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Reviewed: 11/26/01 | Updated: 11/26/01

Of COURSE it's good. But there are bad things as well...

When I first got CAPCOM vs SNK from a mutual friend, I was eagerly anticipating playing it for the first time. Put it in the 'ol Dreamcast, and played it to my heart's content. Of course I enjoyed it, and of course it's good. All those characters, all those new colors, new 3-D stages, and plenty of new moves to learn for the 20+ new characters... But, with all the good stuff, there's some bad stuff also. Read on...

GRAPHICS (CHARACTERS & STAGES)... I give it a 7. Why? Because several of the CAPCOM characters are just too pixelated and drab against the 3-D backgrounds of CvS2. Morrigan (who really needs a makeover), ZangiefBlankaBalrog all need to be redone as well. Even the redone characters (KenRyuAkumaChun-LiBison) are somewhat choppy (maybe it's because of the drab colors all the Shotoclones got). All the SNK characters all look awesome of course, because CAPCOM *had* to change them. So how come they didn't work on their own? At any rate, the saving grace for the Graphics department is the great backgrounds. All of them are awesome, especially the Omega Rugal (I refuse to call him ''god'' Rugal) Osaka stage. Only qualm I have here is that I wish the old CvS stages were selectable as well...

GAMEPLAY (CAPCOM and SNK)... I give it a 7. No glitches or problems here. Heck, the moves might come out *too* fluent this time around. Of course having the wretched DC controller makes it a pain to chain regular punches and kicks with specials and supers, but ah well... There is one thing I *do* have a qualm with... C-Groove (which is supposed to be like Alpha3), has no chain combo at all. In fact, the whole thing plays very much like SUPER SFII Turbo. Only one hit for Ryu's Hurricane Kick (whereas in Alpha 3 you could get up to 3 hits because his leg spins a max of three times using roundhouse), Ken's super-combos have lost their vacuums, and everybody's super combo that doesn't involve a projectile or is fast enough to resemble one will not get all the intended hits when you use it as a super KO finish. (ex: Balrog's Crazy Buffalo SC is somewhat of a projectile because it goes across the screen quickly, whereas Ken's Shouryuu Reppa isn't). So, expect to get that five-hit level three Shinkuu Hadouken from Ryu, but don't bet on seeing all 8 hits for Sakura's Midare Zakura at max.

SOUND... I give it a 7. Too wishy-washy here. Certain people are too loud (Kyo), a couple are perfect (Rugal, Geese Howard, and especially Terry Bogard), and some are completely foolish (why the heck does Shadaloo Cammy speak baby talk when she performs her moves?). Punches and kicks are good, and the fireballspecial movesuper combo sounds are half-decent.

STORYLINE... Let's give it an 7. I have the import CvS2 of course, so everything is in Japanese. But it still looks decent, so I'll say everything checks out here.

FUN FACTOR... 10. It's gonna be a heckuva lotta fun learning all those grooves, and learning all those characters. Not to mention you can fight one-on-one, or network mode, heck, if you don't like a character's color, change it in Color Edit mode. Don't like C-Groove, you kook? Fix it in Groove Edit mode then! This game will be played for months by your friends, months even, if you don't abuse it by playing twenty hours a day.

- Five ratings = 37. 37 divided by five equals a little more than a 7 average, so I gave it an 8 overall. It's an above average game. It's gonna be a classic of course, but only for certain reasons. The graphics for the CAPCOM characters are still sorely lacking. Shoot, what CAPCOM needs to do is take a real good look at GUILTY GEAR X's character design and steal some blueprints, bc those characters look simply amazing. Nonetheless, you can still buy this game. It's hella fun, and you will enjoy it. Try to ignore the old CAPCOM sprites, though. (heh)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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