Review by Darkstalker

Reviewed: 09/28/01 | Updated: 09/28/01

Cool but could have been usual.

This is my first review so I'll split it into different parts: graphics, sound, gameplay, longevity and gameplay, alright?

Graphics: At first glance, you probably mistook this for the first game if you've never played me. It has a very high quality and clean 2D/3D look overall but it does have its faults such as low-res, not as smooth as SF3, backrounds don't quite fit and some characters have their old costumes but overall, its really a silly thing to gripe about.
On its own, it gets a 7/10.

Sound: Oh my god, the SFZero3 announcer is back! At least he doesn't sound as bad as the 'other' game. Anyway, back to the sound. Music is okay at best but I like two pieces in particular. Mentioning who it belongs to would be a spoiler but here's a hint; play Arcade mode like a crazy maniac and you might just get rewarded with an extra fight at the end. The voice acting is pretty good for some guys and oh-my-god terrible for others. Watch out the first time you play as Cammy. Sound effects are okay but a bit noisy in my opinion.
This would get a 6/10 from me.

Gameplay: Good lord, will it ever stop shining? Truly, this is where the game excels, much like the KOF games where people don't play it for the graphics, just for the gameplay. Special cancels, chains, air-chains, BIG combos, its all here. Definitely CvS2's high point. Might be a little hard for SNK gamers to get the hang of the game as the timing is SLIGHTLY different than SNK's games.
9/10 out of me here.

longevity: Never had the time to count the amount of characters, there's just too many plus 2 not-so-secret. The Arcade mode will be finished off pretty quickly but the Survival mode...THAT will take you a pretty long time. And the Boss mode! God, that's hard...anyway it doesn't suffer here. If only Andy was in the game...
Worthy of a 9/10.

Overall: A very well polished game, definitely one of Capcom's best recent releases. It is pretty well balanced and has quite a few secrets too unlock (and when I say few, I MEAN few). The graphics, gameplay and sound all mix wonderfully on the DC and I hope they make a sequel.
8/10, almost made it but not quite as perfect as it seems, like no Andy.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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