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Reviewed: 06/30/10

The last day at the Imperial Theater

The last Sakura Taisen (Wars outside of Japan) appeared on Dreamcast when the console was already almost finished commercially. Sakura Taisen latter, not very original and offers nothing new compared to previous ones, but closes a cycle that began in 1996 when the first Sakura Taisen in Saturn.This last part, comes in a single GD, because have removed many of the animated sequences and the game is much shorter. The gameplay has not changed, although the parties of adventure and conversation are much more scarce and strategy parts remain the same as those of the third and Sakura Taisen the number of characters is the biggest ever, with 13 playable characters. Knowledge of Japanese is essential to understand the story, but to play the parts of strategy, not necessary to know Japanese and there are plenty of guides to texts not to miss the magnificent history.
Not the best Sakura Taisen, is not the best Dreamcast game, but it's all an essential purchase all the fans of the console.

Story 8 / 10
The argument is not as good as in previous Sakura Taisen, but showing all the characters and closes the story of the saga. There are 13 possible endings, and many sequences for each character

Gameplay 8 / 10
Identical to those above, but missing more minigames. Parts of battle, are fun and easy to understand, but the difficulty is rather low. You need to know Japanese to understand the history and dating simulation

Graphics 9 / 10
Identical to those of Sakura Taisen 3, although we observed some graphic improvements, particularly in the simulation of appointments. Missing more animated sequences.

Sound 9 / 10
The Japanese voices are numerous and intonation are excellent. The music has not changed and remains very good, particularly the main theme.

Extras and replay 6 / 10
13 possible endings, lots of extras in the option A DAY AT THE IMPERIAL THEATRE and the magic of the series. However, it is very short (7-8 hours) and the combat sequences are too short and easy

Overall 8/10
Not the best Sakura Taisen, is too short and missing more mini-games and animated sequences, but it remains one of the best Dreamcast games. If you like the previous Sakura Taisen, this probably also like you. A pity that it is so short

Followers of the anime series
Followers of Sakura Taisen Saga
And generally, everyone who wants to have fun

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Sakura Taisen 4 (JP, 03/21/02)

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