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Reviewed: 11/14/01 | Updated: 11/14/01

The same ol' Capcom Rehash Syndrome...

How many incarnations of the same game have we gamers put up with? From Street Fighter II to Super street fighter II turbo, Capcom never releases their fighters without re-releasing it a few months later.
Nevertheless, rehash or not, Capcom Vs Snk 2 (CvS2 for short) offers enough new and a lot more tweaking to warrant your attention.

The cast
Along with the returning lot there are quite a number of new characters introduced both for SNK and Capcom. Some inclusions are questionable though others are worthwhile additions. The cast of SNK include Haohmahru (Samurai Shodown) Hibiki (Last Blade 2) and Rock Howard (Garou) while Capcom delivers a less than interesting cast of Eagle (who? Street Fighter I), Rolento (SFA2) and Yun (SFIII) to name a few. Later you can unlock super power versions of Gouki (Shin Gouki) and Rugal (God Rugal) but thats about it. In total a whopping cast of 42 (discounting super characters)

Glitzy Galore? Nah.....
Overall, the graphics have been improved slightly from the original CvS. The introduction of some ultra cool 3D backgrounds make the game look bright and happy... if a little too happy. It gives me the the impression that this is a less serious fighter (Read: MvC2) than one like SFIII. The 3D backgrounds are also a double edged sword - it really hurts some of the 2D animated characters. While some characters have gotten a facelift from their previous instalments, some just look darn ugly,dated and out of place. Just imagine the same art of Ryu in SFII used in SFIII. Maybe Capcom will be able to have new character art for Cvs616822. However, not to discredit the game, the animation in the game for most part is as fluid as ever. Some of the special effects are particularly amazing (though they don't reach the same graphical Wow presented by Guilty Gear X)

Music? You call that music?
One sound advice - Turn the music off when you play. The music is just horrible. If you thought the singing in MvC2 is horrible, then Capcom has just outdone themselves again.

Stop jamming your gamepad and buy a stick!
The controls are solid, but don't even dream of playing this on the DC gamepad. While the original CvS required only 4 buttons and hence was perfectly playable using the DC gamepad, CvS2 has shifted to the more traditional 6-button layout. If you want to even enjoy this game, spend some dough and get yourself an arcade fighting stick or two. Nitpickings aside, the controls feel like any other Capcom fighter and you should be right at home immediately pulling off dragon punches and fireballs.

... and what the game is really about!
This is where CvS2 stands out from its predecessor. While the original offered 2 Grooves (of which one was Severely bugged) this game offers you 6... SIX... grooves to choose from, each with their individual characteristics. The new grooves add a lot of dimension into the game and weighs heavily on the characters you will select, so choose wisely! For example, Haohmahru is excellent with P groove but selecting C groove would certainly hamper his gameplay. Also, the wide range of grooves cater for the different categories of players from the scrubs to the experts. You certainly won't be seeing too many scrubs choosing P groove. One minor problem is that with so many grooves and even more characters, this is one programmer's nightmare when it comes to game balancing. While the good folks at Capcom have done a good job balancing the game out, some characters in certain grooves remain way too powerful compared to others.
One of the major complaints in the original was that the ratio system severely hampered your team selection. Wanted to play with Ryu and Sagat on the same team? How about the Boss team of Geese and Bison (JP - Vega)? Unfortunately with the ratio system you were limited to the team you could actually create. The home version introduced a nifty way of overcoming this problem which has been brought to CvS2. Here lies your ability to independently assign the ratio weighting from a no. of 1-4 to each character. Naturally, characters with Ratio 4 will hit harder and last longer compared to one who is only Ratio 1.

Extras.... hidden specials....
Nothing much really. There isn't much to unlock except for a few modes and the few hidden characters. There are some nifty modes like colour edit and one on one fighting mode, but nothing ground breaking. This cannot compare to the goodies that Namco has been spoiling us with. The long term value of this game is certainly in the 2 player fun... and thats a lot of it.

What could have made this even better?
A lot actually.. which I'm pretty sure that Capcom will add to in their next revision which prolly would be Super CvS2:Millennium Fight Pro 2002 Turbo. Obviously I have already commented enough on the character animation so I think its pretty clear what I want - New animation for some REALLY dated characters. Secondly, I think some characters could use a new move or two. While Capcom may be cautious not to add new moves into SNK characters, I feel that some characters in general are relatively weak and cannot hold their ground against the top tier characters. This goes for Super moves as well, with some characters having one or two super moves which are pretty much worthless. A few character additions have been totally questionable as mentioned, and I would rather have more popular characters like Ukyo (mm... Ukyo/ Hibiki duals!) or Guy instead of someone like Eagle (who plays a lot like Rolento anyways). And lastly... urgh.... PLS CHANGE THE MUSIC.

The bottomline is....
Its pretty much where your stand is. If
a) You are a crazy 2D fighter freak who must play every game created then CvS2 is a must buy whether it is the PS2 or Dreamcast version.
b) You own CvS/ CvS:Pro and liked it you should give this game a go in the arcade to see if you like the changes made to it before deciding to plunk your cash down on this one.
c) You played CvS and never got into it, then this game won't change you anyhow. Play this game in the arcade.
d) If you played CvS, liked it but never bought it, this is the definitive release which you should get.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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