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Heihachi by Aoi

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/05/98

Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 01:26:13 -0500

  		         |   |     _) |                |    _)
  		         |   |  _ \ | __ \   _` |  __| __ \  |
  		         ___ |  __/ | | | | (   | (    | | | |
                        _|  _|\___|_|_| |_|\__,_|\___|_| |_|_|

           			 \  |_)      |    _)                
           			|\/ | |  __| __ \  | __ `__ \   _` |
           			|   | |\__ \ | | | | |   |   | (   |
                               _|  _|_|____/_| |_|_|_|  _|  _|\__,_|
                  c o m p r e h e n s i v e  s t r a t e g y  g u i d e
                                 v e r s i o n  2.0

 _____________________________________________ Tekken 3 _____________________

                                  Written by Aoi    
Firstly use edit.com to read this if you have this offline. This file is too
big for notepad and gets misaligned in worpad. To get edit.com open a dos
prompt and at the prompt just type edit.com. Then click "File", "Open", 
locate where you saved this file. Everything should be the size of the dos
window. If not a few words may be off to the side, just highlight over to the
right. I fixed the line spacing so there should be no problem.

t a b l e  o f  c o n t e n t s 

i.     revision history
ii.    prologue
iii.   conventions
iv.    storyline
v.     profile
vi.    movelist
vii.   getting heihachi
viii.  heihachi's gear
ix.    crouch dashing & diagonals
x.     move analysis
xi.    comphresive juggles
xii.   flip juggles
xiii.  okizeme
xiv.   shadow stepping
xv.    joystick buffering
xvi.   against the cpu
xvii.  defending against tackles
xviii. chickening
xix.   tricks, hints, and tips (string cancels & extensions)
xx.    tournament fighting
xxi.   credits
xxii.  last words

r e v i s i o n  h i s t o r y

- version 1.0 of the guide and first release July 22, 1997...3:26 AM

- version 2.0 released March 2, 1998...12:56 AM (long time, I know)

                             ---- What's New ----

o Revamped juggles section, each any every one confirmed, there are a bunch
  of them now.
  Some with descriptions for a little more clarity.

o A few new sections. Check out the table of contents for details.

o Added lots more info to some sections.

o Made standard corrections to some sections and corrected alot of the
  juggles. The other list was a mess.

o Next big update slated for PSX release of Tekken 3.

 p r o l o g u e

 Well this is version 2 of the Heihachi Stregy Guide. I learned alot in this
 time including very, very damaging juggle combos which are about his hardest
 and best to do yet. There are tons of juggles now. I have also taken out some
 sections and included others. I have made some changes in the move list and
 so on. I also created some pretty nice combos and friends on IRC have tried
 them and they are verified to work by reliable sources, for those non-
 believers out there. I wanted this guide to cover the basics as well as
 advanced strategies so evryone would have something to go by. I added alot
 of newer juggles and strategies n' tips so you will be able to dominate,
 well at least take charge of your fights with Heihachi. Please take a little
 time out to read the "basics" section. It will help alot and is a great

 I compiled all the information like combos, juggles, strategies and whatnot
 myself from hours of playing at arcades. You could tell if you knew me cause
 back when I played insanely (almost everday early-late mid last year) I was
 sometimes almost broke at the end of the week. So please don't reproduce any
 information here at all without my permission. You can say this guide is
 worth like $1000 something dollars cause that's what I could have saved for
 a something else or even a used 1985 BMW 3 series i saw in the swap sheet
 for cars. It was mint. Mint condition inside and out. $3200 sounds low but
 it was a private seller and it would have been worth it. So the info here is
 worth something to me....time and effort to help you guys out.

 One other note before I begin, I'll present the usual intro spawned from the
 EGM incident involving a few faq writers stuff being stolen, I was in that
 bunch. So any peanuthead thinking about "borrowing" information from this
 guide just ask first, I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. Heh. Well with
 that behind us, let's get it on.

 S t r e n g t h s  &  W e a k n e s s e s

 Before we get started I wanted to just mention Heihachi's strengths and
 weaknesses. Heihachi is strongest on offense. His uppercuts and sweeps are
 what make him. His strength I guess you can say is being on offense. His
 main weakness though is having lags between some of his moves and of course
 old age catching up with him, he's 73 and I guess the programmers took that
 into account and made it seem more realistic. He ages since Tekken 1 & 2 and
 they made that known. This makes doing his harder juggles even more tougher
 because of his slowness in some areas. If you know how to comprise to his
 weaknesses then you are set, Heihachi is pure power.


 f - tap forward
 F - hold forward
 b - tab back
 B - hold back
 u - tap up
 U - hold up
 d - tap down
 D - hold down

 d/f - tap down and forward
 D/F - hold down and forward
 d/b - tap down and back
 D/B - hold down and back
 u/f - tap up and forward 
 U/F - hold up and forward
 u/b - tap down and back 
 U/B - hold up and back

 QCF - quarter circle toward (d,d/f,f)
 QCB - quarter circle back(d,d/b,d)
 HCF - half circle toward (b,d/b,d,d/f,f)
 HCB - half circle back (f,d/f,d,d/b,b)

			left punch = lp      rp = right punch
			left kick =  lk      rk = right kick

 FC------------ full crouch (must be in full crouching animation)
 N------------- no direction pressed on the joystick (neutral)
 WR------------ while running
 WS------------ while rising
 WJ------------ While jumping
 SS------------ sidestep+ do moves on either side(s) together
 ~------------- immediately followed by...
 <>------------- Denotes that move has optional extension
 ( or... )--------- Denotes "or" - used for optional commands
 (f-throw)----- Forward throw
 (s-throw)----- Side throw
 (b-throw)----- Back throw

 H ----- High
 M ----- Medium
 L ----- Low

f,f------------> Forward Dash
b,b------------> Backward Dash
b,b,b,N------------> Backflip (only some characters)
u,N------------> Axis Shift - Sidestep
d,N------------> Axis Shift - Sidestep
d+lp------------> Low Left Jab
d+rp------------> Low Right Jab
d/f+lp------------> Uppercut
d/f+rp------------> Uppercut (Juggles)
d+lk------------> Left Sweep
d+rk------------> Right Sweep
d/f+lk------------> Side Kick
d/f+rk------------> Front Kick
(u/b_u_u/f)------------> Jump
(u_u/f+rp)------------> Quick Pounce
f,f,f------------> Run
f,f,F------------> Shoulder Smash
WR+b------------> Stop Running
WR+lp+rp------------> Running Dive
WR+lk------------> Flying Side Kick
WR+rk------------> Sliding Leg Trip
lp+rp+lk+rk------------> Ki Power (raises block damage)
f+lp+lk or f+rp+rk-----> Reversal Break (Annoucer says "Chicken")
(must be done at the beginning of reversal animation)

Heihachi retrieved the Mishima Financial Empire by defeating his son. 
Scheming to further develop the MFE, Heihachi organized "Tekken Force",
the MFE's private corps and dispatched them to settle disputes and brought 
waste land under cultivation to feed the poor countries of the world to
gain support of leaders worldwide. 

Fifteen years later, a secret excavation by the Tekken Forces in Central
American ruins unearths an unusual find. They were annihilated by a
mysterious being. 

Heihachi realized that the mysterious being could be the legendary
God of Fighting, and took action to realize his life's goal, to capture the
God of Fighting and therefore rule the world. 

One day, Heihachi was visited by a 15-year-old boy named Jin Kazama.
Being informed that Jin was his grandson and hearing what had happened
to his mother Jun, Heihachi reasoned that the God of Fighting thrives on
the "strong souls" of others. Heihachi trained Jin to use him as a decoy to
lure the God of Fighting. 

In Jin's nineteenth year Heihachi declared to the world that the third
King of the Iron Fist Tournament was forthcoming. At the same time he
noticed that Jin, the youngest of Mishima bloodline, began to show the
same "dangerous power" as Kazuya had. Heihachi decided to dispose of
Jin after he lured the God of Fighting in order to end the doomed destiny
of the MFE.                         

catch copy - King of the Iron Fist
nationality - Japan (though the Japanese government denies it)
fighting style - Mishima Style Fighting Karate
age - 73
height - 5'9 
weight - 181 lbs
blood type - B
occupation - Leader of Mishima Finacial Empire
hobby - Meditation, Bathing
likes - Ruling the world
dislikes - Nothing
stage - Temple Entry Room

T h r o w s

lp+lk                        Shockwave Neck Breaker (tap lp to escape)
rp+rk                        Mishima Powerbomb (tap rp to escape)
f,f+lp+rp                    Super Headbutt (tap lp+rp to escape)
f,f+lp+rk                    Mishima Power Headbutt (only on Heihachi/Jin/Paul
                                                     Lei and Kuma)
                                                    (tap lp+rp to escape
                                                     headbutt, lp or rp to
(sidestep left) lp+lk        One-Hand Slam
(sidestep right) lp+lk       Tile Splitter Throat Chop 
(from behind) lp+lk          Atomic Drop

S p e c i a l  M o v e s 

lp+rp                        Sanchin Double Palms 
lp,rp,lp+rp                  Sanchin Exhale 
ss+lp+rp                     Side Sanchin Double Palms
rp+lk+rk                     Lighting Taunt 
lp,rp                        One-Two Punches
lp,rp,rp                     Devil Fists
lp,lp,rp                     Shining Fists Combo
B+rp                         Low Spinning Backfist (short stun on counterhit)  
d/f+lp,rp                    Twin Pistons 
f,f+rp                       Demon Godfist 
f+rp                         Spinning Backfist
d/f+rk or ws+rk              Standing Kick
f,f+lk                       Split Axe Kick (stuns on counterhit)
f,n,d,d/f+rp                 Wind Godfist 
f,n,d,d/f+lp                 Thunder GodFist
f+rk                         Right Axe Kick
f+lp,b+rp,lp                 Jab---Low Spinning Backfist---Thunder GodFist 
f+lp,b+rp,rk                 Jab---Low Spinning Backfist---Geta Kick 
f,n,d,d/f+lk                 Geta Kick
f,n,d,D/F+lk                 Low Geta Kick
f,n,d,D/F+rk                 Hell Sweep
(ws) or f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk      Double Axe Kick
(ws) or f,n,d,d/f+rk~n~rk    Delayed Double Axe Kick (5 frames,look
                             under move analysis)
f,f,F+lk,{u/f+rk}            Flying Geta Kick,Windmill
rk~lk                        Scissor Flip Kick
U/F+rk~lk                    Alternate Scissor Flip Kick
d+rk                         Geta Stomp
U/F+rp+rk                    Corpse Splitter
u/f+rk,rk                    Windmill Kicks
QCF+rp                       Death Fist
f+lp,b+rp,lp		     Demon Rush 
d+lp                         Tile Splitter
d+lp,rp                      Tile Splitter----Death Fist
u/f+lk,rk                    Hunting Geta 
b,b+lk+rk                    Shadow Step
f,N,d,D/F+rk,{rk},{rk}       Hell Sweep 
  N+lp                       ---Thunder Godfist
  N+rp                       ---Demon Godfist
  N+rk,rk                    ---Axe Kicks

U n b l o c k a b l e 

d+lp+rk                      Electric Tile Splitter

R e v e r s a l 

f (or F)                     Heel Thrust Kick

Heihachi's reversal is automatic if he is counterattacked meaning you
do a special move and they try to counter attack you with a high or mid
kick. It is actually a counterattack to a counterattack. So it isn't
really catergorized as a "reversal". His reversal can only reverse high 
right kicks. The easiest, safest way to see his reversal is to do a Wind 
Godfist as the opponent is throwing a high level kick. If you are a  
juggler and start alot of your juggles with the Wind Godfist most people 
may try to kick you out of it. This is a good time to test out the reversal.  
Heihachi will catch their foot over his shoulder, twist it (lightning 
cracks), then do a heel push kick into their solar plexus. The only 
thing is you take damage as well as your opponent. They take more 
damage and you take less damage. The reversal is not very reliable.

T e n s t r i n g s

d/f+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rk,lp,rp,lp    - Tenstring 
d/f+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rk,lp,rp,rk    - Tenstring 
d/f+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rp,lp,rp,lp    - Tenstring 
f,f,n,rp,lp,rp,rp,lk,rk,rk,lp,rp,lp  - Tenstring

W i n n i n g  S t a n c e s

To control the winning stances of your character after a match you must press
one of the four attack buttons right after your victory. You have like 1.5
seconds to choose a stance if you do it while the camera focuses only on your
character. Here are Heihachi's winning stances:

lp- Three guarded Zenkutsu Dachi steps
rp- Horse Stance, electrical surge
lk- Electric Tile Splitter
rk- Kneel Indian Style


                          G e t t i n g  H e i h a c h i

Heihachi becomes playable about 5 days after Bryan Fury becomes playable in
the Time Release scheme. His subboss is Jin and when you play against Ogre
and beat the first Ogre in the first round, instead of Ogre picking up
Heihachi during the little cinematic he picks up Jin.


                            H e i h a c h i ' s  G e a r 

Heihachi has two outfits right now. The punch buttons give you his classic
baggy pants and no shirt. This time they are blue and grey with a traditional
kabuki type look.

The kicks give you his seconds outfit were he sports the pimp gear (Pimpachi).
He has a pair of white pants, white shoes, a white vest and black shirt with
a gold pendant (might be Michelle's pendant she was searching for in Tekken 2,
he could have taken it from Kazuya after he defeated him). Last but not least
he wears a maroon fur coat with white puffy cuffs and black gloves.


                            C r o u c h  D a s h i n g 

                                D i a g o n a l s

To be successful with Heihachi you must know how to crouch dash and hit
diagonals consistently. If you have bad diagonals on the joysticks you are
playing on, your are in a whole heap of trouble. Heihachi relies on diagonal
motions in quite a few of his moves. The one movement that people ask me
about all the time is the hellsweeps. They say they can't do them or do them
sometimes. Well the way to do it is to; tap forward, return to neutral, then
immediately hit down, then roll to D/F and hold. After that tap either button,
in this situation it would be rk for the hellsweep(s). Crouch dashing is one
of Heihachi's best tools cause it can avoid high attacks very quickly and if
you need to gain ground but don't want to attack yet, you can crouch dash
forward and get inside of their defenses at lightning speed. If you need to
get back out quickly, you can just shadow step (b,b+lk+rk).

If you hold D/F while intiating crouch dashing moves like the uppercuts and
hellsweeps, you can cover more ground. Learning to delay is very important
because some harder juggles require delayed movements and delaying gains you
distance as well as ducking under high, mid, and some low, yes low attacks.
Examples of delayed juggles are:

ie. f,n,d,d/f+rp, lp, lp, lp, lp, f,n,d,d/f+rp

In order to get the last wind godfist to connect you MUST delay the crouch
dash for it by holding D/F for a little bit.  

The difference in the alternate double axe kick motion and the hellsweep
motion is you have to hold D/F for the hellsweeps and tap d/f for the double
axe kicks at the end of the crouch dash motions. Heihachi cannot do a double
axe kick by tapping d/f+rk,rk. That was a mistake on my part. He can only do
ws+rk,rk or f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk. The crouch dash version is basically the same as
ws+rk,rk because Heihachi does the kick while standing (ws). The crouch dash
is just a way to get inside your opponents space quickly.

From the crouch dash you can do a wide range of techniques that can confuse
your opponent as to where it will hit. You can either do a thunder godfist,
hellsweep(s), wind godfist or the double axe kicks. If your opponent is
expecting a low attack you can hit with either the thunder godfist, the double
axe kicks or wind godfist, but if they are expecting something high you can
hellsweep then go into a thunder or demon godfist, or the double axe kicks. 


                            M o v e  A n a l y s i s
                           (main-high priority moves)

I'm not gonna get way into detail about moves, but here are some of Heihachi's
high priority moves you should know a little about. 

S a n c h i n  D o u b l e  P a l m s

This is a great combo breaker and is so quick it can be used in most
situations. Unlike a simple jab or kick to stop an oncoming opponent, the
Sanchin Double Palms inflicts twice as much damage as a normal jab or kick. 
<Sanchin is derived from the Okinawan Kata "Sanchin" it involves lots of
breathing movements and tension exurtions>

T w i n  P i s t o n s

The Twin Pistons are one of Heihachi's main juggle starters and best moves.
It has good range and sets you up for a few more flashier juggle opportunities
then some of the other juggler starters. Damage is also a little less than
Tekken 2.

L o w  S p i n n i n g  B a c k f i s t

The low spinning backfist could only be seen in one of Heihachi's ten hits
from Tekken 2. Now it is a stand alone move and you can use it at will. It is
pretty fast for it's purpose which is to stun. It is a little slower than
Kazuya's stun. I've done some pretty combos from starting with the low
spinning backfist. You can find them just below this section under Juggles/

H u n t i n g  G e t a  K i c k s

The Hunting Geta Kicks are identical to Baek and Hwoarang's Hunting Hawk
Kicks except there is only two kicks not three. The best time to use it is
when someone is recovering, you can run up to them if they are trying to
quick rise and pop em with a Hunting Geta. Also you can use them in some
juggle combos. There has been much debate over juggles that involve the
Hunting Geta Kicks some are skeptical that they even work now, but believe
you me they work. The most important thing is you need to start with a very
high juggle starter like the Twin Pistons or the Demon Godfist. As soon as
the uppercut hits I wait a split second then start the motions for the
Hunting Geta. If you start too late you will whiff just over their head when
they are hitting the ground. You have to do the move almost immediately
because of the speed characters land now. They land relatively quicker now,
not much quicker but enough to change your juggle timing. Timing is the
secret to your success here.

D o u b l e  A x e  K i c k s

The double axe kicks can be performed 2 ways. The first is simply tap rk,rk
after getting up from a crouch (ws)+rk,rk. The last is f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk. Each
do the same kick it is just a matter of preference. I generally do
f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk, but I do use the other one too. (ws)+rk,rk does do a little
more damage, but if you can't perform the crouching motion quick enough during
a juggle or a combo, try the (ws) version.
You can also delay the double axe kick 5 frames. I delayed a few times and
thought it was the cpu slowing down, cause Tekken 3 machines do slow down the
animation sometimes. I tried again at normal game speed and there it was....a
delayable double axe kick! It looks like a front kick that sticks out for a
second then the axe kick comes out a split second afterwards. The delay is
enough for you to notice.

H e l l s w e e p 

The hellsweep is your best friend when playing as Heihachi. The only flaw with
the hellsweep is not the move but the fact that it can be low cancelled and is
a high priority move of Heihachi's arsenal. Too many hellsweeps can break you,
so use wisely. I mean don't be a one move wonder or try to do them constantly
because very good players will catch on fast and capitilize on the pattern.
Use them mainly in juggles, to start juggles, or to counter something. There
are alot of variations for the hellsweep so make up a variation that suits

S h i n i n g  F i s t s

The shining fist have been a high priority move for the Mishima's since
Tekken. These are good for defending in close quarters, but unfortunately
Heihachi can't delay them like Jin.

S t a n d i n g  K i c k

The standing kick is very useful and has a basic maneuver that works well in
many of Heihachi's combos and juggles. Standing kicks are basic for everyone,
but the while standing version for
Heihachi is pretty tricky cause ws+rk,rk will more commonly come out instead
of the intended ws+rk. The best way to get only the only kick is to just
relax your fingers. It's hard to do while in a heated battle but if you have
the advantage practice the while standing version. The last and secong version
is d/f+rk. This version is alot easier to do. Either one will do, it's just
when doing it after a move that has you crouching while it's being executed,
like a hellsweep, it's more efficient to do the while standing (ws) version.

H e i h a c h i ' s  U p p e r c u t s

The Wind, Thunder and Demon Godfist are Heihachi's power uppercuts. They are
quite damaging especially the last two and all look pretty cool in juggles.
The only one that is quite reliable is the Wind Godfist only because the
recovery is the best out of the three and you can juggle it quite easily with
other moves. The last two are just cannons. They are intended to inflict major
damage on counterhits and they do work well in juggles, but if you are just
starting they are sometimes tricky to time. One thing though is people pretty
much catch on to too many wind godist because they know you just want to
juggle so they start reversing and making juggling basically difficult if you
can't adjust. Mix up things and should should see better results. Maybe
instead of starting with a uppercut start with a hellsweep then use one of the
uppercuts as a juggle ender. Use your imagination and mix and match stuff. The
next section has juggles that should keep you occupied and uppercutting like


                    C o m p r e h e n s i v e  J u g g l e s 

I have decided to list only the best Heihachi juggles. You can experiment and come up with 
your own variations, but I'll list the most damaging variations I've used. 
This is the most massive Heihachi Juggle list compiled in one place.

Juggles for beginners on up.....

Juggler Starters:


B e g i n n e r   

- f,n,d,d/f+rp, lp, d/f+lp,rp (4 hits)
Wind Godfist, Left Jab, Twin Pistons

- d/f+lp,rp, lp, d/f+lp,rp (5 hits)
Twin Pistons, Left Jab, Twin Pistons

- f,n,d,d/f+rp, lp, lp, lp, QCF+rp (5 hits)
Wind Godfist, 3 Left Jabs, DeathFist

- f,n,d,d/f+rp, lp, lp,rp,lp+rp (5 hits) 
Wind Godfist, Left Jab, 1,2 punches, Sanchin Exhale

I n t e r m e d i a t e

- lp+rp (non-blocking opponent), f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk,rk,n,rk,rk (6 hits)
Sanchin Double Palms, 3 Hellsweeps-Axe Kicks

- f,n,d,d/f+rp, lp, f,n,d,d/f+lp (3 hits)
Wind Godfist, Left Jab, Wind Godfist

- f,n,d,d/f+rp, lp, lp, f,n,d,d/f+rp (4 hits)
Wind Godfist, Left Jab, Left Jab, Wind Godfist

- f,n,d,d/f+rp, f,n,d,d/f+lp (2 hits)
Wind Godfist, Thunder Godfist

- f,n,d,d/f+rp, lp, f,n,d,d/f+lp (3 hits)
Wind Godfist, Left Jab, Thunder Godfist

- f,f+rp, lp,rp, f,f+rp (do on the big guys) (4 hits)
Demon Godfist, 1,2 punches, Demon Godfist

- f,f+rp, lp,rp, d/f+lp,rp (5 hits)
Demon Godfist, 1,2 punches, Twin Pistons

E x p e r t 

- f,n,d,d/f+rp, lp, lp, lp, lp, f,n,d,d/f+rp (6 hits)
Delay the crouch dashing motion for the last Wind Godfist to
connect. Holding D/F will help gain more ground in the crouch dash.
Tougher than it looks!

- f,n,d,d/f+rp, lp, lp, lp, lp, qcf+rp (6 hits)
Same as above except different enders.

- f,f+rp, lp, u/f+lk,rk, f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,lp (7 hits)
  or f,f+rp, u/f+lk,rk, f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,lp (6 hits) (a little easier, still

Demon Godfist, Left Jab, Hunting Geta, 2 Hellsweeps-Thunder Godfist
Demon Godfist, Hunting Geta, 2 Hellsweeps-Thunder Godfist

Extremely hard!! The stipulations on this combo are simple though.
First you can only start off with a Demon Godfist. Looks like no 
other juggle starter will knock them high enough. Plus you have to hit 
any non-blocking opponent. A counterhit will help, but all you really need
is to connect as far away as possible. You must do the left jab and 
the Hunting Geta Kick as SOON as possible. If not the combo will prove to
be very frustrating and the Hunting Geta simply won't connect. It works on 
everyone, not just big characters and it does 90-95% damage on the CPU. If 
you stun them before hand (f,f+lk) the combo becomes 100% damage. Look for a 
video of this juggle and other expert juggles on my website.

- f,f+rp, lp, f,n,d,d/f+lp, f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,lp (6 hits)
Demon Godfist, Left Jab, Thunder Godfist, 2 Hellsweeps-Thunder Godfist
Tough!! You must get the jab as early as possible and do the first Thunder
Godfist as early as possible. Then as you are just about to land start the
motions for the hellsweeps (Joystick Buffer).

- f,n,d,D/F+rk,n,rk, f,n,d,d/f+rp, f,f+rp (4 hits)
1 Hellsweep-Standing front kick, Wind Godfist, Demon Godfist

Starting this combo is a pain because simply doing one hellsweep into a
standing kick is tough. You have to be carefull not to hit the right kick
button twice after you go neutral and pause after the hellsweep. It's just
hellsweep-standing kick. Do the Wind Godfist as SOON as possible and also
start the Demon Godfist as SOON as the Wind Godfist connects.

- f,f+rp, f,n,d,d/f+rp backturned - turnaround lp, f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,lp (5 hits)
Demon Godfist, (early)Wind Godfist, turnaround left jab, 2 hellsweeps-

- f,f+rp, lp,rp, f+lp, b+rp, lp (6 hits)
Demon Godfist, left-right punches, Demon Rush 

- f,n,d,d/f+rp, f,n,d,d/f+rp, f,n,d,d/f+rp (3 hits)
Wind Godfist, Wind Godfist, Wind Godfist
I found this one to be easier if you get a counter on the
first one then immediately follow-up with the second, then
add a slight delay by hold D/F to the crouchdash before doing 
the last Wind Godfist.

- f,n,d,d/f+rp, lp, lp, f,n,d,d/f+rk, d+lp (5 hit)
Wind Godfist, left jab, left jab, hellsweep, tile splitter
This one is a cool looking one that's not really that hard,
but shows some finesse. First try to get the jabs out early, but
not too fast. Then when you do the one hellsweep it should clip them 
in a upbackwards sorta trajectory, but not too far. Then bust them with 
a tile splitter.

- f,n,d,D/F+rk, ws+rk, d/f+lp, f,n,d,d/f+rp (4 hit)
Hellsweep, Standing kick, left uppercut, Wind Godfist
This one is real weird cause of the timing. I actually 
got the hang of it just recently. What you do is do the
hellsweep from in close on a counterhit and make them land
head first. Then do the standing kick while recovering from 
the hellsweep into a left uppercut immediately into a Wind Godfist.
Be careful not to hit rk twice during ws+rk, that's what makes this 
combo an expert juggle. You might be able to do the d/f+rk version
of the standing kick, but that might make the combo a little harder
since ws+rk would be more effecient since you are going to rise after

- f,f+rp, u/f+lk,rk, dash d+rk (4 hits)
Demon Godfist, Hunting Getas, Geta Stomp

- f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,n,rk, f,n,d,d/f+rp (4 hits)
2 Hellsweeps-Standing front kick, Wind Godfist 

- f,f+rp, lp, f,n,d,D/F+rk,n,rk, f,f+rp (5 hit)
Generally I would say to only do this one on bigger
characters, but it does work on the regular size characters.
I experimented this one on smaller characters like Ling and it
works, but is quite difficult. Basically the combo is a close
quarters juggle. You should be in close the entire time so the
last Demon Godfist is sure to juggle.

- f,f+rp, lp, f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,rp, f,n,d,D/F+rk (6 hits)
Demon Godfist, Left Jab, 2 Hellsweeps-Thunder Godfist, Hellsweep
This juggle ends with a anti-quickrise move, the Hellsweep. There
is a chance to avoid the last sweep but it's tough to do so if the
followup hellsweep is done at the correct time.

- f,N,d,D/F+rk,rk,rk,lp, f+lp,b+rp,lp (7 hit)
3 Hellsweeps-Thunder Godfist, Demon Rush
You must counterhit with the first hit to do this
cool combo.

- f,n,d,D/F+rk,n,rk, f+lp, b+rp, lp (5 hits)
1 Hellsweep-Standing kick, Demon Rush

- d/f+lp,rp, lp, f+lp, b+rp, lp (6 hits)
Twin Pistons, Left Jab, Demon Rush

- f,f+rp, lp, lp, f+lp, b+rp, lp (7 hits)
Demon Godfist, Left Jab, Left Jab, Demon Rush

- f,n,d,D/F+rk,rp, f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,lp (6 hits)
1 Hellsweep-Thunder Godfist, 2 Hellsweeps-Thunder Godfist

- u/f+lk,rk, run in f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,lp (5 hit)
Hunting Getas, dash forward 2 Hellsweeps-Thunder Godfist

here are a few more expert juggles...

f,N,d,D/F+rk,rk,rk,lp, lp,lp,rp (7 hit)
f,N,d,D/F+rk,rk,rk,lp, lp, qcf+rp (6 hit)
f,N,d,D/F+rk,rk,rk,lp, lp, d/f+lp,rp (7 hit)
f,N,d,D/F+rk,rk,rk,lp, lp, lp, f,n,d,d/f+rp (7 hit)

S t u n  J u g g l e s 

After much play, I have found that the low backfist isn't
that reliable for combos and is just plain impractical.
<note> f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk,n,rk isn't a hellsweep, double axe 
kick it's a hellsweep, neutral postion, standing front snap 
kick. f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk,n,rk,rk is the hellsweep, axe kicks so be 
carefull not to hit the rk twice after you go neutral.

- f,f+lk, f,f+rp, u/f+lk,rk, f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,lp (7 hit) 
100%!! Best Juggle to date
This one is the exact same as the first expert juggle. 
This one just includes a stun to make the juggle 100%.
This one is very hard becuase you have to watch out against
people who know how to break stuns, because that will mess up
the combo totally. You have to hit with the Demon Godfist a certain
way in order to get the rest of the combo to work correctly. For the
Demon Godfist you must hit from as far away as possible like right at the
tip of their chin. That sets up the hunting getas to hit correctly. Next 
it gets harder. You have to joystick buffer the hellsweeps while doing the 
hunting getas. So when you are doing u/f+3,4 hold forward during the kicks
which looks something like this, u/f+3,f+4. When you land you have done 2
parts of the hellsweep (f,n) cause when you land you are in neutral. Now all
you do is d,d/f+4,4,1. That's alot to do but it is done quickly and looks
very cool.

- f,f+lk, f,n,d,d/f+rp, lp, lp, lp, lp, f,n,d,d/f+rp (7 hit)
Same as the earlier version above in the expert section, but stun beforehand. 
It's still tough nothing has changed.  

- f,f+lk, f,n,d,d/f+rp, lp, f+lp, b+rp, rp (6 hit)

- f,f+lk, f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,n,rk, f,f+rp (6 hit)
Split Axe Kick (stun), 2 Hellsweeps-Standing kick, Demon Godfist

- f,f+lk, f,n,d,D/F+rk,n,rk, f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,rp (7 hit)
Split Axe Kick (stun), 1 Hellsweeps-Standing kick, 2 Hellsweeps-Demon Godfist

- f,f+lk, f,n,d,D/F+rk,n,rk, f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,lp (6 hit)
Split Axe Kick (stun), 1 Hellsweeps-Standing kick, 2 Hellsweeps-Thunder

- f,f+lk, u/f+lk,rk, dash d+rk (4 hit)
Split Axe Kick (stun), Hunting Geta, Geta Stomp

- f,f+lk, u/f+lk,rk, f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,n,rk,rk (7 hit)
Split Axe Kick (stun), Hunting Geta, dash 2 Hellsweeps-Double Axe kick

<If you are quick enough you can get either the QCF+rp or 
f,f+rp as your juggle ender for the next two juggles, these 
are tough.>
f,f+lk, f,n,d,d/f+rp, f,n,d,D/F+rk,n,rk, f,n,d,d/f+rp, QCF+rp (6 hit)
Split Axe Kick (stun), Wind Godfist, 1 Hellsweep-Standing kick, Wind

f,f+lk, f,n,d,d/f+rp, f,n,d,D/F+rk,n,rk, f,n,d,d/f+rp, f,f+rp (6 hit)
Split Axe Kick (stun), Wind Godfist, 1 Hellsweep-Standing kick, Wind
Godfist~Demon Godfist

and more stun combos...
f,f+lk, d/f+lp,rp, lp, f+lp,b+rp,lp (7 hit)
f,f+lk, f,n,d,D/F+rk,rp, f,n,d,D/F+rk,n,rk,rk (do on big guys) (6 hit) 
f,f+lk, f,f+rp, lp, lp,rp,lp+rp (6 hit)
f,f+lk, f,n,d,d/f+rp, lp, f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,lp (6 hits)
f,f+lk, f,n,d,D/F+rk,n,rk, f,n,d,D/F+rk,lp (5 hits)


                             F l i p  J u g g l e s

Since flip juggling has just become pretty popular in Tekken 3 and interest
is growing on the topic I have a few juggles to share. There aren't many now
but they are pretty hard and should keep some of you busy learning them.

Flip Juggle starters:

f,f+rp, (early) f,n,d,d/f+rp

- bt means backturned (ie. bt lp means turnaround left jab)
- Heihachi's flip juggle starter is f,f+rp, (early)f,n,d,d/f+rp

f,f+rp, (early)f,n,d,d/f+rp, bt lk, rk~lk
f,f+rp, (early)f,n,d,d/f+rp, bt lp, f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,lp
f,f+rp, (early)f,n,d,d/f+rp, bt lp, qcf+rp, rk~lk
f,f+rp, (early)f,n,d,d/f+rp, bt lp, f,n,d,d/f+rp, rk~lk
f,f+rp, (early)f,n,d,d/f+rp, bt lp, d/f+lp,rp, rk~lk

Flip Kicks in these juggles are guaranteed becuase they land on their stomach
and you cannot quickrise from a face down position.

Heihachi's flip juggle starters are f,f+rp, (early) f,n,d,d/f+rp. It's both
of them one right after the other. The demon godfist then as soon as possible
a windgodfist. The opponent should flip over Heihachi's head careening belly
down then you will be on the opposite side you started the juggle with your
back turned. So if you started juggling on the right side (player 2) then you
would have to finish the juggle up on the left (player1).


                                 O k i z e m e

After playing countless matches I have realized that okizeme is very helpful.
I find that combos are very effective and are the bread and butter Heihachi
along with his uppercuts and other countless combos. Here are some okizeme
combos that I use:

f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,n,rk, f,n,d,d/f+rp
f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,n,rk, QCF+rp
f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,rk,lp, lp, qcf+rp
f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,rk,lp, lp, f,n,d,d/f+rp
f,n,d,D/F+rk,rk,rk,lp, lp,lp,rp


                          S h a d o w  S t e p p i n g

Shadow Stepping is a move that is almost always neglected by Heihachi players.
The move is done my simply doing b,b+lk+rk. I want to elaborate a little on
the move because it can actually get Heihachi out of trouble at that moment
you need to run like a chicken, hehe. I'll list a few situations that the
shadow step can work for you.

S i t u a t i o n  1

- Opponent is on you like a monkey on a banana, heh

You can shadow step and open up a gap between the two of you. Also after
shadow stepping, you can do a quick demon godfist to maybe surprise them if
they follow you. A hellsweep or deathfist works well also after shadow
stepping a oncoming opponent.

S i t u a t i o n  2

- You are subject to low attacks or having trouble avoiding them.

Shadow stepping works well here too cause if you notice a certain pattern
forming you can calculate what they will do so you can dodge accordingly.

S i t u a t i o n  3

- Opponent is slamming buttons and you know you can beat them, but you
  somehow constantly keep getting hit.

Dodging away with the shadow step is perfect here and gives you time to recoup
and figure out what you want to do next.

S i t u a t i o n  4

- Opponent keeps trying to juggle you.

If someone or the computer is constantly attemping to juggle, a well timed
shadow step into a immediate demon godfist will work very well.

S i t u a t i o n  5

- You get a hellsweep low cancelled

First off you should know who can low cancel so you will be aware of that when
fighting that character. Now the thing is when you are low cancelled you are
temporarly stunned for a split second or so, just enough to notice a split
second of vulnerabilty/confusion if you weren't expecting the low cancel. Now
what you do is the second you get low cancelled buffer the shadow step to get
away...fast! If you don't act fast you may get trapped in a bad situation.
Buffering the shadow step after a low cancel is simply done by holding down
rk, which is the kick that does the hellsweep and tapping b,b when you see the
cancel then immediately hit lk. Heihachi will recoup from the low cancel and
duck away running almost instantaniously and high tail it into the background,

As you see those are a few common example of when to shadow step. There are
more situations, but those are the ones you'll probably encounter the most.


                        J o y s t i c k  B u f f e r i n g 

Joystick Buffering allows you to do part of your next move while doing a move.
It's a somewhat complicated principle but here is a very good example for

You can joystick buffer hellsweeps after hunting geta kicks (u/f+lk,rk) so
that the sweeps juggle instead of miss. What you do is hold forward during the
kicks which normally is done by doing u/f+lk,rk. Now all you do is u/f+lk,f+rk
, then the second you land do d,D/F+rk. The neutral postion is understood
because when you land you are in neutral for a split second. By holding
forward during the hunting getas you knock out having to do f,n for the
hellsweeps when you land. This makes juggling with hellsweep after the hunting
getas possible. You can finish off with any of the hellsweep varitaions. So
like u/f+lk,f+rk, d,D/F+rk,rk,lp [d,D/F+rk,n,rk.....d,D/F+rk,rk,rp....
d,D/F+rk,lp.....d,D/F+rk,rp.....d,D/F+rk,n,rk,rk, etc]

In review it would look like this u/f+lk,f+rk, [hellsweep variation]


                         A g a i n s t  t h e  C P U

Okay I will explain this considering your machine is set to hard mode. If not
you could still use these techniques and do even better on the lower levels.
These are very simple minded strategies listed below just to show you a very
easy way to beat the game against cpu opponents.

Ling Xiaoyu - Ling is best in her "art of phoenix" stance. She goes into it
almost immediately most of the time. Approach her, do not back too far away
cause you will get the beat down of your life. She'll charge in and start
doing crazy juggles. The best thing to do is to do the twin pistons as soon as
she gets down in the art of phoenix and juggle with whatever you want. Also
you can do some hellsweep, demon godfist combos/juggles. Another way to get
her out of the stance is to do a tile splitter (d+lp). 

Yoshimitsu - Yoshi has a solid defense so it is quite a chore to get a float
off on him so you can juggle. The best way to get started is to do constant
pecking at him. I generally poke at him until he decides to step up to me.
This usually leaves him open for juggle starters.

Nina/Anna - Nina is too aggresive. I like to juggle but another thing you can
do is overpower her with Heihachi's shining fist as she charges in. This
normally knocks her back pretty far. She will more than likely roll backwards
if you stand still. Don't move in at her after the shining fists cause she'll
trip you as she gets up. Just wait so she runs towards you, then just sidestep
whatever she does and combo with the twin pistons or wind godfist. You can
also try for a side grab. Nina will reverse you at the worst times so don't
overuse shining fists and whatnot, mix up things against her. Mix up your
techniques against everyone, cpu or human for that fact.

Forest Law - Law will track most sidestep attempts so use sparingly. I
generally interrupt him during his kicks and do the twin pistons or the
sanchin palms. If you do the sanchin palms, back off afterwards then rush in
and do the twin pistons or low spinning backfist if he attacks high after
getting up.

Paul - Paul is truely a pain on harder modes cause the cpu knows just how far
to stay back out of range and avoid attacks. If you rush in too quickly
without any thought of what to do, Paul will open a can of whoopass on you.
He will also do ten hits like you don't know how to block them. You do know
how to block them, right? The best way to put the slip on him is to play
defensely simultaneously playing offensively. Sounds hard, but what I mean is
if you mess up while attacking or Paul blocks, immediately get into that
defensive state of mind and attack again when he slips or messes up.

Eddy/Tiger - Eddy is plain pathetic. If you learn to block his techniques
your set. You can thrash him easy. One catch is you have to sneak inside of
his defense, getting in as close as possible while staying low and blocking
low or mid. If you get up from the crouch after moving in you might get popped
with his little backflip into the handstand spin kick. You can do (ws)+rp to
get a juggle and do whatever you want but the bottom line is if you move in
and get stumped on what to do you better think a little faster. I usually
poke him if this happens to me then try to juggle him.

Lei - I find that when Lei get's into any stance where most of his attacks
hit high, it is easy to sidestep and throw. This might be hard to get used to,
but I find that it is quite effective. Watch out though cause he doesn't fall
for it more than once or twice. He'll just switch stances then poke you
mercilessly and maybe do the rave kicks. To counter that get those twin
pistons ready for him any time during his stance changes. Also if you get
razor rushed alot you can ovverride them with the shining fists (lp,lp,rp).
The shining fist are a high priority move and are good when defending in close.

Hwoarang - He usually plays very good defense with a very penetrating offense.
I usually just try to beat him to the punch whenever I see him move. A good
way to get some space between the two of you so you can bust out with a
counterattack is the shadow step. If you run away and he tries chasing you,
do the twin pistons to stop him in his tracks and juggle him with whatever is
suitable. You can repeat or if that fails don't trade juggler launchers with
him like the Wind Godfist or Demon Godfist cause his kicks are a little bit
faster but one thing you can keep in mind is to switch up the range you attack
him with the juggler launchers. If you go low and wear him down with
simplistics then come up with d/f+rp or so that gives you more options to
follow up with instead of just doing Wind Godfist (it gets blocked), Wind
Godfist, etc.

Jin - Jin can be one of the easiest or one of the hardest to fend off. You can
deathfist him to death and get MC's (major counter) on him and kill him in 2-3
hits but if the cpu isn't up for that crap and blocks each any every one of
your deathfists you can then use the deathfist as a ploy then juggle him. The
way to do this is to deathfist, then if he blocks try to catch him off guard
with either the Demon Godfist or the Twin Pistons as he rushes in. Usually
a blocked deathfist will push them back a little bit as they block and it
spaces the two of you out about 2 character lengths. This give you room to
initiate a juggle starter or more or less a combo of some sort.

King - I play against King similar to Jin. Use the strategy above. Their
aggresiveness is very similar. If you get a person how just wants to multi
throw you should have them beat in no time. What you do is don't chance trying
to the intitial grab, instead duck and just as the grab is about to finish
whiffing, come up with a ws+rk,rk or ws+rk, f,n,d,D/F+rk into a juggle is cool
also. There is alot you can do against a missed grab. Just don't panic when
you see someone going for a multi. There are some all around good King players
who don't rely on multis, but they are hard to find.

Julia - Julia's main weakness is a missed or unneccessary earthquake stomp. Unneccessary I mean
just doing it at the wrong time. The cpu does this quite often. All I do is either do a headbutt
or some other throw. If not I either do a wind godfist as a quick juggle starter or do the split
axe kick which stuns on a MC (major counter). The timing is pretty stiff. You have to do it just
as she lands to get the stun, if you do it as she is getting her balance after landing it will
make her bounce instead and you can still juggle afterwards. Other things to look for is her
d+4,1, the low kick into the heaven cannon. If blocked it leaves Julia very vulnerable and you 
do whatever afterwards like a juggle starter or throw.

Gun-Jack - He is also left vulnerable like Julia after a missed or unneccesary giant 
foot stomp. Thats the move where he flies into the air then lands on you. You can follow
the same procedure as the one used against Julia. You can do tons of things to Gun-Jack
that you really couldn't do to the other characters because of his big size. There 
are some awesome juggles that work alot easier on Gun-Jack, Ogre 2, and Kuma/Panda than
on someone like Law or Bryan, etc. One juggle that works easier on the bigger characters
is <f,n,d,d/f+rk,rp, f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk,lp, d, (ws)+rk,rk>. This juggle works on others but
it is just a heck of alot easier to do against Gun-Jack, Kuma/Panda, and Ogre 2 cause they
are bigger. You can interrupt Gun-Jack during his best moves like the Cossack Kicks and the 
arm swings. If you do you get instant counterhits. Play keep away and blast him with a juggle 
starter when the right time for you comes.

Mokujin - Look to the character he is imitating for strategy on beating him.

Bryan - Bryan is one good turtler when played like one. Sidestepping is pretty hard
to do against him cause he will more than likely do a shin kick to stop you from
getting to his side. I just generally trade hits with him. This is just a thing
that I have found that works best, for me that is. Bryan is the only character
that can cause me pain in mere seconds. So the best bet is to try and do the sanchin
double palms to interrupt his combos, then as he rushes in, do a juggle starter
and juggle him.

Kuma/Panda - Kuma can be treated much like Gun-Jack. One good thing that you can do to both
Kuma and Gun-Jack is to sidestep their arm swings. They are fairly slow and easily
sidestepped and you can just grab afterwards. Also you can interrupt her moves with the 
Sanchin Palms then rush her with a Demon Godfist which can let you tack on a few hellsweep
variations and hellsweep combos.

Heihachi - Heihachi is a sucker for sidesteps. Alot of the things the cpu Heihachi
relies on like the deathfist can be easily sidestepped. I just try to get a
MC on him as he tries doing anything either stunning him to setting him up for a
juggle or a combo.

Ogre 1 & 2 - Ogre is pretty easy for a boss against Heihachi. He usually falls
for things like hellsweeps which can lead to a Thunder Godfist or Demon Godfist.
You can also try the juggle that I listed under he Gun-Jack strategy. There
are a few more in the juggle section which is above under Juggles.


                        D e f e n d i n g  T a c k l e s

If someone tries to tackle you, you can escape before any damage is done if
you get caught in the tackle. It is simply done by pressing lp+rp just as
they get you going down. If done correctly you will roll over on top of them
and stand up in the advantage position. If you do get fully caught you can
escape the arm bar by pressing lp+rp, rp,rp,rp,rp. To esacpe leg locks lp+rp,
lp,lp,lp,lp. To block punches you must press the opposite button they start
off the punches with.


                              C h i c k e n i n g

Chickening or reversing a reversal isn't really a forte of mine. Although I
do know the importance of knowing how to use it and when to use it. Heihachi
has some cool follow-ups that aren't necessarily guaranteed, but are good
moves to regain the offensive.

The easiest way to chicken is to buffer, so iff you can't or don't buffer
moves now is a good time to start. If you throw a left split axe kick (f,f+lk)
and know that the opponent will reverse it, hold down the lk while doing the
split axe kick and just tap f+lp. It's that easy! It would be vice versa for
any attack that can be reversed. If you throw a rp, hold it then if you get
reversed tap f+rk while still holding rp. Get the hang of it? Well here is a
run down:

To chicken if your opponent reverses a left arm or leg it's f+lp+lk, if it's
a right arm or leg it's f+rp+rk. 

Here is a brief list of some more commonly reversed Heihachi moves:


There are probably more, but those are the most common. Also with ten strings
if you notice you keep getting reversed on a certain part of the string all
you do is hold that button down (buffer) and tap forward and the correlating
button. Say it's a right punch, hold down rp momentarily during the string
(not too long or you may have to stop the ten string) and if you think you'll
get reversed tap f+rk. The same goes for a left limb. Get it? Got it, good.


                       t r i c k s,  h i n t s,  &  t i p s

                  ||free hits after the Tile Splitter Throat Chop||

You can get free hits after doing the right side throw because after Heihachi
chops them across the throat they roll over onto their stomach. From here you
can do a very quick dash backwards then a scissor flip kick. The reason you
have to dash back quickly is because you end up so close to them after the
throw and when you flip, you'll miss and take 5% damage yourself. You can also
get in a guaranteed geta stomp to the back of their head after the throw. Also
you can slip in a couple hellsweeps on them before they get up. So you can get
a free scissor flip kick, geta stomp, and a couple hellsweeps after the throw.

                      ||free hits after the One Hand Slam||

You can also get free hits after the left side throw. Much the same as the
tile splitter throat chop. They end up on their stomach so can get a geta
stomp, hellsweeps, or a scissor flip kick done the same way as the one above
(quick dash backwards, then flip).

                     ||No delay before Scissor Flip Kick||

If you hold U/F while doing the scissor flip kick, it will come out without
any delay or noticability. Plus it comes out a little bit quicker, so when
doing them in combos they will connect more often or if you even do it out
the blue you might be able to clip someone better because they may watch for
the delay, but with this method they may not see it coming without the delay
before it.

                           ||crouch dashing prowess||

I must emphasize, when you play Heihachi or any of the other Mishima
characters, you have to get your crouch dashing skills down pat. Other than
the tips in the crouch dashing section, there are a couple more tricks than

//Stand still Split Axe Kick & Demon Godfist

You can do a Split Axe Kick and Demon Godfist that has no noticeable crouch
dash to it. What you do is, do a normal crouch dash, but hold D/F and roll
the joystick back to neutral then quickly hold forward and tap either lk for
the split axe kick or rp for the demon godfist. It takes practice, but if you
can do a stand still hellsweep that has no apparent crouch dash then use the
same principal here, but after the D/F hold forward and tap the desired
button, lk or rp.

                         ||sidestepping Sanchin Palms||

You can do a sanchin double palm from a sidestep. The benefit from this is
just a mix up strategy for your sidestepping game. Instead of always
sidethrowing when you get the opportunity try a side sanchin double palm. You
can juggle afterwards and it is a different strategy you can include in your
own strategy. The best juggles after this move would be to a small hellsweep

                             ||Mishima Powerbomb||

You can get a free front kick in after this throw. After doing rp+rk tap

                     ||Tips on leaving no breathing room||

If you are playing a opponent who starts turtling do the first two parts of
the Demon Rush. If they block or get hit by the second punch (low spinning
backfist) do the Twin Pistons. If they try anything else but block the Twin
Pistons will rip right through and totally connect setting you up for juggles.
Another thing you could try is do the first two parts of the Demon Rush, if
they block tap f,f,n,lp+lk or rp+rk for a throw. You have to dash because
there will be a little gap in between you and your opponent. You could even
do the super headbutt (f,f+lp+rp) if you wanted, because to break the move
you have to tap lp+rp changing up on the escape methods they would have to
use to get away.

                        ||Crouch Dashing Sidestep Tips|| 

You can crouch dash from a sidestep. Nothing is different, it's just sidestep
and as the animation for the sidestep starts crouch dash. A good guessing
game trick you can do is, if you are a full screen apart from your opponent,
dash towards them. When you get just within their range, sidestep. If they
threw a attack and you successfully dodged it, you can get a counterhitting
crouch dash move. The best would be a Thunder Godfist. You can do any crouch
dashing move, but for damage do the Thunder Godfist. If you don't want to
use the Thunder Godfist and want to juggle then use the Wind Godfist or the
Demon Godfist, but use the crouch dashing trick for the Demon Godfist (look
above in this section at Crouch Dashing Prowess). You can also do a
sidestepping Sanchin Double Palm after doing the full screen trick, and
juggle or do whatever you want after the palms. Use all the options you can,
you'll be surprised at how much you can do.

                          S t r i n g  C a n c e l s

You can cancel Heihachi's tenstrings at certain points and start new combos.

Here is one of his tenstrings d/f+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rp,lp,rp,lp. Instead of
doing the tenth hit which is a Thunder Godfist, you can cancel the string at
the ninth hit which is a Demon Godfist and dash forwards and start a new
combo most preferrably a juggle. So instead of doing the regular string you
could do:

d/f+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rp,lp,rp cancel here, dash forwards f,n,d,d/f+rk,rk,lp

Now you have made the combo a twelve hit instead of a ten. You could also do
things like a deathfist, twin pistons, hunting geta, wind godfist or a low
geta kick after cancelling the ninth hit in the above ten string.

For the strings that have the low spinning backfist as the ninth hit you can
cancel out the string and do a juggle.
An example for the tenstring d/f+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rk,lp,rp,rk would be:

d/f+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rk,lp,rp, cancel here, d/f+lp,rp, qcf+rp

Now all I did here was stopped at the ninth hit and turned started a new
combo which ended up being a juggle. You could also do:

d/f+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rk,lp,rp, cancel here, f,n,d,d/f+rp, f,n,d,d/f+lp
d/f+lk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,rk,lp,rp, cancel here, f,n,d,d/f+rp, lp, f,n,d,d/f+lp

As you can see instead of doing the same things over and over you can
compromise and incorporate different attacks into things you never thought
you could.

                         S t r i n g  E x t e n s i o n s

Heihachi really doesn't have any string extensions because the last hit in
his tenstrings rock the opponent so hard they are too far out of range for
you to do anything else.

                       T o u r n a m e n t  F i g h t i n g

Most people know that I use Jin. I used to use him exclusively but in tournament
I would lean towards Heihachi. The main reason is he has more power in smaller
juggles than Jin. Jin gets his power from his juggles, but they are somewhat
harder. Both characters are skill characters. Characters like Paul and Nina
are tourney favorites beacuse their moves are not hard to do and don't rely on
diagonals. Jin, Heihachi and Julia rely on diagonals. If you have a messed up
controller and are playing in a top class tournament or any tournament your
doomed. I have gotten some high win streaks on bad controllers and buttons in
Tekken 2 using Kazuya, he used alot of diagonals but the reason was I had
more experience than the other guys and pulled off some lucky wins. In a
tournament don't take those chances if you know you want to use Heihachi, Jin,
Julia or anyone else who relies on diagonal motions, make sure the controllers
are working properly and the buttons don't stick or delay. If you can hear a
springing sound on the buttons and it seems to have slow reactions, tell the
arcade attendant to fix it. I forget what the little thing is called, but it's
a little device that makes contact with the buttons. If you lift up the
control panel and locate the buttons you'll see what I am talking about. If
the button(s) is having trouble contacting the device this should be taken
care of immediately.

Other than that I haven't played in a Tekken 3 tournament yet but really want
to. I don't know who I'd play, but probably almost anyone.

If you do pick Heihachi in tournament play use this strategy guide. If it
works for you, I'll try to find tons more things to help out in tournament


                                  C r e d i t s


William Knight(Aoi). I spent alot of time looking for new things for Heihachi
ever since he came out for Tekken 3. I played for hours a day searching for
stuff (I had free play most of the time). All that play time is compiled in
this guide. Since it's all here you don't have to go looking endlessly
yourself for all those tough Heihachi juggles. Each and every thing in
here has been done by me and all the combos are custom. If you see them
anywhere else it's either a coincidence or if any other faq has them they
got them from here.

      ......Email me at aknight@frontiernet.net also visit my Tekken 3 website
 	    at http://fast.to/mediaempire. I have some custom made Tekken 3
            media with more on the way and lots of things that I'm sure should
            interest you. There is also some Gamest Tekken 3 video up there
      ......Slikatel for Heihachi's Taunt
      ......Ben Cureton (Tragic) for a couple cool 3 hellsweeps juggles.
      ......Namco for making the game, wish you guys weren't rushed though.
      ......Folks on the newsgroup R.G.V.A for various insights on his
      ......The employees and manager at Time Out for giving me free play 
            just cause I am a valued customer. Plus I teach them things about 
            Tekken 3.
      ......Guys at #gamenation on Efnet who question some of my strategies 
	    and juggles, you always need constructive criticism.
      ......All the people who support my work.


                               L a s t  W o r d s

This guide will always be updated until there is no more to update. I hope
you learned alot from this guide and use this as your guide to playing
Heihachi Mishima. There will be lots of quicktime movies to download at my
site plus sounds, pictures and a few other things. The site is entirely media
related so there will be no movelists and stuff like that I'll leave that up
to the other guys. My aim is to get those combos and cool things you hear
about on video and on the web. If you have anything to add, notice something
missing or have any questions email me and I'll try to get back to you. If I
don't respond don't take it personal sometimes I just don't know what to say
to some people with obscure questions and just don't reply. I am open to
new ideas and might add them to this guide. I want this to be the most
informative Heihachi Guide out there. Thank you for all the support and
version 3.0 should mark the spot and have some more Heihachi stuff for you to
check out.

                      Copyright 1997-1998 Aoi (William Knight) 
                    All combos are custom. Please contact me if
                              you have any questions.               
              No part of this strategy guide is to be altered without my
                You can post or distribute freely as long as the my name
                      is included. Contact me if you wish to
                 include this in media, print, or any other form.  

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