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Heihachi Move List by Anonymous

Heihachi Movelist for Tekken 3

* Reversal

   No reversal
   But, heihachi is struck high or middle kick with counter,
   he grabs opponent feet and kicks him more tough automatically.

* Special attacks

   lp (H) : left jab

   lp, rp (HH) : one, two punch

   lp,rp,rp (HHH) : Devil Fists
                 It was in tekken2. More damage.

   lp,rp,ap (rp~lp) (HHH) : 2 punches and 2 hands shot
             During Devil Fists, cancel back knuckle and do 2 hands shot

   lp, lp, rp (HHH) : 3 punches

   f,f+rp (M) : ghost fist, It has more speedy than tekken 2's.

   u/f+lk,rk (ML) : Rising Sun -> Devil Sweep

   b,b,b+ak : Flying away. No damage

   d/f+lp,rp (MM) : double upper. Less delay.

    rk~lk : FlipKick. If it hits only ground, heihachi gets some damage.

    d+lp,rp :

    d,d/f,f+rp : Devil Fist (like Pauls)

    f,n,d,d/f : Low Dash

    f,n,d,d/f,b : Low Dash Cancel

    f,n,d,d/f+rp (M) : Wind Godfist. IT"S MIDIUM.

    f,n,d,d/f+lp (M) : Thunder Godfist.

    f,n,d,d/f+rk (L) : Hell Sweep, It can't fall down opponent. But if it is 
                        counter, opponent will fall down.

    f,n,d,d/f+rk,n,rk,rk : Hell Sweep, Double Axe kick.

    f,n,d,d/f+rk,lp : Hell Sweep, Delayed Thunder Godfist.

    f,n,d,d/f+rk,rp : Hell Sweep, ghost fist.

    f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk (LL) : Double Hell Sweep. Second hell sweep can fall down 

    f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk,n,rk,rk : Double Hell Sweep, Double Axe kick

    f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk,lp : Double Hell Sweep, Thunder Godfist

    f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk,rp : Double Hell Sweep, ghost fist

    f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk,rk (LLL) : Trifle Hell Sweep

    f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk,rk,n,rk,rk : Trifle Hell Sweep, Double Axe kick

    f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk,rk,lp : Trifle Hell Sweep, Thunder Godfist

    f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk,rk,rp : Trifle Hell Sweep, ghost fist

    b+ap (M) : New move. Double hands shot.

    f+lp,b+rp,lp (HMM) : New Move. Tenstring's last 3 move.

    f+lp,b+rp,rk (HMM) : New Move. Tenstring's last 3 move

    b+rp (M) : Midium back knuckle

    d+lp+rk (!) : Unblockable fist

* Ten Strings

   - d/f+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rp,lp,rp,lp

   - d/f+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rk,lp,rp,lp

   - d/f+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rk,lp,rp,rk

   - f,f,n,rp,lp,rp,rp,lk,rk,rk,lp,rp,lp

* Juggles

- After Wind Godfist hits,

    lp - lp - f,n,d,d/f,rk,rk,lp or rp

    lp - lp - f,n,d,d/f,rk,rk,rk,lp (Only to Gun Jack, Ogre 2, Kuma or Panda)

    lp - lp - d/f+lp,rp

    lp - f,n,d,d/f,lp or rp

    lp - f+lp, b+rp

    lp - lp - f+lp,b+rp,lp

    lp - Thunder Godfist

    Thunder Godfist (Most powerful Juggle. But very difficult)

    lp - lp - lp - devil fist (d,d/f,f+rp)

    lp - lp - lp - wind Godfist

    lp - lp - lp - d/f+lp,rp

    lp - lp - wind Godfist

    d+lp+rk : It can't hit if opponent use D+rk or D+lk when he is lying.
                  But, com is often struck this skill. It take only 1 or 2 

- After d/f+rp hits,

    wind Godfist - lp - lp - lp - devil fist (d,d/f,f+rp)

    wind Godfist - lp - lp - lp - wind Godfist

    wind Godfist - lp - f+lp,b+rp,lp

    wind Godfist - lp - f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk,lp

    wind Godfist - lp - f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk,rp

    wind Godfist - lp - lp - f+lp,b+rp


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