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Reviewed: 11/04/01 | Updated: 11/04/01

This is what the first one should have been.

Story? Does this game have a story? Well I'm not really sure it seems like it might from the crappy little new report endings at the end, and the flashy ways the bosses and secret characters are revealed. So whatever is there is pretty crappy but that isn't the good part of the game.
Rating: 4

I'm kind of disappointed with Capcom on this one. The sprites are blurry and it would have been really nice to see the jump to high res, but I guess the graphics don't really matter. But it would have been a really good plus if Capcom had made the big jump.
Rating: 8

With the groove edit mode, you can pretty much select your own custom way to control this game. There are alot of options on the groove edit mode, and I really couldn't have asked for more in this department of the game.
Rating: 10

Game Play
Very enjoyable, many different modes to choose from. It will keep you busy for a long time. The day I got it I played it for a very long time, and I still play it almost everyday. You will want to try out every character before you even consider stopping playing this game, and having had this game since it came out I still haven't tried out like half of the characters.
Rating: 10

Different than usual, seems like it might lead a little towards where Marvel vs. Capcom 2 went, buts its not that bad. It's acceptable, I just wouldn't go out and buy the sound track or anything.
Rating: 8

Replay Value
I've had it for about month and I'm still going strong. Alot of different modes to choose from. Alot of characters to try out. Seems like a keeper to me.
Rating: 10

To buy or not to buy
If you have the money you should buy it. It's alot of money though, so if you are kind of strapped for cash, I can see the need to wait for it. It is a really good game and I suggest you get it as soon as you can without it putting you into a financial bind. And since I need 400 hundred words, I guess I can elaborate more. This game is definitely worth 60 bucks it costs, as long as you have 60 bucks in your video game fund. If you have to dip into another fund to get the money then you don't need the game. It's far from perfect, but a few changes and it would be extremely close.

Overall: 9

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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