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Jin by Han

Version: 1.0 |

Version 1.00
By Arcade-3D

Name:                    Motion:                  Damage:        Level:

Flash punch combo        LP,LP,RP                 6,8,18         H,H,M  
Overhead shot            f+RP                     18             M
Stomach punch            f,f+RP                   27             M
Twin lancer              d/f+LP,RP                10-12,16       M,M
Left-right combo         LP,RP                    6,10           H,H
Demon slayer             LP,RP,RP                 6,10,18        H,H,H  
1-2 knee kick            LP,RP,RK                 6,10,12        H,H,M
Shoot the works          LP,RP,LK,RK              6,10,25,30     H,H,M,M
Shoot the works 2        LP,RP,LK,f+RK            6,10,25,10     H,H,M,M
White heron combo        LP+RK,RP,RK              5,10,10,21     M,H,H,M
White heron combo 2      LP+RK,RP,d+RK            5,10,10,14     M,H,H,L
Demon god fist           b,F+RP                   18             M
Laser cannon             b,F+RP,LP,RP             18,14,24       M,M,M 
Laser scraper            b,F+RP,LP,D/F+RP         18,14,15       M,M,M
Rising uppercut          f,n,d,D/F+RP             21-30          H
Thunder god fist         f,n,d,D/F+LP             35-52          M    
TGF, middle kick         f,n,d,D/F+LP,LK          35-49,20       M,M  
TGF, low kick            f,n,d,D/F+LP,RK          35-49,12       M,L  
Spinning demon           f,n,d,D/F+RK,RK          15-18,15       L,M
Spinning high kick       f+LK                     35             H
Left splits kick         f,f+LK                   23             M
Leaping side kick        f,f,f+LK                 30             M    
Back spin kick           RK                       30             H
Knee kick                f+RK                     12             M
Demon scissors           RK,LK                    25             M
Double lift kick         D+LK+RK                  5,20           M,H
Heel drop                d/f+RK,RK                10,16          M,M
Jumping kicks combo      u/f+RK,RK,RK,RK          25,15,12,25    H,L,L,M
Tooth fairy              SS+RP                    16             M
Uppercut                 WS+RP                    18             M
Twin pistons             WS+LP,RP                 10,15          M,M
Tsunami kick             WS+RK,RK                 13,21          M,M
Spinning TGF             b+LP+RK                  40             Unblockable
Super spinning TGF       B+LP+RK                  80             Unblockable
Reversal                 b+LP+LK(or b+RP+RK)                  
Super guard              b+LP+RP                  
Power charge             LP+RP+LK+RK              

Name:                    Motion:             Damage:        Escape:

Front Throw
(while you are facing the front of your opponent)
Holding kicks            LP+LK               10,20          LP
Shoulder reverse throw   RP+RK               5,8,17         RP
Wrist chuck slam         D/F+RP+LK           38             RP
Stonehead                f,F+LP+RP           33             LP+RP
Complicated wire         d,d/b,B+LP+LK       35             LP
Ultimate tackle          d(or D/B)+LP+RP     5              LP+RP
Face punches             -RP,LP,RP,LP,RP     5,5,5,5,5      RP(or LP)
Arm lock                 -LP+RP              25             LP+RP,RP,RP,RP,RP
Face punches, arm lock   -RP,LP,RP,LP+RP     5,5,5,25       LP+RP,RP,RP,RP,RP  

Side Throw
(while you are facing the left side of your opponent)
Shoulder flip            LP+LK(or RP+RK)     12,19          LP    

Side Throw
(while you are facing the right side of your opponent)
Over the limit           LP+LK(or RP+RK)     40             RP

Back Throw
(while you are facing the back of your opponent)
Chicken butcher          LP+LK(or RP+RK)     60                              

Back Throw
(while your opponent is facing your back)
Reverse throw            LP+LK(or RP+RK)                    LP(or RP)
(throw differs depending on the part with which you catch the opponent)


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