Jin has a great ground game.  For idle opponents or after moves that 
leave you on the floor, Jin has the Demon Scissors (4~3).  He has the 
sweep (FC, d+3) to hit grounded opponents, and the Hell Sweep also hits 
grounded opponents for a lot more damage than the sweep.  The Hurricane 
Kick's sweeps also hit ground, and it can juggle your opponent with the 
last two hits if he/she tries to get up.  To smash a side rolling 
opponent, use the Double Ax (d/f+4,4_d/f,N,4,4) or the Lightning Smash 
(f+2).  To smash a back or forward rolling opponent.  If you think your 
opponent is going to rising lightning kick or do a rising attack: dash 
in, dash out when the attack  is coming, and LET THEM HAVE IT!!  Make 
sure you smash a diving opponent.

XIII.  Strings  (10 hit strings are for WEENIES!  Know how to break 
them.  "*" s are break points.)

Cmd: Command 	Rng: Range	Dmg: Damage

Cmd:	b+2	4	2	1	2
Rng:	h	h	m	m	m
Dmg:	12	10	10	10	24

Cmd:	b+2	4	4*	4	4	2	1+4	2	1	
Rng:	h	h	m	l	m	m	l,h	h	m
Dmg:	12	10	10	8	6	6	5,5	5	21

Cmd:	b+2	4	4*	4	4	3	1+4	2	1
Rng:	h	h	m	l	m	m	l,h	h	l,h
Dmg:	12	10	10	8	6	6	5,5	5	21

Cmd:	3*	2*	4	3*	1+4	2	2	1	2
Rng:	h	h	m	h	l,h	h	m	m	m
Dmg:	25	6	10	10	7,5	7	10	15	30

Cmd:	3*	2*	4	3*	1+4	2	1
Rng:	h	h	m	h	l,h	h	m
Dmg:	25	6	10	10	7,5	7	21

Cmd:	f,f,2	1	2	2	3	4*	4	1	2    1 
Rng:	h	h	h	h	m	m	l	h	m    m
Dmg:	7	8	6	7	6	11	5	5	8   30

Cmd:	f,f,2	2	2	2	3	4*	3	1	2    1 
Rng:	h	h	h	h	m	m	l	l	m   m! 
Dmg:	7	8	6	7	6	11	5	5	25  30

Cmd:	f,f,2	2	1	4	2	4	3	2	1
Rng:	h	h	m	m	l	m	l	m	m!
Dmg:	7	8	6	7	6	11	5	5	30

XIV.  Vs. Characters

I will not post strategy vs. Gon or Dr. Boskinovich as they are the very 
characters that change Tekken 3 from a great fighting game to a 
Heterosexually-Challenged mockery of a fighting game.  I have not played 
enough good Anna players to post strategy vs. Anna, so I will not 
comment upon Anna.  However, I will say that she has just about the 
speed that Nina has minus the horrendous amount of juggles and plus a 
low counter and a couple of new chain throws.

Vs. Ling Xiaoyu

She's a tricky little one.  She's really good at evading your attacks 
and launching and throwing you from strange places.  Stay on the inside, 
and use your fists.  Most of her evasive maneuvers have a little 
recovery time, so if  either you can juke her into doing one of them or 
you can get a good enough read on them to know what’s coming next you 
can punish her.  Don’t let her get the better of you!

Vs.  Yoshimitsu

There are a number of moves that Yoshi has that are a danger to Jin.  
His d/f+4 kick is probably one of the best attacks in the game.  His jab 
is one of the fastest around.  The Fubuki knee is another dangerous move 
as it slashes through just about anything.  Make sure you keep his 
offense locked down, and if you can’t keep him suppressed then make sure 
your defense is tight.  Make 100% sure to counter all sword slashes, as 
they cannot be counter-broken.  Don’t be too obvious about when you’re 
going to attack, and don’t throw too many moves with bad recovery time 
or you’ll find yourself being juggled (by that damn Yoshi dashing 
uppercut d/f+2).

Vs. Nina Williams

Make sure you are in tune with all of her ultra fast combos to make sure 
you don’t get juggled into oblivion.  If someone pulls out a 10-hitter, 
make sure you know the break for it.  If she tries to throw you, duck 
and WS+2 for a fat juggle.  If she tries to counter you, then counter-
break her.  Since she has the speed advantage, make sure you keep your 
offense to a well-calculated counter-offense.

Vs. Forrest Law

This guy is really fast.  Since you don’t have the speed advantage here, 
play on the defensive and use the front snap and the double ax for 
footsie games.  Try to juke him out and make him flinch.  If he does, 
then you can probably land a couple of Dashing Shiho Uppers for big 
damage.  Keep your offense to a well-calculated, lethal, counter-

Vs.  Hwoarang

Stay on the inside and put your fists in his mouth.  If he tries to keep 
you out and combo you, use the double ax and the front snap kick 
(especially the front snap kick, since it’s a little faster than the 
double ax).  Don’t telegraph any low attacks or you’ll eat big damage 
when he low parries (low thrust blocks) you.  Make sure to keep the 
pressure on so he won’t be able to throw you.  

Vs.  Eddy Gordo

Overall, Eddy isn’t such a great character except in the hands of a 
button masher.  He can be tricky and a somewhat effective character, but 
Jin’s fists mess him up pretty bad.  Jin’s faster than Eddy for the most 
part and just has to keep the pressure on.

Vs. Paul Phoenix

Paul’s got the edge on speed on some things and Jin does on others.  
Jin’s range is better on some moves and Paul’s is on others.  Use the 
front snap and the double ax, and make sure to counter-break this guy.  
Use Jin’s inside brawling moves and combos, and watch for that sweep-
elbow.  Show him what a low juggle is all about with the Hell Sweep - 
White Heron Juggle.

Vs. King the Second

This guy should be no problem for Jin.  Keep applying the pressure and 
make sure to cover all the openings is your offense and defense.  Don’t 
throw too many kicks or King will reverse you sooner or later, and 
King’s reversal is unbreakable.  Use Jin’s fist and give it to him.

Vs. Lei Wulong

This guy is tricky.  When he does moves off the floor, try to evade them 
and give him a Demon Scissors (4~3).  Remember that the Demon Scissors 
is not very fast, so he’ll have to be recovering from moves or *just* 
lying down.  Jin can out-box Lei, but most of Lei’s inside moves have 
little to no recovery time.  Keep on the defensive and take advantage of 
every damage dealing opportunity.  You can block some of Lei’s sweeps 
and then nail him with the WS+2 for a fat juggle.  If Lei gets on the 
ground, make sure you punish him when he gets up on his feet or he does 
any sort of move.

Vs. Jin Kazama

This is the mirror match.  This is where you really find out what your 
Jin is made of.  Keep your defense tight and stay on the offensive if 
you have the chance.  Make sure to COUNTER-BREAK!!

Vs.  Bryan Fury

When used correctly, this guy got mad skills!  He’s got a good inside 
game and he has some (however slow) outside power moves.  Don’t throw 
ANYTHING with a lot of recovery time unless you KNOW you’re going to 
land it, because Bryan’s got the Mach Breaker (f,f+2) and it is FAST!  
Don’t telegraph your low attacks or low jabs because he’s got nasty 
stuff off his low parry (Low Thrust Block).  Fight smart and out-brawl 

Vs. Kuma(Panda)

This happens to be one of the characters that ruins Tekken.  Anyway, 
don’t throw attacks with long recovery time because you’ll eat thadamned 
double claw counter attack.  Beware of Kuma/Panda’s throw range.  
Keep the pressure on, don’t slip, and make sure your offense is tight 
and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Vs. Heihachi Mishima

This old guy basically has it all.  Watch out for that hammer (the 
ULTIMATE footsie attack) that links to the DeathFist.  Jin is prey to 
the Hell Sweep mix-up because he has no low parry, but as long as you 
stay on top of it you should be able to block everything.  When fighting 
inside, make sure you’re on top of your range and timing or you’ll eat 
Demon’s Breath.  Watch out for his jump-dash mid/low kick mix-up.  Make 
sure that when you block him you take advantage of EVERY opportunity 
that you can and launch him for fat juggles.

Vs. Ogre (Toushin)

Ogre killed your mom!!  SMASH HIM!!  Ogre happens to be one of the more 
powerful characters in Tekken3.  He does have weaknesses, however.  His 
moves are fast, powerful, and have TONS of range.  However, if you make 
sure and play defensive you can make him hurt really bad.  When you 
juggle Ogre, remember that he’s oversized.  Take advantage of this and 
do all the extra damage you can.  Keep your offense to a solid counter 
offense and keep your defense tight.

Vs. True Ogre

This guy sucks.  It is true that he has all the moves and unblockables 
that Ogre has, but he loses the speed and range.  Keep on the pressure 

Vs.  Julia Chang

She’s actually a tough cookie, contrary to what most people believe.  
Her speed is deceptive and she’s got a ton of good mix-ups.  She has 
nasty stuff off the low parry, so keep your offense tight.  You can stay 
on the offensive and still beat her down as long as you don’t slip.  Jin 
outclasses Julia, so don’t let yourself be mixed-up to oblivion.  Take 
the fight to her and you should be ok.  Mix up your mids w/ throws and 
throw a hell sweep every now and then when you see the opening.

Vs. Gun Jack

This guy is another damn joke.  Keep the pressure on and you’ll be ok.  
As soon as he does anything and it bounces off your defense, punish him.  
If he tries to attack you, interrupt him with your offense.  Smack him 

Thanks to:

First of all, NAMCO for making the game.  Thanks to Marcial Pelayo and 
Mike Aquino for smashing me at SF Alpha, and making me want to spank you 
at Tekken 3.  Thanks to Nathan Oback (Lei Wulong ROCKS!) for all the 
training, and of course to Reverend Scott for lots of games.  Thanks to 
Jason Arney for the games, and Dustin (yeah, you cheap ass!) for the 
games =).  To Son (my Jin protégé):  drop Nina and play more Jin!!!  To 
Chris:  Keep it up and you’ll whoop ass!  To Josh:  Next time you tell 
someone you’re gonna work ‘em like Chinese Hookers, you better back it 
up!  =)  To Bryan:  Play Bryan Fury!  To Yoshinori:  Keep practicing 
that Bryan!  To Nate: Lay down the LAW!  =)  To Morgan:  Devote your 
life to Tekken, you KNOW you want to.  If I missed anyone out there in 
Tekken land, I’ll get you when I release my Bryan FAQ.  

Live PLURity.  Seek the advancement of knowledge, for knowledge is 
power.  Seek the truth.

Remember that it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.  
Live Honor.

-=I'’m not afraid of the price I pay.=-

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