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Hwoarang by TMotohiro

Version: 3.00 |

It is my FAQ3.00!

(Added thing)
                                                      more juggles      
                               the clues to attack lying oppornent
   the strategy according to an oppornent's character(now 7 chara)
                                                     *And so on...


There is the strategy to WIN.Some people say Hwoarang is weak.
After mastering this FAQ,laugh at and beat them.If you couldn't win
by Hwoarang,it was because of your not knowing a right strategy.
But now you can get a clue to be true Hwoarang!!  

Most arts' names are Japanese version.

"L"means Low,"M"means Middle,"H"means High.
"U"is the unblockable,
"S"means a special Mid(blockable both crouching and standing).


Step1.[Beginning strategy /Master L-Feet in front]


  [Beginning of the Beginning]
  Hwoarang's ideal fighting stile is changing stances,L-Feet to R-Feet,
  to L-Flamingo,R-Flamingo,and so on,with attacks.However,for beginer
  It is the most important to handle L-Feet in front stance's arts.
  These are the strategy of using L-F stance.But Without R-Feet stance,
  your Hwoarang will be left the weakest character of Tekken3.remember.
*** 1.Strategy in Close-range ***

  You know Hwoarang cannot win using only Kick-arts.You have to
  learn some arts,available in close-range(starting range or closer).
  Hwaoarang's kicks are mostly slower than other characters' punch-combo.
  So these arts are safe in close...

  A:(f/d+1+2:Mid;Body-blow)This is a hidden art.Rapid,and long-reach.
  B:(1,1,3,3:High,High,Low,High)If third lowkick hits,4th high kick 
    automatically hits.Against strong players,Stopping by(1,1,3) or
    stopping by(1,1)and doing(f/d+3,4) are safe.
  C:(1,2,3:H,H,M)One-two and Middle kick.

  D:(f/d+2:M)A Normal Upper-cut.With a counter,you can juggle(3,3,3,3).
  E:(F+3,3 rapidly:M;Step-inside-kick)If an enemy does some punch combo,
    It will sway that,and hit with a counter.
*** 2.In Short-Middle range ***

  This range is less close than close-range,a bit.You are allowed
  to do some kicks-combo.
  A:(F+3,3 rapidly:M;Step-inside-kick)It can hit a distant ene,and
    fast,some safe.If you are a Neofight,It will be your main weapon.
  B:(3,3,3:H,M,M)or(3,3,d+3:H,M,L)These oblige an ene to select standing
    or crouching.The 2nd,3rd kick can shift to (4,4).Of cause (3,3,3,3:H,M,M,H)
    exists,but dangerous.
  C:(4,4,4,4:H,H,H,M)or(4,4,4,3:H,H,H,L)High-damaging,but because of
    3 high kicks,Only to do it is too dangerous.So you had better sometimes
    stop by the 2nd or 1st,and embarras an ene.    
  D:(D+4,4:L,H;Bird-hunter)Hitting 2nd,you can juggle.If the 1st lowkick
    hits with a counter,an ene will not be able to block the 2nd.But without 
    a counter,this art has much danger...
  E:(f/d+4:M)A normal toe kick.It can jam lots of art.Important.
  F:(f/d+3,4:M,M)If the 1st low kick hits,oftenly the 2nd also hits.

Step2.[Strategy /For the player who has already mastered Step1]


Telling again,Hwoarang's ideal strategy is changing stance in attacking.
(For example,L to R to Flamingo to....and so on.)

*** 1.Stance-shifting ***

L-Feet stance,the beginning stance,little has effective arts however
easy it is to handle it.So you must shift to R-Feet or Flamingo earlier.
To shift to R-Feet,there is a method (3+4),but it is WITHOUT attacking.

These are the attacks with stance-shifting,in L-Feet stance.

[To R-Feet in front]
A:Right hook kick to Right side kick(f+4,4:High,Mid)
  You can also do this,after or in the Left kick combo(3,3,3)(3,3,d+3)(etc).
  doing 1st kick only,then you shift to R-Flamingo.

B:RL kick(4,3:High,Mid)  

  It is usable 'coz 1st kick is fast,2nd kick is Mid.

C:The Half moon(b+4:High)

  In doing this,Hwoarang moves back a little and widely kicks.
  It cannot hit a distant oppornent but some safe.BTW R-F also 
  has like this(b+3).

D:Middle back blow(f+2(not F! F+2,stance remains Left.):Mid)

  It is also precious because most of shifting arts'1st attack is High.

E:Right kick combo(4,4,4,4:H,H,H,M)(4,F+4:H,H)(4,4,F+4:H,H,H)

  Be careful in doing this. (because of 3 high kicks)

F:Rounding Heel(f,f+3:M)

  For a distant(or lying down) oppornent,This art is very usable.

G:Heel shoot(in standing 4,4:M,M)

  It is good to do this after brocking an oppornent's Low-attack.

[To Flamingos]
>From L-Feet,shifting to R-Fla is better than L-Fla.
{To R-Fla}
A:Right hook kick(f+4:High)(3,3,d+3,4)(3,3,3,4)(3,3,4)

B:Right kick combo by 3rd(4,4,4:H,H,H)

  /                                       /   
  / {From R-Feet to R-Fla}                /
  / A:Right kick to R-flamingo(4,F:Mid)   /
  /                                       /
  / B:R-flamingo faint(f+4)               /
  /                                       / 

{To L-Fla}
A:Left flamingo faint(f+3)

  It has no attacking so sometimes you had better mix (f+3,3:Mid).
  /                                        /
  / {From R-Feet to L-Fla}                 / 
  / A:Setting up(f+3:High)                 / 
  /                                        /
  / It is the most important art of all.   / 
  / I'll tell it in "Section 2".           /  
  /                                        /

*** 2.Fighting ***

Well.There are strategies after shifting to R-Feet.
>From here,Hwoarang's TRUE FIGHTING starts!

The most important move,decides Hwoaran's power,is
Setting up(f+3:High).
Reversed one-two punch(2,1:H,H)to middle stlait(1:M)
Spinning kick(b+4:H)
...are still important.

[Against an oppornent's attack]
The fastest attack in R-Feet is reversed one-two(2,1).
It can stops an oppornent's attack.After stopping,you can kick safely.

And,If you detect the oppornent's attack,do Spinning kick(b+4).It 
turns to side,swaying an attack,and hit.

[Set up!!]
Setting up(f+3)is a fast,highly damaging kick and It rapidly shifts to 

(1)after setting up(From R-Feet,f+3,1)is super rapid combo or you can do Left 
kick combo from setting up(f+3,3,3:H,M,M).Think over,that combo can shift to 
Right hook kick(4...to R-Fla) to R-strait(2... to R-Feet),turn back R-Feet,and
do (f+3) and so on!!!  You can do attack infinitively and with mixing 

For EX;
Round start>>f+4,4>R-Feet>f+3>L-Fla>3,3,4>R-Fla>2>R-Feet>f+3,4
              H  M         H        M M H       H         H  Low
Round start>>4,3>R-Feet>3,f+3>L-Fla>4>R-Fla>d/f+3
             H M        L  H        H         L
Round start>>4,4,4,4>R-Feet>f+3>L-Fla>1>L-Feet>2+4
             H H H M         H        H        Throwing
Round start>>f+2>R-Feet>f+3>L-Fla>3,3,4>R-Fla>2>R-Feet>3,f+3>L-Fla>
              M          H        M M H       H        L  H         
          H        M M  L  H       H         H          L

Round start>>f+2>R-Feet>f+3,4
              M          H  L
etc etc etc....

To do like these,YOU HAVE TO MASTER SOME NEW ARTS of R-Feet,L and R-Flamingo.

A:Setting up combo(f+3,3,3,3)(f+3,3,3,4 >> R-Fla)(f+3,3,3,4,4)
                    H  M M H   H  M M H            H  M M H M

B:Heel knife(f+3,4:H,L)

C:Double round kick by 1st(3:L) (D R K is 3,3:L,H)

D:Chane saw heel(4,3:H,M >> L-Feet)

E:Plazma blade(f+44 rapidly:M)
   *After hitting it you can juggle.Like(f+3,3,3,4,3)

[Flamingo]                                             LR
(NAME)            (L)       (R)         L M H  Shift Chenge misk
Sweeping         d/b+4     d/b+3        *      Feet         *A
Low kick         d/b+3     d/b+4        *      Feet
Sobat              4         3              *  Fla     @@   *B
Axel              b+3       b+4             *  Feet    @@   *C
Jab                1         2              *  Feet         *D
Heel shoot        f+3       f+4           *    Feet    @@
Back blow          2         1            *    Feet    @@
Killing Hawk      1+3       Nil    Unblockable Feet
Kidney Breaker    Nil        4            *    Feet         *E
F-Kick combo     3,3,3      Nil      (M,M,H)   Feet         *F
                 3,3,4      Nil      (M,M,H)   Fla     @@
                 3,3,4,4    Nil      (M,M,H,M) Feet    @@

*A:It makes an oppornent down.Then toe kick to Bird Hunter(4,D+4,4)hits.
*B:High but very fast(able to aim countering).
*C:Like a Spinning kick.
*D:Very rapid,especially L's.Important.ex/(f+3,1)
*E:With a countering,an oppornent is stan,you can hit Heel explodion(d/b+3+4).
*F:After hit you can juggle(3,3,3,3).

See previous examples again.
Make your original combination and master it increasingly.


*** 1.Against a reversal ***

Hwoarang has little Low-attack so without care he is easily done reversal.
Don't do button-smashing.You have to often change the timing of attacks,
the rapidity of combinations,and do throw....or aim the reversal-reversal....

  /reversal-reversal...pressing F and 1+3(when reversed art is 1 or 3) /
  /                                or 2+4(when 2 or 4 )                /

Here strategies to get the Re-Re.

A:R-hook kick after L-kick combo{(3,3,3,4)or(R-feet..f+3,3,3,4)} is 
  easily aimed a reversal.So in doing 4th hook kick,mash (F+2+4).
  You can get Re-Re against reversal-crazy.

B:Do Step-inside kick(F+33 rapidly) easy to be detected the pattern.
  In doing this,you must press F and smash (1+3) until the art ends.

*** 2.Enemy lies down! ***

[for the oppornent standing up with a low kick(mash 3)]
A:(block by crouching)>>(standing4,4)
B:(rapid 3,4)
C:evade it by back step and do what you feel like

[for the oppornent standing up with a middle kick(mash 4)]
A:(block by standing)>>(b+4 Half moon)
B:evade it by back step and do what you feel like

[for the oppornent who is going to turn side(mash 2)]

[for the oppornent who is going to turn back(B)]

[for the oppornent still lying down(N)]

*** 3.The strategy according to the oppornent's character ***

Now under construction.I'll add more,more,more.
There are 7 characters now.

[VS King]
In round-starting,you have to block!Don't attack!King's jumping kick
is everytime waiting your first attack!
He has kick reversal,so most of King-users are fancy to do
it against Hwoarang.(It can't be done the reversal-reversal!)
But show him your Hwoarang isn't fool.
Firstly,use Hwoarang's punching combination mainly in 1st round
and make him reluctant to do the reversal.However,It isn't enough.
Hwoarang's kicks have different speed by impact.In L-Feet,you 
can select Kick-combo or Air fang(rapid 3,4).Air fang hits the 
oppornent who aim the reversal at the kick-combo's timing.It is
In the next FAQ I'll put the escaping method for King's throwing 

He has a reversal.remember.
His main strategy is using Rasetsu-mon(b,f+2,1,2:M,M,M).
It can be made to be delayed,then he often(in Japan)stop it by
2nd,confuse oppornent...Delayed Rasetsu-mon 3rd? Throwing? or
Hell sweep(f,n,d,d/f+4:L)?...The task is that you do Half moon
(Left:b+4)(Right:b+3),till delayed 3rd comes...but perfect sollution
do not exist.Make your eyes accostomed.
For a beginner,his 4-leg sweeping(u/f+4,4,4,4:M,L,L,M)may be horrible.
But remember Hwoarang has Low-stopper! It is very easy to stop it 
by this,and attack him!
Oni-goroshi(sidestepping 2:M:Jun's uppercut)is his strong art,too.
You have to detect Jin's sidestep or you are to be juggled fatally... 
However,after blocked,this art has extreme overed motion.Sidestep 
is often done after his art(like Rasetsu-mon)is blocked.Remember that
and detect it efficiently...

VS Dragon rash(b+2,3,4:M,L,M)and Dragon storm(b+1,2,1:M,M,M);
these arts resemble each other,are hard to detect and hard to 
attack after blocking(however,after Dragonstorm is attackable,
by throwing or Half moon).But these twos'1st punch is slow.
You can jam them by hard and fast attacking.
Against Law,you have to be a fast,correct,hard attacker.
Don't mash buttons,Law's arts are faster than Hwoarang.

You know Paul's fatal art is Rakuyoh(means "a falling leaf")(d+4,2:L,M).
It is such a fast attack that hard to evade or block.The good solution
is...being accostomed to?...Ouch! Don't kick me! Yes but I tell you
some tasks...If Paul jabs you and makes you block it,take care.From it
Rakuyoh is very attackable.cotion!!! If you turns your all attentions
to Paul's Legs,in this moment,you may be able to block or reverse 
it.Rakuyoh is strong but if you can block it,there appears the
CHANCE!! And another task is here. Back step.But notbe a checken...
Starting moment:You must not attack on starting!Paul's twin jump 
kick crushes you.Wait a minit,and get countering!

Side kick combo(f/d+3,4:M,M)is the best art of all,against Eddy.
This jams Eddy's peculiar moves effectively.Against button masher,
yes,saying extremely,it is enough for win to do(f/d+3,4)only!!
Against hand-standing:Both Trokka-e-piao(3,4:L,L)and Parafuso(4:S...NOT Mid!)
are brockable by crouching.After brocking,do standing uppercut.
Aganst lie-sitting:take a distance or jump him over.

Most of Xiaoyu-users love to do punch,punch,mash,mash...and after 
brocked these,shifts to Phoenix-stance and do(1+2:M)to get juggling.
If you ditected her pattern,do Fire-clacker(D+4,4:L,H).However this 
art is dangersome,so (d/b+4:L)is good,too.
And,if she does P-stance constantly,then jump her over.Or,lo and 
behold,RISING BLADE IS HITTABLE!!!!(f,n,d,d/f,4)

She is his trouble's source!Against mashers, Half-moon(b+4)is very good.
It evades her jabs,then hits with a countering(And shifts to R-Feet.
Do Set up.)! Anyway,Firstly you have to do is to get a distance!
And she has a reversal.Take care...(See Re-Re part)


Step4.[Special techs (including juggling) ]


*** Tech of move ***

Side-side-side step
{When you are in left(1P's)side}
Sidestep(d,n)>>L-Flamingo faint(f+3)>>Flamingo sidestep(d,n)
{In right(2P's)side}

You can confuse an oppornent's blocking.

*** Juggling ***
I omitted little-damaging and uneffective and unbeautiful juggles.

{Bird hunter(In Jpn,Fire clacker)(D+4,4), 4th L-Kick combo(3,3,3,3),
and Uppercut(d/f+2)with a countering}

{Raising blade(f,n,d/f+4)}
(d/b+3+4)Heel explodion
(3 4 rapidly)>>(d+4,4)
(3 4 rapidly)>>(4,4,4,3)
(switch the stance to Right)>>(rapid3,4)

{Plazma blade(f+4 4 rapidly(R-Feet))}

*Special combination*

{Low-stopper(d+1+3)against low kick}
(34 rapidly)Air fang

{Kidney breaker(4(R-Fla))in countering}
(d/b+3+4)Heel explodion
(f,f,4,3)Cutting back>>(d+4,4)Bird hunter

{Flamingo's Sweeping(L:d/b+4)(R:d/b+3)}
(in standing 4)>>(d+4,4)
(in standing 4,4)

*Effective pattern*

[Double jab(1,1) faint]
(1,1,3,3)       H,H,L,H
(1,1)>>(d/f+4)  H,H,M

[Throwing in (f,n,d,d/f)step]
In this step,do(f+2).Hwoarang does Swoadfish throw(f,f+2).
It is usable for an oppornent who is going to block Raising blade
(f,n,d,d/f,4)by stand-brocking or reversal.

[Setting up's pattern]
All Qs and others is:<c9707569@mn.waseda.ac.jp>


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