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FAQ by Gene

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/11/01

Magic: the Gathering FAQ v1.00 (7/11/01) by Gene

Magic: the Gathering 
1 Player
1 Disc
Genre: Strategy Card Game
Memory: 6 Blocks
VGA Box Support, Visual Memory and Memory Card 4X Support

1)  Introduction
2)  Frequently Asked Questions
3)  How to play
       3.1)  Controls
       3.2)  Game menus      
       3.3)  Magic Heart
       3.4)  Playing the Computer AI
4)  Walkthrough
       4.1)  Collecting the Gems
       4.2)  The Balance Tower
5)  Card Lists
       5.1)  Sixth Edition Cards
       5.2)  Other Cards
       5.3)  Dreamcast Cards
6)  Secrets
7)  Miscellaneous / Et Cetera

1) Introduction
This game was released on June 28th, 2001 in Japan for the Dreamcast. It is a 
strategy card game using the Magic: the Gathering (MtG) game world and system.  

This FAQ will be only a FAQ directed at the questions for players familiar with 
the game of MtG and are wondering whether to purchase this game, or how to play 

For more information on the card game, Magic the Gathering, go to Wizards of 
the Coast Homepage (http://www.wizards.com).

2) Frequently Asked Questions
Q) What is Magic: the Gathering?
A) It is a card game designed by Richard Garfield and produced by Wizards of 
   the Coast.  

Q) Do I need to know how to play MtG before playing this game?
A) No, there is a tutorial in the game, as long as you understand Japanese.

Q) Is there any network support?
A) No.  Unfortunately, there isn't any.  I guess that Sega didn't put enough 
   development into this game.  I think it was originally planned to have 
   network support, but in the end it didn't happen, probably due to Sega's 
   financial woes among software related problems and the halting of 
   Dreamcast production.

Q) What sets are the cards from?
A) Almost all of the 354 cards come from the 6th edition classics set, except
   a few from Tempest, Alliances and the Classics set.  There are ten new 
   Dreamcast only cards found in this game.

Q) What are the Dreamcast specific cards?
A) See the Card List section.

Q) How is the computer AI?
A) It is barely adequate.  Don't expect it to pull any surprises.  It basically 
   is too defensive.  It will kill you off when it knows that it can.  But, 
   otherwise, it doesn't play that well.

Q) Do I need to know Japanese to play this game?
A) It depends on how well you know MtG.  If you can recognize the cards, you 
   will have a much easier time.  But, if you don't know the cards, you will 
   need to know Japanese to figure them out.  The menus are also in Japanese, 
   but you can figure them out pretty easily.

Q) Is the game going to be released in other markets, like America or Europe?
A) There are no plans for Sega to release the game elsewhere.

Q) Are there any plans to release other sets later with different cards?
A) Sega has not mentioned any plans yet.

3) How to play

3.1) Controls
The controls are as follows:
 The directional pad moves between cards and in menus
 L and R buttons scroll between cards, zoom in and out on the playfield
 A button selects a card or option, or taps a card
 X button skips past effects or taps for mana automatically
 B returns or cancels

3.2) Game Menus
You will see the game menu on the left side with all of the cards in play 
before you. Here is the listing of the menu:
 <View Hand>
 <View Stack of effects / spells> (if any)
 <View Cards in Play> (if any)
 <View Cards in the graveyard> (if any)
 <View Cards removed from Play>  (if any)
 <Give up>

When skipping through phases (by pressing the X button), you will access 
another menu.
  Top option skips until the beginning of your turn
  Middle option skips until the combat phase of your opponent
  Bottom option skips until someone draws a card

During skipping, the B button, will stop. 
It will always be interrupted by combat.

3.3) Magic Heart
Magic Heart is the town where you begin the game and can return between battles.  
It is a safe place for you to edit your decks, and battle other random 
opponents if you wish.  You will always begin your save games in Magic Heart.
The menu of Magic Heart:
Deck edit
 - edit and build new decks
View all cards
 - view all of your cards out of the total 354 available
View gems / Battle
 - view all of the gems that you have collected and battle any of the opponents 
  that you have already defeated.  You can do this once you have collected a gem 
  from that opponent.  Some opponents have multiple decks to play against.  You 
  cannot play any of the characters from the Balance Tower
Fight random opponent
 - You will fight a random opponent and are rewarded with extra cards if you win
  Sound - stereo or mono
  Sound effects - on or off
  Visual effects - on or off
  BGM - on or off
Go to another place
 - Visit another place on the game map

3.4) Playing the Computer AI
The computer AI is relatively easy.  But, there are some things to note about 
playing it.  First of all, you should know that the computer AI will start with 
several cards pre-determined in its hand.  It can vary from enemy to enemy, but 
you will soon notice a pattern of cards that they will start with in their 
initial draw, especially the final bosses.  I believe this is used to balance 
out the Computer AI difficulty.  

It is easy to tell when the computer has some instants to play, especially 
counterspells because you will notice lag while the computer is thinking between 
phases.  Keep an eye out for this and you can tell if the computer's holding an 
instant, such as a counterspell.  Also, the computer doesn't hold back a lot of 
cards.  It will use it almost as soon as it can.

The computer AI is far from perfect.  It has some problems with some cards and 
abilities.  In these cases, it usually just can't detect the special abilities 
of the cards.  However, in other cases, the computer will misjudge when to use 
the card.  I've even seen it kill itself.
The computer AI has some difficulties with the following cards / abilities:
- Any ability that augments Power/Toughness in combat
- Land that inflicts damage to produce mana
- Armageddon / Boil
- Fog Elemental
- Fyndhorn Brownie
- Nevinyrral's Disk 
- Radjan Spirit

4) Walkthrough
This is a quick strategy guide for Story mode.

4.1) Collecting the Gems
There are the five places that you can visit for battle besides Magic Heart, the 
original town.  They represent a color that you will battle in each place.  You 
can play them in any order that you wish.  None of them are extremely hard if 
you are an intermediate player.  You will, of course, have to build up your 
deck and keep editing it to make it stronger, but none of these opponents are 
particularly strong.  After defeating a boss or a sub-boss, you will receive a 
gem once you have all of the gems, you can continue to the Balance Tower.  
You can choose whichever sub-boss that you want to fight.  You will have to beat 
the bosses twice to receive the final gem of that color.  
The five places, their colors and their bosses are:

Murg - Black
Boss: Hapto
Sub-bosses: Haruuz the Imp and The Black Knight, Vice

Camat Island - Blue
Boss: Wanallan
Sub-bosses: Kasheem the Faery and the Merfolk, Saji

Lydar Forest - Green
Boss: Tantanick
Sub-bosses: Fellores the Elf and the Treefolk, Element

Yeluk - Red
Boss: Ashuza
Sub-bosses: Vestas the Djinn and the Minotaur, Haakuun

Tornell - White
Boss: Harellia
Sub-bosses: Oran the Griffon and The White Knight, Rack 

4.2) The Balance Tower
After collecting all of the gems from the various places, the Balance Tower 
appears in the middle of the map.  When you enter there are three consecutive 
bosses to overcome before winning the game.  They are the three forms of the 
demon that is plaguing the realm.  These are the toughest decks in the game.  I 
found that Nevinyrral's Disk is particularly useful, especially against the 
first deck.  

After completing the Balance Tower, you will see the staff roll and your 
record against your opponents.

After completing the game once, you can only play the Balance Tower afterwards, 
unless you start a new game.  However, you can still fight all the opponents 
from the View Gem / Battle menu in Magic Heart.

5) Card Lists
Here are all the cards in the game:

5.1) Sixth Edition Cards (335)
【Land Uncommon】
Crystal Vein/水晶鉱脈 
Dwarven Ruins/ドワーフ都市の廃虚
Ebon Stronghold/漆黒の要塞
Havenwood Battleground/ヘイヴンウッドの古戦場
Ruins of Trokair/トロウケアの廃虚
Svyelunite Temple/シヴィエルナイトの寺院
【Land Rare】
Adarkar Wastes/アダーカー荒原
City of Brass/真鍮の都
Karplusan Forest/カープルーザンの森
Sulfurous Springs/硫黄泉
Underground River/地底の大河

【Artifact Uncommon】
Ashnod's Altar/アシュノッドの供犠台
Charcoal Diamond/炭色のダイアモンド 
Crystal Rod/水晶の杖
Dragon Mask/ドラゴンの仮面 
Fire Diamond/緋色のダイアモンド 
Fountain of Youth/若返りの泉
Glasses of Urza/ウルザの眼鏡
Iron Star/鉄の星
Ivory Cup/象牙の杯
Lead Golem/鉛のゴーレム 
Mana Prism/マナ・プリズム 
Marble Diamond/乳白色のダイアモンド 
Moss Diamond/苔色のダイアモンド 
Mystic Compass/秘儀のコンパス 
Obsianus Golem/黒曜石のゴーレム 
Patagia Golem/翼膜のゴーレム 
Phyrexian Vault/ファイレクシアの蔵 
Rod of Ruin/破滅のロッド
Skull Catapult/髑髏カタパルト
Sky Diamond/空色のダイアモンド 
Soul Net/魂の網
Throne of Bone/骨の玉座
Wooden Sphere/森の宝球
【Artifact Rare】
Aladdin's Ring/アラジンの指輪
Amber Prison/琥珀の牢 
Ankh of Mishra/ミシュラのアンク
Bottle of Suleiman/スレイマンの壷
Cursed Totem/呪われたトーテム像
Dancing Scimitar/踊る円月刀
Dingus Egg/不明の卵
Disrupting Scepter/破裂の王笏
Dragon Engine/ドラゴン・エンジン
Flying Carpet/空飛ぶ絨毯
Grinning Totem/にやにや笑いのトーテム像 
Howling Mine/吠えたける鉱山
Jade Monolith/翡翠のモノリス
Jalum Tome/ジェイラム秘本
Jayemdae Tome/ジェイムデー秘本
Pentagram of the Ages/星霜のペンタグラム
Primal Clay/原初の土
Snake Basket/蛇かご 
Storm Cauldron/嵐の大釜 
Teferi's Puzzle Box/テフェリーの細工箱 
The Hive/蜂の巣
Wand of Denial/否定のワンド 

【Black Common】
Blood Pet/ブラッド・ペット 
Bog Imp/沼インプ
Bog Rats/沼ネズミ
Drudge Skeletons/蠢く骸骨
Dry Spell/乾きの呪文 
Fatal Blow/命取り 
Feast of the Unicorn/一角獣の饗宴 
Feral Shadow/残忍な影 
Howl from Beyond/彼方からの雄叫び
Kjeldoran Dead/キイェルドーの死者
Lost Soul/迷える魂
Painful Memories/痛ましい記憶 
Raise Dead/死者再生
Razortooth Rats/カミソリネズミ 
Scathe Zombies/スケイズ・ゾンビ
Syphon Soul/吸魂 
【Black Uncommon】
Abyssal Specter/深淵の死霊
Agonizing Memories/苦悶の記憶 
Blighted Shaman/破滅のシャーマン 
Bog Wraith/沼の悪霊
Dread of Night/夜の戦慄 
Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore/オームズ=バイ=ゴアの邪眼
Gravebane Zombie/墓いらずのゾンビ 
Hidden Horror/隠された恐怖 
Leshrac's Rite/レシュラックの秘儀
Mind Warp/精神歪曲
Mischievous Poltergeist/悪戯なポルターガイスト 
Strands of Night/夜の断片 
【Black Rare】
Abyssal Hunter/深淵の狩人 
Ashen Powder/死灰の秘粉 
Fallen Angel/堕天使
Forbidden Crypt/禁忌の墓所 
Infernal Contract/冥府の契約 
Rag Man/人さらい
Sengir Autocrat/センギアの従臣
Stromgald Cabal/ストロームガルドの陰謀団
Vampiric Tutor/吸血の教示者 
Zombie Master/ゾンビ使い

【Blue Common】
Dream Cache/夢での貯え 
Fog Elemental/濃霧の精霊 
Gaseous Form/ガス化
Horned Turtle/角海亀 
Memory Lapse/記憶の欠落
Merfolk of the Pearl Trident/真珠三叉矛の人魚
Phantasmal Terrain/幻影の地
Prodigal Sorcerer/放蕩魔術師
Psychic Venom/地の毒
Remove Soul/霊魂放逐
Sage Owl/物知りフクロウ 
Sea Monster/シー・モンスター 
Spell Blast/呪文破
Storm Crow/嵐雲のカラス 
Tidal Surge/打ち寄せる大波 
Vodalian Soldiers/ヴォーデイリアの兵士
Wind Drake/風のドレイク 
【Blue Uncommon】
Air Elemental/大気の精霊
Glacial Wall/氷河の壁
Harmattan Efreet/アルマッタン・イフリート 
Mystical Tutor/神秘の教示者 
Phantom Warrior/幻影の戦士 
Power Sink/魔力消沈
Segovian Leviathan/セゴビアの大怪魚
Soldevi Sage/ソルデヴィの賢人 
Wall of Air/大気の壁
Wind Spirit/風の精
【Blue Rare】
Ancestral Memories/祖先の記憶 
Daring Apprentice/果敢な弟子 
Diminishing Returns/先細りの収益 
Library of Lat-Nam/ラト・ナムの図書館 
Lord of Atlantis/アトランティスの王
Mana Short/枯渇 
Psychic Transfer/生命転移 
Sibilant Spirit/風鳴りの精
Zur's Weirding/ズアーの運命支配

【Green Common】
Cat Warriors/猫族の戦士
Elven Cache/エルフの隠し場所 
Fyndhorn Brownie/フィンドホーンのブラウニー 
Giant Growth/巨大化
Giant Spider/大蜘蛛
Gorilla Chieftain/ゴリラの酋長 
Grizzly Bears/灰色熊
Llanowar Elves/ラノワールのエルフ
Panther Warriors/豹の戦士 
Pradesh Gypsies/プラデッシュの漂泊民
Rampant Growth/不屈の自然 
Redwood Treefolk/レッドウッド・ツリーフォーク 
Scaled Wurm/甲鱗のワーム
Shanodin Dryads/シャノーディンのドライアド
Stalking Tiger/忍び寄る虎 
Stream of Life/命の川
Trained Armodon/訓練されたアーモドン 
Wild Growth/繁茂
【Green Uncommon】
Creeping Mold/忍び寄るカビ 
Elven Riders/エルフの騎手
Fallow Earth/休耕地 
Familiar Ground/地元の利 
Femeref Archers/フェメレフの射手 
Fyndhorn Elder/フィンドホーンの古老
Radjan Spirit/ラジャンの精
River Boa/リバー・ボア 
Summer Bloom/花盛りの夏 
Thicket Basilisk/茂みのバジリスク
Uktabi Orangutan/ウークタビー・オランウータン 
Unseen Walker/見えざる旅人 
Untamed Wilds/荒々しき自然
Worldly Tutor/俗世の教示者 
【Green Rare】
Birds of Paradise/極楽鳥
Call of the Wild/野生の呼び声 
Dense Foliage/群葉 
Early Harvest/早摘み 
Elder Druid/上座ドルイド
Elvish Archers/エルフの射手
Living Lands/生きている大地
Nature's Resurgence/自然の復活 
Tranquil Grove/平穏の樹林 
Uktabi Wildcats/ウークタビー・ワイルドキャット 
Verduran Enchantress/新緑の女魔術師
Waiting in the Weeds/草陰の待ち伏せ 
Wyluli Wolf/ワイルーリーの狼

【Red Common】
Anaba Bodyguard/アナーバのボディガード 
Anaba Shaman/アナーバのシャーマン 
Balduvian Barbarians/バルデュヴィアの蛮族 
Fit of Rage/激昂 
Flame Spirit/火炎の精
Giant Strength/巨人の力
Goblin Digging Team/ゴブリン穴掘り部隊
Goblin Elite Infantry/ゴブリン精鋭歩兵部隊 
Goblin Hero/ゴブリンの勇士
Lightning Blast/電撃破 
Mountain Goat/シロイワヤギ
Raging Goblin/怒り狂うゴブリン 
Sabretooth Tiger/剣歯虎
Spitting Earth/大地の飛礫 
Stone Rain/石の雨
Talruum Minotaur/タールルーム・ミノタウルス 
Viashino Warrior/ヴィーアシーノの戦士 
【Red Uncommon】
AEther Flash/上天の閃光 
Fire Elemental/炎の精霊 
Goblin Recruiter/ゴブリンの徴募兵 
Hulking Cyclops/巨体のサイクロプス 
Orcish Artillery/オーク弩弓隊
Orcish Oriflamme/オークの軍旗
Spitting Drake/火吹きドレイク 
Volcanic Geyser/溶岩噴火 
Wall of Fire/炎の壁
【Red Rare】
Balduvian Horde/バルデュヴィアの大軍 
Crimson Hellkite/真紅のヘルカイト 
Final Fortune/最後の賭け 
Goblin King/ゴブリンの王
Goblin Warrens/ゴブリンの巣穴
Hammer of Bogardan/ボガーダンの鎚 
Illicit Auction/無道の競り 
Reckless Embermage/無謀なるエンバーの魔道士 
Relentless Assault/連続突撃 
Volcanic Dragon/火山のドラゴン 

【White Common】
Armored Pegasus/鎧のペガサス 
Circle of Protection : Black/黒の防御円
Circle of Protection : Blue/青の防御円
Circle of Protection : Green/緑の防御円
Circle of Protection : Red/赤の防御円
Circle of Protection : White/白の防御円
D'Avenant Archer/ダブナントの射手
Ekundu Griffin/イーカンドゥー・グリフィン 
Healing Salve/治癒の軟膏
Hero's Resolve/勇士の決意 
Infantry Veteran/歴戦の歩兵 
Mesa Falcon/メサ・ファルコン
Regal Unicorn/皇帝一角獣 
Resistance Fighter/レジスタンス兵 
Samite Healer/サマイトの癒し手
Standing Troops/常備軍 
Tundra Wolves/ツンドラ狼
Venerable Monk/ありがたい老修道士 
Warrior's Honor/戦士の誉れ 
【White Uncommon】
Ardent Militia/献身的民兵団 
Daraja Griffin/ダラジャ・グリフィン 
Divine Transformation/神性変異
Enlightened Tutor/悟りの教示者 
Heavy Ballista/重バリスタ部隊 
Light of Day/日中の光 
Longbow Archer/長弓兵 
Serra's Blessing/セラの祝福 
Spirit Link/魂の絆
Staunch Defenders/堅牢な防衛隊 
Unyaro Griffin/ウンヤロ・グリフィン 
Wall of Swords/剣の壁
【White Rare】
Animate Wall/動く壁
Celestial Dawn/天界の曙光 
Ethereal Champion/天上の勇者 
Icatian Town/アイケイシアの都市
Kjeldoran Royal Guard/キイェルドーの近衛隊
Order of the Sacred Torch/聖なる灯火の騎士団
Pearl Dragon/真珠のドラゴン 
Reverse Damage/ダメージ反転
Wrath of God/神の怒り

5.2) Other Cards (9)
【Black Common】
Death Pits of Rath/ラースの死の奈落 (Tempest)

【Black Rare】
Bad Moon/不吉の月 (Reprint)

【Blue Common】
Manta Riders/貿易風ライダー (Tempest)

【White Uncommon】
Swords to Plowshares/剣を鍬に (Reprint)

【Artifact Rare】
Nevinyrral's Disk/ネビニラルの円盤 (Reprint)
Winter Orb/冬の宝玉 (Reprint)

【Land Rare】
Thawing Glaciers/融けゆく氷河 (Alliances) 

5.3) Dreamcast Only Cards (10)
【Black Rare】
Hapato's Might/ハパトゥのカ
Instant                               2B
- Target creature receives +X/+0 where X is a random number from 0 to 6.

Murgish Cemetery/マーギッシュの霊園
Enchantment                           4BB
- 3B, Discard a card from your hand to bring a X/X black token into play where 
  X is a random number from 2 to 6.

【Blue Rare】
Camato Scout/カマローの斥候
Summon Merfolk      (2/3)             1UU
- When Camato scout comes into play, it gains landwalk of a random basic land type.

Saji's Torrent/サジイの激流
Instant                               1U
- Tap X creatures where X is a random number from 0 to 5.

【Green Rare】
Lydari Druid/リダルのドルイド
Summon Druid        (2/2)             2G
- When Lydari Druid comes into play, all lands are transformed permanently to
  a random basic land.

Lydari Elephant/リダルの象
Summon Elephant     (X/Y)             4G
- X and Y equal random numbers from 3 to 7. 

【Red Rare】
Velican Dragon/ヴェリカンドラゴン
Summon Dragon       (5/5)             5RR
- Flying, when Velican Dragon is blocked, it receives +X/+O until the end of 
  turn, where X is a random number from 0 to 5.

Ashuza's Breath/アシュザーのブレス
Sorcery                               1R
- all creatures take X damage, where X is a random number from 0 to 2.

【White Rare】
Arden Angel/アーデン天使
Summon Angel        (4/4)             4WW
- During your upkeep, if Arden Angel is in the graveyard, there is a 1 in 4 
  chance that you can bring it directly into play under your control.

Tornellan Protector/トーネッランの庇護者
Summon Cleric       (1/2)             2W
- Tap, this turn damage dealt to target player or creature is reduced by X, 
  where X is a random number from 1 to 3.

6) Secrets
If you put the game disc into your PC, you can view Sample.bmp, the world map 
with a BMP-compatible viewer.

7) Miscellaneous / Et Cetera
Thanks to Sega and for making this interesting game!
Thanks to Another Plane for the card lists.
This FAQ is not associated with Sega, or any of its products either software or 
hardware.  Sega retains all copyrights of its products mentioned in this FAQ.
Sega Homepage: http://www.sega.com
Sega's MtG Homepage: http://www.sega.co.jp/dreamcast/software/mtg/

This FAQ is not associated with Wizards of the Coast, or any of its 
products.  Wizards of the Coast retains all copyrights of its products 
mentioned in this FAQ.
Wizards of the Coast Homepage: http://www.wizards.com

This FAQ is best viewed in Japanese Notepad or a Japanese text-based editor.

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--  7/11/01 Gene(intv@canada.com)

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