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Reviewed: 09/25/01 | Updated: 09/25/01

First off I will say I'm a SNK fan and am glad to see they got a little bit more say so in this game.

Gameplay 9/10
Capcom vs. SNK 2 offers more characters to choose from and 6 grooves to select. The grooves are there to give you a variety of fighting styles from previous games such as KoF, Garou, Street Fighter 3rd strike,etc. No more EX mode characters (thank god!) so now characters play like they should. For example Kyo plays like the Kyo from KoF Dreammatch. The ratios are back but they have added 3 on 3 teams ala KoF, which is great for those of us who disliked the ratio system. Then there's the usual single match, training mode and survival mode. Although they tried adding some story to the game, I wasn't really interesting in it. They did the same News Combo TV story, which is not bad, but then again fighting games weren't much for storylines other than KoF.

Graphics 8/10
The game hasn't changed much character wise. The new character's look great but other characters did not get changed with the exception of Chun Li. SNK has redone all of their character drawing on the selection screens and have scrapped Capcom's drawings for SNK characters. I felt that was good because now it separates both of the franchises. Capcom on the other hand kept the same drawings for their characters with the exceptions of new additions and Morrigan. Morrigan also got no new graphical enhancements, making her look out of place in this game. How long has Morrigan stayed the same, I mean I would think by now she would get redone. Cmon Capcom!
The all new 3D backgrounds look really good with a lot of character appearances from Capcom and SNK games.

Sound 8/10
Lots of interesting track on the game and that annoying robot announcer is gone. Although this announcer is still annoying at times, his voice is better. I would rather here a normal guy yelling ''That's what we call big damage!'' than the robot guy blurting out '' K-OOOOOOO!'' when I defeated my opponent.

Control 7/10
Well I don't like the fact they added the 3 strengths now making it a bit harder for the Dreamcast controller. If you haven't bought a 6 button controller or arcade stick now is the time to buy one. The controls are good but not as responsive as SNK games but this shouldn't be a problem for any SNK player.

Any fan of either company would buy this game. There may be somethings missing but overall its a good game and worth importing.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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