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Reviewed: 10/01/02 | Updated: 10/01/02

Groove to the SNK beat.

Fighting games that compile a ton of characters into a game from several different fighting games is something that makes most fighting game fans realize a dream that has only come with the Capcom cash cow series of Marvel vs. Capcom and most recently, Capcom vs. SNK. This time around, they’ve packed more fighters into the game from several different series from both companies to encompass Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters!

This rounds out an impressive roster of fighters that no longer are limited to the original three Groove Systems but rather six that give you several different ways to fight through the battles. While not the most original of games considering that the only improvement that I can see is the added Groove’s, it definitely is one of the most fun and furious fighting games available on the Dreamcast and worthy of taking a look at. If you like the fighting game circuit, and you’re a big time follower of the SNK line, then you’ll find that this game pretty much has everything that you’re looking for.

-The Game Play-

The game play offers you several different modes of fighting that range from team battles to one on one fight to the round finish. A tried and successful system that was used in the original Capcom vs. SNK game, you’ll find that the game offers you several different characters and attributes that really make creating a team something of a challenge! What has come back to the game is the ability to choose different ratio characters to create your team to a number total of four. The combinations in this case depend on what ratio level you choose for all of your characters, but just remember that taking the ratio of an existing character and changing it will totally change your ability to battle with him or her.

Again, this is just an instance of creating a difficulty level depending on your choices in the game, and in the end it can be quite fun. The Groove System is back with the addition of three new groove types that allow you to change up your strategy and abilities depending on what you’re looking to accomplish through successive battles. The different characters that you can use and unlock all depend on your ability to create different combinations and ultimately get through the game with the highest points possible! Add this into the two-player option that allows you and a friend to go totally ballistic, and you’ll find that the game has plenty of replay hours, which is a sign of an above average fighter. However, you may find that the overall lack of serious improvements in the game play modes is something that becomes an issue once you’ve beaten the game and unlocked what there is to unlock. Be prepared for this faithful gamer, simply because this is the general formula for all fighting games that we play.

Controlling your characters through the battle can go one of two ways. The first way is that you can try and use the analog controller in order to get your fighter through the battles, but using the oversensitive stick can be more of a skillful pain in the ass than it can be anything else. However, using the directional pad is something that takes some practice to do, especially with the full circle moves that you may run across with some of the characters, and to my dismay, I found that the directional pad was less than stellar when the action went into overdrive! But, there is hope if you have an arcade stick, and that is because the arcade stick can be used to give you a true to arcade feeling of the game and just about any of them will do. Using the Groove system and creating combinations is something that anyone with fighting game experience can do, if you’re new to the title, and then all you have to do is go to the Practice Mode and learn what to do.

-The Visuals-

Visually, the game suffers a little bit and that is simply because the same character designs are being used as they have been in just about every other game that all of the characters have ever appeared in! It’s something of a disheartening experience to see the same Ryu or the same Terry Bogard as they have appeared in the previous games, but the offset to this is that the backgrounds are beautifully detailed and created to give you extra eye candy! All of the original animations have returned from the previous games, and you’ll find that there really isn’t much new that you’ll see in the game. While this may seem like a slightly trivial thing to complain about, I’ve played a ton of fighting games and when you see the same thing over and over again, you have a jaded view on what it is that you see when it comes out.

-The Audio-

Audio wise the game hits and delivers on all counts. The game music is meant to be upbeat and action filled and it does hit the mark in most respects. Each stage has something that is a little different and offers you some pretty impressive music tracks, so there isn’t much there that doesn’t stand out. The sound effects that you may hear in the game are just a little too loud for my liking and can create a headache if you’re playing while wearing headphones! I’m not sure if the game meant to do that or not, but you’ll find that if you turn down the effects, the game blends together rather nicely.

-The Verdict-

Capcom vs. SNK 2 is a Capcom cash cow that just doesn’t stop. While the characters are becoming dated and the game features action from an all but dead genre, you’ll find that if you’re a Capcom/SNK fan, all of your needs can be found here! With more characters, new Groove’s and several different fighting combinations as well as teams that you can put together, truly makes for a wonderful fighting game. A title that I can recommend for anyone who is into fighting games, this title comes off as either a rental or an outright purchase, although I would really recommend a weekend rental first to truly get the feel of the game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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