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Jin by LSantoso

Version: 2.10 | Updated: 10/02/98

=> The Art of Jin Kazama v2.10
=> Oct,2 1998
=> Written by Liam Santoso (Akira Lee)
=> email : liam@whoever.com


This faq doesn't include all Jin's moves, only moves that I think most useful 
and efficient. Play efficient is the best tactics.


Jin Kazama's Profile

Catchcopy	: Fatal Lightning
Nationality	: Japan
Fighting Style  : Advanced Mishima Style Karate 
                  and Kazama Style self-defense
Age		: 19
Height		: 180 cm
Weight		: 75 kg
Blood Type	: AB
Occupation	: Martial Artist
Hobby		: Forest Bathing
Likes		: Mother's precepts
Dislikes	: Deceiving others



1,1,2                        Shining Fists
b,F+2,1,2_D/F+2              Laser Cannon combos **D/F+2 Juggles opponent**
SS+2                         Tooth Fairy     **Juggles opponent**
(D+1+2)_(FC+1+2)             Ultimate Tackle
  1+2			     Arm Bar
  1,2,1,2,1                  Mounted Punches
  1,2,1,1+2	             3 Mounted Punches, Arm Bar
f,N,d,D/F+4,4                Hell Sweep, Roundhouse
f,N,d,d/f+2                  Wind Godfist	
f,N,d,d/f+1,[3_4]	     Thunder Godfist, [Sidekick, Hellsweep]
1+4,2,(4_D+4)		     White Heron Combo
f,f+2	                     Stomach Rush
f+2                          Guts Punch
u_u/f+4,4,4,4		     Jumping Kick, 2 Hell Sweeps, Roundhouse
(d/f+4,4)_(WS+4,4)	     Axe Kicks
4~3        	             Flipstomp
d/f+1,2                      Low Shot, Overhead Smash
1,2,3,F+4                    1-2 Jab, Axe Kick, Front Kick
b+1+2		             Offensive Block

(D+1+2)_(FC+1+2)             Ultimate Tackle
  1+2			           Arm Bar
  1,2,1,2,1		           Mounted Punches
  1,2,1,1+2	                 3 Mounted Punches, Arm Bar

Unblockable moves

b+1+4	                     Spinning Demon Godfist	 **Unblockable**
B+1+4			    Super Spinning Demon Godfist **Unblockable**


b+24:2:1:2	           Fivestring
f,f+N+2144:2:4:3::2:1	   Ninestring
f,f,N+2122:3:4:4::1::2:1   Tenstring
f,f,N+2122:3:4:4::3::2:1   Tenstring
b+24:4:4:4:2:1+4:2:1:3_4   Elevenstring
b+24:4:4:4:2:1+4:2:3+4     Elevenstring


b,f+2,1,d/f+2, 4, 4~3				4-5 hits
b,f+2,1,d/f+2, 1+4, d/f+4,4			  7 hits
b,f+2,1,d/f+2, 1+4,2, d/f+4,4			  8 hits
b,f+2,1,d/f+2, 1+4, 1+4, d/f+4		          8 hits
b,f+2,1,d/f+2, b,f+2,1,d/f+2, f,f+2		  7 hits
b,f+2,1,d/f+2, b,f+2,1,d/f+2, d/f+4,4	          8 hits
Sidestep+2, 1+4,2, d/f+4,4 			  6 hits


The Basic Tactics 

1)Never use moves that have short range frequently (e.g. Can Can Kick - 
d+3+4). Use White Heron Combo (1+4,2,4_D+4) instead.

2)Quickly hit down opponents with Flipstomp (4~3) to earn more hits.

3)Use Hell Sweep Combo (f,N,d,D/F+4) and Thunder Godfist (f,N,d,D/F+1).
Mix them well to confuse your opponents.

4)Tooth Fairy (SS+2) is a good move, because it evades many high, mid, low 
attacks and juggles your opponents. If you know your opponents going to 
attack you, don't hesitate using it.

5)Use Axe Kicks (d/f+4,4) or Stomach Rush (f,f+2) to keep your opponents stay 
away from you. Don't forget that the Laser Cannon combos is a very good      
move (b,f+2, 1, 2_D/F+2). Mix them with throw. I recommend you to use the    
Striking Shiho-Nage throw (d/f+2+3) because it does more damage.

6)Ultimate tackle+Arm Bar (D+1+2, 1,2,1, 1+2)  is a good move to try when 
your opponents is just standing and waiting for you to begin an attack, use 
that well.

7)Learn Jin's tenstring, especially those from Kazuya. I think those        
tenstring are the best in Tekken 3. But be careful because ten hits can be 
reversed, blocked or interrupted. 

8)Shoot the Works combo is a good move. Use (1,2,3,F+4) instead of (1,2,3,4).
Also use 1,1,2 instead of 1,2,2.

9)3,2,4,3 string aren't good moves, because they can be blocked or countered 
easily. So why bother using them.

10)Use offensive block only if you know your opponent attack you with high or 
mid attacks. Btw, the animation is cool.

11)Jin has Crouch Dash move (f,N,d,D/F). This will evade many high attacks. 
Use and mix that well with  f,N,d,D/F + 1_2_4 to confuse your opponents.

12)Buffering is the advanced tactics for top players. If you input a move 
that can be reversed, then you quickly input the reversal for reversing that 
your opponents' reversal move. For example input move f,f+2, f+2+4 instead of 
f,f+2, just in case your opponent is a happy reversal player.

13)Learn your opponent's moves and then you'll know their strength and 

14)Never give up even if your Jin has little hit points or almost zilch. 
Practice with good players instead of worst player, this can make your 
techniques improved.


Advanced Tactics

1)Vs Ling Xiaoyu
She is the quickest character in Tekken 3.
For low attacking characters like Ling Xiaoyu, use Axe Kicks and Hellsweep 
combos in your arsenal. 

2)Vs Eddy Gordo/Tiger Jackson
Favourite for button mashers, a cheap character (for Gordo fans, I didn't 
mean to insult :), btw many people that i know from reading faqs from the net 
hate Gordo very much). Use tactics like Xiao Yu's tactics. Watch out for 
Gordo's kicks, learn how to block his moves and combos. Add Laser Cannon 
combos and Stomach Rush in your arsenal, don't forget your Tooth Fairy. The 
new elevenstrings might come in handy.

3)Vs Yoshimitsu
Basically watch out for that sword combos, because they are unblockable.
Usually good Yoshi players use the f,f+3,1. After the kick, interrupt the 
move with quick move like 1,1,2. The main weakness for Yoshimitsu is many of 
his combos and strings is not quick enough for Jin, punish him with quick 
move like Axe Kicks and Laser Cannon combos. Don't forget tenstrings, add 
them in your arsenal.

4)Vs Hwoarang
In my opinion he isn't a good character. Baek is very good character, but why 
Arang is that bad ? He has many high attacks and strings that can be easily 
interrupted or reversed. But his side throws is the coolest throws in
Tekken 3 (What a MOVE ..!!) . When playing against him, add reversal and 
throw in your arsenal. Always attack him, because Arang's offense isn't that 
5)Vs Forrest Law
A good character with many quick moves and good move, too. Stay away from 
him, use Laser Cannon combos. He had some good moves like Junkyard Kick 
(b+2,3,4) and Dragon Storm (b+1,2,1), watch out for those moves. 

6)Vs King
When you fight against player that use King, well .... you should awared 
whether he's a master or just an average player. If he's an average player, 
he shouldn't be a problem for you. Use basic tactics as described above as 
well. But if you fight against a master, well you should be prepared for the 
worst (multithrows). 
Learn how to break those multithrows. If you don't learn multibreak then what 
can I say? No chance, dude...!

7)Vs Lei
Lei's main weakness is transitioning between stances, so hit him while he's 
doing stance transition. Average Lei player likes to play dead position, when 
he's doing it, attack him with flipstomp. Offense tactics against him is 

8)Vs Paul
I think Paul is still one of the best Tekken 3 character. When fight against 
him, be patient ..! Attack when you had chance. You should learn how to block 
the falling leaf combo and other combo that does low attack and mid attack.
If you can hardly block the falling leaf combo then you should keep the 
distance. Paul's strings don't seem a problem for Jin. Learn when to reverse 
those strings.

9)Vs Kuma/Panda, Gun Jack
They shouldn't be a problem. Use basic tactics and they're all yours.

10)Vs Heihachi
Heihachi is just the same with Heihachi from Tekken 2, with some new moves.
Use offense tactics against that poor old guy which hurts when doing 
flipstomp (poor old guy, he's too old for doing fighting business anymore, 
why don't he just retire, rest and relax, fishing not fighting, or farming, 
hey....enough with those crap). Some of his annoying moves are u/f+4,4 and 
Hellsweeps combos. Aware from these moves and he shouldn't be a problem for 
Jin. His tenstrings ? No problem...they are sucks.

11)Vs Nina/Anna
Learn their moves especially mid and low attacks combos. Her speed seems to 
be a problem, learn how to counter her moves.

12)Vs Julia
Her tenstrings are pretty good. Watch out for these strings. Learn how to 
block Julia's low attacks that followed mid attacks. If you block her first 
move, then the following moves are no problem, just block it and give her 
your favorite combo. 

13)Vs Bryan
His tenstrings doesn't seem a problem, but his speed does. Juggle him with 
juggle combo is a good idea.

14)Vs Ogre/True Ogre
He has many good moves taken from many characters in Tekken 2. Learn their 
moves and another you'll get few problems.

15)Vs Gon
He is very cute character with many funny moves. Axe Kicks might come in 
handy. Beware from his fire breath. Btw, Gon is invincible from True Ogre's 
fire breath.

16)Vs Dr. B
A weirdo. If he's down, do some flipstomp, if he's up, he's yours.

17)Vs Jin
If you learn all Jin's moves then you'll know his main weakness....! :)


Character's Rank

Hey, this is my opinion, no offense.... :)

Top level characters :
    - King
    - Paul
    - Julia
    - Jin
    - Eddy/Tiger
    - Gon
    - True Ogre
    - Yoshimitsu
    - Bryan
Mid level characters :
    - Xiao Yu
    - Heihachi
    - Law
    - Nina
    - Anna
    - Ogre

Low level characters :
    - Gun Jack
    - Hwoarang
    - Dr. B
    - Kuma/Panda



- Namco for the moves and for making such a great game like Tekken 3 

- Anyone who takes the time to read this far


If you have any comments/suggestions/corrections/questions, please email me 
at: liam@whoever.com


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