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Hwoarang by Kaiser

Updated: 09/28/98

   H  O  W     T  O     U  S  E     H  W  O  A  R  A  N  G 

                       in TEKKEN 3
                intended for high level plays

             by raje(OG_Jinsta, Cloudzuya@hotmail.com)), kaiser
and IronFrost, and frogfreak and hwo and U-god and mjf and WvL
with Gordola(Gordollar@hotmail.com)!!!!!!! 

   (This faq was done in one night. Other than to procrastinate
from real work, it's to show how to play Hwoarang in as simple 
words as we can. Not a psychological, physical or move by move 
analysis of the chap by any stretch. But in any case, this is 
by far the only faq that we are aware of that shows how to play 
Hwoarang properly and puts Hwoarang competitive against a 
1,df+1+2; 1,d+4,2; f+1+2; 4's Pauls; or d4,1's, d1,n+4's Ninas; 
df+4; df+2's Yoshis; f+1; ff+2's Kumas; db+1; f+2's GunJacks; 
b+3; df+3's Eddys; d+3+4; fn1212; animal's Leis; bf+2,1 and 
hellsweeping Jins; 1+2; qcb; ff+2's bryans; 4's laws; 
d,df+1(2)'s Juglias; crouching options' Ogre's; reversal happy, 
hop kicking Kings, f+1,b+2; 1+2's Heihachis; and maybe even Lings. 
   (feel free to copy this or cut it apart or whatever
for your own profit or whatever. We don't care huhuhu. Just give me 
some credit. It's easy to spot if you have copied my stuff cause 
pretty much most of these tricks are my personal tricks. I already 
saw one hwoarang faq that took one of my tricks.) 

-July 28th, 1998.

   Hwoarang is the most complex and difficult to master character in 
Tekken 3. He does not play well with level mixups guessing games.
You have to know how to fight mainly on distance judging, 
timing/rhythm and understanding of your opponent's intentions. 

Hwoarang's strength comes from four things: his 'infinites', 
huge triple sidesteps, guard turning stuns and crouch dash mixups. 
Infinites allows you to either force an opponent to block hit after 
hit non-stop standing up, giving you a chance to throw him. If an opponent
interrupts incorrectly or ducks at the wrong time, you will get either
a counterhit, juggle, or even a counterhit stun. Triple sidesteps offers 
you a HUGE sidestep range, allowing you to both evade attacks and attack 
an opponent's side. Guard turning stuns forces an opponent's side to 
you, giving you the advantage on the next move. (This is the first
faq that have put Guard Turning Stuns into a comprehensive and effective 
form.) Crouch dash mixups is one of the very few and limited level mixup 
games that Hwoarang could try.

You will have to utilize a much larger number of tricks as Hwoarang 
because of the lack of simple level mixup games (eg. Lei) and 
lack of powerful yet quick recovering moves(eg. Yoshi). More 
appropriately, you have to fight in the method of 'no-ways', 
transcending beyond techniques and tricks, where you react and flow 
with the natural cause of things...huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu 
('No-ways': term found in Taoist texts describing the state
of natural free flow, where one loses all techniques but 
becomes the confrontation/issues at hand. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu)

    Let's get right to some tricks (by no means complete) and 
have you start off from here. By following these basic dishes, 
you get immediate feel of what Hwoarang does and how he plays. 
We will show the tricks as explicitly as possible so some might
seem redudant. With these seeds, blossom into your own way, or beyond, 
into 'no-ways'...huhuhuhu 

 Regular Recipes:d+1,1+3. d+1,ws+4,b+4. d+1,ws+44.
      11,df+4. 11,33. 
      1,1+3. 1,b+4. 1,4. 1,df+2(juggle). 1,f+3~3
      1,2,ff+2. 1,2,f+3~3. 1,2,3. 1,2,4,f,n,d,df+4. 1,2,d+1+3,f+3~3. 
      f+2(rff),b+3. F+2(lff),b+4. f+2(rff),ff+2. F+2(lff),ff+2.
      WS+44,b+3. WS+44,b+4(GTS). WS+44,f+4~4(juggle).
      UF3,4,3,f+2(or 3). (these two exclusively from Hwo, RedSmoke,Dave dude.)
 Infinites Tricks: (with flamingos methods combined)
                  (33.. means 333 or 33d+3 or 33) 
      33..4,2, f+333,4,2, f+333,4,2, f+333,4,2, f+333,4,2, ad infinum.
      33..4,2, f+333,4,(slight pause),4 (counterhit stun, then do db+3+4)
       center everything off the above two if the other person does not 
       know how to break infinites. Try to get the flamingo 4 stun as much
       as you can and work from there). (first introduced by Koreans then 
       Alex Valle )
      33..4,2, f+33,4,2, f+3,1, ff+2(throw). 
      33..4,2, f+33,4,2, df+2(juggle).
      33..4,2, 3(low kick).
      33..4,2, df+2(juggle).
      33..4,2, f+4~4(juggle).
      33..4,b+4,(GTS) + options (b+4 once more or ff+2 or df+2)
      f+4,2, f+3,1, f+4,2, f+3,1, f+4,2, f+3,1, f+4,2, f+3,1...(please note-
      this is the key string to branch off from when fighting reversal happy
      characters because you can guarantee to have every move chicken-buffered.
      Hold the sticks forward the whole time, and just press and hold down 4,
      now add 2. Release buttons, still holding stick forward, press and hold
      down 3, add 1, repeat. From there, you branch off to different moves
      depending on the situation).
      f+4,2, df+2(juggle). 
      f+4,2, ff+2(throw). 
      f+4,2,b+4,(GTS) + options.
      f+4,(slight pause),4, (counterhit stun, then do db+3+4.)
      f+4,1(mid hit mixed with f+4,d+3 to sweep), 
      f+4,d+3(sweep off then do ws+44,4~3(not guaranteed)) (chinaman(Jeff Hsu))
 Sidestepping Recipes: ss(counterclockwise),f+3,ss(cc). ss(cc),f+3. 
               f+3,ss(cc). ('f+3..' means all of above or just f+3)
      f+3..2 (fake flamingo,(w/ or w/o ss) mid stomach strike)
      f+3..d+4, (sweep off then do ws+44,4~3) 
      f+3..4(right flamingo options).
      f+3..b+3(GTS) + options.

 Guard Turn Stuns Tricks: GTS are produced by (right foot forward(rff))'s
      b+4, (rff)ff+3, or (rff)ff+4~3. One gets to rff with moves like 3+4,
      ws+44,  4,3,  f+2, or stepping down from a right flamingo. you 
      get a major priority for most thingos once you GTS'ed 
      your opponent. Use (rff)ff4~3, df+2, (rff)f+4~4 or fnd,df+4 if your 
      opponent started ducking your GTS attempts.

 Crouch Dashes: f,n,d,df+4. f,n,d,df+3,d+4. f,n,d,df,f, f+2. (and
      fnd,df+3 with f+3..stuff)

 Okizeme: d+4,4. ff+3,4~3,4~3,etc. D,ws+44. 
      33d+3. Jump over,(BK),u+4 juggle. D+3. D+4. right flamingo 4 stun.  

VERSUS (HOW FAST HWOARANG DIES SECTION)(almost in order of difficulty)
 Ling: Hold short on any infinites. Her Phoenix Stance will get 
       her out of trouble and juggle you. Use f,n,d,df+4 or d4,4 or 
       WS+44(safest) to hit her out of phoenix. df+1+2 her out of her
       rolls if you can spot it, if not, always stay up cause juggles hurts
       more and you can break out of a throw. Use ff+3 or RFF,4~3. 
       Sidestepping lings are Hwoarang's worst nightmere. b+4 her 
       if she fights from back stance. D+4 (not d+4) if she uses 
       hypnotists' things (b+1+2). Sidestepping lings are the worst 
       matchup for hwoarang. Take your time and wait for b+4's for her 
       back. D+4's or 3+4,b+3's 
       for her b+1+2's sidestep.) (never use f,n,d,df+4 or any forward 
       momentum moves unless you know 100% it's gonna hit. hoping it will
       hit via chance will get you killed for sure here.) You cannot 
       use most of the classic cookbook stuff from above. Play mainly
       out of a crouch with WS+44 as your buddy.

 Paul: you either fight him totally close range and out poke him or you 
       gotta stay far out of the falling leaf range. In close, use f+4,2,
       f+3,1's options since you can have everything buffered easily. Once 
       Once you lose the initiative, fight him from far away with f+3..'s
       sidestepping things. Hit f,n,d,df+4 anytime. He 1,2's, you d+1 him.
       He 1's you d+1 him. He 1's you f+3.. him. After RFF, f4~4, if doesn't
       hit him, you BLOCK! don't back dash and eat a deathfist. When some 
       new pauls uses d142, or d12 mix ups, you jab him out right after the 
       1. Use 1,ff+2 or 2,4 there as the jab. After you blocked d1,2, you 
       get hit him with ff+4. DO NOT let Paul crouch dash since he can
       play mix up and go into either qcf,d+4,2 or qcf,uf+4. Qcf+1 by 
       Paul is going to hit you out of most flamingo stuff. It even avoids
       a lot of mids too. Use b+4 or f3~3 as your anti poke. You can use 
       most of the classic cookbook stuff from about remembering that some 
       of your kicks cannot be reversed (eg. Rff, b+4 or the second and 
       third 3's in 333). 
 Law:  He fights mainly via interrupts so don't go infinite/flamingo happy
       cause he might 4 you in the middle of your string or d+2,3 you in your
       flamingo. Low parry the Junkyard scrubs. df2,ff+4 after his b1,2,1. 
       Or sidestep clockwise right at the last 1 and sidethrow law when he 
       does b1,2,1. b+4 or f+3~3 as anti-poke.
       Use more regular punch stuff from above cookbook cause your opponent 
       would be less likely to think about punch reversing a hwoarang. 
       Just watch out for being interrupted by b+1,2,1 juggle. 
       Can use most 
       cookbook stuff from above.

 Lei:  Cannot use infinites if you know the dude will headbutt, b+1+2, or 
       laydown on you. Again, another defensive fight much like against Ling
       but his sidesteps are not as elusive. Main moves against laydown lei's 
       are: WS+44, jumping away or ff+3 or right foot forward, 4~3, db+4 him 
       (or even d+4,4 though more risky). b+4 counterhit him off animal 
       stances or rushing punches. (except the tiger that has mid parry) 
       or d+1 him out before fully changed.   
       Don't get db+4 sweeped.    

 Nina: Fight her almost as you would fight a Paul. Most things in cookbook 
       work a little better cause she doesn't have a falling leaf. Divine 
       Cannon is pretty bad though...hehe. d+1 or even duck then ws+2 her
       when she does d4,1 poke. Use f+3~3, f,n,d,df+4 or b+4 counterhitstuns
       because those just avoids her high pokes. Use cookbook.

 Jin:  He likes, bf+2 stuns, Hellsweeps, df+1, df+4's and ws+2. Use Cookbook 
       emphasising on the f+3.. stuffs. He likes 1,2,3 stun and then hellsweep,
       thundergodfist(f,n,d,df+1) or crouchdash into ff+2 or just ff+2, or 
       ff+1+2 throw you. You can jab him with 1 out of his 123 right after
       the 1,2 before the 3 comes. f+3 sidestep him when he plays crouch dash
       game against you. When he does bf+2,1,2_d+2 stun punch rushes, sidestep
       counterclockwise right at the last hit of the 2 or d+2 and sidethrow 
       him. You might even get a back throw. Careful with rff,f+4~4 cause 
       can 112 you. Low parry if it's a 10-hit scrub. Use triple sidestep
       things often since it works especially well against Jin for some reason.

 Eddy: df+3,4 or d+1 him off handstand. d4,4 him off ground position. Some 
       of your pokes leaves you open to his b+4. He likes to b+3 A LOT. So
       if you time and space so he whiffes his b+3 (which actually happens
       a lot cause of it's short range) you can nail a f,n,d,df+4 wingblade
       juggle. Know that you can ws+44 Eddy when he does those canned canned 
       combos right after a low hit. Your ws+44 will hit him out before 
       his next hit comes. Or just low cancel. uf3,4,3 is good. Be 
       offensive and use Cookbook stuff without much reservations. 
 Heihachi: Easy enough. His best bet is to 1+2 you. Or accidentally counter-
       reverse your right kicks. You might get df+1,2 (twin pistoned) if you 
       leave too big a gap for him..huhuhuhuhu. ff+4 him after you blocked his
       d1,2. try f,n,d,df+4 after blocking his df1,2. Triple sidestep when he 
       uses Crouchdash options. But other than that, use your cookbook stuffs.

 King: Bah, don't get kick reversed and go heavy on the punching stuffs and 
       you are fine. If you know the other person is not going to reverse, 
       just kick him. Move back at the beginning of the round cause he's 
       gonna hop-kick. Duck when you see ff+1+2 flying cross-chopu. And 
       feel it when he does frankenstein. f+3.. stuffs are nice. f+3,1 is 
       nice. Quick rise off the Giant swing. 

 Bryan: BUST out ALL the cookbook stuff! Have a field day on this chap! 
       Just don't get bloody 1+2(BAM) 'ed. or qcb+2 or something. Nothing 
       to really worry about. 

 Hwoarang: Whoa. Duck then WS juggle his 33..4. right at the 4. 'f+3..' a lot. 
       b+4 and use the cookbook etc. Turn stun his spline. 1,2 him 
       (not d+1) when he is too with in rff stance cause b+4 will hit you 
       if you d+1. Use as much infinite/flamingo things if he is not going 
       to juggle you when you use 33..4+ things.

 Yoshimitsu: Bad breath or 4~3 would be attempted when you go too '33..'s' 
       stuff happy. Other than that, use the cookbook stuffs. He likes 
       b+1+4, df+4, df+2 and 1's. Remember to f+3~3 or b+4 when you 
       expect him to 1. 
       Back off or jump away from his D,b+1 sword slice. Jab him out of 
       the air and 333 if he uses db,d,df,f+1 flying sword slice. Jab  
       or sidestep right after the kick and before the sword slice in 
       his ff+3~1, front kick sword chop thing.

 Julia: she likes, d,df+1 delayed 2 and options off that. Block and mix up 
       your throws after her d,df1,2 rushes. d+1 her out when she d+1's.
       ub+4 if she turns your back with her b+2. Only lowjab there to turn
       around if you know she doesn't lowparry there.

 Ogre1: He likes crouching options where he might use d+1 to get to them. d+1 
       him right back when he d+1. Don't get 4'ed. And duck when he ff+4's. 

 Ogre2: Just attack a lot and back dash when she uses ff+2 snake hand. d+44
       when he is on the ground cause she is big.

 Gunjack: He likes d+1+2 when you go high pokes too crazy. d+44 when he is 
       on the ground cause he is big. 

 Kuma: huhu just kill him. Don't get ff+2'ed or f+1'ed and you are fine. 
      d+44 when he is on the ground cause he is big. Get up from ff+2 cause  
      the Salmon Hunter (bf2+3) usually follows.

APPENDIX A(movelist)
 reader should feel free to look up any movelist on their own. huhuhuhuh

APPENDIX B(complete analysis of each move)
 raje will be describing the stuffs in the what follows.
 reader should also feel free to put this in and put himself in the references. 

APPENDIX C(juggles) (just some good ones off my head right now. nothing fancy.)
 df+2, ff+4.                   (I try to use)
 df+2 up in the air, 3,3,3,3. huhuhuh (I use)
 4, ff+4                       (I try to use)
 b+4(counterhit) d+44,33343. (not guaranteed) (I use)
 b+4(counterhit) d+44,b+4,4~3  (not guaranteed)   
 uf3,4,3(blocked),3_f+2 (Hwo, RedSmoke(Dave))
 right flamingo, 4 (stun), db+3+4     (I use)
 right flamingo, 4 (stun), 3~4
 right flamingo, 4 (stun), uf3,4,3
 right flamingo, 4 (stun), f+3,2,2,3 (Redsmoke)
 f,n,d,df+4, ss(clockwise), b+4,4~3   (I use)
 f,n,d,df+4, uf343
 f,n,d,df+4, db4~4
 f,n,d,df+4, 3+4,3~4
 f,n,d,df+4, db+3+4 IS NOT A COMBO
 f,n,d,df+4, ff, BK 3, BK 4.
 f,n,d,df+4, ff, BK 3, 4444.
 f,n,d,df+4, UF,4, 1, 124.
 f,n,d,df+4, UF,4, 3333.
 f,n,d,df+4, UF,4, d44.
 f,n,d,df+4, 3,3,3,3.
 f,n,d,df+4, 3,3,3,4,3.
 f,n,d,df+4, 3+4, f+3333.
 f,n,d,df+4, 3+4, f+3,3,3,4,3.
 f,n,d,df+4, ff+4,d+4.
 f,n,d,df+4, ff+4,BK 3.
 f,n,d,df+4, 3~4, d+4,4.
 f,n,d,df+4, ff,bk3,4444.
 f,n,d,df+4, 1,2, 124.
 RFF, f4~4, f+3,3,3,4,3               (I use)
 RFF, f4~4, f+3,2, d4,4.
 RFF, f4~4, f+3333.
 d44, 12, d44.
 d44, 12, 124.
 d44, 12, 3333.
 d44, b+4,(flip over), 4~3.
 d44, 33343. 
 Face down feet towards the other dude, 3(sweep),ws+4,df+1,d44. (I use)
 UF, 3 stun, ff+4. (I use though I rarely land UF,3).
 4-chickened, (ie,the other dude reverse, you f+2+4), b+4       (I use)
 4-chickened, 123
 4-chickened, ff+2 (chicken back throw) (Catlord(Hans Poorvin) just confirmed)
 Just use the ones that I use and you essentially have a very consistent
 juggle for every juggle starter. 

 b4 stun - on a counterhit, b+4 (or b+3 from rff) will put opponent's back 
 totally openned to you. Allowing for a possible d+44 juggle. 

 BK - Back facing opponent.

 GTS - guard turning stun. several of hworang's kicks when blocked will force 
 the other person to one side, leaving hwoarang opportunities to hit more.

 huhuhuhu - a simulated laugh in text. First commonly used by Mike Judge
 in the cartoon Beavis and Butthead as Butthead's laugh: huh,huh,huh.
 To express the feeling of silliness, goofiness or carelessness. 

 LFF - left foot forward, both feet standing stance.

 RFF - right foot forward, both feet standing stance.

 WS - while standing. From a crouching position, D, release stick to neutral.
 Gamest Magazines.
 Gamest Tapes.

Ok, this is a little crappy section where i'm gonna write about my Hwoarang 
strat.  =P  Huhuhuhuh ok, as stated earlier Hwoarang's greatest strengths ar
e his infinites, crouch dash mixups, super sidesteps, and some good counter-
stun hitters.  Huhuhuhhu, to tell the truth, i don't even rely on triple sid
estep thingos or counter-stun hitter thingies.  Er ok.  huhuhhuhu.  This is 
what i use.  

333,4,2,f+333,4,2,f+333,4,2,f+3,1,333,4,2,f+333,4,2...huhuhuhuhuh ok.  That
 seemed a bit repetitive huhhuh.  Ok, so basically that is the infinite st
ring you should be using mixing up ff+2s and flamingo sweeps.  You should 
go for a ff+2 after the 2 in the 333,4,2 part of after the 1 in the f+3,1 
part.  You shouldn't delay so much in going for a ff+2, because after the 
say, second wave of 333,4,2 thingos, the opponent will most likely go to t
ry an
d counter so that's no good.  huhuhhu.  Also, don't forget to use the othe
r goodies you can do in flamingo stances, step kicks, flamingo sweeps, in
side tornado kicks and such.  Huhuhuhuhuh ok.  You will be amazed at how 
fast and blippy the ff+2 throw comes out.  It pretty much seems to cut of
f the previous 2 or 1 animation and then "BAM!" choke city!  It's always 
cool to go for a flamingo sweep after the f+3 or after the 4 in the 333,4
 but only ONCE IN AWHILE.  Huhuhhu.  Damn if ya do flamingos too much the 
opponent will likely low cancel them and uf+4 or even still low block it a
nd ge
t a free ws+2 O_O and you don't want that!  huhuhhu.  However, if ya do ge
t a flamingo sweep, go for a db+3+4.  Flamingo sweeps can't be teched, and
 most scrubby opponents will roll away to get up; and then, "BAM!"  Let an unbl
ockable out loose on their ass!!!!  YEA!!!!!!  huhuhuhuh ok i'm settled do
wn now.  Er, Most importantly, ya should always have yer chickens buffered
 and ready huhuhuhhu.  The Most Likely times the opponent will try and rev
erse your string will be the first 3 in the 333,4,2 string, the 4 in the 3
33,4,2, the 2 in the 333,4,2, the f+3 in the f+333,4,2 and f+3,1, and the 
1 in the f+3,1.  Huhhhuhu ok now this doesn't seem good the opponent can r
everse in a LOT of places!!! O_o But since you should know your opponent's
 intentions well(Only real way Hwoarang will win in an EXP vs EXP fight) y
ou should be able to chicken many times.  Most likely, the opponent will t
ry to stop reversing and block. =)  BUT, the worst thing to look out for i
s that the opponent can duck and get a free ws+2 uppercut at the 4 in the 
333,4,2 the 2 in the 333,4,2 the f+3 in the f+333,4,2 and f+3,1, and the 1
 in the f+3,1.  O_O  You must be very careful with this stuff!!!  Even a s
crubby Paul ws+2,1,1,qcf+2 juggle can do enuff solid damage to put you way
 behind!!!  The best way to know if the opponent is a duck-dodger (huhuhhu
 DD!!!) is if they duck throws attempts to instead of doing throw escapes.
  Of course, if you expect that the opponent will duck in your infinite yo
u can always do 3,3,d+3 and stop.  Huhuhuhuh.  Good way of throwing off yo
ur opponent.  Oh yah df+3,4 is a good thing to do if you think they'll duc
k or after a f+3,1 to push the opponent away and get breathing space and s
tuff huhuhuhhuh.  Er ok.  huhuhuhuhuh.

Mixups/Crouch dash mixing:
Huhuhhuhu this is cool stuff.  Basically you want to do stuff like 1133 th
en when they start to block low do 11,df+4 huhuhhhhhuhu you may think ther
e is going to be slight break in animation and that will warn the opponent
 but it is only a SLIGHT break and you're too worried ;) Thanks to Gordola 
for tellimg me that mixup.  Ok other stuff i do is like f,n,d,df+3,d+4 and 
f,n,d,df+4 or f,n,d,df buffer into a ff+2 real quick.  Huhuhuhuh this stuff
 works for me ok?  Hmmm i would think that f,n,d,df+3,d+4 would be way too 
obvious but heh, if it works don't ask questions i guess. =P  Oh yea and go
 for a db+3+4 after the flamingo sweep, will you? =) 

Poke Throws:
Er i only do like 2 different poke throws besides the ff+2 infinite mixers
, which are f+2,throw(Gordola taught me that too) and low cancel, throw. T
he f+2, throw is pure genius the throw cuts off the f+2 animation blippity
 blip it's so good.  The low cancel throw is dangerous and should be done 
not so often huhuhhuh.  It's a surprise type of tactic to catch them off g
uard.  Run up to the opponent, low cancel thin air, then throw to blippity
 cut off the low cancel animation and throw the opponent's ass huhuhhhuhuh

Poke strings:
Er Hwoarang doesn't really have poke stringos but er this is a little stri
ng thingy i do uf+3,4 (blocked),d+1,ws+4,b+4,df+1+2,df+3,4 er it's a nice 
little mixup string doesn't really hit too much but nice to put some action
 into the match huhuhhu ok i feel dumb =P

Raje's Movelist&Comments:
Machine-Gun kicks: 3333
Huhuhuhu this is ok hmmm always be ready to chicken the last 3 and first 3
 because those are the most likely points the opponent will attempt to reve
rse huhuuhhu ok.  Hmmm, i see a lot of people at my arcade doing 333 then s
topping, which is a pretty good poke to throw out but the lag after doing j
ust 333 will most definitely force you to go on a defensive and stuff huhuh
uhuuhu. Hmmm i dunno why ppl never do the last 3 i think it's pretty good c
auses block-stun and such and pushes them away a good distance. You might 
get ducked on the last hit and people can ws+2 juggle you though. Oh yeah, i
f you get the opponent to block the 3333 with the block stun push back, do 
a f,F dash buffer into a ff+2 to choke his sorry ass!!!  Huhhuhuhu not so 
blippity blip but still very effective i catch my friends with it alot huh
huhh. >:)  

Hot Feet: 4444
Hmmm this move is ok good mixup properties at the 3rd 4 leaves you in right
 flamingo stance which leads to flamingo mixups and stuff so 444,2,ff+2 ala
 infinite mixups is always cool to do huhuhhh but er one thing to watch out
 for the first three hits are all HIGH!!! O_o  huhuhuhu so if you abuse com
ing in with this move so much they will most likely duck and ws+2 your sorr
y ass =(  Huhuuhuhu so watch out!!!!  Oh yah the last 4 leaves you in right
y stance so er try this setup 4444,2,ff+2 huhuhhuhuhuhuh sense a pattern he
re? >:)  huhhuhuhuh ok. 
Snake Bite: ff+2 
huhhuhhuuhuhuu YESSSS!!!!!  This moves rules all big part of Hwoarang offen
se: poke, ff+2!!!!!!  The ff+2 has some magical animation where it blippity
 blip cuts off animations for poke throws rrrrrreaaaaaaalllllllll good >:) 
huhhhuhuhhu.  1,ff+2,or f+2,ff+2,or 3333,f,F+2 huhuuhhuh works in a LOT of 
places huhuhuhuh YESSSSSS!!!!!  Don't forget you can buffer this into a f,F
 dash and a f,n,d,df crouch dash huhhuh.  Huhuhhhu hmm, maybe like 60+% of 
Hwoarang's mixup confusion potential comes from his ff+2?!!  O_O wowsers!!!

Machine Gun Kicks to Hot feet mixups: 333,44 or 33,44 or 33,d+3,44, etc
These Moves are ok they are the basis of Hwoarang's infinites, er if ya see
 d00ds trying to counter at the 4 point, mixup bet/w 3334 and 334 huhuhhuh 
to slightly throw off yer opponent.  Er, the first 4 in the 33344 will put 
you in right flamingo so er that is always good for flamingo follows-ups i
nstead and stuff.  Er doing just 33,d+3 and stopping is a good poke imo.  
Huhuhhu ok.

Skyrocket: f,n,d,df+4
Whoa, Hwoarang like crouch dashes into a super back kick that launches the
 opponent up high for some slammin' juggles if it hits (huhhuhh SLAMMIN'!!
!)  huhhhuuhuh the catch is this: IT HAS TO HIT!!!  huhuhhuhuh er that rar
ely happens but ah, pimp the knowledge that opponents will high block at t
he sight of a crouch dash so do like f,n,d,df buffer into ff+2 or 
f,n,d,df+3,d+4 or like do this f,n,d,df, d+1, throw huhuhhuh the d+1 is bl
ockable high and you should throw immediately afterward becuz most d00ds w
ill think you're gonna do d+1,ws+4 or d+1,ws+4,4 and the throw will come o
ut and BAM!  Slam city! huhuhuhuhuh.

Flying Eagle: 3~4
Huhuuhhuhhu er this move does mucho damage but almost never hits it's alwa
ys blocked =(  Even if it does hit, the second hit only hits like 50% of t
he time so it's a gamble huhhuhhhuhuhuh.  Huhuhuhuhu it's best used in jug
gles for mucho damage or if the opponent will do a d+3 but the chances of 
that are virtually nil huhuhhhu NO ONE does d+3!!!  huhhhuhu why did i pos
t that er ok huhuhu.  Doesn't even stun if blocked so use at your own risk.  

Home Surgery: 1133
Whoa huhuhuhu this move KICKS ASS!!!  if the first low 3 hits, the second 
3 hits definitely huhuhuhu this move is very annoying and fast!!!  Good to
 poke in with this move!!!  Er oh yah so when the opponent starts blocking
 low at the first 3 do this instead: 11,df+4 uhhhuhuhu nice mixup thanks g
ordola for telling me er you may think that the lag in animation bet/w the
 11 and df+4 is big enuff to throw the opponent off but huhu don't be so d
amned worried even by the time the opponent realizes you're not gonna foll
owup with the 33 part the df+4 is so freaking fast it will hit.

Body Blow: df+1+2 
Hmmmmm not much to say about this move in poke speed and priority i'd say 
it's in bet/w a 1 and a 2.  Huhuhuu, average so-so move a cool thing about
 tho is if you're in righty stance this move will blip you into a lefty st
ance stance after you do it.  

Tsunami Kick: ws+44
YESSSSSS!!!!!!  huhuhhhhhuhu this move is rawkin' very good speed, damage,
 and priority huhuuhhhhhu it's always safe to do a d+1,ws+44 and whenever 
you duck a high move do the tsunami kick for 30% damage huhuhhhuh that's A
LOT!!!  Oh yah this move leaves you in Righty stance afterwards and is als
o great in Okizeme.  ws+44, 4~3 to okizeme your opponent to death!!!!!  YE

Chainsaw Kick: ff+3
er hmmm not much to say about this move does solid damage pretty fast too 
altho the "windup animation" seems a bit laggy.  Leaves you in righty stan
ce afterwards.  Oh yah!  Stuns if blocked so try this ff+3, ff+2!!!  Good 
poke throw.

Torpedo Kick: ff+4
This move is GREAT!!!!!!!!!  if it hits.  huhuuuuuuhhuhuh.  Er if blocked,
 it leaves you back turned right next to the opponent!!! O_O  But if it hi
ts, it leaves them in back turned right next to you!!! >:) YESSSSS!!!  Er,
 try ff+4 (hits), ff+2 while they are bk for a free back throw.  er the ff
+2 should be like immediately after the ff+4 tho for good chances for it t
o connect huhuuuhhuhhu.

Hunting Hawk: uf+3,4,3 
Er hmmm this move is solid.  Block stun after the uf+3 so you can always d
o like uf+3,4 (blocked),ff+2 huhuhhhuhuhu.  If it hits it does solid damag
e altho not a much as Baek in tk2 =( Er best way to hit with this besides 
skyrocket combozE is in okizeme.  If you think they will try a 3 when they
 get up, do the Hunting Hawk for some free damage.  huhuhhuhhu that's it.

er more moves to come......huhuhuhhu i'm a busy guy!!! =P   

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